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Guy McCort talks about the House of Hell; Jamie Bartlett and how tech is killing democracy

Jun 29, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Guy McCort who grwe up in and lives in a "house of hell." Later in the program Jamie Bartlett discusses his book The People vs. Tech: How the Internet is Killing Demacracy. 6/28/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Today's national sunglasses day twelve to 27 of June national sunglasses but that it was equal in the eyes and a last month I agree to a calendar haven't every month I don't know I have to go back and look as I do remember that as well some may be I don't know maybe I don't know may be different groups evidently I don't know but only knows today is according to the calendar. Had the 28 is national tapioca day I love tapioca pudding. It's these pins needed to write I noticed on the store with you and we were always been on vacation in the and you get this coverage over the Fred along I love to reputable and then what I didn't realize and this is the most exciting news of all I'm a night I don't think I've been tell me like national warned sliced it. I'm gonna. What that would be great now June 25 which of course is my birthday a couple days ago yeah actually actually world beatles' day. And I didn't know that it's on my birthday I mean I mean huge Beatles fan we've got Beatles fans in the chat from all the time we'll talk with Beatles lot axis I got to see this calendars and it's nice to sort of make it up it's where I am not making help put food and I think that's the editor or if there it's probably slick Eddie probably he probably did it for men and. Hey welcome the unreality radio everybody you listen to Jason GB if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash. Beyond reality radio and quite a FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under really radio dot com where you can find all the stations we are across the country can download the free ice on an injury that. You can listen online and so much more so check it all out. Yeah a lot of great stuff there and as speaking of great stuff we have a really good show lined up for unite two guests on tonight. In our first hour we've got a guy I'm a quart he is an author and a paranormal researcher and investigator. He's written a book about growing up and living in a house of Helmand is a pretty strong words. This particular house is over 75 years of documented paranormal. Accounts and experiences. And his lights there actually inspired him to become an investigator. And to help other families deal with paranormal issues some makes us a little bit more about this house. What type of activity would make it be labeled the house of hell. That's a pretty strong words. Well it really is ascendant should be interesting in the second are going to be talking a genie Bartlett. I will be discussing his book people vs tech how the Internet is killing democracy and how we can seat. So that stuff planned controversial. Topic. The interest in this controversial you and I talk about the stuff all the time that the of the impact and in no this is no secret to anybody anybody who has. Particularly if you have kids and you see what the younger generation is doing with their phones. And not so much of computers anymore it's almost ever entirely on the phone. And it's really dictating and controlling and mandating in guiding their lives everything from social relationships. To whatever informing you know there has to learn anything anymore 'cause everything's available that the touch of a phone. On you know be it music everything is in the palm of their hands. Is that Peter I don't know and it's funny because I can say of the ten years ago fifteen years ago I remember. Being that you know and going to a school function when my daughters and you know impede the kids of tomorrow now he mr. Haas how hard is Canada. Whatever now I hear I go to school functional my boys. And the kids it just even when you see behind them that are there seems to be an issue with. With the whole social connection or being able to communicate with it with anybody besides me who I mean without using elect. Yes it without the filter of messaging in some fashion. Younger people have many cases having difficulty. Making I tuck contact and an animal comes. That's what I was gonna say is that's one of the biggest things is that I notice over the last ten years. There's and you know me I yeah I'm always want to look you right me I don't we talked. They they don't so many there are always looking at the floor when you talk to them when they talk to you. And it's that's just that's usually a sign of insecurity M and other issues. And I don't know I just I love electronics I admit I'm a slave to it. But also I hate. Yeah no it's it is a love hate relationship and I'm anxious dear Jamie Bartlett has to say because we know how it's affecting our culture we know how it's affecting society. Jamie's book is about how it's it's killing democracy which I'm very very curious as to you know what the effects are that are affecting our political system. So a new new report Kimmel amongst scientists in the U and I have spent a lot of time in extremely cold weather. I mean united then I'll learn my EC minus eighteen minus twenty degree weather. You aren't as did our breath was freezing on our windshields for some new idea I remember them because we actually build our our ice froze opened it right back into that be where the do you believe that story or not. Our guys are literally froze open. We had extra week we have to drive eight miles back in my honestly twice on the degree weather and while scientists have found a new threshold for how far temperatures to implement below zero on earth really. According to a study published this week in geophysical research letters. In part because eastern plateau can see temperatures as cold as 144. Degrees Fahrenheit below zero. While according to new data this two. A studies that's been opposites twice their team high altitudes and close proximity to the south pull make this region the most suitable location for extreme cold. Of this magnitude and I I have to tell you one thing that would definitely make my Audi unit. What a terrible or really there's no way the heck if it's just a 144 degrees yet minus. I will tell you this is well as much as you know like the snowmobile I'm not doing that there are not in an attempt to do what are. Just snowmobile and I don't know so I think she can play threat that so 144. Degrees Fahrenheit below zero X. That is just that is an insanely. Painful. I guess who was at one point and 1983. It was minus 120 point six teachers and so it's been. To that whole global warming panel. Don't know panicking and I want to get you anything you hated don't judge marries and tourists are so let's take a break when we come back we'll bring in our first guest guy McCourt re talking about. A house of held he lived and he grew up of in it and he wrote about it in his book. That is again it's a house of health and final about it are you listen adjacent dvd generally revealed. National sunrise. When we lose some we were number 1 expense Knox can't am I have elected twice in my life I've actually bought sunglasses that that were like more than twenty bucks and I think can help condoms for a total was six hours and nine hanging thanks pixel all it took for the better and they last forever they never got his own selfish and evil might have a formal honor the best ones it wants a full. Joseph save me a lot of the welcome back to the show everybody. It's beyond reality radio we're going to be bringing her first guest in guy McCourt he's he author of the paranormal researcher and an investigator. And he's written a book about growing up and living in house of held guy welcome to beyond reel to real great to have you on. Do you. So you grew up. And lived in a house of health first we'll tell us do were you how you got into this house where you breeze there were you born. When you were born reach your family living there hundreds of all star. Well it started when my grand mall ball how else. To read now. And she couldn't keep arraignment. And and eventually mine. Father daughter off for her. And now loose born priest you're pretty much I mean not being around here since silence the day I was born and brought him from the hospital looking. And you say here's who you're still there you're in new factors their right now. Unfortunately yeah. Now I guess if that's the question what makes it a house of hell. Well. That's a good question. Actually the fact. All what is all took place here. On. The band of placing debt contributed to this great. A different diet and my mom my father. My little brother. Not only that no need people throughout the years of experience. What happened to me when I was a child in this week's. I mean I guess you could say. In some way it. The psychological demons of not really put it. It made me question everything else in life. You know. OK okay and I'm trying to I'm trying to get a sense of did. If you call it house house of hell I'm assuming that was a description you've given the house based on your experiences. That. They're being given by them people that experience stinks in here. No one trend is nameless there and credit and does he keep. He knew he was a skeptic when he first heard coming here. And like all other means that state discus and stuff and there. Well. He stayed here for awhile he would I mean the place that day and a little about myself but not all the you know. Give me a little bit money for months you know they've built this lead you in a one bedrooms upstairs. We're he'll slept upstairs one night. After that he let on the couch. And he woke up 1 morning he'd like I don't know how you live out now. And what we need to let our little leap year like he didn't stay agree at all. And he seemed a little boy in the basement one day when he moves downstairs. And one day when we were here by ourselves. We heard Sutton in the living room. And we look in here and we see. Two women setting on the couch side by side. And Dave worse real skinny look and then wal greasy looking hair and they had like all stirred over their shoulders like. You know what 18100 or whatever I guess you would stay. And what of the weirdest part about this words. The was. Have a lot of all and that they could we could feed them like it was like in all that we could feel like they kept looking at each other like. Welcome back and looked up in it history to clear out and now look at him not to EC were not seen he says. I seem to women and Kouchner and that's what I see. And how much on hand in our friend Steve was here. He. They walk in there he's like I see you can bet you know them like playing tricks on our side. He walks orchard and put your hand out like K I you don't more than he does that they lay. Lean clear back in the towel in almost disappeared into the couch. By that time I'll play no we turn the lights won't stop enables golf. Then you've ever since we've been called the house so well. So before we get into too many more of the specifics of the activity that's occurred at the house. It described house for us we've got a couple minutes here before we go to break when was the house built what style is that house because it. It was probably built around the 18601870s. Yes. The circuit typical. Midwestern formed outside a secret. Is it multiple levels. Yes it's a two level it's probably. Point 500 square feet probably. As a full basement under. Hasn't always been a private residence. Yes. Well. That I do not know for sure I do know that a guy bought it to try to. Ron futile Herman here. But I don't think he did very good and that is. A warm day around twenty of the thirty. And at that time they were still perform and funerals in their rooms it is and that there. So it didn't do very well he closed down. Well you did actually research the history of our house in order to write the book correct. Yes. It also networked. After we can. We kept experiencing pain thing and you know code for the longest time. I tried not to I guess it's safe feed into. For the longest time I just tried to pass an office. You know an old house creek and. And when I had friends coming over and hanging out in girlfriend. And Bain was experiencing things and out of course maybe there is something more candidates. Okay but you've been the human having experiences there since you are small child but then. You won just played it on north thought that it was just how screeching and John stranded understand. Will it affect me so bad when I was a child. Like someone dressed. Something would get my blanket off from the in the middle of the night. I don't get out of debt. I'm a woken up live my dad was out. Though one I've reached a certain age I guess I just didn't wanna think about it anymore but you wanted to try to pass at all but just this one. Being ball didn't anymore and I tried to avoid it at all costs reflect good and I tried to avoid the activity occurred. Sometimes that was it possible put a still. I still tried. Yet oil and I'm sure I understand it is and trying to avoid it and you know what you're saying please send a little while ago is almost like YouTube blocked well. So I was just trying to understand where Latin ball kind of exactly what happened where that transition happened where he had all these terrifying experiences. And and all the sudden you just started trying to label it an old just chalk it up to an old house screeching. I think I did that fur peace of mind more than anything. You know those. A certain age I guess maybe a little laughter adolescent I guess I was. Not as worried about even though some happened I'd still just trying not. Let it bother me or feed into. So we're talking with guy McCourt he's so discussing the book he's written called the darkness on church street it's about how C. Who lives in and grew up then that's known as a house of hell. When we come back from the break we're gonna get into more details on the types of activity. That it has occurred in the house plus. There's been a number of deaths there's been other types of things that might leave an emotional imprint on the home that might be fueling some of this activity will get in all that after the break. Aren't you listen Jason GBM beyond elementary. Jason champion. Number four calls later when media open up coal mines is 8446877669. During the first hour of our program we're talking with a guy McCourt he's an author a paranormal researcher. And investigator he's written a book about growing up and living in the house of pell and guy and I wanna get a better sense of what this house is like now you said it's kind of about an 1860s or so. Farmhouse is that you put it is it in a populated area or is it in a rural very rural area. Is gonna populated areas and a small town out of now. I'm 6000 people. So as you were growing up in the so she should your grandmother had it before you and your father bought it and you were born while they were living their seat grew up in the home. As you're doing your research to write the book when you finally decided that hey there's enough here that I need to tell the story. I did you talk to anybody else that lived in the home prior to your grandmother owning under huge wish you good commission was original owner. From 1860s. On the year I ended up on some research and I found. The Perkins family there who lived here during the 19100 that sound the defendants of this. And they started telling me a story. How they had eight. Great uncle. Are great great uncle something like that. And how he. Worked for the Dino rail where it. And he would an ax man from the Vienna where were. And they found certain weird items in one of its trucks that was. Like very there's just weird like. Such a normal person wouldn't and they started researching him. And as it is researching and that they come across east those courts that he would send him to withstand any and every talent that he was dead. When he was all the way through like Pennsylvania and Maryland Massachusetts. Up through. Or New England you know running the railroad. And could not find nothing when his name. You know I could not find any saying what Kirk. I know that he owned accounts during that time because that can record. But it could not find no history you know I don't. World one day we are remodeling and about him upstairs and ripped a war. And we find a letter. And the letter. Was written to eight W each gives them a nineteen month. And we know from the record that it WH Perkins. And it. Who at that time here's the WH Gibbs who also want guesswork from that you know we're aware of because the letter was from the B you know where we're at. And now they don't understand what you would take the supervisor. Position. He would no longer be on the road and you'd better at. In one like news WHO gives only stirred dormant streets are. They won't come to find out that WH kids in the Buick Kirk Gibson is elite that he used when he was only group. And he was a well known serial murder. Threw out. Throughout the east run in the U noted during 1909. All the way from 1909 to 1912. So is a well known serial killer. Yes. And easier and he's there and documentation for the singing Mary. I'm sorry it was there a doctor is was there any documentation behind it's a sport that or is it just yourself. Other bought an Asian. Yeah I traveled to council being here and found some. Thousand records. Of the murders and stuff on me he was never convicted. During the dates. From the postcards that you sent home from their age and reached around there was a murder of of the young woman. So but he wasn't convicted so therefore he he's but it obviously a suspect in these murders. Or was there are some summer after the fact whether it there was proof that he actually committed these murders. Again well death or something. Yet after he died he can't you build a captain now. On what parents here. And when he died. Is that Abbott sat there for years. And finally somebody bought it and main port them cap in when he tore down cabinet. It found a secret compartment in the basement. And they found human remains in their. Hidden compartment. Well yes so you know world around time here is only have you for the first hour of the show so let's talk a little more about the activity in the home. On the first hole did your grandmother experience activity before your father bought it. Abbie said you were either. Not born yet or or read very very young what types of things did she experience. Was she couldn't keep your credit runners would mean now for no reason. And finally she tracked down one of the runners on a hotel for an that they were staying and and she apple want why. Did you leave you know why do Levi he stopped and that's not in name a slate. They finally told her that there or else not so what and she words they'd. Very old school Christians did not believe in India that comes up. If she comes here and she starts cleaning it out and she hasn't experience. Now what that experience will actually never said there she did caught re still trying to help out on that how bad it effect. So it affected her enough that you wanted some clergy to come in and try to this chase outer or remove whatever was there are now Europe's parents or your father ends upon the home from her and your family moves in their your born. Did your parents ever talk about activity that occurred to them all you were you too young to recognize that. No not one mouse too young it wasn't until after hours of age that they actually started talking about and that it was experiencing too. The biggest it was saying knock them because they don't want scarce here. What with the types things are happening that you eventually learned of. Are they see no I'm not operations. That grand. But I'm. Sorry for it sounds. Like walking the walk right up the two warmth footsteps in the home home and nobody was there. Yeah. Somebody sent down on the bed beside them. If there actually somebody you're just feels feels somebody's having. They just felt like somebody sat down almost nobody they're. I think is being rearranged. Ardent things coming up now and then reappear in the leader Rory book form a hundred times. Things like that. And my dad even seeing the woman one night. He lives there in the kitchen. And he would. The girls as sisters. Went out who have been. And he thought one I'm keeping them early. And went right by and then went around a walk up steps he said he heard on the right up the steps. And then both of both the girl come in the door he's like how you get just behind me. And they could we talk about it but now warning you can't just walk on you went upstairs and say you know we've been down all night you know. And it still it was like a. So did one believe in the center. So what. And what pretty much me this. I house of hell. From from what I'm hearing it's typical type of little paranormal activity things going on. Not really frightening a little more startling from from dealing with some of these things. Where the transition happened that made this a terrifying place. Well after my father died down. In nine cared as quickly. There's this little bill now in the basement. And we always wondered what was behind it we never knew. So we decided one day to bury their. League in general sledges and not a block wall Al. And it's filled dirt. So we start digging the dirt out. And we get down and farm and we signed. Black hair and a black dress with them. Yeah we also signed age door hidden in the block walls. From 1942. Written to either Roby which who live here at that time. My grandma bought out repeat repeat. Know what the funniest one that letter. It said when a war 1942. Amnesty. And obviously the house was built before 1942. And that's all Walt Walt but regional for the rest of the foundation. So it was so weird how this letter. In the jar got the block wall. With east what is that we now. The net night. Released. Blake opened the gates to what was going on the warning here. When we did that it kind of do it sounded it but I'd like. 100%. I'll definitely. Get together that night it was close to a holiday. And we go hang out in near. In. But we also have to turn her two children. With sleep and upstairs we had a floor model TV upstairs. Would just a small speaker 79. And ten near cape. Or North Carolina our annual report comes down the stairs he's like mom on these like the bad man upstairs to bad man upstairs in the TV turned on now. Knowing what comes gear from my brother Johnny obscure Napolitano we leave they'll get joining the bad the end of. More like what you just and the nightmares okay you know and feeling there and that is we poem are bad no so we taken in and he falls asleep. Were hanging now often. Next thing you know we'll get sounds like the TV upstairs and school bought. An almost somewhat in a fire so lot. You sound like an old nineteen or at least a lot. Already in war in worrying. And it sounds like this woman get known and seems like. How how. At LA. And then flipped to let that channel data and and it was like a preacher and he he would pocket about net grameen entry like talking about not in the dead like desecrate graves stuff. And then let me so 1940 radio. Or earning luring. In. I'm like I'm looking over and everybody not in my cousin and my friend Craig who won were staying here at that time decided to go to get baby. Would they get halfway up the steps. And the next thing you know you hear is the deepest darkest boy you can imagine. Asked out of there. He now in next thing I know they are coming through the house running and pushing each other out the way through the kitchen trying to get out the door. And I didn't talk either one of them for a week after that they would return and crops. I you know that that's that's quite an experience their how long go to that happened. Our. Years ago two years ago and you're still in the home and does this disease activity continue with that level. Now did you join me did you do any thing to either tried to root minimize it to change it. Or if it's not there did you do anything to investigated did you run video cameras audio recorders anything to capture any of this stuff. Attitude to demonstrate some kind of evidence that it's occurring. At all. Yet so perhaps. And I have caught some evidence. A lot have a camera that they mostly centered came in the and the and I our camera in my basement run all the time. Any time and he text notion that legally search send in images or video camera them. Are we gonna take a quick break here when we come back and wondered just get a sense of what types of things you've caught. That substantiates. The activity that's going on there because the activity itself what you just described is a bit terrifying parents who you listen to Jason TV. Beyond really really. Joseph makes us happy what makes you happy to it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy and we're talking with guy I'm a quarter about his experiences and house of L. Torre grew up its were still lives he's written a book about it called the darkness on church street in. A guy we're gonna we're out of time pretty quickly drew only a few minutes left. I wanted to it addressed the evidence that you caught first what types of things did you catch. That you feel really supports what's going on in the home. Will we caught a full body decoration. I'm the best evidence we car was by accident. I mean my brother in law follows. Get interviewed for the book and we was in the basement and now is video on him. On his side of the story of what he witnessed when he was here. And Wear down in the basement he found inside the story of what he's seen. And all of a sudden four bodies apparition appears behind him. Yeah and it is it happens get past it preakness clear Al and uncle. But it or YouTube great now if you look up on YouTube underbelly of tally of darkness. Chronicles two at a pop up it's it. It can night vision. Video and only a couple. Radio so there at the bit to YouTube channel was valley of darkness is a resent. Yet all of our chronicles OK so on the book is called the darkness on church street. And working people get a hold of it on Amazon. And our own church street went up and you. I'm sorry you know just the let me answer scores from when you when you said earlier that you guys had dug down found dress and things of that nature. And bones did you did you contact the belonged law and did you contact the police and tell them what you found. Yes I did I actually contacted the sheriff's department that was. You were good friends with my mom and I contacted him and he come and look that is. He met. The big cult like this all the time in net 95% of the time in Woburn. And it's turning the third yeah like. Really don't know what good is that apology to just cover back. Now that the secret police department. And none of this makes any sense that really what he says covered back up. He says he's just file you are discovered back not what we did we cover that back. While okay that's that's written quite a neutral strangest thing that's very very strange hurry so I know they these experiences that I kind of steer June to a of a a hobby your passion or life of paranormal investigating to try to help other people. In in the you know sixty seconds so we have left power using this information in your your skills a paranormal investigator to help others. Would no idea when and ask questions. And that he would. None of this one nick Sheridan their claims are true first of course. And then we just do little thing to feed it is true than it is true. No we go to the next step in that next step is trying to pick out what exists. And then let stuff. Once we figure out what it could be reward partly as net where that the next that we go to get that. And a lot of times in this area is the nicest time I have to admit we usually end up contact increased to help us. We'll guys thanks so much for coming analyst and I didn't we look forward to talking you got some playing get a little deeper story. Thank you all would be great. Yet we have a great night OK again the book is called the darkness on church street it's available on Amazon and their guests has been time report coming up in just a moment we'll bring her second guessed it Jamie Bartlett. Will be talking about his book the people vs tech how the Internet is killing democracy. Lamar. Millicent Jason javy beyond our other radio. This Winston West Coast there's. You start somewhere. Solstice analysis it was awesome chief each and of course it's national sunglasses today for like the fifth time this year looks. Yes she's set this and it's also national tapioca day. And I think after the show on the new walker and over the 24 hour grocery store grab myself some mud tapioca putting in just have a ball unity that in your sunglasses but I may as well as its national sunglasses tell me you won't well we won't look like a star. 6:30 AM and humbly come walking into a convenience store with sunglasses. Looking for tapioca put yet the end of the public call law enforcement right away. Imagine the B. I and a loyal but anyways welcome Dioner a prelude to myself gee snarls and TV Johnson the haven't yet to head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page for us. And had to be under reality radio dot com. We can find all decisions we Aaron across the country atlas is constantly being updated minute news stations being adults that times check it often. It also download the free iPhone and enter and operate there which shall I shall listen live sketch show long ago. Or just listen are flawed site. Click the pop up button you can open up chat room listen to a Darryl and you know the great community people or just Olson Mark Barton and you can listen rights hang in on the lips. Get in and a moment we'll bring in our guests Jamie partly he's an author he's written a book called the people first tech how the Internet is killing democracy it's going to be a fascinating discussion. Tomorrow night Paul T will join us he is a documentarian film maker any researcher. He's been reading observing and researching many aspects of the paranormal since his early childhood in fact his fascination. Of the unknown began as far back as 1976. And it's stemmed from strange and truly fray next week frightening experiences he had as a young boy while living in his native country. Of England will be talking about paranormal topics in addition to the films that he's made that's all hornets program. Telling in England you're the strange person if you don't have art house yeah on its now we shall we here in the US shoot straight first and if you do so it's so different. Well speaking of England spring their next guest in the program Jamie burglar again he's the author of the book called the people vs tech how the Internet is killing democracy Jamie. Welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on tonight. Yeah thanks for having me essar idea every background noise is not much hold it how's my house doesn't want to. I'm not sure my apartment getting ready was not particularly in the morning. Yet less quick time's it there. Just got excited and while the wolf thank you for Maria early to be on the program where this we do appreciate it. So let's learn a little bit about you first before we start talking about the book in this particular topic Telus tells little about yourself. Aren't their rights are gonna hear are a road to a track through four years back called the dot net. Our first book which was saddened. All about we Internet subcultures and crypto currency upbeat Colleen and encryption and strange seeing people get up to on the Internet because I was very interested in some coaches and how subcultures. Not in addition to being estimate in a room something valuable each rest of inaugural and who struggled in Saudi. What's been interested in these wee league. And a little bit on just content and it's supposed up as a real. Well I mean. Five years ago about the wonderful ways that technology changing sought you know slowly as I called may be just because I am getting old. Kind of more optimistic and worried about the direction societies. Cunningham and Cyrus very seriously out otherwise if you wanna know about mine up. Eight that he didn't know London. Backbone but I. You know you're doing normal things that might know we're doing but watching the full board actively in the minds and they know your. Lumps and audio. Yeah for those of you watching not World Cup style of a Germany got knocked out witness in a surprise gain on today quite agree shocker. If that's. So I have to ask you about something you said because your your books the Darknet he said you you know it kind of looking at the the the hidden subculture of the Internet and you know a lot of people now. Here's third term Darknet and they think of nefarious activities going on that that that are eat the Internet allows to happen but what things you mentioned was big point. And that's true big corn was kind of a sub culture Darknet Internet. Currency. And now it's become if not mainstream it's right on the cusp of becoming mainstream isn't it. Disagrees American example of what elite in the way. Strain guarded developed in an obscure. Ogre beat Goran in 2009. Not in 2000 Lebanon say album or even the government will need we need really ye es on. Illegal drug small on the dot. In Milan who it is. Not when he received millions and millions of dollars in investment from all of the well big acts. Gordon and and you into earlier. In the or information based on. We're all the yeah yeah. It's an example should the Howell. We often gives me some disregard. On the we've. That he did an hour. Well you should be tried to look into it and think about it a series you might. Cards are just out in bend it create an IC eight. Well and the funny thing about that coin is the main reason it really got ticked up where people were using it did because there are activities couldn't be tracked the things that they were doing their purchasing. Really couldn't be tracked correct. This exactly right yeah it's usually well he's that the I mean the original. King button is Inez was that you can build a currency that couldn't easily beat track annual party. But also there would allow all of whom. Would be very hard central government control. Wouldn't be no. Mean their own currency. Sort. Would change the interest rate. And we find it wanted to wrestle control of the money supply. Away from central government. Or are people. Who are. The new queen. Changed exchanged. Who. Hopes shouldn't wait to see individual. Balls why don't we need a game. We will need in the day now we'll. Want more votes mean is it something you who ruled. Always are talking about this particular topic or reminds me of a ride in Disney World. I think it's called carousel of progress in the sit in anybody's been to do zero launchers and on this ride and you sit in and and that an arts auditorium type theater seat. And use and pressure I can refuse spin around or there's display spins round and you keep seeing how how technology progresses through time. Basically through the twentieth century and the messages things are gonna wonderful things are getting better. And I think most of us feel that way when we see these new and new technologies introduced to us but there is a dark side to all of this and that's what you get into when you talk in your book the people vs tech. What do we as people look at this technology. And why do we embrace it so readily be yet know at the same time that it has it has significant threats to our way of life. What the obvious. 11 counselor is convenience. Are we greet we creatures are convenient we. The world trade or money any bin. Something's very easily. This are older people about these are much yet increasingly. You grew worried about what they collected only especially in the in the US. The goal and Ahmanson made loans. Or. Our war when they continue to share information about our daily lives on an unprecedented scale and easy and cool. And Larry I'll buy ins and we know he's got it. Got just a small but especially. Is undeniable. It might all live's editor in many ways and media. We can do things we find in at. Least you get low. Every up date quote yet and on and around street I'm. And girls are going on the sooners are. Not all the program. Eight dollars and pretty inconvenient and how personal EU. Enjoyment and get me wrong I'm not be too much at night. We are. Which was short. Without it. But binding and the way that represents to democracy was on. All right let's hold that thought rate there and energy you've got a question but I wanna get into a break here and more when we come back we will able to pick it up there because this is this is really the crux of the discussion here how it's affecting our way of life from a political standpoint it's a big question. It's a complicated answer and we're gonna get Twitter after the break. A lot more to come real synergies and TV beyond reality radio back after. Review Jason team you were talking with Jeannie. Mark when he's an author of the book called the people vs tech how the Internet is killing democracy how many of us. Are carrying around a Smartphone these days I don't know what the percentages but man it's got to be at least the United States and I imagine him most of the western world anyways it's very very high percentage of us are carrying news. Phones around we use them for everything. As Jamie mentioned we used to get lost speed we need maps. We need to look at a map before we drove somewhere to know we were going to we're we're gonna go and how we were gonna get there. That might my children have no idea what that means anymore they just punch it into phone and it gets in there and and to know where they are it's pretty amazing stuff. But at the same time it's. It's it's can be a bit dangerous. Jamie are we losing our ability to think critically because of her reliance on these phones and these other devices. Think this sweater hanging out and got them now I happen as several levels have been real real and Uga. Equality and democracy and on the quality and earned. Well why don't we have local communities are going to concentrate. Or wouldn't be focused. And I can't be alone in failing to my. How is it concentration diminished considerably. There and all news or sign up and what part. Because on a sunny day and I mean I'm checking every and I'm I'm. I don't know about Beijing when you you think you were below you'll bungling up and you'll. Yeah yeah. There's nothing bad. No party and give you pretty have spoken in what you get you into neat or alls from that in annual new car. Lines. In JV and I were talking about it earlier where. And he made a great plan now you'll you'll see something you and your kids TV talking. And they'll be like now let me let me check the check that on Google or whatever and it's so instantly booming go straight to that to look for the answer not even trying to. To use their memory and think about what they've learned in the past. But also. It's it's also the whole disconnect in disconnection that. That everybody has send these days we're talking earlier. About how in ten years ago in fifteen years ago I'd have my daughters at school that different to Kamal did. You know I mister Hawes to be looking you in the eyes to be talking you. Able to Mac T talked back and forth now. We're now when I'm with my sons and at a school function or whatever their to their friends Tom. It's always an awkward scenario they never wanna make eye contact there are always looking down the floor it seems. It they wouldn't really people in children as especially have lost their ability to use to socialize. Yeah and I and I think a big parents are often has much to blame the kids you know what you're not of eight events or. Seen their parents doing eggs are. What you need your parents your own ground. Mean he needs. Not only includes talking chorus are going to cost so and what are thinking about is that what what happened. These are big issues in the issue of socializing. On 80. In the ways of engaging with all terrorism and being at all and you know what we're could keep in about imports and our moral law DA's. These are you don't ever be bigger than just days. Our interest in what I mean we're democracy. If we have citizens. East tensions bad news is short earth. You are more and more reliant on. Tiny but I want them but all in good and I'd see it. Law. The Nissan. EB Bhutto name it is all right and all social media forms that are premised on the idea that might or even go out bill crime all of them. Law. Companies of course are incentivized shut them all emotional outrage on and off. Are not. Minor inconveniences. These goes directly to the hard all week creating a society. Groups. Oh or more old. Call it a lot of good examples of what do we ought to. Are you older or 00 or. We are talking with Jamie Bartlett author of the book the people vs tech how the Internet is killing democracy Jim we have about a minute before we have to go to break we're gonna continue the conversation after the break but in that minute. Tell us how people can get a hold of the book. Oral well I mean he's in in an open doors of course. And eat eat. You. Mean you can go straight to. Lose. No net and you are. And dare I say you might know it get a Obama is Barry all on the line read. Like and the ones that I criticized in the glow. It is also the sale on the act not the problem is and we all rely on him. Company. And they've made it that way so that's sort prepare its it's the perfect fit addiction treatment of all right so take a break whom come back we're gonna continue the conversation with our guest Jamie Bartlett about his book of the people vs tech how the Internet is killing democracy don't forget tomorrow night we've got Paul T joining us talking about. His cell research into the paranormal and is documentaries that he's made. On paranormal topics and other topics that's tomorrow night's program are a lot more to come with our guest Jamie Bartlett you listen Jason GP Dioner. Curtis and I were talking we Jamie Bartlett author of the book the people vs tech how the Internet is killing. Democracy. And Jamie you know obviously United States. Went through pretty contentious election cycle and we're about to enter another one here in the mid term elections but. Probably one of the stories that came out of the last presidential election was this debate about fake news. Being delivered to us through social media in many cases. How does that. Phenomenon play into what you discuss in the book the people vs tech. Yes well right there isn't a trick you loved it he'd go to saint. We should and could allow. There being. True news I'm not true and it divided into 230 really delineate how is. What is outlawed luck Myles cited. Very worried anybody ever talk about government mandate and what not we don't. There. And how it. The garden logical social media is of course to keep you all right so long as humanly. Polls saying it is random money model is now. Ordering. Them. All humans respond to phone and reprisals from nineteen since the year dot. We responds that. She agents. Well there is true or not I don't let it. Did that we have lost our guest. Yeah he's still there was this Jamie. In Mexico and passing attack tactic no protective manner so let's do this let's see you to take a quick break and when we come back we will hopefully have him back. On the line. Yeah when we do that. Parents are in the phone number if you wanna do this policy of any questions about it. I'm duck attacked content on just dealing with all the craziness that goes on that. It was a call at 8446877669. Until treaty 44687. 7669. You listen Jason dvd on our own. It's. Broadcasting the fact pageant for the great we were talking about say news and one of the things you said struck me. And I think a lot of people don't appreciate how important this is. The solutions. That are being floated around to solve this quote unquote fake news problem our government. My oversight. Of whatever is being put on to social media or wherever of these other sources of fake news are determined to beat. And isn't that a case of the the medicine is who is in the cure is worse than did the disease. Daddy's not around it talking about it error line. Aaron. Doesn't it doesn't mean it would happen this year it bought me the issue is that. Regal comes slightly. Overwhelmed ripped. All the various in relation sources are now. Companies are incentivized. Show style which is. Which is no sons emotional. Did the responsibility Denny's on each of us and makes or Smart not look at what judgments about. What we trust in what we don't. It's a lot of being able critical would be Mort sole or engagement but needs more seriously. I'm. Well my IDY arena. We have such a high degree of. Islam and among. Including young people. Would be easy elders say everything's rubbish every inks eight nothing can be trusted at. I am a bush knew and they wouldn't believe anything that easy to glean any. Bogey ulcers not going to be blown a bullet with government are because. We can you went Hawkins indeed authoritarian. Regimes at the world. And I don't think democracies. Want the government telling them what they should and shouldn't trust. Do you think that these same technologies that were a bit fearful look that we're talking about here in this discussion those same technologies have actually. Introduced. Democratic ideas to some of those who Tallet Terry in countries to some of those people are subjugated to. Dictatorships that may not have been able to get that information and other forms and frequently. The governments and I'm trying to block it or subverted but there's still ways these people tend to get some of this information they wouldn't otherwise have access to. This is a much bigger question today is the extent so great. The pretty broad implementation. Richard. Told technology. Any help spread democracy around the world are old news. I just knew what it is. He didn't know you've gotten a lead out on their populations but we need. I think I need you know no need to work well we're pretty convinced. Including the US State Department. Not being tonight will go on being real and Croat tomorrow in the war on the Middle East. Russia. Iran Saudi Arabia. Lineup I want to know it went if you look at his country's now. What are you couldn't really say it caused a demo has been faulted in the adult size. Yeah. It's varied. A current portion eight C a great. Sort of screening of pro democracy treatments being. Oh. And you're the great or or aryan race into the world and one of the problems they're fortunate. We didn't predict it. Certainly infinite as regards to government went on and who knew what he's spying on controlling are watching now. It means a treat what are not in Russia. And I'll able Monica that citizens. Are asked her my Angel what role. I just you wait until we start introducing. Small and divide it into every single minute and Randy. Well no well when not rich and on TV. Not all well he'd be much. Oh yeah I don't know it just dimension and then he's on he's my son. What are you or we wish her reboot we can't believe it is because we could create news. Knowledge international. Digital network. Democracy would somehow might be because of the glut on the right and they will. It. Will and are we already have a problem with that with the devices spying on us on us anyway with the Amazon's Alexa that. Issues and the glaucoma. Issues I mean. Easings a recording. Conversations. And actually uploading them to different areas. I mean you have in the US constitutional. Protections. Are needed your help. But Craig's seat he didn't have coal. Which and switch couldn't read which in the bent or rye. Obama in classic lots of problems we've already seeing as you mentioned. How much you want it might be launching countries when he doesn't and she. And that's a serious problem and I ought to ought not very open about. All. The country like China. There's a thing of the government. Is going to be out controller who are at the net and thoughtful and wondering what his issue Internet courtesy. It is slower import and. Boy and I and I agree with you isn't some of those countries and I mean these Amazon on a devices or whatever recording conversations. Some of those countries that don't have the same privacy laws we have here those governments can hold that now they can start while they can. Use it to wall meant to their Bennett. Sent in whatever ever way they feel against against the Senate's so that you can look at it as those citizens are looking up. These things which are against everything the government stands for and Ingle from manner. Yeah precisely and I want to consider as well. Almost stories about Cambridge are current. And now. Cambridge Alex and politics but I am here in the UK was. Are not equals arson not a he. Or trying to why how what many see it. Oh we don't know you rock hey. Oh we always bodes well messages so we are happy go out on where you can't on the Internet. How I think that the role it can only played in 08. Has been yet because. I think he's a lot of liberal equal or just handle their heads around the button on the stat what would you vote no on site. By an easy and indirect shot out of it come down there and closely as. An inadequate and the and they got a man. Techniques important but what are. All. I'm sort of emotional it should be out there are gonna get better. And get more Acura. He's getting cheaper and quicker and better. I and what happens when in when he YE and think about well there are no pretty long tunnel like to think about Reggie how. How always the last one but what about the will go to. In what by what happens when both techniques used by companies generally are already in my irons well there optional trying to. When they can try to predict. He'd. All all of and you are not black someone who's according to an ogre and part B what you won't bring any. Well someone we need to keep tabs on every point the finger children rupture and I do all. Or how to vote democracy you got it happens it will handle it. We. Candidate and B no court or Democrat all in. All our constitutional right. We could end up and down and saying well. Well I think I think we've seen hints of that already and and frequently is the veil of security is used. To allow some of this stuff to happen. And in Encino and it's something we have to watch for very closely but what what we needed to answer here in the next few minutes and I know there's really no answer Jamie but. What can we do are we destined. To if it continued down this path without recourse. Or is there somehow. Can be doing that might stand in this and protect us from ourselves. Well I mean I I can probably tell from the end of my voice in my on the collision about not. So early in the morning. I'm genuinely worried. About. And we we built system the government are very different content now. You know how how loaded the US Haitian 208. Years old what do. It's dates it would go and get crime when one demand in a well small gains a new day. By news. Our big guy. Your direct. These two connect him to everybody else on the planet and into their systems are in great tension and I don't know him. How are out there are being weak weeks David. And someone with Al government. Leak. Are black and the ease and you know they are late in the all the way to go online ad during election times call Molly and I know you're. Issues in the US quite unique Eric well how big politics and big money. All were and how money is used in elections and she got the need to be result. We need a real team. Monitoring online during elections and how companies and they are outs. And so needs an eight in the lol. Channels individually little bit more. We all know Internet India. We are complaining about these big giant mega monopolies. Thinks it builds them because we are beating them good guy. You'll like rugs. We go to how do we can be careful with what our online we can you. We can increase opera sees it we can download new anonymous web browse. We can shoulder choices we make on line reflect the old saw he. Are always reliant and we got to look. Intermediate forms that I am news eight in a you're not being. Asked as well seeing all on line via some hence. And just one more point here as as we're men running at a time no one of the technologies that is also impacting the way we live and the way our governments have to respond to the way we live. Is automation technology which is it shows a great deal of threat. To our workforce and how we recover from that I mean that's a technology just as the Smart phone in your hand is technology. And dead that is also a threat where whale's life. I think it is odd to actually had a up there. We. He's not just or am I mean automation all it also be increasing concentration. All. The sole means of production and Patton a tiny number a lot companies think about it. Our intelligence the same sort techniques. Law. In knots of this year as you go auto wildly. In. An armed. You can also McConnell wildly even. And draw. In who are our assistant. An article that is in CDs checking out. In small and you are sort. We weren't. Creating enormous but no. Even bigger than the ones we are now on. Why and he stool in the US is going to be pretty important but at the moment. They are in big business big. And to close the government they are adequate regulatory or Imation and what won't do well. We need and need to be. New safety mechanisms new weight training equal to my older brother or this or may not. Know. People are in great. When he could and he also is the main lot or not they need it it is indeed in the US in in India in nineteen hundreds with. And oil. Can be broken up. And I think these monopolies are far more dangerous than those steel or oil monopolies were in the early part of the twentieth century. Jamie were just at a time we're gonna have to have you back on the program because this conversation requires more time and more debts members just out of it tonight. Well that's our economy and Greg Biggs it. They should come on. Where you shop for books and ordinary embassy here we. We've got a great guy showing up tomorrow night Paul Tate will be talking about his research in the paranormal and his films. That he's made he has had a number of frightening experiences a young boy starting in 1976 while he was living. In England he's going to be talking about that and his films all to monitor program and if you haven't. In May she had over to FaceBook dot com slash B unreal unreal. Like to FaceBook page for us then had to be under reality radio dot com. We can download the free iPhone app and enter an average there'll us listen live sketch pad shows only go. You also final the stations we air on rates are on the web site. Let's discuss leaving a case a check in Austin. And costly at a news stations are you can also just if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else. Just do us a favor and just rated for test results which show Ford makes it easier for people to find. And that's what it's all marched in the word out. Yeah more people that to join us to better from our perspective and makes the community bigger. Again thanks to Jamie Bartlett for being with us tonight the topic is fascinating and it's something we really really need to pay attention turning. When he brought up anti trust that's something I've been thinking about winning company. Controls and I don't know what the percentage of search. That Google controls but when it basically control is the conduit for all over information on the Internet that is a very very powerful company in Google's been in that position for a long time and I'm surprised. It's taken this long enough for these anti trust discussions to start but they have started. Capsule less to do it for us tonight. Everybody go will be back tomorrow usage is NG EB unreality radio occasional minor. And I don't know it's hosted both Jason Hanson GD Jones introduced in Alexandria toxins and it's true and current Dario and reduced student. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason host hello and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to readjust and beyond Rio de radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.