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"Go For Two" Episode 17 - NFL Conference Championships

Jan 18, 2017|

T-Bob and Seth dive in to the great Divisional Round weekend. Seth talks about the greatest playoff throw he's ever seen, while T-Bob tells us the real reason for Atlanta's success. Plus, another conference championship at New England can mean only one thing. . .controversy will come!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and Zach Dunlap. Welcome inside to go for two podcasts. In to the conference championship rounds epilepsy Bob a bear here. From a New Orleans. And hustler yeah I was man. You credible divisional round well Greg. Seven the one game that we all knew it was going to be Korea I guess the Sunday games were incredible Saturday against maybe a little bit less so. But this is to go over to podcast this would be episode number in nineteen on the year forest gives follow on Twitter a Matt stuff Dunlap is that team Bob 538. And of course share this with all your friends few more shows left in this 162017. Season. Like we said that the Saturday games not as exciting perhaps as the Sunday games buts the kind of brings us to our storyline. Of the week. Yeah. Tom's gonna Marley out what we said last week. Is that after. All the hoopla over the past. 34 months about the upstarts. And the dark courses that could rule this when he sixteen play seventy NFL season. We stand here conference championship week and it before the season started you could probably say three of these teams would be right where they are. The Packers the patriots and the Steelers and really yours truly thought Atlanta might be right here as well I'm really not too surprised. About the size of a bit. Disappointing in that aspect but I think it's gonna make for a great conference championship weekend. You had. You had the falcons in the beginning you were one of the few also respect there now. As far as the Packers. I don't know if I've realistically expected them to be here renewals has gone up to begin MB maybe before the year deathly didn't expect the cowboys. But on the whole. Yes I think what we've learned and there's all kind of like stats out there floating around about and others there's been. AC quarterbacks only being named one job Manning Brady and Roethlisberger last however many years it's all gonna suddenly got. In what we've learned that at the top level of the NFL. Parity does not. Nor is it doesn't exist but but not to the extent at which it feels like at times Cusick is during the season when you have. Reid who was at Thanksgiving this year is some insane like two thirds believe given right within a game or two or now playoffs and everybody was alive. But I guess the cream really does it rise of the top in the end and in the NFL that is the same bunch of teams that Campbell have these common denominator is of a really great quarterback Andy well run organization as far as. Free agency team building in that bad that's where they're consistently. It's definitely the organizational skills that I see because I. Do you believe there is parity at least more than the other big sports leagues in America in the NFL I really do believe that. However when he gets to the upper Echelon. Of the NFL oversee sleaze and we see the same franchises Baird consistently for two reasons two and one like you said all the organizational skills. Of these franchises but number two. The quarterback play halo aspect of the quarterback well you probably had. Three of the four. For the five best quarterbacks in the league this season make the conference championship the other one of course is right here orleans' Drew Brees at Texas. Which would then becomes a kind of pretty damn mean condemnation of how the saints organization has been run win. The only other guy did that these guys here quarterback play. Has had no successful these others have consistently can provide the championship. And I know that bit MVP voting has already been cast before last speak but my last part of the story line is with a quarterback play and Matt Ryan. He's just had an insane year and a cup I got buried because it would Brady did with the only two interceptions while Rodgers did towards the late season but he's got a medium beef here right. And these are veterans ardea over the voting is already over but they talked about during the broadcast just what. A remarkable season he's had from beginning to end up really the only quarterback that have that consistency throughout. All sixteen weeks of the regular season ends we'll talk revelers around what he was sent out. CA get that consistency. Mood then he's just gotten better records it's interesting because. The only when you're talking about hot teams people talk about the Packers right now right we've cinematography are Roger and once again. Rightly so eight games and road Roger's been incredible however. If you look the last five games the falcons have a little streak of the own the falcons have now ripped off five era an era Larry she's B Matt Ryan is our completing 73%. Of his passes. I want to say that he's got like. Passer rating sue for all the talk of hot teams in the hard core Rex. Matt Ryan in the falcons probably actually looked the best right now it's not though. Why I like the falcons and why you guys guy. They feel so threatening right now for a championship is that it's not met Matt Ryan is not the real reason why I'm so common on the it is his defense. That is drastically improved from the first half of the year. They were very muted in that divisional round do you talk about that by the way you talked about the hot streaks in the hot teams that falcons with those five consecutive wins. Can you believe that is the Lois the few of the shortest streak of any team left right now. Thousands. Packed Packers have nine Steelers have nine and I believe the patriots of eight. But I think it's ridiculous item is seen teams are. Absolutely red everybody's voice everybody's at peak four that's pretty cool that that's the type of football. That you. That you wanted to give us more classics hopefully. Like that I dials that made him tipped our pilots get into our literally six. Are both sides of the week. And I'm gonna go. One guy. For one reason it was one of the most remarkable playoff throws that I've ever seen Aaron Rodgers last week. Iowa this week against the cowboys they were tired it was a third down and I think of that twelve yards to go late in the fourth quarter. This is even rolling to his left throwing on the run he threw forty yards downfield rolling to his left on a rope. Right to the spot on this how. Client and it was a hell of a catch by Africa command that catch over there have been Zelda can Jared could you think is gonna hit area can't get jeered could no credible threat to nobody remembers Jerry are you keep it goes to meet it will look Rogers crew of play of the cash. Oh cool man I realize if anything near equal either down and that was one and there's been some great. I guess bigger moments of course in playoff Richard which is as far as it purist role goes. Of errors in a better thorough. In the Austin now I know how easy it would have been to waste that the growth without the human ability to somehow keep your shins off the ground while dragging your toes in the U. No bubble as soon as that ball in his hands it's stopped dead clear position I think it's a great catch early ballet ask you know he's in the toes keep them as. Children and insane. Amount. Of body control. Win and he needed him most basic yeah that's were era to separate himself I think. From maybe even the other quarterbacks on this list is that he can and this is nothing new but. Wind kind of pressed I think he can do things that these others just can't quite he can bring his team up more then these other stand. There's look there's no other quarterback in the league he can make that we've seen Russell's into a little bit but not to that level lakers. There's no quarterback that can make that throw rolling to his left. Other than Aaron Rodgers is just unbelievable that's why Stiller what is the age 33 now that he's. Wives and all season long he's one of men probably the best quarterback in the league right now. So that's your stat of the week and a respectable one but I think the wrong choice I think there are an obvious choice so that we but it does come. From that game and it's Mason Crosby Null authority fifty plus yard in a row like this do you hit Eric. I mean the most elite kickers hit what a 50% clip blitzer according split yep. And these dude. Flip tense three times in a row with the game on the line had to have that third one barely. Sneaking do like that's how it kicker gets himself. A game maybe people let's have a kicker. Earns his keep for all that tragedy. For for all the good grief that they did about not to is that we have about life at the end of the day when they do that. They separate themselves and that that's an easy is kick Ehrlich as a captain. Of the team and I think Crosby is Kevin Pritchard and has a few of us are capsules Andy's idea. Yeah it was like in general yeah us the older you start seeing. Yes or men Mason Crosby just absolutely incredible from so many different angle and not the yeah. That speaks to we're talking organizational skills why these franchises consistently are there. Crosby couple years ago he was almost kind of struggled very he really bad yeah it was lowers kickers in the league and of course the fans the outcry was cut this guy quiet. The organization had faith because Mike McCarthy everybody wanted to fire as well for the streak. Apparently knew what he was doing kept the morale and well you know might have a saved their season to save their season. Yeah I mean there is that the one to go ahead. But one that looked like you want it. In the it was a perfect kick in the in the one to win adjusted system and believe I got budget you know real outages and ice the kicker never works out bottoms and worked at Time Warner okay what are people's never works I don't buy that I think it does work. Last time he seemed more. And passing out that there's eyes eyes eyes nobody ever with the winning this the first kick I always contend that it's because they had a whistle go off like. Like set up a play like the builder can't let's just yelling or somebody you don't think it's like given the you know given the golfer a free shot free chip and given that not all what do you mean why do you think they missed their first one so much. Nudges its because it did the talent that are all about getting ridiculous where I. I'm down Fries in the gaelic when you saw amazing Crosby exactly are you worried that he's gonna deserves the death Suzie ought to fifty plus yarder guys now. I didn't. Works though the cowboys' season is over and romo's ten here in Dallas likely over. As well but we'll get that game and many more here in our weekend in the reveals. Here's the week in review. I'll start with much Atlanta Falcons destroying you or Seattle Seahawks 36. To Swanee. It's actually your lamp out yeah shouted yeah and I felt that same rise but I easy Derek Burton lunchroom yeah. Seattle and I'll migrate its fourteen play drives are off the football game and count oh boy here Atlanta goes again playoff woes matter and a woman forum playoff games. But then days after the lead role they go on that at 26 to three run into the fourth quarter to really put this one away. 36 to twenty in Seattle. Do what saint seemed talk about the offensive line issues. And really it wasn't just that great article on ESPN and also Peter King kind of touched on this. As well and a secondary article this week in the Omnia money more excited about the article but. Seattle's really. Done in by injuries this year is well made out of they had a couple more in this game they lost their left corner there right cornerback Shawn shed to a brutally ACL there another on. Bill Haas Michael Bennet for a period in this game. And it lost another offensive linemen just decimated by injuries but it's. I guess it goes back to office and line play this team was pretty much the same team as talented everywhere else to for the office of lines last few years. But that position and I group is just so pivotal. Who that. That's I guess experiment failed and we introduce you what they do in the offseason foot is it is it a bit tough to judge don't be because of the injuries to save our bill amid the it's obviously you have to commit itself more resources. To the offensive line and it's terrible it's had yet to commit more resource gives you have to protect your best investment which is. Russell Wilson at least a dolphins and he was flirting with disaster waiting too much. This season's I agree. Just unlucky this year with you got hurt and that happens and that's why you hear that guys like. Rogers in and Ryan. Talking about how you this time a year a lot of times you don't wanna be hobby it's also who's healthy you. Kinda gets luck your greens I think I think the falcons O line. I wanna see the same starting five are started every game yes that is the only credible they might be the only guy in the league it's unbelievable so. Falcons have been a beneficiary of some good luck you'll grounds of these other teams you can choose same thing whereas the Seahawks were not met said. It's a falcons team that is. Passed slowly improving and it's all about the defense. I think the first like. Eight games at first thing games guarded by a week period of something like 28 points pretty mean between seven pound it down to twenty. In the last seven games. Was they'd they'd be fours in the deterred or whatever like eleven of thirteen. Big Beasley is c'mon leading the NFL in sacks. It really it's that young core of players that Dan Quinn has put together there in Atlanta that makes him scary not just this year. But moving forward imagine that easily. They also drafted safety wire me I'll I think count and l.'s best player more than anything either rookie executives unbelievable doesn't say so last last year Austria the dig Beasley yeah Jalen columns corner from Allison. This year's draft it's a job and Neal first round diva Jones linebacker for malice you. Sat around and didn't they took a corner his name I'm blanking on the last units or troop wanted to take this note that your ball wasn't last was zero years yeah. Here is here she's got a great departed they lost you know means that one of the yes it's gonna gotten reports are important is a free agent the rookie free agent corner that starts in the nickel. But all those guys all those first years and years players will all be starting. In the days nickel. This Sunday and it when you see the falcons improvement doesn't make that much more since then because you have such a young inexperienced group. Yeah dean quaint antique green you these guys figured out what they know how to how to play on this level have outages. Survive the week to week play they've been slowly but surely improving and now looks like they just kind of. Hit the gas yeah it are I was wasn't surprised really by the defense improve on because. For my money and I can a tease me about it this year. While masters well it was one of the best offensive minds in jail in the world that yes that is. That is the improv in correct quitting is that. Now he's going according to end up Matt Ryan spectacular in this one as he's been all season long through 383 touchdowns. No picks and those running backs it's. I. I feel like that is they haven't been talked about enough this season what they've done that's just a scary combo man. Not just running the football that out of the backfield there's no. Two backs in the league right now that are more important to their team are you could Libyan bell on their you know he's he's basically a dual back on his own he's more important than that read I read the idea yeah on one but if you're talking about to actually did come back I know combo accidentally. I am I think more important. And why they probably don't you talked about more. Is because there's two of them soon first off the kind of both. Take away from each other shine a little ridiculous nameless faceless duo. Like neutral to adds. I think the other reason is that Matt or it's just it just that Matt Ryan is the energy and and he is all of these. Is all these weapons at his disposal right now I am like that's been sort zinni do or what. Touchdowns in fourteen different players like you're our search here for its I was thirteen dollars thirteen cities over so he. Yeah I guess they get lost in the budget meeting that even Julio Jones kind of gets lost in the bunch now and that's the crazy part about him is he doesn't really care mean he's very much on record is only cared about winning. And Julio Jones. Might have thirty yards or he could come out and have like 2:50 am in the end it's just it's truly right now this falcons often is the pick your poison. Type of law in this city incredibly tough. To defended so falcons today. Win and they will advance on to play who we gather red hot it's absolutely scorching white hot. Green Bay Packers who talked about a fantastic game against the Dallas Cowboys. And give Dallas credit here as early on team and we both said they would probably in the losing the scanner and not as does every kind of thought that the way that the Packers were rolling. And they got down big early. They got down. To a point where there's not used to playing catch up with that offensive line that's why they've been so successful they've gotten leads in an older on the football take Vieira the clock. That press got and that offense brought him back defense shut down the Packers in the second half and as the franchise that obviously. It's arrow is pointed straight up but it just wasn't paying their year just wasn't here. And they ran in to. See if they had gotten a different matchup in that gene I think they got the worst matchup possible. In this mean and they'll think well they beat the Seahawks I don't know of the falcons actors or it's like it is when news. Oh man. She's the falcons and man at home I don't know I guess it's. It's all in the island hole at this point. I do think that Dallas it was a better matchup against Atlanta because their run defense just is not nearly as good if that that Packers defense for all their struggles this year. Iran they've struggled with a but they haven't been world beaters but the run defense has been really good this year formats that second and that pass Stephenson has been shredded a little bit. On Atlanta's a little bit there reversed they got they agreed pass rush they've got those great safeties and corners that you talked about so regularly and a better matchup for Dow's been on this one didn't matter Iran does Green Bay team Iran and Superman himself Aaron Rodgers. And the pac. And Roger's couple wins away from his second ranked. Yeah yeah it's. As far as cowboys you know it was very impressive what. How they came back I am I guy you know me I have no faith in this team. And I I appeared that it appeared to me that kind of know if vote of no confidence. Who was validated to begin this game agreements run a little while over there they're there they're dominating raw wrapped it up and then. To see Dallas and be put in such a foreign situations. And really get as close as you possibly could to not only clawed back but winning that game. Is. Jimmy did did that speaks volumes about deck press got and really the did just that team. As a whole where they're going and it. You know weird way I know I've been kind of doubting them all year and whether or not they were. Lay out what where I thought this is all going to go with him being rookies did this is like the most I've been impressed. With them on the year and at all it looks up there yet because. Dudack press got it only thrown sixteen passes when trailing on the entire year Packers a sixteen. It's a they were not used to this at all and they came back against one of the best teams and we get to the best quarterbacks. In the league in CS leagues ought not just about that but but it but it about the offense the defense so what you don't tell us but it's. You ran into him. New leader of the northmen. The cheese Helm. Lord brought you know Lauren Lauren Rogers. And seed and Matt Bryant still only sir arrived he's not a lower quality of bread he hasn't been night now right you know we denied even the site. He isn't actually sir yes and yes he's Serwer you serve Ryan but he's not lower he hasn't been gifted. He has never had a little about the crown now that you don't principal had well one of those students I had him a power crazy to think that one of those two teams. Is going to be Rex and the NFC in the pastoral this from where we're at week eight. Once there it is from that perspective but it means you do is Alexander earlier in the show though. You dig kind of called so I don't know how records pre season yeah he's yes halfway through the year and I would nod yes no I haven't after awhile on that I think three games did we are cowboy Leo will the defense appear half and that's and so impressed about the defense looks Mallon. Think it's because I can say that you improve the end Dan Quinn figured out how he wanted to use said youth and that's really good quarterback Quinn. Your religion does have good for coaches earlier I think that's the sign of a great coach is. Can he did. Young players to know what they're doing like can he made into where. It's complex and up to this did compete in the NFL this scheme I mean it's simple enough. Today these young guys who don't have all these meetings know what to do you know where to be and it appears that that's the case. Italy is out wherever there's standing on his own point Miami had a couple great drafts like humans are really three great drafts. Goes to the prix winner. Final bow on dallas' season I mentioned that the arrow is pointing straight up but there's a couple of little twinge is for concern if you are a number one at some positions they're getting older linebacker position at the wide receiver position. They're getting older and they've got that's although the Romo issue if they're able to get rid of him. Trade him well Aaliyah has a little bit they got some contracts coming up on the offensive line. And also all in the secondary. That could make this confidentially offseason so I could see. I don't think they're gonna go away but. It reminds me also like Atlanta I'll what was it three years ago when they made the AFC NFC championship game and everybody said oh they're going to be here for a long time. But this contract issues they were aging in the defensive. On the defensive front seven. And then it took him a couple of years three got to get back here so likely to an eleventh grade so I just 34 years ago supporters don't like it's going now wait that's your world at its twenty seven's is now Ono wasn't because the editorialists at Becker's ability beat Seattle to beat Seattle that's why India in this in January 23 teams that before hours. What if they lose to the playoffs when they got the championship. Tenement housing and lost the Packers then nobody is that's my point legacy going now is well so I don't think it's them. I guess as far as future is being writes I only cowboys RT took their step back. But the four until I think I think it's been like so even if they lose one is on and they draft another live to see this way who do you have more faith in going forward as far as the really young teams in the NFC goes Dallas. Or. Atlanta or even Tampa. Mobile hot enough there in Tampa and Dallas or Atlanta is category yet although there's a lot to like their agreement and that. Why that's good Atlanta because Matt Ryan we're talking about the NFL MVP while we're still a matter very promising start for deck now I do allow for the possibility that tag goes above and beyond but. I always remain wary of it's awful emphasis younger and they don't have to contract issues coming up too so I just think that there. They're very poised for long term success for Dallas moments of sheer I'd look up the legacy of office of wind stays together for a long time I don't know. And. I don't know the falcons. Or cowboys contract situations were on the ball and pay attention to sauces and it's going to be fun wireless get into the. AFC where we have I guess helps her more oh what's what's the correct phrase for that what is the Steelers and patriots going to be in this. AFC championship game which everybody and I mean everybody predicted to be in your season that is what's would happen. And that is what is going to happen next week first of all the patriots who were you name much tougher game. At least in that first out than everybody thought you oh boy is going to be one of the biggest upsets FL history. We're all over him. You knew it before to do I. There are only about four and out so I'm any minute you have to expect for lower some sort of look at Texans have one of the best Stevens in the entirely that was going to be an even main factor but. In the end I late. Evil in this game was close they still gonna watch it because I fully expected patriots pull it 346. Team New England wins this one costs Weiler was this dreadful. Reverted to loss wiley inform. Us we'll inform us really impossibly bright and our nation what this town third he picks. Only fifty rating. Their running game OK and to me that we don't really authority juries. Yep hey you know what did happen in this game but did not happen. During the regular season Tom Brady threw a couple of picks. Because it's a bad pass defense Jack could you just being cloudy. Oh was killed Tom Brady too heavy guy and he's he's he had hidden. Called by god they don't flag today now begin a good today I was sacked Tom Brady got hit like that. I definitely tell it's there a silver bullet Dudley hill I don't it my all gonna die earlier and play after play. I don't know he's old enough and our level who feel that too well it's Thursday may mean yeah Friday that's yeah bu the Israel have a don't have anybody on the opposite side and in Pittsburgh is Carol like clowning. They now speaking of arrow pointing out that if you gain in the get out of if you I don't what the hell's gonna average quarterback situation with his Brock got a dollar contract. But it. American defense with class Tony healthy cloudy. Healthy wide. And then use that third you wiley oh oh result Marcellus Wiley but it's something light Marcel and that's Marcellus that why you mama bush nominated now. Marcellus. Really dead dead dead dead dead dead dead. Don't don't lie and Whitney merciless okay lesser talking about way off yes. Eight. Stay healthy claw the cloudy what sorted here by an Alley Marcellus Marcellus Wiley is a I've been. Yeah whatever that that that that Texans defense if they can get the opens figured out the date of Stevens is going to be these scariest. He's a pastor. Respected in the NFL and I. I mean yeah. That worried that all I don't know Iger wages and what I'm saying yes but the Texans aren't as chairman for this has been. Let's do it because they're ready to provisional watch our program trading for Tony Romo and see what happens. I'm mentioning yeah look all all all of sane is man. Prisoner JJ watt had what like twenty cents a three years or is there is being better and got a run on Helio are you kidding me. Seems like who is this going to happen. Bulky pressure as the debate I don't know I've actually never thought about it until just now. When I meant to remind normally mention like the classic. Late broncos' radio but it's out of conference it's out of your division bright. It's in states. The real Texans and soon juicy yeah you grow old Houston writes in state now. I mean it is next and what do you make you happy hour. In the map and once Iran will get a shot here with a bigger wait we did they would have caught so they would have so much money cap space. What is. And that of these tablets used to some putts and fatigue you can't do it right to say just. Dual quarterback switch and obviously takeoff gentler we know they're kids and had to sweeten the pot but also was your I don't hate us lives baca. No not as a back yeah paper they can get it done about this barrels Weiler is back up to have back of that data say he's really tall. He is really tall industry is my high that is coliseum and mr. I got to Texans this year please. I don't wanna look at this done donated talking about the patriots. Their defense they're on our arbitrators in the morning and we knew this was happened move on. Let's get in the game of the week that Pittsburgh Kansas City game and the ice storm that was moved to Sunday night it was relaxed. A playoff Lex in the prime time on Sunday night. And the playoff woes continue for the Kansas City Chiefs they ran into one of the hottest teams in the league. And that defense was as advertised we said there's one defense that could really cause. Pittsburgh problems. In its Kansas City because of that secondary because it's so good we thought they'd have trouble containing. Libyan bill they did at points in that game. But it was the Pittsburgh defense. Amid stepped up in arrowhead would she get one of the toughest places play in the world holding Kansas City to sixteen points. And that defense. Allows them to march on in the NFC championship game and they will go to fox. So help remind me because I was. Pretty drug Sunday night took a plane drinking games walk kind of watching this in the background. Kansas City scored what appeared to be the game winning touchdown correct. But they call holding on Fisher yeah I did not watch close enough I mean watch a replay I do they call that I assumed it was real. Did it wasn't actually holding a picture of others is there a little controversy. Controversy but. Those plays where in. Them it's all my radar because yeah I I guess if you're Kansas City fan it's going to be controversial. But it's one of those plays that. I can see why it was called and I don't think it was a bad call them any sense. I only was about called any stretch of the imagination but if you're Kansas City and I guess I did see wire a little bit riled up because that probably happens on most plays are called heads and. Say man if it's even questionable. And you call holding there that is depressing. I don't know amendment that's all anti. It's O line maybe a little honestly. I think that's fat shaming a little bit. Strachan and that referee did. And I mean it's you know normally zealots towards sixteen you can't bad shame we'll guess what it's actually now. 2070 means eventually means even more wrong I mean even in Trump's America. Yeah I don't think I'd like this that I just don't think that that is going to resonates. In the memory of most a football fans that Alley like that you know lines Italy a couple of years ago the hilly it's always that was waved off. That football in only it's good to that level living in bill though like we said. He needed to have this type game for them to 170. Yards on the ground he was the force. Com for them and there's something about Pittsburgh instilled. In the back my mind is no third in a deal to go on and me on him and beat the patriots are strong they're so often remind our voters are some that are. Said they're gonna be that those August did rule of said pages got a extra day and a half of rest which is well. One that is so stick with it happens. Not very Smart on the on the NFL's are but they got an edge today here to have rested and it goes to Foxborough but. Might tell it and said he would be dead SP got to maintain a low profile. She might be asking is how do we know all of this what might Tom gores of Mike Tomlin Mike McCarthy's OC fire this season and I'm just saying why do we got it Antonio Brown did you hear the FaceBook Liberia. No no god Antonio Brown in the post game locker room. FaceBook glides Tomlin speech. In Holland says like you know all these these young contagion and getting an agent Dana have Grassley ultimate that's what we do we're ready and I were to be their ass. Does everybody keep low profile this week. I guess it yeah underground is FaceBook. So a bulletin board material for the for the I don't think there is much religiously and Foxboro when black guys that I but it doesn't really mad men like it does it likable they're Baltimore due meant nothing in the law to get to our weekly for regular stock up my game. And for those weekly previews. So as the game we saw coming her prescient enough to see this because we're about smarts. But apparently so is everybody else in the sports world too that's. Where everybody else are coming at the Brea beginning of the season up Pittsburgh adds new England's. This is the running game and that prolific. Offense of Pittsburgh against the prolific passing attack. Efficient passing attack of the New England Patriots and I would expect to England to come out and for role. All. Over the place in this football game. But every time you think about that Belichick goes up that I just have in my mind what he's done in those Super Bowls. Are you go back to that Seattle's royal couple years ago right the best secondary Italy one of the best all time what does he do he comes out any throws fifty times that football game then all over the place. Not thinking that really that secondary had been tested. A consistently was short throws over the middle I could see them doing that again here with the running game Pittsburgh has been a much better run defense and pass defense. And maybe they you'll power running game in this one I don't know. But I just think that this is such a horrible matchup. For Pittsburgh not just from the x.s and no standpoint being got to remember it's just to not win an outlet in the post season. They juvenile when here in the regular sleep they don't they don't you don't win box correct yeah. I just doesn't happen. And its outlook saying what you want tongue in cheek jokes. But you know there's some extra stuff going on Angeles stating these games you know what happens. Expected there may be you know and I know you're out and yeah they use all the facts. He's just all. I am I guess he made his own and they can be leaders and that's they win reminds then yeah. Meant that she has been certainly outlines travelers. Eric Bayer is. Department takes segment I think last week assuming where they did fair or not and then you just say outrageous things so little little miniature fair or not. The patriots chi and hope a lot and that's a they went there are not say to them. I enough quality throughout our whole lot. I think they'll be fair and that. Oh OK yeah it you know. Yeah patriots. Dubbed everything you just named their achieving dastardly ways it yeah. It is. Extra rest. Extra prep time. I don't know that room and this Pittsburgh defense has been playing really well lately haven't thing. Yeah well I mean look at into the Kansas City although they aren't even LA Ellis. In the freezing Hudson I mean nothing like what fox for us although I'm not sure the weather forecast and know that knocks are reading it too much into stopping Kansas city's off to a huge Stevens I think he's been underrated. At least I heard someone say that some just repeating that. Why I think they have a chance duties just because. Antonio brown and Libyan rebel. There's no body else like those two in the league right now is that accurate. Billy's a last place I still awful. Antonio Brown as he's he's exceptionally sensational he's on a hall of fame trajectory for his career but I still take Julio over him and now. I'd actually probably still take healthy Jordy Nelson knows what he's on with Algeria and a mute. You are you religious that you take like hundred Hawaii bro I'm not under reading the white. Dovonte Adams think about this toward also leads the league in touchdowns you say it Dovonte Adams who do both played for the green bay Packers and and as it is and I'm like two picks last week you want to step mommy and saluted. Sort of Tom Brady. We went where her number he committed this we were talking about between didn't do we we let. Net now you somehow confuse we have kind of for overtime with a number eighty point oh either way it's yours and not talk about his receivers. And Andy's said that you were making my anti big Roethlisberger point by saying to two picks last week so I also through to vick's was Tom Brady that I think is a pretty good quarterback. IE. So in your face for a you OK okay as you would still obviously easier to predict Jordy Nelson over and turn it brown and well I was just saying he's in the conversation I you. Think top five receivers reading Antonio Brown the exit of rounds of one. Over Julio. I'd ask you lose that point but just watching it as a basis I uses an insane matchup problem. And every aspect Julio would be tough few. We'll tell you right or put any audio brands like conversation but I think verbal agreement and everybody's agreement. Libyan bill is just on another planet and every other running nationally right now yeah. Yeah exactly so when you have those out liars on your team. That's how are you upset teams that are better that you like the same way that. I think Dallas is probably a better overall team then Green Bay was the out liar kind of expect it was Aaron Rodgers is rising so far above the level of play of everybody that he kind of willed them to win I think if this dealers are going to win. It's going to take that type of transcendent performance from their. There's three there's the Big Three three must do all candidates don't. Scam this is why in the line is six and I actually think the line is is. Spot on here it's right or I would put it because. Bill Belichick is going to take away one that. What what he perceives as the biggest threats that it is these ads and that is Libyan rebel Libyan bell is not going to have. A new numbers even close to what he did. Against Kansas City you're really woody did the second half of the season. Belts it's gonna take that away. And when that happens then you go back to Roethlisberger and we talked about a last week was no longer rough whispers in this is Libyan bell stand. So when you now fourth rough force prospered throw 404550. Times. In a cold fox for us think that spells disaster counseling can see happening Belichick's going to take Whelan in doubt he's going to play at 789. In the box at times and forty yeah. On your brow murder him. That I mean that's my point is that because they have that great. Multi headed snake. And you get yours ever did you take great were you wanna do then okay. It didn't see your say they found out they did they're not it's got to pick your poison to the extent like that the falcons I don't Edwards talked about earlier. But. I think that I think that Pittsburgh represents a tough. Puzzle to try to insult to scare saying government. Ellis scheck well he's gonna take take away option. One a the mayors of Pittsburgh unlike most teams have one option one B units nearly a scary. Yes yeah. It's like about the outlines Brett had given out liar running back in the running and kind of passing game and and they have the Al liar and Antonio Brown. Wire she is weird in my mind I guess is I'm thinking about this more as we go here in my mind that I just think that. Ben Roethlisberger scares me in the scam it's not really the Pittsburgh defense it's obviously not their offensive weapons that. Roethlisberger wears me and ask him or I mean I don't I don't think that's weird at all the as late seventeen different lower body injuries right now. And that's tough for anybody to play on probably racked up three to four more this week. But. Roethlisberger is such a I don't know I guess they just have this sort of blind confidence in him. That. Even though might not look pretty along the way he's he's proven to show up in big situations and then. I could definitely see him showing up in an end and playing great and pushing this thing. Yeah amiss amid maybe to win now but but I guess to your point in the same token he does have such a wild card type feel that maybe comes out just looks really mean I'm pretty and it. Well he worries me utilized six in this one I will take its preemption ally figures for its stores like Fisher but I will take dead New England when the skin I don't know if you're if you're picking incident on straight up in the scandal where your heads out here obviously of Steelers. Along the team that gives them. Your Solutia. News actually there are by their by priests he's opera and they're pretty well and makes answers right there aren't there to win I just like you war. But it aren't clean out his game is fantastic. On Sunday that is the 5:40 central 6:40 eastern in the night game. On Sunday let's go and it seeks and it's going to be accountable these games are going to be incredibly great conference title match ups. It's every year but the generally intriguing because the teams are pretty similar especially in this NFC game the Packers and falcons with. Explosive. Offenses and defenses like you talked about your credit he Bob. Both of these teams. Exceeded expectations defensively during their run during the second half of the season not whether playing in this conference championship its Atlanta. A four and a half point favorite in this when he had lamp warning half point favorite it is in the George dome the final game in the Georgia Dome for Atlanta but conditioning little tidbit here I think the last three franchises the to play at a conference title it applies to let you do. They actually lost a conference title. You wore is it like in seven. I guess that was jarred burdens suitable here they're virtually company but. Yes a bit of a better when their although it they he's you there is tiger's dad's one of two ways that mean that Purdue. Blake is I mean I felt that whatever beat up all of these are still have some role in the franchise's history is that that is your and that brings us to the next form for our local New Orleans listeners are members of the who'd had nation I think a lot of them will be abiding by. The ancient proverb this week the enemy of my enemy is my friend. When you think about it once before six winters ago. The Atlanta in May and this was knocking on the door of total domination yet. The northmen with the chief Shane Helms led by an old Rodgers came down it's put an end. To the folk Tony and conquest in their body and stopping the Atlanta games from gaining complete control of the Lombardi crown so it once before saints fans of our lives and Aaron Rodgers to. Stop the nightmare scenario make no mistake for Atlanta what is your blazing nightmares America's saints fans lose the wind net big. Kind of trash talking point that they have over there arch rivals that they lose this day have nothing quite frankly. So with that in mind all the sanctions do not like the Packers this week they will be cheering for the north meant to. Come rating down and my guess that reason Georgia Dome to the ground. A and that was that sing about the Euro at the enemy of my enemy is my friend that it happened last week I was taught us so many say it's fancier. Like I. You've got a beard is landing gear problem like man we hate Seattle's is much of the money anybody map of what yeah. Lot of rooting for the Seahawks like the going to be rooting for the Packers know I don't like the Packers to for the fact that successes that was more palatable because that's life. Before my tee box and how little the franchise I mean did it play. If if if you know one of the kings Ayers gets gets the crown it's like I got to be expected. Why not everybody in my Seahawks pro war I think saints and he is 2013 now. Because they David's a very good saints team got the hell beat out of him twice by Seattle including. In the playoffs I think Vega haven't quite oh yeah and the beast mode run this into the weird history would Seattle considering how. Far away there by the release saying they've had a bad loss. This is a little bit of outside here and I just realized the entire NFC south only has one Super Bowl. Not a view Bucs got one. But once you have more ignorant misuse of rules and only is there a certain cancers and win one month. Falcons don't have once and someone else who wants. Just too weird and centrist think maybe it's time for a third rise ups who sees him all right Charlie in the getting into this game a little bit I did. I I do like Atlanta here. Even though I want to ride like you want to read that Pittsburgh train and you were on the Venus is now one Brad Rogers and -- and your notoriety or garage you know somewhere we're talking I guess maybe a lot of money involved but. It's is that diverse offense has planned to well it's in the Georgia Dome tent when we talked about his defensive schemes down the stretch were so good. So on and I know there are a favorite. In Vegas but they're an underdog in a lot of the pundits minds in the Islamic that's going to be a little. Bulletin board material for this franchise like Atlanta here I do elect a letter to cover of like Atlanta win yet Lannan gets to there second sources are on the source for a half. Rule. I don't Ellie in my America. It feels like I mean. I guess sellers in this but he says he's playoff games when you look at how tags him unless you really is probably as a three point game. I think that he falcons or the better overall team now by the relatively significant margin regarding time I but I wrote you know pretty significant margin there and nearly every level by the way except any quarterback play yeah I guess you give mr. Rogers but it's not a huge gap. Boy it's that you get gets a Rodgers and what we talked about earlier that he can probably do things and no one else can do and he can raise his team's level play. Like may be no one else can but I think. That they gap is larger than it was last week vs Dallas and I bigots are too much yeah for Rogers and other agreement team. To overcome I guess the only part where I would be. A bit worried. And can't agree came to her she's in the nod yes to the falcons a balance them. The only the only one I would be worried here is. Aaron Rodgers give him a second shot at this very young defense. Can the old bear kind of just. Dominate the young cubs as you get out there and alpha male and kind of made his defense a look like the first half Atlanta's defense mercy second half to see him play. Just hit that exact thing against outstrip the second time around it was the old Alfa wolf yeah talk mitigating this young cubs like you said. Is there. I go back to is there one area of this. Thumb Packers team that significantly better than their ops is not see it really don't. They go what in the U payments it forgives Mason Crosby was Matt Bryant was just good that Seattle game. Yeah now you know there's really not rent judge what. Mean it would truly be a.s or it would be like a crowning achievement not Democrat you mean the signature role whatever but. It would be on below it would be very impressive for air disturbance. I think it looked import half. The biggest they be dead that's pretty significant I feel like for the Green Bay team that like you said is 11 eight in a row now and has been plane out of there. Nine on China so is a mean that they're right they're just shows you. How did this out and Siemens. And a no credit and they were point six today admiral here yeah for Ford six to twelve it's excellent but yeah. Unbelievable us oh filed predictions here we have. We both have patriots falcons. Super well and hope no L yes it was a threat. I have Green Bay covering falcons' winning. And I have these dealers government. From a media perspective from a casual affair perspective. And a hard for football fans be cute about this rule on the matter what happens here from a casual standpoint can you see this being a little bit of a kind of a bomber. For the casual fan if you see Pittsburgh Atlanta as usual matchup or relief even Atlanta anybody's wish matchup. I mean now granted I don't I think Atlanta. I think Atlanta's bigger city and has. Enough of a kind of regional presence in the cell that in my briefly again a lot of a lot of fans that otherwise when if you regional but are people in new York and Chicago on the West Coast gonna get excited on the C Atlanta out there to let us have a stars you know have a household names may be Julio. But even Matt Ryan doesn't get the national club. Yeah that's a point I would if it's if it's patriots Packers. That thing is going to be hyped and you'll get geeks across the country because we have civilian led to the faces of the league really in Iraq and Tom Brady is the agency rules soon. This huge Alley gesture pages backers might be marginally. More exciting by the hype machine will give it. It Atlanta first feature huge role in our Atlanta no results you know you know it's gonna I would go with the civil warm to this self rise again. To do a little bit of the truth pepper is very good third vs union an expert Paraguay and they're ready to register really still don't plan but there's a lot of racial division in this country. And the NFL's group very adept at making money if you and hike this thing I think that's got to look to go on Trump's inauguration as the Saturdays and they didn't new America. Oh man I just lost put mobile if this happens right you know what they're gonna have to trauma to make this even relevant for the casual fan. Now I know Ryan the halftime performance men's all at the halftime performance related yeah. Throw it up men. Little monsters yeah yeah Elliott Doug Keller right now engaged to help edit Ellen for life dug under my little month Alamos there LL I never do that then can you do and LG. Penalties are and yes you weren't this adjustment and I guess looks like a seal looks like uniformed seek. I tried my guess again at a time RA guy anyway the other governments on. Hi I have Packers covering falcons and Steelers covered. You have the underdogs but we don't yet we have them drugs terrible that we don't want foreign know you went. I think when 304 I'm perfect in the playoffs for a can believe that after all my period that missile us if you missed on. The the other areas see him the you had a chance to earth. Was yours for. Chase file path. Death but it wasn't. Bravo to affect a lot happy it was I. I just can't believe it after all my woes let me know in the playoffs and to be put money on this you do your views on. I did and I don't go bro this guy who do pretty beautiful. All right well let's give him it's you are sucker Angela a couple of inches from soccer line. I'm ally and New England seems to die there is only two inches from here and yeah I guess. They don't feel like going back on. But this exam I'm totally contradicting myself life for solace has is that on MS that it was. So it was right or should be. And that. But he's he's still have to look we still to choose one of the two re like you could argue that both are spot on his day probably arc is the is kids DB's bottom you just wanna have. What does she is lose by two. NLC solid as successfully as playoffs I'm not going the quick vote just a steel lining go with your heart no I'm not gonna do that a Mexican go the other way. I'll let it go Packers here a minute Packers. And the hottest quarterback in hottest team in the league to cover that four and a half in Atlanta because Matt Ryan eyes players that epic taleo and I think do a better team bit. Maybe Matt Ryan goes full Matt Ryan playoff mode blend the two and five. And I. I don't think there's a wrong choice here you either one I do for him to the belt and his performance has won this one Miguel also behind her yeah exactly I'll walk away. Luke cage. Lock of the week. How well the way you know this is going to happen after the patriots win that AFC championship game. There'll be some anonymous source story on Monday morning right down. That the patriots somehow some way cheated. In this playoff game there will be you know they re using video cameras on the sideline. Or they were. Had an earpiece plugged in to head referee at a hockey league. Something like that on the silent there'll be a national story on Monday morning write it down and and is going to happen it happens every time the patriots are in the conference title game. Playing at home that it now the market is out and you don't get happens you know even with little spur you know some storyline gonna happen. Like that after this do you think. Board is not have to Steelers when it won't. Do you think it ad hoc please do and some extra curls this week too I should try to show up via console actually don't know fees. Officiating but that was the first naymick and glanced. Because of or. Death that was late Anna I don't know did Jack. Easily use they use like the objective productivity Raphael and all hockey is like 65 pro quo. Did you are tourists. The term does not only so right. But sometimes the official news program officials need performance enhancing double standard and by the way you aren't officials you don't really get a voice in this conversation your obvious by Alastair do you have obvious bias officiated -- last night again. Handed out no technicals nicotine notes he that is that's appropriate it's a great did you feel like you work he'd appreciate it yeah that hit the music as well. Look I started handout attacks even throw anyone out the game now how the man what are born I know Lauren brought important. It was a good night. Shout outs to press on escalator and acidic. My god in the week. Is that. Big Carlsberg is over the better passer rating Tom Brady. It's simple molecule here and ES Briggs ankle. Spam bill well. Go low salt okay sprained his ankle misses the series how it promises listeners I could barely I mean people. Now that I think you missed a series not a supply. Animated save up in a good Coca. And then he almost gave Fresno and she's going to be doing his victory press Cameron's eating spaghetti and they didn't. Our previous show here in conference championship and we it was fun and enjoy this we know we're doing this weekend rounds. Yes and explain it regional bells here you're free you're popping your actually reason. Yeah and I just from seeing what you find them as the casket lay in no way the one million down arrow or that usually lord brings a lot of the garden. Well let's play ordering borderless I'll learn tomorrow there will be certain balloons on the panel I'm so I'll check. Get out wherein blog Z come on how to Biloxi Mississippi tomorrow yeah. Not a perhaps all day along tomorrow for all the fans have a lineup and our show up early on Saturday and now we've got our table reserved we don't go over to our shirts. Ipads Craig I noticed. Snow on them. I read it's been fun everybody's help horses Zito and this morning seventy playoff seasons diva on themselves and so long after the news. Yeah it's one week later young. Don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. I don't know. Who else. Yeah. This. Okay.