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3-18-17 7-9am The More Outdoor Show with Don Dubuc

Mar 18, 2017|

This week it's Talkin' Guns with Don, Gavin Chachere, and Devin Burgess with some talk about new laws banning replica guns in schools, gun safes and other second amendment related topics in the first hour. The second hour is Hunt, Fish Talk with Don, Wendy Billiot, Lyle Johnson and Keith Lusher and topics ranging from feral hogs to coastal erosion.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Al walker man to another edition of more outdoors glad to have you with us 78 we're going to be talking guns with our regular cohosts Devin Burgess. And Gavin century and hope you'll enjoy that and coming up from eight to nine now we have our roundtable discussion about bull riders on the buy you woman Wendy Beale yacht Keith like ship. While Johnson looked on me we're gonna talk about the the the new proposed the poisoning of all using the boot. We talk about the latest developments in the on actually the non whose. Without restore pickles plan and also talk about that new low white tailed deer importation regulation has been put in an. Is so controversial but first as always talked guns and welcome in our co host Kevin Burke just DeVon it and you will lose. It's good to have been again one vote your bank. Oh think and that's just have a great show I can make it. And that down got a good. Radio or wrong. Heaven you know like an idiot you know lines man you need to get up. It got too much time poignant and less than that and also audiences like accessory Gammon good to have you. They're more could be yeah yeah my balance on you can you'll keep the scales. In. More prevent any gets a little out then you gotta really mean you know. The part where if yeah. Well again got a lot of talk about today also have great on ball. Guns they peel them rated view view. Admin goes up to the shot she'll get a lot of information on things would be very difficult. The schedule of programs will be hearing a lot of talk about this disease unit net let me talk about it if you if you weigh it. I haven't given that you are wrong. Obstructed news until all the firearms issues about this bill it's going to be in the Louisiana legislature. That will basically. Make it illegal for students to bring in what is called a fake gun as opposed to a point guns at people call them toys. Odom veteran described as fake guns and if they do they could be fired at the 250 dollars. Or spent six months in jail Lott talked to sheriff of Bojan parish. Who suggested that Houghton represented in non Dodi Horton filed its measure because CEO already had. And experience with a pretend gun that wreaked Havoc throughout a school up there and caused a lot of chaos in in this prompted are to submit this bill. I didn't get a lot of people that were opposed to it. But I'm sure there will be some opposition. In we have some photos images on the WWL web site it's on the Golan homework page. And I Teddy you know I guess you and DeVon infamy with these things that meant some of these things you cannot tell unless you're a real expert are actually put your hands on that this is not a real. Notes among or absolutely identical it and I sit there is Waco. And make matters worse sometimes criminals will create movement and its equipment now and in the it will. Was part in the legionnaires of and by his person market opening on black. So you know your opinion. Is this a good move that to outlaw of these school I don't see anything good that could come in from keeping them right for students it's basically. To bring these vague on school. I think it's probably good thing because if one were one. That are certainly you said. You can't so eventually you view of its equipment makes some kind of way. That we need house bill on it I don't think so because. Technically I believe it's OB to include criminal and me right. You know it's their right with the school and their parents say that they orbit now of course like those. Is it again stop any kind of violence and Democrat who goes. My guess is that it was glory and the politics of baiting him to bring them. You know group and it was that. Yes no maybe so polluted in the house bill will make any difference. Netbook that we didn't. Definitely good makes trendy also although some of them understand and use you know like to have the paint ball war games there's something called an error soften plastic BP's. The yard Hamels guns in the school and gypsum gonna. We we denied that or. That's not or good. We don't we don't. Know I don't know Leo we view and firearms. Serialized real. Firearms. I get kids like to play others you know there's people wars there. Are there are so. Mr. waited to measure would do in regard to show saint Patrick's they talk about what. But no we don't confuse the two real emerge. And what did you do. I don't hear anything good happening. On you know from a solid. Paint borrowers so gardens. And farms and the same group that doesn't than it doesn't work or pay out that these. So Balkans absolutely huge people. And and indeed likely that it sold is that it goes the more you know it's it's incredible it's all true. Now I didn't. Seen. You know there's gun before. What girlfriends such as quarter you'll quarter large terribly with the younger trojans and then below. But you know you can't tell all the difference between them between a real good and most of these. There's all guns because we have a new technology either they can make these things. Well look identical to two Ruger and that's what they wanted due to sell more of they look you know ago. Thanks so on the war in Rio at all. Kids were gravitate towards the rewards of this New York you believe it look real real. And so yes they wanna make these things look right there record entries you have in your hand. I you console when he's around guns all day every day. And that's split second that you have in your hand united American delivered so it could bakery or not but the there'll there'll picture for. You know that you are bringing these things and school market in Europe. Well as the Serb wearing it was in the on that and Patrick stage show. You know they have a human incorporated. Shut school down in. Think they've found one Rio when they go and in the united co wrote on the difference between the duke. Which has been the Mets I was surprised so large. Audience. We're supposed to you did order in which show a young to inspire Gerstner took 35%. It was a much slower to adapt and it would the other. The any reason that. You know that someone would oppose. Well some people may have been confused and I tried to make it clear that. This is not a field that is gonna ban or prevent the sale possession of those air soft guns on the stand respect that as an industry and is the time and as a place among the proper conditions. But this would just prevent kids from bringing in school establish some legal precedent that they can take some action. Courses is gallons of finance and everything's good apparently the parents were in control it wouldn't have this problem. But we all know that that is not always so I think it's a good thing and we'll see what happens lose house bill forty Korean. Will watch it is it progresses through the session a what else you guys wanna talk about. Well definitely on a DeVon does that present view and there apocalypse and I only hope. That have really been paying because people and Latvia ideas. I'm and he can't say that it though right. Little. That's like that but you know everybody that they don't currently. When you've got to have one that'll take out a zombie what's the best zombie qualities. Hello my opinion I looked in the air one. If I was prepared one it would be. Like I would carry a point to work on that it did kill people on the food and they needed equipment around in the back. And diligently on a used to edgy it's apparently. It wouldn't. And indeed we've really it between England. Rejoicing. Shares of. You'd newbie in these. Common. So it is going to be Diego but would also have to a little take down point two remembered that there and ordered to. I wish I'd go and it toward the Butte twelve gauge shot and personal put food on the table. Protectors so it. And you gotta have it in you know the other two economic Bachmann and unity. I can't believe that a yeah or might the you know ward where they're at George. And go and twelve days to twenty cute they. You loser you know they clocked nineteen I think would be a victory. Ended the argument that now but anger toward. According to bird ago. What you got. You know. While my big shotgun exam because it it is makes up for a lack of marksmanship it'll cover a lot of errors and stick it in. And and as you said Knoll is a good close range self protection but also could put food on the table. Still liked AR. And your right hand gun pummel revolver guys just have always had a always love them feel comfortable shooting them. Would say probably in the order of preference would be the shotgun at 38 revolver. And then also and nail on I think you know food for the long range stuff. Part of it is our. Are there and need to give one when you get a good deal on one call me. The only car or so ago with our Internet market you do it and I don't know fun when it's in the hell. How will come by and get one eventually is that some of them in one of Wasilla and government did them all done recently that be great and the shoot mills halt you know Arturo. People dictate to do it. Pan and you believe in and it becomes a durable peace he should get the taste some of that on donated to the one of them. The beastie east of Rome he needed needed you know long hours ago I would appear. I wanna take a break her brother and note and now we'll go party it. All right we come back we India from DeVon Byrd. Gavin century we've talked guns we don't want tomorrow right here on more outdoors in listening to it on mortal five point three FM HD Ito. Or on I'll live stream meant WWL dot com will be. All right guys welcome back in you know it. Seems likely shows come around it's like mentally you know what are we gonna talk about this we have all the some additional time cause I will overload we got to pull. The cousin firearms and Second Amendment is always in the news. I don't wanna get to talking about the gun industry impact from this new administration. Looks like we gonna have a a very positive on edge in the Supreme Court and what impact this panel in the final on industry but before we do that general feel aware of this I'm sure you want given the Asia distort it's gonna impact the store. But you know that that that. Lawsuit that was up pending against Remington arms with a defective traders on there. Models 700 rifles they've already approved and settle the case well. They agreed to to have the trigger mechanisms picks and free of charge in a talent people leave the send the firearms to the fact he'll bring them to a retailer you guys involved in that. Every now and then that. That's no big deal Remington. Whoever comes across one of these quote unquote defective. Defective triggered a banquet at the word that prompted. Somebody that respect you look at a year or two ago and gentlemen optima and there was actually two and you weren't in it about them from very repentant proper and content and he's dead. That it would have when he landed. The old. Recessed only predictable opened and hours and chambers on the board that regard. And I'm sure that the guy jump down to pull the trigger could spend your doctor and you know regarding this storage. You. And one of the blame Remington but anyway regardless. And the noticed that it would net. Younger child got injured while. Reverend Michael and Al. And they said that their guns on the ground where usually happen when. You know and when you're not using the proper gun handling say he killed that in grain all of us and taught at classes and then. Pounded him over and over an open and keep your finger off the trigger always. You go on and integrity you don't touch the trigger until you're like the on the new ready for the go on the goals keep it. And the integrity uses. And you didn't care is too you know you can have it loaded when new candidate but on these people. One to blame bringing in four weeks self inflicted terror. And ceramic remote technical and then they'll go through a note yeah if you want to have look at it triggers a pleasure triggers in the and and it doesn't cost a lot of money because most people don't sit in the gone back and they were just on so whether there was a real problem not. Remington. Mossberg has of those with you companies that of them in the region that Australia. Begun award to send them back if you think that there's a problem Wear them. They'll get yelled your numbers that were located in and match of guns. Supposedly you know has problems. Or have a complaint from from someone who accidentally shot or somebody yo. Probably that they won in four secretly bird an armada. Firearms. And just to tell you is that an award in the Pentagon and in the I don't know what happened I was. But. And that no problem more so it is projector. Will look if you want there were unwarranted. And it doesn't cost more money because most people. Down. Well look at that the number of far from them among businesses seven and half million and so Florida and replace. But it remotely or work. They fixed one to 2000 problems all of these and experiences that some very small and coming back in the there's only two instances. Seven point five million it brings to question whether it was indeed. It could have been almost. Only by. Now very unlikely that the in that would've been. And erase people. They want more information you can element omens or. If it's one of the ones on the list. Absolutely grim and I mean I have never heard of in any. Major gun manufacturer that does come across this issue with you buckle of the national army to be honest I don't believe that in the thing. Effective or is in the triggers district of mechanisms that are are very easily. Enforce it. We you work. Correctly that is not a ton of parts that there road you know moving in the Cadillac for the gun to randomly go law. You know the trigger locks in there were released or work. It's pretty simple. And so we're regular people can come into the story and talk about it and let airtime to mute tickled with that it's. No we all know people wouldn't. Bring forth well frivolous lawsuit just don't you know people don't do that that's above that's way above. That. On the I think you know it could. It doesn't it was then that the gun was on Olympic and interest I think all of they couldn't prove the it took a political that the they couldn't necessarily prove that it wasn't them with a you know get in the finger on the trigger on anything you know. But that the new reminder to keep it and think people simply no matter what you do it. If you don't have began point that you. Expect Michigan native Patrick notebook Mosul. Exactly exactly. Right arm of giving back to that the topic of the firearms industry and impact that Donald Trump administration in his hand notre totally different outlook on five on Second Amendment from. The previous Barack Obama administration. He was named the top salesman of the panel array. Who was also it's looking like we're gonna have a Supreme Court that's going to be weighted in favor of second amendments if the nomination goes through. So what you hear in and about. People in the are on industry on things getting in to become complacent and of the rush on sale mountain concealed carry permits is now come on slowing down will. Oh you have to decide yeah there. A very exciting. The use of firearms industry yet and yet there are moving across the is catching up pin and being revived from award. A real. Hard industry could be in for the last eight years could they were being attacked so much you know by the president that. And congress and now everybody you're firearms god work. You were back all these years should it was not them not not many good things it's. Did you have on your side. During the Obama administration but. Last month that Georgia. Start to use them seats. Manufacturers pushed that envelope. Out of what they can get away with it. How much slack they now. That he would ship the you know. And guess what we started the opening of some really cool and actually around. That Mossberg came out with a twelve gauge shotgun in you'd probably like that on. If it meant that by not. A shotgun and not at all. It. It's a look like in Kyoto viewers short broad on at and managed. To a twelve mention little trench guns look like but it doesn't have a pistol grip on the traditional system. Mossberg is it may come up with merger. Bill of what the French bill. And put it on this dish to work shotgun and and I'll match produces it and not in a state regulated. You don't let the buyer tax and you know you know packed in to buy it. And it it sold for the public to the regular. That's one of many things that is really cool and show it though there in the new administration. And I haven't had you noticed any difference in. The rush for concealed carry permits the class is our other training because we did see a quite a spike in an over the last a couple of presidential administrations has anything changed it's noticeable. The Indians in the lines of business now on the up to the election of business in elections then the war for I don't necessarily understand why they didn't he just talks. And as far as training wise. Permits or globally it's slowly we'll announce some. Bode is its smallest it's namely that we should mean these aren't normal class of eight to twelve people and we've pretty much stuck with that. It's farther on the train it's according to people into. It really is that everybody wants studio anyone do anything that comes down to actual plan to do it. You can't give them the war. Beginners no problem but I'm talking more advanced. And do it. However because drove. Clark what about the thing from what about the same. That's what people's human we've been here there and probably year. Horrific it hard to figure that is good and it's good news. I got a quick break here because well we got to get another break in at this from before we listened to log on product of the month in news analyst is that right now breaking will come back. It lists in the talking guns enlisting total portal five point three a MHD two confinement. On line does a beautiful job on line streaming goes doubted revealed that come on down the Al was guys that come and click on the listen linemen that we will be right. Next break so we unite interview about the gun vault statesman now what do you wanna talk about the DeVon. Yeah question for you so I don't know Lima my mind wanders approve. Own book and that your. There to podcast on and I'm really bothered lord over people that 30%. Of the they can it and like they can on our show what were people opposed to that. The wall that would trick the children's number yen. In the kitchen fire on. And still score well. The only stated opposition god was a couple of people talk about the air soft guns and their kids. On dress up entities they put all safety equipment on and use of these war games in the evidently they took this to me be some kind of a threat. That these are all would not be allowed to purchase or possess with them and nothing dude was strictly that they would not to be problems school programs. Mean has a lot of restrictions on firearms and you know laws in this which is he simply an album but nothing that would threaten to. Eliminate a product toward some type of an activity that people consider doing. But not outside of that I didn't really hear any other reasons why that the people would might be opposed to a well the fact that they just don't like laws and they think that at some kind of an infringement on this Second Amendment Rights for a child. Not to be able to bring a fake guns well. It yeah we kind of perplexed by that I'm you know it into the whole thing it was very quickly here. The purpose of what it was trying to do and accomplish. I don't know how soon could have mistake. That's one thing I have learned from dueling bills polls well long time. Is that there are a lot of people out there were a lot of different opinions and Austin. Even though it's hard to believe that. Someone can feel so diametrically opposed to what you do dale on the basis the league and and it doesn't matter what you'd discuss and as always going to be enough. But I think that you both chrome as a money and number of people multiple times a week in talks. We can hold up they balloon or. With the label on the that there is glue and cut them a picture of blue ant from quote is you don't know where they are and where credit it was a race. Yeah you know people on all you do about it basically what they want in the it would nine years. My only get with this is that they there's an ideologue and despair it affects children welcome though. Well I can imagine that someone would justify a stamp on solo like my kids bring is that way. He's he doesn't have real guns that people think he does so that's this form of self protection. As a right. Sorry I didn't hear that and waited. Yeah yeah down to school in yank it shut down a school and cause parents and grandparents the rush them leave their jobs and and and cause law enforcement to leave all the more important news to goal falls call when things like the Genesis is. Rare but now he he was very emphatic. He was very emphatic Teixeira was and then he did not want this to be mentioned point. He said toy guns are totally different thing in his images of the little little green water pistols used animate stuff. And he says that's not what we're talking about he's talking about the ones at specific reasons ought. Maine two closely imitate real far on as possible that's the ones that there. And then again only the time of this the 202 dollars and six months in jail. I asked if they thought he and the legislate toys that would all believe excessive punishment. And they so well it would be up to the judge knows jewelry depending on the circumstances of each situation could be different. As far as why the weapon might have been brought the brought then brandished them. With the intent of causing chaos threatening someone. That would be one instance another way if executed it simply. Left it in his book bag because he was out playing in blog gains and forgot it was in the and it would be a different story. There. Oh yeah. Apparent over to. The student would be fun to that which ultimately would probably go over there at the kid doesn't have a job on bicycles that somewhere yeah apparently left the page in the six months in jail. That would mean Q yeah. Well there tomorrow. That would bring me in Jordan next. Our next little. No Politico. Could and Eric on the carpet buried. The bird interest thing. Questions comments. And situations. In news on my campaign exciting. Classes. Phil would you and we talked about it. Oh. Narnia where it surprises you as being. The most common. And question. Ask annual or you can hear there last war and you have to execute frontier or what it is. What surprised you the most that we tell people that they can't pressure them do certain thing. You know maybe when it comes disruptive and near Rome Portland you that they did the most upset at. What. What you've been. I Gavin before and success and you got a bunch of little jams but just give one here we're gonna have the space amount over the weeks and will get you to do like will call it Gammons they've. The give us want is we only got about a minute fore again in the next. Real. Really quick right now com. The fact that it is into the anybody for any reason and they can't kill pregnant. They wanna believe that this because the guy broken in my house you don't know what why he broke in with a certain that there are what is. They believe he could it could have called wants to walk up to kill them and and everything finally did get into the city. The cause he's been home they'll believe it doesn't. You know I mean my house back into that well no equity you know he's committed at the eyewitnesses could America. And then using that you may mean it can't tell what it's my apple. Gone like the law I won't even be here with you that hopefully. It does happen though you. You know yeah re create so then Almon. All I can say is I'm I'm glad there senior class in it find out otherwise. I we're gonna take this quick break we'll come back we're getting here especially the views on gun by our own. DeVon Burgess at the shot show talking about gun vaults lace coming back right after this. All right another good job there DeVon and I certainly enjoy that conversation with Cody and you know had a gun save on Long Island. No I think what. Most people realize with the guns that you only by one in unless you need a big one because that virtually indestructible. And the other thing is I think so many people. By two small. And I'm on the verge of that because even though you think I'm having to get that many guns even if you don't. Nike said and you said you can always find valuables that you wanna put in a safe Hannibal fireproof and theft proof. So that being said though what are you most popular modeled them in the U guys. I'm actually go and approach it all again and dampen your class. But you did you have in the classroom would you recommend. The one would be one I'd recommend the most news it would depend I know not everybody I don't know but it they have you know children home. I'm a fan of the of the buy American when that you know thumb print only because those kids is more than we. You know always get that didn't get that code it's not only do have hurtled in the it will only get that out. And it's senator senator I think you better off and that is me and you better off. Taking intact and there's four. And into that they it is open long down and they've hinted that. Not that so it recommendation meet with the most popular one people act but that's small that's small Gumbel which you thought about that that security caught. They're kind of and people you mean yeah and and people you meet here we beat them in the car is older adults and feel like we in the pocket that are. There we just so many fire on to the to the bad guys you know well let them. Break into our callers and that there is gone. Yet no doubt most of the boat where they delivered there should. We get a good person zone it's what we get a good percentage zone and but at the the most public equity people still on the impression I always do in the house. Is hide it somewhere at one if it goes yeah that went out. He acted on in the weather crystal room of the group in Indonesia and angry. A apple would be the excuse to go get it if if you know Padilla an intruder. And he was confronted in all column Emeka sent oil while we discuss this season opener of Madrid and come Putin's. Many called me yet it is scored a run now they've opened prisoners go tour and it. People. There are permitted him. Know if my record. Oh don't gab and I'm sure this comes up and a lot of you classes okay it's the Golan. When you need a gun you need quick you to be loaded you can work. But at the same time we you don't need it you want could be out of on its way out of kids inquisitive visitors that might come over. Is there a solution cut drive solution yet Ella. Known how to purpose when in about the only team of people I would commend them on recommend you need put it somewhere where you can get to a fairly quickly mainly. And the money you'll want to get access to it can't be good. Quickly and easily. I don't I don't wait until people that is community recommending clemency in one. Let he'd had an active person and he won't require prove or prove difficult pistol put them on board of all the crap that. There is no perfect solutions needed government primenews is never used for. And in the and and if you if you actually you know in the house will be different no matter what name but he thinks. More than likely nobody can connect front door down it comes soar in despite you know you need. Alone street I think you have the way of that and is second. Even that might have been going into Waco that there is that the Latin music and that in two below actress again gave out color. And that's the one thing that people honestly believe they figure eight. Don't walk down there at the refrigerator. Ought to give it back pocket and it too tight jeans on the well. Either of you know of any device that is available lawn being considered to to create some type of a vehicle safe. You know. Give declining vehicle insult com. What I tell people because they're called the dilemma. Wouldn't you can ago when you write in your area and you're right you didn't vehicles Ito on. The eagle on my girl maybe can't get to a but it. But we're making good on the caller I tell them because people have a lot of free time searching YouTube. Well quicker than the current global central but these are you couldn't put carrying. And look forward would have. You'll be amazed at some debris that people were ago on the certainly currency. There are companies out there and do. You know they revealed that opens sometime in being in them on the on expensive. DeVon you know an enterprising young guy maybe you should design wanted to come up with that enemy is that the world portable and you know you couldn't do because a lot of times you have to leave the bar on in the vehicle on attended. And as you settle that's where the criminals the bad guys that's what they ego. Large source of their weapons is from break in in the cars. But if there were a box sometime while lockbox or safe in the call where you can move it from wherever you keep it. Whether it's in the door in the glove compartment on to the seat into that safety the box then that would eliminate steps. There word it would mad flatter me I'll look on the shadow. In. Homicide. YouTube and at all you at all. Man but it Leo Leo. Our economy and you'd think that there would be under different. Devices. Used to do in Tokyo and certainly gone accord a company that would mount understood your real war. War drilling to have been there are console or crypto for you or. Open and the roof into the right right right legacy carriers or something but there's just not right now there's you know there is all company to systems smaller companies that that may. Some versions of on board though our distributors in our big distributors. Carried most of larger companies. You know products we recount were not able could get a dialogue in the store a lot of the and the oil companies on. You know kick a couple booster and that we cared. But public form and there's not a lot that we didn't mean easily you know Asperger's Stew we're in. We can order gentlemen. Equipment. So yeah actor people account for your Hitler Carmen quite quite often that that look and produced. And there's just not available options you're. I will old Devin I'm giving you fail warning you've got to get on because I have a weld a friend of mine who I'm going to be with them this week. And I'm gonna discuss this with him and see if we can concoct Kumble was some common device that could be adapted into vehicle. That would provide safety that would prevent theft at the same time easy access to it. And I make it independently wealthy it and leave the showed you. Our and Porter who. Gavin said you you're aware of a couple of products that are out there as to where can they be seen on tech noises strictly just. Do which itself was coming up with their own home made errors. And. No others in the company's and I believe there and news teammate falls. Ball will pieces balls. It below the kind of stuff or in the house and it seems some things that they made vehicles. And then I don't know from the open look like a regular flu though. Forward in the console and you flip the console there will be for the full they are now. I think these issues though with those vehicles won't be cost. There's no way with a ten count vehicle expand very competent now on board you know some people well some people on its orbit. I think that's the main issue if you Google. There there there there's some luckiest of the some very small ones out there. On the how much of the stuff that they're so I don't know. It's more now bugle ago. Going to with a vehicle if you run around its Secret Service is something that a little bit different but it. Normal everyday everyday life. At that the questions remain so for the apocalypse will be remembered. A all right guys we got a couple minutes anything in rap and up via maybe give the times of the store and also the times and dates training classes. No of course you know America well we Barnicle Meredith. Yet compete Gavin and a Saturday in that goes one. 18 years. On the 1000. In this formed. Headline Portland. And it doesn't can you carry that every Saturday. The U renewal class starts at 10 o'clock and it. Meant the world to design that. Tickled about 2 o'clock bill in the noon 1130. Bloomberg News and that's when the first on class to start your purse on you wanna get there about eleven at the scene. There as part of 1130 no pre registration required. The the first come first serve crashing old torn so people. Very filmed hello. So you'll have that. Did there at 8 o'clock. Room board and if you wanna come TV icon in the shoot it would and we're at 67 in nineteen airline draws that step and go and I'll end up in Orange the auto. Rain and opened a month ago. He comes Eugene cool. Keen on you the full auto submachine guns at a great over the economy. How to keep it straight and never shot at them will work. Ward you're a professional gun shooter at the great. Bring new. I updated the art facility. But that part to beat this year's club go on record that went in there that's again avenues that the crowd is awesome and oh yeah. And we get McAuliffe and or 77. And you do. And if you wanted to in the are sort of your. Book about. New ideas and make it known in. And regarding the typical hour. Well we can get somebody to design that can handle marketing and you can handle you've been excellent artist and UV sales director. One and one day ago. All right guys enjoyed it is always look forward to next month stock and nacho. Are there. I'd their egos given ancestry in DeVon Burgess we've been talking guns coming up next. Hunt fish stock roundtable discussion of how poorly she's they would. Al hunt. Fish talk are riled roundtable discussion with fellow Louisiana outdoor writer association members talking about the issues that affect the important to you do. Am talking about key lush and good morning he's. More. Are going great Angela Burt. And now my cold judge of the tenth annual punch it to look gumbo cook off. The by U woman Wendy DeLia witty good morning and while Taylor I think they out did themselves last week we had some of the basketball we've handled all those years. Morning I absolutely did not one time that I have to spin anything into my Mac. I. Tell us a couple out a little heavy on the sodium but outside of that most of them. Very good very close competition in I think that judges all being on the same wave went this time. Really want to upset a lot about that that the entries to congratulations all's vote one and at a nice turnout yeah it was great to see you again. Oh while the terror and his sub plane over to you you can be the host the missile let Alice does know what we're going to be discussing in installer it. OK well I'll start that disclaimer that. Everyone's been sick and I am I am not sick enough I'm just kind of fighting a little bit creepy cried so please excuse me if I have to clear that there had been. I'm not currently let it divested. So we again welcome witnessed first our first half hour on his pocket when our roundtable discussion where we. Talk about the hot topic of the day in the outdoors in the morning. We're talking about that you support is to kill Arafat at first I wanna get a little background about our feral hog then the problem. There are approximately half the millions hair off constantly and a and they carry disease they damaged crops in diminished habitat for other wildlife. The statisticians at statisticians. Have determined that 75%. The population as being harvested to maintain a static population. And it did not stay the spec but I'm the same. And make sense to me. You've that this would be annually. That we would have to do that. And the hot control methods currently used in Louisiana including recreational hunting and trapping. Private landowners. Daylight and nighttime shooting an aerial hunting in coming from helicopters. But these methods have not permit a large enough again and I'll population. So for the past few years researchers have been testing to chemical agents too late for these ponds. Then again that the very chemical that is secure but I can also cause the death of Cheryl hogs and I chemical. Is that him and I tried marketed under the commercial break and then haul it. Paul. What can I am in lethal doses. Studied and I tried causes symptoms that can achieve carbon dioxide poisoning. The hospital uncoordinated. They lose consciousness. And eventually die. One problem was that he and I tried. Instead had been using that debate is that it breaks down quickly when exposed to air and water. Make him very difficult to get hot seat ingest lethal doses. The other chemicals. Used to poison pair off talks. Is warfare. And marketed as a Ferrell thought date and it and then cut it KC PUT. While friend is an impact who actually. And probably familiar to a lot of people. It was originally used in rat poison and later used as human blood thinner. One of the things that it's now marketed under is committed. To put it causes internal bleeding in the animal. And in May dial long flight as an him detect up to wait for the animal to die. It's possible. Back and it might be approved for use in Louisiana as a hot day as early as this summer. There are concerns about other species of injecting today and in Louisiana I think our major concern. Is that in the recently delisted like there. Accord edge that name animal rights activists are against the use of war different because of the way in which he keels. And missed Australia used it or are certainly years to eradicate their fair heart problems that they have since been in the use of poison. On the girls on the team me it seems bank. Another concern was to say is the manufacturer. Klein. That while some or for in my right into the main it's not enough to harm humans wing concerning. But. Jim McClure opposed this is on the state veterinarian. What about people paid tight war effort as an anti coagulant. Can continue maintaining its hardly be harmful to him and that is the question we will come back to you later. But Far East right now think Monica you are ski. And have to do you saint. Louisiana should legalize the use the a war for and to eradicate the wild hot population and then tell us why he thinks so our lineup. Well my opponent does it change considerably. After delivery are on the product. Well rapper heard about good putt like most people religion panel back you know. I heard the word boys and immediately bought out there may need it or even in that may kill dog and I'm prepared to do it by. Then that there is it true the rodeo net these are almost. Land destroying packed and it seemed likely can't stop I mean. A last attempt loosen up the restrictions are monitored and it's been helpful you know get on the number hog killed by. It detonated it career PP now killed last year. And now from all all reports it stated in a Harley Indian population so you think really bad there were on offered structure crop. Native habitat and they carry diseases can be spread the boat while like human. You know looking at a report. And an estimated email at every corner big over two year period each female Valero. Eleven. Thirteen and she can produce quite a year so. Really didn't hear Natalie and we adamant mode and state taxes meant that the Alabama but getting. My initial thought I would get. Skeptical of the Portland but look at the time in the development product. The research dedicated a couple of they've been in the net for awhile. Again these out and went product development cookbook initiated by. Company called. I'm metric and Colorado though. Seventeen years ago re urgent problem and make me optimistic at that rate in the quarter and you could actually work. I would not trade in a war and more than that. Made him bleed internally like it and that it needed and it it actually one hit them concentrated in rat poison so. You can just look to Iraq what does sore trial run again rep Portman I mean to be more specific war then was approved in. 1948. You away Rowling wrote. And on the Mary and with that the main ingredient that is war and they ran out then then they used bait on bade Byrd current problem. Alligators not think Quayle and what they did receive debate them. The papers. Five to ten times concentrate that it normally. Cases they had no deal. From kinda the point. Really think that maybe they mainly sports aren't at the war on our. Mall or a calm not say. Think practices is that you go first maybe maybe take a look directly at it than any any negative. Outcome Robin trickled back. He used them a little gate again and toward a port. Well I don't know if it will go forward in Texas because they're they're fighting about it right now. I'm not sure what the end result is going to be. Lot of it here returns in western why 19 what he's saying. Well. Conflict like he. I'm more stalwart quiet statement if you happen to turn around look at. Peaceful compared capital picture where state. You're brand of meat companies emperor. In all of spending the bulk of agriculture root ball crop these are all the all of you know from more. So palm reader correctly you're already there's couple old so. You know wicked shall call all your collar. Three years old go talk about four and portable. Or halt the league outfielder that if you are removed it from the you mentioned about all her of course you're injury and the problem this year and a our. Back in 2000. Australia. Population. Of one million Euro one victory in Euro called Google only toward wondered you people. In Australia. So we have little girl called live journal. That people. If you go through that can and everybody mr. Oh. Our whole problem. It would always. Wait late in the main. Character. And that's certainly opera singer Colbert story is. In the alt bought the general rule we've got a lot of game that doesn't opt them. You have Julio. Them that your top of the like you talk about per year and thank population where it. Valuable. And it doesn't create whole population there. Hall world rabbit. Pretty. Compound the in regulation now we can at least so you're pretty sure. And nobody call. Would roll call picture. Well first warped legal they're really just about everything you can do fault. So called and you know that you. Created to look at him so we won't call on form. Would move toward the 48 crew of cold. Every year but he he certainly applicable code and truth coordinated in the although both that not all pick to treat bites the Pete Coleman didn't keep old gold and he got where he would just all the cold morning and they would use him Google field though. He can't he can't stop. Ba. Normal call it even. There are available all the regulations so. Kamal do well not panic the important thing. Org economical for years ago go on probably the factors. But that from the cradle hold firm figure crew brought the and could put that talk about well if you vote for me to be. Reasonable trial. And unfavorable. Toward very little control the population. In the hall of coaching called let people would throw. They didn't do the right thing definitely difficult thing because of the I'll build your own problem contamination can do people on the beat these. Get hold. I know we'll propped well did you drive vehicles were pretty good solution on concrete or. Okay I'm looking at you Donald Lee come back right after this break you're listening to its. Hunt and fish talked only WWL. 105 point three. HD two we'll be right back. Said you're live in the country's top roundtable discussion. With Louisiana the writers association members. And we're on WWL. One of five point three HD 2 days this morning we are. Talking about whether or not Louisiana should legalize the use of chemicals. Such as war for an in a product called upon. To eradicate the wild how population and Don it's your turn to weigh in. Well you know I can't really make a clear cut yes and no on this at this point. And I'll tell you why on noble one. I think the jury's still out on its effect too although while life in I'd like to see that information it he meant because I hadn't heard that that. They've done some extensive testing out some other species and it does show some of the may be hawks Pacific in and only impacts on. I doubt seriously though that if we sacrificed any black bears the test of its effective on those two. The other thing is Texas sized adopted it as the controversy there. But it looks like they can put it into use I'd like to step back for a while. It's the hollow works for them not that we have the same habitat type and same type wildlife as Texas does by any means but it wouldn't hurt to have their data and apply it to Howell worked there before we make a decision on. On the other thing that would cause me that the pause on making a decision is some really late breaking research that shows. That our hog population in Louisiana has kind of reached the plateau. It's just about leveled off it's not where it's been on that steep steep increase like it had been. The so many years and I guess that's the result of several things including the relaxed hunting regulations and in control and keeping them from being moved around. And so with that in mind you know whenever to eradicate them but if we could keep them under control with what we currently Dylan. As certainly not to have to poison would would be applause however I'm not opposed to Dylan it if in fact the veterinarian a statement there and Jim will cool those of studies and he says seems to be the best of my knowledge. Now while I specific it only impacts hogs. I would still like to see if that is putting news Donald permitting basis. And also with some kind of DNA tracking which they do on a lot of Powell or poisons. Which means that if I buy it and I applied for a permit to get it that means of the an educated on its proper use. Instead it is violent at the local the store. That way it eliminates possibilities of contamination. While life. The other thing with the DNA tracking is if if it's found in some. God forbid a human or all the long life it can be traced back to lose. Couple it was and they can hold them liable for you have to sign it'll all legally binding document that you are aware of its users and you accept full responsibility for whatever. Negative in place in the racism might come from amusing so I think was still a ways away I don't think the hall it's a problem battle like it's of such an immediate nature. That we've got to make a rash decision which might come back the kickers in the. Right I re not making that decision to keep PG wanna expand around it and then there's by it pops Pacific. It three or the morn number actually they tested the the bullet or a date. And that they that there are perky. It's being number we take warning. The Eden daily for nineteen days. You deal. Boy Quayle 27. That they need eaten elite. Top 44 pound ball. Thirteen point two rounds of the day for five days. 880 pounds the year without the 3500. Pound. Elite for five days particular. That's pretty interest in right there. Well that makes me feel a little bit better about it as far as. The other species getting hold it and comment on that in one of his articles. He said harper not dainty diners. At the midnight suspect that there would be a lot of they spread around the ground. That the animals would have access to and apparently it was my concern now that your app that they're talking about using his supposed to have it. But in town vertical sliding door that goes up and down and Parse they would of course conditions on. To go eat regular date there after the fourth probably packet send in. You know condition them how to lift Beckett. And they are saying in Iraq seemed to list to date well OK that didn't really bother me and by the by air lifted Medicaid and eating mandate. It really it can. From me especially after. This 21 year come back program that was successful. And the black there was just delisted off threatened in protected species list last night. So we're coming up on a year at that did any of you gentlemen have a specific concern about the black bear being impacted. Like Don said I'm sure they're not going to see. Did the trial tests on the buy beer. Well I don't think I don't think there's any research out there Texas doesn't have that problem I don't have Blackberry is so that might be the green light for them to use it. Where it might via a real caution for us to use it here. I do think that colonel hawks and barest of probably pretty closely related as opposed to a halt in the Turkey. But it I think we really need to of final way to do research and I don't know how you go about doing that without sacrificing an animal. Ought to find out you know if in fact black parents certainly they would be able to. The ten pound gate to get to the stuff. And you know only very possible 'cause so. If it came down between the hogs and black bears you know he can't have both you can only. Do want to get rid of all and keep the bay resort on you'll get it all and get rid of that. If that's the situation. Will be against Houston that case I think that you know I don't think that pagan and increased in number is so much. That they would just totally devastated all of the wallet take Aaliyah with the light of its new line. Count coming up saying network kind of reaching a plateau it's not a good number. It's still extremely high and it's still some extremely destructive but it doesn't apparently seem to be getting worse. And the sacrifice black bear the comeback for that. I don't know it tough call. Oh. Planet K. Notice the law. I'm sure they'll pick pick pick Pete gave us. Pilgrim hall oh victory sacrifice animals called the vote could clues to that earlier figure calorie third. So whatever form they use. It crumble with those numbers and so music computers it is about and I'd. Know what what do. Well they wouldn't have to give it to eat it all have to do is I mean it's an injectable or adjustable law alum you know he could you give them that Quan at the old was cried at a time. Without the food that is thing. Once they did and they found out what it took the knocked countdown then until woody would have had eaten given ratio that put into the debate. It. Oh. Well I mean that previous questions at the end. Because as it's a good thing that I really don't mind not knowing everything and that you'd generally is sometimes called me miss snow at all. If you do with a person taking. Timid in. Can you might contain tainted Carroll called me and here's my question and I tried to release in areas through my brain. Under what circumstances might apartment. Consent of feral hogs that if ingested poison. I mean the intent is for the animal to die. So can someone please explain to me how. I think it takes I think it takes four to five days for the animal dies so initially ingesting it wouldn't have as high level. On the first. Couple day or so but that animal could be shot for him on poison dog in process without Nolan. I don't know how by you'll cumulative Coleman and use. You know whether Hillary. It goes up the food chain very well Lloyd does not. Fact that it was used in rat poison now they probably not but again. See some research on. Yet because that's the big big question. Somebody taking the minute that you are Vietnam War and in your system an eagle on. Around the law that that big question I think that's something that would have did that probably Ari on top Bobo or any. It's pretty. The cut and what goes aren't that goes but I didn't think question and that. Well let me share of which are all the learn about 25 years ago about Bottke. Totally unrelated to this issue. There. They eat anything. They had out is very very. Short and terrorist and a very small step on the a towel. You know biology. When the calorie alternate takes toward a lull for stern in the tradition. We're the communities so too is change you awhile later. So well what they get into there and be very quickly so that is certainly a concern in. I'll I'll never get and so totally different than that caught my attention about and how fast. He's consumed soaps and intolerant and two issues. Well that would mean that the committee generally get into the tissue relatively. Quickly but please tell me that you don't think anyone would come across a freshly dead halt and technical. Well I think he Dillon before it dies rock and injecting it from blue sky. On to to see. That it. Has the report in town now in public can't be. Oh so. So basically it would be stay away from the blue war yet yet. Right now noted. And I go you go out and support as not many good things to eat the blue the gamblers think about it. That wraps up our first half hour of let it stop right here on WWL. One at five point three HDT it's. We will be back to talk about the 2017. Postal master plan please stay with us. Welcome back in two and our second and final half hour of countries stop. Right here on Debbie Debian will have five point three. This half hour we will be talking about the 2017. Postal map postal master plan. Which was first developed in 2007. After the devastating do hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2000. The plan is revised every five years this year represents the second revision for the fired actual master plan. At 115. On pages and links. And I think she's that it couldn't sleep mode but what other ingredients are played so we look at talk about a couple of changes that. A that I that it is planned in anything else that you want to throw in there. I wanna mentioned that time and we talked about we've had a harsh has about freshwater diversions. In the earlier plan that term was teased freshwater diversions and I think in the last plane and they kind of threw a curve ball. And they changed the terms of sediment diversions I think to make it more acceptable because. As we know. He's freshwater diversions are of great concern. To petition recreational fisherman commercial fisherman. Oyster men. They're concerned because of the salt water line being pushed further south but in 2007. Master plan that's proposed and are work based on research that was over fifty years now stating that. The more written water outlet out to depart and the faster the floods the more than sediment deposited. So that you plan proposes combining these diversions with pipelines that pump sediment. And they claim that more sentiment is delivered when opening the diversions hearings loop river stages. But the tricky it another win to open the diversions and for how long. So what is more updated. Information and research. As opposed to eat fast flowing water more sentiment as tendencies now others dying. Open the diversions and I'll let you reverse that age with this new information in line everything that I just and it. A wanna ask you gentlemen to questions. And I think many Donald Grady fires. He's saying that scientists really know what divergence four days has there been enough testing comment and will and won't do as far as I mean because. And by adding up pipelines sentiment. Think that'll that'll keep that ball waterline where it is thereby making all of fisherman happy. Well you know a lot to discuss as far as that accuracy of what the impact of fresh water or so adamant that semantics wouldn't you wanna call is going to be is still up for conjecture and they will tell you that. It's and it's alarm as you go process that plan on doing them and then monitoring and making adjustments down the road. And I think that's the proper way to to deal with fresh water sediment diversions are certainly main lining through pipes is much more effective it's much quicker. Then all you know creating spill ways in in its structures to diverted but. Sister isn't overall overview of the whole plan you know I've been pessimistic on this and remain that way. Off on number reasons primarily as the money. When they started this several years ago it was a fifty billion dollars then it went to nine in the last I heard it's a 140 billion. At a meeting earlier this year when I asked him how much money you have on hand and have been secured you can count moments in the bank. Was eighteen billion. Which is far far short of this although they say they remain optimistic in finding new sources of money. In new sources of revenue. Then you've got all the negatives that get thrown in on top of that does the that the number the amount of research has been Donald subsides. And it's impact of fresh water sediment diversions do nothing for subsides the bottom does. Continues to sink in. At a rate where you'd never will be able filling in with sediment. Seven and ideas to create some soil some land that and the vegetation would take old man. And then growth would create martian wetlands. Now the latest thing on what kills all this but one of our former members Bob Marshall. Who was a writer for the times Picayune for many many years he's not now staff ride of an online publication called the lands. He revealed something that it's even. More difficult to fathom it shows you the amount of of stumbling blocks and battery in the way of this whole project. And that's dolphins can you believe that now that. The new marine mammal protection active could acquire national marine fisheries service to block those diversions. Because the amount of fresh water that would come in would present a problem today habitat. The way the laws constructed of that habitat is geographic specific. You couldn't do any mitigation and other words can't say we're gonna promote dolphins over here and get rid of them will be here because. It's going to be fresh water. From what I'm understanding dolphins on the brightest a thing that swims in the water. And that unlike fish in some shrimp and crabs which reads saline gradient and get away from bad war. Dolphins don't do that they're gonna stay. And get diseases and parasites and they gonna die and it would be so ironic that in order to keep a healthy dolphin population Unita marine estuary wetland. But they may be the very thing that blocks. And I can go on and on with with what a serious problems. I'm looking at the organization themselves. Of the calls the law. Protection and restoration authority and I think these guys the whistling through the graveyard. They're going through the money that they've got the building big buildings that given contracts they do a study yet the study the study. You see some positive results that I gonna communal throw my hands up and walk away from the you've got to fight you got to try. But overall I'm probably the biggest pessimist about savings goals. I hear news and I had not read that about the dolphins. Is spirit count of the geographic lines that we can picture of how far. How far up are we talking that the dolphins there are coming. I would imagine everywhere from the salt water line out into the gulf from the. At Hank well intentioned staying you know I live on by the large which is. Bracket cheery at that all the very very low in. Salinity. And several years. They were digging that were built on the Levy district elected me not far. And as late as say bill that Levy bank by the arm and now. Ford to ease the settlements and long story short bit other dolphins and a cap. Had Obama up by the large and went into that borrow up to now. An aunt that construction workers put our arms every 100 that you hundred yards to block it out to keep people from voting and I thank separated. That mother also in and that tax. And mocked them and ask that their bank setback happened until we kick in the pants. Someone. To come. Rescued captain as you said it was about three day. And that Kaplan is very not doing very well and it has legions all of our bodies are being in the fresh water well packaged water. They were able to. You know to offended that as today I really can't I had no idea that the dolphins ought to be enough. Alia all the fresh water changes that blood chemistry which caused them to die and they are protected and then we've got all the scientists that have been produced in researching in the the Deepwater Horizon spill. But took a told the gulf and so it's already compromised population and what that the fresh water outrage. The low salinity that these diversions weather wouldn't you wanna call would create. Would would certainly kill the dolphins in and they won't leave because it's just and then DNA NAFTA to leave when they get bad conditions they stay in it does dot. So this is yet another stumbling block in the way of the men's committee that are out there on this whole point. Well and and it's coming in I understand bullets to confirm that. When putting that aside I wanna go back to my original question than asking case. Do you think that they really know what these diversions key innings in game. Well one thing about the planet is (%expletive) in there. Being earnings and old clinic you know one you know what work the app and take it from there. Barack government in its it and it would hurt trying to delay area out here. Oh lead in the war and or it is zero land law and why and gain on trying to slow and the point and seen this in state. Even in war. In a world where ma am. Be law and four decades. One on building they need to be one group. Earlier on including ten in the communities around the war so. It's truckers. Updated lead and given the lead and trying and stroller and and making it meant. Even trying unit that means slowing to handle and it's something. And on and on so they continued. Urgently. Come across something that. Didn't terms for action. Think they match recently came out showing the law and future. Pretty much inevitable. Obama. Well. You know. Well like. Or. From morning. Out there and the way they use and you know. Are are not. Especially in favor of the conversions because people what they do call war. I'll pick Paul of their solution could very. Here either natural. They're near term a perfect example career. If there are real. Below coach only he and the way. Well aware. Their opinion about a truce group there's no fresh war no. You know and he's because you bring in. A natural may be for the both home and raised there the only way. The whole continent more. Beautiful greens election. Right here. We have flowed. Like a war on. And in 190 great book drought being built up great about it. I'm happy to hear it should. Of the pop in my part he'll. And I always knew I could grow. Here in the ball call. Wildlife management hold very currently are trying to do by. Is whether the bird and well thought out and bought and go straight crawl. So polonium is all yours you live trees growing hole it from there. The league ball well. I don't know how account and follow who that it will will carry. Bush in about well there it goes a new. Canal into the wall although. Diversion canal a little worried at all of them which you're sober. You know. In the fall further and I am not form. Put people in the room. Culpable for all Peru water. Both certainly. In favor open that will be told look cheaper is just days and that whole. It and when the real calm to a certain level that the war and the go in there like you troop forward put lived there were taking it all well. But ever since or human you know would putrid. But four years ago probably won't be Lou treat color used to drop gear there are on compiled through no longer amount Cooper polonium. And that. He has warned of an. Option in the secure all Google which Euro be at the mall here living god let it go Google. Google street view. And look trap them if they're. Not eager for war. And let me go back like you could not opinion poll currently pulpit he put old war. Control and now why Lago. Is that true real about them. I have to agree with you on and on that we will take a break and we'll be right back with more hacking into the final segment of hunt fish stock. When you're talking about the 2017. Postal master plan. I had three more questions which we will not have time for. I think I'm gonna wrap it up and bring it down to two questions because we already talked a little bit about the price tag. Now with their plane was that consideration of inflation and it's not eighteen billion Don mentioned a 140 billion which had not saying that I think it's. I think the answer is that the injuries and that was this price tag ever increasing. That we will never be able to sufficiently stem the tide of coastal land loss. With that I'm gonna news on CU. My next question which is pretty much going to be he may be controversial but. Half of the plan addresses the crumbling the coastal land mass we lost nearly 2000 square miles. Which has turned out that waters since the 1930s and we've touched on a couple of those causes levees. And I can now drink it can now dredging inlet drilling subsided and geologic Altera came. But that you master planned for instance the accelerating. Sea level rise is due to climate change. And by the way to determine the level rises used thirty times in the new plan and that term climate change nine times. So the plan effectively vehemently anywhere from 12100 to 4100 square miles of coastal land over the next fifty years depending on how much. Sea level rise. What I want an effort meet gentleman. Is our climate changes you level rise three don't are we being game. By the climate scientist. They want without our. I will. Eventually. Little prayer and a very well I'll. Still today in my definition of climate changes went to spring summer. That's part of it yet it is change in all the time and I don't know whether it's man made command influence I don't really believe it is. But you know I don't know. Just kind of a sum up the whole thing. Between the 2012 in the wanna seventeen yet as some changes in the in the use of language in it. But one thing I did notice and I and I give him credit for. They are starting to mention things like retreat mode. Scrap the entire parts make adjustments and I think that's being honest with people which up until this point panel think they really have been. But this starting does say yes there is bad news and here's what we're gonna do. Him as. You know the short time that they gonna have to that the deal with a I just don't think they going to be able come up with the money I've said that before I'll say it again I don't think the money's there I don't think the will of the rest of the country is there. And I think a big drastic change that we may see. In the next one in 20/20. Two when the next five viewpoint comes out. Is going to be a serious relocation of structures communities and people and made the EU. Evens. Reacting sooner than then may be better because the money may be better spent. In doing buyouts and relocations. And throwing it up against saloons and prop. With that I'd give it to you yeah. It not not in my opinion any time you hear you know little little warm. And so using just because you don't know anymore. Besides that it paid side you know the government saying no one year. Or you know previous administration pointed ears though they're gonna lead them. It is that your crop no political. Agent Tom. Climate change I think. Change only happen naturally. Since its beginning over the mean look at when they started track and then you know. Yet I get cold again not what they're doing right now get taken out. What the chart is at our book fees rise and and that it's expanded. And it never funny and in this planet not. Going to release date so. Non. Understanding is that climate Chinese and name. To replace global warming. It has so many people had trouble with global warming. If pilots and their climate change. They changed it because they when they hit a winter like bait and they do is group for a year ago. I'm in the camp told the globe warming. Seven are in and candy because. Nobody. It yet that we're warming anymore you'd say climate change and then. And and there is out of control or whether is different from what I hope that they. They make you group following climate change. I'll have an opinion on climate change since they arrived. Sure. Oh. Well if it's inning of the projection that day in your. Project. In any way shape reform banks alone wearing column changed they're public figures and state and then it'll handle supporter at all. Because. Even the stuff they predicted one thirty years ago mentioned that already happened and if so fall from the true. Well. Go agency. Get paid by taxpayers won't. They don't produce. And so then no one. All alive for the lecture they keep that job this year. All. Verify. An undertone bug that should help calm. Their pay Marco Brian. They have certain property. Investment and that only a model and and that will make their money. All of the ball well put out. And they only way they keep their job for lecture that the government pay them you know or Adam Curry you know pogrom. Out well. All of Lou that can be diet for the can keep looking into high. Little if any of this or projected bar on change follow. The third group there look I won't come which you believe content and at all milk that it didn't and how. Well personal regular. Vote. Well I want to go back real quick to complement dawn said before we close that quickly without with this team mentioned. The segment of the planned that there collings non structural that I. Which include relocating communities. Before. That happens it happens simultaneously. There was mentioned in the plane and of helping property. And communities adapt to higher slightly less spotlight but printing buildings and elevating Helms. Now I understand. Many cuts to community residents there especially commercial fisherman. They need to resign as those communities that haven't that they offer is invaluable we all of our. But there are other residency changed to live in these coastal communities so my question Maggie and other political one and it's just a quick answer. It's a matter of opinion. Should the government. They helping to pay for home elevation. And I mean isn't the government's responsibility should they be these tiny before. Our home elevation for our citizens. What he's saying Alan. Who that's stuff. As tough as someone none chooses to live there I think it probably should be at their own witness at the expense of taxpayers. Quick Internet. A lot of yeah unilateral how much it is group on the wall for the real compassionate human beings. Certainly when you posed the question whether whirlpool more current. Are true little room. Alone when I get a contention throughout cleaned all that large bulk bill. I didn't go to vote he would treat old people both ways from war millennium award. Not complained about India and what children. Oh like you about a group move toward. It will be open about cultural erosion. All the cool though those people that do about that will get moved from work and land at their home grown colder here. Bit political move one Leo. Ashtray and that and some of the 'cause the communities will become. Both first and then barrier islands for. The bigger cities like home Lafayette. Lake Charles those places and understand. Before we close the opposition and it's really been gracious thank you gentlemen I would like to mention that next Saturday march 25. We are having our by cleanup in his chair around here actually will be cleaning five by this year. Outlook has come down especially if he shouted do large. Come meet me at Altria dot next Saturday morning at 7 o'clock at about the canal. And we're gonna hop in the and pick up some marine debris. And killed in beside the outdoors and thank you so much fourteen Indians you've been listening hunt fish top. Thank you don't.