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Think Tank 1110am Obamacare

Mar 27, 2017|

Can you and your family afford to live with Obamacare? And, do you have faith that Republicans with a majority in the House & Senate & a sitting President will pass other reforms like tax reform & infrastructure bills? This hours guest: Ron Faucheaux - Political Analyst & President of Clarus Research Group Dr. Ed Chervenak - UNO Political Science Professor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our own good it's about talk about a little politics. Jaguar opinion poll did we. At every hour this itself or the question is it's. If you're in trouble and O'Brien were smaller to bull did you PO pure play mobile for the vote EG three routes and abuse say yes. The course and become its next year and anything. Whatever talk politics won't first republic called Brian pollution and political analysts president of the class is from church group. Ron good talked. Both Oregon 101000 questioned it's a booed the pulling of health care of dual Europe talks. It was the right thing in what. You know works better and blah. Sure it is victory put up as an actual vote this case because. If you if it hit the court all the Republicans to vote or no it has become very popular shortcut for that political. And did it would have been. She's the most important tasks. So how would how walking two and works. Does all run then. Threw in the committee should go onto the senate and say. If we do a would you do do you have to reduce he would you do he. Does doesn't workaholic or they just see in the room cocoon. Oh work everything out or payroll and and descended comes and acts. It. Well off. Their own mark slaughter. You know entered your. Talk to people who in your best player they do they need to do. Ghetto. That is. Lou well we're going. I think I think what we've seen in congress. Over the last. Year. On some issues beyond that there. The capital. Who don't know. Or who lose. It changes cannot be active but what majorities. In the second rule equally simple. Ed. And had. What they did on Friday. Oh. You and Obama you know while the rules. Like the suitable law here and your. Little end and the reason why it. Wharton not entry. Will be charged. Is it with a one mature and what are cheering. At all everything strengthen gear and increase herbal. Future. And the bad listeners. The the ball up. Our road to love and to our country's situation like like a lot of people who now. Oh. Well here at 1 o'clock here. They. All changes that we have a oh here and so well here at. And at all 14. Or refute. Democrat in Republicans vote well here there's problems you quick. Democratic and things that you know what you. Are here. In the majority. Sure could use they had. Won election to a yet. Security. Fears to. That bought for sure shall. And it. Wall all so walk in the same importance you know toward. It says. 63. Is there it will be higher percentage. OK so four. Shots you know is that. It will be. Orchards all. There are you know on the medal or. Are there. And and so. And and so far the mental trial there. Epic. We're assault on orders ship. It's not about policy we hear that ought to or ought to get that stock. This is what. Big board wants congress to do when you've got president. And that and it a campaign or during the presidential race. That said over and over again. I'm gonna modify element I can do what the Obama people. Wanted to do admit there their room big minuses. And Obama care. And we wanna go back in the mock applause and picked some we're going to read peel and rule wastes. Obamacare. Sports congress to do other than do that. And they still didn't do it they they model applied they did not broad appeal liberal it's. Well I think that scorer at it will happen is move the ball. Oh getting cola and it it will lose it and well actually it is well. Yeah. A minute and let people all of you let me fire truck. Chases. But do you. Inner era. You know in the U. Callable on air. In you're so. It is broken. The yeah it is more direct but a lot of what. Troll like four. Form. Actually considerably. Political wanna. We'll call our seat you know they ensure. Schools. Sure she further suspect it would consider. It had. Bill. That pretty well to do it costs so that was about war well. All right take a break on the road you and pollution and political analyst. Your questions and students in general one league celebrity. You voted for yours still backed corporate crime bureau believer control. About gold these things that seem to have qualifications. That's liberal and build a wall and main room to meet wall. Amid that are going to be some electronics. Are going to be some Homeland Security. They're going to be different conferences surveillance. Medical groups to replacing. Obamacare are not ruling liberal places brew we're gonna model implies that. Does it does change your opinion. Or are you backed him and you will back and Brooke gore those two usage or 170. I've tinkered Louisiana. According to or pretty drugged or opinion poll Marie would float we have you. If the trial was Smart pulled would you agree hoped to play and hope for the food 80%. Abuse yeah. Always go around polls show you the political analyst president of the cloud rose from search group. Roca our troops as sultan in and out optimize itself. That may be equal. He said OK where's bill pullback ball carriers that it'll collapse through good slug sports. People won't pulling to a suction the accident the Democrats won't call and the walks well all get together make you beautiful play and forever. And and did it and it cut convictions saying with the problems and Obama Curley I even. Wrote a number of reports one of them any conservative publication. Saying dead summon congress summoned the trump administration. Or have been thinking about ways of wreaked in being obamacare. That doesn't need congressional. Probe. Those control have a good idea. Well. In Britain the ministry. Were all sure. There at all in. Her book. Well it brought. More. That well talked about what they want them at oh. What can you get a little bit closed I like to signals. That you're there you go out there. I'm sorry. That the other thing is. You know about trump saying you know just wondered upload them. The Democrats so hopefully tricks. The problem with that is it may never implode in one spills well. It it may be chips to slow. You know accumulation of problems and difficulties. And and so there may never be told the big back. That that. But with cold so the likes I think what the Republicans should do well. Legislative tactical standpoint. Is actually pretty simple follows them with. I would go back it up with passed there repeal Obama care. It clean bill. They've done that. Have voted on that over sixty call. The repeal Obama care who do it again appeal that could break the effective date a year from now. And then over the next year proposed in effect. A number of pieces of legislation not one thing. At multiple pieces of legislation. To replace certain protections and Obama jail like pre existing conditions. And you know picked up the cap for. Four. You know and insurance coverage of that so that it. And in duo went straight up and down. Good good day they've done that for seven years they've they've got a section in there that that. Protects those with preexisting conditions the good seven years they've been not only. Have they not come loved what they plan. They haven't come up with the several planned that they all agreed upon. When bush arrives school lead song. When I have deal there Louisiana rub resumed Biehl was so we don't we got to play and ends would woman's album go to my web site. It's their play it it's not a du pre plan if they can't do it in seven years of the you do it in year. Well well like a do it seven years because they had an eight democratic president who would FICO whatever they. Ever duke didn't come opened play a little acting the disease as soon as we get rid of him. And we get somebody in the Oval Office. It's going to be hours boom here we go for a. Like that but that's why it would propose that the solves that problem because if you repeal obamacare. Is to clean repeal Obama care. In the most of these guys are voting that anyway so so there's popping new. In in terms of political risk there. An innate but they don't do it immediately they put the effective date of the repeal back about a year apparently. And then that gives them an opportunity to come up with multiple bills. That that take care of all the problems. That currently exist in putback all of the protections. That obamacare. That well perhaps the artery voters in Republican lawmakers in order. And then they can vote so individual bills though for him at all what the in Europe and in the Republican sure but on loans to patent that. If the Democrats kill well you know. If there on the Democrats at that point because because Obama care if they don't do anything about it is going to be repealed. And and that way they get it obviously keep their promise to the American people in at the same time they knew that they're supposed to do that as legislate. India people in congress an opportunity to vote up or up or down on specific proposals. And some of those proposals that passed some of the bank not to sub but they significant democratic support. Some of them may not. And but but I think that give you an opportunity. To Kabul was held here since the where Atlanta where the American people vote it was going all. The members of congress get the vote what they say there. And the vote against which they think is span. As opposed to take it very. Package that they have that in there from the perspective and edit edit edit. And by having the effective date a year from now they get on medical restrictions Ed. And in that incident. You know implement oh in Arkansas boy I think that girl whale now slightly I think. I think that approach that well you know will talk to Democrats. As well as our. The caucus that would trigger caucus of the support exactly exactly what they're imposed in the. Ron kid do the show would vowed chew how big Boogaard sure. Daily you know political newsletter. Three separate Google launched politics. Well. You know millions of New Orleans it would end there. Once thought well I'll. Usually male will present. Run a good guy perjury time have a good day. Loosening altitude. Oh brigades of 3853. You'd add them. Origin. Pretty jaguar opinion poll explains Barbara think about it so I'll work. Whereas king do you thing troll was lord pulled that you pre health care plan Ford hopes code it keeps score and every or 84%. And abuse say act soon in the yields. Always cern dug too good doctor a picture of an that you were no political science from publisher. To think about his and and all the pieces that school along with the doctor. But pool of ice storm my usual 101000 questions would what are your thoughts on the on the pulling the bill the current search. Well it was the right thing to do something new that you have the vote. And it would have been even mean it's certainly a setback for them but it would have been more embarrassing to have died on the floor of the house. So that's so they were able to a little bit faced by pulling it. The question is now is moving forward they wanna do and how can do it. And one what do you think the age or don't do or should do. Well you know that that's the 64000 dollar question. It's going to be very difficult to kind of trustees to divide in the Republican Party. You have your freedom caucus members about thirty of them who want any hard and fast repeal the bill. In of course their line against the Tuesday group which is saying more centrist moderate group of Republicans. We don't want the the demise at least without some replacement and so that's going to be the real issue was. Trying to come up with a plan. Where you can bridge that divide between those two groups. Gary had hoped we would do should we grieved for. The last. Twelve year so I don't show. We would talked about gridlock we're in nothing connection. Am one thing guys who have gone fairly regular basis regardless of party. Hopefully the good and there are controlled the senate controlled host controllable law office and we'll get some opened and and formed specifically. Said nothing above. Modifying. Obamacare he said Rupp Yule and replace its. Freedom caught pictured talking about certain road fuel in place it finger blues. Club for Growth of the Berrian balloon and true conservative organization. Repeal employees. Heritage Foundation group Yule and replaces. If you we can't give his Dylan. Would that control. All all three entities and perhaps soon the Supreme Court. Dude can do is is just gridlock. Part of the machine real Washington. Great work is always part of machinery. Government that's just the latest. But just. I got to tell you when John Breaux and the league to lose and Bob Livingston. Went to Costa who went to lunch where of them and often said. How do you any good to breathe blue talking about a complicated. Subject. And notes at how do you guys get to sell and so will basically birds implicitly. If I go make my argument to a crawl actually dial. Give effect they have made to or given a lose that when the next one. If they can convince me I wouldn't we do we. We tried to balance. In order to get things done and where vigils lying to mayors have always been gridlock. Well I mean that that the system that actually gridlock. That you remember you're talking about very different types politicians in the very different era these where. Moderate conservative Democrats were able to reach out to their Republican brother and and you know trying to convince them to their side of the argument but we have to day. That's not only are not Democrats. Accusing Republicans not speaking to Democrats now we have. Reports of moderate Republicans that speaking to conservative Republicans so that the devices. You know even further in the system and just what we could find normally. So. Dude the answer to him like question that is you do when you control all three entities perhaps in the fourth. Imitated this in court. We're still probably going to be looking at gridlock in mode subjects. Yeah you know he the American system it's noted for its and ability you know that it that it. Doesn't allow bad policy to be passed. But the same time it may prevent good policy from being passed as well. The news there are good side to visit if Washington doesn't do anything. The states and cities are Conroe and the role in the income endured their way. Well in terms of health care law of you know Obama care of the land. And my suspicion is that armed states will begin to put pressure on. The federal government. Begin acting and fixes that you know everyone has the knows that certainly there are problems with the Affordable Care Act and that they need to be in fixes an active. And still make some of these major stakeholders in hospitals insurance companies that states. The association. The American association of retired persons all these various entities may begin to put pressure. Congress to fix the problem. Or did trigger a break could a woman come backwards thinking about. Pulling human health care plan by from open broad and good idea bad idea. And and does sued Bob the EU. GOP's control problems just on the campaign Obama also from the Oval Office. We won't repeal it and brief please obamacare. And they weren't able to do it. Does that bother you at all that shows. Your in the club and you're in the club regardless. Two years ago or one lead suddenly doubled. Revealing about Paul Rudd and from pulling via health care and you don't care plan. Better understand the soul which earned two good doctor that true and acute renal political science approach. Well the article though lord can have a way of sort of forgotten about it Clinton's last week. Trump. And determined to have been in an attempt to sell. The health care plan and trim his Republican. Courts. Quote born does forty dead fish who wouldn't danger his legislative. Agenda. And their own political careers in these said quote. If this fails I'm gonna come app through you. How do you rebuild something. LS. If the president United States is said QB callers. Of pure fighting Meyer hope your bureau and then come out. Yeah it was and also an ultimatum issued by the president as well to vote on the one of the things. I think Donald Trump was learning that the president does not have the power of command. That the president has to use as persuasive powers to get congress to do what he thinks it's in the best interest. It is constitutional powers. It is professional reputation any chances standing with the public has. Tools in which he can't try and persuade congress. And we are thought to realize that congressional members they have their own unique. Elect oral. District they have their own. Constituents and so that too big they're concerned about their constituency. You know this the direction we want to ago typically that's what congress gonna go monotonous player in him to basically abide by what the president and so. I think this is the real lesson for the president that issuing ultimatums. Threatening people. There's not gonna get it done. I don't know these figures are further burdens is the most current a compliant. At the insurance company pulling out of eleven. Out of spoofing states' word works. You got United Healthcare of operating and only three states at the board Humana. Withdrawing from nearly 12100. Counties and aid states. He if this continues. And insurers. Look at Obama care regardless want to du pre who did and didn't do. And a look at it in the zoo we can make profit. He is is from geniuses. And saying hey let obamacare collapse. Democrat will be forced to call in two watts the woman gave beautiful new program health care forum. At at least at this point apart from means he Democrats from offering Donald Trump any kind of like finder like preserver. I think they're gonna have a little. Let him twist in the wind for awhile but I think you're correct and that a lot of these insurers are basically bailing out these exchanges. And as they do and as as premiums increase because the lack of competition I think this is where. These stakeholders will begin putting pressure on congress to start responding to this. I was innocent two year interview with front pushing and he was group I think he's correct that it's going to be kind of a slow rolling. Type of corrosion not kind of a big bang and so. A lot to see what happens and whether congress will respond to these insurance companies defecting from these markets. Ended in pro ball boots the radical right or should treat the bright bright. With the real freedom caucus club prove Perry did foundation. Or is prisons. He blamed him for the club's. And the chairman homes group to come bridge broke present that whole coalition. So as a bloc would make it Schwartz's central port of legislative. Debates. Including an overhaul. Of the federal tax code my question is we've got about thirty seconds. Controlled get his legislation. Loses paths. We'll the tax reform distribute it more difficult because they are hoping to save about a trillion dollars in and from basically repealing obamacare. And using it protects reforms so that's gonna become more difficult now. Doctor Sherman always a pleasure have a great day decorated same girl. Our drummer Derrick Saddam. Best negation. Of Russian hacking possible collusion but Kroll associates. Talk about the house intelligence. Commission. Should they be replaced with bin independent. Commission and more. Cover Robin the thing today Gibbons called to zig or one lead suddenly it double double BO.