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Tommy, should we raise taxes to fully fund TOPS?

Mar 28, 2017|

Tommy talks to State Representative Cameron Henry about the current state and the future of TOPS.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tops. Couple surveys out mum says that com. 60% of respondents support raising the academic requirements for tops which are currently. 2.5 GPA in its morning and he CT. And 56%. Of people surveyed would take jobs away from families on the upper end of the income bracket. And then there's a Baton Rouge legislator. By the name rank and boy bill he is represented from Baton Rouge and e.'s pre the bill for the regular session. It would fully funds hops. With the riverboat casino gambling money that was I think originally supposed to be there for education but. And it Mundo and general fund Cameron Henry joins us right now Louisiana State representative and chairman I think it is of the Appropriations Committee. Craig Cameron painting in the timeless. Story about gambling in Louisiana and and the money that was the proceeds from matter whatever the state collected what was that not supposed to be dedicated to education. It's a little bit more time is that they're gambling money but dedicated education. Voter added it's going to be an issue should among our give it. The million dollar. And that generated. Debate that. They'll actually happening at planet this state. Money. To put me at our main injecting the riverboat that they. Is risk in people on ample in the highly unscientific would support a tax increase if it was dedicated to fully funding tops. 92% are saying no it again it's highly unscientific but anecdotally speaking of people are saying that's because they don't trust. That the money would be used. That way would where's the tots program stand now in terms of funding and what are parents that. Or students that are taken advantage of it looking net. But top league actually 91 million now currently. Which is on top. About 82 million shall there but it at 209. Or eight million gouge the full on. Eight. 82 million they say no right to check their camera. And post dated but you know so. At this point you either have to take the money from somewhere else and spend it on tops or collect more is airing. Correctly after it just re prioritize the oh victory spend money they have come widely. To make up the. Or ordered changed than the distribution of top money as far as who gets. It. I remember chat with that is that. You know. It's that we may contract to someone going into greater Victoria school as well on it if you get a certain GPA at our. Wouldn't it wouldn't take care education we ought to put. Caught I changing adequate. I don't know where you can change for someone it's senior high school right now we told him and it went straight to make cheap shot. Maybe you can change it for incoming freshmen come out outlook. Used to believe the gap for the student to a graduating and help. It's yet. Goal in the Ricci didn't trade Google the last minute I remember feeling that the Erica changing the rule in the game or protect chick thing. She is there one. Feeling a predominately throughout the state for tops does depend on what area of the state urea and in terms of supporting program. And that is that is that. All children into. Support it one vote. Get to pay. Mean children go to the brightly at around. Likely to what Jack did you rate the vote on top or even. And it fluctuate between. It up. So looking into the Hendry crystal ball again that's been passed down from generation to generation and carefully taken out of and it's the lower case. And looking into it what do you what do you see happening with the program the session or what kind of dealer yet. You top left. Corporations committee should be commuted chair. Oh. I don't think it'll be on what it again. A pretty tree this year let it. 80 on on how cool that can be remembered. All. It is my intent to the front. It England. The racetrack to do it. That. It would money. Ticket actually from education. On but I'll tell whole jacket on him much or what. Absolutely a day she being college legacy before you know it's treasure every minute so. How likely is it that. Low or is it clean where you can track is the what you said tosses fully funded when he got out of your every committee out of the house. OK so then where the money go to use it to make did not fully funded. When that went out all the administration. Get that far she. Is that your city. I take it shall. So that was what it might opt. Cute quote on the the concern that. That. Is beginning at last week. Police are now the economy and documentation. Data. Partnership. But he'll. Very. Able to do any animation thing let it heal. That little awkward there. Then we spoke in negotiating contracts packet or that we Aetna patient this it would be. Wish you'd been on that animation courses well. They beat team receptive to that at that it may show. The small well one of many examples. What it would seem like could could you make it as simple as no explanation no money. Leno in other words you said you wonder about the private partnership that was working or not nobody can give you any numbers right. So if you can't prove the effectiveness of your program booted. Back dealer or get back to us when you can but until then we don't fund it. He. The amount of money last year at the picture that caught that at. An issue. And chairman or are intent on it in working through the use. Getting. The state Chela but check out. We 888. To promote. Britain and check it off checked out to me. Has beaten you 800. All checking account at street. In helping. You rate tax it though you'll. The money. But in the state. And it's going to be it. Apart on which are in the world well but he did vote on race. Thank you Cameron says concerns when. They user.