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"Go For Two" Episode 10 - The Week That Made the NFL Great Again

Nov 16, 2016|

​T-Bob and Seth return after their bye week and talk about last week's awesome NFL slate, and preview the pivotal upcoming Week 11. Plus, they dive into their Midseason Championship Tiers, where they tell us which teams have a realistic shot at a championship this season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and Zach Dunlap. And acts of the go for two podcasts and says the lap Ciba behavior here is well we were off last week for the election back now. For a week eleven his inner week eleven of between sixteen and at L season recording this on Wednesday November 16. One of the few times we've record is on the day of the podcasts so everything is going to be relevance. And up to date just in case you think we usually are rode up to date we will be now. We here obviously to talk about the great and a bill weekend probably the best weekend of the entire season so far it just happens and crazies yup yeah last minute wins championship kind of teams going at each other. Van in the middle of our podcasts were going to. The layouts are mid season championship tears. Our championship favorites in our courses and the sport is gonna tell you every team that we think has a legitimate shots to a championship and those who do not quite have that path. Of course preview the upcoming week and nick picks against the spread your so our lines blocked the week as well. But as always we start with the story line of the week. Yeah. For my money. For my money Tebow mill storyline of the week pass to be the cowboys asserting themselves as a legitimate title contender you don't go and I realize that the Steelers. I have issues. Have had issues this season and how foreign fives this hasn't been this championship tennis Tuesday and we thought. There's still really really tough to win on the road this was a test of the tablet sentinel had yet this year since we you say since the opening week against. I guess the giants who the only team to beat them yeah and it went on the roads and they managed to win away at a mile a lot of people thought they couldn't when they're playing from behind pretty much the entire game. As eco Eliot. Unbelievable outstanding. But the defense and he's he's in worse. And a preview cuts that the evidence in Newhall word on the street this week that is ego Olivea Elliott is not only here total rookie of the year but somehow also MVP. Us right now it's hard to make part of my argument as well how can you be coach rookies of the year and MVP like I am I guess of we now know it does make sense now I don't have your BP you should be the only rookie of the tiger got Georgia via the news in the dead Prez gadget also could be MVP. Which is not going to happen now like a loved act but that's not going to happen but. It's a big difference here is with this cowboys team. We mentioned it a couple of weeks ago the defense has not great not you know an all time defense they're a lot better than people thought they would be. Zero ER and that yes that that's what puts this team on the level here. Can we number I'm saying this but I think. They're one of three or four teams that output at the top of the pack right think. They can legitimately win a title and I would have. You know no problem seeing that happen right now I can I can clearly he's been released yet happen but I'm gonna talk about some had not a lot of people talk about very often which is that Dallas offensive line. I take a little bit better. She that all the lines are one way nobody in all series this man that. Remains the. In June the engine that drives this team I love attack in Ezekiel arguing it would not be possible. Would have been a lot I still don't know man I still still still still. And yeah keeps it really burned and that immediate. And maybe it's a bit of a cowardly way out some kind of just playing the odds here in terms of what's most likely you're only a one winner in the end. I still feel that the that when playoff time comes the inexperience. Having the murky Corbett will eventually must indeed that is. I have to imagine. Then it'll come back to bite him says when you look at some other tees it's specifically one other team. In the NFC in the Seattle Seahawks are they were played today I would still. That you see out of my favorite as far as story of the week goes seeds is that further four balls back. And all of his benevolence. We should've seen it Roger Goodell and Roger Goodell has bin. Look he knew this was a rough election cycle a lot of anger going around and now the election's over he's he he's he said it's time for healing to begin. And he made sure to rig big gains in order to do that I had the most exciting. Weekend of football. Thus far it seems like do you really think that I mean is it coincidence bill is that we have this wonderful football right when the elections of I'll try to get it they'll ratings back try to bring to cut back you think you. And for a tour grit down PLO once in Dublin Dina this week to ask us that way you can register but look they needed. Something instead that they need it like a big highlight a big big gay. Or yeah just is something unprecedented to talk about your bad. To his magnificent we got insane at all on appeal ratings would go up would go way up after the election and guess what this week. The ratings went way up he's still will be intrigued to see if it I've been holds. I am actually. If duty series presented by the NFL ratings question I do believe the ratings. Issues to be more than just the election and your team up to it which certainly. I would be surprised if you give back to the levels of last year. They'll say yeah they did it we are approaching playoff time and so long as the stakes start to increase your imagine viewership is going to increase. But it'll certainly be intriguing to watch but. Roger Goodell think you. On behalf of America and the go for two podcasts heard Maria helping the country he obviously listens dish. Oh yes and they notice that we needed a sudden talk about here on our returns showed yes thank you thank you emperor to dealt outsource the ads of the week. Aren't here read get. Carlos duds don't know we'd. It's hard not to go to ZQ Elliott for me. Bill homer pick out there I'm a Russell's I was getting a Russian man than me 300 you goes. Three hour plus yards. Three touchdowns no picks on the road all three dug bald yeah Doug Baldwin there as well. But not yet Wilson 25. 37 Mike you said 3483. TDs against a defense it's pretty damn good nuggets team obviously it's pretty damn good really the favorite in the NFL. Previous to this game maybe some opinions change but Brussels and Ellington put Rebecca stat line but as you mentioned on the road especially three touchdowns which. Coming into this game would happily buy ins seven I believe so he almost 50%. A this season's worth of touchdowns in this game alone so. I I feel very comfortable. Give instead of the week to a guy who rises. To the moment if you will rise above how he's looked at throughout this year when it mattered speaking of the unity and bringing people together and this is the first time in the history of our show we've actually agreed on our steadily ever get it it's at this church I didn't think about they go but really mean that was. The game on Sunday it was incredible in its kind of poetic justice how it ended. A a a back and forth affair wind was it. It was in the fourth quarter the late fourth quarter was the first time in which com. A team with the lead actually ended up scoring again you that's how back and forth there was IA. You know I don't know if that happens to be honest with you know I remember our permanent stated in the broadcasters one time when it team in the lead scored it was late late in the game after it just really thought I ever sides hell. The other thing it's he would lead and make your let them Medimmune backwards the world literally tea and I was thinking they were saying it seemed police hadn't scored. Yet they had a vigil for until that Portland's up point yes resorts is exactly yesterday a brave little closer than amour right now your obvious just. Dismissing everything I'm saying these are we gonna say next but no we're gonna we're gonna really dive. Dive and I will say about Wilson's was mentioned Wilson here I'm really thinking and we had a little bit of a philosophical. Disagreement on this. But I thought that he was having a fine year except for the touchdown passes coming into this game his numbers were there missed numbers there to be our neighbor attempt they they were a little bit down because that's a keepsake yards for a tip they were educated they were done in order to stop they were bad there. I don't pork imports of the other quarterbacks that you were right now he's usually cried out as the leads the league in archer and just because the way they play offense a lot of shots downfield. It was doing map this year but my point is. I'm wasn't at all Jim LaMont Russell Wilson except for the touchdown passes even with the injuries are thought he was one nobody it was doom and gloom on Russell Wilson but there is there's. They're still is I mean I'm not Biden is in VP talk that did not all of sudden try to they're out there. I mean I think that's absolute. The it just doesn't hold up in the light of day when you look at the stats this year blood I would say is one beer and now I think him and Bryant are one B has it Billy Pittman and Iran that Bynum. So a damn I've got shocked at LE it's really in the lead right tablet has made since we knew we'd. The NFL in rushing bit. I you know I don't know what happens argument but no I do not believe Russell Wilson two B one B within touchdowns thrown on the year. But thank you yeah well I mean our viewer on Camden bandwagon we didn't throw it. Yes you did to Obama he RO thirty us again today. That's now a yeah. Because now is talk it's like seventy's not that her 1720 okay when he twenty body gets the thirty. Great Matt Wright probably at least mid fifties still dreary your people to tell us out last year when Newton only had thirty year or how many new and run for how many or Gardner I'm not I'm not I don't know I'm not by the mood. They did in this pointless to argue this morning well it way. What the weather Boiman Matalin the next afternoon he's an ex Stanford admitted to down your leg tie. Time wolf I I'm like you know world today about it because they don't have much of a leg to stand on right now with soundings played lately I'm just going to have to say that you have to jump on Sam Bradford is enlightening and I don't be careful though be careful you first off how. On that aren't as your lawyer brought that culture original boys Aaron Rodgers that right now where everybody could hear Roger said he. Boone school blew a huge boom good job of your children do drew weren't good. Look. I'm not commitments and Brad turn back to do pumpkin at that time. Everything has set loose general and he was still leading he was dominant and beginning he has felt like I'm going to judge him. But how he's black now with Cam Newton. We needed a bit more Leach use an appellate VP last year. Be careful what you say I believe I do for what you believe that time. Will validate my Cam Newton opinions and it will make you look like a fool so be it about how many shots you state. Edmonton while he stepped. And I'm like I'm at most of its type and cheap shots battle of the tournament who we talked about it before argument on out from under weekender you. Amanda quick switch gears go week in review. Solid. I wanted to keep your ligaments so we're just moving on yeah I guess it helps with this oh. Let's move on from our weekly recaps of quarterbacks that we always do on the show and get. It always ends and you sort of are a week. Review which again just fantastic football games from start to finish maybe it's because there's nobody in London suite and that's what I. Did I'm I'm fame in the game so that's important country and our research team airplane technologies. To see how feasible it team and lie and actually players and see your research and airplane tickets to receive a saints went Dexter now I don't know but IIE. I mean we do war for the right decision to try to weasel way into and the chairman of KG and the game victory didn't give their for a week now maybe like you know spike his property you don't know how that week and go and the only rarely has a lot of wanna go. I mean look I did I do when your deal on Monday and a soccer match and now. Now that. Him. So have you read Harry Potter in the curse child now I have a new ILA I didn't KK rally I've not read one where Harry Potter in my life. This although for that like you there's a five year yes sixers fighter jets when you remain so and gets. Yes it is an age difference there yeah yeah. A bit maybe didn't either way Chris Childs an excellent play but a Mulligan to read the script. Seeing as how the play is only showing in London until about 2017. I think so it would be they redeem my ultimate chance to do actually get to see that occurs childlike. Which is supposed to have. Amazing. On stage special effects I don't know about you. There rear view things that I find more impressive. Then I theater special effects because it truly truly garlic illusions and A and magic trick. My health series is and a big fan of of theater alum going in there and once in 11 seasons I am I'm numb them mammoth mountain West Coast. You know a moment ago. Which you'll see the new Harry Potter movies that's something that like is on the radar yet it that dumb they come out Thursday gazelle is it not out yet IE. Thought it was coming out I was kind of tentatively tentatively. Planning on dawn in my bus and get driven door Roebuck and I accurate ratings I don't know I I'd so. I was like we have not heard of this and I guess just like Jake literally just wrote the curse child as a play. I believe that this story it is written by JK wrought but it was intended to be a movie it was written as a screenplay so I and look. She has proven to be so unbelievably talented. I'm not just in the world to her potter did you hear what you did after Harry Potter Belichick got a critical acclaim direct care of the name of the book for some reason she wrote a eight book about like suburbia like draw well under a pseudonym yes understood way and just to prove that you know she was a great writer in her own right and she was yes that was born. How DelGiorno I was Pervez predicted to features still I have the ultimate trust especially after his first child play which was like. So surprising. And addressed many of the issues that I've kind of had with the social structure of the Harry Potter universe but they get have probably thought a bit too much wasted too much time thinking about the social structure are being prosecuted for. All bio. A rival. As muted. As expected and you have a lawsuits yet solid I saw you get your weapons so last week is really actually it was had little bit of my governor's grip on Italy is my second I mean it is. He did the going to relate to an eight and a half like not to enter so interstellar level remains were Alabama emea was brilliant. It was beautiful place. Beautifully shot a bit slow but I mean like that in my kind of alien movies specially. I will say this I'm not normally this guy but I did kind of have it figured out. For pretty early on it yeah yeah I don't give any spoilers by the but it's still saw. I definitely think that it's worth the watch receive your. Scifi to an kind of a slower. Smarter type of side by. Amy Adams is great. Gergen Matt yeah and I mean I'm not obviously Damien to answer the big ups aren't a back to football let's start off again a week in review now just a great unbelievable games really and it in games before I did you know. Finished in a variety of ways actually game. Matte finish in a way that had not it's ever been done in NFL history Broncos and saints first time FL history that games ended. On a two points. Return yes I did not realize that that's a rule in the NFL is implemented last year although how does have that rule. Can I guess the saints became the first team ever last season to return. A blocked extra point 42. Two more goodness and I guess. Because I had to backtrack here a little bit because technically leading to an end. For all began winning score and I did they they immediately meal the ball and try to present a walk off drag a century now let's talk about the play more on your perspective first on the actual play obviously claim block illegal people over the line we've rehashed that's why you are all right so let. People are questioning the the pulled out of the center and what did fellas they went on a penalty is that he did not grab and pull. It was a similar it's like no longer blocking that it was an open handed shove. Which sounds. Like your opinion about nuance maybe a bit subjective but I actually agree. I've seen you grew up under the letter of what you're allow you to consider I like you're you're gone like full senate to answer no no no because I thought it was reasonable estimation at the gate now old. I think I so I guess if your sinner how you combat this you start trying to pop up. Immediately in the enforcement report is supposed to push hard to a problem with that is. Then do they just bull rush you run your right actually don't. Fully know the rules around protecting snapper in the NFL if there are any light. There are in college and outlook lineup over and you can't. Line up over them and you cannot use any. And intentional leverage off that's an arsenal hand to boost yourself. You know full it's not your leaping over what we saw with Wagner in Arizona a couple of times and in this one if you're leaping over. And do the senator kind of runs in your foot arena stands up and then hit you were part of your body. That's completely law has far ends and openly on the sweeper and that case so. I think liberals for a tanker actually saw something in the and then QB word they were. It was Peter team or the other on columnist their talked to NFL personnel they're already talking about ways. To combat this by instead of having usual lineup on the on a field goal or all the land or instead straight across. Actually bringing in extra lineman straight back it's kind of a free Romer right behind the center and museum though reaper he's gonna do that B doesn't usually present optional. The threats to block to yeah its it's good credit. Credit special teams coaches are coming out. With a new kind of strategy and force the dolphins to death gets a little weird I mean that again that's probably just because what he revealed don't feel overtake yet that's. You overtake it as has been so. It's it's a set in stone then any change like that is going to feel Barea I can't imagine there's an easier way to combat that the multi user is going to be rules Angeles likely soft. Put the sleeping I would say I love actually is great I can mix it makes deploy anywhere else now where's the evidence for a rule change so. I wonder. I mean that your courage is like you're using your views can stamp your feet and demand to rule change it doesn't feel egregious to me a visit there held an athletic play executed. Executed perfectly without the help them down island. Mobile all have to wait and see I guess. Never underestimate with the NFL will or won't do when it comes to I guess how would they religion how would they legislate that because you're going to legislate defenders leaping over the offensive line you allegedly running backs leaping over the defense elaborate custom. Know why he IE. I don't think it would be as much legislating the lever I think you would be about legislating the guys who are pushing the senate. Look at in my opinion in the Seattle didn't do that right WX I have high adrenaline and a great industry at least. Other rest this game was a bit I mean. Oh yeah bouncing great audio upload well. We do need to talk about that Al. Go ahead. I'm sure you're upset about it I OK so I thought about this a lot of us in a lot of opinions I've got this conclusion I Jews think. Behavior as we have I thought he was out of bounds or not I think he barely grazed a big key was out of bounds. But I understand that under the letter of the law as it is written that you need clear. Indisputable. Evidence. That you did not have that in this situation unfortunately. Because when at least we're all watching lie that was my opinion. And I've seen some interesting angles and pictures and make it very close but I've never seen I haven't seen anything that said I indisputable like. Look just the reaction of the players on the sideline. The replays that you didn't like that enough to believe me believe me to believe that he probably was but it. I'm gonna take blending their side here and now. I'm bigger upset lives and time spent. Bland Dino it's but it humanity out here who are they biased toward this Detroit. Which by I've got to try to think it was a plainly bad cause they are biased for an appointment in less his. You know he magically lost half his foot and a union Libya say now happens but it was not half as they were when they hit the outside it was outside. What's more the end though it was more than a sliver but ran out. My point I don't hear it is. Yes because his shoes were whites it blended into the sideline but there's no. Physical way possible that his foot did not touch there is zero way. With a lot of physics now works at his foot did not test that a bags lines like you expect you just busted out a lot of did you see what's there so. As well that is what the pot and let it just isn't so I got wouldn't physics at the Buick eighty things the way he. Your foot he's not going to be just pushing all one. His foot but nobody would yeah you know it can be correlated back inside afterwards it was what it was his right foot Audi look at not this way absolutely got this symbolic as the kids you rendered would never put three guys as it heads bio I can't get you sick physics as it by the F. Besides I think there is zero way to be so you'd think it was clear and indisputable. Is okay yeah I disagree about security. Absolutely that one I don't get it I can not get why they're going to have this replay system. If they're not going to overturn that call and just let's just go beyond that percent. Let's say it's. It's not clear and indisputable let's say it's 8089. For I don't Hedo I don't think he got hit but let's just. Throw battle mountain voters and right. Do you want that game decided on that play orange you act Denver get the ball back when they're going to get the ball back oh against the mark well you'll. Didn't see I'm gonna take him upset approach you're here to I think it's pretty awesome if they did he decide to walk off. Blog site. Yeah you talk about the emotional shifted Drew Brees. Somehow finding a way to do that Denver defense fighting branding could thread in the needle say it's gonna take the lead the deeds has been kicking ass in the game and also an Epoch. Extra point walk all. It's crazy to me I just don't always concerned themselves with this unit concerns so the questions. Narrative no I know that but but it. I'm just taking it from Alon yes a little if they had called it this would policy about how big was ambiguous if they called out of bounds they wanted to overturn it just agree called imbalance in the Indian it overturn it so. I don't think gazette indisputable but. Look very good we get. You can our listeners can choose who Dalia pedigree Kenya on a real quick tour on the saints Thursday terra cover up tomorrow. Com. One thing to note their defense mirror that CEO David took our they looked in the superdome opened up your respect they've played Maggie plays of 45 minutes. The saints defense on day 83 plays forty minutes. And they've got to play on Thursday. So you're looking at a very similar workload and that almost 50%. Less recovery time. When you talk about playing on Thursday vs Sunday so I have major concerns. For the same sounds in. Tomorrow night not think you're absolutely right it's them against the very physical offense they're going to be against it insisted that it horrendous spots for the sensible it's. Smoke bombs talk a little titans and if that well adjusted to wrap of the rest of this game. I thought both teams played very well throughout this is exactly how I thought the game would go. Simien. And Kubiak after the game says he isn't a simian his guy's gonna coach from up better. Which I think has the right move here you don't want on. Have anybody else. We'll have Paxson lynch yeah I don't I don't raise any better race and I completely agree that senators whether or not gonna make a move but I also don't think you make a move here when your 72. Registrar knuckle here that's that's probably better that it says things are bad I think it's evident three. On the seventh grade I am oh it was a positive because the spirit chiefs are seven and two racism attitude going and lastly yes and soda dribbles into now and yup or August 7 three charges four and six and she's readers and to get them now okay. As good as we think the AFC west is and they're pretty good let's be clear. That this is exact would have in the NFC selfless here in Carolina is that this is individual that is play in the AFC south and energy self. How divisions have played those did you divisions. Tim do you have very good perhaps not recognize that the AFC west is still a bit I think it's a bitter armour hot topic influenced. By their schedule. Even though I. If she's out Tennessee titans' best team in the and a great so. Because we're gonna talk now about the titans and the Packers an absolute demolition. The titans. And had in the noses and Tennessee actually the 4725. Over Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers. Was goods. 31 a 51 for 371 a couple of touchdowns not Drake has yet to fix that Alan tuchman agreement. Here are uttered Rodriguez died as if talk about my boy. Super Mario critters Mario that's who could have been. Deathly could have. Wool rug instead of the weak but it is actually a game that he turned in 25. Picks no interceptions. Do have four on three yards and she uses Ronald players not. Quite there yes it needs in Delhi and you know look ideally mark is Mario does not rely on the road needs is using it like kind of Russell Wilson goes menu. When you need to react to 954 touchdowns. Now 21 touchdowns and eight interceptions for Mario on the year which becomes all the better way you look. He threw. He threw five picks in the first four games. Meaning that since that moment he's done three judge there at all only remorse or he's definitely increased. As the season has gone on and now the titans are second in the AFC south. Behind the Texans who I am pleased to watching Texans so. And it really isn't a six and there have been incidents and their bats and a video on the division as the probably no doubt that reason they used to send teams play these guys that play the AFC sadly it's split restless teams twice broke Oslo is still suck them dressed up as subplots and he has been better than he was the guy that not. You know he still brought us Rottweiler. And a Mario though so council yes yes and you have to not be sold at this point getting credit reprint the men I thought. Man who has these Davis Winston Mario coming out right now as the it was a big tube that was a big too well it looked like Winston. Was the guy after last year and a burst out the gate. Margaret rose Babbitt in what ways are asked to later her notes. Now in confuse matters and I. I don't matter the big guys were martyrdom Winston when they were coming out and Mario and has now taken the lead over over James absolutely. But did Jesse rushing into interesting summary usually doesn't have masks being a big runs this tentative four yards five yards and a cloud does it had a 75 yard run. And then the rest of the rest is here is only adds a sixteen carries for 48 yards so they're running game didn't get going but merited have a touchdown pass. And that game. Hey Danny was a really good touchdown pass if you miss it I mean. It was I know that we missed a lot do you played some Lord of the Rings there on Sunday by an. I did see that play and I was impressed me and he put it in there was not an easy Europe OK so you're the math was of this show so yeah tell me how there's definitely some Pizza Hut makes plain mean how this map who works. So Marcus Mario in this game had a 149. Point eight quarterback rating right yeah. DeMarco Murray. Had a 147. Point nine quarterback rating yeah right in adjustable from the hundred million to forty range there that makes sense right now not as a team. They had a 150 point five quarterback rating. Well that's. Hours that's the law. Thanks credential QBR increases its when you have two players with. It's 100 or above they actually multiply it by each other and it gets pretty it would report is pretty outdated yeah I just realized that it's Matt. Yeah I don't get a and I don't leagues and I don't understand why you even there word team quarterback grades this makes their suits and it doesn't. I guess more to add one more or touchdown or more throw it what I don't attitudes towards yet and yet that's that aggregate we talk a lot of titans who. More evidence that a few years no wallet titans illegitimate and I and I. I know I don't think tiger and a lot more and that's disagree but here like I haven't worked out my talking about the titans muscles and awhile and I already feel little Arctic gas have been right on visits he and you have had a lactic acid build up throughout the rest of the season was the Packers Packers really in trouble now here in. Agree trouble. And at that liberate this year it really must do everything is the news coming out of Green Day. What McCarthy on. All the sudden they calls our cars these figures too long it was a nice road it's old book so be interested to see that's not really. Understand I know it's over and this console CQB summits and others give browsing is now is on the other side. But maybe it is time for change its hard but at the defense the Mike McCarthy. I thank the Packers is it because there isn't. Hard to put the defense of my record on the it is the the RB article to be defeated a similar John Payton in the situation he's currently in similar it might. Why did the Packers have remained winners I mean sure they might have got all lucky to make the playoffs last year they still made like. They remained consistent. We're just couple of years ago they were did knock down drag out battle with the Seahawks. To maybe use your normal right whether the drug that was going to be my point is he's in his play calling his decisions and big game man capsule atrocious. Remember that game and he still for a par rounds but it's still something about this and got beat. Rail. I guess it just like looking at locals into my three year migratory political issues. Potentially stared at seven tonight for the fourth time in five years. And he's our speakers here Feller just utter these big stage and it's like. Oh maybe Bob Briggs Mike McCarthy but it didn't look maybe mile IE view is one that's war. By covering. Packers not done because that division is just now turning into terrible. I'll only one game out of first place like CNET. Dude that's what I was gonna say a word. Our Detroit mr. Beck in its way absolutely. The lions made and where the rest of the machine or sucks because the bears to suck. Packers lost their hero the vikings applause for what is much that depended Sam Bradford I gotta say I all this downfall. I called his downfall from the beginning. If you go back and listen. I talked about how the vikings gold chant was actually terrible at the time that it seems altering concept. And that they did not execute in that it was a really bad omen. Oh and out obviously Mike Zimmer is insanity is proven to be a detriment to the tease you after the big terrorist did slaughter right after the way. And not only good. After their first loss remember him calling out his team in the media like individual player that's just don't do is reach out to the pressure and the success odd for those you who don't know during the bye week when they were undefeated. Mike McCarthy. Got a ton of big cat stuffed animals. Like put fake blood and like kill them hung them like scattered into the locker with the message to big cats did slaughter well. It's a bit of a cell put in prophecy at this point as. The big cats a vikings in the and division they won't they're getting slaughtered. Now man well the vikings got slaughtered point six is wanted. To Washington the problem from Minnesota and the defense is still. Good maybe not the best in the league level of their playing a first for final weeks of the season. But I rusty and we talked about it before you just cannot win in this league when you have. It is no rushing game like none none at all not bad you're not a bad rushing team. These are nonexistent rushing team and for as capable I guess solo give you that is cables Sam Bradford has been. He's not able to carry a team has no rushing game like it's. On eggs DA's toilet carrying 47 yards and that's an aberration we've seen that 45 times this season from the vikings I forgot agencies who got her through the years and yet. You're retired now it's got her daughter. Dallack dynamism let's talk outlook we we did Detroit pinch for years on this program. Big Matt Stafford guys. Remember you teaching me about he VOA two years ago when he came to Detroit defense I'm down. Four lines light up. Why can't and I favor ESPN radio show Gionta Jacoby guerrillas in those guys. Again I am usually not listening and I yeah Jalen I was in their part what are Rod Taylor and a big big tree lined speaking of breaking down and blowing up. Carolina Panthers squandered a two touchdown lead allow 174. Quarter points and their season basically ends. And with a thud right now they all looked like they were about to pull one of those panther runs from a couple of years ago a man they went to in a -- look like three to roads are very achieves team and yeah they blew assassin did is just absolutely demoralizing like for UPS a lot at near record related since immensely that now Bo what's more and more is always moralizing as the saints that's it's a funny about his game yeah. And Arizona. The saints would have been five and four. With the falcons at six in four. You wouldn't now be defending Super Bowl champs and the Seattle sea object that is huge amount is urging competent. You would doc control your own playoff destiny I mean Carolina's win it was gonna get him back in it. It's gonna push to afford five in the it would wonderment it over to roll now with the saints would have literally been. Any wild card driving seat and they lost in a literally unprecedented manner. So I think that Thursday's bowl he's Thursday's game could be kind of called. This sadness Olson and along those lines. Has both teams yourself heard. Truly demoralizing. Loss saves there. So late true elimination game coming up for these teams on Thursday we'll talk about for the chiefs. Bears a lot of hot takes talked hot regular team on the hot takes our this could be the best team in the league not not saying that I'm so that's we've heard but I'll after those sites the last couple days and they're backing it up by saying it's user have won fifteen of their last seventeen games yeah they're turnover margin is plus 35 in the game that's insane and a I don't look it's. If he refused quit at limit always speaking at its and we were very eye out at the beginning of the year and a fell off of Casey's friend now. Yeah yeah a lot of Fella he felt but I. I think I thought so that they if the patriots are still. You know team a in the AFC the chiefs now right behind them are date DB team. Hesitate I hesitate to trust the chiefs too much. Because. They really do love it ice it but I don't usually meant by it I still have. Slid out and I knew it I IE as half. Pushed up pictured him that nobody digs go to just to get that everything's in the giant morbidly obese salon. No I I I I still have concerns and I feel that's it but I have to address any reason playoffs it's. It's kind of a script that we've seen before no one is better at turning that team into a put like the year any year I'll play up to salt organization I would love. For Andy Reid you beat my coach because you know you're gonna have good football to watch every year IE. I don't feel threatened by him in the playoffs a medium that's gotten us there in August he hopes coming out. They know part of that teams here's and maybe they're pasteurized wins Houston gets back dad said. I don't know what storyline would make me happier than any reducing global. I mean that that dead that would be incredible now I am and Spezza them. That's it I guess. Been awhile now. I really care about in city they just got the royals couple years ago there there that followed them for now and I. Ball to I don't care also they have Google fiber so I really don't feel bad for him to they have the ability Jackson super cheap superfast and soon here hopefully not it's outstanding AR CLA so abandoned the fiber plans is like infrastructure is a major challenge. Now they're working on some sort of basically tried as an I think there working on some sort of superfast. Wireless Internet so they don't need to. Do all the the construction that would be needed to install fiber were speaking of superfast wireless. I don't know I'm. I interested reader not a I don't know how that translates that. Well Sammy NFC south falcons you just mentioned they lost. Eagles. They keep pace in the NFC east and the wildcard in the morning or fifteen went. They had approvals in stretch they had put the falcons but I have to go to Seattle next week's really had to win this game. A lower risk of turning into a the four and six kind of teams and completely out of that one missed him. So this was a bigger moment for the Eagles remain and it was a bad moment. Yeah I mean the falcons got. A free pass to the Panthers saints lose it. That's the falcons' loss is why is truly the salt insane since wounds is that you would have been. Right there on fourteen out of coveted bit of a reprieve. But did you review the stores more about the Eagles just because I've been an Eagles hater this entire year. I've keep expecting them to us or to consistently played pour. It it looked like they are reporting that after starting three you know that would drop to three and three that an impressive job of responding man and when you look the AFC east now. Is that the best division of football. Does have its last eight in cowboys 81 giant six and three Redskins five and three Eagles 54 without. Playing the AFC south and and its hostility on Nancy let mysteries of the top of that division Soviet I would take any three of those teams over any three. You would. Yeah I know is that as it is that you would take the I don't know if I'd know it but this I would take the raiders the chiefs and the Broncos over the giants Redskins Eagles. Then you on the road. Then you should ask me to pick straight up. Typical for those scenes on the road it's a thriller stands IE how I don't know men giants won four in a row at this point. Yeah. Giants. Save their season and now we're out of nowhere but at what they say it was as you exclude the giants had two weeks ago but I haven't pleats let's let's finish our break and good player cowboys are mentioning earlier big win over the Steelers Steelers. Just because of that division which we did not see coming that division is pretty terrible as well. The Steelers certainly an oddity minute felt like god ravens Tora Bora driving. I literally spent maybe two minutes is easier talking about the Baltimore Ravens lose on their team but ideally that Joseph just like yeah. Wheels places. May three ravens play Terrence last. And running back Terrell Suggs who still T sizzle nice to OK so what more can you want more I can't. Yeah it's. Gonna just Tucker yeah yeah bam there you go to your average and and it. It's only at the off Atlanta I'm idea. I've outlook I've I've I'm done I legacy that I got to contribute and against west again to give you TT's part law Joseph Flacco exactly. He teases do flag and just Tucker. Justin Forsett. Now that's how we're sort of tell us if you're live in the path. It really is what is now may have formed by the laws Borger oh. I don't. I mean it like emerald OK it's just. You RE Tom yeah right. Yeah there are issued Tom Ryan admitted you can calculate. You may be at odds no issues and Mario like beat Thomas yeah I like and our views are you well. I thought I have been very ambivalent towards I'm not I'm not an earth I'm not. The way but I will say this is the game to be like yeah should be fired or supporting him. I would still lean towards supported I don't think gals and go to the fire only if he's in the firing camp however analysts say his obsession with. 02 point version is that a little bit odd I feel a little bit off now do you support this I applaud this I light. Try to edit no burden and in this case he's dating he's getting around it preserved as good huge report but I light this creativity LA trying to. Pushed the on the like go against what people view as the NFL norms so I want to see more toward the birds I do fear though that games like this. Is the reason why our are the reason why. We want why I think in games specifically like this I don't understand why he did not at the beginning of the game if you do not news and he went for two on both of his first two touchdowns and amid well no it's at a fourteen rankings. And gets the team he wants to put distance between to make them play differently I'd done and well slighted that in that why them. So you won't you go for UK okay so it's risk reward them because if you take that he snowball the sixties he. And all of us and Europe sixteen nothing and it's a three score game as opposed to two score game and you got to Dallas Cowboys team. That is really pushing more then they score and they have to go for too. And what happened did you miss it's on the sixteenth six. Look Thomas and company like their ability that they said it going this season been Rockford loves it to go for to try to divert that hired 50% clip. They got burned this time I still applaud it I do fear though. That it's never going to catch on. Widely in the NFL because games like this and it should the people in Pittsburgh are free T Al yeah. Afridi is a losing their mind. Over those decisions. Let's finally talk about the best game of the week really you just. The banner on the first half of this. I'm NFL season Seahawks 31 patriots 24. There were seven changes as the post it's came over seven lead changes in this case my purpose does understand that but I think that's I think augment the west does. Third 124 though just talked several and you mentioned it in the open T Bob. Kind of poetic yeah it is arriving. It was Earl Thomas when I was young players used poetic multiple time it was a Tom's multiple times describing Earl the pearl they gave afterwards. Yeah its it's. It's hilarious they'd it's like all the old truth is stranger than fiction type of cliches Howell. A what are the odds where you have 53 human beings on each side and all the variables that represents. Plain months apart from each other completely different environment and you have a game that would feel so similar to that Super Bowl match up only this time the roles. Were reversed. And you would have the kind of opposite team and you have a top this time it's. It's it's it's it's it's engaged very fine and rare wine that you just sit back and enjoy bad times because it was. He was so new aired at least satisfy me and I have a dog fight and I don't give a damn about the seal or pay. The patriots just. Always score in that spot you've got four shots from the one yard line you have yeah best. Quarterback sneaker in NFL history fumble formed snapped too which is very hand and hand. The final play. I get real often to pass an offense but I just wouldn't back on I'm kind of glad it was a no call it would have hated to see a penalty there either way you know and I don't honestly. Think that if he had caught the ball. You might see if I come as no thanks now I don't you pretty egregious I know you're not supposed to call games that way. But I'd kind of believe that to be germane to. Because they do do good job there in the fight immediately. When they see it but I yet should have been all of its desert appeared to grow up where he screwed and so was he kind of tripped. The beginning granted and like bell and the chancellor. And when that happens you're not going to get addicted to best hope all you know I am like where he was wanting. We are you knew they were gonna get a ground there to. We're just says sixers went to her what happened and Pete Carroll out in the post game press coverage said they actually practiced. For that exact play on their final walk through where they were gonna split to be out rock split up there and split chancellor which is exactly right exam chancellor of the reason why. Jokes you're gonna get his back. And I heard some I. I've been on the spot guess in the shows saying chancellors are most important defensive player bit. I've been kind of converted into Bennett and you're on a guy like I think I got like Michael Bennet is more impact on he's still not back. And he just Stevens present their run defense. And author of pop on this game for you are you more. Are you more worried maybe about the patriot defense ago expose or are you more it may be impressed by the Berkshire does Seattle's off. This is I mean there's no negatives to take for me either team from the justices justice in this is to grant teams just to battle give give credit to the Victor. Critter created soon enough or tough patriots at all. They're going to be just a high. That is our week low end review OK before we move on from week review and it's still about the dolphins. Also thought this about there's this in whenever thing about it notify buried there fired for what okay what I was thinking about was. I think you're seeing a bit of a I think you're seeing a bit they encounter meta approach started bella would some of these alternatives. Why my failing to remember who also okay so the dolphins they were terrible just liked him in those terrible way to do. They start you lean on that running game they start to really lean and ready in the past he needles and these are cleared up and they are much better who column. Well if it's Sunday who posted Sunday that I have in my notes. Ten on Sunday Washington chief Ahmed now and I'm Rhonda I'm gonna have Q Brandon ware had a circle back around this because. It would hit me beggars another quarterback whose claim beard for a league teams are to run the ball all the city must Wear serviceable. Certain Bagram that's on those who aren't. An off night. Got me curious I know I know I think I know I'm a homer as the cardinals. No public Arnold well they're not. It was under want to. Comment to our weekly preview. And for those weekly previews. These games just pick against the spread for the upcoming week we can talk them briefly about a but we are gonna get sort championship tears it's brought us here after this. Polls are off saints Panthers on Thursday night I think this is the worst spot for the saints. I give them. Almost no shot to win this game if I was oh. And with the spread is here on the scam is up but. There's no sense it's not on the road not after your their defense displayed. Eighty plus snaps. Short week division rival against leaders physically offense the team that's kind of had a number a little bit although you did beat them earlier in the season. The only reason why I would say there's not no way. Bono on the act like yours and but be the only reason why. I think it's a that is they have a larger chance than that maybe like more like 6040 Panthers. Is it because this last game was. Is it decided by dolphins. It was the shoot out. An obvious Fries in DC a similar sort of outcome. I'm now as to whether or not major reason at all and can it really good performance of the first matchup being outside in Carolina mr. week. I I have some questions about but I don't think it's no way I I think the saints have enough to play for here and have enough confidence where. I give my guess 6530 by 6040. Type of chance but. We're looking at this point is. If that game had ended differently Sunday. Or as the defense has had a bit on the field for such a long time I would actually have these aides favored in this game because in the other plane right now. I think they're actually better team. Being Carolina currently which sounds a bit shocking to say which and never. Would have thought that I would have said in the beginning of the year. You dual bay history is Liu is only a three and a half points strip a spread Carolina favored. I'm older Carolina on the spread and I'll take mossy Carolina is critical to Carolina against the spread as well. But titans and colts here's an odd line and this could be my circle line of the week colts favored by illnesses in Indianapolis that the titans are one of the hottest teams. In the league. Obviously just coming off the completes obliteration of Green Bay I really like the titans here. At least he has presence. Hugged him straight up to thank actually. Yet the colts have been. Uninspired to say the least they don't want Tennessee did I mean whatever just because it's been so damn long. And and and Marge Mario has been on a Watson Zardari jet I'd. Roomy inside I I I really am struggling to try to care about a titans colts matchup on honestly nobody good for we could be sick could be seven to five. Six by Dodgers five bow tie and so yeah item but but but either way. It's still pretty damn bored that's cool that's glaze he's out read go go titans how about I also don't care about ravens going to Dallas. Is it cattle division leaders yet you barrier to any shot there. Jealous. This. Is about seven point favorites I don't know anything about the Braves I think I would take a seven point spread because. Ohio I have to imagine that bill built we'll keep the great dignity keeping games close even in years or they're bad they're good they're obviously there was the would define them last years ago. Sure I would take the ravens in the points. But I don't know and and I knew nothing about that team nothing at all so I didn't really know how to adjust to. What's the game that everybody is talking about this week the LA rams in Miami no but are less likely. Like I even though I had another one of those teams 54 ever since they started he's JJ GIA the role of maybe it was the Texans in Lamar Miller that I was thinking about supplement in their quarterback play by starting to Hayden. We're live guest is going to go 798 Maine or. Six Fisher called them to vote that would have kept. Well by the way there's been change or golf. Yeah numbers are how cardinals and vikings I mean infamy this. For my money almost an elimination game not true limitation to this gets pretty close here. This a must win game especially for the vikings at all. Yeah well. You could say why is the wildcard situation you could say this is a oh man this is a massive game. I don't succeed her as Italy aimed middle in the records but it. A domestic game Buchanan called elimination assertion of the giant or for the lies being this close to your eye out for the vikings. For the cardinals I'll abide by it. Mean any in the garden not the cardinals lose this game time. They'd be if Seattle as many of the early advantage they're done for the division they definitely have done for the wild card. They're they're getting close I agree either hurting but. The vikings to be just fine I mean they're 54 maybe five by now pharaoh made a movie terrible but you. They're division leaders and tiger are there I did not omelet yes I agree with muscle leaders and how the Eagles and Seahawks the last game. By the way I don't really like that scored matchup. I dumped him on the vikings are. Announcer and where Mike Zimmer pretty soleil I ever lose its rather should be it's a pick them. In losing four. Biggest turnarounds go chance. They finally figure out school champion finally era that running and I'll be watching. I ever cherished Eagles the Seahawks this game at a spread rather has expanded for a half to six and a half Seattle. All over Seattle here is the plan like the best team in the league. And their oil that is always on. So yeah otherwise it's again this eagles' defense credit they're actually number one indeed VOA that may have been all year they've carried it to. Does this by advanced metrics is the best defense in the lead. Prom is there a cross country plan road. Maybe kind of trap game I guess for Seattle because of the game that it just played bit you've got to think big enough for this industry has or the Eagles are standings and a defense. I don't know yet dollars. If we're talk bedding and just picked Seattle and home almost every time at bat is just. Well blue got a lot you're how thoroughly stutter you know I don't I don't like the I don't like the Eagles. I told him not I'm not really in love with the Eagles I liked him for the future LA what appears that they've they've far exceed my expectations. I don't believe him to be true power player but as social disposal Fonda. It sets our weekly preview into our. Mid season championships here we have a sounder Fernando Regina course. But what ought to do here at the midway point and where is Lesley got zero for the election. We're ranked not every single realistic to log boat that you put the the kind of playoff contender type teams into three different answers to Bob. Okay aren't. Championship favorites teams that we think. Was it only have happened actually multiple paths to reality shipman not another narrow path that brought up yet you Joseph Flacco obviously that and the ravens. The dark horses. For me this is these teams that can win a title but things have to break really well for them very narrow path of the championship the bears. Competitor out would be once in at that very there error the tireless. To dire outlook on that is when 70 it's beginning tonight at seven. And has he been in a way of seven giants. No that would be adding to bets would be. The Zurich comparisons without doubt I doubt I got an hour every other sport I don't know. Putted seven and made it clear though not in on something in another sport and then finally the spoilers are teams that could be in the playoffs are kind of in the playoff discussion right now. There's no way the other analysts analysts it is no plausible path blimp Baylor championship but will be talking about a come January so those were three tiers. Let's let the spoiler tag teams. I'll just go in the AFC east are reserved sports story start the spoilers. Teams again these these teams in the playoffs. Going to. We talked about come January here please ladies and. The bills. Not I I actually kind of through Google's and that's when yeah no not at all their Ford five and lost three. Argyle I've gotten I'd now the dolphins are close the dolphins are closer because of the how hot they seem right now I mean one. Porter wrote the complete opposite of the Buffalo Bills are jaded debit. The prominence this wild card race is looking sketchy for everyone. Because of the patted records of the AFC west is beautifully in the NFC they've seen selling out. Like I don't like outside division when you look great now and I know this is gonna come back to earth the bid but it. They held a head start with the chiefs raiders or Broncos it 77273. Win it the next what do the next wild card team is Biden for him to you have a significant. Leg up on that team and that is a dolphins that. As the next as the next team so does it all the duties for them. M oh really yeah any chance to win in a does in the AFC again spoiler teams dolphins. Baltimore even though. We were talking about them earlier it's the fifth tight and small Purdue tight ends. Texans those would be the five. The rest of the team dominance on the problem is I don't even know I believe in the Texans to place sport. Beyond studio vague but they're gonna vehemently commitment to. I've already idea they'll make the play only in some category here and it can't be no I mean they're going to be in the playoffs texture I know you're out there every day we'll put it was hundreds and yet are we the only other teams there that I didn't. Are that I did did you are not in your spoiler list then me being sunscreens and Todd is the vandals are gone and done in tone and no because I don't negate the legitimacy making it would be the dolphins from awhile Kurds are important and I visit. The Steelers the spoiler. I mean I don't know if I feel comfortable saying memorized feeling just no I guess. Both steal a bit dark dark horse yes idea of let's get Segway is of course these are teams that are always our favorite teams and I think in the SE could win a title national radio all the way through the AFC you know experience. Yes I did so limited just to make it easier for people follow it up Oakland's Kansas City and Denver. And Pittsburgh and less so basically for me and Utley is only obviously one team hit the NBA sit on throwing an attempt to favorites patriots I just think that it. It's the pictures that much better than it reveals Nancy. So thriller us amended our course is beginning to Pappas on naral I really do my baby teeth. Yeah I think what I wanna get real serious doubt I don't wanna get I'm I'm trying to think. I wanna get hipster here. Well OK so first off there and hooligans or those prisoners one team the pages ever wanna play in the playoffs I don't know why it is the ravens' great did you did you use but I've they're spoiler. It is an as far as favorite. I have to paper that you can't have one I don't know I can't hide. I would favorite ice as do I know like yeah I I guess I would OK so. A bully. Hell beat. Broncos team is maybe still treated because of the pastors. I keep feel like a wanna go and be read in here I added that. I cannot can you see him winning in Foxborough. I can't go. The G stood just talked about how they're not a playoff earlier this program so unfortunate matter of degree the I can't get hit I can't don't like it gets. What I consider that but it will. I want Andy Reid to be the favorite in the cheats but yet still so. Other dark horses teams that you think can win untitled Nancy that I didn't so I had Oakland Denver Casey Pittsburgh pirates' lead Dimitris Oakland cable when it's here Oakland his latest book journal yeah I would put Oakland more than spoiler category they're not quite there. No plausible path. Well obviously you democratically Vietnam my camera and I have yet now com. No dark horse. Now this sounds weird but it I guess they're more in the sport the Steelers are still a team that I believe that they got hot like I believe this Steelers capable. Of winning the Super Bowl so they would be in that dark horse conversation. For me the Broncos if we're operating in the favorite obvious star course. Just because of that defense and how that affects quarterbacks limits on what we're Texans or the Texans in India. What we say let's quote yeah there's no chance for a our guests have. Our guess our agents so they have just ops that well let's start of the contenders maybe that's the les M and a sea ice if the reality you're gonna agree with me about comedy with three here I think Seattle and Dallas. If if admits hero on a separated their obvious there and they're all of us to be top of that there. Mexican its aid dean of the falcons just edged in even after the loss this week. I I've Dominic reviews. Because I don't live down US RL dark course if you were to go let's roll our game fit dark horse ridden all have been. We potentially just being spoiler Perot. The milk and honey you as a whole roto you can't really show your value of the falcons you believe the falcons rat rod capable of winning the simple. Yes I'm that yes I got agree I think the offenses student and the defense is being held to get enough. I do almost well I disagree I'll put the although I'd I'd put the falcons and and I felt Spitzer does not Alexi state. Are you always popular rebellions kinda wanna goal scorer left residents may be hosting it sodas regularly you're your favorites that. See yards I just to. And yeah yeah me to forgive. Where's district the AFC's that we did just pages I needed tempted to almost not go cowboys but I have to I have to grade they give me enough to yet so. Seahawks cowboys easily favorites nobody else comes close maybe Sam Bradford in my like okay ha ha ha ha. Cut. The dark horses remain. Team wise where it through got a stage I generate a giant directory just because of what they read in the I had angles spoiler there coming to burned yet now I don't know yet. X I I really think it just aids good. But the manner would do what the other TC rebels Blair. I know exactly what they did you know as a spoiler there are big idea think no I think dark courtyard does that mean dark horse I think yeah. Washington filling. Was boiler lousy you that'll fix. Now here of the ultimate dark suit talking about all season long Detroit. I PGA. If I can see. A half its opens up in front of them somehow some way. And it is play off the charts are currently doesn't deal isn't it like it's time for Detroit to have some big time success. Outside of their hockey team. Took a long time baseball team has really been a long time you don't want anything. Did it it's been longtime army championship ninety whatever. Obviously a long time since Ben Wallace and those detoured piston basketball teams with rip Hamilton who were maybe the most. The least Mim role multi time NBA finals champions of all time so. Were those pistons teams but it still. Detroit needs some love we're big lines guys here mats that are going to be the highest paid quarterback. In the NFL when it comes to next season. Sure what now David but with Matt Stafford record against winning teams throughout history gotta gotta gotta. Or get ahead of ourselves or call them adore courts instead of spoiler because they look poor name. It looked like prime spoiler difference meat between the difference between those two tears from me is. Teams that ads on it anyway when you're champ jiggling no path I'm throwing in the spoiler category okay so I do think there's a path I took an hour and I think there's a path from Minnesota still. I did in parallel logic tigers right side do you think that I can see a path for somehow they get a running game going and that defense is just a terror in the playoffs I'd go ready for his efficient and out he is no fragile Arctic oil that voters of color lines though I know I'm I'm putting the vikings in my spoiler and so on your head like thank you. Here's Mike good it's not as inbred it's because of my exit did you like that hitchhiker on the highway beat somebody picks you up. Yeah you know a mile down the street early Oreo Polaroid even those scheduled to take you although it town gavel what is what is he asking me to do. To go all the way to tap again and failed to many things do many things. At the idea that it doesn't help our hearts go I was yeah area. Where you better nobody I like I know I'm very wishy washy whatever I can't help it. Majors has to be a politician. But my exit her. He's he's too crazy he is completely. Blown up under these if he was that crazy. When they were winning by literally dump mean what do you think he's telling the people right now they've lost or zero tiger in. As much as I wanna put Green Bay in the dark courts. Let's from my heart tells me to put on my head says you know like an idiot if you do so I don't your spoiler for green meant I don't think yeah. We can't Panama well that he had been the attitude that B two months to descended to what is this credit and a no the only team in the NFC south I'll support the saints in the spoiler bid like fringe spoilers here I I. Actually think these saints are the definition of saw it they had one Sunday they would be. The most perfect spoiler tees spoiler Palin well because that team that really isn't good enough to win a championship but. They are definitely good to have to beat any team. On any age any human editors told her cliche but it's not metals that's not culture and it is true would this Norah seems I absolutely. Would put them in this for the group cardinals ending for you. Now I was gonna go Panthers or anything done but I don't hundreds aka no not well. You're you're. This guy of the podcasts I know I sit there and when symbol or yeah desserts are open I don't legitimately I said you know you're off this excellent just experiences. But slaughter and how the how do you make the playoffs this has not ignited some place up well knows that I did it take about let's take this time to talk more about candor and struggled. Is this nine and seven what occurred here for the NFC yeah could dig him definitely have been. Yes OK okay myriad room where we're yet you're six and Honda is stretched possible. Here at notre let them know about buying it and I'm just or just the team in these kids can change. It. Cardinals for me this is an interest in one. I almost wanna put in the dark or still I do about it now why you see any path than winning a title defenses to it. And offenses you know much better then we'll logged off the slogan I guess they had David Johnson. They may have the best running back in the league I'd be even Rosie Halen and David Johnson's best running back and in a tolerant up. This year they're kicking game sucks though adversary in Tate's is kickers. And that no playoff us Bruce variances. Apparently enough. He is as we're anymore now and so is there Sampson and it's there as somewhat intimidating card carrying member of the Aryan Nation and beat that drum. I think Amal port on that in mind to some elements are not given the cardinals to dark or suspect. Time reeling them. They they're not even a spoiler now they are insulted they're not I'm not an argument in the dark or suspect so you only have three teams in your like favorite championship favorites so if if the cowboys Seahawks are patriots don't win a title you'll be suppressed. That's what you're telling your and a. Yeah it's and yet. This kind of been others. Right. They're yeah. Everybody be stunned if the pay tiger's deal I got out looking at. AFC standings expecting them to change. From one minute to the next by it. They would be injury it would be. It was really arid cheese if there's one outside of it this is the year let's go walrus me and. Age. Yeah I guess I just got an eyebrow. I can't see anybody but possibly Denver's they'd done before going to Foxboro and winning in the playoffs. I think it's teased him. For the cheese to team that's an awful the like pages yet does it Tom Brady readers via hired then may. Philly. I can see India. And I just feel like the ravens derivatives are bigger Gordon Foxboro I mean it's a losing team that traditionally begins we were you have the ravens. Sport. No dark. He knows him here they're kind of been like it I love them so they're kind of like the giants in that they could suck in stalemate it's reasonable look at his. Once Joseph Flacco gets in the post season all of us are that anybody. This is no not even be inverted Andy right that's it he wants. To play just like pull out no film oh well the eleventh but 70 picks that last Super Bowl run. Tells while. Cheers via the next four years five years ago. Wasn't really now should really know odious as well as well. Viewer viewers the spring chicken man I was. Freshman radio browse your radio Monday and Thursday night's 68 PM and it had batteries while trying to sell ads. I sell ads I mean. Smokey we have played basketball and telling my boss is a real blow it rumored results out of pavement ha ha ha I. Credit or. Does that or make calls. I was there for awhile it was. In the sales came from we all apnea went out on not an decried. Via the respect everybody who has the sales bone I did not have six years it's a long time to be in sales money's good. If your vote but money's great yeah I mean that's a great temptation aidid's did you relate to bring you the very only gotten me personally it's also. The cycle again remember work really hard. To make some. It's a sucker La land some rap abortion isn't just easy when you in. The gamble for your living that's that's that's underlined. It'd be nice and relaxing. Well luckily. I don't make a living gambling on football now that we have grown up at an extra cost to broker. I am thirty and seven in my that is unbelievable growth like I. Really disclose or flipping coins it's been a three year. Tales then yeah. By the way you're going more yeah Abbott I've come back to earth also might regular pigs it's only 33 of fourteen. When one of five these two and four heavy reject this last trees results in two sets and donating go well. I'm I'm I'm. Luckily I don't actually gamble on the games because I hadn't really seen firsthand. How you can go they have massively consistent here. And they just consistently lose it from Ogden on that and it's weird. Because I feel a little bit off my game in all respects like an even though all right you're in the show. Eighties and it's in its cut and throw me awful you don't have confidence anymore it leaks in yes yeah yep that's Joseph but it's or you have in mind I'm very content with my picks every single week that it's not about him skill levels back to what I'm about is and save a hot one of the hottest teams in the league is gonna get a dollar as an underdog and put our money here on the Tennessee Titans who are three point dogs give me Tennessee. Plus three. After colts. Oh OK nice wall you know what there's SM points for Elena goes well Dallas that just doesn't make a lot of sense okay that's that's I was asleep that we've talked so much. Baltimore today I don't know when to seek out and food. But Baltimore giving sevens on the road a 514. Look at what else is good but. Just have consented to a division leader and he didn't against the ravens team that always keeps close right there there. Like seahawk politely and every blown out yes again I mean yeah give me Baltimore plus seven in in big. A lot closer. A whale yet Carol quilts on. Groups that are lock of the week. By your 441. After the I did write it down but I reputed new one yes yes allies and we knew we wish we would total total. Over a player I can't remember exactly who was we grew an opposite sides of the coin book bag checked today. Sure listeners I don't know I looked it up a new one after you know as you read it was a Wilson. Bradford Wilson goes on it was a quarterback. It was a court radicalism was yet again as we're all of us are worried about ridiculous always argued about grab a five or odd time for your 404 and one so vital continues to lead here and pick first. A legal lock of the week I'm actually going to go. Carson Lance. Into Seattle because he's played so well in big moments that's a very against the grain take note turnovers. 200 plus yards at least one touchdown against that CO leaflets. So on happened during quarterback going to Seattle I actually think in other words I think Wentz played its. As well man I hope you can hear this is me rolling my eyes at his super what are you always 200 yards and one touchdown block a no no journalists that no turnovers and Seattle Buddhist and hotel you have an ideal that is to do a lot of New York I don't go opposite. And I don't Grubbs who were words are deceased oh okay tugboat tides today we gave marks Mario a lot of props. I believe that injury luck we'll have a higher quarterback rating then Marcus Mario will by the end of that colts titans game. And I cynical when do you need me to sex it up anymore. I mean. I wasn't that sexy so I can ask you to say accidentally marker OK so here Marchionne is greater than the look is greater than Dario and I know Mario and his heart right now I'm gonna say though that lucky in double. Wonder and I would OK now now I know I'm I'm but it isn't what's bad guys is looks passer rating even as good as Mario is on the year this year. Just jury asking am an analyst outperform Mario ID and at this stage like he's been great this year hasn't. Why is yards. The team is off. Artists and you look he's 26 in the league with the 93 quarterback reading right now. Martyrs Mario to sixteenth with a 99. Pretzel like credit Mario on it now Britain regular rate at knock you BR Nike VR and it Cortland. And the colts won which. Field not to come about but where will they are through it or about it so I really dislike. OK well. Announcement it was titans was written. Yes are there there are gonna get you have to sort of I only got some in Erica Pratt yeah showed Angeles. Yup all us on Twitter maps and Dunlap these antibodies to debrief and you can email the show go to podcast at gmail.com. Go for you podcasts and gmail.com. Provision to share this. Yeah. And check this because obsessions that. And we had gone on before so there's like I wanna be displeased that quickly can't it can't mailman didn't like waking up on Christmas morning is better by NASA does it help the first one now that Australian. Tears I was two years ago yeah. How nervous one though the news although it never fair a lot of people interact with millions ordered extra revenue and hope roads and I yell at all yeah zone but let let let. And he. You go holes and I know it sounds weird call emailing each send us a letter. 400 what are its suite 400 3800 New Orleans, Louisiana 70. Little. That was like one reason works freezer keynote address them. So yeah. Aren't necessary for our show think listening. Let's talk texting again and see you next. You kind of. Don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. So I don't know I don't know. Okay. Okay.