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3/23 2:40pm Scoot: John Lennon on this day in history

Mar 23, 2017|

1973: John Lennon was ordered by immigration authorities to leave the United States within 60 days. He began fighting to win his 'Green Card', which was given to him on July 26, 1976.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was on this day march 23 1973. John Lennon was ordered by immigration authorities to get the hell out of America within sixty days. You know quite often on our pop culture calendar we talk about the many different episodes in the the attempt to deport John Lennon. John when it was considered to be a threat to the contrary he was considered to be a national security threat. To the Nixon administration into FBI director. He was sort of convicted of marijuana possession in England and so they tried to use that against him as well. I he kept fighting though he eventually got his green card debt in July of 1976. Also on this day in 1973 Yoko Ono was a grant permission to lift permanently. In the United States and you know I I go back and and look at two the attempts to deport John Lennon and you know there were some there was some paranoid people in this country back to edit and I've I've heard calls recently. A because of some crime cities allegedly committed some trouble that he's gotten into we need to deport Justin Bieber. And often thought about it deportation if John Lennon and his government tried and tried and tried. And they could deport him and eventually he was son graduate degree in garden state here legally.