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3/24 11am Don: reducing prison expenses

Mar 24, 2017|

If Louisiana needs to reduce prison expense, the state should: reduce the prison population by relaxing release policies or cut costs for prisoner benefits? We take a look at crime, the criminal justice system and victims' rights. Don's recent experience with the criminal justice system (his god son's murder), left him feeling, “disgusted & insulted." If you've had a family member or a loved one who was a victim of a crime, what was your experience? Don was joined by Irv Magri, President of Crime Fighters, Rev. Trey Roberts of White Dove Fellowship and Bonnie, a retired Probation and parole agent.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And before you make a decision on how you wanna vote you won't wailed at least in the program because you may need to hear what's going to be said before you make a decision but the question is going to be. If Louisiana needs to reduce prison expands. The state should. Reduce the prison population by relaxing release policies. Or should they cut cost for prisoner benefits. A couple of choices there you'll find that on Centre of our home page at WW all dot com. We've got several guests in the studio old tell you who they are and why they hear in a moment but. To kind of set the stage for this hour next two hours we're going to be talking about our criminal as many people call it injustice. System that we have fun not just here in Louisiana but of the places. A lot of you know. I experienced our family wow serious tragedy earlier this year. My nephew my god chow Ryan Dubuque who was brutally murdered. Card on January 9 he was on his way to work in his truck he stopped at a convenience store used in ATM. But through the Dallas cast it's believed that he was giving you gave someone a ride and that person. Committed homicide shortly after the left birdies gas station and lowering. Is he we shot four times in the head his body dumped in the ditch. The truck taken across the ribbon proven to a cane field and from there I suspect has been apprehended. And we have been tracking and I will continue to to track the progress. Of this situation as we get further into. And if you miss the program that I did the day before we buried Ryan you can hear that go to our web page WW dot com. I'll look under the shows and schedules. Then go to Garland Robinette and lookup and you'll see the three hour show that we did you can. Here that firsthand rather than go back through all of the detail there of what took place. But since that time of contracting. The accused Gerald Smith his record. And I want to share that with you and and see what you think about. How can these things happen. You know we don't have a could I don't know if I could get a don't think I can the juvenile wrecked. Prior to age eighteen but in 2003 this individual was eighteen years old pled guilty to burglary and all adults now. It was given a three year jail sentence but that sentence was reduced to two years' probation. Two years late 200520. Years old pled guilty to misdemeanor if that sentenced to 35 days in jail. But with credit for sector 35 days credit for times that same year. This in October charged with simple battery got a six month sentence. As sentence was suspended. Was placed on probation. Ordered to stay away from the victim of the battery but any violated battle at least twice. In each of those times also held in contempt of court. The next year 2006 December charged with theft. That charge was reduced to disturbing the peace to punishment. One dollar fine. 2007 August. Arnold career really get rolling now. Pleads guilty to second degree battery and robbery. Police report says he approached demand in boutique. It came in ahead with a stick sending the man to the hospital. The sixty now. Smith continued to beat the man as he laid on the ground and then fled later saying it was an altercation. But then later. He pled guilty to armed robbery but instead of serving a three year jail sentence. He was given instead they're putting on probation. For two years. When he twelfth. Failed criminal justice system at this point you gotta say it's Baylor. A lot of free roaming general Smith to distribute drugs new school and food parish. I judicial system sentenced him to ten long years in prison but guess what he was released early due to good day. Well it and keep up their good behavior long as an August of the next year he pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace. That landed him a whopping ten days but never spent a day of that jail as he got you a probation. You must late December 2013. Traffic violation pled guilty. And refused to pay it if it was held in contempt a cool. 114. Really roll in big year crime now. He managed to colonel wants for his arrest by the Picayune Mississippi police department of felony shoplift. ON Wally was doing that. He managed to get on the sex offender registry for indecent behavior with a mine violated a protective order of the day in the long and they have weapons and was known to abuse drugs. The result. In order to enroll in an anger management counseling. At this rate you and I'm both may need some of that right. July 2014. Charged with illegal possession of stolen things contributing to delinquency of juveniles which unknown reasons. Charges will refuse. September pleads guilty to that. Six month jail sentence. Reduced to as. Probate. Marched 115. Pleads guilty to domestic abuse with child endangerment. Sentenced to six month in jail. But get credit for is to answer. A less than three months before my nephew Ryan was merited which was this past January. He was released from the Nelson komen correction tools in between that time. Now been implicated in an armed robbery at the very same convenience stole wary entered my nephews dropped. Has eventually been charged as. Now was this a surprise ending to anyone with half a brain. Is this the end of his reign of terror on innocent victims. His plan based on his previous courtroom encounter. Is that gonna offer me some and I'll plead to and things will be back panel. And now governor government officials now that are willing to make it easier. For sub humans like this to do just that. This some questions going through my mind possibly yours how many crimes did he commit that we either undetected this stuff that was brought up. Convicted and pled guilty to. Maybe there was some that didn't have enough evidence to charge you can. How many others. Of Ferrell humans like this around out there waiting to prey upon innocent victims in net stand. And seemed to me we got a police problem my god couldn't physically have time to commit more crimes given his schedule of his activity. In and throw in the courtroom time that these many would have had time to commit many more sort got to thinking was caught and charged with most of at least the investment John. Doesn't seem like the problems prosecutorial. In must they had the evidence they must work within the judicial guidelines to getting to make plead guilty pleas. Charlotte probably had to make some concessions to get the convictions of lesser degree. But how much do you need. To put an evil creature away. And ruled that he away in keeping from doing it again and again. And again and again. You think these sentences were fair when you think they will week. Maybe we need judges. We'll start to listen to the public this one to serve. I hope you have some answers for this and I guess due to his idol or thanks for taking the time to come appear. Thanks VO over half a century of work in fighting crime. If you would tell us about crime fighters recently a lot of people have heard about it a lot of people know the work you do but there's some that do not explain who crime fighters. Thank you have an up and really appreciated. A crop by this is a pro Bono which is by and before he completely free organization. Of citizens we stand approximately 121000. 558. Pre Katrina we lost alive during Katrina. And we basically did whatever limited talent we have we give to the victim. We have a sample fourteen attorneys. Some of the best attorneys. In the weeds you know we have a doctor Gloria Lindo and our staff as psychologists. Psychotherapists. We have some psychiatrist. Date especially were with rape victim's sexual assault victims completely free we have some medical doctors. And we haven't oral surgeon. That recently helped lady was struck in the French Quarter about two years ago in but the Colin knocked out attack. Where you just basically commit battery a point person. To secede in a mile with one punch. You know it's tried obscene. The big question in my mind I'm sure the listeners after hearing what. My family has gone to recently. How does is what do we put the blame on news well you know I'm gonna be very popular. With the inmates all with the pro defense attorneys but amateur YouTube. Like it is a scene of 52 years from every. Chairman of the pardon board. Role Boyd new Holland police detective supervisor. Basically. The problem is is that we are not doing a good job in taking the risks and it is the repeat offenders the violent repeat offenders. And because rating them where they can't hurt a maim or kill. Or. Injure innocent people. You know it's a shame that most people get involved in crop out of which is completely free completely free we need you. But. They get involved after a tragedy has struck them I have before me I want to verify it to the audience as most people not gonna believe I'm saying. This is from the department of corrections. Son by James low blow all the secretary. This. When the governor says. Or any politician tell you that this prison over crowding. That's alive from the pits of hale let me explain right here in black and white. It says I asked the question on nutrients but as I want everything in writing. How many acres we have an angle okay. Originally this at 181000. And now they are saying we have. 141500. Okay. We only utilize about 2000. Acres. Because. That's with the buildings on betting cause rate these people. Our headcount when I wrote this letter which was last year. But headcount at Ingle was only 6002. Prisoners only 6002 prisoners. Any fall any shares gained formal or rice formal a cotton formal. Can tell you 181000. Cleaned up 141000. Acres is a huge amount of now my son in law is a command you know and states navy. Such intelligence. He spent his time in Iraq three times and once in Afghanistan as a command. In a tent in an air conditioned to. So why can't we thought putting these repeat offenders. Whether belong intensity. I asked that question and the answer was no. We're not going to do that and we don't have any plans on doing. And now you've head. Mean first of all say this we have an article here by gambit magazine. Certain city officials have been disputing herb may agrees. Statistics. And we have the gambit magazine here. That finally agreed with me and Jeff and I shouldn't get a good job. We have the highest and want beauty of this from Oakland in new law and we have the highest. Rate. Of homicides. Per capita India and stay away and what about Chicago and how do we keep here and now. Which to. Two and a half Tom's. 257%. More homicides in new Holland the president said he would doubt love. And then Chicago board we the deadly duty per capita that's if you believe the FBI. If that's what you believe. Gambit right here in the aged and Andy January 10 says right here knew all it has a much higher. Per capita murder rate in Chicago. OK so now. One why because it's. A listen. Probably a lot of people all LC urged criminologist. You know he's been a policeman a criminologist. He only looked at that and my mom is in sociology at university. I know about early intervention. In 1960 now and when I was president of panel of the police association which outbound. I had it since that program against crime in 1969. Still today those some of those that should have been at it in inherited is the deal. A worked undercover in Orleans parish schools. When it came out publicly for the Orleans parish Kubel as that you need mandatory narcotic education. K through twelve mandatory. They voted it down nine to zero saint. Detective Mac agreed at a great job under cover and exposing this but. We want to teach little Johnny doubles to about marijuana. And hashish org to enemies of a bitch at. Ellis the surging gas. Now as it teach them they're using it. OK but they they wanna hear that because politically it was election year I've got a call from the chief of police. Who tell me. Detective this is an election year you attack in this global. I'm not attacking these tires Kubel it. I'm telling them what I've found out in my under a problem capacity. I'm not gonna lie. Whatever you might wanna do I'm not gonna lie. But that we shut down that I advocated it's it's on the website. Crop but as of Louisiana. I advocated for eight pop bed. Juvenile detention facility where we could separate the first defendant from the second of Banda. From the multiple and with the emphasis on rehabilitation. Thank you for the many many text messages that are coming in May be get to share some of those and also were asking you this question of Louisiana does need to reduce its prison expands. Should the state reduce the prison population by relaxing their release policies. 18%. I'm voting for that 82% said let's cut the cost of prison at benefits. We're gonna get much more into this because there's something that's going to be discussed coming up legislatively. The justice reinvestment. Task force is gonna formulate some. Some new policies op plan that they say will safely reduce. The State's highest in the nation imprisonment rate which is what we have here in Louisiana. We also has some special guests and we gonna get them into the conversation. On one welcome in reverend Trey Roberts from the white dove Christian fellowship church and now wanna get travel while the talk about his opinion on this justice reinvestment task force and some of them. That the recommendations that they will come forward with we also have someone would then applying only is Bonnie. Bonnie is a retired probation and parole agent I think she has a very special perspective into what we sing with a lot of this recidivism. Why these people are getting released how them. Violating their parole. And they're violating their probation but yet we've we see him continue to be getting breaks in it they stay on the streets. Much is this accused killer mop my god Giles has gone through Europe migrate the president of a crime fighters is here with a C span over. Half a century ago fighting crime and in doing things to to turn things around and protect the public in an error before we get to some of these calls and talk about the us justice reinvestment task force and you were I don't wanna interrupt before we broke for the news. I just wanna make a quick point listen. I know the sociologist. And people who may be a little bit more liberal mind that as saying herb may agree wants to lock up the violent criminal I do. And a American backed away from that if you repeat offender. As the alleged murderer of your nephew's an innocent 28 year old hold working in the creation. And the subject has 21 arrests that we know. Not counting his juvenile racquet. Why why should we as a society. Have to have a walking us streets I ask a question. Not too long ago a diploma. One of the Paloma superintendent of the state police. How many. Criminals. Had been convicted that it more than three arrest of three convictions have a lot of people asking about walk three strikes although I've heard about question what is to open it. How many people who have been convicted. Actually five. A rest a more a walking our streets. Once superintendent told me. Probably under 20000. In the week Zia. You have an off me out there listen. And I know I shouldn't say this. One of your announces on this great radio station which I'm proud to be. Bought with the over the curfew. All bets that really races. Mr. may agree to have a curfew. Three days that he got mugged. OK I know the street because I've handled these violent criminals. But the alleged killer of young nephew advocates say it. He had a cocky attitude with the family in the courtroom in a right or wrong I always say in football terms of people who understand he was taunting fan. Taunting the talent of spam. Okay he has no respect you say we'd like to look. Through our guy he's as Christians. As good people that alone nobody could be this evil well let me just thank you. This moment right here. Evil itself below I don't Montel because she's convicted. She balls and a chow a lot of like you bought a across page. And a husband soon could be recently on death row. He said I didn't give Maffei hearing and as he got a most there hearing trust me. But I'm not gonna release that it whose pain and for that lawsuit that is. All of the state. Which is a sin is Rome taxpayers let me explain I asked that question in this letter a you wanna really. See where your money is really going to tax ballot I ask them how many lawsuits. Was filed. How many lawsuits were filed against Louisiana Bob aggression by inmates. And at what cost to the taxpayers of the great civil wheezing and I love bobsleigh. I don't want people thinking I and I love my state where eight generations deep here I'm gonna die here. But. He is the number. What team that's. Last year 141608. Under 46 what teen 1846. Love. Did and the department does not have a mechanism. To attract. Taxpayer cost. That's nonsense. They can track every penny. You could see it yourself I mean this is unbelievable. 141860. Lawsuits. Abbott's suit option bobbled a ball when I was chairman of the board bullet. I was always suit it's an industry write it's industry. And and and I am asking these probing questions and listen I know one of the Texas. No mister meg you're wrong we shouldn't be locking people up that a recent news and don't compare them I'll only personnel on navy personnel that volunteered for service. Listen. I'm sorry you and I have a different view point. I think that in view Horry you don't have to be treated any better. Now valiant men and women serving in the armed ones they can stay intense in the deficit which really it. Then we could take. How I'm saying is take these bot. The most about crumbled up street. I'll let straight rob it's a good friend reverend might be made him go in and try to rehabilitate them but a lot of his thoughts because we have. Ball loose Holmes a court. There are being raised about a ball we. I've yet intercede when it three years soul one year old a two years ago no give it and you. Bubble we tend to weaken demand. Eight. It'll have to be a victim. Yes we have the highest incarceration rate because we have the highest rate. Re read the magazine read the FBI's that would be deadliest state in the union org GAAP. New wall with the deadliest city or GAAP. An outing like that statistic. Now we have the -- like it tells is there anybody in these prisons that the law is is not. Set up to win label on that that we put in there illegally now in the laws we broke laws on your outlook brandished currently on Amazon RO. At the last romped by Disney. He gave. A great confusion over how he was what he wasn't part of our English what. And you give a great presentation you told Mike wise. But like you said. I'll say oh we got people in jail for marijuana. Not true. At at Orleans parish prison. We have 14138. They head. To people. The possession with the intent to distribute marijuana to not 2%. Do out of 14138. And that's the lie. From the liberal media they wanna say when locking people up of possession we'll deal out. Cameras are also brought up a very important point which I didn't think of that Tom but it makes so much cents. They call these non violent crimes some of these drug crime but guess what wanna drug dealer doesn't have woody needs guess what he becomes he will do what ever is necessary. Nothing short of murder to get those drugs then this is someone that we elect no because. He's only been in the drugs he had yet committed the murder on assault on armed robbery are bad guy knew right on point here now yet to understand this too. The governor believes I mean we held the gubernatorial debate crime violence the and down. When he ran for office against a the other candidates. On gel and veterans of. He believes. At least at least thing that. Drug dealer not drug uses anemic at Berkeley drug use our dealers drug deal or not violent criminals. What planet is the only. Let me just that I've made. Hundreds one hundreds of narcotic rest maybe a thousand. I have never met a drug deal that a non bound number one and putting poison out God's children. Heroin crack cocaine cocaine and that beat the bitch with illusion again makes Ellis. My first book I wrote was on the in 1960 now was the coming narcotic problem I was laughed at I am a big problem. Now in 1960 now we passed the bill it's said that you were in possession of one Graham. One Graham of Errol and you went to jail for life. You know what. Two years that he could stand out in the middle of the count Leo. On the magnolia. Housing project with Bob wanted to dollar bills waving them they wanna biased and you could buy New Orleans parish. Now it's a shame that you got a result of these methods. But to protect the innocent people migrate Greisen one about vice president his daughter was murdered. No doubt about it was using drugs. Okay. The the thug. I hate when the news becomes this gentleman. Rape this woman was convicted ripping three females now he's got a gentleman he's a plug a block. But afraid we've begun to politically correct that talent like it is. And be straight with people. You know reverend me because of Senna Senna. You know and and that's what Imus and I admit that well if people think we on. On not incarcerating people long enough or correctly enough the going to be surprised when they hear this just in reinvestment task force's recommendations an overview of what they would like to see done take a look at up pretty opinion poll question and we haven't really discarded discussed this yet you've given two choices to reduce the prison expense. Would you do it by. Relaxing release policies and not having as many prisoners incarcerated all awards you cut costs for the prisoner benefits such as lawsuits in May be living conditions. And other benefits 83%. On cutting the cost though for the prisoner of benefits 17%. Say. You relax the release policies so again explore that the next also long promised we're gonna get Bonnie and she's got a very special perspective. Former on parole and probation officer reverend Trey Roberts of the white dove Christian fellowship and we can come back in August off by. Explaining to you an overview of this not task force did justice reinvestment task force who the members are. What their mission is going to be and so far what they've come up I haven't seen a bill authored yet but it should be coming up because the legislature. Begins in just a few days will be back to do all of that. First though we got a WWL first news in and we're back to talk about. When a lot of people refer to as the criminal injustices. Are Marguerite the president of crime fighters is here where this along with Trey Roberts of white dove. Christian fellowship church in a personally identified as Bonnie retired. Parole and probation dates back with more the think tank after it is.