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"Go For Two" Episode 12 - The Rise & Fall of Empires

Nov 30, 2016|

As the league hierarchy continues to take shape, T-Bob and Seth discuss rising powers Oakland, New York, and Detroit and the fall of the once mighty Cardinals, Panthers, and Vikings. Plus a review of Week 12 and preview of Week 13 in the NFL

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and Zach Dunlap. They looked and saw the go for two podcasts week. Thirteen. Of the NFL season just completed. Going into week fourteen or recording this on in November 30 26. Teams is this going to we. Does it doesn't read it does matter or we're deep into the NFL's great deep down I think to have that back remember going into week thirteen imminently here and certainly. News newsroom again so most teams have played eleven games right plus bye bye week so there's that he's going into this week -- today see your math yeah it's items the first time well it did as a general studies major. I did take a couple of math class and mixed in there so I'm pretty good Matt more than me because I have zero math classes in my college I took the one math class I had to take in high school does that you went to college in Pullman where they do is teach you about farming and being nice and they also teach you how to get blown around football games there apparently but that's your cat here we'll have a cup hangover that's next. I'm still not okay it's and that's why exiting good to watch the game because my weekend was filled with 37 hour drive in days in a row. Gross yes super gross lot of fun that getting a lot of people it means he often bumped Carl how was so how the game at a V helicopters and I don't know that aura cougars you have visitor and oh Washington State Washington apple cup. Jews ID pac twelve north yet yes. And was possible. Occurrence here I was in the Mac close on slots in the real deal I can't I know how about the way they get out of the playoff. No you know obviously it's obviously a lot of Washington it's Washington State but Washington owes twelve and one gets play alternate. It would be stupid us is so that it happened never and I hope he and Carter talked little about and Evernote ideas on here you can't do. We've heard our Brian right yes good cause or associated strictly I'll just those we are going to vary the purple and gold introduction who might. Kids or ancillary rollout to purple and gold but what mr. Fair point outs I'd really like they're kind of burnished gold and their royal purple. Lastly check our tire terrible broadcast if your Nelson you've been because there is eight Arlen to talk about what else you right now and will be talking about an hour. I guess over this Zell nova. Or thirtieth last in November of this year's recordings podcast on Wednesday podcast be released later today that drives. Other top please share this podcast spread the word people download it. We love doing this for in numbers continued growth thank you very much for that. Ballots are up she bought here is that for us anyway as will be an abbreviated podcasts. Met our long L start off with our story line of the week. Yeah. Which as in our case to come in here I did not read down sort the week's low so. Impromptu. I'll stop morehead what is what is our story I'm looking back at last thinks giving week. I written I guess isn't over Israel may be Oakland is plagued legitimately maybe the best team in the AFC everybody loves Oakland. I look at it please why you had the patriots. I do think it's funny how the pages don't have gotten so glued. Then now a close game is counted like a loss like to collect on the patriots seemed what did you seventy gets judgment until the team that we. I'd like flights to be fair everybody else credit just for when mr. you know you look that's completely fair but they did not look good I don't have been traded to college you know again they should've lost it in the Muslims is kind of runs into and maybe my biggest story line was. Is that there was a favorite on the indices out of conference that did no good either is that your CLO I had a jury talk about that yes. To be fair to the Seahawks Seth didn't point this out last week. Missing Michael Bennett. Missy and. Barrels on Earl John shed John (%expletive) can't there are other linebacker Brock oil was out. They are missing. To their offensive lineman would through April 2 they're running backs so yeah no what is don't get stuck in there that's that's just to throw and storyline here. The rise in the fall fuel. On yeah I just thought they were interesting puzzle spoiler for later you actually had this auction covering under certain lines. Editor takes the Seattle will lose out currently is just a horrible spot yeah that said. That said I did not see than just getting. Hunks like they did down in Tampa Bay this is all this was the first time. In I don't know if you saw that stat first time in 98 games the Seahawks have not been tighter and one score in the fourth quarter. He had that your your religion that's that earlier this year just pretty and say yes it's been since 2010 expert events may be even more because there were only one point away. From being within more than they were there any other they're right on the edge of extending that and. Ancillary to the latter I guess a duke or with that was Brussels and had maybe his worst games approach he was flat out as well it was passed there's no other way around it. I use under sees the whole time but Tom. On the other side is if you look at Oakland's. There is. Are very is steam is picking up RS to say the Derek harper MVP. Trains to stamp out big time US and ESPN poll the first NB people. With some exacts and writers he was the particular front runner and that Pulitzer Prize may have thought it would have been that to be honest you. Really DC I think there is a I think there's as it Steve it's that security. I think Saddam actually need to you know it's kind of funny to me though about this is something that in the dare the president earned the deer card debt Prescott's. Argument that I've heard turn out there that is just so wrong but not Holler people call map call people up for it. Is you'll hear guys say well their cars during this and he's doing it without that cowboys offensive line well if there's an office. I could salvage. The all time yeah I did you fly girl on excellence and don't don't don't. Don't give me that both of these quarterbacks are flourishing. Because both have. Top tier about protection going on so. Look I. Mother who like their car talk the talk show last week I've kind of just beat them in their car fan is. He's he's is slinging it yet it's far Vietnamese UH far yeah. Report fourth down. I think in the new agent or bags. On protective owning that gets right word yeah as maybe wild and free with the ball as the Favre would be but. That kind of guns linger sounds so cliche it is it's here's a gunslinger type mentality. Fourth quarter taking shots go in deep. As good Marc Cooper is much crap she's been great. Yeah they're corporate VP I have I have a new issue that looks at that timber efforts going a bit outside the Brad they're in their car. There yeah I did this week. I guess this is something as stupid top our show throughout the rest of the season like we did last unless he's on the show us. I'm did these games change your view on how to hire you either conference. What happened over the weekend so that's maybe we're monster and comes into play is like you said. That AFC even though it still. Looks like the patriots are the the team to beat. The raiders coming or the big win that she's in Broncos are absent battle where a look at and you read their chiefs may be. Who knows just in Houston come alive okay awareness. This let's head thing about that she used him one last time and chiefs game that you heard the national media say Andy Reid outs game managed somebody M in the late stages of the brand that that's one of the knocks on marine draped his manager and everything well. There's not talk about that. That was an aunt and Peter King made that Timothy B focus of his Monday Morning Quarterback and he was talking about the decision making this isn't that you react had to make you trying to keep the field goal and I agree with going to be feel laws that have Ponte animated by emperor. No yeah extending your chances of getting a time they do now right losing game might. At a certain point you gotta you gotta take your shots where you can and they didn't let it fall. Authority to order out and obviously in the NFC side of the equation. Yeah I cowboys team. And has. Separated. Itself motor home field isn't that what would be very surprised what they have three in the past have basically output to happen basically three because of that tie for just they would have to lose. They were at least three times now in the final but it was just hasn't happened and now and then Seattle winning out Seattle as. But the brutal schedule coming up so that's just not happen cowboys are going to be you know once the NFC. Yes the guys and and I should say made it over to caveat on that. Unless the giants continued their roll here beat Dallas is show so that it would just say that giants camp. Be careful these 32 and 16 in a row. But listen to the teams they've beaten and then they're not all that but. Baltimore the rams Philadelphia. Cincinnati. Chicago and Cleveland. Perhaps that's it that much now Baltimore six by now Baltimore continues to be very enigmatic I don't know who made them. The Phillies the other one that's all right in their good defense they're still not a very good team. So credit to the giants are nothing hitting the way we just recognize there's a job bit of a red flag there as far as. When you give me up against the best teams in the NFC does so look. Cowboys continue to impress. Big time they see me day and over in Toledo or words all the teams that are wanna talk about an hour week to review so I'll just out of. Pool ball let's go to our studs. Of the week. Here are both sides of the week. I would go with the guy that I threw my lock of the week. I its head at that Kirk cousins would throw for over 300 yards three touchdowns no picks but this team would lose in Dallas guess what happened heeded that but. He well exceeded that. Tebow be the second most yards ever on Thanksgiving. Day gain real. 400 in 49. Yards on the road against Dallas three touchdowns no picks almost brought his team back. And we as we continue to talk about the last few weeks. Is going to rival Matt Stafford for the hide these contracts. In the NFL when this season has ovaries are and its and he continues to play absolutely lights out Kirk cousins missed that week you gotta. Candid Q. Angry Mark Ingram doesn't these gals are startup businesses to be two different marking terms there's normal market and Miller mark. When it comes out of the dumbest agree saints put it on the rams against the top tier defense. Marking though fourteen carries 146 yards ten yards per carry. Don't look now set down mocking her leads the league in yards per carry. And people hate him around here and it. It is almost a weekly conversation about how this is did you cut Mark Fuhrman did a really good running back out of that market is great because he's not. But he's not average is now that he is. Most terribly good he is above yes she is better. In the normal adult pudding Mark Ingram talk is just insane this guy is legitimately a top ten running back him asleep. He is not seek Joseph Elliott he's not Levy and bell but he's got second tier I think he's firmly MSI and yes because you know why because he does everything above average. You run above average he catches above average. And he really block us president Barack and above I know seems. And when we Drew Brees is if you're you know your main goal is keeping him clean them. Or meg and bought in terms of valuables and shot Q marking grow much maligned all the time but statistically. It's day averages like four point three or four point four for his career and reds are somehow he avoids it might sell or. Now well if the saints are gonna maker run. To me possible wild card which I still think there on the fringe of that they're gonna need him to play like he has like him most yards per carry it stands unfortunately for New Orleans. This is a team that has scrapped its way against all Lodz. Forty million dollars in debt money twins have Jimmie Jeff did they steal. Having good enough to be rolled it kinda made themselves into it pretty good squad. I think their own. There's too many of those crucial games and heirs of their look back on just realizing cost in the game what it was. Lucy and Oakland in which it did. Lindsay and the vikings in which they wanted turnover battle by three of them and allow an offensive touchdown and still lose every obviously at the blockade against odds that detonator off. I mean just a little there's three right there and and I always play the game and not. Played that game to see that all look good they are merely just saying they'll look back on those and disputed olive wood what could've been. What could have done that is that is so horrible onliners few marking let's go into our week in our vehicles are off. Here's the week in review. With a team that New Orleans is gonna face this week our team Bob's shortly alliance you have man two game lead now are able game lead plus the tiebreaker. That's in north. How bout them lions 1613 over Minnesota Stafford. Could. Efficient against that defense and actually probably pretty good to her defense is up against you 321 touchdown. No picks. The last junior again the one name is scares me about them what's I think it's going to be to deal breaker for them a playoffs they have zero running game. Again they're leading rusher was theoretical at 45 yards their second leading rusher in notices that was Matt Stafford. Yeah porch carries for thirty yards I'd say doesn't come back to bite him and it's the postseason but it's. But. But they are the clear favorites now in the NFC north. Mean I'm Mike. For Max program night I had no idea is channel and that's he's got to be what kind of stuff animal disease I see this thing now I think he's beyond stuffed animals like they were into like. Tiny animal sacrifice and storied abbey that is decided somebody's losing their mind right as they always say can't have a looks like you legitimately do you watch is now seven it looked like not be as I understand coach is to high stress environment so. In a little little tongue in cheek here. On the sideline he's losing can't you do. It doesn't look good but I'll shut up to our lions big trend lines in this program shouted Jalen Rose also big Caroline's. Am I get a wolf I don't spoiled by lions part of my. Par lay this less talk and they got the job now so good job exciting part for your good job. Detroit three are relying Brandon didn't. We grabbed it did earlier surge and doubtless this point in his. I legal Detroit fans know that lines are only one at this point you in the most likely well how about this at this and that what white is in this dimension with all the talks of futility. Streaks and champion list in this global law the lions I think have been won one playoff game in fifteen years yes. Why some want playoff game is a few years ago aren't Danny's. And believable and that is truly that is. They kind of lets cut Esther Cochran got no that is that is 88 concede they did so consistently or. I feel like it would be statistically hard to do you like to be art you're trying your best hire the right people. Get the right players it would be hard to be that bad perhaps a century. Specimen relative draft picks who think that you feel real blow it open it. But hey but to their credit looks like they're reloaded this era one of the 34 best teams in the NFC it would just. As we saw this week with the Seahawks talked about earlier I perhaps opening up a little bit for somebody else. On the side. Minnesota continues their freefall menaces five losses in the last six games. Bradford was good actually you don't get to you and your doctor Sam Bradford 3137. And it's kind of efficiency Unita on offense problem is again. This speaking of can't football and not on the football Jerry McKenna I don't know why this guy asks that don't have any better options. But nine carries 31 yards again it's just did. Par for the course for ham I don't know what the I don't know what Minnesota does to get out of this Meyer that there am I other six and a six bucks and fives of a silly game over 500 still firmly in. Only allowed to purchase only the American destroyed. Bet I'd be really worried if I was Minnesota. Really actually start at five and all right so you're just. You've been trending so far down in the wrong direction any kind of got a bad probably show you could have parlayed that into a date lines victory you wouldn't have back on top and fortunately. Yeah Mike Zimmer loses his mind vikings on its part. Yes let's move on talk about being next Thanksgiving game which was the Dallas always at home they are too big early we are. But to score early lead anyways he kind of held on have you watched that game relief was scamming them. Holding on and try to run out the clock is kind of what it looked like to me thirty and 46 they get it done over. Washington it was a seven point spread submitted. The skins cover. And this wine and like we said with my stud of the week I am. And your little lost mock I take away from this came just how good Kirk cousins on offense really is so efficient as one of the best offenses. In the league and I know they've kind of set themselves. Behind the eight ball here as far as the standings go obviously they're out of the race in the east the knowledge that. With everything has gone wild garlic and have a tough time making the playoffs and a wild card but this is going to be a scary team down the stretch in for the cowboys. Firm grasp on that number one seed they need to take care of business against the giants in the regular rest are permitted a stretch now old. Put it now that time that ties kind of plane in the Redskins. Believe they need to finish four in one year the last minute to get to ten days yes some say they needed 1051 there had evolved since it. I didn't six is always seemingly bad. Wild card cut offs are Redskins going to have a tough what are the schedule looks like but they did not a lot of room for margin of air to your point because of the tabloids in one giants at. Eight. Not I'm not sure well I have not chill no. The NFC notable look you'll really see the second wildcard spot I believe is seven and three right I. I don't know the broncos' Andre now aren't even yeah. In playoffs pivotal game of the playoffs started today. On the is he's out of ball. She's looking might be top wildcard and he injury and being. Single Lockerbie seventh appearance at dolphin dolphin I met his hands right now the dolphins and up its hybrid out of that well it's unbelievable by the way chargers. Big win once again and ordered it put a camera I distributed when Indiana went I got a lawsuit they had picked it in pigs exit don't know. The chargers still while the chargers a pick six a camera by the chargers still have a positive point differential despite being on say C west is rookie league and get yeah. Or we. And let's skip ahead a little bit here are must go to the ravens and dangles Allan mentioned this is we saw last week debates and dominate our news again for in a freefall but. Take away from this it is. Still first here with five weeks to play six of so now. And nobody gives them a chance to miss the vision yet again they are in first place. So when do we start. I gotta take my own advice your number I'm always wanted to says that you are your record is. And they're in first place we've got to start taking this team seriously well I may mean. Another ravens but now. I've got to effort out there little was on the team socks you've gust generating eighty expanding the top rated team in the league right now Seattle Joseph Flacco. They're well. Intro so let's the three. Mary I have just toss it he's got to the basket at least he's so we respect the ravens we know about the past and our players yeah four players for good looks at them so there's your ravens it's weird it's -- to think that the ravens late one of the premier franchises in the league is fine under the radar a bit. They are all accountable Portland Maine and every corner of both parties they are that said it. We all know Joseph Flacco dead. In the playoffs they get it yeah I would like oh yes I like the adults are. Like joking aside you really actually don't wanna see. Joseph Flacco in the in the plus television you have good of a kicker Justin Tucker is. Mike Nugent I believe for the dangles has now missed three extra points that are out. Whereas as Hillary record Justin Tucker it has not. I don't think he's missed on the season. He like in 191940. Plus. Pretty it's that. In any other almost that now. There are almost advanced yet but Adam Vinatieri just in my head. The energy is what that whole city's theater without missing in particular in this April I was of those fine candidate made it here common fell apart. Yeah plant that is got drunk I guess it's yeah I got owned by patent and and the media up falcons a massive win at home not only of a big win but he dominating win 38 to nineteen over the cardinals to. Our team Bob Dustin now they're done and worried I would. I think we've kind of felt like that we don't want don't don't they report found one they they were still. On life support but you does this seem like the end of the road for us this week finally for both the Panthers and the cardinals aren't fortunately so Brazilians. Are about and I don't have mission is somewhere in the Kindle have you you lost the faith and you've been dutifully punished for your lack of. I did I just had to mislead anybody and listen last week was my rants on this team was with Carson Palmer playing his. It declining Carson Palmer greatest and then a competent quarterback but certainly. Not an elite dire close Julio IQ was the last couple years. You have. For my money. Well off camera you take what they office lands for my money I think David Johnson is the best running back in the NFL right now. And he's not getting enough touches as the Dow last week and then this came. And I understand the score played in this and you were trailing but he only gets thirteen touches in this camp seems weird. Thirteen now I should say thirteen carries anyways he was involved in the passing game. More that I just I don't understand how you go from the run game that much of Bruce and listening to this odd doesn't it hurt you every week to New York. You're my you're an outstretched right right listen to us. The aide David Johnson the ball and stop having Carson Palmer. Step. Adversary and get be careful look. One Aryan Nation has already been pretty much a race and that history books yeah and if Bruce once he the Gator Nation alive and kicking. He's got loads of sequence. Yeah he got to come as a big ones some I don't know that it wouldn't that don't miss him but I bet alana. Well Mike York and get a refund credit and some like proceedings getting your talking. See him back off and I'm breaks away. The debris you know it's irony you know I sometimes with this job you read and talked so much it's like you can't sauber what's like Twitter and I'll see donuts an actual article. But but it is probably just you are. There's your child team Atlanta yeah just up and you know they are. Of the winning muted with Tampa Bay clawing at their heels. You don't good about your thought. I think aren't I mean. Well law IE you have a deep seated passionate love for him about this. Art that you work they really are really are hot and I started out as you feel good about questions. I feel bad I mean different to them I don't see him as much to threaten the playoffs I do you think this choke you up at the back. I don't care who you're playing you're going to be a threat what I picked him in the senate seat no I would not especially on the road against Dallas or Seattle but I think they're going to be a threat. I'm just going to say it again I said at the beginning of the season Atlanta and New Orleans. Couple people to sort of went out. Balls maybe from the bridge in New Orleans because. You've. They're a little well yeah you did that still a bit of an uphill battle but. I happen it's gonna happen saints fans out there it's gonna happen until holy watered down it's gonna help you know only one person called books that was important yeah. Now let's talk about that Bucs game bucks fourteen Seahawks. By the or. I was trying to. But fourteen to five odds or rates Seahawks. Again just they're. Decimated by injury. And I'd pick to Tampa going into this game to win out right just because the human meter about Thomas the thugs hot (%expletive) there about their linebacker there without Michael Bennett. A bunch of pieces on offense. And Russell I think didn't he who is he dropped back forty times and he was pressured on 28 of his forty trot. Bottom line with the Seahawks it is our stellar character and spore rat they've spent the least amount of money of any other team on the offensive line so. Results that you're seeing makes cents. However win their defense is it at full strength they can't mask those weaknesses like because I'm an uneasy knowledgeable and I got some weeks. We'll just present much worse matchup nightmares than other weeks like. Begins pretty good Tampa defensive line. That obviously just a bettors are like that that's what some games Russell Wilson was great to get negroes off he's as wonderful and others. He looks just the holy ineffectual via the real result of losses gave. Is because it deepens it is credited as fully healthy I think I think they said it's one of those things they probably come up with a play that you didn't know I was life and W short score. And even ideology is only good they'd be able to on capitol I was yachts are team fueled by the. I was just gonna piggyback off that because everybody listening out there is probably legalistic was fourteen defy the defense played they played good but the difference is. They or allowing Tampa Bay ever single possession literally ever sent positioning it to midfield will be too great and they weren't allowing a lot of points but the field position split I think at one point in the game Seattle. Four consecutive possessions started in San their own ten yard line. So you're right that defense was the difference OK let's focus on the Bucs are here to talk about Seahawks a lot yeah on the spot gas is the bucks. Jim as Winston I've been a big critic of Google books breaks. That I don't know I just a site that inflated account management nodes. LBJ Christmas and I've been a big critic of he's played extremely well over the last four or five weeks. And that office is John and Mike Evans is turning himself into. One of the best receivers in the league is the you cannot deny that anymore he is a legitimate threats regardless who who who is. Covering him on it yet Richard Sherman in single coverage most this game and it was a game where Richard Sherman was. Following him around Sherman does not dual memory the players are on LS utterly Sharma was following him around much more and then he uses anonymously but. Pearl was I think ultimately yeah happen Earl Thomas threat and shed the other cornerback Brent so. But this this debates in a slow but dangerous I still don't know their playoff team but they set themselves up. For a here towards him. Yeah it's. There's still a team. The future Janus Wednesday and look much like Marcus Mario continues to improve big win from Argentines as well this weekend 500. Both wins and now he's getting all the benchmarks you want. He's over 60% completion. He's at odd to use to 63 yards per game which is good for thirteenth in the league right now. Twenty to eleven picks. Always interceptions silly bid odd but. For he was the beginning of the season that actually is. Much improved in a solid 89. Rain there now. Look at martyrs Mario notably there's been through you always your needs are going these two players exactly been a bit better than Jamison factory once more as one of the best and elite yeah right now he's got a boy Super Mario yes 64%. Of his passes. A little bit base is a member toll yards and 25 touchdowns in just eight picks. And he can't find him within the first few weeks or he's a celebrity is like 21 to three. Type provide street here waiting so both river of all the talk about those two going wanna do is better who wasn't indeed they both look like they're going to be there again good. Foray very launch negative for those franchises for excesses that have not been irrelevant and quiet yeah hello yeah the titans in the AFC south are now one half games back of the Texans who are six and five having lost to Guerrero. The titans at and even six themselves. They're injured hundreds and in the race. They're great story is that if that team makes the playoffs are really would be I don't they win that division I really don't have any rooting interest other than here. The saints because I would. You know just bonds got a wealth of football it's good for the city it's fun to watch playoff football especially as Madonna of course my home team and other Matta just you know like these stories and like the titans story. Honest like the book story and there and Dirk cutter who has been. I much maligned is probably an understatement he's been under fire since yup well episode that. Is the heads the other interesting parallel between these two teams is that. They both fired their head coaching me and hired the office coordinator and for the Bucs seemed ridiculous to do it what Lovie Smith as a coach you're pretty good job are you kidding me. Even the players said I bet you their feel a bit better about that now for the titans and people were sex it's like wait so we were so bad. It all you did was bring the house coordinator up to the head job and what's what okay. Somebody mount Malarkey has done a if they're pretty solid job game at times in 66. Little segue there that's a good point because I have all these items usually such a critic of teams do that register yeah fire a head coach has been really good really successful. And then you bring in Britain the public eye is no but I would have been right I'm thinking of more Tom Coughlin that at giants need just promote the in house office cornyn and and I feel like that so rarely works below. Guys yeah it's works for them worked for the titans. In the world for the bucks at I don't know maybe this is a new thing so it was a bit of a bit of a good offseason for of upgraded it receives via. We're KLG just part of their deal like that so mania verio there's you know you'll issel coach shows brilliant off were to an earlier. Who know all of his older brother seems Cuomo good too easy political motives I don't quote go to federal. Those all those instances season at us 11 team called team. Puzzled and puzzled that Mexico so let's talk to actually had a general border drug threatens our minutes are. A lot of sock about. Oakland's and Carolina. And the panthers' final nail on their often most likely here. On Oakland comes back as it usually game we're Oakland was in control he didn't watch it is the final score 3530 to rethink those Condit and tuck throughout it really wasn't. Oakland had a big lead early on then that. Derek Karr either you can really tunnels like the said exactly after the game either dislocated his pinky finger on his throwing hand. Or some debris and literally badly so he was out our I'm guessing that he just yet advocates of the brain dead thing like shattered united graver comeback kid yeah it was there like a jam or allocation correct. I'm so he can't go out that's when Carolina made their big event. The first pass or second best when he comes back in throws an interception that sets up Carolina again for big field to listen so you had a big. For the moment and Carolina comes back in a bleeding you missed the ball game. And then Oakland comes back and car leads them on. A couple of drives late want Taiwan to win. That was big one for them obviously and because we say it again nobody pays attention to this because all the talking about New England but it's. Oakland it's Oakland who controls their destiny for the number one overall seed because they will not have enough common opponent salute the third tiebreaker. On which he is. Strength of victory which is your opponents the U beats their their record him because they gave cease although. Tom model as it stands right now on the eyes she's the AFC west. As is so much better in the east the Oakland has a clear advantage of. Point is pretty wild man and swords is Wikipedia's. PT's ago. Ha this is that was on his throwing hand that's pretty impressed me normally get a finger injury on the throwing hand intensive thorough off. Really everything remember curt Warner's struggling in the middle of his career because he like. How lost is spiral there for a couple of years I want them to execute my pinky. In practice but it was just from being fat. Yeah I was dated a stance and I guess has been too much weight in my hand had just excited for the snap my piece you just point Cyrus public. Half quickly put desires talent but you show gross that it didn't hurt the dollar and DiMarco well NASA get a big game but does dislocations. They hurt the next in the day after that to indeed that that pain really comes our ads and this is not a troll comment that talked about before OK so let's get a natural come what people are upset with the Cam Newton man. I'm man that it needs in a moment and at that one point this game was four of fourteen with a pick out sounds and pick he finishes fourteen and it's only nine. Two touchdowns one pick I. He's been bad here's an armed unconcerned. I thought I I'm here our lives zero long term Qatar. But is that is that an audio and there's no concerns coming like no not at all. And not not do you hear the congress in my voice are is my hand shaking right now mentally isn't very checks all the time it's very similar now I know I have no no concern Dinara I think we just seen a classic. The Super Bowl hangover team wise team team wide. With Carolina the biggest question orbit the Panthers outside it would happening Cam Newton and maybe this explains a bit when advocate Munis. At all feasible. Sarah why hurled it in Dominic last year and not that this or who knows an outbreak has been bank okay yeah makes sense I think. These tree turner her she returns and should know that and I was you know an outlook and banged up this year I. Look reread it jury to reach you don't really care relic airline is often one I'm just saying that that. Combine that deep into just. Is it. Not being close to his dominant I mean I don't know they're not done is just not impose as good as last year in key glee did you play on and then. I'll see you know he did not okay dad so. To sit just hey it looks to crawl and it happens and but it bit. It is big crazy at noon censor this bad even in the midst of civil anger at thought it would have been a long term concerns. And I think you go from winning MVP even just being bad for the rest of your career. Tomorrow I'm all right Carolina fans are rallying around you has that well I mean has there are being. Lighting guy who's burst on the scene young young you wanna young MVP not conscious effort to get out we did Powell have hit and I think the parallels there I know that Arthur epic that never could display the kids is the avenue Newton and what you knew knew it was improving every single year I bet it was just into us here this is your first settlers. Mom but this is a good player. Who's won an MVP like that and then just gone on to not do anything there is our guys it would just really very different player I don't know maybe there has fanatic. Could not I don't know I don't try and really Barack my greatness of what should email us and answer had to go to WW chemical podcasted gmail.com. Hours ago for two in Africa although it is go for ten. We're not in a long. And items over to podcast you know about how but I have both set up such a gamble but it finally hammered talk about here. And this one and are we can you chiefs Broncos chiefs while overtime this one. Got close to being our third tied a season they'll but the chiefs away and 3227. And we said literally here or use editor a year agreed with the decision by Kubiak decision I agree with that I had no problem with it. Yeah I mean it's it's one of those. Excuse me it's one of those decisions will bit of change you know have a little bit of mucus and but I think it's one of those decisions. We error. No right answer there's no wrong answer and it's such kind of an even split that you're just going to be judged often the result so. If you're Europe's evidently kick the ball I completely get that. But I think we take is that back and look at the situation as a whole I understand why you let it fly and let it ride is great it is great game and really impact full as far as playoff races are concerned because usually you bowl champs and then obviously for your future Super Bowl champs Kenzie tees. Hey that's our campus issues that we're both on the metal item in the beginning of the season in the loss what it's buried in this management not talk about this was how Austin and putting some very good. Chief defense one at 343683. Touchdowns no picks there was talk during the game but then because it's a result German sport when you lose them at all that this house college ship studio two good cheese in the degree point. I hit it drivers Jimmie and plays out well. On Wu that Brian is even there you know Oscars and you just your point of being a results driven sport after the game I heard a whole lots and of a national media as saying. Smith is turned quarterly uses this is furious and I just look at his numbers and he was prince. 26 of 44485. Point zero yards for them and all. I edit the prototypical Alex Smith's script I yeah I like Alex with the law gas quietly but yes we ought to just accept who he if that's like letting him be who is he doesn't have to be. All these other guys let's get beaten up he's just a game manager he's above that. He eased into mobile web tier would he be and I'm not. He's capable when Egypt which I used to hear your tip he's tear to god and that is what you'll always be don't try to make. Our beautiful snowflake Alex Smith and is something that he's not he's like a very responsible suburban father of three don't make it might go party. Don't try to make him go Livingston group giant mansion now he's very happy beautiful cookie cutter known at all. Family is always one daughter wife is odd that I actually is a turn when I saw picture Alex Smith's personal life which had never done yeah but until now that actually kind of pictured as a partied I played a picture of one of those guys it's really frustrated on the field so it just goes and takes out and is well nightlife now I could kind of seen death because that that mark my analogy or metaphor whatever I don't know which one is. That's about purely his football place sometimes is more conservative guys. Or light kind of low key the craziest. Infield side where I'm in my I don't know either way there then again that your Kansas City Wizards. In Kansas City eating barbecue. Lots of our acute classic divide they've Google fiber. Which was really fast as I can we won't hear you know all the jewels being the fiber installations and they are now moving on to create an a five G network. What you think is going to be better for every one. The fiber is amazing as it is I think he's a bit in the structurally. That weren't I don't know but it's an it infrastructure. The what's where and when you were challenging maybe. Did too much maybe cost effective. And efficient shut out Kansas City area. Yeah fiber are that is our week in review good weeks for the cowboys. The titans the lions. And just chiefs smile on let's get to our weekly preview of. And for those weekly previews. Week thirteen and NFL season five weeks left every year every nurse. What Italy promo would say Eric Petit you're like I said last week 21. Of the 33 teams across the street to a whole welfare. I'm not what I want them and did you or electricity 21 of the 32 teams ago or last week were two games out of first at least two games out. A first place of their division so yeah this is about as molten picture as we have ever had even though there's only so long and it. Zero point is only one division where it's a more than three. Yeltsin himself so so transfers attack. It's kind of a bad division asthma. OK quickly preview let's start off our Thursday night game a rare two great boys know it it's great want but it will rare great one yes it was indigo they're rare back to back Thursday night week for both decent deeds doce this. Cowboys and vikings get a full week but play unless there's then Thanksgiving middle played this Thursday I. Now NFL schedule makers wanted to display more of Dallas bias absolutely ridiculous exactly I cowboys on the road against Minnesota calloused hand one vikings six and five dollars three point favorites a three point favorites here. The news coming out of this week. Insular it is Thursday football game is that it's me NFL. Seriously considering dropping Thursday night games after the twin seventeen season. So. I thought about this the other day and I think it. Thanks so I think I have actually mean beyond all the players it's detergent charter real and the product is terrible which is also that your for the most part but. I really think that it's just it's it's. To date over century if I was one of the people Mark Cuban a couple of years goes talk about over saturation fat and figure out doesn't you'll see an outlook it the two thirds of the NFL it's insatiable. Everybody's going to brave or watch a matter when you put it on. But I find myself just not only mab is too important and I and so. Do you wish that what you will because I'm working tonight and can't really watch the games is going on dirt or shows or maybe that's why don't care about them. But. Should it be much better it is addicted babies and. How does is a mile weeks Sony at a home in here in the city -- yourself on events that picture yet for you to scrape you off but did you know that it that that that's that's that's OK not that bad but the F for the most part it's I don't I don't think really. Anybody cares about there's an adds even wit the excellent color of uniform. And even let's be excellent Twitter coverage I think they're gonna give it one more small they have the horses in the contractually obligated to CBS and NBC but I think they're really gonna try some my prediction would be either gonna try to be innovative with way to. Promotes and cover the games next season on Thursday and I Soviets he with the idea maybe they'll say maybe salvage it and give us something to to okay. So this they're big I didn't is going to be key for the NFL moves for now because in either raining sings whatever the people recover until they want you you're gonna watch football. Can the NFL how the NFL monetize. Help you watch for Paul's big question because with. What like 50% of young people cutting the cord and no longer watching television the traditional way. The F the last to figure out how to take advantage of those eyeballs which are still the most part going to be watching it. Dallas'. In three point favorites against Minnesota Minnesota's Zimmer sacrificing stuff cowboy is I don't know why. And maybe just maybe bounces higher little people dressed and was killed or Mariano Brazilian real like that. Seen from NF rounds with the little people are doing recreating the I don't play. Oh how does medieval medieval act not troops I would eat them. What I wanna see of school chair. It's if it's improved. If they've got more passion. More about what you don't see how they could after these bad games recently but this game will hinge on how effective this gold chin is pretty. I have read this and I've actually been disappointed with a few chance across the league including you New Orleans fans can I call you up for a second tour of the crude at champ has been dreadful we're at the beginning of the last few games how's it. This only you know how the people are into it used to be some there really energized the superdome agreement that was global. Our radio in the Booth and you could feel it has been down ranked kind of block. Yeah and political plot who knew better who don't. Better notes are better lately but it. That's affecting everywhere in I am. Oddly. Well I think. That. This is a game or Minnesota is going to win I think the Minnesota. The game that they have to win at home they've got a defense of line. That if there is a defense line in this league Vick can do it down toward its host and author or wrestling doubters doubt he admitted that match have been released because. A few problems up front for Dallas it is this Minnesota defensive line. And they have a they have an offensive quarterback who is sufficient enough to. Take advantage of a pretty comes. It's spotty Dallas defense that dead Dallas defense that the arrives only when their opponents are turning the ball match is something that Bradford Minnesota usually does not do so it's a good spot from Minnesota here and kind of one of those. That the Dallas because they have now that essentially three game lead. And no one seeds. Yeah. For the number one overall they're in the playoffs and it's just one of those where. Miss those guns I take Minnesota current take Minnesota right. I think you present an excellent argument and but. Dell's once in a row. So cultures and mr. Zell best I thought yeah just much more reason that much better argument I'm just gonna go with the with the hot hand here. Like Casey. At a one Aniston's beard and a heck of football game although like we have seen this season and win you play. I'll pull extra quarter and that many extra snaps especially with your defense one then the following week have to go play an ill the offense. And the songs on the road and in Atlanta. I abouts buffer case here Alley to Alley Atlantic and a big in this one I don't think the other half point favorites all Atlanta cover. Like Atlanta win and maintain that lead in the. NFC south I don't know like Atlanta to cover. But it's. Yeah I mean it did affect his game is on the road and after dialogue game that's that's probably what tips. The scales in my opinion now I'm trying to be from a matchup type perspective. Who has the advantage here then that's probably chiefs shows that they. They don't do anything great but they don't during the importantly so choosy match of vim is kind of tough because you know walk. Consulate does is good there's good in every facet that you. The one matchup that I have been thinking about I'm concerned about from the saints' perspective is the receivers on yet Spencer where you need to actually he has yet. Well note I'm concerned about from the saints' perspective is covering the backs out of the backfield mr. Spencer and everybody else which Alex Smith so low altitudes perspective. Here's a six falcons as a guest artists have an idea from the falcons perspective because. I love the I loved what Casey's done Al Smith is done and getting where and everybody involved calm on the edge. His back so yeah it's got its original galaxy that's right yes we Davone I think agreement his things like I think like that doubt in your belly and recover. He's going to be close and she's she's keeping close to him I'll lions assets Santos I was talked a sense of what Menem's team ahead here. The spreads too big war I don't know why fight it had lost the popular map. At all BR the superdome I realize it's a New Orleans split my goodness. The lions are one of the hottest teams in the league. Yeah I saw this it's this gale like him to win this game but that's pretty big spread. Then they finally saying that that is saying the saints on neutral field would be. Basically two and a half tuna 22 and a half point favorites over the line and Scott McClellan fortunately. Force incidents. I kind of think this is the week review playoff type of stuff you make lions get an hour the if you and they just. The lines are a team right now. Bad note residual fighter comfortably as well but I feel like lions right now feel like you know we're in world war finally he area firm grip on north. And made they're going to have. Whatever I mean that is I mean ten wives figured movies become more confident themselves they have an edge. Even a three game winning streak what do they start one and three. So really they've won now. The saints notable lines are starter one and three dollars and imports are like six and one. In their last seven they're just they're just playing two other plane too hard and never winning big. But Matt Stafford is consistently. Finding ways to win and unfortunately today continues this. Hey that's one thing I forgot to mention this is the first team in NFL history of their first. Eleven games have all been decided I want scoreless so that makes five and a half spread even more rights choose the lines that Sergey. Spoiler that's my site via Vittorio well maybe that's mines that are there. Well you picked first that's Allen's so egregious that maybe that's just like the that's the podcast or read or thought Jessica edited buffalo ads. Oakland buffalo won't maintaining his sliver of relevance. In the playoff hunt this week on only three point favorite though Oakland's at home may be a little bit of a trap game here. Obama isolate Oakland now give me emea Clinton's military out of like spite from buffalo. Just isn't as one of those games that we talked of LS games the red trial in Winston having like it's. It's yes yes to your point East Coast to West Coast is that good that's good as it's not a bad I was that is less these. Yeah I so I'm gonna go with a team that's 92 deer car and leave MVP candidate great dolphins' line. To help protect against that buffalo defensive line so. Be able to doesn't do anything that impressively. Was hopeful that we were on the glass. And defensive line play yeah exactly so the raiders having to have the advance and a Washington at Arizona Cardinals cardinals two and a half point favorites here to give me the team that still has. Playoff aspirations or give me the hottest quarterback in league give me Kirk cousins the aunt and. The area does they are regularly. Answering questions I don't know your question or should do hot this I guess they really haven't thought these are literally and a bottom of that is a girl. Singer grapple oh cam maybe. Kim got a beautiful smile and a during these pretty check now means you probably Brady or edits the DR brown the way he's just like I think Brady's good looking but he's not. A lot of Brees looks comes from his war comes from the legend or Tom from Gisele. Yeah well you know look I get that he engaged Gallup looks a lump. And I think he's badly he's certainly nothing like always gotta bear it if our greatest failure or I think that is not giving Gisele enough credit Zell has her pick of the litter greatly as this woman condenses it shows the greatest NFL quarterback of yeah. She chose Perez did say that big Jewish day where it in the US. Yeah she she didn't match. That there is no doubt that at all. Yeah its word word so I that's when quarterback but none of adrenaline rush and adult. The red rocket his greater demand. He looks like a Pixar care to he does does have a 130000%. Looks and takes us a lot of percent and a is Kazaa really adds I'm gonna make an emphatic point that you'll understand until you look it up tonight are well this. God next up giants and Steelers giants can count with the ravens here not a lot of people are talking about that all the adults they're guarding the other starting to talk about them this'll be my other sucker line here would be Steelers six point spread at home. Steelers. Game out of first giants two games out of first she misses the one of the rare. Really big and our conference matchup the point. Com now to do light. I felt like I'd definitely like the giants to cover here I just think the giants are two good defensively they're playing too well defensively. I do not know if they have. The true offensive firepower to keep up with the Steelers on the road though. So what is so I go I agree with you oh that's kind of I just contradict myself because I said I like them to cover and Malia they can't I don't know but mama when I'm saying. I got edited look it's it's book is we don't really know to me giants like we said together when she very impressive. Could they be not as present and help but think about the Steelers you're the talk mercurial team this year. A team over yeah that's Super Bowl period that we knew and expected and then just look terrible next week so. I I agree with your idea of giants cover but I'll still gave. The Steelers the edge and I'll use this as my great esteem of the New York Giants in whether or not I believe him to be legitimate. Our final game over to take on the docket the Seahawks coming off the first true. Beat down of the Pete Carroll era yeah first time they've lost. By more than one score. For a fourteenth office yet we fourteen I should say enough for some it lost first time they have not even give them once or fourth quarter. They're six point favorites and large red here's well. Against the Panthers but I'm gonna go with my old adage never gonna pick against the Seahawks at home just make money isn't just picked the Seahawks will they are at home. They will Michael Bennet back this week will help immensely however it's unlikely Earl Thomas. Or this on said that sheds CJ pro sized broccoli those other pieces in place so I have real concerns about this one block that's on them. Is only ops is that a football. The Panthers for all intents and purposes have been he breaks the eliminated and it's just mentally in Asia as mood rationally it's got to be on. All though. You know it's given this what they're really against this this disappoints me is a football bank is this was one of the great emerging rival recently it this is taking. I look I. As does it and you'll get just the history of the NFC south since its. Since he re ordering of the divisions. This and he and his he's out is a vision that has turned over at an on an unbelievable. Rate as far as teams go from first to worst impacted first. I don't think the Panthers franchise is done ninety mountain back and it will be fine next year Enron retire and they were close they were close in a lot of those games. This season BS this game doesn't have the luster. That everybody would have thought it would when you're originally sitting down and making the schedule unlike you said Seahawks every ton of motivation here. Panthers got to be feeling just a bit down and bid bid that's this. This holes he's got a crumbled before their eyes it's being close battle after close battle which is so damn demoralized. And. I can see I can actually see this kind of getting ugly because the Seahawks no Tampa's abducted them. Alaska what time that would be beat him and hold of their regular season and made walloped him really in the playoffs though as is Basil on the Seattle's gonna get up for. Aren't so I'll tell you ever Alexio kind of big I agree on my mom and our that's our weekly preview let's finish of our show cycle Lance Locke who sucker line. A defect to want to choose this week of its arc de facto lake. Didn't go for two sucker lining is that saints line. Yeah that's fun and a so we like the lions plus five I wanna get as well close to 500 years to do on the a couple of picks Rick. And it so we both landline and people where I live news. What's ironic that last week what drew OK so last week. I actually lends hope to sum up to a stellar four and eight sites on the season I had Washington recovered. And they were plus seven now lost by five you had. I warn you against this well wolf but I said the bucks are gonna let our right not only were the bucks in the cover they were dogs and moments in the real well regulated Seattle to cover. Yeah but you also have to check the tape because I specifically said I was attempt to jinx CR MS. If they have lost and I'd be happy Signet wanna be but if they want then it's okay that I've heard. So much about what yes disappointment I am now four of six million. I'll get some moderate aren't aren't our Ed defect so. Since and then all sick. Our thickest Arctic issued a giant giant plus that some of the giants plus sixty assistant and big line for. The Steelers team that has been very inconsistent. And the giants perhaps next to douse the hardest in the league. I mean. And you would Dallas to cover in Minnesota and Mike Zimmer will. They have me like very famous. Post game press conference freak out during a monologue. And to hold that can mean at reliable at do you blow it you know yes well we'll see we'll see where was collateralized Bermuda but I equity. Minnesota recover dells was well anyway he said he's had a big universe Dallas to cover dal minus. And it doubts because warrant. His pattern. Are sort of real liability. Locked home Boo Williams podcast at times hostile. And a lock W I like that he would be I am going to it's Dallas wins. Minnesota falls to 500 at home playoff hopes lie. Spiral out of control and Mike Zimmer has a. Very key. He hasn't post game press conference where. Indeed it's it's going to generate content is going to jittery new you can see people talking about head I don't know like I don't know exactly. How extreme it over down. All our category but. People will be talking about my examiners come reserves mine's Mike Zimmer makes news America yes yes Mike Zimmer already. Headlines are and our goal. I'll I'll let Panthers Seahawks game and just because I know that rivalry to. It's through hope ominously our swimming covers up put that down parent and a wedge to six currencies stood by the Obama locked in. My lock of the week is that I. I think their glory is going to be aid. Almost bra. Specifically. Richard Sherman are going to give in to its flags will fly it. Reputable journalist and I am Newton Cam Newton is real and present as the cornerback a quarter accuse you when see them butting heads actually Jolie's threat so I think that. Almost they might even come not to blows but they'll be flags subtly flags flying this will be kind of news and post game press conference Sherman and get asked about it Cam Newton get asked about a pro woods walked out of the press come to us rafter were moaning and answered that's I. He sings admiralty news I think Sherman V cam Arnold news after this on. Com now also. I don't know. Well owes you over last week's law that we don't think when you hand them some double yet you were the big well here here's a spot on. This boy yes but I did you three point ticking on such a great you know arbiter of disappointing your viewers first yes you have a threat so I had in mind and I was. I said the Kirk cousins would throw for 300 yards no picked spread matter at hand hundreds yards and three d.s at three TDs and but I also said Dallas would win that that football game all those scams I was a little quad. Why they're there for 493 touchdowns no picks and Dell's won more that's and it. Yeah you said and I quote that would be very surprising if that happens yes yes yes well and then they minted I went color reason for just but hey I'm six and five by the way. I said that this would be the most impressive. In the history. Hard go produce last a B Demille Arthel podcast the one that you have last week. And Lola really did you I don't and I feel idealist but. Well partly I don't color me confused about Thanksgiving because I had down. Dallas wins with. Washing covering that resentment. Detroit covering its Minnesota entries in the Pittsburgh covering gans. Indianapolis and here's the problem that was very much as a very impressive rates again he's freeway and you're now ahead in RLR 28841 on the season and six and five so some time may have to do not do you parlay your iPod yes that's just gonna say so. Yes this is great in terms of the lock of the week but it's. As we've seen you or missing opportunities to make some serious cash homicide and a lake and go ahead and you know allegedly went out let's battle for a lay down to. You pedal election crippled to have. On to some we're just yeah Internet guys I keep getting men. You know late sometimes in life shoots and you're just. Just keep shooting that that's true that's what do Hadley just unexpected cost out of and expect yet you. That run right for the way you want MS eleven to you in the French Quarter it was last week. Yeah so so I guess is yes yes so while we were doing the job are Friday's show had to. BB king and a house like forty minutes before Asia via out of the hearts of the program not from part of Pretoria prison nor is it so what streets. Somber and cater I don't know it's just over her yeah vintage right by the French market down there on the river and everything. But but he SO. Because they screwed up and other traffic going to Deborah bass a comedy of errors led me to parking spot worldly calm as probably the best please support but I got to today's show. Sure enough drive and a Austin immediately after show for wager W my car. The deck or the up front past your windows smashed in in my bag of clothes on. But that it is that was just that that's that's one any stream give up. That events here recently though but a but it's fine because you know what were repackage edited and a lot of fun and dealt waiting in Austin still we agreed time did you address that car. Only two hours to Lafayette where I met up with a way out of window where that went through. Not the best whether or any minute wars are it was her way back in. You can not have a window and drive in the rain innocuous how high. I do not well they're passengers and their passengers I've got a card inside the call are no I don't anyway it's only you're standing still you're going fast enough to legislate. Saying you don't you don't get what about physics of what happened but it was raining almost the entire drive Beckett. Do what when I was going back market and almost no water on the car for Barbara bigger stuff that's just the city's children. All because this weekend in New York City delight yet I was saying nobody trial you travels is Airbus or Boeing has discouraged she does and then IE I get the hub every now and then in this is our Christmas present to each other can't wait Prius C some friends Elena. Priest know it hailed and there's 62000 XP watts yeah. Luckily it that seriously advancers one outlook the mob. But ordered and showed a little one in burlesque show. Very very cool but so it's not fun the New Orleans and little museum of modern art we're gonna head up heavy bit now before. Have it yes it's few times what they've always we have we have two good friends of the reviews they read to you almost the final thing Gonzales for years to voters like hey. Is like oh let's eat any Turkey which I had camera exactly what it's called it. You go to each guest house. And he prepares. Like six course dinner for you and like Lebanon to strangers though at a very new York and murdered its worst teams area charities and add. Spain where it's an app that you and yes some of the bigger cities. But I just don't I'd be honest I just like invite people to my house chart plays and that's what I do not over yet Israel except bugs persons on the guy but I don't know. Exactly. The on Mumbai have been to the start time I don't know exactly how that down. How that works better about it idea that'll be just eating with a bunch strangers were going to be great they're gonna learn some he probably some pretty eclectic people. Sounds fine. Look up look up there yeah yeah everybody have a fun week thirteen of the NFL season it follows on what a mess up Dunlap on what are these ads are two love in that area to about 53 you can also send us any MLB. Yeah. Uncles cousins and I go over to podcast and gmail.com dope didn't go over to my desk team element on. And please share and this really does show this to friends and the Muslim and will continue to grow things and have a lot of plummeted and as we close out vehicles season's over T rob and everybody here. Nets aren't doing it feels juniors thinks we're listening independent synar. Everything's new and Mary Christmas starts now you Chris decorations up and music. Aren't really deal. Don't. Don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. Don't don't don't. Who else. Yeah. Okay.