WWL>Topics>>3/24 10:25am Don: NOPD recruiting former military

3/24 10:25am Don: NOPD recruiting former military

Mar 24, 2017|

Would you support a family member's decision to pursue a law enforcement career? It's becoming harder and harder to recruit new officers. The pay is low. The risks are high. The image of police officers has been tarnished. What would happen to society if no one wants to become a police officer? Don Dubuc talks recruiting former military members.

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My dog got uninteresting not text message came in asking people help while it is still the public they wanna know of panel has launched a drive. To hire returning soldiers from the mid east and you know that might be a good source of qualified people that patriotic. They can be certainly be thoroughly vetted is more as a qualification with a military record is out of an effort that's going on all possibility might look into it. Well the authority that looked. The obviously department well aware of the resource the military provides in terms of candidates should we watney quite a few recruits all our military. That's already progress in the war. Actively and aggressively trying to recruit people from that and you. So of course we encourage anyone who's in the military and is that time is about to come out what is already out. To explore possibility of coming on board.