WWL>Topics>>3/23 2:20am Scoot: Don McLean is in contempt of court

3/23 2:20am Scoot: Don McLean is in contempt of court

Mar 23, 2017|

(AP) — The ex-wife of Don McLean wants the American Pie singer found in contempt of court for tweeting about her shortly after she was granted a protection order. A Maine court granted the order for Patrisha McLean this month. Don McLean pleaded guilty last year to domestic violence assault. Patrisha McLean filed papers seeking a contempt order Tuesday in court in Ellsworth, Maine.

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I. That view and name me shiver. Mean made. In this. News and I just this story during the break. The ex wife of Don Maclean the guy erode American pop. Once you found in contempt of court for tweaking her. Shortly after. She was granted a protective order Don Maclean pleaded. Two domestic violence pleading guilty to domestic violence assault last year. Not done. He's seen about the father son holy ghost you sing and about American time. And you would be guilty of the domestic and it's really sad to hear.