WWL>Topics>>Tommy, emotional call w/listener whose wife suffers from chronic pain

Tommy, emotional call w/listener whose wife suffers from chronic pain

Mar 28, 2017|

Tommy talks to Kevin in Metairie about his wife's need for medication to cope with constant, chronic pain.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kevin in Metairie high you're under the W on the morning things are calling. Economy. I'm so sorry rate and the lost oil and so dust. But like it in two years ago and we didn't have money. Treatment so they putter experimental drug and the side effects was he can destroy her and then it destroyed and street. They nine point 47 feet feel like there a flyer. And if you want for America and and an oxy. I don't know what you do she's in constant pain you that that it just tells. There and and we are so afraid governments are common in just blanket and just stopped. It's it's the and Chia take a few more appeals. At the end of their prescription cheap date moral power which you can go what they're to be more. And I don't know that he needs surgery ami. Imagine that point four cent equity and AT&T. And I could go to bed at night shake it could shake literally just just try and stop the pain and and they weren't so good. We hung out of sorry hung up and I and our hearts go out he really. It. You know home. That's when that happens I guess when. The government gets between you. And your doctor as it relates to health care because. In essence the doctors afraid of losing licensed pharmacist probably has some concerns as well. And it would seem like in cases. Like you wives. Did there should not be one size fits all at least that approach in terms of solution have how much. Oh deal it's in them or whatever because. I don't think it's fair to estimate it live. With the constant pain feeling is though that feeder on fire. And the only reason that they can't get them the medicine they need his because people are abusing it and people like you wife who didn't do anything wrong other then because you didn't have. The resources you tried an experimental treatment for cancer and it didn't work out and it breaks my heart feels sorry for you.