WWL>Topics>>3/24 3:40pm President Donald Trump on pulling the healthcare bill

3/24 3:40pm President Donald Trump on pulling the healthcare bill

Mar 24, 2017|

President Donald Trump and GOP leaders pulled their "Obamacare" repeal bill off the House floor Friday after it became clear the measure would fail badly.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now we're gonna go live to Washington DC gun president in particular comments about the health you're doing very very technology. We had no Democrats or. They'll votes from the Democrats. They weren't gonna give us a single vote so it's very difficult thing to do. I've been saying for the last year and a half. That the best thing we can do politically speaking. Is let obamacare float is exploding right now. It's many states have. It felt almost All Saints had big problems. On his sentencing yesterday and lost half of the estate in terms of the nature knows you. And that's happened. And the places I was in Kentucky the other day and similar things happen. So Obama cares exploding. With no Democrats support we couldn't quite get it was just a very small number of votes short. Jabs getting our bills passed a lot of people don't realize how good oh. Because they were doing phase one but when you whip phase two. Which was mostly besides. Secretary prices. And you edit page three which was what got. It became Brazil. Premiums would have gone down and it would have been very stable would have been very strong. But that's okay but we're very very close. Again I think what will happen is. Obamacare unfortunately will explodes and a birthday here. Last year you had over a 100% increases. Various places in Arizona I understand it's going up very rapidly again I think it last year last year it was a 116%. Many places 506070%. I guess it averaged. Whatever the average was very very. And this year should be much worse and if so what would be really good. Though Democrats support it the Democrats what it explodes which it will soon. If they got together with us and get ill health care. We'll do it and I think that's gonna happen I think the losers. Our next Aussie and Chuck Schumer because now they don't know about they don't a 100%. And this is not a Republican health care is not anything but Democrat. Health care. And they have obamacare for a little while longer until it. Ceases to exist which it will at some point in the near future. And just remember this is. When they all become civilized get together. And try to work out a great healthcare bill for the people of this country. We'll open it totally open. I want to thank the Republican Party. I want thing all right what are very hard and we'll tell you that he worked very very hard. Tom price and Mike Pence. Right vice president vice president. Everybody worked hard. I work as a team player and we'll look us in the past but again. I think very clear it was speech I've made a review right invention. That perhaps the best thing they can happen exactly what happened today because we'll let that they truly great health care bill in the future after. This mess known as obamacare explode so I want to thank everybody for being here. In. Golfers who have. I think this is something that certainly was and it just it. Period of time we all learned a lot. We learned a lot about loyalty we learned a lot about the vote getting process. We left a lot of bouts of very arcane rules. It obviously both the senate and end the house. So it's been certainly from the it's been very interesting experience. But in the end I think it's going to be an experience at least to an even better. Health care plan so thank you over much she uses. So. What's on your probably be going right now for tax reform. Which we could have done it earlier but this really would have worked out better. If we could have had some Democrats support remember this we had no Democrat support so now we're gonna go toward tax reform which I've always liked. Ryan's leadership and his. Yes I like speaker I think we're very very hard. Lot of different groups he's got a lot of factions. And there's been a long history of like you did just like even within the Republican Party long before I got here. But I've had a great relationship with the Republican Party. It seems that both sides like trump and that's. And you see that I guess more than anybody but we've had I'm not gonna speak badly about anybody the quality. But certainly it has big history that I think Paul really worked hard. And I would say that you will probably start going very struggling for. The big tax cuts and tax reform that'll be next. Year. This. Here. What's gonna happen there's not much you can do about it it's going to. If things go ahead we'll there's not much you can do to help that I've been saying that or urine deficit look eventually. It's not sustainable the insurance companies are leaving you know that believing what about what is quickly she calmly and you have states in some cases you will not be covered. So there's no way out of that. But the one thing that was happening as we got closer and closer everybody was talking about how wonderful it was and now it will go back to real life. People who see how bad it is it getting much choice but you know I said that what President Obama left. 78. It was it is seventeen is going to be a very very fit here. For obamacare very very bed that explosive. Premium increases and deductibles so why people don't forget to use it. So they'll know that for a little while perhaps they believe I know some of the Democrats that the people I honestly believe that Democrats will come to us and say look. Let's get together. And getting great health care bill or plan. That's the only great for the people of our country and I think that's gonna have. Or why he went after a moment. What we were right for us we're just probably anywhere from. 1050 votes short could have even been pluses that you'll never know because you haven't got a vote. But in the end I think it would have been ten votes maybe plus. And it's very hard to get almost a 100% giving it. Large number of votes among any grip and we're very close to doing it. But when you get no votes on the other's meaning that Democrats it's really difficult situation. No I think we have to let Obama get go its way for a little while and we'll see how things go I'd of this development kit. Again it's not a question of gee I hope it does well I would love it. Well what great health care for the station. But he can't do well. It's imploding. And soon will explode. And it's not pretty so. Democrats don't wanna see that so they reach out when they're ready and whatever they're ready we're ready. We opposite. It would be difficult enough about it to friends that I have disappointed because we could have had. Some disappointed a little surprised. We really have. It was pretty much. They care within grasp. But I'll tell you what's gonna come out of this is a better political even better now because that would things in this alleged particularly. And I think it took that have been you know both parties can get and yet. You real health care. That's the best thing obamacare which ramp everyone's throat. 100%. Bill and I think having bipartisan with him being picked. Improvement so. No I think that is going to end up being a very good thing I'm disappointed with their friends of mine and and you know they got autism very hard time for them. And very hard boat. But they're very good. What. Let's look at things that I would have liked war and we had bipartisan I really think we go to the healthcare bill that would see. The ultimate. And I think if Democrats know that also some day in the not too distant future. That'll happen and I evershed I guess what sixty what is deficit repeal and replace Obama people hurt my speeches and opposite repealed it. And replace it with a 64 days a loss. I wanna have a great. Health care bill and plan and we will it will happen and it won't be in the brightness future I really believe they'll be solemn. Democrats support and that will happen. At it will be an even better but I think this is a perfect bill I think it will be even better. The next step and I don't think that's going to be in two long third innings. And that's built. I don't speak about specifics but I think I could've would've liked even more but I thought overall this was very very good bill. And I thought Tom price doctor isn't. Really. Is amazing on health care it's knowledge. I thought he did a fantastic. Same with Mike Pence I think he's just as they worked so hard and really get a fantastic Jeff thank you very much. Like you Mr. President trust us talking about complete outfielder or simply to do what Paul Ryan areas like to have events and this was it Donald Trump it sounded. Understanding and somewhat conciliatory so we'll have to watching it.