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Animal communicator Crystal Reed

Aug 9, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to animal communicator and author Crydtal Reed. She discusses how she works with animals and her book that addresses the stresses on a relationship posed by being psychic. 8/9/2018 - Betond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Well it all out on Ohio already annoying champion Johnson Jason is off tonight to what we want you to the show we've got a great one planned for you tonight crystal reed. Who is an author and a pet psychic will join us she's also an animal communicators and wanna find that was the difference between being a pet psychic and an animal communicate areas. Or we talk about pets and her book. How to live with a psychic. I don't know how many of you have a partner or significant other. That is a psychic. I don't know for causes trouble when your relationship. But it seems to cause trouble and other relationships and crystal has sat written a book on how to deal with Serena talked to her about that. In tonight's program. On tomorrow night. Just to give you the upcoming shows we've got Keith McCloskey was an author and we'll be talking about the Flynn and aisles mystery with Keefe. Course Friday night is always a best stuff and as we look to Monday doctor Ken Hanson. Did you do a professor will be with us to talk about the secrets of the Dead Sea scrolls the mysterious copper scroll the visionaries. And apparel experiences. Of an ancient priestly class also ancient encounters. And a whole bunch of things. Including has the ark of the covenant survived history all this time a lot of great stuff coming up that's Monday night's program yet. As slick just we just mentioned it in our chat here. For servers and so I don't know if you remember last and if you were listening but I had a couple of spiders descending from the ceiling in the studio. Trying to get into my hair volume they look like they're trying to get in in my hair. And then I've had four already today so that the the two bit idea thwarted yesterday. Clearly sent messages for reinforcements. To keep looking up to be sure there's not. Coming down onto my head as I'm talking to you know while. One of the perils of doing the job. Don't forget we've got some pretty cool events coming up ten Hearst parrot come on in spring city Pennsylvania it's near Philadelphia at the pan Hearst asylum is August 18 and nineteenth and I will be there I will be there taking pictures signing autographs. Talking to people. Got some merchandise will have the beyond reality radio mugs there also has some taps parent magazine merchandise there. Or can to stop by and say hi you don't have to buy anything I love talking to people sort of be great. And then I have to mention that it's a little bit further away but October 26 through the 28. Is the fall scare con which of course if you listen to this program for any length of time we know that a couple times of year. I promoter and event I organize and promote this event it's called scare condit's horror scifi. Fan convention we bring in celebrities from horror films from paranormal television and scifi. Television and films. And they don't meet and greet sign autographs we have parties panel discussions film screenings including film premieres. Moderate stuff yeah and allowed terrific defenders. It's pretty awesome and the October 2628. The scary con will be a turning stone casino which is in Verona New York upstate New York between. Syracuse and Utica. Again it's a 26 in the twentieth of October you can find out more information. If you go to scare con dot com. So when we bring crystal reed in her against to talk about. Her work as a pet psychic and also her book how to live with a psychic. Oh sure we'll be taking calls for readings but we will be taking phone calls for questions. A leader in the discussion. So you should write down the phone number take 44687. 7669. Would love to have you as part of the conversation normally you know when those phone lines are open. So we're gonna take a break and when we come back to have crystal what this. Eon reality radio and TV Johnson so. To show what's. Johnson Jason software thanks for being here. I'm a couple things make sure you stop by the web site beyond reality radio dot com check out our list of affiliates. Radio stations that carry the program. That way you know there's one near you in tissue prefer to listen that way a lot of people do warrior in the car it's a lot easier to listen that way. Also if you see a a market that we don't have the station and you've got a station nearby that you know takes talk programming maybe you wanna drop them on line and say. You should carry beyond reality radio so it was a good idea. The other thing is stop by FaceBook and like us they're beyond reality radio is the FaceBook page. And that we appreciated that way to stay up to date as to what's happening we also post a lot of interest in paranormal news stories features that kind of thing. On the FaceBook page as well so do both of those things when you get a chance so we've got a great show for you tonight. We're going to be talking with crystal reed crystals and author Andy pet psychic and animal communicated here we're we're gonna be talking about pets plus her booked. How to live with a psychic so let's bring crystal into the program pay crystal welcome to be on reality radio. Crying thinking here and glad to be here. So I have to ask you because your website is crystal hope. Read dot coms are usually middlemen to. I can you I. I think my parents did a great job of naming me have to give them credit for that. So. It's kind of a sleeper hit be ashamed even though my parents aren't hippies. I think they set me up. A lot of critics say it's a perfect name for what you do so that worked out very very well. Speaking of that how long have you been doing this. A well IA began. Sort of an auspicious actually. I didn't believe in any psychic ability or. Anything like that when I was younger is very very skeptical it wasn't until first college age that I started opening my mind to things. And and so over twenty years ago now probably over 25 years ago of an honest. That I went to the look to our interdict animal communication workshop that I didn't expect to be able to do it but I thought it might be interesting to defeat of the teacher. Proposed you know cling to do it or whatever and it went and I found out they could side but do we Mitt. Third it was my error an animal and hobbyists are I'd say at least 25 years now but. It wasn't until 2014 that I started doing it professionally. Actually charging for money in getting clients that gorgeous. I referred from friends of friends and that's sort of think. So you were skeptical. You hadn't really had any personal experiences which made you think that. This was a sensitivity you're an ability that you had refined. But they knew when to a seminar and some and kind of guided you through the process and that's when you realized that you had a heightened sensitivity. Yes exactly. I was skeptical like this setup like anything paranormal. You know reincarnation and all of that kind of stuff that I it deeply believed in now. From personal experience and such. I didn't and the I couldn't believe that maybe they were a few people in the world he could do this you know. And they certainly didn't think that I was going to be one of them by come to find out I am at and I'm also I'd like to say you know lots more people can do that then believed that they can do it too if they were just says. You know study and really practices and all that a lot of people actually can develop that skill to some well. Wheeler and other. So he I know that your an animal communicators. You also have some psychic sensitivities to do you work strictly with animals or do you also have people as clients. I don't know many people have clients. I who has. Periodic. Medium ship played experiences. Or just other kind of psychic. You know the pre cognitive you know lean and things like that. Professionally take strictly work with animals. When a person realizes that they can actually do this in and you said that. Virtually everybody has some level of this in my nemesis a question of whether they recognize it not accessing music and we'll talk about that a little bit. At leader in this discussion. But when you started to recognize he had this ability of how the messages coming to you when you were communicating with animals what were you. Experiencing can you describe that for us. Well I get alliance and company Harry Edwards and people. Disagree on whether they have also are actually saint words or whether it's just my brain interpreting. Things into words and sometimes the phrases that come through are so specific and really blow. People's minds. That I have to think that animals especially animals that are around people a lot have some. Rudimentary facility with actual language but for the most part they get. Images in my mind sometimes that I'm working on that. Tell me where it hurts and it they have might get it in my own body or might it ultimately on. I'm looking at a photo of them when they see that area sort of light up. In my mind fired something like that. But I do your things I see things they feel things and then there's that would probably a lot of your listeners can relate to. Just that knowing. Thank you have this whole outlook of information right as Stuckey didn't know you know ten seconds ago. About someone who just walked in the door or whatever I get that a lot. In a lot of just download the information call one big chance. So what when we look at that and we search who analyze it from do we consider that. Animal communicating with few or is that more you. Being sensitive and picking up on emotions and actually. Processing the information like you said you hear words sometimes we you're not sure if those words. Are your brain. Interpreting what this signals it's getting or if it's actually done telepathic. Language being Centene by the animal. We have a sense of that. I feel like that it actually telepathic communication and like other psychics can go to prove. Like say like oh they can tap into some other sort of collective consciousness kind of thing where and see your future for example or something like that. This is pretty much strictly just telepathic communication because. During the session they really only get what the animal can help me. So for example if I say you know what's wrong within your body they can tell me where it hurts maybe your palate field. But it's not like they get. I have bladder cancer. So it's not some like outside source sort of giving me the information that is what is actually coming from them and animals communicate with each other telepathically all the time. It's space send thoughts and feelings and images in ninety isn't everything to each other back and forth all the time for our Ali already communicating like that. So that's why. I'm humans that they can learn it just sort of list that filter up from their senses. Ten tapped into it because the animals are already doing message system we sort of locking herself off from receiving what they're trying to tell authority. Now there's a certain biology and anybody who's. Familiar don't have to be educated in but certainly familiar with science we'll tell you that you know as organisms get more complex there's you know bigger brain and is more. Fought is there a level at which this just Encino Desi go down what we would call maybe be evolutionary chain. To a point where. An animal just doesn't have enough. Whether it's intelligence brain power whatever happens to be to have that communication or is it any animal. It's really any animal and I even heard of other people communicate with us this. So even down to that level now that's not to say that you're gonna get as to eat and philosophical conversation that is. Like MP if you would at a course. You know. In terms of like being able to send a spot back and forth to get it goes all the way down to everything that's. And in pretty much. It's pretty fascinating. And when you started to have recognize this. Skilled the sensitivity. When you do when you were a skeptic to begin with. Army must have opened up a whole new world free. Is. Changed my life yes that's. And that's not an overstatement. IA came home from that two hour workshop. And I had people at the time he was my only dog at the time. And they started trying to tell him to do it stepped in my mind not allowed that you know picturing what I wanted him to do insane insane it and it's a command given that still listen but that he did. I got to turn around a circle three times in the late countenance specifics are. That I ask him. To do. Just in my mind I picturing it in my mind. And I mean I told a story sort of like really quickly get right now whatever but that was like life changing in that moment especially coming from skepticism. You know and then that particular dog. After lots of practice he and I we're actually talking. Like two people in the house but we you know just telepathically. Like that. Frequently and that easily. It's like having another remain. And I get back I that the for a long time just with him you know I didn't even tell other people I was able to do this. But yeah I mean once you can accept any one of these kind of phenomenon. Like that it's my caddie news. Reject at least the possibility of everything else that everybody's been trying to tell you about it now. I see ghosts or whatever and like I didn't believe that any Vatican believe there where ghosts and even the people could see them but. I can talk to my dog. Maybe I have to. And rejecting the possibility that these other things exist and these other abilities at this and it just went from there again my whole world blew up and then. Totally immersed in like a hole. Eight lifestyle thing now which is. It would not have believed it when I was younger you know but it's so it's like it's so rich in the world the universe is so much. More complex than just so we can see what our regular fight senses you know it's really exciting and that was sort of the turning point if they'd been. We have about a minute before we have to go to break and wanna pick up on that because you had said that you were a major skeptic prior to all of us he didn't leave and I think your words were anything paranormal. And now you're saying that these experiences. Has at least open your mind too many of these other topics that we would probably talk about on this program specifically ghosts and spirits. Have you had any other than just having an open mind have you since you've. Been able to work when these sensitivities have you had any experiences that would offer you some validity to any of those other ideas. Oh we padlock appropriate experience type experiences here in the house. And I was shocked by it goes to the hotel on Fremont street. Watching a couple of episodes of it's a big say yes not been a while look at our. We're gonna take a break here and that when we come back and continue our conversation with crystal read her website is crystal hope. Read and read is spelled with two es RE ED. Dot com her book it's called how to live with the psychic we're talking about. The book were also talked about as were her work as an animal communicators and weren't continue that conversation when we come back. Yeah there was an article barracuda to. I mean there's a movie about every kind of killer fish at one point once jaws was successful when there was Paronto. I had to be a barracuda movie had to be right welcome back to beyond reality radio on TV Johnson thanks for being with me or guest tonight is crystal reed. Crystal is an author and an animal communique here. The website is crystal hope reed dot com re being spelled with two e.s and her book is called how to live with the psychic we'll bring her. Back in just a moment wanna remind you. That we've got Keith McCloskey coming on with us tomorrow night talk about these plan and aisles mystery and then Friday night's program will be. A Modesto as it is every Friday night crystal I'm talking again about you're work is an animal communicators. What types of things when you work with clients and their animals what types of things do you generally. Hope to accomplish has to be as some things that are pretty common. Well usually have a you're guessing people contact. Need justices you know have a chat with their animals usually there's an issue right it's. Not using the litter box kind of issue or it seems like there is a medical problem but. Regular vet can't figure out what it is. That things like that it's. It's usually sort of mundane stuff that people might handle. Offense through the trainer but they wanna try having a conversation with their animals first. Which I think that that's really great when people do that some training techniques are very. Sort of. There's two physical and domineering different like taste you know so it's great when people contact me to try to resolve. A behavior issue by understanding what the analysts trying to tell them they can make the changes. So is everything from. Barking to emerge to lending. Is. Cats keeping people up all night while they're trying to flee. Any kind of thing if you had animals you know that there's like an. And listen list of things that animals can be that we don't want them to the Internet content. Well that kind of stuff is that is the usual. But I do I love when people. Throw in the question like. Have you been one of my animals before you know. Or. Or. You'd see say in my deceased. Father walking around the houses crap but still here you know peace because spirit or something that I love when people go a little electric metaphysical with the because they love can answer those questions. And that's actually even a little more interesting for me. Yet that brings up a couple questions. When someone asks you. To ask the question have you been one of my animals before we're talking about now crossing over into more of a medium ship. Type of conversation where I mean it's an animal can remember a past life is that we're talking about him and try and understand this. Well I still consider that streak telepathy because I'm gonna know is whatever the animal can tell me. I can't tell the person yes for sure this dog was it was do when you're a little girl or something I'm telling Ellis would be animal consultant and so. Some animals remembered several past lives. And they've been various species you know that China various species and that sort of thing. And maybe they remember being with the person before they might even remember being. With the person. Not in person. Current person's life but like it a pass like of the person and the animal was buried and some people go that life times with their animals. But I don't consider that media should because I think of medium ship as the act. Actually seen in talking to someone has passed over which is actually something else I can I can talk to animal soul who has. And so that would finally medium ship I think. A well apathy it's just what the animal could help me. Yeah I think you're right I think a misuse the word there but I'm also curious about. Having conversations with animals about the spirits they see. Now when at what point did. You start to have these conversations. And have animals tell you. Based on their owners or their they're whatever their whatever you call them at your clients. Questions do you see mind if grandfather walking and whatever happens to be. That must've been a bit of an epiphany for you as well. It was it was in the anything that I did with my am and in fact it was. Not a price they're doing this professionally like it hadn't played fourteen but I started getting those questions from people and. It actually the first time it happened it was Geneva the questions from the person. It was a wife like dogs sort of likes those dipped in the count all the time. And the dog started talking about. This spirit of a guy who was there who I think cat. Good intentions but just missed animals and so is constantly pestering the dogs. Truck you know just for attention and it was scaring the heck out of this one particular dot and that was the first time. And by the time that happened I'd had my own personal those experiences. I haven't thought the but the two together. Like oh yeah of course I mean people. Say things like I have like dogs barking into the closet you know warming cap seems to be watching something that's not there that. They've based seat that's stuff. Way more readily than we deal. So they're actually a good one to ask if you're wondering if your houses being content at the present time. Yes and Kim may come actually discern who they might be seeing. We've we've had in countless stories. On this program people talking about two a pet who as you said might be looking into a closet earned to a corner or watching. You know at the same time every night something cross through the room that no one else conceit. On those types of experiences but can the tech go as far as identifying who that might be. Only if they recognized the person. So if it was someone like if the with the grant but for exam police to come over to the house and actually let them they'll still recognize them on the soul level yet even though they don't. Like look the same physically. I if it's just a random spirit passing through but not really didn't know who that is so just now they can tell you like it's. It's the mail and then male energy. And whatever. But there they're not tapping into. Any more credit media mystic type of information like talking to the person they they really just as someone there. Okay and forgive me if this question is is kind of I don't whine because this might not be something you've ever encountered. But I'm very very curious about it. We we know obviously particularly with dogs but a lot of animals have the heightened senses. And and rely on those other senses dogs it's a sense of smell. More so than they do site where we that we as humans are very site oriented. Creature. Other animals use other senses. More readily so do we know if these animals. When they're sensing a spirit. If that spirit is actually in this may sound a little strange but have been giving them the Santa that there used to as well as the visual. You know I have to say I don't know the answer to that question. The latest solid company is that they are seen it. Haven't heard one say. That they they're smelling a familiar sound. Which I know it does sometimes happen need to let people right he's now the water Graham does Cologne or whatever but so. Yet they usually tell me that they are seen. Seen something and that's probably in their mind time sort of the way we have a lot of our psychic. You know. Do they recognize. The meaning. Of what they're seeing to the understand that there seemed a person that's passed on or is it to them just seen that person again. They don't confuse them as being still alive because they can they concede that they are not in their same physical shape. That they're just sort of their essence of their self. They're solar their energy or whatever so they know it's different. That's why often scarce or bothers them in the way that like just a random person living person walking through the room wouldn't bother them this bothers them because it looks so out of the ordinary for wet. What happens that are normal surroundings so they're aware. If they know that person is dead. I have asked that specifically I'd just note that. So that there's an energy there. They used to be that resembles a human. Yeah this is a fascinating conversation. I'm really find this very very interesting by the way we're talking with crystal hope read animal communicators author. Our website is crystal hope reed dot com. We're going to be talking about her book as well and a little bit it's called how to live within a psychic right now we're talking about her work as an animal communicators. Were also going to take some phone calls we will not be doing readings. But we will take some questions and that'll be in the next hour at 8446877669. On gristle. I'm sure you've worked with hundreds. Of our clients and their respective animals is already particular type of animal that you. Enjoy working with the most. I have to say I think dobbs the most ugly out cats and horses are close second. Dogs are just so. Unconditionally loving they really are those creatures that we think they are from having them in our homes you know. There's so. There's so it'd so they're people they're hitting their so it doesn't. Have maybe not so much and courses. Depends on the day. But yet. I just to really is. Wonderful unconditionally loving. When you talk to them and saw I think yeah I think that's. Makes my heart well the most giving to communicate with them. Yet and I don't think you have to be an animal communicators to sense that I gnome I have a black lab and talk about loyal and faithful and and unconditionally loving I mean these animals really do that. You know I mean they're they're almost too good for us and away he's the perfect. An illustration or via the so I'm not sure. Is. And you know and then cap for example do love us but they love in a different way you know and they can be a little more detached. And so courses. Are very lies. And have some really interesting things to say and don't necessarily like the things that people think that they like or think that they don't mind date. But it. Yes and I've talked to ferrets and birds and iguanas and very things. They're very different types of species like that. And they're they're all Smart they'll have something to. Interesting we're gonna take a break and when we come back we'll continue our conversation with crystal reed check out our website crystal hope re dot com is a lot of great information on there. Not only about what crystal those but the services that she offers. And her book is called how to live with they psychic there's information about the book. On the website as well it's beyond reality radio I'm Jimmie Johnson I'll be right back. Her son that's for sure we've got a great show underway tonight we will we will be taking your calls in the next hour we won't be doing readings with crystal reed. But we will take your questions. 8446877669. So will open performance in the next hour. Again crystal reed is our guest tonight she's an author and animal communicators who web sit is crystal hope reed dot com. And her book is called how to live with a psychic crystal wanted to talk more about some of the things you've. Heard from all use the word heard. From the animals are eager communicating with have you ever had a situation where an animal. Has told you they're just dissatisfied with their human. I have yet. People can sayings like. Keep their dogs from the crate 22 hours today you know and things like that and and they're not obviously they wouldn't. Come to me asking what solitary animal. If they thought they were doing something wrong people who are intentionally mullah. It just aren't going could be having someone look into their behavior obviously you know there are things that. People to. Even not with bad intentions that make animals dissatisfied and they would. They will tell me about it some animals. Delicate packed about stop and say that it would be you know improper or he's speak badly there. Their mom or dad and that sort of thing but some animals and they let we've been seeing if he'd give them an opportunity so. I'd have to be ready that I might hear things that they didn't necessarily want. Shared and that's sort of think of that awful give up your secrets and I'll recognize that the. Right they seal locked it and you're kind of counting on them to keep it all secret our week. I'm speaking at that keep its speaking of keeping things secret. Have you ever been approached by law enforcement to get involved in in helping solve a crime than an animal may have a key to. I haven't and that's disappointing. I don't know of other animal communicators have been. Approached for that but I haven't personally. Yeah I would love to do that if anybody out there and they wanna give that a shot gap decree. Have you ever heard of any crimes being solved because an animal communicated was brought in and was boo that resource was used by law enforcement. To solve a crime. They can't just. Hear about some mean I want freshman couldn't. Use that directly as evidence you know that's not going to be really admissible in court yeah. Heard about it instances where. And it communicators happens to be around a situation and ask an animal and it was able to. Identify. Say it was the last person in the house before someone was killed you know and that sort of thing and then and then the law enforcement have to find other ways. To make the case for that obviously. Rates of the animal could point law enforcement in the right direction but clearly. Animal testimony as you said probably not admissible in court. Let's assume which is a weird situation with a couple of minutes before we have to go to the top of the hour break here. When you on the get a client that approaches you and wants you to communicate with their pet or their animal however you wanna call it. What do you need from them to do that. Each network from a photograph. So I've worked with people all of the world biggest need to email me at photograph of the animal but teen toward the camera so I can see their eyes. That's the way it was trained they know there's some people who used different that they. But this is just what works for me it's sort of like having their direct dial phone numbers somehow. Been able to see pictured them. And that I don't like too much back story. Because they think people who work and others like it let alleys feel deflated you don't want a lot of crap load dean if they tell it's too much that it. So easy for your subconscious some co mingle what they've told you would what you're getting you know they want me going had a cold. And I just wanna know what the issues are that they want addressed with the animal but the questions they have. It's not an issue like it's it's about the past I think whenever. And they need to get the animal permission. To talk to me and let them know that I'm gonna be coming because you can imagine what it feels like from an analyst perspective. They're just in there house or out in the backyard or something like that. And then also in the strangers sort of like strongly tapping into their mental thought process. And it can be kind of startling to them you know. And some animals doesn't mind at all that others won't pocket unless that person has told them at a time and has actually given them permission. German shepherds are the worst with that it's. Is to be brief thing without their owners permission Obama tell me anything. When they are disciplined and that. And our we've got about thirty seconds here before us to jump in to break give people your website and then when we come back we're gonna continue this conversation also get in your book. And great it's crystal Pope read. Read it REP crystal robbery dot com. You can also finance face look at crystal hope reed is to grant Kristobal breed he you'd get it. Make it easy for everybody said. That's a good plan okay sort of take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation with crystal we will also opened up the phone lines for your questions were not doing readings tonight. So slick and Alex have instructions to make sure that you know that when you calling no readings. Obvious beyond reality radio I'm JB Johnson thanks for being here. It's our concerns are. Turner got a great show crystal. Reid is with us author animal communicators who went so it is crystal hope reed dot com we're going to be talking about her book as well called how to live with a psychic. It's going to be an interesting conversation we get their. I do wanna mention the tomorrow night. Keep McCloskey is our guest is an author. We'll be talking about the flat denials mystery than Friday and of course is a best of program as it is every Friday night. And then next week we've got doctor Ken Hanson who's a those documents hold. The key to many many mysteries. And with your religious or not there's a lot of references to religion there. And it's so there's this fascinating and their secrets are being ends on discovered. As we speak. Also talk about the mysterious copper scroll and much much more Tuesday night Gerri Willis will be our guest and then Wednesday marks stab issue is an author. And we'll be talking about the co oh colts entities that watch over human destinies of some great. Great programs by the way. Annual trouble heroes eating some cash used in mixed nuts that were sent to me bury one of our great fans in the chat room thank you so much they were delicious. But in my office just irked that while more. But I'll get to them a few minutes don't forget Pat Hurst Tara Conner is coming up August 18 and nineteenth in spring. City Pennsylvania it's near Philadelphia I'll be on hand for that event for that weakness can be ghost haunts in addition to vendors. And panel discussions presentations. A lot of fun and to be held at the Penn Hearst asylum. It's called Penn Hearst Eric Condon and the website is the same name Odyssey team and nineteenth in spring city. Pennsylvania. We also ask Erica I'm coming up the big fall skirt on show's October 26 through the 28. As tech turning stone casino in Verona New York it's a great event check out the website it's just starting to list. Guests celebrity guests the will be on hand at Sutter. It's Garrett can't dot com so by the website in the FaceBook page they're both beyond reality Radio One is dot com in the other's side just on FaceBook. And make sure you like it if you're on FaceBook that we'll be up to date on any last minute changes and announcements are what are or whatever we've got going on it's all posted on her FaceBook page. We will be taking your phone calls this hour to if you have questions for our guest 8446877669. Crystal. Again thanks for being with us we've been talking about today that your work as an animal communicators and I had a few more questions related to that. And the talk of your book title with a psychic and her for interest and and your perspective. For of that as well. Com when you. Talk whiz. In an animal for the first time. Your your client his giving you some basics that you outlined before we took the break a how does that conversation start for you. Well I also have passed therapy background from my conversations with animals. Tend to run a little bit hard like a therapy sessions but. Literally what it is they look at the photo they animal and they start talking to them in my head. Trying to develop a reporter. I actually third saints and being. They complement them. Just my style. Like compliment them to try to get them you know. But connect with me something that I feel genuine you know like so that they have beautiful Martins ferry you know whatever. And I just wait until I start. Elaine or hearing or seeing answers from them and that we just keep going in the on the conversation. I. Speaking English in my mind occasionally get traded at Serb. More complex thing I tried to send the images along with it intentionally not that sort of thing but mostly it just speak to them in English. And then I write down exactly what they say and I shared with us. With the mom or dad whoever the client is. It. Really it's just like. It's not too different to start the conversation within me personally eat just meat you know only going to be friendly and inviting and that sort of thing. And ask these delegates. Right. You say that so and it we when we started our discussion tonight you mentioned it is well that so. Everybody has some of this ability with them and I'm sure some have to have more sensitivity and then others. But if you ordered offer some advice to people who might wanted to kind of try to. Affect this kind of communication with their pad barn animal how would you guide them. A taillight you myself by telling people you know just shut up and McCain but I know there's more to it and that. But it really is if you can get into the order quasi meditative state not a full meditative state but when we're used. Sort of clear your mind of all of the chatter. And your animal is near you. And they don't seem to. Especially distracted by something else to ask some questions. In your head. You can pay it out loud if you want to you but it's adequate to ask in your head to act as you know simple questions. More ask how they're feeling how they like something or other that's going on in the house or something. And then you really just listen from that really quiet meditative place and in the beginning you only get it now. One word or a flash of an image or feeling in your body or something like that you know it's Blake. Learning any language or an instrument or somatic compared to like I am a pipe you know you have to. Practice in London the channel gets bigger and bigger you know and then you get more. More detailed information stronger information at first so at first it's going to be like really pollen settle. But most people that tried to do this. If they really do with the open minded open heart are actually able to get some kind of response and then the key is that you have to trust that. That's the thing with any psychic ability. You're getting get something and then your instinct is going to be to say I'm just making that up. That can't you know I can't possibly you know rhetoric and the exciting match channel down right there by doing that. You have to just take whatever it even if it doesn't make sense even if it's really small then and be grateful. For that and ask for more. Just keep doing that Matt and it will get better and your ability to get better that way. I'm sure that one of the most common discussions you have with clients when they want you to communicate with their pets is. This probably a high frequency of of medical conditions and then that the owner knows the pettis suffering from something probably can't. Figure out what it is. And so entries had those conversations. Frequently does do you ever get. Messages from the animals saying yes I feel this way but I don't wanna go to the vet right don't wanna have treatment I mean there are people that say those things all the time. Is that it's the same thing in the animal world. Yeah yeah you know it's actually really expect that you're asking that I get that a lot. Are. It's up to and from the perspective. They don't want their person to worry so much you know we worry so much about our animals when they're sick or they seem to not be feeling now. And a lot of that also like. I'm just not feeling well right now and it will probably pass those just yeah. I don't worry be happy kinda like don't worry about it it a lot actually and people are somewhat dissatisfied with that answer because. They wanna know what's wrong and they wanna fix it you know and everything that animals are here sort of to teach us a lot of lessons and I think that's one of is that. They want us to just sort of relax and not be so uptight about things and not worry about things so much in just sort of beat. So yeah that's like really didn't need to ask. And I'm at one more question then we're gonna take a break animal come back and talk about the book. But I east owner horse farm and and so I I was around horses but have been I'm not gonna say that I was the one that took care of them because they didn't. But I like to look at them and they're pretty majestic and amazing animals but they seem to be big babies are they big babies. Yeah. No wait let me I know everything I pray they really are big babies. Yeah. And like the same before you know it they're kept in the stall instead they're out and some kind of pasture where they can run they don't really like that and in a public that I get a lot yeah I get a lot of complaints in the morning from courses that's when he. That's OK so I wasn't it wasn't making it up all those years all right we're gonna take a break we're talking with crystal reed check out the website crystal hope reed dot com when we come back. We're gonna begin a discussion about a book that she is written and it's called how to live with a psychic. We're gonna do that next and beyond reality radio feel free to call and an 8446877669. To join our conversation. A horse lover well on the horse tolerated in some cases but I know some Morse is still there was. It was all meant in the most endearing terms courses are wonderful creatures like is at their majestic their amazing. Creatures. They just want a little bit right welcome back of the show everybody it's beyond reality radio IN GV Jason is off tonight her guests tonight is crystal reed and we've been talking about her roles and animal communicated to change gears a little bit now. And we are gonna books that she is written it's called. It's called how to live with a psychic. And Chris like gonna ask you first of all why would you write the book. And you gotta tell us. What happens in a relationship when one of the two people. Either realize they are or declare that they are a psychic that that you realized. People need help with. Okay well. We're ready pac about how I grew up. Skeptical about these things are meant a certain point in my life type began hunting animal communication but that also having an open mind toward other things. And and I met my husband in 2001. And he. Why is. Down to people are ready as. Column ghost magnet for example you know stuff always happens around him whatever we'd be out Republicans strangers would come up. And say do you have sparkly things around your head you know and I couldn't see whatever but I I think you're used to this kind of stuff happening. But effective than a passive way we never thought of him as a psychic however so. In and believe it was 2013. Number of things came finally erected a school together we are on summer vacations fortunately. Came really strong energy healing ability came on with him as he became able to remove the. Negative entities from. People or is and also from spaces and he can do that even at a distance because they have to be there and if Paris re. He actually is abilities are really quite strong so the book isn't about how to live with me is that I had to live with him. How is because mine came on gradually and through intentional study in all this kind of stuff but. A whole bunch of stuff happened to him at a couple weeks. That's canes sort of like slamming into our lives and we are have seen. Poltergeist activity we are having ET activity immediately just in saint. And if I had already gone through that. Phase. Doing a little bit of work myself and then also becoming extremely open minded about stuff. It could've been really. An insurmountable. Obstacle in our relationship. And I know. The other couples who have split up or even gotten divorced when something like this happens and the other partner isn't ready for the changes that happened in the. The new lease psychic person. It actually more common than you might think. So what can happen in particular the more mundane things are they. Confidently and interest in their normal. Like activities. Including work in me. In the statute might usually done together. A sudden they're so preoccupied with this stuff. That. They can't do all the things to get this far pork they're more sensitive so they can go to places repeatedly used to go and that's as a actually developed Ali destructive to the significant. This significant degree either because they're being out seeded people were standing there trying to talk at them while they're asleep Chinese sleep. Or they're just mind is just being mean or whatever but capitalist Brett is flurry you know a little. I'll he would just sort of sit in Guerrero and such out you know when he couldn't really engage with the world has. Things are changing even as someone. In mind is him this was like a really. Mind blowing sort of experience that they're going through. So there are a lot of people who have to come to terms this. The religious implications of this you know all the paranormal stuff. In some circles is considered at all evil right. So what what happens when your has been a life. Searched for in the frontier house even when it's unintentional you know people have to deal with that. People have to just deal with the change in their partners priorities they. Comes on suddenly there's just a lot of stuff and so like I said before actually have a therapy background is so. I wrote a book just kind of thinking about. Everything we went through and then everything. People might go through relationship line is that sort it. Guidelines for how to get through that and in the end. You know it becomes personal sort of normal how he can go back and. Anything becomes normal after it's been in your life for lapping the scenes. So disruptive or so many seniors just becoming every day after awhile but. And that can actually make it stronger because it's such a significant life change if you could elaborate bit with your partner and you'll be stronger than you ever were before it's just some people. I like this is that what I signed up for and they want to opt out. But there was no book on the subject to when I wrote it at all on Amazon there's nothing talked about this so that's why I decided that strike but the. We have about thirty seconds and after jumping to break here week in your own experience. Did you feel this. That at any point during this experience it it was actually threatening your relationship your husband. It could have a fight let it. I had it there were times when I'll say that he's probably listening in the other room when he was difficult enough. That a fight didn't keep this very calm mindset of like he's going through something and he needs me right now. And that's what they need to focus on instead of being reacted to him it absolutely. Could've had a bad effect on our relationship. And it quick answer here or did he recognize it was causing problems as well. Okay British take a break we'll come back more with crystal reed on the other side of the break. Phone numbers are 844687766921. Home parks special. Jason talked about it this that and sooner promised. Great show going on tonight don't forget tomorrow night keep McCloskey will be with us to talk about the plan and aisles of mystery and then Friday night is a best of program. Monday we've got doctor Ken Hanson with a season do Danica professor. We'll be discussing secrets of the Dead Sea scrolls the mysterious copper scrolls and much much more. Including questions like has the ark of the covenant survived. Is it somewhere yet to be found. Maybe some people know awareness. We've had people on the show that say they know where it is so we'll have that conversation Monday night. Breaking them beyond reality radio our guests and it is crystal reed and we're talking about her book how to live with a psychic. And Chris you do you do to a nice job of explaining how you became aware that this could be a problem. On and you said it's common it's probably more common than we would we would realize. Because what you described here. Is a force and enters into were a relationship that term as you. Describe your own awakening it was life changing so I imagine it's as life changing. To an individual. And that life changing experience also changes the relationship doesn't. Because. So let me just as simple as like healing ability. It think about that you know they feel that doctors have a god complex but it. Imagine just being able to kill somebody with your hands right what kind of god complex he gets that potentially with that. And how does that change your whole thinking about the world and so the person and yet it does that opens the mine didn't and quite suddenly and abruptly. And so the other person sort of have to pick up the slack a little bit and have to decide whether they want to go along. Long for this right or not. Have you. I know an addition to reading the book you've actually to work with some people. Kind of counsel them on your background makes it very very appropriate. Have you seen any of these relationships fail completely failed because of this. I ain't none of the people that I have worked in. Actually that that's. Big twelve might help break but. What I have heard is. Talking to other people that haven't come to me for help but. Or maybe. Involved in psychics support groups and things like that around Los Angeles. Food has either had a relationship. And on them to somebody left them over this. Or people who talked to me. About. Somebody and it just talked to somebody two weeks ago and his girlfriend was psychic they were together for a couple of years that he just he couldn't. He he couldn't stand the fact that when he was out of the house. He could come back and somehow she knew everything he did you know she wasn't stalking him Alicia she was just really that into whatever whenever and so he left Terry. Didn't want that to be part of his life. I mean what. Also really that is I've attended. The couple's psychics support groups around LA Brett nine of content just to see is out there you know. And they'll be a ton of people there who worked in marriages or partnerships and there are there by themselves. Because they can't because. The relationship dynamic is that there has been a life has that you know I don't like it has talked to happen. Like we're gonna pretend this isn't happening. Whenever you can go to you know really good. Support group. Like once every once a week or something like that but don't talk to me about it. I'm like this site is what awaited deal with the situation but those people are extremely unhappy in their relationships. And yeah I mean at. I'm not saying that like a hole went to people progression during the count this site I intentionally put myself and furcal for people there. I'm experiencing this kind of thing but yet but it seems to be almost more of their. The exception that partners have a hard time dealing with that. Does this dynamic change. It's both. People in the relationship our psychic. And if so is it doubly. Difficult. I think. If both people on the relationship. Because I'd actually met any like we're a couple both were not psychic and and both had this stuff come on really strongly. Like at the same time. I would think that they would be very good support for each other. But they might let some other normal. How awful stuff slips it to crack the can hit out its satellite. Ali what can a person can be in crisis so that time right the other person to pick up the slack. Both people and that's kind of crisis that one time. Alec as a different kind of problem that I I would think at least they would be able to relate to what the other person is going through and have my sympathy. And you know that this should. The look into. Is designed for people query comes on suddenly when you're already in the partnership. What I would if Finland maybe I'm incorrect but I would say that he's started dating someone they knew from the beginning that they worse psychic. That you shouldn't be able to. Grow into dealing with that because they're not in crisis about it right that's just part of their. Personality essentially. The the fire when you have one person kind of falling apart and the other person have to. There is make sure. Everything. Runs smoothly until this psychic person send it back on track. And you mentioned at one point it actually if you pin. Learn how to accept this and work together on it. When you come out on the other side you actually have a stronger bond. Is is that because. You've spent the effort time and effort to work with each other armed on this particular prominent in this on the sort of the problem. It's a working together this strengthens it or is there something about being psychic that will help you strengthen relationship. No it's the first thing that you said it said it is survived cut as some bicker major life change together. You know he's stuck it out together. And I'm hopefully you know you has been a really good team that's one thing I emphasize in the book is like. That person even when they're scaring the crap you look at what they're saying like you have to be they're number one fan you know. And if you need to go a little like scream in the closet well they're not home says it's freaking out that's fine but they need to be able to tell you everything that's going on with them. You know. And all that kind of stuff and so it is it's still working together and so in that sense of not entirely different then. Any other sort of major life change a crisis that one partner might have is the other partners successfully. Support them through it. And everybody comes out of the on the other side. Yet if you're a stronger couples for that. Okay let's so much into the phone lines here this is Vince calling in from Missouri Vince is it. Good friend and a frequent caller of the program hey Vince welcome to the show Britannia. I and every. I'm great thank you you run with Christiane targets. Would you would you call. I'm not in Ari Ari Ari Jamie. What's on your mind since I have heard yeah you see what's on your mind. I've done that lives he has been doing it targets and. I don't know they're gonna have time to get get to that tonight but if we do election no but you're on my stereo. Our largest stature as some up Scientology practice at all come around too because the world seem to be going crazy. Well that is something that a lot of people feel vents and a lot of the guests we have on addressed that. And I'll ask this so I'll transform your question just a little bit Vince for crystal. Do you see anything in the animal community through your work is an animal communicated crystal that indicates to use that we're in a very strange place. In net whether it's the history of the Earth's of the universe or are dimension or whatever it is. Well I would say that the animal haven't necessarily been telling me that except. That pretty much all in all communicators negating that panels are feeling changes. In the Eric that are not necessarily. Looking really good for our future is sort of like environmentally. You know. But I haven't heard from any animals about. Any kind of seemed like biblical level sort of stuff happening. All right do you get that from other sources like yours is sold since he a lot of people from a lot of different disciplines and backgrounds are kind of feeling like. We're moving. And said the catastrophic direction and I wouldn't disagree with that at all. I. Convinced that's it's interest in perspective you have there. I want to arm and ask about your work is a counselor and how would dove tails with your work. As either a psychic and an almost communicators does does being council help you do that work. I think it does because. And really in depth how other animal communicators work. But for me. When I'm delving into the conversation with an animal it's very similar to how I lead. Work with human and trying to get to the cause of something so I don't just ask. Literally just the question that the person has asked me opposed to the animal I tried it goes deeper into. Feelings motivations. Of the stuff that happened. Earlier there in their life that may have cut that you know every that they like a health therapist split. Their tight someone's. So that's helicopters over yet I am I feel like. Having a Catholic background let me ask questions and definitely maybe even get it sort of a different instinct. About how to approach issues. And in the course subtle way. And what about the reverse. Does being a sensitive help you with your counseling work with people. Absolutely does that actually part of my training. I had an area than usual training programs that emphasize that can think a lot of. Psych grad school you know it is very. Clinical and all that sort of thing but they. Encouraged us to very much to go with our intuition. And even try to tap into the other person. Like that speak to them out of focus so level subconsciously what we're trying to work with them. You know. In his face to face in a more normal way. So I aim really fortunate to come across that program and a fact that the work is deeper yet the work is cheaper that way because it's. Connecting with people are animals. Like really on more dimensions then I mean that bridge their this although I'm not trying to open the. Their best on air maybe everyone works that way but. That was as special for that and I think. Where and when a couple has one of its members. Recognize their psychic and it comes on pretty quickly like you it happened with funeral announcement. What what point do you recommend that they seek some help. A get your book at what point do you do you think isn't what types of symptoms would would you say they should be watching for. And B what about the next step. What if they read the book and they realize actually summoned help talk talk them through this. What types of things should they be looking for. It's better. In any case is not wait until things get is a really critical level right. They could compare that the end of regular marriage counseling you don't want to wait until he can't tell you hate each other's guts you know because that's going to be irreparable. So. I would say just in terms is just like getting the book and reading through it and seeing if there's anything helpful for their particular situation. It could just be even if one her one or the other partners are feeling kind of nervous. About. Weather and billing it as well as they can or they're having doubts. Then they should start looking into help and regulate. Because had it not cut it off. And it nipped in the bud that's the thing I. Take care that when it's saint lo. The level issues instead of like a crisis level issue. And in terms of getting help you know they don't live in the only area and they can't work with me. If they're going to look I have actually it section on cheese in the therapists. And what to a four and a therapist. And because not every. Marriage counselor is going to be able to help with this because of they don't believe in this phenomenon. Then. As much as they might sit in the room and act like a yes I understand you know and all of that kind of stuff that it's called. Unconditional positive regard that's really content they're the they're gonna do that for their client but it is they don't really understand the deleted dynamic of what's going on in the home but I can at least super helpful for people need to look first somebody who. Also. It is specializes in this court the very least is willing to admit that they believe in this happened. Crystal what's next for you. I'm writing a book on animal communication. It'll be both stories about that conversation that have a panel that a little bit of help to. Had to do it and. That's mainly where I'm Colleen and yes network and I can't hit a painting besides just live for an eleven Marty doing now. It will you've been a great desk gives your website one more time and any other social media handles that you want to throw out there. Okay crystal Pope read rated RED crystal is dot com. Come on FaceBook with crystal will read also in Japan has been so read Kristobal breed and let there is at animal psychic. And yet feel free anyway to send me questions about this or. You know ask for any recommendations or something like that. Are on either subject to release. You know I am willing to chat with people about this because it's really important to the result that people understand. That everywhere can do that communication. It's it's they try and they're open they're minds to it. And that just in general psychic ability that it was sort of our our birthright that we're starting to reclaim more and more as a society. One person at a time sleeping in airports beside it like to help people get on the right path without so please get hit me up it's gonna talk about. That's terrific thank you so much for being here it's and it's been it was fascinating conversation really appreciate your time. Okay we're gonna take a break we'll come back and wrap things up in just a few moments it's beyond reality radio. Thanks for joining us thank you. Pritzker and her guest tonight we had a great conversation check out her web site Chris crystal hope reed dot com and Reid is spelled REE. ED tomorrow night Keith McCloskey were talking about the slam in a finals mystery if you don't know what that is yet to tune in to find out. It's beyond reality radio I'm JB Johnson and we'll catch you tomorrow night have a great evening and. And we'll ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be don't really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello and Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio de Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.