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"Go For Two" Episode 14 - The MVP Race Takes Center Stage

Dec 21, 2016|

It's a the most wide-open league MVP race in recent NFL memory; T-Bob and Seth give their picks. Plus the playoff race heats up in both conferences. They review all the Week 15 action and preview Week 16.

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Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and Zach Dunlap. Diluted. Who helped you still want that I'd you what people did here was the fourth time you'd done that here yet studio and just trying to make sure that all the audience of Barbara yes just you know perfection is necessary this type of year right out such an investment Sutton exact yeah will we we did miss an episode although we recorded it did did not. Breach the masses though would just pretend like everything we said came true. How we respond on we went 40 aren't. Our alliances we wish her nine and though on a walk two weeks amid thousands of dollars we did we actually said we are gonna. Bets are audiences money are patriot money that's coming in right we have all this crowd source money coming up for the show we did a we let that I got that email but we've gotten crowds are Smart and yeah now we let that ride and I went great. Happy holidays everybody it's the go to podcasts. Episode number sixty into week sixteen between sixteen season. On December 21 when sixteen is a recording this on Wednesday morning. Hey if you're listening to this. Merry Christmas. Yeah because you're probably listens at Christmas is gadgets and up and down look don't worry about your dad. And Herzl darker now but he is enjoying a little time off of work and don't reduce the want for Christmas because it's about them. Stopping spoilt. So I was that like a little. Tongue in cheek. Play on what's being said happy holidays verses of us and happy holiday is yet to go Merry Christmas display. I don't know down. No it's areas they debate this guy he could not care less about. Did I want to ask the what are you wanna say happy others are there for me I didn't know if you're going there and I don't get it either way. I'm actually find myself sane happy holidays a lot of times but why I am definitely a hole now is it look the thing you are semi that would have been people okay. Exactly but the same way. Mayor Christmas should think people men and everybody gets what they did this idea if you had indicated that that's. I'm just unthinkable you know I've done just because it isn't so I interchange. Intermittently between happy Eleanor Kyrgyz sometimes to judge situation. Now this and probably not what you Craig has personal Jewish made Oklahoma happy. They don't always you are shared their hundred troops I do not think eulogized I want people think I do really I don't know. I don't know that's I was instead off I am I don't care if I don't know vibe and especially big dose of that has had assured you write about how to do well and colleagues I would say yesterday. Prominent no way diets might if I'm jealous asylum so tall I was not so it's a large individual is not oversized now. One of the few things on my visitors. Geez this started the article it easy conversation we just went down a bigoted old yeah note note that as my people that is my family so I allied all of yours now multifamily is there. Yeah day after day well happy Kwanzaa. I'll have electronic yet quantum cannot customers that goes into this area. To that is that what it is I actual holiday as I am not a I'm not really side so got mad at any particular dislike present votes when it Steve what do you the appearance and is there. No no I think Japan is the gone over this no I dismiss these signs elderly a little browser as DR and then. I can go catch up the light with all the TV can jump onto a watch like five or six seasons. Yeah just sell yes absolutely. And now we've offended at 90% of our audience let's move on and cargo to podcast it actually can we start statement X missed. Xmas because the Christ part of Christmas is actually pretty much. It's such as X Christ out of Christmas. From you or go over to and it felt podcast how. Normally used stem a master uphill ends. These guys are that he's Adobe did enough state students go the other way well beyond our our opinions for alms car owners and. Opinions. Our bosses opinions us up to let you about it or hear follow us on Twitter MS that the levees at T about 53. Why can share they show got a few more weeks of it here as we head into the playoffs in the playoff. Stretch. Chime through our reviews in week sixteen we get into our. Weekly preview little literally pick against the spread of course are sucker alliance which we both of sub 500 at least you were heading in the last week. Are locks of the weeks is well it's a little better on even though we've gone some. I would say some pretty. Contemptuous blocks the last couple weeks have done pretty well including yours truly on something I said last week we actually did. Come true attic how waits talked about the let's get right into it let's talk about her storyline of the week. Really. I thought you were gonna be honest that's. I saw you like your mouth had written. We can review read your beard he's the only man so disappointing you mentioned reader via and we agreed here in the late observed I did you know that's not a professional as the cross. Let's talk via store storyline of the week. For me just because is really picked up. And I can be fun fodder for Hondo here for us and everybody listening is the MVP race everybody's talking about this week. And it's it reached fever pitch if you will and for my money. Maybe the most wide open MVP race we've had in quiet awhile. Usually at least during the Brady Manning heights it was either one of those two possibly Aaron Rodgers the opposite Packers quarterback was the Packers quarterback. Brady and Manning great whoever that is those three pretty much in the running for Emerson we hear you had the occasional. Cam Newton thrown in there as well somebody who really surprised and the others were having a down year but. Now this year for the first amateur double wide open crisis thoughts talk about their car. Course Tom Brady. There's lots talk about that kernel. As we heard just there there's static ads on the aggressive or certain exactly. And talk about it's my boy the guy who then. Writing his bandwagon and planting his flag in the MVP soil. Yeah Arabs are. Packers on border it's looking like that situation and you're retardant last week two weeks ago but DARPA last origin hear about it. But is consistently well. It appears that the lions and Packers are hurtling towards. And NFC south division title deciding final game of the season would job. There are exciting for both in bases but also a bit terrified and obviously if you are the Detroit lines yeah it was not only. Division deciding likely the way things are shaping up playoff deciding. As well there's still short opportunity what what do you mean by that I mean I can because it is he's sort is not give men another gentler side well they could it malware especially with Washington's got last week. Correct would be well maybe not yes there would have to exhibit that six losses. Jobs less. Let me double check that police saying the loser not looser could have up to a lie at the Packers lose twice they would be and it cracked. Yes but ma ma auditioning and essays seven loss team is not getting in the well guard noted John started ten wins yes but hey I want and you got to Abu fell last week. Who hustles and it's a meals are going to be Tampa Carolina are Tampa Atlanta Washington. Giant OK you're you're actually with the Washington lost they're deathly Caribbean islands could be not good evening bear the intrigue he says the package it's mutated six bucks have a chance to go tendency although there on the road against it and that Redskins Q 96 and one OK yes it is. Everybody is okay these are not necessarily an elimination game anymore in the NFC north now not necessarily but MVP race Hoosier. Give me your top three your hierarchy of your top three team Bob. I mean. I don't know I I yeah I think that or even say who do you think should be MVP and who do you think will win the MVP. So amen to all you got to so for me. You belittle my flip this right to audit who I think will win the MVP. I think Ezekiel it will win the MVP in the top rated tournament. He beat. Number two on malice depending on how these last couple. Kelly went how many MVPs requests and yeah he has light. It hasn't played yet exactly right yes there are three doesn't mrs. Clinton said. There's oh whatever. They it still is. Tom Brady. This season it's Tom Brady's award to lose he is playing so kind of transcended the patriots have been Saddam and two league MVPs of to William BP's for Brady than there has been it can lie I don't might get a third and so the talk that I've heard from parade library you'll not plans because he missed those first four weeks doesn't have enough cumulative. More good by criticism but he's been so. Out of control consistent. Outside of those to retool Woolsey I just. I think. I got into this situation for a four game suspension can even wrapped back around in the can be used as a boon for Tom Brady though it despite. Missing these games look at what he's accomplished setters are what we know you're northeast sportswriters don't form harm every everybody permanent. That gets my hand and hear what our outlook right rightfully so I. I have no issue with Tom Brady being chosen as in did you I was playing this you'd EZ go take it case is interesting though that marriage is a second. Because he's separated himself from the pack. Rightly toddler running back pass on the sheet for the running back pack. As far as where egos are still the court actually Drew Brees leads in yards and interception and mean he's right behind Sam Bradford for completion percentage Hoover's. Haaretz and cry okay so I think. Zeke is is going to win a split that you'd think they won't give a rookie. Running back if VP. If trajectories in the same for the last couple weeks QB Matt who I think the writers would vote for. However and this'll make you happy what I think should happen this is it. It or that we entering a new age of the NFL or adding new age of sports statistical. Analysis. Crazy stuff going on right so why can't we do something crazy in new with the MVP award. And there's no doubt that the most impact full unit. Designed in close. How has been cowboys' offense outlines I I can't zoo give the MVP. How would that app Jody doesn't. That's what should happen what are who has the FB previously gets that cal was not as the winds aren't close soon this is light though. Well again. So somebody let's say I am not trying to stick up. For women's right so can't but it might look yes they have the best of intentions. But in my sticking up for women's rights what it has become I am telling women what they should or should tell us any idea what should be treated. So I did that all go with this. Did O line needs before and it won Super Bowl trotting did he MB yeah. Again here and treasure and a lot of exit that you're not what you're doing what always happens the office of lie which if you're more than an injury nameless faceless bunch. Give it a tyrant Smit. Did you Zach Martin. Give the job given to what do these individual life and orders at the best she's the one who has been the most compatible do not. Many days into it nameless faceless five player. World war snow year it is it is not most valuable clears. It isn't as valuable play your so therefore given to one these Kalb results like we actually see now this is this is. The classic scenario for me I have brought used great cake I laid it out front of you and you want to heated as well. You're gonna have your cake anyone uses well. At the same time like about Kennedy's gifts. This gift on an honest sewers water from. In front of view and you have proof food on my fellow cowboys off an airline for MBA it is because I've been thinking as well they see this jet. Starting up and I don't get it absolutely gave him because it makes and and even make sense of the import of all multiply and really is like. Five fingers of the same distance not individual. All when your working years and then it makes sense to get the whole group this award. If it's even a outage that Kabila but but but my bottom line is it just continues to. Reinforce that alignment or just a nameless and baseless bunch I want a single individual between chosen out. Then risen above the rest and and you get all kind of wonderful drama in Dallas when some other guy comes out and says he's jealous of one and we have more stuffed it hit so it Terence Smith went somehow -- those -- right exactly and he wants out he wants to force a trade grant the leg is it deliberate that great and I'd be fine with giving it to. One of those guys even though you know. That the move in the immediately an engine that powers. Dec physique and this cowboys team so it. If you Rahman office client you're plants and profits in line and Sid Smith on the award would you consider that kind of a Timor and our absolute mile again yeah for sure for sure you read your report. The only offensive line that had that apply and win MVP that aids is store sold by that standard. And I go back to that for a while I think. Zeke who will win the MVP award I think their writers and the voters are cognizant like that just waiting Leo correctly giving them a little like so war exactly. Monica OK I think you will on the award that's actually as strong advocates for deep as I've heard urge you to start the case or Z as did not want to sort. Out. Lately there's. And he just got uphill battle as he. Got custody case. He doesn't play quarterback and he's a rookie. And both those or means you tie is not rush and perceived value he. When India every towards ages usually when you're coming at him and missed completely. That's a big big is that or struck out. It's twenty DO wasn't it your term presidency here this trailer to river gestured talker big league. We've got all the best words on this show and definitely Zeke himself he's got some pretty good words. I like the way he runs the ball great energy. So. Yeah you should vote has no editor. It. Oh here's create a somber what do well do you war. To the entire. Cowboys offense line. How crazy that it's just really really chill out get it out there yeah. Why don't work on this showed reading your community your favorite Griese. Z and ZU Brady. And Graham RSC I mean it's what happens is first we spent his right now rightly they're running right now I think Z could be your MVP. They're caller is in the count Bo Derek Karr is so. The raiders have to surpass. In my view would have to surpass the patriots for that number one seed for that for him to win the award. See it they go thirteen for big car balls out these last couple weeks and it'll be it'll be intriguing because to placate still. Works against Brady or the why it is and I don't think Kelly's kids right now is because there's not necessarily anybody to. It's just so above and beyond everybody else but but if they're cards is really opens up tonight's that adds to his numbers. Last couple weeks of thirteen and three. AFC west to raider champion. Maybe said the. We didn't even talk about a guy who's getting probably the most publicity last week you Breyer Rogers yeah. Probably elect I'm not bitten on apologetic. Rogers supporter. This season throughout the trials and tribulations yeah but I just don't know if he has the wrong numbers this season when that award Austin. I mean existed if it didn't go to Rogers and you'd use him on Terry Brady yeah even even. I would say that however a lot out of Rodgers and a credit to Aaron Rodgers that. The Packers went from 46 silly about 86 he is playing firmly in the healing. Yes or not is here to did you not play an elite once again look grim. NFL's what do you don't really team I judge it. Believe I judge players by how the airplane at the time Aaron Rodgers objectively was not played well loved his standard special earlier this season. People start talking trash his family life now he's dominated so in the future. It fair Roger's ever slobs somebody just has to say some mean about a Libya months. Her seasoning me about air air robs him hates him and then bam. MVP toxic. That's our story finally get to our studs. Really screwed I was always there to us. Our bus Dodds of the week. Elena throats your hometown hero here in New Orleans Drew Brees not. It's tanking for the number one pick like Tebow would have no that's not all that is so it's in juniors. This whole idea is that. Not that you could potentially today. But there's no arguing with the fact that Lee whose team does not a winning does not help the saints it anyway right now. Wolf what's the difference it. What what's the difference from you wanting them to lose focus on just acknowledging the fact of the within a one month is a melting the fact that when he does nothing for them like if you read it except that bad. But players coaches they can do that it jobs and everybody I that you don't get all this but. You are lying to yourself if you think that would be in this game on Sunday was good for the franchise. Most good for Drew Brees. Drew Brees 3874. Touchdowns. No tank stellar. If Panetta the saints have the same set for five more land to be squarely in the MP purist but of course he's not make about where I. And a this studio well leads that he will be an alternate. Yeah OK but but whatever I'm just about me I'll bet is you leads the league in yards easier to go over five K for the fifth time his career no reason more than ones. He easily in touchdowns. To meet high picks but. He's sticking to Sam Bradford he's completed 71%. Hot houses have rafter mentioned rappers like 716. Or some BS and three's except your own one too busy person that categories well. Deputy immigrant horrible is. And atrocities in my opinion only outstripped. But I don't have certainly Jordan did not make the pearl and I even be an easing over here. Provable focus has Cameron Jordan he said it best rated it good and in the entire NFL. These guys ignite the 25 grade on the year. That's insane that is absolutely insane so. Comparable stuff yeah adequate but. Big time stuff legally. Basically might start of the week. Because it is you will top reformers and we didn't have a little bit more action title product. To see this you had full disclosure team Bob came to studio and is asking why haven't right panel. Yeah I had no idea yeah it did the dolphins are like. During. Likely a reason they control their own does its get a win one more but it would be very dull days that followed partly dumbest before. Joseph and freedom but now they got more core price hence I see more of the savior who look more of the dot 236 yards four touchdowns. One interception. What I meant more. Here inherited visit Matt Moore brides and children downgrades Olympic Committee met more. Is going to prove that he's the future of the dolphins are a good rapport so weak big win for now. All the talk is cheap BS aside it is very impressive. For backup quarterback to command when the stakes are that high for the team members are it is an organization where. Jobs are on the line top to bottom players staff front office. Seen most important player a lot of times and decide games is the quarterback. So to beat back a step up and such a big stage. And oh lead your team to win when they so desperately need it I mean they take about my friend has now. Maybe dolphins. Nine and five as soon as you hit ten you are in the playoffs. Almost assuredly all homeless almost all of the seek is below that I I really understand the tiebreaker to God's tiebreaker first tiebreaker is conference record. Second tiebreaker is going to be strength of victory was on the Otis blunt head to head sessions ahead if if it's just two teams that instead we got to get what we're rid of that. Don't be deeper in the weeds in a really good date for yet adult stroller and Jesse thanks to Matt Moore coming in and two guest house skid and are we can. Pierce go week in review. Talk about a week fifteen Mostar and off of the saints' victory here a little hometown love the saints put up 48 points offences continues to beat. Fantastic the defense continues to be not good bit and it well or those so that's what that's where it's been interesting is that that's actually good. Disease. Flip script Dallas couple after a bitter that it had been playing better the dolphins had been for whatever reason just really certainly that's kind of the same season as a whole. This here is that may be the only game where they put together solid defense and solvent as the rams game. Gussy up to him as well I would say otherwise. You're looking at Broncos to make otherwise you look at a season that's just been a true roller coaster ride every story you can't get on the same page try to think. Just exited the office buried deep inside the men receive the opposite take place as well let us. Yes he getting enigmatic mercurial saints continue and they he beat your ears and cardinals. Yep breeze fantastic like we said Ingram gets more touches which Tim Zimmer. Our man here producer here at WW LB very happy about he's been on the bandwagon it seeded team gets Celestine touches or more of the same sort of oil lost one game this season and I don't agree with stats like that because I think I. Relations equal causation but. Tim raises some very good points ago Mardy are done this year and have the saints under utilized I mean he is only. Kim English on record have five yards per carry averages are better weather over 100 cares he's he's Penn. Should pretty damn good statistically this year and it's just crazy it's funny me because. They are now almost has like a four and a half yards per carry career average and things instill in him and being steady suck said camera ball. Brennan coaches in the volume and Ernie six yards here a couple of touchdowns. Still spreading the ball out of many at 37 completions so they had. Play opportunities your coach and off drugs. For his outburst few weeks. Can have a manager adds it's like Sandra Sean Pate has lost control walkman exactly. I've nothing to say on this game except for late yet get on saints saints won it as an exciting for them button. Cardinals lose again they might not get his. Someone's. Death would choose. It was quite like it I don't understand added a proud member of the cardinals nation honor why would you want to get to seven waves. And not pick in the top ten. I don't know make maybe gesture great for product. I mean I once again I did that players coaches are not operate out of this mindset. But we're how players or coaches we get the benefit of looking at things objectively. So if you're cardinals and be like yeah. It's a scoring as fun bright and now that we're gonna get a better draft pick up a look at the falcons get a couple years of top ten. Think he's a great thing 67 overall and then they got it to pay recently got her spot there okay office tennis ball well. You now easily in sex with fourteen. Mister b.'s exactly. Exactly getting the first year it could've been if he had got hurt Trufant one of the best and it felt where they get. Top that your. She sure sure that your team. Keep winning keep fighting for your meat your 7:9 this morning and all of us are good so there you go Ricky gonna circles here because. You look at all the absolute bust of the top of the draft and a teams that have been perpetually bad propelled I say its top honors and it's 100%. But there is no denying that at least in theory your risk is minimize hire Andrea Borg. Because you're going to have your pick of the later you're going to have more guys from which to choose that are. Objectively better or what the general consensus views to be better. Is it well now I would almost totally opposite and say your. Risk is greater taking their because you half you half. To hit on players when they're picking Anaheim you have to anywhere you really have to hit it well. I don't always agree depends on how many picks you accumulated that's the reason moment in like the Packers the ravens. On the Seahawks and even the patriots some accent they trade down to get more picks. Didn't know that that is that is absolutely true. But there also establish they also have a good team they have their major positions filled they don't necessarily need these. And a franchise turning around players are drafted what is it you suck. You get really good players to Arizona want the cornerstone of rebuilding. To being good again and just like. I do not look if you're at 719. And you pick in the middle you have that you don't act just like in Europe for a twelve team. And you pick the top games you have to hit on the idea. Might counterargument to that would be a lot of these franchises were not good. The earliest and championship caliber but when made implemented the strategy. Brett the Seahawks were Burton not good at all when they started trading down accumulating picks. An award for me that is that is problem. Lee. That OK let me just look I'm actually I 100% believe. In the throwing as much of against the wall and see what popular let it as but very rarely do you see teams do this with their first round pick. They'll do with the third with a circuit with a fourth. In Turkey that it. But without first round think it is not too often based ET Monday yes the patriots may be leaders abducting a line. They're picking my 29 or thirtieth they're essentially RTN. They sit around and end. To the browns last year mystery about it in the book to the whole poll recent trying to really mess things I did that I completely understand that. And that Q Meeks and security except the fact that you're going to be bad for a year like they have been an out every time it takes. With which to work this year by no in my mind there's just no argument to be made. They're taking earlier. They go in 511 and is it. And so so so much better in picking later I know. And Kevin and I could see it just in tea vacuum. Yes yes we are well that's sort of talked about how players or coaches or front office energy at our jobs and that in on this. So good luck cardinals' Matt let's move on let's talk about it's easy titans daily until a happy in this studio the titans. Upset may be the upset of the year certainly one of them they go on the road to Kansas City into arrowhead in the cold. And a game that Kansas City really needed to land in order to stay right there for the division race yeah. And Tennessee beats them down 1970. And all sorts of stuff going on the in this game. Tennessee drives down. Other down my 717 to ten with few minutes remaining. On to score the touchdown. Did the usual decision there is to ticket kicked the extra point because there's time left anyway as it's not the end of the game. We didn't put yourself ahead they don't they'd go for two markets as you over to. They'd call aim Mario rollout passes and Super Mario can't find anybody and think pleats so 1716. Can't see still ahead couple minutes left. Defense stance. Tend to the ball back. A drive down the field. They set up a long in the frigid cold. 53 yard field goal for Ryan suck up all who. By the way kicked in Kansas City for the first four years of his career he knew going into the game and his coaching staff he said his Max range is about 4849 yards that is all he was hitting in pre and so we want to reveal goal in the old trying to freeze and try to ice the kicker nonpartisan pun intended no pun intended whenever and there and pun intended there Andy reed Brady do gives suck up a free shot the ball and mailed in about five yard short but doesn't count because of the timeout. So you post game interviews suck ups as. Man I didn't think that it hit it I knew I had to throw technique out the window and just hit it with everything I have so my question. Is gives people always talk about this allied with an unsecured freeze the kicker David missed kick in at night. All coach screwed up but how much of the kicker missing the kick was because they had a whistle go I think it's like. Almost yelling or someone's actually right leg right with the lighting up its big ticket involves incredible about it technique they don't whistle blow and blow the plate and did you. Usually I would agree with you that it's just. Happenstance luck chants all that with those in this specific scenario. I would not and you know what kickers do in the NFL right when I called him out they're gonna take a free swing at the ball up and see if they especially in this scenario when you've got this long field goal on the ball is rock cart and suck out he admitted he had no beat you get that Mark Buehrle got every chance at any doubt about it. Breaking with his usual technique that he stick with where they all six years his career. He couldn't get it there so we had to use it throws sticking out the window. Despite all this power the ball he can out of there. 53 yarder he went nuts titans win. Reads the goat and that's an area yeah I think and he remitted did terrible decision that you don't want to give suck up a free. Test shot at that feel I don't just. I'm very. I you'd be so we got okay but now you don't have to because of it that hard you hit that field goal. The net. There's just as much of the case be made that he gets to that first one I mailed it in that this and that but he did you make it didn't. I did that. When we judge coach's decisions. Sometimes I don't like to just take the final outcome is a judge's decision the vacuum of what it was made and I can't play OK so it's okay for for me this is like. Let's say your golf. Rate and your lineup for a a little chip shots. On the green from thirty yards out something right in need don't exactly know. This trajectory need to get it there because of the unit silt on the grain via debacle all right so wouldn't you want. When she wants. A practice shot at that I. You know an area I don't view it oh. I don't know if you if you get a professional golfer what do you know I was shocked Asia. I mean you mrs. McCain European community to Cairo that's that's that's why also I still don't think you can discount. How that kind of whistle him know that it's not actually a live play even in this would say that happens how that is accurate kickers mindset in the call. No big win big one for the type altitude. Your defense does seem like general consensus is that Andy Reid screwed this up like and you read always does I items to clock much. I am a big Andy Reid guy I am not on this. Andy Reid needs to go Andy Reid is not a I was or where I am looking for. And I'm clutch and anti Klitschko to a subsidy clutch area. Artists miles yeah I guess. Opposing Alito left Favre at Murat but I know I don't subscribe to that theory for Andy Reid so I'm usually. An injury guy but in this specific case look I got a call. It before an apple an apple at 4 o'clock pats did call a concept called out. All alarms and a oh. OK quick vote permit voluntary different amidst. Only two teams only two quarterbacks to beat the chiefs in air head this year bush beat him by a score nineteen to seventeen. Both are sending your core. Zuma Jews went to the markets are you a couple would imagine continue ways of speaking of a legend is V. The mystical powers of arrowhead fading away. Last. Okay you can you know. There's sulphide and turn them well now now I think he just ran into good. Desperate hot teams in the titans in the bucks titans won three in a row I know the bucks faltered a bit. This last week career here one is my good segue. The bucks here. Yeah OK we can do that wouldn't Japan hadn't talked about Bucs cowboys. But except chances. Well I mean that's cliche they had chancellors who bullion as they did they got down by. A couple of scores early in this game but second half whatever they did halftime adjustments respond on the Internet taking twenty to seventeen lead in the second half but. The cowboys score the final nine points on that team and Swenson insists. For good as he's been. Bat. Bad decisions bad interceptions late in that football game. You just can't do that on the road and the cowboys win here at the books are so close the Bucs are so close. To being that legitimate. Contending type team. Just not there yet we didn't think they were there yet I think think this game kind of amplified those concerns most people have that defense is still stellar. On the cowboys on their side of the football they've bounced back from a velocity giant sued they now barring a total and complete collapse here. Last couple weeks there will be your number one overall seed have that by and have. The NFC run through their place. So you think that he did this and it made me how well bugs bandwagon at all rather me not what you saw. And team. Go in to what is perceived to be made the best team in the NFC's home field. And Dodd are really good toe to toe with them for more wrapped and others are is because moral victories or never but this is kind of like. But moral victory for. Tampa Bay right now they gotta do it do we go. Cut out tiebreaker is gonna work between the falcons intend to do North Carolina division of infectious diseases division record which I'd arms up my head off stop my hand. I do not know right now boot of the standings so Bucs saints Panthers left and Susan Packers the falcons have a nineteen home and road record Nazi if there's records. The falcons of Panthers reversing its so here's a certain edge that you really mean he's going to win games stereo. You're gonna have a golden chance to play spoiler for both Tampa Bay and Atlanta. Both teams are three and one of the division both teams have split head to head the so it would go to. Arm strength of victory I believe is the next one which happened to me Osama. All right so interesting things and on bottom line in the NC self. I actually we'll let me say this actually will it is really easy to figure out because. If the boxer going to gain ground on Atlanta S means they would go through and though. In their final two games a land on apple lose each one that means in the Tampa Bay would have the division tiebreaker they would go 51 on the vision and a plan would be at least one too silly old Tampa group could be well. Your division champs so that would involve. The sensitivity to saying this again is next week the falcons when this week that you're looking at falcons saints in the saints did take it division title and potentially. Even a playoff berth although maybe not probably not a point. Out of Atlanta's hands and Bibi. Does have some trees are still on the eyes to the bugs or cable. When their eyes and I don't. James Hansen's makes bad mistakes man. I mean those were horrible interceptions in the second IRS. Throws horrible decisions dirt come forward to him had to have an out or cut or whatever reduced among Malarkey that time put the two and hadn't sucked up. To get 53 yard like you said against the odds to put of these everybody. Makes bad grade -- he thought he is this Malarkey suck up and cutter and the second set Souza and times. You make bad decisions. That doesn't mean that you were a bad team name yeah. They get or they wouldn't that they've ever marriage between divisions though I'm not out there right now slots back to maybe a bit. Even tree by the Dell's us a bit of news. Let's move on dude dallas' AFC NFC east counterparts the hottest team in NFL in New York Giants 176. Are on him about the economy. Mullahs one of their last ten. And Willis in countless. Well same but the giants when beat countless. Arguably be advice we have to let's hope so either the tiebreaker that are but they didn't beat the red pots but rather packers' front alliance. Relax for a statements aren't they were quite yet and they beat him hand and a 176 this is the Detroit's. That Detroit Detroit's biggest losses this season remember they had that. NFL record streak of one possession games let's snapped here 76 giants win pretty much secured themselves playoff berth. Com. I believe they just need wins they need either a the need eight lions. A Packers. Or eight Tampa loss or one win of theirs to advance. Yeah Smith yes there there there all within. Disappointed by our alliance men and all those Detroit fans out there who were waiting for the nice dream that was the middle of the season to come James is that reliant. Yeah happy cowboys which I imagine you lose sue that's going to put you at nine in six. The Packers on the other hand have. The Packers at the vikings and then they don't buy team so I think the Packers win that game other flavor of how bad for you vikings are playing. And they'll be nine in six and it's in Detroit division. On the line Green Day. Mats that man bowl compliant this is assistance efforts so alliance if that happened yet but said I thought like. Always thought of all was coming. Our lives way that I thought it was well thought it was coming in the playoffs I thought that the disappointment was coming to they would not win. It went well one playoff game last fifty some years. I think they would. Or Kevin he's ever gonna get there and then lose but now. Some. So our turtle C Woolsey I hope for your case and for mindset that I often do you and Aaron Rodgers more day yell out. You don't have a great season under the radar is Eli Manning goes to a 12 touchdowns no picks here on the season 25 touchdowns 3500. Yards. The best season he's had since several season and it's one mile. Work and like we have said. Like Joseph Flacco and say what you want about them in the regular season make jokes poke fun but give the playoffs. There's not a single team and single defensive coordinator head coaches can't see those two guys in the playoffs well. I don't know what is in June the giants have there'll formula back they've got a really depends on which you win the playoffs at least and they're. Cliches and the temperature that anti gun and a well let's get physical violence greats which at its ships. Great podcast Sox pro stock. How ballots mentioned the colts here is they go on the road and you work. Your support that it combing my. Colts neck on the road here against the vikings. They go and and aid. Pummel the vikings 34 to six obviously. Knows stuffed animal colts were sacrificed at the altar in this game. From everywhere they NASA hasn't worked so maybe that is what happened in this one the colts went 3046. Speaking of somebody on the fringes of the MB here listed being Andrew Luck promised colts don't have enough wins. For that likely to happen bit 200 or more yards two touchdowns no picks Frank Gore the ageless 101. Yards. First time India's had a running game it's just kind of ironic that that's not gonna mean months likely this year. But colts' big win they essentially eliminate the vikings from the playoffs. Yup yup yup. Via via 346 though yeah. Yeah yeah pickles vikings game. All right architect and I. Like that every game of the colts yeah. You're such a cold stated here just so unbelievable. League glory seeds tomorrow I'm aren't I hot it. Oh my god they boring and then that the vikings whatever that's just it. That is the collapse. Yeah you don't want unlike any other but it's it's a pretty it's pretty impressive you know who has been under the radar boring decision. And a Denver Broncos. Africa is the glue that's where you. Go to speak is money is US predictions on May be exactly right to the raiders win mr. The Broncos. To look like they're aiming it. Well no I guess I. Yeah. I know and they look to get the chiefs this week with their underdogs in that game and in this game against the patriots pictures actually dominated this football game. I'm pretty good not great but who's gonna be great against that defense let's be honest sixteen to three. Pats will land at Denver was really never close in this game even after the first couple possessions is the ballgame a senate looked fine. He threw one bad interception in the red zone that really. Well they had a chance to take the lead early. I'm allowed the patriots to dictate the tempo of the game and New England under the radar speaking of under the radar. They lead the league in scoring defense they are points ahead of the Seattle Seahawks the Seahawks trying to go five consecutive years. A first time for history now it happened patriots trying to say yes let's paint pictures jets say that's not an Amphenol saying. Big win for the past. They had guys AMP affairs that though wind throughout those five years. The Seahawks got to play Jeff Fisher's rams twice a year and another plane but it's always like thirteen didn't like six to three. So unfair I don't buy it don't well I'd say. Cratered read all rounder give me a break here or break. And distillate in his column is calling these shots yeah rolled below West Coast bias out there that says troll. Every man hit the Broncos but now the get go. I can't sit. Then readers at home now and they lose they want their route for the could go actually could not even finished above 500 that happens after. Perot really could be made and they and they've lost it is clear because they're just eight and four in the coming year and a pretty good spot and other jobs to Europe and everything's upside down. I don't know. Belichick great game plan that's what you expect from him they ran the ball. Lots forty times their and the obamas on 39 actually. From the bill the editor of pretty good coach after Denver we know we know. New England so we know there. Trajectory in their path towards the championship here how would look but for Denver is this season. A mild disappointment and a major disappointment. Miles because this one's. And want to. Factoring that in the same for expectations coming into this year. It probably majors because you still expected to at least make you felt. Especially is so bad that she started out well because that defense yeah yeah and that first game it's Carolina her how good they looked at again yeah but Carolina would really did. Not the type as well placed. It's okay. Q but Carolina looked at. Week one equal and I was off that Carolina man that is under is you're. He. They started and for what you were starting force you to really expect to may well so it's agriculture educations. It is going to sit there is particularly but my point is. That people are important too crazy because I did witness to bowl last year and though just feel like oh we're just a quarterback away so let's give injuries or bullets did. Why these other pop quiz who's the Broncos running back. CJ Anderson note I'll give you hit he is somebody was talking about this vodcast tongue in cheek a lot over the last couple Thomas Rawls. No no I have played for the Baltimore Ravens. Just a Versa yes. It that's true path. Who we thought really was out of the league for a little bit of respect I have no idea a good on third and if it weren't really good year or they hit that delete. An Irish man and he's played for in had brushes and interest for different teams this season but. Denver obviously thinks. Gone south for members wishing that he still does not want to look at you different protests. Indeed I next up our week in review couple more to get through here actually only one more to get through. Who. Only know normally want to talk about the steelers' main goals usually big one bit. Steelers come back Palin and because the ravens widow when the Steelers all it was a big one because the ravens don't want ransom the Steelers still a game up prompt then immense they would lose that ravens' game. Use to get this week yeah I look good on the NFL schedule there's a ton. Really close race is close they are pictures you don't stretch in. Well whatever because they don't sort of their job. There're. Also watch is going to be decided in these divisional games we've got to go week to do very excited watched. For me us Steelers like like I said they've now won five in a row sneaky aunt. And guys impressive because they needed that one how he got down early and look when it comes in bitter rivals I don't care how good or bad the records all or. You can still leaves a few parties or whatever and so they're gonna reserve bagels and the ravens are kind of a bit of a zombie team throughout this entire year decide. Refusing to state get you shot in the shoulder few times you may be chopped off a leg. And they're just crawled along the ground still try to each brain. It's had so handicap that second wild card slot right now you've got the dolphins you've got the ravens and you've got the Broncos pretty much to three teams in refining for that spot. The dolphins have the patriots at home. In week seventeen the Broncos you talked about they're scheduled chiefs raiders and the ban the ravens they have to play the steel. It's. It will Matt Moore plays for the dolphins Seoul amid he's your new Sam Bradford. Yes in India that are obligatory Matt moments in every I think I think that more is the reason I go to buffalo. And if there's a harder team to judge involved this year I may. I know exactly who dat would. Kudos to buffalo went out restaurant sneak in the playoffs. Yeah and out moon grab. Him. Dog you have to use to. I'm just Santa chance. There's the birth of news yesterday there's a chance at the same way his chances things and put us. Slight well both math aren't exactly. Let's move into our weekly preview week sixteen only two more regular season weeks ago. And for those weekly preview. Start up but saints here at home big one for the bucks they want. Two stayed in that playoff putts they're eight and six saints. Very slim playoff hopes like we just said but they get this game at home saints three point favorites this is a 3.5. Kick on Sunday which is not here in the don't know how does 325 games here in New Orleans very often at the. Hey Steve. Where a lot different. Alexia out there as well can I don't what Jackson was that cost. I'm told the leaders I don't know why exactly remove partners in the long. They did flex windows X yesterday though it did play video as you I think what they are analysis from the sale thing well at the Lexington. What's the bar and I I'm good I'm using that to point out that the books are becoming a bit of an address. If not just say a modest they've OK just that B. People are liking watching the development of James wins in the rise of what looks to be young good. Bucks team and it. A huge opportunity. For Tampa to make a statement. Come in New Orleans complete this season sweep. They're kind of feel a bit like a statement like you know it's your time is done the age of the book idea as a right. Jose Maria mostly as forget. Brees got to throw for over 5000 yards this serious ulcer GNU attempts. Over 650. Passes most likely dozer. Outrageous insane numbers marking Jenna big bonus play for you as a rusher. A thousand yards on the season and he gets a 100000 dollar bonus. These 150 yards away. Problem is they're going up against maybe the hot Stevenson illegally until last week and of course they got an office juggernaut did Tampa. And one on the road to face. The Dallas Cowboys I still think. Then at home the saints are rules should be favored they are favorites in this game but. I don't know man I do I. It's a book. I mean you said your reasons why so these are consistent on that. And this is this is these are the type of games of the saints. Lose right the games at home over the last two and a half c.s so that they've been favored M are the ones they'll lose some head guys showed. Sadly that is junior record is something YE. Why did time it was four and eleven than they got a little hot day like get it back to seven and nine in their last sixteen maybe now like six well what are. The bottom line is that. It is being an unbelievable how stark the contrast was. When it was like don't be open dancing at a lost in two years in a row wheels just completely Gamal and there's no such thing is don't build enjoy that said. Played well Christmas Eve you're excited like I kind of like the saints chances. To win this game I I didn't I didn't see get to. Wouldn't be seven and eight. At a time CU got ready disseminate it's that could be another 79 season on the horizon especially you have to go to Atlanta. The following week I saints three point favorite Shia against the spread I'm gonna take Thomas at the Arctic the bucks yes the spread here and take the saints won a football game and it's a 123 points to spread hell and I guess the bucks as well over the saints are used in a pulse and judge. It is they are the bills of the NS yeah and kind of our idea exactly. But he got shot and you've been consistently. Compared to Jeff Fisher and now rexrodt who sees Packers there is that you're the highest paid coach in the entire. Shots fired up Packers are six and a half point favorites at home against the vikings and the vikings last year went and beat. Green Day in Green Bay if there's a team that the vikings and soda for as their playoff hopes are still dimly. Alive and it's this game I'll you spread is subic. Oh it's damaged and you if they run six and a half. The vikings are used to playing in the cold this season because of the dome but traditionally happened. Here Arab. Six. This you abreast launch. A candidate Mitt again as it seemed to buy he's just got absolutely. Demolished by the colts in their own bill. Nobody does that mean but it's like you said. The vikings. Dave being in the they've been robbed him all of their worldly possessions their women and children have been taken in. Sold into slavery they're just utterly dejected and beat down having watched everything they've built crumble around that however. That guy that they hate. It's taking a lot of stuff. They've now got a golden opportunity just punch him in the nuts and never underestimate. What that can do for a team or. Your motivation never underestimate opponents of the two and a bad area via. There's big vikings earn his degree record net. I'll now all that said. There's no Aaron Rodgers was in the scam not in Lambeau gimme the packaging is this for argument of Packers straight up this is going to be a candidate for an act yeah assumed attorney for the vikings Iago out of tigers whatever is better one for road vikings' loss they almost all of their last games mr. Cheshire respect Scott. Cold traders. And I don't like talking about the colts for this is their season they would need to win out they need some tough to happen for them to make the playoffs the raiders again. Still a chance that number one overall seed they've clinched a playoff spot last week Italy debut division or a wild card spot should they lose when we last three games in the chiefs went out. They have this game at home there only oddly three and a half point favorites at home. Vegas really does not like the raiders we've seen that all season long Vegas is not common raiders at all. War makes sense because they don't load too many people outraged there really is it every raiders game this year have been pretty damn close call it whatever the book the bill's biggest win in Vegas with this line is saying generators would be. Dogs. On the road at Indy and to make any sense. It. In length they call that the chuck predominant factor. Is that what they cost cuts and it. I've got to use wanted to get checked out and about broadcast IDs needed Jews actually had some sort of opinion on the colts. Let me I've I like the raiders obviously are my race forever be Alec register governor is well now. The once mighty cardinals this this was a Sunday night game got flexed out. From cardinals and our system now. Seahawks clinched the division hand cardinals it's my math club is it includes a division at 94 and one. Indeed they have. Nothing would make me happier. This yards of nine would have been died 6001. And win the division at some brown. Gruesome really because a cardinals general in this week in Seattle you can do much about how what's written eighth it's. That's a burned on this game last week you guys did hours I always instilled a sucker land bases that ruined yeah. I wish to replay what teapot said last week from the rams were sixteen point underdogs. And I I kindly. Kindly remind did you one betting rule you have brain. Indiana Bill Bennett or you'd be rich man if you read every week on this last decade never. Against the oxen I'll I'll tell you know. Saying you can I keep them thought they meant me know and nick executives big fan of the pub just let him die and I sucks so much in the future. What ledger probably only be used for Tim points at cookies can employ dear Rafa injured off plan and in case you injured off concussion campaign in the fourth well geared gulf she sectors so ugly news. Of him all of them. He's just. Look at dislike about solar is just as you're well. Ravens Steelers. One of the three trifecta big games of the week where's that. Geezer who won this one of the only two games on Sunday most of these games by the way on Saturday as we Christmas see this is in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh five and have my favorites finds its. Yeah sixth sense in onside it's not certain that. This is Chris this is a Christmas Day game ravens Steelers just that the Broncos chiefs on Christmas we'll take care in a minute this slant is spot on for me an hour ago. Pittsburgh five and a half points spiritual house speaker I guess we welcome home showed an Iowa against the censure is a averaged. In Pittsburgh. Is three point games of that so. On the ravens seriousness revenue Selig plans is that it is literally I think what has been some idea the last twelve times he seems to play it's been exactly three point game Soria. Three point game Britain's Lewis here's the question this went through in order for your two win in this game as we have answered. If you're the Baltimore Ravens. And because of this scheduling you have to spin Christmas Eve in some hotel. A way for them. To him playing in place you hate. On Christmas Day. A away from your family. Does that give you more or less motivation can there. What does it throw you because you're so I had a little comment about me otherwise or are you similar defer or no but is Pittsburgh distracted. Do you know with the families with a little kids you know you're gonna have to wake up super early on Christmas Day. If you did it to diva thing certainly Chris is reportedly with the kids I'd ever got this yeah why those northeast teams have well they were just go day of especially on day like this Christmas what do you it's traveler on the day of the game. It's an hour flight you can youth. It's like an hour are and employment apply. The idea I guess I got into distraction hours and intelligence are terrified of distractions right I mean it's the guys. More than a piece I don't know who gets the Chris visit there this year I can't he got open and her own bed man. Being able to see your family a more open presents and it did exactly that brings that out is that not usually wake up earlier. You normally would be an exit your house kind of China's without whose case it'd be from 4:30 PM this. He's done all right so I will get to the Steelers the Steelers advantage. This is when it. There are hammered Tiburon Allah Allah Broncos chiefs. That's the Sunday night game NBC Al Michaels mime and Chris Collins worth. Yeah I love Chris all but one game. An irregular watches you he's got his decreased columns were the entire look at who's wrong and tired I don't like like every talk about you repudiate go over your double literally. There's a couple things that is reroute the don't know what it would man who has. Broncos chiefs chiefs by three and a half in arrowhead I love the chiefs there. And I had to give it cheese aisle thought this booze. Airlines mystique. Is triggers me and as it is James Vincent mark smarter Zetterberg talking to commit well so. She's. You've covered this or incentives I think the Broncos are knocked out of Wales Dubai. Time how about our Detroit Lions going on the road to the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas still someplace for here the number one overall seed and the division yeah I am locked up the division yet. Don't do it at home this week it's the reliance of airline heads. Homeboy. Alliance with a seven point game knows the seven points world sometime. We hear part. Man. I think it's sad to see what has happened to Detroit this past couple of decades as a city. And I think this is the beginning of the turnaround just doesn't do you play him so deal can be probably visual means it. It's a year likely champ right when you look at the cavs weighing in after not having it titled forever. They cubs winning after bear hundred plus years of futility even Indians are making the world here's been interesting. In this case that it legal mind just points. But to win out where they share of the unlikely champion continues. I don't think lines of the points well later on Dallas and beat them. Well that's true that's why. You don't get what all of them. The one thing I do get is if there's one team to complete keep away as well as anybody anybody from an offense it's Detroit committed here to the saints NASA they need to do on offense rent. Yeah as well lit the in the bowl trump often sublime. Isn't it okay so I had it is. Everybody anybody is listening and as UT right when year when you're thinking about the lines in your head right now do you has you worried Ainsley yeah I am worried for. I don't know why it's like oh yeah. Notably his I have no hope. I've lost hope although I think he is yes you give me he give you hope Jen well so I'm I'm I'm taking a shot again I'm trying to you. It reject maybe some false putts. Optimism false positives that's also the that's something else it's a different subject. Georgia did just that little horse optimism because yes it is. They're fine on this area that as you almost developed for the line Gillis is playoff Mayan. Mine Jim comment there with I'm realizing real scorcher served at Jimmy Dorsey and the and you said. Force hope. Kept missing four C yeah. I think maybe the most technical sense that passes aren't test its data breach but I think just all out. Now is say is that trying to force my turn to will them to win. But absolutely you're scared about bears or lions fan which we are always been huge lines fans. Then yes he should be because this team has won one playoff game in fifty plus years. And the schedule is not doing them anything. Urged him that's weekly preview let's wrap up our show with some soccer lines and block. Sucker line. Blue. I'll lastly what I want someone will pick two games we both had Tampa coverings were one now one or seven point line and lost by six. I had Denver to cover seven point dogs home scenery just any bit of course Vegas knows more than I do. Patriots cover that. And win and of course we talked about Tebow odds WTF pick of the Seahawks at home going yeah see our home what are you doing broke. Hey me I just c'mon what was outscored. 24 pounds in nineteen point. There are only one point one under. Whatever. Knives or wants on 79 and one on the air got a chance to weeks here. To make and a team Bob 671. I have not picked the Seahawks game I homo yourself because I need a win here. Journalists said go easy won the when he always make money on given to see us home plus eight against the cardinals. All right I'll aliens and mile. Fortune favors the bold. Block it locking up Detroit. Pitcher go into the teeth out and you're coverings that. That's what it and didn't plaza it's not mine Lockett. Well I need to us via. Lines you lion Hedo settlement that's that's it there Michelin. I would disagree belt line needles disagree how I'll feel Google lost early ladies' tees do. Lock of the week. Okay. I'm gonna do little bright negotiator because. My lock of the week which you said was very poll just came true not that I have Aaron Rodgers. Exceptional and away and I. Add it does have peace it's not just the MVP talk would start I said that on your favorite sites MM QB and SI dot com. And that's before podcasts this week there would be eight featured article on why Aaron Rodgers should win the MVP. Let's. There's an article. Honest I don't congress about why Aaron Rodgers should be MVP Jimmy ventures and incur one of ships are now one of its two. On main female and I told reporters there are many ways well yeah also get a win on this lock of the week. Three you. I don't know we had a largely have to look at the show so I checked I do not know. So I'm year. I mean seven about plus says that it is a stretcher active. Back to man and an ambiguity yeah. And it never got released to the public. Minister answered a lot you realize our mind. Oh week. It's. Time. Currently know which game one ago we have Karen. Well Eric you gravity to take tablets lines because we just talk about the Packers have this week. Can't say I taxes can I can I make the Packers Q badly. Now I know don't you involving UNC nor should Indians. We had everything you see who OK okay okay. And that is well yeah little Steelers rate and well and got them for that game as well Brody yeah normally go for none that I don't know our our offer that I won't do. I won't do now this this is simple lock uses nothing as you know. Too deep and it's complicate it. Steelers ravens will be decided by eight time expiring. Game winning field goal from by either team that you just mentioned habitat like twenty times and era this. It's not a very inspired. I know. Then when spies three points but not a lot of time expiring game winning funerals and that rivalry but I think it's going to be a time expiring picks for the land. Tolerant loses an item I want to get its 500. Burma for its all time I got a map more luck I. Holt got you do don't this is your guy I divide. Don't wouldn't about the men more friendly mean not only are they only complaint older couple weeks early. Not only are they going to beat both of and give it wins and essentially assure themselves or oats. Assure themselves a playoff spot but Matt Moore for the second consecutive week. We'll throw for touched it's not one that you got three before about it is that. But ultimately he does work that's been impressive stack. If I just did it yes yes luckily Glock and a car and we go man or. That's our show more happy holidays everybody have a grade and save time over the next couple weeks will be back next week or week seven. Seen out podcaster gorilla fund here is the plant off. The season. Is about. Upon us playoffs and playoffs. So we'll have to admit it was Christmas stories as to that. We'll have those Christmas story is okay. I want he's got a little rope ones to cast a broad cast yet we're gonna give executive Egypt and Libya what tomorrow morning again for the second time record them. You want to look for that on stimulus found to be talking. Room one an hour in opening thoughts on. Certain news in the store. And I still knew him. And movie wise made not yeah obviously it's. Yeah. And he's been here. I mean. I feel like a little. Then nots veterans that I feel like you like second or third player and not really easy and all the news you watch yes and amp you. I've not seen all of PE extended universe stuff outside that is the only worth watching. We're building a clone wars cartoons. These cartoons are to serve is because of the intensity really fleshed out Clinton. Also my understanding them and you can. One's real relationship and it was so there's rumors and revel. And TV show which exceed. Let's. What is can't Tuesday. But I think there were some rebels shot. In a row one I didn't see because I you have not finished. He's deliberately didn't. He hearing. Hire him. I'm maybe a little biased that you saw and I grew up on top of the list I do. I think drove one I've been so so episode four is a new. Not no no it's yeah ominous days hires. The Imus days to 01 empire in new vote. And then forcefully once. Odds like that again. Your non Jews for well because it's actually new hope. Didn't fly her room one burst yeah. No load up so important yes we are in agreement. Now if your choice between returning Jeddah revisions of six zone episode three where he needed to do better work. Dep turned into 263. Victory actually. Again not too many people usage. Just like not only slips my for the new movies yeah Jeff ice under. Down resume like spectacular. Special effects in the east peace combat scenes. Jet guys dialogue. Here to crash. It's. Jenna came into the room and it's quite frankly and it's kind just threw down a Lawrence I mean but nobody in this. You would see me finish must be this bad ass as bad as it's supposed to be like handling those stories about anything. It's yeah jet pack night. I actually think they want even put that in day classic screaming they're Republicans and all the Nazis had a picture. I just then again I really she's an agenda. Married the bottom. No no I still have I still think it's better. And the seven clone wars I resolutely. And jet and gentlemen thanks for being famous. Really look when you don't like this to would you say it's a soft. So let's look like yeah. Our let's get out of your copy all it is everybody enjoying it's share this with everybody follows on Twitter assets on the bet you about 53. A guy goes 01 follow our road casts later this week and we'll talk to and actually. Already been happy holidays maybe Christmas Kwanzaa happy Monica. Later.