WWL>Topics>>Sports Huddle 3/27: Deuce & Kristian talk about the Raiders moving to Vegas

Sports Huddle 3/27: Deuce & Kristian talk about the Raiders moving to Vegas

Tue, 28 Mar 2017|

Deuce McAllister & Kristian Garic dicsuss the NFL owners approving the Raiders moving to Vegas. Is this a good idea for the league?



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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WL dot com Deuce McAllister saints cardinals all time leading rusher in. Now saint Martin's. Consult our what have you find out also that beard is gone to pot that's them now but anyway. News if felt the Oakland Raiders used an aero. Don't move from Oakland to Las Vegas that's the third relocation of the franchise and National Football League. And last eighteen months ran charters and Oakland Raiders out to Las Vegas. Fascinating on number level but more importantly I just think it. There might be four or five franchise in the NFL cities that it feels it everybody else eat got to be on there. Well if you're not build a new stadium. You know there I think that there has to be some worry or at least potentially put me into a 500 million. 700000000. And two is stating you know. And I think that's around the reins at the saints will be in with a super girl because it still see them doing a new stadium so. I don't see as we're moving from this region. Even though you've had some stability issues in the NFL with three teams moving. A little to be on the lookout or. Is Jackson dirt course I mean it. It's a London based seeing them in his and before long. That team will be playing eight in games in London I mean about it you just it's gonna happen politics what's interesting is com. Does to expand you know NFL. Today an expansion team there to expansion teams no parole or yeah four for a while there you know they're local cities San Antonio being one. That was thought you know would j.'s old he cut them off really quick you know you know Oklahoma maybe give maintained so that we address in the C. Prevailed centric market or what what happens next Medea. The Oakland Raiders know more what at least for the next two years at all programs. If you're waiters that. Even show up next two years I was my hands and risk missing mass course. Any heart here's the thing was when the doesn't sit well with me is. The season ticket renewals are past where well he did he did say if you put your money now he will reimburse. If you law. Is if you won't if you want your money back. Mark Davis will give your money back if you put now as for the season ticket holder in oak. See how that's how much money they're making it that well written book that. East team. Is paying right twenty million. 31 other teams right at twenty million for relocating to sixty needs an outlet 32 with these again. Relocation with the charts and answer them as well all I mean it's right at roughly 600 don't. You know roughly 600 billion for four relocate. I mean and so you yeah you know him well he's he's all routes out of those bridges only because you're forty. But it's only you know your rookie talk about sixty million apiece. For creating relocate. It's. I'm not mean look comment below it's going to be on FaceBook page. Are you know I don't say I'm not trying to be too little Odyssey that. About the mental standpoint from a fans perspective is it good or bad penalty to ultimately. Move relocate teams and also particularly the raiders going to Las Vegas where. The NFL deuce for a long time has been against that because of all the proclivities that could calmly and temptations that could come wit. Lost face that's the story developing these Deuce McAllister by the way merger of GM now. And it's and it's interesting opportunity it was one and I couldn't pass them up and won't fit my town has been with you I'm looking forward to. I just decals or more from dues on Wednesday we'll be back on sports until everybody on Thursday and Friday w.s well so. Do secrecy to beat him well.