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3/23 3:10pm Carlton Dufrechou talks causeway death

Mar 23, 2017|

There was a fatal multi-car accident on the Causeway last night…police have indicated the driver may have been intoxicated. Could more be done to stop drunk drivers from getting on the Causeway? Scoot speaks with General Manager of the Causeway Bridge, Carlton Dufrechou.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it is yet a another beautiful spring afternoon Thursday marks the 23 down of the can get out and enjoyed you've heard little chance of rain coming on Saturday. Saturday morning may be in the Saturday afternoon but. A for the next two days is going to be beautiful and should be great tab by Sunday as well. So I'm sure you've heard this my now but there's going to be no vote on no vote on president trumps health care plan. This is a vote to the White House says will come tomorrow morning so you and I will be updating on the latest on that tomorrow afternoon when a show begins at 1 o'clock. There was a fatal multi car accident on the causeway overnight happened about 2:30 in the morning. And a police have indicated that the driver that's causing accidents and I was intoxicated. Or may have been. And also she has sent a couple of thought prior DW lies. The accident occurred on the southbound bridge which means the driver went through the told plus on the North Shore. And and also there were some because of their multi car accident to cars are crashed into the guard railing on there's the self don't lane some of the guard really dismissing. Our call to do for sure joins us alive on average of nearly six general manager of the causeway Carlton welcome to the show grew so it could talk with Carlton. I'm I'm sure you do despite I have to ask anyway I sure do. The people indeed the tollbooth on the North Shore do they do a spot check of people who are getting on the bridge and have they ever told somebody you're too drunk to cross the bridge. I'm not going. They'll give reports too that the individual stops give reports to. To our dispatchers and dispatchers world. Wilson police after I'm been in fact this morning we did that we get a police officer and after this individual. And the tragic part of it is we did not the officer. Pulled up mid span right about twelve mile marker and apparently this happened just beyond. So 27 year old Olivia met who was someone who was apparently drunk and that caused the caused the accident. She looks so intoxicated at the tollbooth on attendant alerted the causeway police to go get this woman. They thought the yes basically told collective rule. Medicaid but judgment of individuals and that is what I understand happened this morning has called called dispatches dispatchers. That police officers are going after them and tragic part is that the right about the middle of the bridge did not have contacted negative contact. And just a few minutes after we hear that and bam ma'am. While. So they didn't see anything wrong and no reason to pour over. We did not we did not hear all icing can contact our policy clear okay. You know and wanna be consistently this Carlton opera I do not believe. The bartender should be accountable on if somebody drinks too much I guess in an accident I would never think that I tollbooth attendants should be held accountable to somebody gets on the breeze blows to an accident. One of the me as I admire you is that you are here are always talking about personal responsibility. I mean no matter how much I'm very proud of from afar officers my entire staff they've been sincerely believe in their mission here telecommuters back in force safely and timely and and don't it and they in the record for the number DW it's that was stops and there's certainly demonstrated that. The bottom line is Israel though it's it's our own responsibility. To take care of ourselves watch out for ourselves and in I guess I'm getting a little bit. Tired of being politically correct but via. The best second. The actions were. Stupid and if the lord it's senseless it's changed. Her life that but it has taken a life is just change the lives of everyone who. Is in anyway associated with. Mr. black went. It is really horrific tragedy with it today. Yes and then it. To prior DW allies of the this yeah. I I know people who have gotten a DW life and they have totally changed their lives they aren't like paranoid to drinking and drive. Some people don't get it that it hurdle. It's apparently that was the case sickness from what I understand there were two DWIs within the last twelve months prior to this. And the blood alcohol content in. At least one I saw. Earlier was sort of a point 1821 today it was a clinical 2.2. And it is not a is. It. Our forgive me if my. The words that are coming to mine are things that shouldn't use Hillary. Go look I understand that I I appreciate you are route respecting. The news that somewhat of a decent show we have here. But you gotta did you get the message you know one echoed this that it cheer on it done in that not only driving that everything we do it's to my own personal responsibility. And it's certainly is if we do whatever we can an automobile responsible for ourselves and everyone in the vehicle witness and everyone around us and it because it's the same thing you talked about being in this society with them over actions with. With it and just. Breakdown and in intently to everything else. Daniel and I disagree on this enough and I'll be honest about that we are Carleton I disagree on dollar raising the rails because I take personal accountability as far as. Saying it like if if if if you get on the bridge you have a responsibility to see. Your perspective to the bridge railing in the vehicle your hand if it's a high profile vehicle and you have a responsibility to make sure that your. Carefully donate up over the edge but you could certainly have your opinion that's not ever talking today but I I didn't wanna. Knighted what's going to think I was afraid to bring it out to you because I have had an opinion. Understood and respected by so Carlton part of the part of the guardrail is laden is down I I sought on the deuce it's not that much for some of it is is down this doesn't create a dangerous situation for. Noticed. Think the the rail that. Was taken down is that as a hand real student was never made for never designed for an impact that there is so umbrage is it. Original 56 bridge. So the new rail that was knocked off this morning. Was never designed for an impact it was always there are strictly as a handrail. To provide their that the purpose of a complaint resort if there's a breakdown on the bridge. And it is there are strictly for humans not for any impact at all. Yeah you make it sound like if there was a hand rail for 26 miles across to abrasive that people gonna start walking across the bridge collapse. Sox had no that was never the intent and and thank you for bringing that up that's that's out of that is against the best buy it means with. It is just our park commuters know this before anyone is listening for the first time. They ought to causeway destruction yet but this very very strong coverage because of the maintenance it is in nineteen. Do you have mid sixty's design citizen of shoulders and we didn't have loosened the though little curve that was in April of last resort. But designers of the day and it's still function is that so important that that that purpose it any wonder that. A breakdown there either really literally get out of the vehicle turn on year during hasn't liked Italian vehicle. In exit deal and get on the curbing go to the rear of the vehicle toward traffic which seems counterintuitive. Put watches and that in case series and impact in the debris will go down. Don't ask don't feel. Note that the problem is on the causeway are the result of human. Behavior and that's not to cause a way itself and I'm I'm I'm very clear that have been out of tonight. Carlton I've appreciates any time distance or it's under these circumstances are and I'm sure we'll talk I mean I don't you when you start talking about raising the Israel's you know you and I are gonna get into it again. Part of what a I appreciate. Europe Yuri cornerstone of the community it just is all the result is long dollars a trying to do good stuff we're in good shape. Carlton your show general manager cause for thanks for being with us.