WWL>Topics>>3/24 10:45am Michael Glasser talks consent decree

3/24 10:45am Michael Glasser talks consent decree

Mar 24, 2017|

What is the consent decree? And how is working against NOPD recruiting? Capt. Michael Glasser tells us how it works.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael I've got several Tex and they come in different forms of question that the basic bottom line is. What effect has the consent decree had on bringing new offices in if you would. First explain what that sent this decree is in New Orleans and what is its impact. A lot of people are aware exactly that means basically it cannot Sheila the consent decree is an agreement between. The department of justice and the city's annual. Monitored by the federal through several federal monitors and her director. And that agreement is in power and won't police department interact with the help. That is for traffic stops pedestrian stops and interviews interrogate. Any contact we have with the public. It is controlled by reconsider rules. From the consent decree is agreed guilt oversight as to greet deal of bureaucratic paperwork that goes along with that everything has to be documented. Where we're cameras are required you must be still that must labeled a must be archive the most viewed by several. Different individuals. Forts or tried to make sure that they think that the oxygen during correct. Choose to greet deal bureaucracy that goes along with it and what happened with that and he's second question. Is it has created. An extremely labor intensive bombardment for. That means that thing they used to take an hour now take 34 hours or tasks now that we had these that we never had to do before. And once we didn't have to do. Or now brutal winds redundancy and we repealed extricate work. By both surprises and also which means that it slows down across the commencement. Everything comes to a kind of grinding halt. And as a result. This shortage is exacerbated even worse because now not only do we need 16100 we really need to begin with probably need more like 17100. Just be able keep the difference in the amount of bureaucratic work that we can't do along with that and kind of work. Is discouraging when all come on board. And it seemed that they have they. Do for the built in at audible problem that is protect. We can't keep officers who were desperate here we can keep losses that we recently. Beat take a look at the number of people we hire. We're acting on doing too badly. We've merely hiring somewhere around in excess of hundred people here probably as we're losing that many and more. By the end the year so world upside down there right. So in your opinion and I guess panels of consent degree bottom line is of the cost benefit ratio is the extra manpower and time and expense. Well worth it in benefits that come back to the community. I think what we have here is the pendulum swung too far the other way. I think that while the basic concepts of the consent decree we're a good thing a lot of these things need to because I'd think you'd be. Would have given more oversight and more responsibility and accountability and had I think we'd like to follow the other direction. And now we have so much. That we can't even possibly keep up with and it's just bought this down to a point where all were ineffective or response time to terrible. What people call for the police is eighty nobody if you open went that they shall shall late. And part of that has do with the fact that they have so what did you on the previous call. That they can't just clear up what would go into the next call. There's a lot has he done so well consent decree in concept is a good thing I think it needs to be modified and amended to a point where it's more functional. And less perceived and what would take. Well that would take basically the federal judge would have to approve any agreement but it taught us that we avenue department this. The new president so I wouldn't be shocked if if there was or renegotiated consent decree comes down pretty soon. Because they'll procedurally. And I explained to people sometimes this way you know it's like building if you if you build a boat following its down to the letter. And everybody congratulates until passed someone back for a great job that you put the water sinks like expelled. And say well it didn't work so well. We followed the procedure and that's what the consent decree it's a long list of very very specific procedures. That we're trying desperately to follow. But we put our boat water sinks like stone we're not doing so well publicly that the problems we have to reverse. You got it thanks for the great explanation frank missile amendment issue.