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3/24 3pm Scoot: NO Trump care

Mar 24, 2017|

President Donald Trump and GOP leaders pulled their "Obamacare" repeal bill off the House floor Friday after it became clear the measure would fail badly. Does this reflect badly on the Republicans?

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It's get together once again we've made it to the OK so you're hearing about the chance of rain on Saturday but you know quite often we can dodge those showers of some of them might be a little on the heavy side from what. The festivals are taking place this weekend we've got all the information on our website at WW don't icon. Since this is the beginning of the weekend I really wanted to talk about to whether you would rather be single or married. Or have a boyfriend or girlfriend going into the weekend. And I am gonna bring this up this hour. Just to bring us some relief from politics however. There is breaking news this afternoon. And that is our president troughs health care plan. At his request. Has been told. Before the house could vote on it. Now we know that president trump doesn't like to be a looser mean I don't like to be elusive item that's not a criticism nobody likes to be a looser but of of all those who. Who don't wanna be a loser Donald structurally right there at at the top of those who can't stand losing. And I guess you've realized that he just didn't have to post and rather than put to a vote that would actually indicate that he lost. In his first attempt to pass legislation. They decided to pull. But I can't help but wonder. How much this is really trounced dale. And I don't know I'm just speculating. You had a lot of different plans out there. Don't Cassie has a plan to people like that plan. I cease to lease was. One of the ones as a as whip was one of the ones responsible for. For getting the votes to back this wasn't able to do that Paul Ryan has house speaker was also responsible for that wasn't able to that. You know could this speed up Paul Ryan and cease goalies is planner could they've had a lot to do with this and and this is not really Trump's plan. Is this also part of the art of the deal. You don't use you you offer the deal and then if it doesn't look like taken accept the deal then you pull it back you take it away from. And you change things. And then you bring them. And you bring him back. Another deal reworked. If you think is gonna work. I mean this is something it's done in negotiating. And it takes a moment ago from somebody it's sad day here's just a great negotiator great deal maker and he wasn't even able to negotiate and can deal with his own party. This does show that there is divide within the Republican Party. And so over this deal right here and now we've got gridlock. With the Republican Party. The freedom caucus the conservative Republicans in the house and in the moderate Republicans. They don't agree honest. Here's a pretty gentle opinion poetry just updated sources say the GOP health care bill has been pulled at president trust request. Do you think he made the right or wrong move give us your opinion by going to our web site to be a google.com. And are you disappointed. This was a big time promised not only from trump. But this was a big time promise from every Republican that ran for office and it may be there were some that did that didn't put in general. This was the theme of Republicans. Vote for us we are going to get rid of obamacare. And here's the first big vote. And they didn't do. Are you disappointed. If you would like to join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Every coach final four to 60187. Or Texas a 7870. I here's a text on the at the comment testimony senator potential while ago when I oh I know they heard somebody. There's a CBS news update. On now the pulling of the deal and it was in Georgia senator artfully. I've said that health care is a right and you know I've heard that conversation with Obama care and with a president trumps American health care act. That healthcare is a right. I don't understand value courage claimed that health care as a right under the constitution. You might argue that it's a human right. You might argue that every human has a right to have it. But I don't see how it can be declared right. When you know how rice are are derived from the constitution. Here's a Texas says so well screwed I wonder if you consider the equal protection clause. To be relevant to health care rights. It has been clear to me that Americans. Are not treated equally by the laws and regulations governing health care and insurance conservatives mandated all drivers. At least carry liability to absorb the cost of uninsured. On to spread that to like to be insured. How is health health insurance any different also important is the ninth and tenth amendments. Which guarantee protection. Are right side not enumerated in the constitution. And the protection and for the protection of people's power health care is a constitutional right because. He's sick. Or dead or unnecessarily. Dead person is about as powerless as you can see that's an interesting observation to get back to your call Seth from New Orleans Mac welcome to the show thanks frank and on. School foam. On you question norm not disappointed that it Alfred that it approved today trio on. Obama here in the flow with the dignity normal flow so wrong. We would that all Obama care. First Michael Schiavo Michael Brown Q4 from the floor not a little preferred. Our single Payer but that's my mom bought well. What you say about them that they had the Arab and I was appalled that the term. It wouldn't drive Meier tool row you treated. Are down a little bit of broken in the provinces. Out chop the book will promote the department. And the trouble out and wanted to get. MacKey you missed my you missed my point. Don't you missed my point he had. Some pro since he was not a politician he hasn't broken any political problems. But I'll probably who probably can't keep you work. We use our current trek with people so people people like it's all. In the stiff people who claim bankruptcy. Did. That shall that there shall without it to be the president right there. If you go quick prompted what they think he got the wake of political. Soul. I understand that point and I was making the observation that that that people didn't see it that way I'm not saying that you're you're wrong but the the voting public didn't see it that way they saw. What this guy is not a politician so. In my mind he has and not me but in the minds of the voters he had broken any promises and if he's. If he's tunnel these things and he says he's gonna build the walls and I think that there was reason to believe he's gonna build a wall and Amy oh the wall but apparently Mexico soccer papal route. Quick do you make their. And Islam saying that he would volume of America's steel and other parts are what their political problem. Well obviously because apparently the steel is already here. Well he would like what you did steal YouTube and promote the that was in the there was people look back counters. Maybe 34 minutes. EP. I'm gonna look a little fed up. I. Well it was my it was my understanding that the steel for the captain pipeline and I've got to get to break Mac and I appreciate you calling Collison time. On the steel for the pipeline even though trump said we're gonna use American steel. The steel for the pipeline was already here. There was already purchased. So the only thing he could do would be possibly use. Other steal our America's steel for other pipelines Vegas yup all right saying this is a disappointing day. And if you wanna join us with a comment are you disappointed are numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601. Race every text number it is. 87870. Deere was fighting. Arguments debate within the Republican Party. On there's a division within the party between conservatives and moderates and this is something that'll ultimately have to be reconciled there there have been problems in the the Democratic Party with progressives and with more moderate Democrats that this is something that is. On the indicative of a veto party and not picking on the Republican Party and I say this but. The health care bill was was in trouble because of the conservative group of Republicans. The freedom caucus and moderate Republicans say they could not agree and you know you wonder how much this was trumps. Or if this was a plan that was already. There and he just tried to make it work. Here is attacks that says. Scoot tetra is used to negotiating with business people. You can't negotiate with politicians. When they don't care about right or wrong only care about his being reelected. Up from river ridge Chico welcome. They can dollars. Great in American. Fairly executive Campbell bill O line but at least we don't refute that. I'm looking at old little cross Clark of George Bush can. Now are 120 underdog deductible. And my premiums are on went obamacare came along my deductible what does 6500 dollars. And my premium went 200 dollars. When I moved from. What 240. Hours and then in January 1 other people. Out here. It. Because. About 10% of paper at 10 okay so. And you'll hear what. Shall we compare it. 01 and I mean the the interest in theory behind obamacare wise the theory that if everybody has insurance then that some who are paying more now will pay less. But he didn't turn out that way because there are a lot of people who. Decided that the penalty was less than paying for the premium. Well I think a lot of it from. One million. That no one that won't be sure well many of those people elect not to technical problem here aren't sure. What it. The panel. Usually so well drop area and well but mr. Martin that we hear the way. We think with a better. Well I'm not as appointed Republican. Eric pointed in every single Democrat. The injured. When the leader okay so we like cricket. Well they were chip and so. And the fact that Republicans will negotiate. Well that won't work real mean certainly willing to negotiate that one year ago even though the. What what we all should learn from there's always I mean the bottom line is I'm Donald Trump as a candidate promised that he would do this and that everybody was going to be covered. And that premiums would be lower. And what we're learning is that's not going to be true and so once again we come face to face with the reality that. People can say what they want on the campaign trail and it's it's difficult for them to fulfill a promise and you know again when you talk about criticizing trump over this. I mean when do we start criticizing presidents for for not fulfilling campaign promises because none of them really do. Well and and the network. Or three part government. And the the president PO to negotiate with congress. You don't need to negotiate with the tradition or because they're on their own sort of you know. Completely what a morning like the previous caller has. You can't. One a bigger deal. They have nothing to lose they're gonna get whether or not make any not competent and getting. So. I would and he picked up in the net new Yorker. I think technically you're doing what happened and I were them that they. And when and that is in short all alert that. Chico I appreciate the call you know and it would have been nice if if the president put it would acknowledge that I mean would you hold that against Donald Trump. If he said hey you know what that am I guess in some ways he's kind of implied this is that this is all more difficult that he thought it was going to be. It is different you know we we want the country to be run like a business and when it comes to the fiscal aspect. Of financial aspect to this country. Yes it needs to be in front more like a business. But the dynamics. At play in the business world are completely different than the dynamics at play. In politics may be they should be the same but that's not reality it's it's it's not the same. It's totally different. And you know again I think the bottom line here is. Trump said he was gonna do this during the campaign and that's not going to be able to be done. But then Obama didn't keep all of this campaign promises and George W. Bush didn't keep on his campaign promises. So when are you high as voters winner we gonna get Smart enough to realize. That meant it is so easy to say what they think we wanna hear and so much more difficult to do it because there were people who were naive enough to think. If trump said it is gonna do it we're learning that's not the case. We're not gonna talk about relationships are being singletary deception Newble say that for another day I've got to Texas as scooters still time for something to work out. Yet yet it is. But so much was placed on this particular deal at this particular time and by the way god bless you if you're out there in traffic. Traffic on the I ten in some areas westbound. Some areas eastbound. Is a mess. And then they're the rubber knickers the people who have to slow down on the other side of the highway to look at everything. I mean sometimes our traffic I'm Bob frost. Sometimes he has a job as tough as white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer. I mean it's just really tough to deliver some of this news into to explain to prevent just. Be careful and on this Friday afternoon the very patient. If you just tuning in and joining us our house speaker Paul Ryan says that he talk to the president the president agreed. To pulling trust health care bill so there was no planned two day. A there was a plan today but there was no follow through in the plan to vote for it and Paul Ryan sent a very very. I disappointing day for Republicans and again I think the reality that we're realizing here is that. On its not so easy to follow through on campaign promises from Slidell David here and having WL. Hey dude are you doing a good. Look forward to politicians. Bob brought it to him and we were in a hospital Reid appeared university Arizona Health Science Center to park my country. And outward governor Blanco warriors whom helped or maybe we'll get Kristi. And take away elegant as we can do idea health scare people but that the insurance companies are paying the politicians. Have to be. Because it's so easy every every every state and street has. University are. Say take. A plan a bit that your employer paid app Ukraine 800 European month dictate honored that you mark so lecture on why so much for child. And go to the university systems are already here they cut employees they're they got bad there. It makes no sense not to use. And did you keep the good doctors they're like human and given them a text most of the world where there you won't. I just it just makes too much from. You know David a couple of people have brought this up this afternoon to the idea that that the politicians don't respond to. To honestly don't do what's in our best interest to do what's in their best interest in a lot of it has to do with the power of of the lobbyist it's almost deserve the whole system of politics and is infected. With this lobbyist virus. And everybody's infected with. Get into it because. It makes. You know he could pay it could reach child. Well quoted PPP to. Ordered for your white whatever your spouse BP or whatever but. If that is if the company matches it it configured twenty the end we're doing that. And they're taken so much out. They take under our appeal mark and he nurtured and hundreds of a 300 pounds twenty ENC. I've but sometimes doing the easiest thing what the right thing isn't the most practical thing when it comes to. Generating revenue in power for individuals. What about comment well I hope this could mean common sense isn't saying. Though if your money then then you're you don't need to be in politics and it should be and David you know. Yeah this I I think this just reminds us and it doesn't matter whether you're Republican or Democrat it's it's the same this is just a reminder that. You know stop being so quick to believe what people tell you on the campaign trail because it's not going to be that easy and they were so many people who just believed every word Donald trumps it. And maybe he will follow through this is not direct criticism of Donald Trump as much as it is. Criticism off off our whole political system but the point is you can say you're gonna. Even if there's a plan that goes through it appears obvious now that not everybody's going to be covered. And not everybody's premium is gonna go down there are going to be winners and losers with a new plan as well. At because it university hospitals and from the our hospital in the world and all of basic. UCLA university or college you two lanes in the war one of the best trauma senator. In in the country if you know where such a long time temperature at all. But you know it just you comment that if you're gonna be a politician. Pure and for the truly an from the people and stand up people on quick stand up for your cell. David I appreciate the call and then here's you know another problem we talked about two talked about earlier. The did the idea is to do all of the tough stuff the unpopular stuff right now. And whether it's the president a congressman or senator. All you have to do is satisfy the people toward the very end of year term. And you get reelected. Because people don't have good memories or they choose to forget all that happened in the early part of the term of president Dora or any politician. And then they just respond to the good things that happened toward the end and they get reelected that is a problem and you know what. Americans. Have created that problem this whole health care built on not getting a vote. Is so going to be part of what talk about on Monday have a great weekend. I'm scoots Levy New Orleans.