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05-28 10:10 am It's Just Sports

May 28, 2017|

WWL’s Kristian Garic talks LSU baseball as the Tigers go for the SEC Baseball Tournament Championship against Arkansas today with WWL callers.

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Yet maybe seven or 5 good Sunday morning welcoming to another edition of it's just sports here on WW LI MF and and dot com. Here with it till 130. He set for LA issue. An Arkansas. In the SEC tournament championship surprising Arkansas its their to yesterday's sixteen enough. For many feasted. LSU did their own pace in South Carolina eleven nothing in the semis to get to today's final how good is Ellis should be all right now. Where's my callers that called me last week and I'm very bad day can't do not then. I think that L issue right now given their circumstance have won ten straight in the S isn't. Ten. Games in a row in the SEC by the way you Tulane fans out there he had something to do with this to say you know. Just say no you you can take part in this because since LSU lost in the mid regained it detailing their fourteen into. My goodness what Ron Ellis who baseball's and I think we'll find out tomorrow. For the national seeds. There's Ellis targeted at our national seed that's not the debate the debate now is on you've projected at around six. Well I think the way they're playing right now it doesn't they win the SEC tournament could they be higher than six I sent a text message yesterday. Thoughts in my answer but I think there make indicates a tweet and I think they're making a case to be the number one overall seed. They're making a case for gay a pot of rolled his eyes but. Show me a team right now that is complete that is is complete I get a bid for errors yesterday and a one mile eleven. A rare for errors are they have a 9982. Or 93 fielding percentage. For the season and I get knocked a little bit you know knocked down a little bit because yesterday's where not much man and that and that was more. Arm. It was more about happenstance not that's not typical. The LSU defense. But. I cannot wait for this game today at 2 o'clock pre and cover talks at 130. But just how good is Ellis baseball right now go back to march and maple. And we saw. Hole that she might not be a regional. They might host a regional now have a congress that's about it top six national seat. And for my money BR. Yeah I note TCU and organ state. I'd even more consistent all your line Stan but are they playing that level competition that Ella she was. And the answer is now just like Kentucky. I said before the economy 40 she played him and he beat that they had an muscle. And that what when he beat them ten and often in the SEC tournament. Didn't surprise me I always felt like. Kentucky's a plane small park up there they can flip balls out of the ballpark the dimensions in their home market it says like 310 in right field. Abbott smaller and that might be like 300. But the point is that. While Hoover met has played big this year two home runs Chad spindler Arkansas as five. In this tournament incredible performance Eichmann went yard twice yesterday. Yeah he won yet Fawzi the Big Easy grader but. Quit Robertson set the tone early yesterday. With a leadoff home run. But getting back to my point. Teams like in talking organs to eagle watch them. She paid close of the digital they're built to play in their park but would have to go to bigger parks they're gonna struggle just like Kentucky did. Kentucky and again it's Ellis you went when Lang shot out. Trust and pop pay the lead off guy that would have been a home run. They're playing a Lexington. Other ballparks Dakota Belmont. There's long fly ball outs. I mean the reason why going to be excited about this though she team. It's his or get it done with pitch and they get it done by large with defense and offense is red hot right now. Ink and hats off to Kramer Robertson like I don't think he gets enough credit for this before the Alabama series. He called himself up. He basically said look I got to play better. And I think that thing that message him saying that was exactly what Ellis she needed and got a bonus roll out there on your senior leaders. In particular Kramer Robertson is the leader of that team when he says that puts himself on notice. It created a sense of urgency that this teams operate. And that's why they're so hot and I know that baseball school it's weird strange and making it cold again real fast as the wind nature of the game. But right now this Ron. They're they're gonna be defined by the month of June. If it was anything like may. We're in for a while fun dot. Is the Celestine his role right now and I'm stoked talk about it. Just how good are today. In our RPI has six data they had 21. A CMB with four wins now. Against top fifty RPI teams. Tweet what's the most of the country. It at that that that proves my point as to why they are making the case to be atop that the top overall seed. And again you can roll your eyes if you wanna put ass you'd bring me a team that this team that you would say oh hands down. That team is better than the analogy. There's. Mean organ state if I had organ state and LSU in an in this series. I love all she's chances because of the pitching. Jericho shape it's six innings of shutout ball yesterday. Alex Lange that the night before they did they did. Missouri score three runs two runs. Means. Goodness. That's phenomenal agent. Would he now runs that LSU scored in their Prius easy 31 runs. To abbreviating games to ten run rule things. So was at fourteen innings plus 923. 23 innings 31 runs and 23 innings that is getting it done. Polite to open a 5042601878. X 8787 in. How good do you feel about the tiger chances of making a run in the NCAA baseball on an are they a top four national seeds crated the two weeks ago I might get in top eight outside where have a conversation about top four. And that does make a difference based on who you gonna see a super regional. I where you're seeded if you're the one seed you know Tennessee is a top. As tough of a super regional field foresee this little tougher the super regional power in all likelihood. I accept Michael back it's just sports on WW opens McAllister coming up at 1030 pot yeah. LSU Arkansas 2 PM for the SEC championship. Right here on W real pregame coverage starts at 130 Greg tightening going yard twice yesterday will what you hear one of those shots trying to. As many. Deep right center field Hopkins giving chase at the Walt he's sable that ravaged home. Whoever the wall look you don't have really didn't have it. In Philly didn't have the bulls haven't sailed over the right center field wall indictments personal run. Ended up eleven and up and that's sort of the onslaught of the L offensive power for L issues they beat down. They be down South Carolina eleven and nothing yesterday at ten run rule. And you saw it coming if you watch that game he paid attention closely. South Carolina played five games in five days. Their pitching was extremely enemy or be it through a guy at one point yesterday had not pitched since April 11. So you knew it was only a matter of time. He knew that it would happen. L issue would would we get after South Carolina look. By large Arkansas this is because of their because of their the rain delays they've faced this is their fifth game and forties. At the SE Thomas so. They're not stand to. Advantage LSU when you consider that you got your usual Sunday starter going today and Eric walker the freshman. And you've got a bullpen. And again I can't wait to hear from a date Davis helmet danced back target Gillick thought that game. But he got hunter knew we seventh wrong Zach testing come back he pitched once. Yeah Eric walker. You. You get killed Gilbert if you want them leave you to your bullpen is loaded. Always start pitching advantage LSU for this ball game against Arkansas they took to a three from Arkansas earlier in April both teams they'll let a bit of a different. Style team mini war are different teams in the war in that matchup and April Arkansas can flat out match. Making the aching you'll the ball out of ball park in a Hillary. LSU. Then wasn't hitting as well now one better hitting teams currently in the country. Text 878 setting. The key is the SEC is not we think it is you Wear purple and gold glasses. While actually where. Oh please but. Nonetheless I'll humor you. How many teams are gonna get in the essence how we either gonna get in the instabilities Altima from the SEC. Conservatively we give conservative we can say. Eight might be another one or two but eight. Coming from the pac 121. Of the conference. Means gimme a break if you want to Citi and bank on the SEC about it's not it's not very good. The Kelly teams are gonna get the term they could have they could have three top eight national seeds they're going to have to. Top eight national seeds from the SEC. To Florida LSU for sure. Kentucky might weaken but Kentucky by going to be if they're they're not copy they're going to be at 91011. That range. So three teams in the top ten. In the NC double a baseball term the FTC's not very end and that I Wipro goggle like Daniel W real talk. I used it yet. Well say. At the speaker. It's sort of such states with you and play. It'll actually care. Remember hardships. Either hello. Chip at the things that can mean that in the dream world. It can mean one Euro was shall. We are lower and you know why should this year's. At that changed the better. Let me at it at age. The HD. If you pitch for people for each team. But that the changes that you was please. June the report what they were great about the war. And you rate greater debt so that was sent. Prepare. But there were there to be on equal but no. It is amazing what should it. Do you make anyone heard you which in an emblem pot coffers like like crazy. And you are. Backed off. Yeah yeah let's let's get it let's get the date as the core balance that was the club is ball here amend. Complain about here. At all it was like actual game would only. Net debt. At yeah. Newark or inferior teams out your words that LS UB and it and it's inferior teams ha. I can still hang in a lot. The A to become a battle that. Or. Use I think it was you last week that said. That LSU is very good because they're beaten inferior teams. Right. India and not re dead and that took that as well you. I've read that I'm rich and were. Change in the advocate. None out and I don't care about who who with a paper said I'm asking which uses. Our yeah that's get mine off and put them everywhere like that it's like symptoms Google forcible in the. And net debt debt debt and previously. The and you could be right you don't wanna give it right man and you wanna be right. Come on. The life I would I got I got the I got I have tickets okay I have tickets for if you wanna jump on elegy train now it's not too late. You can go you can come aboard we'll let you board commissioner at least yes absolutely it's granite come on their seats left come on don't wanna read a little bit and you can do it. Thank you very very much. Before we go so you know what coach meters to go with the buyout capsule. Capital TP their team out three years ago Jamal told. June all alone and Chris Blair mentioned became clear that game of slept well nights ago from and crisper mention quickly into it let's get all this subject. The he'd like it's. It's commentary that. I. List. To kill law fortunately was buried by. Staying in light. They've got to go. Can't stand there. And he'll want come on Dan and me like at some point at some point I got a I'm of eve had a bad couple weeks. Iowa but maybe you know you wanna be that guy and it's constantly complained in nitpick like I'm sure you have I'm sure you're a positive guy normally. But it sounds to me. Like. You know use if the if some one by one argument easy sell on another one let me try this let me see if this works later this. I know I I got backed off my LSU eight. And that's OK again everybody recognizes. If they're wrong and that's that's a that's a good thing and not everybody it is right in their opinions just because you have one doesn't mean you're right by the way. But it come. To sit tips root for another team because. The broadcaster for the elegy Sports Radio network the voice of the LSU tigers at a time Jim awful and he's the boy he's gonna be a fan in any you know it's OK to be a bit of a fan. In that environment it's OK debut of a biased he's not cover he's not like he's Morgan for network. Yes give fox what have you these call in the game nationally. He's calling game that local station in for the region. So the fans Connell want that I think. Now this or if he was on and on network and you pull for one team of the other and it's different. I would be out of B. Turned off by that as well to them if it's my local team in my local guy. How wanna have X and I want that some passion. They for the phone call Dan talking maybe next week with those containers regimen you get that at their Crawford borrow and Burl ready to go if you crawfish and come on back though to 601878 X 870 eights having news headlines CBS news aligns our local news headlines here and have to do and even count one and one now Robertson for delivery from play another. Robertson his second. But the season. In the tiger's taken real. K rob get it done Kramer Robertson. Launch an eyeball lead off home on an eleven to nothing victory for L issue in South Carolina the plane today. At 2 o'clock in the SEC championship against Arkansas. Sixteen nothing yesterday on in route to today's championship game. David Potter master control crushing arguing in Dave was talking to me during the break about is Florida could Florida be hurt by. Didn't get beat so bad leniency tournament and the answer is no usually the selection committee takes into consideration how a team does. Indeterminate but he usually helps teams that are on that bubble. For example while like like. South Carolina for for example if they beat analogy yesterday I think he gets him in internment. Usually doesn't hurt teams in only helps teams it's usually the the general rule on that converts are crystal as silly hurt teams in particular if your top seed. Can only help you. But LSU and arts alternate 130 pre game coverage 2 o'clock first pitch I'll be that number that's for sure cannot wait for this ball game. On abduct a more seats last night for Dana and hollers that a little hesitant maybe jump on board the Seles she freight train. But come on that's seats he can you can come in come aboard who ride to soccer it's going to be fun. In particular the month of June and and in Egypt are still playing in the college World Series. LSU will find out their tournament seedings tomorrow at 11 AME it said don't want to be on at 1 o'clock tomorrow in scoots time slot to give him kind of preview. And and and wrap up. Rebuke the pairings the NCAA baseball tournament pairings if you the 64. And also where LSU falls and other. Schools have we yet Deuce McAllister saints color analyst. Joining us now deuce what's up man. Not much. Good you know me now I'm. I'm just like run is this the eagle high here. In. Yemen Ellis you NASA. Are on board now you you will you look at the board here. Yeah Hannity and if you can't slow and you have to beat fully noble or I mean it's just been married in the lock and keep him. For the last couple weeks you know born into the street cheers probably look at where we are not fully committed where. Kissing during the may reduce the last couple weeks it's. Compressed. Dues when you look at Kramer Robertson indigo going back to in years astute. It used to guy he paid it's a lot of things. Never we think it was kind of lost because we were you ready for the draft that it was right before that Alabama series and they are playing. During the draft actually LSU and Alabama swept them but before that series Kramer Robertson. Came out like BC called himself out as as the leader this teams and I need to play better. When a leader does that will mean EC the impact it's had but am I read too much into that that and Alito like that said that and then as it goes out there. And plays the way he does and creates. A sense of urgency throughout the team. It would bring out as the presidents of opium. Because that makes it raider game. Makes eagle which we compete you don't expect probably is paying their. You look at it. Can't agree ought to think that's what sometimes. Our legal when they were. Being cold weather were taking full minute of the situation so there's. I mean it's it is it it's Pickford you know what they preach stroke with the most it is borrowers and school positions you know meet you back and forth. On is small ball Peter you know whether they be intensely aware that they were just able to do and so clutch here you know plea. Depending on you know winning one and it'll. Eagle can look the real world on argued that he gave we have general rules and in return. All the it. Doesn't it. Yes and in particular just look at some of the numbers that. That that relishes stacked together army UN ten gains in a row in the SEC and enact conference do so we're having a debate that I know there's some pac twelve listeners out there and some. Silicon president and one Austrian media say the SEC's not that strong that's why L issues gonna you know that there they're not very that that's why no issues over hyped. D.'s out of radically beg to differ right I mean you talk about. You don't up potentially is minis eight to ten teams in the SEC tournament coming in the national tournament from the SEC. Yes. Probably Q and around the laureate and number. On email and saw. Look out that to me. Week conference that will ultimately because it department these. From accomplished earned it so that may now to exit out of work. You're on the train looking. All used to orator on traders who were hoping that he needed Judea and poultry. Before the state didn't beauty is because see. Look at a murderer on the pop. And soul. You know those in upper right I think their armored rhetorical weight. Water to change from its GC that you know through cultural war and saying that they will be at 618. Into the NCR. Do as we look Ellison baseball right now. The do you feel like there's an easy team in the country to their plan right now at this moment. Yeah American public apology art you know. If you permit three securities. So the way the poster in my Puget in jail. That we'll what what were big early. Are you you're pretty much Arnold secure energy. And win on Friday night. I better strategic strictly true to pursue our Friday night with low lying pitching and pulse rate continues to locate. You know that that strong. Spots Eagles almost negotiators. Deuce McAllister saints color analyst all time leading rusher. Final wants sports on a windy Wednesdays and Fridays with deacon body produced only tournament thanks. Hi there goes. Deuce McAllister look. Don't sleep on these dues in terms of no just the human a football guy it's that this guy I mean like studies everything. Basketball baseball team my you know and a cricket. Some badminton. Who knows beach volleyball. And kind of scary is that the about stuff he knows. I suddenly come back phone lines are open at 5042601870. Text 878 Seve still to come set Dunlap will stepping your James Moran. Jeff Palermo will join us as well big chief a little later on talking LSU baseball isn't saint routier's and also. The port and a preview of the NBA finals the warriors and cavs third straight year the trilogy. For want to open a 5042601870. Text 87 eats and how good of a chance do you think LSU as a Macon Iran in the NCAA baseball term it's just sports here and a beat about 31 delivering. Smack in the air live feed coming over Cortez. But this year around thirty. Play ball and Watson. The airline. I'm that guy at the bottom meal lineup Zach Watson. You kidney. Turnover. Michael appears he get hot at the eight hole 89 and basically we get a hitter like exact Watson can run. Gil he's gonna events lasting bat lead off for the steam. Honey pot perhaps as early as next year but he's an essence at the bottom of the lineup like that gives you almost another leadoff man. It's a similar kind of function. Michael appears he kind of set it up here lately. By the way Michael appears he his on base percentage over 400. Batting averages is an above 300 it's liken it to 6255. Range. Roughly he was out front to ten for a large majorities season but. He draws so many walks 'cause he just knows the zone cubs catcher most catchers in there and aggregators. They just understand how to be set up. By pitcher and also they understand is on their back there behind behind the dish catch and it's so they they they know. And umpires don't let anybody. That's what I think gives Michael appears to the edge as why he's got hot here lately hit the ball but also drawn as many walks in and good on Michael spears seek his. And that's a player that we who's a switch hitter right gave it up last year got hot. Re in and then try to do it again during the fall go back to switch hitting gave it up in the fall and it reintroduced it again and it's spraying. Struggle a bit but Sidwell from both sides of the plate right now. Michael Bennett a whole lineup. It just is not far there's not an out and at first and amid you know beginning of the year it was maybe that's the top three. They were they were performed they went in production from the middle part of the lineup for the back in the lineup. Now an argument all over place the only one that might you might deal nitpick on. Is is Bryce Jordan arsenic vote Jordan. He's not missile hitting that well. But he's not it's not terrible. But I think with with. Would blow a lot of it is hate you know he's a streaky hitter by nature so when he gets hot he gets red hot. C keep him in the lineup just it is as a DH day kind of works for. Pull lines are open at 504260187. Text 8787 LSU on the atop. For national seed we'll find out tomorrow. And the it's you don't like pairings Tomasson early edition of double coverage would mean set the last Memorial Day. From one of four we got Scott said while the chairman. Ali is he don't like baseball selection committee at one point. So it'll be right off the press will no. Already about how we it's got on the we'll get an inside look at how they arrived at topping that national seats will who made the best case who are some teens at Dayton. Get in the topic national seed that should have been we'll talk about that tomorrow on double coverage is there of Roy commitment aka the 10. The Internet. Triple core business going down the racquet into the wall Robertson. Carried into the river. Just a double shy of the cycle for Craig Robertson yesterday was pull of that Little League it won. To wall and his crews in its enemies. James Moran next hour tiger right dot com. Also get into little routier's how good. Can Adrian Peterson be in this saints' offense we saw once on Thursday for a first once. He didn't look like 32 year old runner. And again they're all fast in the shorts that's that there are all working shorts and helmets the halls look explosive. However AP looked like. He was moving quite well. Now. How well is he gonna move in October and November. After he said some some Wear and tear on the body. How much gas is gonna have down the stretch we'll find out also talk about the receiving corps in battles that are that are gonna sue. That is as keynote can't guard Mikey got him. Will least need. Yet Ted Ginn junior those three but four and five are wide open as a guiding Corey Fuller that could make some noise. In this race and rainy cold and amid say is for a couple years but I think his roster spot might be more jeopardy now. In an ever ever has been in going back that aside from the years he was undrafted rookie free agent at Rutgers it's just sports rules on here on that we do well enough and a come.