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"Go For Two" Episode 16 - NFL Divisional Playoff Preview

Jan 11, 2017|

T-Bob and Seth preview the big Divisional Playoff weekend with an all new Go For Two Podcast. It's a new year but we see many of the same franchises in the final eight. Will the upstart Cowboys or Falcons crash the party or will yearly stalwarts New England, Seattle, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh advance?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to Doug Goldberg zoo podcast with the T Bombay there and Zach Dunlap. We look at reds who are second class citizen Leo for two podcasts and set Dunlap BC Bob May vary as. We had a very uneventful. Wildcard weekend in the NFL's rule on in the divisional rounds. This week welcomed Harlow NFL show here you can follow us on Twitter on that set Dunlap on Twitter he's at T Bob fifty table read it sure is Mary ago. And yeah we were just showing me your Syria. The English Butler or have a little call you wanna argue this is he's very regal Stan all right this is. But I don't feel like fall and yes very late British royal theatre company rather in my adult cat yeah. So you get the choices when you series. You get the choices. Between. A mayor kid Australian and English I believe that you knew male or female and what to make you feel like what makes you feel richer than male English well. And so that's basically why he's like a little he's my little Butler really burst land. We missed our. I don't really mean I think wait and Alpert obviously had a more a deeper relationship. This is truly like he's like hell. The war hurt I don't really associate with him I don't talk to him I just ask him to set timers set alarms reminders and did you're right you then that just look at I think that he respects. That that you know we we both or resent in the relationship. That's what the show is already off the rails. When you vote. I can dance the show's Italian in the playoffs now our show's gonna get a little bit shorter and shorter here Robson is not as many games to talk about. But we certainly do you have a story and talk about. Yeah. The biggest storyline here for me to you Bob is that after all the craziness of this 26 team going in between seventeen NFL season. When you had so many upstarts the raiders the cowboys the falcons the lions the dolphins so many others. Kind of oh wedge their way into the conversation a real legitimate contenders this year that's why that made the regular season for me so funneled the best regular seasons we've had in awhile. All the sudden we stand here with eight teams left and divisional weakening guess what. It's pretty much the standard crew the Seahawks and patriots the Packers the Steelers the chiefs even the Texans who have been there I don't know. I would say text of falcons are. But that's not progress beyond that have been there had to be dangles couple years ago man that isn't around like they're panel had as well as it will yeah. I mean look if C south is terrible and I I guess I can be forgiven if I don't remember which AFC south threat makes it wherever because I don't do anything in the end but yeah I mean I guess falcons. Only you know government tell us what you thought that they were gonna be there that I did I don't know well yeah I guess I kind of did. A as a map up there when their division I guess cowboys on the other one but even that. I guess because there's so much tradition behind Dallas even that doesn't feel new or exciting aid just I mean this reads light. Ended August missing this this tell you like last year this Sunday's slate of games it reads like old school yeah fell like like like this sixties right to say except the original team Steelers chiefs. Packers cowboys it's. Yet while the Sunday game the sunny Sully got a Boren just like last week's games are grown bored but now. Big turning pro boring your ID kinda have the GB game is Peter King called it's on is your favorite on the Monday Morning Quarterback he called that realistic thoughts and no this early Saturday game. The over the raiders in the Texans man. It always seemed to throwing is Rhett Ellison to throw the stinker on Saturday early yet and then a stinker was it just means that game all the games these days and we'll all get a read too weak your view than ever feel like we know about. The storyline is my story line is that I don't. Even though is old hat so I guess that was must missile pat I don't think there going to be stickers so I'm actually excited for these mornings especially dishonestly. No this guy yeah I I think that is some of those great I did that actually really on match I don't care about things patriots are three out of four. Our going to be. A lot for other anyway you might think is storyline is that. Like you said though the NFL's kind of bored out of kinda sucks and it's terrible last week. The home my home teams all winning dig into the average margin to do was nineteen yeah all the elaborate lies in one credibly all the favorites covered as well. Incredibly bold and call me intrigued. Perspectives so it all stuck down through the ratings are down. Which means that you can count on Roger Goodell. To come up with some big twists for this week you know to look for a big week this week we'll know you know what the big twist is the end of the season while the ratings are going to be huge for the supermodel why would you know I. Lady Gaga room the halftime show racial group here. Yeah yeah look I I. I don't think I think she'll do a great job. I don't know if people are coming of the game for a guy who knows mitigate maybe aren't you little monsters are pretty. Pretty loyal we're pretty passionate may pretty passionate Wright ads and you know what I would imagine that a lot of the little monster nation. Is not are not traditional football fans tonight income for majority standpoint. Is saying that she's an artist album art east. So maybe you'll have a more population brought and he said I'll pray at least like a couple hundred people there. Oregon if there are necessarily interview let's get to our studs the week. Bar both sides of the week. Where else do they go to Miami and Superman rips off his Kate began area. Rogers. You'll notice Dallas the one play can we not call it hail Mary anymore it's called hail errant. That was its merit has Harry Allard you're gonna Vazquez who you know I mean I just I just can't help but notice that now is now again and you know I heard it's not your retreated. Galleries in those chips used for good job good job and that's his third hail Mary in the past. What. Twelve months thirty months yeah yeah yeah credible and and the is your team up. When there are those situations don't kind of value mixed bag this experience also in Atlanta's problems are automatically adds. Deseret don't you kind of expect something to happen now when in that situation it's no literally have no shot at this it's you'll seeks to. Don't get it out on. A guy you're once you're actually right it's it's it's it's absurd and end the the consistency. Of it the fact that he keeps happening speaks to me it's not luck. That it is anywhere there's going to be an element of luck any clear idea but that it is a technique. That is. Increasing the packers' chances traded yeah still it's helping their art G if you will and it's that it's that high ball and he's just had a rocket arm dosage so high and he said it's by design that it makes it it makes it incredibly tough to judge guest. The only I was trying to think like driving experience isn't what I try to catch welcomed that high in. One day after practice to decide who would run between the office of the defense they lined a ball though and launched him into the air we had to try to catch it. And I look I feel very top of my tension building as good a prettier but yeah you're hotter it gets fast I missed it so badly he meant the games are really hard to judge and I don't think that rogers' arm is as crazy as they. Fully turned up jugs machine but I think you're seeing that same element at play where guys Jerome. They did the timings all that jumping out the wrong time without finding the ball forward everything derail cubs is sitting. Behind it already dropped into his lap so yeah I use is is incredible and yet Erin Rogers well deserving of suddenly. Hale air and less that of the week why will give a style and I guess 454362. For touchdowns. No picks and believe that is twenty touchdowns no interceptions in his last two games I think you gotta go. And with my boy. Let Ian bell from the Steelers. Steelers winning big as we thought they would against the dolphins. Let them bills and absolutely incredible lately but 29 more carries a 1067 yards two touchdowns. We're already discussed I think last week cal. In in the last eight games he had over a thousand yards he's at 280 total yards per game. It's incredible it's get totally right and and he slowing down. And now he is set up who we while Wembley and oh I I cannot wait to see though because you have this offense in the Steelers it is a red hot really teen. Like the Packers in the Steelers that is so unbelievably hot right now Libyan bell what happens when he runs up against the chiefs in airhead. K and they keep it going especially when you look at that. What it whenever I guess NFL players are used to it just feels says that such an early kick off for the stage today at 1205. Start time I'm. Intrigued. To see I really don't matter who's gonna who's gonna win that game that whatever Levitt also. Our rights our studs weld Missouri probably the two hottest players in the two hottest teams in the league let's get into our week in review. Are you off to him and he met time he's so good the show and then I turned off the PC audio as soon here yeah. You're still weakened review. CD you have Alan op autos Roland don't like now who have been I've been on the whole show this time I'll call all right. The sneaker game a smaller Odyssey against with a lot of divorce and after the their car injury was this Texans raiders gained the kick off wild card weekend. Again like Peter King described it. That's Saturday morning game I was turning into the JV game along that nobody really cares about truly Jason wins 27 to fourteen. There are some praise going around sauce while after the game to be frank I don't know why he beat a third string quarterback at home in the planet. Usually has ever started gives the number one Kirk. Get sort of the top defense floated is violence and an animal on defense I yeah autograph this and yes point being there won't what are the top defense is going it's kind of curtains first ever start it was. Here is the name game man there it was watches. Petrol yeah it was bad football and oss Weiler. Again from this praise that was kind of thrown his way after the game his line was fourteen it's only five for 160. Eights. And it doesn't just yeah. There are rushing touchdown in LA and Vietnam picks. Yeah debts or you're gonna get it brought cuts it adds that best broke out slow argue could grow up speaking out lion junior Connor could Klein. Did not. Come October Packard Tim's kind of guy and to me I'm here have a you're. Was later locked the week was like to duty to tell us a topic behind the man minded. I think Carter could bad about it I don't know I thought it was that was announced that for Renault are gonna start. Dammit yeah. Well he should've thrown it to Marc Cooper and Michael Crabtree here's the problem when we. Previous this game lastly we said the wave of the raiders we're gonna when missile William if they work. Was to have the ball off to Marie 2530. Times and make sure cook did not throw forty but plus passes. Exactly what happened that I did happen I guess could throw us 45 times Murray enters the ball twelve times and this football game cook eighteen to 45. 161 yards one touchdown three. Interceptions. Raiders had no chance and that's. I don't feel bad for Oakland's butts. They're trajectory is on the rise. They remind me a little bits of Seattle 34 years ago right on the played Atlanta and that divisional game in urban academy gave the notion obvious obvious team is a team on the rise rising franchise and you know Demeter him two years and that's legacy of the Oakland they may be the prohibitive favorite in the AFC next year and it's may work out that way and no new England's obviously in the economy this team's going to be that good I really think if car gets back he'll leave his team's gonna be that again. I yeah. Leave the raiders tail this year is acetylene because you watch the whole season crumbled because this injury. I think a big events. Reflects poorly on the raiders because I mean that. You should have more of an insurance plan for quarterback then mamet going to Connor cook like you do better. I think Lou we count here in New Orleans is perfect example of of a guy who is capable yes incapable back immediately you need to have some sort of insurance policy. He he seems to be abiding heard the raiders seem to be abiding by the Brazilian slot C. Which is. You always want to be one play away from everything being just around the edge right there you're just constantly living on the edge makes you work harder. Longer hours try to leave no stone unturned. Maybe get checked out. Or Reggie McKenzie GM I. I don't know but. Yeah I guess if nothing else to say about his games of this set and it just it feels like the raiders got cheating the Padilla is incredible season. Whereas it Texans kind of bumble and stumble along. And now you have Brock does Weiler who has as many playoff wins a what was the stat. It's it started I guess that was his first ever and I'm getting used either way profit outlook now has a bid fell playoff win and they did he really shouldn't. No no he really shouldn't yeah. They advance on and they will take on the New England Patriots in the AFC the other AFC matchup last week this home on Sunday Pittsburgh. Rules over Miami and rights group has said what can we see this turning into a Pittsburgh blow out yeah Sobel a state with mats and point line. Even though they'll line seemed a little bit high opinion that was favored by ten latest role here pretty much exactly rule we said thirty to twelve that offense in gear. For his inconsistent as they were at the beginning of the season they are downright scary now you mentioned the Libyan bell stats. The Ben Roethlisberger has just been fantastic now though they haven't issued another big an injury right just seems like January tradition as. He hurts his. A called arguably shouldn't have been in the game that's me that's always liked the argument when it comes established and the just like actually there experiencing quarterback who can handle an acre ankle injury or lower leg injury it's ban he has a least one of these increasingly. I mean I hate IE I just kind of assumed that he always has like one did you high ankle sprain he claimed it may be a little and CL sprain mixed in there. For good measure. Maybe this affects him. He's really a runner anymore anyway there but I mobile when he and a vest he is mobile a bit but like Apple's assault couple this script there as well as there there's one in particular they. They did about the debt leverage our port how highly questionable he described as a skyscraper. Trying to do a good lie that he says he looked very tough yeah it it was not exactly the most Agile bought it not look. Like gold so odd injury will play a factor but. If there's ever a player where you just kind of do what we just didn't like we had to spray like whatever it it's been Roethlisberger you know places of all time can't I guess. It's good that Libyan delegating so much credit towards the end of the season and now's a run in the class was incredible run he's on because. This is his team now I know everybody wants it's always equates quarterback driven league to talk about quarterbacks for special needs at this point in the playoffs. But the stealers are here because of bell and not because the ban you if you look at that game. It was migrate had a couple picks made some really bad decisions like you said in mobile at times now on the pocket not like he used to be an outside of the pocket as well. Interesting to see what they do against Kansas City team that they completely obliterated earlier this season and we much tougher match. They are playing 36 nothing early in the third move of that game. That's an interesting question and I don't know the dynamics of the steelers' locker room well enough to you speak Garnett but I would be intrigued to see if there's any like. What's the power hierarchy between Roethlisberger bell and Antonio Brown but in the same way that Libyan belt separates from all of their running backs. I guess does Antonio Brown separate from. Other receivers not as much wreckage yet Coolio. You sort got some guys in that Echelon but there's nobody like bill does well it only now I mean. Not forget all of them exactly he's. Yet there is this your I think you're right that there's no one like go manufacturers knew him as well reminds me of reminds me of Marshall Paul. I don't know I doubled as I was facility in Tomlinson areas I guess that sounds like a much more that that raised theirs is nobody that can do all of the things LT could do. And there's nothing. And nobody can do all the things that that bill can do he has fun to watch any is such an odd running style. It's who looks like he's. Stopping in the backfield sometimes straight hesitate here. Yeah yeah I guess that's what people calling and and I don't know I don't know if I'd just threaded like you said earlier in the and in QB's to get this money line play of the Steelers here though of how good that line is high and maintaining their blocks not opening holes eventually. I think even more than that it speaks to a relationship. Between the back in the linemen that they have a firm understanding of each other is what he's due winning what what do you do when he's hesitating he's not necessarily asking me a line like keep dominating and blocking and like do their block perfectly. He's seen where that hole naturally develops again happening intended hole. But if things break down his hesitation I'm alive and if I get beat across a base at all I'm gonna keep watching him pass. Knowing that he's gonna has taken he's gonna cut off my but he's gonna come behind me so I do think it's one of those things where instead of ask instead of making the job like job harder like you would think it it would it actually. I think makes your job easier makes it more fluid where it's not as rigid because he is so fluid and so were able to kind of make these decisions on the fly so masks sillier deficiencies of the office of land and I I would argue that I would be fascinated to talk to Deuce McAllister and obviously because he's he's really opened my eyes to a lot of what goes through a great running backs head and and in fact actually in your step to talk about the not business as compared to read our this is you know has tagged overtook me. Yeah they I was gonna ask. Is front office of alignments standpoint do you Bob would you rather block for a hard one cut back late too easy or. The great has a hitter like Libyan did that this is I don't know if it's on his sermons usually strictly office of land respect yeah no it's it's. It's it's two different styles so I guess itself. It is it's tough to say because I've played with both in had success with both now. Always be. It was a hazard. They always may be soundtrack of any patent not not to this extent that's the thing that's I let Brett Nelson weird is that it is kind of yeah it is so opposite a lot of times are you hearing that could save for your foot in the ground get a feeling go really had a bit of hesitation. Whereas some really came in the history. I don't know important point being is that I don't think it is much question who would you rather play went. I think. It's just too different styles and the real thing is I would love to both play with Levin bell and Ezekiel later I had to decide. It would probably be Delta's case like we talked over the years maybe more of Mormon all our vet him achievements does now allow him to say you have to look really good maybe just a bit more than Eliot. Yeah and Pittsburgh girls in this 130 it's twelve final thing this one Europe boy Matt Moore who didn't play in this game team. What happens this was the who's gonna carrier dolphins boss are that he got is you've literally got his neck broken and he. Today here now the matador got a broken vertebrae is a maybe diddley beat the museum built and finished eating out so let's let's get a today. In fact check in here. OK you know hope that it was NS FW that second one. Yeah I have and not I'm not see only that Atlanta I'm not seeded Matt Moore broken neck so maybe he didn't but he did get knocked. Then hell out and I don't know how you can make the game is pretty wild now they're gonna want it when you type in Matt Moore the second. Waters and had more dead this second Dougal suggested and of course. I hope that apparently he got declared dead on Wikipedia. Have to hit a the other. That's what happened well but debrief kill Matt Moore is alive he is safe the dolphins however are not alive they've been eliminated. They bit you know we talked to Miami all they abuse me playoffs this year and the curtain that came in building the player never there anymore and Apple's strength but this was a like I don't think dolphin fans are out there upset right now. Well the dolphins and have ten hill at full strength he does not play in the alliance for the last four week played without Matt Stafford at full health he had that. Index finger on his throwing hand that was injured that he played three just was in the same guy. It took up the stats are on the Seahawks. In the opener I guess the second game actually on Saturday. Did what I demand at a again of all them have ever imparted to you. You have to know the lines covering in this game headlines when he out ran on the road in Seattle earth and it happened Seahawks 46 line six it was. Was again that it Angela close me out there watching over your place than it was kind of one of those the cannon the result before they happen. Is just so it'll it'll last stand off ultra man obviously you don't look it's it's. It's hard you battle. Both Seattle stadium. Seattle's team and the refereed twice like when he went this way you have to what I Brett Hull bakery it's just it's your. Our hot today notre embryos Madeleine. Face mask on the one handed touchdown kids come. Low income line below the line now. Obviously not call the penalties reliance that should have been called in calling other event Murdoch all. Okay oh I do as I've is being bad cop I would not be surprised. To see NFL investigation in the off season. It is an exciting line it's habit. Among the referees locker see I see that that's a very hot take its let's that the audience about that hadn't met that receivers or via yes certainly got lucky paid the guy that you didn't know his name's somehow coming at a season or. And moon. All of Thomas overalls he runs for over 160. Has the touchdown Russell Wilson finally has broke his streak you just horrendous playoff performances. As he throws a couple of touchdowns in the zone zigzag line that's on three of 32 Tony for two touchdowns I don't know that helps it helps in the raster. And architecture engineering giving you pass interference calls me gesture. You know what is eager tea was it like I giving Seattle false hope or it's a good sign my there's no moments we on this almost how well the offensive line play out that was just because of how bad. Michael hutchins defensive line and look to now on. I think it's easier road than pass plug in and out of Seattle might have a good run blocking the line they don't look at password that's a problem. And now they got big Beasley do yours sounds weird to say that split the NFL's leading sacker. Or Kevin to kill Russell also. This thing is doing will have to throw the football much against the team manages does not stop the run our book that there is Joseph and you run into the old like OK so. Seahawks know without kids on the run they're obviously going to try it. Two exploit that wears the falcons don't the falcons also know they can't stop the run and they're tired game thing most likely be around. Doing just that starting roles from taking over like he did against Detroit I just I don't like this Atlantic game four these young sport plug. We'll get that a little bit Detroit's side of this one we said all season line what they have to get figured out next year they want to make that progression. Into a legitimate contender which they're close we've got to find a running game and yeah all season long again 49 yards rushing and if you listen to this podcasts and like every single week for harping on this that these. These have absolutely that it don't scare anybody on the ground not even a little bit I don't have a semblance of a running game this. Gave it Reggie Bush split alliances here. Now OK well here's a fun funny stat Reggie Bush for Jimmy first ever NFL player. To end this season with a negative yards per carry average closed CDs usually you have to have a Elise like ten yards cares I heard take care is that there I don't know ten winners qualify ugly since said it's official. Steve Gleason and ran for more yards than Reggie Bush and I. Have to tell you sixteenth. Engines because every viral wit that Gleason movie is now. Now available. On demand so negative stuff but often watch it just a gnome and be late. Reduced through sniffling and crying mess by the immigrants are got a mark some time and I gonna have to see anyone. Human being TI's here's. We look to increase team listened for sure NATO troops. Pilots right now they're cute Joseph Christine even though member of that rule double to hear Chris Peterson and Washington are way better sick and boom boom. Who go to doll says troll. A special occasion mention it though. Portraits and have some ridiculous catch is an okay did we really want is cheating. And yet did you really good ones and one cheating one but yet another Arizona the other ones. Hate bald dome Olympus is awesome man so yeah no look I'll for for real rejected especially because one big losses for Seattle's locket right. Staff and him. They knew that number two receiver and is Richard is here rookie. Second area so no I apologized murdered and it appears that the bird is still young players never been in that role when the stage is biggest. He stepped up in a really really big way in the face casting idea what do you ever I have read realizes. And beats are cast rather it is an incredible catch in it I really like Simi young guy. I just really putting myself in their shoes what it must have felt like. To make this plays all I'd say give all the older guys that you're poor you yeah. It's got to be my favorite moments of that game was actually the stolen TV when the ball and ripped one right sure I can't stand. Our. Yeah how did it out of it layers he dropped it but now all's well they did well he strait of Santa Ana. It's that we're Russell Wilson touched kind of floats. If floated just enough that ball would get run underneath him grab now on I see oxen Vance is everybody expected to elaborate except you Bob expected it was just someone else I would shoot out is championing. Law and it was. For alliance. Well what what he'd bitter bitter and bias lawsuit that saw him at. According that is not an eighth and I believe they were nine and four. So Iranian and four losses in a row there and not really looking good and AM. No final game. The last week the Sunday night game supposed to be the best one was not Packers. Parole over the giants thirty to thirteen this was actually. Very close game the first half until that Rodgers Hillman is a one point game yeah the jets rally was not good in the first half. He's like 513 money wasn't an eminent giants' defense woods had been maybe the best defense in the league over the second half of the season showed you why. The Packers roll the problem for the Packers is here is one of those teams. Iranians ish if you will a percent Alex you said hello you know agrees are there gas reserves there she's out the evidence that's now. Green Bay Packers do to help manage he says that he Jewish people that is that I don't even know where we're going to of this I'm going glee you're like damn you all that sort I am not even going to comment on that pay. Hey come at Wisconsin proved me wrong be better in 217. Well they might be better next week as they advance on take on the cowboys. Unlikely las well they are they seem like they're one of those teams like the cardinals that are an injury away. From being not nearly as good as they are really does so must of the can sustain injuries and still be really good like the patriots like the Steelers. But the problem was the last of the owners of zealous and they'll let us if you does they have sustained a lot of injuries and they're still want to adopt teams area is so if you do have a loved but the problem is they lost Jordy Nelson I don't think that off it's going to be now yet they didn't really get in the game without him the unified in that game no I've actually. I've had and and and remember that was the giants' defense they have lost their best quarter. May have lost. Roger Marty in the game as well yeah yeah I. Look anybody that does not to watch Packers games and just kind of in their mind thinks of Jordy Nelson is though that you know that other. Tall white restoring any Riley is as thorough as that sounds to me isn't just. Jordy Nelson is legitimately eight's top 34 wide receiver and mislead like these kids like doppler he had the most catches outside the numbers this season. He had the most touchdowns. I'm on Libya because that's not only lets you would still check sewer and unsettling idiots man I hate the Internet. Yeah liberally fourteen touchdowns but two devolved the segment twelve will also agree to east and it was Rogers comfort blanket and me take away quarterbacks comfort blanket like that. He's had to Colorado. After last week he had three last week oh is this the only thing so right even right here Torino is important about Adams twelve. But with Green Bay. Yeah I know that there is ample evidence out there for without Jordy Nelson Aaron Rodgers a different quarterback but he is so who. Dan opera and he is so in the zone I think it's gonna be fascinating to see if he can overcome this. How disappointed what do you think what do what do you think do you think it's so kind of seems like you're leaning towards a jury Nelson injury do you rate is huge his Packers hot streak. I think it's absolutely massive. I aides is they're not the same off and you look over the last couple of seasons when Rodgers has not had Jordy Nelson over a lot of history we're talking about earlier when Rodgers did not play wealth that was a 1618 games streak. About half of that do not have Jordy Nelson and or for the other half of that Nelson was coming back from an injury one entry or another. As something it's the same office and I think everybody else on and off it's all the other receivers. Feed off the defense is keying on all sides think it's true you look at what Seattle did the two games and my minds goes back to this who Seattle blowouts they had against Green Bay the last couple years when Jordy Nelson played. Is they have to have Sherman. Guarding Jordy Nelson because nobody else could stop the man on the outside of the ashes yeah. Com so that changes the entire complexity and size of its going to be the same. One week out. Maybe it doesn't affect them against Dallas is downs doesn't have enough prep time but they events on to a LL or Cigna or you get up to liberal out that pass rush threat they were alama Marron Alley blitz scheme. There. Ought to be honest I knew nothing about the cowboys really. I am not one to let me let not watches Eagles cowboys game this year and I've only talked about him in the broadest of strokes because I am forced to office lie. I press. God. Are. Often the don't tell him. Because that's cool how disappointed are you for the giants. Right now when bill. Is nots. They're a little bit saint ish in that window's closing and it's gonna close during. I don't think I'd see now I disagree that their Eli has slid 36. 37 to yes look how long court match play now and looking. The guys around him if you think your lines that you think that the line is set to secondary OK but is Eli Eli is not getting better is my point all right. You're not going to get better well off well I don't know if you heard it. But apparently. O'Dell and company were on the boat Monday alone and if they had been. They wouldn't want so. Mendez I am. How annoy you with that story out of our reserves this is that it might. Quick and berries is seeing you on it is did that both parties have any effect in the game now none whatsoever I don't believe that at all. The only reason why you avoid that kind of stuff in the future. Is it. Not even because it like the you know if you lose this game and you play poorly that's gonna come back and average use that gives you like you already know that the only reason why you may be good toward the future is his. You want your coaches in your teammates in your boys to have to answer like. Annoying questions about you gold tie but but it. Yes horse I have an impact in the game. I associate. I would say this their do you think that they'll ever do that again. Now I don't think. Comics though. Are you little annoyed even summon you played with him with all of his antics now even the post game at six punching a hole in the wall look good at all. Should that I think cast stones desired I screwed that my past a lot. You're all of this is the third year pro. Yeah yeah but they mean how old he was. He's 23 maybe I think I was like Tyson rose tutored her lawyer and a locker roomful professionals on the news can't do I don't -- then I finally let me let me separate that we separate the hole punching incident. Walton season away from the crime like yeah crowd cared up crying like people cry let's find some beaver Britain get not a good seed. Cried during an you know after he'd answer questions reports crap that has passed in this great panel do you have any sort of Rama that. It's just blew the other guys get up front aren't on the wall. That that mean that that's immaturity. Especially the policy more like a third. You're pro yours why I'm not really. I guess they receive the antiques if I was having to address questions about them all the time. Alone but I'm not seen in a worst teen Angel because as someone who played with Dell. This easily woods was invested into me about him and about Jarvis actually kind of is that. If you look at them on the surface level there are a lot of stereotypes and you'll easily fall into. They like to dress flashy they like to go out they like to be on a party seeing even if their knowledge dream Kimi getting hammered here they like to be and it. And they like to get a chill out and show off. In that leaves you believe that okay well that's their priorities are. When in reality nothing could be further from the truth like these guys. Worked infinitely harder and Heidi Collins or were they out worked everybody jokes machines 24/7 in the you have to be. They're running routes and screens and they didn't have to be. So they truly kind of live by nine in the work hard party hard because even when they're out I don't know paralleling the helmets actually part of it. They just. Like it did this is kind of right in line to get at least the boat trip but that does not have much of fudged the wall. But tonight the butchered his right in line with the personality that I know. Which is yeah he's into stuff like that but just like his teammates at when he got back to practice no one's going harder him. No it anymore fill time no one's you put him more time on the jugs and you could you look you go to player who do you have got to let it be himself he's certain to. He needs a support system around him to help guide him in the right direction so I think Kurai and I think a lot of this is passion for the game and hates to lose a title like obviously the hates losing its underperform. But he reminds me a lot law of Richard Sherman in his like second third year right purchaser of becoming absolutely. Unbearable. And he channeled that into a different direction to become one of the most you don't agree in Germany in this year. Will he this year yeah I think he had a couple of really bad moments but between that he became one of the most eloquence is well spoken people in the entire league used to really passionate right there like you would talk about issues that nobody else would talk about. But I think it was that locker room on the coaching staff and Seattle and in his veteran teammates the kind of helped him channel that passion. In the right way and a single don't need that play I conceived pass title. Are you selling is a bad kid by any stretch him and now I just think the hazard on the right drag. Guidance and it's easy to. Elegance that it's easy to outside looking in fall into stereotyping. Somebody in life that somebody like Goodell as far as his priorities and whatnot but if you were to Paula that trapped. You'd be Ole mistaken Leo look just. These are learning lessons and sometimes when you are kind of groaning he left. After as a true junior whatever he might have been like 1920 years old. You're kind of that were growing up very much in the public eye and so people handle it perfectly. And incredibly it's shocking and others maybe you have. Some subway is he put jolt wall so hopefully I just think that it's a learning lesson and ice like is that ice center with a guy I spoke to a sports psychologist he's called the wizard. And was it yes the wizard and he kind of help me by just laying out that like true. Power true. I guess it is true power really comes from being the master of your emotions and master of that anger and when you. Let the anger control you'd have worries and I'd punching a hole in the wall. Did that does sign of strength it's really a sign of weakness mentally interest. Output. Steer nauert about the giants four. I don't know on an outing and now now now I was giving you optical rods are about is that they're coached at six such a nerd. He should not at a map to defense that he did stupid additional layers. It's ism we're gonna hear it did really it's it's like. It's like a used car salesman DOT it's like. It's like somebody who has a good he works a job where you can Wear pull out of work you have to tell I didn't see medal had a cat would have such a Beatty face without any facial ability kind of grows we can't substantially all know it's it's it's probably didn't and I love the car wash it's a bit of a car wash. My Dougherty he could be the manager her car wash for sure. Was my favorite cinema. Car wash guy to yes. Then ran Carl Washington figures uses his day. Corporate and bring you Diana Eisenberg mammal android. And faculty at first he was let's go to. The news low man on the car Washington town in this. Get all the way to the top Hannity don't it read them back about it and sort of the and we did they have spoiler. Figure out if these chemicals in the car suture reduce cancer I guess in every direction well that could be had died at the beginning they were talk about it I do is like oh he shoots to rule. Elf oil Loko the sequel. Aren't all our that's our week in review it sets up our divisional long week. I think T Bob isn't so pretty good football. And for those weekly previews. You got a price as we know why I said look the NFL's or what have you. We always say it's what you don't for you lately lead they're gonna prove to me this last week or so bored. Yeah atlas cannot do or this week Ali's going to be boring now. Seahawks go to Atlanta to kick an awful Disco Indian border here this is the Saturday early birds of prey to sit on or have to. 4:30 eastern. 1:30 Pacific. Times. Master's class yes I was used to talk got down another half point favorites so and a rest earlier this season obviously everybody remembers the edged out Julio Jones Richard chairman Earl Thomas play away and look like you Joe's interfered with no. Penalty called. Seahawks won that football team but what a lot of people don't are OK okay edges of the record or received a trend here. Rest favoring Seahawks a candidate and his Argentinean Gibson has whose only days sales sizzled grosso 1006 schools. But not all it was a rematch from earlier this season a lot of people are talking about this they rematch from a couple of playoffs ago when Russell Wilson but I keep the pounds the 21 nothing. Because that's what's so that was what you do when I was when I was 48 nothing. But it was 48 nothing Atlanta and that was Wilson's second playoff game bulls led them back. And had them up by two points I believes in his late 27. I don't know whatever was the accident up by two points there with forty seconds ago and then Matt Ryan. In his only. Playoff win. That it marxism down. Maybe that was is that this Roxio alone has me playoff wins that were definitely or probably that's it it's sad because that should not be the case for a 'cause like did not answer yes I heard that gay. That was here in Atlanta it was really good right that was a year within the Packers are going to be sentences out. San Cisco admits he will they lose to the ravens in the Allen was any of nevertheless a fantastic football and it says. Don't just sort of went to really cool story lines obviously you've got Dan Quinn writes that's been a mentor and that the students. You've got its. Keon and Neil maybe. The best. C team in the league. He Hershey clock news Neil. A huge camp chancellor fan and a little side story SI this morning is down O'Neal in the Osce the delegates signed cam chancellor Jersey. Because I guess they like you socialist panel looks up to them and some of his team its one and and to take it down and he's an El Monte and now services. Did exist or don't mess with Q on. It's a sort of dotted oh and that's it's it's cool moderate that it and that's why would you yeah. Did your idol like Judy like an idol I don't care you don't put up two majors now don't like no I'm think Yahoo!. Hoosier I'll let Jamal Anderson if you're somehow on the opposite side of the field is Jamaal Anderson. And you're out there aren't rigged our interesting name and you don't I won't give you some Jamaal Anderson stories. Off the pot and you'll fully appreciate everybody that was great yes there was a time when I was a big jammed and I. We're Beckett I have heard these stories before I used to dirty bird yeah he's mad they aspect may have got to here's the other know what a way. Is that it my idol plays from our rival yeah it was Jersey up in our knock it down. In college that would have in the NFL if I and it's whatever I. I can't really speak you tell I think that it would have been more chill. BA college that would not have that absolutely. Would not afloat became a hundred pursue now here is the others go for two DaVita BL storyline this game. This is this is a little Dunlap Xavier as little little. This looks ideologue yeah I was little like childhood. A cheap off. Team against of course what what noises. SE army made our foul me both yet really disagree here seem likely at play. Our likeness to see our program there and in and they give you definitely hear. Eagles beat falcons definitely win in the. The format war to pray that category and although all seahawk is is a C felt him well guess what the falcons also win on the field. This week so theories thrown out there Sartre I feel like you keep picking against Seattle never works out two times that Seattle loses to pick. Them it's billion. They've been down Seattle's now on the road. I know that they love having that 335 Cuba as opposed to anything earlier so it's good for them. But it's good for them they get the full week that it planned Sunday isolated in a music just tokens I know this really is my falcons of this is like a it's a win win for me right it's obviously in my heart of Seattle advance on but. It's real advances on to take out of it you don't think a year falcons are objectively right now I'd better team tenacity I don't. And now mass yesterday that right now Mets. I think Atlanta once this football and I. I think. Atlanta has the most explosive offense still even factor in Pittsburgh most complete explosive offense in the league and I think Seattle in that secondary. I just don't see the how they cover all of those backs and receivers when you don't have. One of the best safeties ever to play the game. Place and feel IOC how's that happened. I agree that music that's riders are so we'll take is that Earl Thomas is out of the tuchman. I mean that's pretty much basic is again it's the only way I see this. See Seattle in this game is two things I see them running the football down Astros they're capable of doing bread is running tall Rawls 25 to thirty times. And number two. Michael Bennett and Chris able to what they didn't ask to rule against the patriots bowling out and putting elsewhere pressure on Matt Ryan. Maybe so the problem is as far as pressure goes affiliate falcons sugita negating the pressure because of how good their backs are catching the ball out of the backfield. That's something and that something is it the Seattle is the best to lead definitive yeah what's yeah backers are pretty yeah fasten incredible cagey right. Like that tells them about his son. I wouldn't be as worried as. About that aspect of Atlanta's office to just the vertical passing game read how he beat covered three it's a vertical passing. And a little. What's an amount religions and even lead dog intelligence and fumbles that there was there Taylor yeah. Also there Tynan. Note it's sides of the amateur left sets up its looking up at its I believe it's tailored to April some of the wide receiver he has seven touchdowns who is I still think Seattle covers four and a half there's just something about Ross yeah it and we never went as are always close the audience with them. I'm saying Matt Bryant wins it again just like three years ago. Four years ago. Worried would not be surprised I mean that in a lock of the week. Stephen house bill will miss a game winning Condoleezza dealt with a lot week would be Stephen how can misses an extra point which would be his eighth extra point he missed this year and why he's missed seven but the house it was a good he is a great kicker great field goal kicker apparently put at 33 yards away just now got. Total category measured I don't know that I make up everything about this Taylor gave group here he's heavily corroded and here's our -- six touchdowns Saturday once that list. Yeah and Julio who also has six now so I guess he caught up with them well that whatever they die. He's. Right and that is all you can just keep all the latest bulletins that there's are dangerous to your point though is that it's this Telstra art regional. Next up we don't really needs them and elements are now let's Texas let's Texans patriots. Oddly don't have a stroke back at your edit the spread was fourteen and a half last lines are sexting is that these great days is it like. As it won games again but it spread on it via I was sixteen and isn't just Republicans who it was nevertheless this game and an emotional American Olympic. Yeah okay so here's the symbolized a sixteen year old sixteen. Is it that. The patriots won in this matchup earlier this year 24 to nothing with Jacoby presets are. Now they have Tom Brady. Can mix. Did you digit winning color went facilities. Dvd l.'s patriots Texans. On the scale on that big bodies better clip Mac they got through and Hausa. I was right team should decline here and act like four years ago yep but I don't silence signaled that. On the only thing that I would ask of this game. By the slightest of chants. Chances the Texas on the Slobodan weren't rank on the hierarchy of playoff upsets guy that we want it it's could be as our talent. He says I would have any I'd ever says the name of jets colts paying that. I would have to dive into the history books to really see I don't have it wrong but the only problem is because it didn't bargain. How many in seen wild card and divisional round games are there that we don't. Really know about because they weren't lights not big message about it I've we've seen humid come back and wild finishes but I can't remember. This would be the Serbian presidents are weird thing yeah I didn't. A guy like how many times it would get his only big ups and you lose like next week that story's not saying anybody's mind. Yeah oh I guess my point is that guy I think there's probably some other games that would be. He tricked into talking. If you I had like three minute though that is a sock in agnico yeah yeah well I don't think I can. I don't take on the cover as well on the slide that line should be 121. Chief Steelers. Re fantastic sums at arrowhead. Toughest second toughest place to play thrown in there with the century link but Steelers going there. For the chiefs is. It just got hammered by Pittsburgh earlier this season. Yeah yeah but then again like OK so the same way that I'm holding that against the Texans a Maxi not hold that against the chiefs that much because. The Texans are not a good team right that's enough for every year and other. Situations that they are good team which he sat if you are that like I can accept that that night in Pittsburgh was just one of those days. Where everything went wrong like nothing went right. It snowballed so fast that. But most you can almost surely knew what everything out of windows or played here but you must have wondered just because when your player in euros and down 36 nothing like. If you mention that third quarter you're packing enough that they both sides you just don't through the motions for the rest of the games was indeed true look at how competitive this game's going to be. If you were setting. An alliance for the scam Tebow what do you think you would have the. Saying. She's plus one. Chiefs plus one. I was pretty good at all especially chiefs yeah might want. You know Pittsburgh was they were to win the not Vegas says it is publicly said the air head the air is pretty good yeah I don't you're losing. I see what they're. A slick out giddy up and allies where did and I'm not mobile Richard you know I had I had to let him at arrowhead factor an idea that's exactly why it's also. Are basic to sort of make your pick him because I don't know who wins. I really hate that I'm having did did predict this and the Packers cowboys game all the wondering what is really this one the one extremely bad matchup in this game if this. Four Kansas City is their Rushdie's yet again this Libyan bill. Out of the mid twenties is what they do 44. Yards per game and they give up like four point two New York for Ares I like the and you're going to get to Libya though whose brand it. But. Like we discussed. That she's done that better than anyone do they don't all adds up there and put it on Big Ben in the dozen injured a big can he. Step up to the played him Antonio Brown probably. I don't think that's here that's gonna be so sad is this where Andy Reid's just playoff like I don't think this is it this is the latest here is hilarious as it comes to us is as late as July and it didn't. I really want to see just from that perspective like Andy Reid so much. I'd like to see Kansas City when this football game get some new blood in that AFC championship but. Does pursue lots. It's getting you don't give me points EMI hotel for my eyes yeah my heart's with Pittsburgh. Norris cancer urge you to my heart's in Kansas City but my head is on our hearts and this is me and good minded steel and offered him. Oh man but descendants and it never hope I have to underwritten real actors to. I also look is as much as I like. The Indy Reid's story lines I would like everybody else Steelers. Patriots AFC. JBD center and one major. Fact there. Spencer ware Ellis you've heard her room no capacity then reread. And has sued an eerie come off by. And you read is the best coach in NFL history coming out of Iraq. It did you did these games get included in the bin those that some of he hasn't had a lot of first round byes in the playoffs Bowen has his one on many guys something ridiculous like sixteen into her Willis doesn't want to come off reliable sources. The movie any reader I guess the legacy injury is not not being able to win playoff games is I'll be able to win the Super Bowl he would still like five NFC championships Philly dignity Brett. Yes so good point would not be Vietnamese tries altering when this. I think it's very tentative pits her choice her him to talk to us while we agree and they're scary. Finally oh wait maybe that's one I was the one that is getting the most high to Dallas and Green Bay. The majority Nelson factor in this one to me is massive Dallas four and a half point favorites that line seems a little high. However. That offense is just too personal too good I think to be consistently stopped by defense that he even during their streak. It's not all that great they've been kind of a bend but don't break the problem is Dallas lady that those container on the ball down the throat for you know eighty yards a 75 yards at a time. So it doesn't you're Janelle yeah. Don't Susan dousing a stretch is now straight up or give me in my. I Dallas cal was against my witness another win in game from Iraq like I was Davis is like my cup to blow up behind them all he did leave him your closet I like weeks three mile wide. At week three of the season I've got their rods and down my pals got by obviously in my party are as well Al I was about the falcons and cowboys. My follow through you all about it bills plus one talks. In the care of art are you having cardinal lives. Is that kind of alternate universe you wouldn't did you detect. But Tulsa yeah yeah duke police that the tape like this is these trucks America you've used. Nobody's ever going to look at it I actually saying Aussie just sit in its treatment so. Yes you say they're your cowboys. The deadly now mine. I agree that I think remains very high I don't factor you got me I'd be consistent guy I've been consistently wrong but I have been consistent with a rookie factor. Is why I doubt that is roe mole like if you warring of the bullpen Brian and Mel. Not value card debt goes up coast to coast you write your guy yeah absolutely if they started they get down yet only one yes even if it. Like the only way it gears of catastrophic for picks in the first half. Maybe. But now you're Ryder direct acrid I don't know if I agree that. How gays I think Jerry Jauron has Asia the red phone dialed and Jason here's had said he museum light on TV pick up that fallen. Wooden deck there's the second pick Green Bay goes up 21 to three. And a zero we'll come trotting out on the field that was really matter he admitted to a smattering of boos and applause. That intensity and sees it I love that visual and narrative of that be true but it's it's gone. And then Ramon brings them back you do get the entire the entire team ballad I could see that admirable it's a dead. Let me take she's sexy very good in the fourth quarter. That said the your entire team would did it look rally when that Hillary did I think if you did that after two picks. Maybe three in the first hat if you just looked completely lost and you're doing absolutely terrible but we got everyday. Straight up yeah. Month's rent for a half. Creamy skin form and I'll get immediate pac ten he without derails our analysts are we headed toward air possibly. A rematch is I guess right now the best rivalry in the NFC once again town that Packers Packers falcons. But the fact is the shots that two out of three years now and now not it's meciar Seattle Seahawks are not gonna win that support US that are chancellor on the roads TO agreement. I think it zooms the question agreement and yet agreement because of oxygen and Tarver. I mean I did take collateral and those are my falcons and a desire in his face it's okay look like he's got to win win this week to sit back and enjoy aren't even though you're gonna be insulted when Matt Bryant's starts tossing TDs. Yeah I could see them tonight in a hurry to be honest I don't have now dropped out out now. Seattle. Stop you there you cannot believe that. We just talked earlier this year about this that how they've never been more. Down more than ten points in the fourth coroner finally came to an in this twice yes its OK okay whatever. I still don't think they get blown up as can't believe. If there was a year is gonna happen to be this yeah I agree that that think this is the most down Seattle's been kind of literally they clean look at that think that's a testament to their franchise. They hear they are in the divisional round and this is a down year. We you know me Ahmet beetle one on the course and it's over turn off the TV last costs are. Always forget it the bigger the stage this shortage here at least. Just like that out there is no matter. What game is it agreed you're zero I am completely. Can't believe our consecutive field goal here. A great field goal. You were literally about to turn off. What do the kids channels. It was it is those desecrate the game that's our weekly. Previews we shall we talk some suck reliance. Soccer line. I already gave in my circle and a slight cannot be high enough sixteen points no make it's only one make it 26 to make me think about it take. The patriots at home in spy gate stadium. Against the Texans coming off Avaya. Sixteen points on nearly enough well this deal with yeah I agree all the lines to rent weren't put him yep. I agree. They choose to carry that astronomical number one of these I think that's about 21 cash for me to think about it. I've the only the only if I don't well I guess Hillary's and beyond probably have an answer that question is. The is always seems to be kind of accurate so lake to the last week I guess is yeah yeah yeah yeah you're you're you're Erica sound. I like to say they're located about it really is now on CNN the about it invited 31 point spread I would take that artists are right on this team and Ottawa justified of not taking three touchdowns Seattle. Twenty informed when needed when. One might get into the border even from nineteen its way just like the this sounds way different. That year it dance there's. Another line that I would even touch play I think parallel line is right or needs to be you called that Kansas City and that's to get both. They can. If even though I'd pick to Dallas to cover the other on the scene just dismiss you guys to cut I'd do. I think it might be justice -- to Ohio just because of how well offense is playing and maybe I'm not giving out offense enough credit him without Jordy Nelson. I can always is it's that last half. That day that pushes me firmly in Syria if I'm just going to spread based in the Packers I'd like to see it is three point succeed at what happened tonight but I think that. But even in the Patriot. League fourth report winds are interchangeable like it'd be that last cap that you're talking about getting into almost fools. He needs here are at luckily I am making to do something we've never down Russia. Lock although we lessons it never on the show but it's our teams grow op here gotta go falcons and Seahawks are again subject them. Okay. Back and we go and me back a week to thumb is lot hole. Were all well not break the fifty yard mark five. Heroes. Or not break we'll be while fifty yard mark. He can I get you a little addendum toga with eight yards per carry average over 2.5. So we might get past fifty but if he does he averaged two for survivor and so a lot of carries ladies you regularly get they might given volume but it's not going to be that successful. Actually panel like I'll watch it has been senator dole out little little room. Okay lock. Of the week in this game it's gonna happen again it's gonna be deja Vu from Tony twelve room. When he thirteen playoffs. Atlanta's gonna get a big just like I said in the early going they're gonna have a seventeen point lead in the first half. That fan missile start going nuts Matt Ryan will start let not the gas to run on the football guess was gonna happen. Dangerous Russell Wilson reverts to his old old playoff form he brings them all the way. For another early in the fourth quarter. Quit net nuts on the sideline a Julio Jones throwing helmets Matt right and looking sad. But guess who locks down with three seconds left in the fourth quarter you see is the last giant game. Matt Bryant's. He's gonna take a 63. Yard field well. Hi is the NFL record two. And it bounces off the right out of the race goes through outlook but at that can't electability is bravado. Got a case if you win this like that we do you we didn't the game for all the terms and I will hold whitlock of the week so quit radio. Technical battle ride all they allege about here is it's rider left opera it it'll bounce off of it at the hotel. Okay I'll say dead for the year are entered. At Monticello. Yeah yeah played. It's a matter of the matter is that Bob do you grade let me know it seems the odds of course there's nobody hears team found that lesbian service teams see our senior meal well you don't know locks and what kind of I'll go wrong album yeah and Taurasi about a lot of things going. Yeah exactly and first ever see him out and everybody here and pound WW element of divide guests are big group behind the glass and got Matt. Steve video assistant excited about our downgrade this man does he. You know you're the man he's our. Now it's image it's a way what he called Q programs are and calm children. I comedic energy. Comedy Jimmy. But thinks hard for years to do it is you guys are all great another break here now we'll see an excellent. And they're yeah. I don't know I don't don't don't don't don't don't. Don't don't don't don't don't. I. Okay. Okay.