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Tommy, is Obamacare imploding?

Mar 28, 2017|

Tommy talks to David Howard, Professor in the Dept. of Health Policy and Management at Emory University, about the state of Obamacare going forward.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Howard joins right now professor in the department of health policy and management at Emory University good morning seller. Tellme is obamacare. Well the big question on Paul Ryan said yesterday that he wants to continue to try to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something else I'm meanwhile. The trop administration as a big decision to make in terms of weather day. Continued to appeal lawsuit that was originally filed by Republicans in the house. That would have cut off subsidies to insurers that offer turned on the exchanges. If those subsidies are an awful lot of insurers are gonna Palau in insurers are really press in the cup administration for a quick decision because they have to decide. Very soon whether they can participate in the exchanges and 2018. Why politically would they have not done that first and then moved to. Repeal and replace. Well I don't I think. Even that ardent opponent. Obamacare are reluctant to seed individual marketplace completely implode. They want the market to be successful not a collapse and that they were too. Pull out these subsidies without having an alternative plan in place that could very well happen. It seems as though mom. Be we're right where we were seven years ago which he has some conversations I am professor. If you're healthcare systems were in for you you think everything's great and that's what the law of the land should be but if it doesn't. Well then you want immediate change in an arm or seven years ago we were saying well. You might feel one way about obamacare at the time our affordable health care act every one call at the president's comfortable with. Obamacare but. You might feel one way but then if they call you in for a meeting at work. And they say a we're gonna drop your health insurance you now gonna go get it from new exchanges. You politics who changed pretty quickly does it though is come down to whether it works for you were non. Yes certainly the issue of health policy is all it has you know has. Been a big issue. For the last eight years and will continue to be but I mean I think there are some fundamental things didn't change one is that today you lose your job. There is that there are affordable policies out there at least you can get their generous subsidies from the government to help offset the premium. So I think key things have become better for people who lose their jobs compared in the past. Also I mean there are many many more people without coverage today then used to be the case. That the Affordable Care Act did not address spending says costs continue to rise and some of that would probably it happened in the absence of the Affordable Care Act. And of course the federal federal government spending on health care including Medicare Medicaid. And the cost related to the exchange's continued to rise rapidly and not a big problem. Professor if congress or the president they don't do anything is obamacare and Lance story isn't going to. Implode collapse on its own accord because of rates etc. and and to keep it from collapsing if the answer to that is yes what do they have to do. Well no one knows for sure insurers seem to be pretty pessimistic but some people say up to take there pronouncement to complain at all they're trying to you. You know have a more favorable negotiating position. Enrollment in the extreme and it is has been steady from last year to this year at about twelve million people. It's bought it's still far short of expectations that hasn't brought in a lot of people who aren't getting subsidies from the government. But again enrollment has been stable it doesn't appear to be drastically deteriorating. And so I think it's probably gonna hang around on the of their a lot of people who just received. Very generous subsidies to buy insurance on the exchanges and to their fairly insensitive to premiums. And wolf form kind of coat core base of enrollment that'll keep the exchanges during. So moving forward the president says he'll work with the Democrat Chuck Schumer seemed to make it. More about the name Obama cares so long he said he takes its own it and try to repeal replace obamacare guess they want the president's achievement. It to remain that are Oro or being called that. Is it did terribly important that the two sides get together and carve out. New version of this or fix whatever is wrong so that it will last. And then the next election cycle we won't go through this all over again. I don't see any deal a bargain that they can in strike that that would make a big difference I just. I mean that the pronouncements have been just so general just full platitudes. It's fairly obvious at this point that the track administration's lack too deep reservoir of expertise in health policy that. So I just. I don't see how many deals it happened but really. Yet I don't don't know what they do I mean short as increasing spending by a bit. Certainly it Democrats are gonna agree to rule. Roll back some of the regulations that has increased cost on the exchanges are the big fight that in Seidman. Republicans said they were going to ease up requiring insurers to cover certain preventive care or paternity benefits. I definitely anyways that they the two sides in the and of course. And the Republicans controlled house and the senate they would still needs to substantial share of Republican congressmen to support and need deal. Anything Armisen and you'd like to talk about it or heard Telus. Now I think we're probably. Stuck with the Affordable Care Act for awhile and it's gonna plod along it's. Not perfect and certainly expensive and not needs to be addressed. But in terms. Extending insurance coverage to a large number of people who did it happen before it's been successful on the front. Thank you appreciate your time professor. Given today professor David however Howard rather in the department of health policy and management and Emory University.