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A psychic talks about exorcisms, and the incredible journey of growing up psychic

Sep 20, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome guest Michael Bodine - psychic, exorcist. Michael talks about his book - Growing Up Psychic - and his experiences as an exorcist. Michael takes listener calls and does readings. 9/20/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Just Allen West Coast Wednesday in the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome beyond really you review myself just in Dallas in the always awesome GB Johnson. Yeah you know mom I don't like Gus during the show this wave amend a major earthquake hitting central Mexico today seven point one on the richter scale it's devastating I saw some of the video footage. Not full buildings just collapsing completely. Who knows how many people were in those buildings are no race no major fit fatalities yet right now on the death death still stands around 150 but I it's certain declined mom and I know there's a lot of Worrell areas where they probably haven't even gotten to yet it's it's unbelievable and you know we've been talking about their hurricanes hitting the US and now we've got a major earthquake hit to our in our neighbor just to the south of the United States and I can't say enough and in this sense that in our hearts and and thoughts are with everybody who's suffering through all these natural disasters. Oh absolutely let alone this whole hurricane Maria it's getting ready to hit the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico debt on. And it's it's a category five yeah and being inundated it's just gonna it's gonna decimated areas suit more people it's it has been just a brutal. Brutal year. The live warnings from Maria as far as hitting Puerto Rico they're basically saying. They escaped or die it's that bad. Now they are saying this is the worst and most powerful storm to threaten Puerto Rico in modern history. And it's gonna hit Denon. I mean and it's it's coming and rate Bahrain to all yet you have Jose which it is kind of tropical storm now's awful tickets sort of off the coast. Rating gets some of the wins but I mean there before he had yet Germany and Harvey it's been a span of bad bad year and he's their all slick super powerful. Yeah you know it's there's there's there's no mess around adults the 12345. Punch in a row and it's it's it's tough immunize is deceptive hope everybody's taking the necessary precautions and doing the best he can you work. A little bit better equipped to handle some of the stuff in the United States than than say Mexico is with the search quickly just in our let me and I tell you. None of it's good enough in our hearts minds and prayers are with the everybody. As sol sol Campbell everybody welcome to beyond really realty haven't yet had over in like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Indian head to the main site beyond reality radio dot com where you can download the free iPhone and android app rate journalists listen shall light touch pass shows. Joining online chat or you can find any decrease stations where across the country right they're just click on the station tab. Or just clicked analysts and lighted you can hang out would GP and myself and a bunch of great individuals in the in the online chat room where usually in the during the show talking a lot of times against show up in there and and the topic is a kind of all over the place after time generally know where it's been. They have their own agenda in there. It's it's somewhat humorous but they also take it very very seriously when there's questions are. Ideas is related to the topic of our guests they take that very seriously and dress them in your costly posting modeling pictures and there were to well some Jack I just I'm just glad you saved all those pictures mine and it feels so free hit just put mock the chat room wall for me thank you very much for doing that so. It now. And I know that we were talking about a week ago about the North Carolina mother who created big foot spread it yeah and attracting and Pincus looks at that we're gonna have bent on leading on next week to talk about it which is great but has she think she's probably got competition Altered Beast this really. Yes by a celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow. News she she kind of to me looks like the female bigfoot but the best. So I didn't article about that but I am. It's she's always she's always been a little out there but celebrity lifestyle guru supposedly. She's now selling a psychic vampire. Oh we didn't did you almost joke and your coffee. Idol is that I talk not a good spit them all over your microphone yeah that would have been hilarious I should undertake this would be coffee as you were saying that you have. It was a repeat that. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is lifestyle website has begin has begun selling a rather odd. Thing its claims it's a clean that is a psychic vampire repel. OK so as soon as you know these are the psychic vampires are people that feed off your psychic energy. You know they're not bluster invent rights that sort to this is Nokia as she claims to have developed a spray that is a repellent. That's for such members and it gets kind of interesting though by and so it's called latest protection messed. Hits described as having the ability to banish bad vibes. As well as protecting the user from people who may be causing Havoc and causing them in causing the bad vibes in the arm. And it's said to contain a complex blend of jam a lectures. As well as somehow now explain this went images be in Missouri and somehow it also contains some ways. I suppose as your spring he hits sound I mean and that's the only son I can imagine it could possibly have some of the society as important if Jim lectures as well as written according to them sound waves com. And the psychic vampire repellents all sorts two measly thirty dollars I don't know how I'm Lawrence I'm hearing the sound of a lawsuit because how can you put sound waves into some I despray I don't get it I don't know eleven calls ever does and is selling for just a measly thirty dollars and hand you yourself can can help rich celebrity make it to the next level you know and who doesn't need to protect themselves from psychic vampires these status parts specially written this ritual every semi. But and it's selling on the website coup so they suggest that users apply the messed around their aura. Which the website indicates as being around the head to protect from psychic attacks and emotional harm. You know the only sad thing is this really hasn't been checked out evaluated and FDA for me saying I'm finishing resigning so. God only knows if if it's true. Enabling it went when it faltered to come on the show and talk about that is sad that can ever heard time and I just wanna know why the heck she decided to do this I'm sure she didn't come up with a formula so who did and you can't she came up with men figuring out some waves upon some just hit the puck well it sounds like Jim Crow she's on the tenth if you could puts on ways and a bottle trying to assign what salaries and Obama you know first thing that I can. What are they to do. It's made a mess are my aura and that is I don't know whatever. And by yes so if you want some my psychic vampire power you can you can grab. Rate mpeg group website but you know it's available that in the big foot repellents in the proponents are the the product to will give the food and significant thing was attract let it wasn't oh that's right the view was that it you do track at a track that's right as track them so. And that's cancer if you just wanna go in your backyard it's rail over the play is just sit and watch we said we're on racial become since launching it. And January are the country I mean Simien neighbors probably look effort. That is the problem when we spend some weird places like leagues. And now. Has stared. Yet it is tonight we're talking about some include different though our guest will be Michael Boudin he's spending a psychic for over 45 years. He comes from a family of psychics but we're talking about his work as a ghost buster that's right. Being psychic and also excesses of two missed a lot of time talking about excesses and tonight. Which news topic Eric Holder a lot of work done now or are Manning so this should be a very interesting yet should be a great night talking to Michael just a quick reminder tomorrow night Lisa K. Will be joining us she's a teacher author and speaker she specializes in intuition she is others. How to use their intuition so it's more accurate dependable and trustworthy she has a rove revolutionary step by step into each into action technique data anybody can use the it is that. It that the there'll tongue twisters to me tonight. And then Thursday Susanne Wilson who will like join us she's an author and a financial medium and intuition expert any spiritual teacher be discussing her new book. Seoul Smart what is dead teach us about spirit communication so talking to spirits. Marriage so we're gonna take a quick break as Jimmie and I figure out what sort of spray we can create in the back room and tell everybody that and what it was when Rihanna territory ghost who just did will put it out there will say it's a coast tractor Nokia can't do it I can't so people BS you. What else can do that I you know Jai can joke about it irritates me so I have to tell you mean united talked about this before or some of those apps for the phone owners claimed to be totally straight owner's is not I mean those of its maintenance and some of these so called psychics and using them and investigations. Into your psychic first off you don't need ghost radar right. I am but. So Arab. But I torso so apologize to Amman eaten up real quick here are were to take a quick break Mordechai meals and adjacent GB and BI and failure room. The best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon scary time central New York's pop culture today. And convention is happening October 16 Diego turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't really look at Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters the skirt on film festival offers nearly fifty never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then they're the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. No fun for all ages more info can be found at scare con dot com next Erica on dot com and. On reality radio jeans and TV or phone number write this down 8446877669. Do you think that's considered rock anthem that's on. From then upload to prevent is not yet was that was that song post the drummers accident where he had had a Beaulieu yet because actually it worked with Def Leppard going directly to you urgency chance it was stage crew are set up for their stage of Providence civic center. And and a there's some of the nicest people in the world but. I met and that the drummer either he had his losses arm the end of the year prior accident you know dead and but at that and those songs are firm you know three or four years prior to. This song that that portion sugar and sure Romeo is yet one of their best of screech anyway welcome back to the show everybody we're going to be talking with Michael Boudin. We get a bunch of things talked to him about so let's not waste any time. And bring him into the show Michael welcome to beyond reality radio is great to have you on the show tonight. Guide how good how are you. Are we getting your you know below there. I'm a little. How that would better. I think that'll work. So Michael let's get started let's figure out who you are when did you figure out you were psychic in my mom learn about your sensitivity so when did that happen in your life. I'll man and I would like Abbott and it would be competent. I was looking for at all it was about I grew up like a normal. I was there are a bit of support and you know arm and brother to brother two sisters and her. Armed. Regardless who are you John but you are used to edit. You know camp somewhere like. In America where the jobs were probably there. Are there aren't that Zuckerberg a little bit like eagle eagle it was different can easily get stuck he can't work. Progress of course are there and then ultimately hurt the dumb you're not what we're on our. Your lineup Ayers and we've got scared. Or look at my double or ears aren't aren't cut out and I'm not scared. I really didn't I never scared and he wouldn't talk about her arm problem or not. Greg armament and turned on the ground. Come what. It's not so much you could reclaim the Americans under equipment. It or we didn't score but can you compare. The current in the terms of current year other quick amount to acquire corn but only if asked whoever they weren't. We couldn't you couldn't you encoder and just aren't eligible and Cuba while. There are taking Linus there's one. I remember a time where it goes but there was this. A little odd you know where everybody is currently more eloquent on the Barbara young. Crack a joke oak harbor to tear him down. But about a week later are we were running bitter are you got to we will won't eat and eat our. Luckily he's there was an arm and I appreciate. Him. Our products rock ark and what are moved across the table and dropped between my mother mark potter. And it was it was weird because where there aren't. It was organs cornered our current partner it was. All are on the department or brother or a group proposed a commercial couldn't get on a much. Marked Bridget Fonda are bigger problem but he did it is it is. And then again there was that we have the war and want more and more customer partner and our house you know. People who come up I do crappy show the art of error or you don't put a burden it would slide out. On so much so that. I don't know what's going on Sochi. That's what you are. Her art mr. Notice this yes you wouldn't so. A psychiatrist and she went to all the people. Are mentioning probably that. It's what I'll do blood everywhere blood. And the lady are totally buttons and she told Iraq it. Medium and none of this old Erica. And know how I'll start from what I grew up. We all got our. Yeah. Yeah hey I'll do my aware of where I was in here. We're gonna have a little difficult today with the connection so what we're gonna do is we're gonna have Alex re dial you in Sebring get a better connection. So hang in there will and we heard most of what she said the sound like a pretty generous extra early every other word it was pretty. It's not like. It sounds like him pretty active house as a child and I really wanna get the details. When we bring him back we just have to reconnect them and Richard we just had a bad connection that happens sometimes by the way I'm a couple things you should be should usually check out the website beyond reality radio dot com spend a little bit of time there we've got news links. We've got oldest past shows old episodes there. I'm all free of charge you can go and listen we've got some great stuff in the archives having done this over a year now OJ we've got some really great shows that are available to be downloaded. You know amazingly it does not feel like it's been a year I don't know him really it it doesn't and it's always Harris a packed into chaos because. A year I mean it was last October was last up sort of go somewhere. Coming up or coming out a year now and you and I you know I start of this scoring around our online at first. And breed winner getting all these offers to go syndicated and we we waited and finally when we decided to name him it's just spent a great year. Speaking of which we should we should welcome our newest affiliate. KB DB. Did you feel HD three. Hands on the forks wash forks Washington a welcome to the beyond reality radio and we were happy to have you along. We're gonna I jump and a break here in just a moment when we come back we've got a better connection we'll bring up our our guest Michael Bodine back into the show. They'll probably have a repeat everything and pressure from the beginning you know all right so we're gonna take quick break the phone numbers are 8446877669. Dental freely for four. 6877669. He'll listen Jason and tedium. Yeah I'm really reading you'll be right back after. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Aaron Carter Jason GT corner receipt for a 4687766. And I know we have people on hole already to talk with our guest Michael Boudin please remain patient we will take calls for Michael in the later in the program after we start over we're gonna hit the reset button yes that's very much so as I'm hoping that Leadbetter connection Michael. Sorry about how is this any better a play about a hooting canyon usable while. Yeah with a string I lucked out the string was not tight enough on the tenth and our prayers and ours are now now let's so we heard happened yet we heard some what you said and let's just kind of start over tell us how OK you you you came to be aware of your sensitivities in how it all started. Euro. And I don't go on to torture. Their idol but may. And my brother who was there currently are here in Canada. What doctors. And drops. An east he saw each other socially he can do is not listening. Oh. You don't. Really. What. Well. When you're. If there's any better. Yes but did you ski couldn't keep doing. Okay. It's I. You know jumping back and we were either. Why it through the door to make a run upstairs and week out like like really freaked out and I I bet she published. It. You wouldn't talk about what pat just what are and our other. Explain what happened and secretary. Qaeda came with the ball. He moved across parked himself to orbit around remember what Colin and he got so scared wouldn't get down. And start playing her. And and that would that are politically look up and saw guys stand on the and he put him down and are you actually ever this was. We eat and eat it now in trouble watching it while sneaking upstairs. And won't you tell the story actually don't eat we eat street what. It was just you're dealing in here let go watched. I'm about a week later. Russian rock eating dinner. Table my brother. Panda there we played decent and the salt should or got up. We're all talking normal and sting at the top across the table it chops and my mother father. And it like it's in. Most years ago. Because that's strange feeling a connection. Your input you know but my debt and that it brought back how. Scary. I'm nervous at the world. And we get older those who legal actions I'm. Just kept happening you'd you'd hear footsteps behind you like the woman. It. We're where it was at home and hoped. It got weirder or her in the arm and she went to our minister and minister just like archer and Annan and all these people. At our nation and talk to this lady is psychologist. Who suggest that we talked to medium. And call well and and so she later went with our sister sister. I am a gold pocket this lady and in which he did that. The speed order all about. That developer site where it aura around. Well blah blah blah all the stuff that potentially trigger a troop at the time my problems. Democratic write about it the Mexicans armed she just it's not touched she wants she wanted to get out kitten. Just used. Can she just like a normal person matched. To a happy arm. As a result there are on speaking out or incrimination apart again except. It's hysterical artists like under cruncher work can be a psychic come out psychics that's. Or come out and that's. What we like excrement will try our outer loop and battle it out because really duplicate the sick people that was on a psychic. And the he ever talked. With there and let. Because the Olympic. I. Actually a law to all these. You know like how our outlook article yet. I go to football camp and act or can't perhaps not a psychic which would. These camps it up and get a call or a country like. Yeah Wisconsin Michigan and wherever and I am actually tried to places they were always kind of liken it locations can Eric Whitaker. Under. It and these places. They're a good like no one well camp with a proud. You know. Are they true spirit. In theory there are about the current. Why can't they have higher. All the different stuff and well. That that's how I I got into I. Would have been camping Margaret Cho who might first psychic experience. I. Cow college people you know that the kid and you need a letter elk could hear what I kinda. You know Pete called Oregon. If I could go out front to calm cool but it go and how it will get. You know people haven't seen a program in 08 bit you know they're just bringing in court and well. I can't you are arrogant at. That in a situation. No you and say that you come from a family of psychics was your did your mom. Practice this it was just something. That she did not. As as I like professionally. Bush was she was yet she. She loved it a couple of my Brothers. I let her camp rock chips and end and they that I monitor this Irish Catholic guy. This letter she kind of the global. One other little she go to the river and beat her relative. To her in the felt natural and it also kind of in order because she have the ability actually to just. You can look at her to explain what you think she could actually go to read and I'm an exit here. Well they're doing. And then later and like my sister Nicky. He had a near death extra income and she certainly read a lead out because I like it should note that every like it doesn't saint. And and I'm the big talk to your relatives and ran just I got. I can tell us about what you plan to send them back and I don't go. While ago. I don't really talk. About more future kind of a guy you know I. Got coming up on my sister echoed the questions. Let me in which you could have on our reading I am. He can go she's been teacher forever she'd written like. Well books and she's. He's really into but sectors are more. By Russian operable. I'm a little bit more. I try to keep it a little bit bored count or just that because I don't appreciate the local buyouts to about that you know our can't. You can tell somebody that there were brought coming out of coming what they believe you know because while the police and I had a had a a crutch. I I. I believe like seek out. I don't. You comment on Easter but I'm just. I can handle more. Of a market parts but it's a lot of streets got property guys. You know speaking a strange stuff on a back yup psychic camp. I got our I am thankful that the tell me about the psyche can know a public space camp how many kids were there and don't don't. Any kids all but don't like. It would tribunal in the all these secret key question. Just to talk about being critic if you're not call people to talk about like a cure your own. And actually people call leak and it would cut. They had learned and I'll look like it could be happy to end and our consumer interest but I would do one camp and this Gary. Our secure pictures of your guarding. And out. There. I. And I let me to a pitcher I Kenny Perry and a couple of restore but PE I grew up with. His and make silent mechanical. Literally at your. But spared more to go and get get drawn. Me. The sounds literally sounds morally spiritual. Yeah. The instance at a you know put them there. You know there's definitely to earn their rosters psychic abilities and intuition. And I am at a higher. You don't hit it. Like I would look at pretty high content. I typical commuter. And I don't like oh so when this is way out and these are about to tell what you they don't freak out. We're gonna be and you're right now. I should grow there's a real effort and all you look at it as computer has placed on probation and we go displaced ensure they're just can't anarchy people and then. We certainly. You don't have to worry hopefully you can tell but I've never seen at this stage people like that in my. People are at the end like. Are there liberals you know you could see right there in eight gimme your candidate for a mother daughter up on end. The product of our kids in the mother under it and we'd all the apartment was. The weirdest thing I've ever seen. They had. Eight talked about Kabul. People like them all around. That don't. Hit a little bit also below. We'll take your energy problem. Eight market. That it's been around for centuries. And the whole week well. Election all that stuff out there that each at all well and it's a freak me out get tight you know I don't criminal vampire I I. They said that in the console. On a little number. These guys are being ethnic rights they aren't we right. It's like you booked into the court to personal and it looked like it. And I aren't there at graduation. Ceremony. That was more of those tricks that I. It would be my hole just because there. These people are group. These are the different kind of keep up like there was also. But it'll look quicker camp and Britney Spears to know where you learned about her current. Here it is scary to tie it all and go to court or are they got. No no we we talked about a lot of these things in the past is not necessarily something you want Toledo yeah yeah Reuters character's spiritual community. And spending and spend time it's time yet we're talking with Michael beau dean by the way his website is Michael -- dot com in his book is growing up psychic in order to take a break and we come backward and get into more of this were negated axis isn't too because ranks just talk about that. It's beyond reality radio and Jason JB okay. It's just beyond reality pretty decent team we were hoping that we got all the. There's stuff so. Yeah have a great product our craft rather be you gotta like crap the stuff. All right so hopefully we are able to get this this phone situation fixed rate is so Michael you're there. So much better and he has so much better or are they. Issue all the all the the difficulties in the end stuff what kind of left us with a very short segment hearing now but Tom I want to get into start talking about the x.s and think for small or how long have you been involved in Texas isms. And I was a kid it would part of my. Or IPO when you're I was Earth's most Americans have steered crap. On a couple of teachers that aren't in August. Its. Systems and goes gusting to get over my gear which only. I don't know that we're sent the kid you know but. First one words we can. You do energy schism when you were ten years old are huge battle it's a perk is that all of it as a pitcher catcher deals on people we're. Action as it was basically record goes it goes there. And of course you know I'm so you gotta get him out and every range from. The person's just walk around. Or art and just kind of spacing to. Where they're sit you should make you scream you know and so there's different varieties. Of generally speaking. Or them probably about art I'm. Really and how are these ones that that involved the churches or loan. Or cry. Really the charges. You know they're great. When you get a Jewish ghost you know it doesn't work or. There's different religions and so. Are you gonna go out there. Isn't where the Christian right out because. And regard for whatever reason it's not it's not always about witches are sometimes. Spears in in person are a whole religious thing but. It's more about Colin. And. Did this solely it's a belief in what you're preaching against the belief and and the strength and what you're preaching and no no really no specific religion has any. Any special control I've worked on excesses and should everything from and the Mormon religion and then have to two Roman Catholics to. I've I've worked with some of Jewish individuals on this as well so it's open to pretty much all content denominations of Sangamo. Sometimes it doesn't help us to do little tablet than an hour. It's more a spirit that's got somebody else and so it just depends carry electric assembled here. You gotta find out house how many calories are the person. Are they aren't and what their engine you know probably more. But we're gonna we're gonna get into all that we come back from the break because this is this opens a whole conversations that we've wanted to have for quite some time civil bull we need the time and after the break we've got the time. Absolutely call in numbers 8446877669. Until treaty 446877669. To listen Jason GBB on Hillary. Best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon scary time central New York's pop culture. And convention is happening October 16 Diego turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't really look at Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters the skirt on film festival offers nearly fifty never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then they're the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. It's fun for all ages more info can be found at scare con dot com next Erica on dot com and. It's Tuesday analysts there was an insanity skirts and you're stuck in between low and beyond are really hearing myself Jason Hawes analyst. Some achieve each arms once again if you haven't heard a major earthquake in Mexico of a lot of fatalities a lot of people injured they're still sorting through the rumble seven point one magnitude on the richter scale which is just not Regis quake. And it's hit a lot of very populated areas. So I'm sure the devastation is going to be unbelievable as we in the United States here dealing with the hurricane after hurricane Harvey Irma. Jose. Was say which is just off the coast and am now is come on Maria that's hitting Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Ministry heading up and up towards a hole clear and by the looks of its command it's going to be kicked off. Away from sparked. We'll see other thousand some good good questions actually just count which Arab people were asking about hurricanes if if hurricanes and earthquakes. If it helps ramp up paranormal activity. A lot of times yet if there's lightning exist under that helps fuel the activity that's how their. But also with earthquakes and big thing is the shifting of the plates. So you're getting rocked rubbing on Iraq and a lot of times it does help generate energy and and Creighton and will fuel more activity here activities already there but at least there's more energy in here for these things to. To appear more and be seen more. Tonight we're talking with Matthew bode dean he's a psychic and he's an exorcist he's also a ghost buster which I'm anxious to. Talk about that as well we don't usually use that term must return or a movie. Damn that's her coupons Friday because a lot of people. In the beginning especially would call ghost hunters ghost busters because they would get him confused because of the popularity of movie of course it's yet so there hasn't yet but I like colonel motorists are also I'll stick with that with some remarks that I'd tomorrow night we've got Lisa K coming on a Lisa is a teacher and author any speaker she specializes in intuition. To be teaching others how to use their intuition so it's more accurate dependable and trustworthy. Through a revolutionary step by step in tuition technique that anyone can use should be taking. Questions and talking about her book and allow more. So that I can use the I guess so you can we do we can hone your intuition. This has amendment Thursday we've got suit Susanne Wilson coming on author and media and intuition expert spiritual teacher Lee talking with her. About. Her stuff you can check it out after light institute dot org but he and so we did it was definitely got a great show tonight. Mike and Mike thanks for hanging out and joining us. A ours so we wanna give back into this whole exercise thing because I've worked on exorcism for. Geez over twenty. Point five years ago and I've I've worked on. Many men and most of them from my my experience 99.9 percent of them turn out to be nothing to do with demonic demonic type entities are human identities. Most of the time there. Overactive matched nations over religious individuals under medicated over medicated. So what do you find with most of the ones you go. I want to Agilent now are the ones that are going to be. Once and other people are having trouble I don't acres along I don't there's a lot of people that are into right now and the people that. Kind of called that. A little bored with. Most of it's terrible so the ones who are people that are. You know will not chicken and scream and glanced up like an. There. Are people better abs spirits and that you can actually see them Lee wouldn't you wouldn't push out and so does the people would argue it I don't everything against. I like it when people. And all the other ones and I don't go on lastly I agree with what Arlen. And be just. Ludacris who go some stuff for them to be are out it means that the wants and argue our. People are really going to. But they're really struggling because they've got some people on them and and X has to be a lot more of them. It was supposed to just because people are more dramatic. But it's really. Permit garlic in its. Does that get them out and there's a couple ways that I know I can farm bureau with zest I. When we talk about people. They love it here or. Premieres on like that when you start talking to people that are. Lilly was asked about his love Gary and comfortable and don't wanna talk. Sort of war. You've shown a mere. Pretending to stock they tender their shaking screaming. Sharma mere it's like us. Here. What they look like it's like to look at who they are parents of so you can kind of tell certain has a really black. You can also Talbot. Could beat them some Beers and really helps because it's stops them enough so I can put my arm and get stuck in them out. But you know some people. I'm you know members snarls and also was wearing them. Around to parents on the situation but. Like accident and be Mort Mac person and on their regular. There and moving around a lot. When I it's it's a little scary. People get a little bit creeped out because the persons acting so. But to you know the demon during his. I met her a big lead our servers so I don't. I believe that there. They're not allowed to come here. Or two coming in other eco I think most people are well. And then just really. Jerks just just our people have gotten a lot of people. So just so we understand I wanna make sure that grow making sense here. You Satan that you know just because it's a different Giffords is different explanation and different beliefs and then we've talked about before on the program sort of sort of make sure we understand it. You're saying that the possession cases that you've dealt with as a nexus or been involved with the participating in an X a schism. Had basically then just ghosts or spirits occupying or entering the body of a human not demonic occurring human. These are normal ghosts spirits just entering an occupying the body of a armor. Would I would say they are their normal I would say that they're pretty dark out there like your average. Spears you're earth are spirit isn't really act. I don't the people that are include the people that ideal. Good spirits that are really dark haired dark darker just their you know their more. Evil and they are Larry and I just have a probable dean I guess. I think he did them too much power can go out here that would be. And real powerless and in my we're thinking. Delivering have more power or. Are we talking about the same thing just using different words to describe it or you something completely different. Norton were talked about anything I guess. I'm not a big go toward the east and I just I could use it. It gives them more power and I think people forget that they have power. Because they're alive or you know he greater how old style. Also the new you probably wouldn't refer to yourself as an exorcist and I because the word X or sis comes from the Latin word exit system which was one who try to sell the double or drives are evil spirits. Well you know there's this whole. And we were to be more cleansing then catcher suggests. Or. I guess so can elections are the stuff you arbor double thing. I'm not a big Gerome. Yeah I'm not a big believer that double. A ball nice and I. Just understand that we we respect everybody's beliefs that says that's why that's why we have everybody from all different walks of life on the show. I don't expect you to follow my beliefs and I am sure you don't expect me to follow yours but as long as we can meet the middle discuss and and Charles and each other I think the way I think that's what this is all. Well. I just I think yeah like. Problem. I think a lot of people give a lot of power to the dark. My thinking is right. There's teach or you're in the dark really well and I think when I was a kid. Or are I was talking adamant that choice. Wasn't judgment or whatever you wherever you are comfortable and the judge in the dark are. There's more dramatic it's around. We feel like you have more power rings initially all let me where better to work you know and or stay there and I don't have a problem with the dark I don't try to change it doesn't try to change people when I go to a situation. I go in with that belief. The light that's got about simplistic way of saying this but. I just don't believe. Debt they have the right or the coward abdomen in over human. Don't think that the longer the person's body and what ever reason so. Yeah you can call it whatever you want is apparently idol. Is just around. We're going to crisis my job is to get what ever is that person out. And to make sure they don't yet. Whatever their opinions aired in the from them again. Exactly and it's in on I've always been on the belief where somebody goes and you're not going to be preaching religious proverbs 22. Inhuman types spirited it's happening burst into its human spirit is nothing unholy about it. Trying to cast it out in the name of god. Isn't really going to be effective date to human spirit you walk and allows you can exercise house. That's for humans hearsay and happily that's knowledge they're on their negative they're following their falling under that were holy water is going to to hurt him in anyway their demon spirits Cohen is an inhuman and negative type and T annual looking and re using rewards provocation. Throwing around wholly or things that. Are pretty much 100% the opposite of what these things stand form even that's what pushes them out so. Education and some of its programme were a year earlier could enter the race score on the so right now Michael talked to us about how he you know what do what do the mechanics of and texas' them as you would perform one on somebody tell us. Tell us what you look for in in the subject and then how you address. It's not a product of persons. It was a mental illness or. Could actually burst on premiums are so kind of what you get a sense when you're walking. If it's dark you know there's all sorts of different things like a lot. It's a terrible but it's a transit is insects around the persons of concerts. How sort. Of look at the Chris has. It's not a surge or actions and there. You can see you can see I guess the door for owner I'm just kind of good to see and so. I have the product how strong. Iron or how many things aren't side. And I can do that does. By talking to the person they have in response to me or how they react and be there. But you can tell the Christians their their. Skin tone is different their. Look at her right there isn't as black. That bears lose. Is there any. No they usually people here that are concerned about them. Give me a little background on them. And amateurs like in America with sir nick Parker and going. And I don't know how. You know sometimes. Or like sometimes a person gets really stoned to really drunk sometimes they'll have experienced jumper insider woman and may be able black. Com or just try to get in general. What's going on hand. And arm it's just a matter. It's kind of pushed cook covered in I'd. Have to get spear or at least out of the courts and I usually put my hands on the person's head. Shoulders. And all sorts of things have happened when that. When I do that a person starts when anchor Kris please and they are shaking them on screen you know they also to. Let's just hands arms. Who and what's inside its cars and why they're there and and then everyone's kind of you know everyone's going to be like you said it's. Got out. And sometimes it doesn't. And I ask let me ask you this and just in Europe for second connects we go to break and about a minute here but. We've heard. A lot of news stories especially recently of Texas hasn't gone bad either people have died or been seriously hurt during the process of an axis of Peta people going to jail because of this. What they do wrong. In in those particular cases. That. I'm a big believer I don't want constituents who are there and tired he could not be don't know what to do one. But only in any in started in Europe but in many cases there is the Catholic Church was involved there clergy were involved anyway even if not sanctioned by the church. You know these people are supposed to have been trained in SP yet. It goes to the point and go so far that there there are occasions fatalities involved. There don't they want to warm up and that. I don't around a church or what do you say religion limits them a little prayer. And the other bank everywhere and in certain ways and it's a much bigger deal just certain religious belief that turns into a situation. You don't know what to do one city you're screws things are around it that's kind of a part of the person want him. They gave a pretty dangerous especially when you have people who go into that and I'm not suggesting that the church train people who these people the people about. Any experience or knowledge and they don't know what they're doing and they cause a lot more harm than they do gooder. We have to take a break when we come back OJ woes are taken some phone calls 8446877669. And you can call talked to Michael we can do quick reading for you over the phone. Aaron Denny 446877669. You listen Jason G. It's beyond reality radio JC JB and quickly go to the phones here we've got a Michael Bush dean with us and let's see we're going to be talking to this is Don from Louisiana Don welcome to the show. No it on a Los Angeles so the LA LA is not abbreviation for the units for the Camelot the jump we've resume pretty quick segment on so let's get started Michael you with us. OK but I don't I don't. You're you're not pregnant psychics from particularly it's fascinating it's actually fascinating that. If you are doing little mini read that was that they how many do with my kind of sailed back. I hope so what I know when you do doubt acting in there'd been anything that it's just totally totally freaked you out. But you know what I was I'm here we're in this one ghost busting. And Chris Patrick are from here and things aren't scared about what lessons are scared about god or. When I didn't know where I was doing and when things get out and then I am one particular grace. This crisis to us. Things are quiet around. Lights were going are not what people were getting. You could see people getting chills and it was it was the grameen. That was the scariest goes wherever they're just because. I would hitter I didn't. Know that much about growth and since then. It's putting a premium to the star now what if somebody. Moved something or Victoria secret pick somebody upper slap somebody white doesn't I am pretty new product now. The step they used to freaking out was when I didn't know much about it. They Don did you have any more questions earning more when it talked Michael about because it's so hold John to the break you've been on hold a long time. I I have light it yeah I want to know about my this my car. But hold accountable hold up hold on to the door talks on that as soon as we come back you listen to Jason je Giambi honor rally to read you'll be back after this. This show it's beyond reality radio station GPS guest tonight Michael coach dean and. We're in the conversation with the caller dawn from LA dawn inserted cut you off abruptly there we did have a very short segment but we kept you through the break. And Lee continued continued conversation with Michael. I'm dying in selling a property. I'm Michael. And I and I'm concerned about finances that the seller's market so when I felt that I'm going to be obvious he's looking to line. Agent commissions and whatnot I'm concerned I'm gonna have to use that buckled. Kind of money can buy back. In these public option means like this year mentally now how to and milk and eat. It. And stretching it Mary Karr actually. Decorator trial. How ball. Do you think it would money out I'm not here that's the clintons but others can you make it's you're good beards so. At carver were ordered to remove. Should we shouldn't have a great. Couple months. Police I won't be and it unloading mice stayed. Is dating rescued by. No they really didn't hear her arm didn't eriksson's are you so that was that Lincoln did I get decent exit. You're good at your yet. Want to do just taking double my share. When asked question would be exceed this ten win beat whatever it inside these people leads you to. How how did what does it look like you ready to lead the body. The person's it's like where their skin color comes back there. Everything is normal I want I'm breathing a different you know past. He just seem to settle down or go back there are his career. Like I'm back to normal and it's you can there's a difference in their usually. Like kind of out of there like a little bit like they don't know really what's going on but you can tell them it is. The way they look and the people that are around them recognize the right hand it's just like they're just. You can sing it's like he buried the color and everything and actually able. Yes thanks for the called Don what's coach too would Joseph this is Joseph in Indiana and Joseph welcome to the show. Hey guys out don't I do show our. Enemy and what. I've thought about that audit. What moral bother upper orbit. Struggle put on mother. Don't mean who are real bombers thirty. Q did you. Go eat it ought. For booty. Up about my father are real father. I am. Are certainly can help me with batter. I am I don't know how to help I don't. I don't know that no. Weir Robert. It's checking into that so it's a little more in depth Burke. Yeah our own border. Your one and it didn't let me just ask grow quickly when you said he's not her real father from biologically he's I understand maybe not biologically but he is the individual reached you from. Up until my sons so here's your father Mitch just not the biological father that your yeah I'll. Ought to honor. Mother. Completely clam up. I haven't opened her. Ergo. Auckland. A better outcome. It's a tough one Joseph because they're the person virtually. We know this person of archer but her real father. It's a weaker countries subject because it's a regret. You've you've talked to you you now. And she has it's yeah she's freaked out about all the I don't know how I couldn't help but. She will tell you about the person he or she goes I know that sees things about it Morgan thank. Does barber important. But sees. The scary thing for her third or so later you know a leader who. Are you who. Or he would cook for her to. Talk about it like she doesn't. It is too close to home from where. You cock between ago. Well I hope so there's honor seventy. Always wondered what it was but not for per. Hour Mike Bell. And dirt itself ought to vote walker. Or. The cuts that are open but what it wants for her and and it's not an. It's nuts yeah it's that's me that's like a stranger. Nourish. It's not a big deal it's it's a pretty regular now and she will she will be what she boats. About an oak virtually bet on other quote odd that the order. And we or you're. Body. It's going to terrorize marriage but what are the odds that the order what might that that was. Or whatever our on our. Aren't the order of them an hour and them. What whopper. Of art. What could mean you know everybody back and Africans are permitting it I think it's because it's peer at them. It's more dead and a lot canceled and create a morbid or appearance women there in my personal take on more immigrant parents and and so would come back. When they're out there person out there where. Their natural more likely kind of qualities alone are. Go assert that you know it's a greater harbor. Are different tasks to different color and so it's a governor outside of Christmas it looks like that. I guess typically does looks like like he didn't take them more than a. Thanks for the call Joseph we appreciate that let's go to Claudia in Colorado Claudia welcome to the show. Hello I am ready. On time and and I'm hundred situation right now would my where he had a lot of anger. And I was hoping that he did not me is how can I help them. When they're the in doing I mean that they're still wired. I don't know I did I do wanna know what he. So what sounds like sounds like you're frustrated Claudia. I am so I ended up that you get out and help them in I don't know yeah. Yeah it's personal. Eager. To see his or. But the great thing. Com. Yeah Cesar. Yeah that. I yep that's. That's our. That's a lot where it was. It's not one. You know it's there's a lot of part of it. It's tough for him to be here it's tough for him being mark's clearly on her it's just it's. It's our record. To make a lot of sense to home. Never quite have. The way that we talked the way that we make where you know so it's it's it's tough for him to be here begin work so I. It's not just it's not a simple pricks like you just. I'm equipment sports during Gartner notes there's there's more to these guys it's. He's got a fine. What makes sense to him here it's weird. Says. Google. Could just as a lot to them. You could tell Aaron. And it's frustrating but you really alone would go to a separate criminal record. I don't know written. Those connected and it looks just. I think with the current sensitive. I just. It's easier or maybe Stoppard is here to Europe and heard a lot rock healing. We think it's just been really. It's it's been a really typical country and be here so our. I know you know you can find your little bits from south. It's it's more deeply rooted than just doesn't anger I think he's actually a really good guy just. If I was in his shoes I would probably start to norm be little. I did a bicoastal here and around here are common form. Part of it now is that it's. It's kind of like it does your question the situation with them so we'll get some more but it'll look worse this or is it better look a little. I want. To more physical or. There are common currency it's just. And you're LaMarcus dot org it's there. Claudia are you working with the U professionals and home like a clergy member or doctors or anybody else to my BO. Also able to a decent guidance on this. I am sneak and that at this school program where they're seeing and until. Every single thing that he just said. And my son yeah and he. He's. He's lovable he would then. You just. And try to help them he'd been in the program but we we we now have we and so I wanted to know what Al. Connect search war. That the mine mine I'm like OK maybe he need you know yoga I tried you'll go with it maybe he needs to know. Poll this he Claudia. Well we're both. Well I think you're doing the right things and I think you know Michael's guidance is hopefuls well of original RAZR and give more weight event for me to be honest Claudia and and it's a little personal thing but I I was an anger counseling for two years of my life when I was younger and my my parents stimulate event with a nightmarish start of fighting in tournaments started getting involved than boxing martial arts. All the things he gave me an hole. A lot of times that'll help us lulls you might want to look at something like that. Yet he can't afford. He does not like them what I mean he liked watching them in having other people do it but he doesn't do it and IA and try to legal and not done your airport branch of the people who saw it criminal. Think the important that the that working out within. And that even. The way mind you bring your whole we expect him and I don't wanna. Be with. I don't understand him. Yeah well in and it's tough sometimes especially with a with the teenage boy. I guy detail I've got to get three of himself hornets. And and also just beyond that but yet honestly is in look look towards things like that may be ways for him to. You've spent a little let me get a little that out of the system whether it's getting involved and in things like martial arts and wrestling boxing and anything like that because if it worked for me so. Claudia thanks for the call we've got to aren't on running out of time here let's go do it Jody in Colorado Jody welcome to be unreal. Welcome to the show. Thank you thank you. I didn't I didn't have any big deep question how I get on how much going on in my life and I think if my daughter and granddaughter to get settled down. Your daughter and we'll have now. Yeah. Well. I mean that little. But it would be little bear is going to be awhile. Where. It's gonna do. A little Colbert will be out. Three years equipment rental. They're Eleanor. A lot going on. It's. That got a couple of because it is again it would pick and I don't blame but there are and he. They're they're they're a lot of Garko one glance equipment and will there'll be about. While. I got nerves are good about it and and we are. During morning at a Christian thank you. Get like you know Goran have you wanna know what's going on with your lights. And Lisa yes sir. I wouldn't laugh at that there you know that there are a big question. It's kind of my old uncle here. The merger. There were you at ease in which direction you want to go where you want what you want to do so much. There's been a much concern about murder and murder people there. They don't really know where. Think they're welcome you to kind of separate your are a little bit here and decide what what were you wanna go you one hour. Are you weren't sure like what you wanna do am. So what's. Gonna wait a little bit longer and the third. Projecting and circled aren't you why regular LaGuardia that there where do you what do you want to do what your order. So connector what other people it is it's cup or you're not you think about. You were to where you wanna go and you think about all the cars and so while it's gonna take a little bit. Arbor at their work or is it your frustration go up a little bit or try to make you more aware. What makes him what's what you need not blackout on the attracting different enemy armed reaper and then he worked with a bit about what you wanna eat now. Their little corner of your. They're up that the crack because we did earn our credit equal. And that's great movie and we're not doing you any favors. It kind of like about your I was circling about why do we wanna go and I wanna do it could look at the inquest and that's what it takes a card on your partners. And go out and little eyes are. Credit bureau there near the open about where you wanna go chemicals are present some real good about your current root. Account parable. I didn't hear that does some Sarah bloom Michael lesson that I really not much you can kind of grew. But Jodi thank you thank you for the call from Colorado we appreciate you listening and calling in. Michael except about a minute left here and want an askew you've got some pretty interesting clients I think Iran along the way that you work with Gary Busey and Melanie Griffith tell us what it's quite taught. Yes I will tell us what it's like and what do people like that celebrities in general Hollywood types liberties come in for what are they looking to boy what questions are they looking to have answered. Another reason I like work with whoever is not because of what who they are it's because promote our. And I think I am a future. I seem African America people. Now I'm an entrepreneur people normal people will not take those are for Gerber right. Maybe they don't think there is Herbert. We don't think they ever get there but what ever reason. Actors or producers writers both guys they added they don't do. So. We're leaning into icing upper income broker them. I know they're gonna. Because they air combat premier more still in good I know that tiger do a good program I'm kind of becomes governor people that I talked to. I like. What I'm actually present when I get to know them regularly or at scandal. An and other people who. Patrick Swayze with one of those cars are. I got my but the guy who would eat like mama bear arms because of when he was in the air and earlier that they would hear everybody. Then you're not open with all the congress with. Loving people on the planet and he would do everything quits I think with Melanie Britain and and there are people. There they are unbelievably kind. Of. Europe your book is called growing up psychic working people get more information about the booking you we've got about thirty seconds. You just go on Amazon get the book is it that there are sort of a are you worth look at growing up and I can expand when. I got another book coming out is more of a look at the psyche of I'd like Barbara humor look at frightened. Or Lekkerkerker around January. But they're they're going up like you are you get it on Amazon. And your website is Michael Boudin dot com thanks so much or be on the show yet thanks much writing here aren't we appreciated and look forward to chatting again some time there every night for a while. All right it's beyond reality radio we'll take a break him back to wrap things up. It's beyond reality radio night goes by quickly. So little dose group every time it's just really doesn't base for everybody for tuning in tonight Amy she tune in tomorrow we've got a great show will be joined by Lisa Kennedy. Teacher author and speaker in intuition. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com. Old Treo iPhone and android and elicit from Iowa senator from any degree stations we Aaron across the country it's Jason NG VB unreal accurate he'll catch till tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson introduced my child Susan Johnson insisted. So can only the only angry news. Yeah. You know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason is slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.