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3/24 1pm Scoot: Trump care

Mar 24, 2017|

It appears that President Trump’s health care plan will not pass in the House. One of President Trump’s major campaign promises – repealing and replacing Obamacare – may be broken on his first attempt at legislation. Moderate Republicans fear voting for the wrong plan will cost them an election victory in the mid-term election in 2018. President Trump appears to be willing to ask for a vote and if it passes it passes and if it doesn’t it doesn’t and he will move onto something else. Is it a big deal if President Trump’s first attempt at passing legislation to fulfill a campaign promise fails? When did we start holding Presidents accountable for their campaign promises? Scoot takes your calls.

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Hers is a chance of rain on the way you might see some rain tomorrow. There are festivals all over this weekend and you might have to die if you show hours tomorrow Sunday looks like it's going to be great. And it's a turning out to be a really nice afternoon. The house votes when president trumps health care plan expected at 230 our time so we're between 2:33 o'clock our time. So we're following that story but right now it's time for you reach over and cranking out. Because this. Is what you've been working. And we have serious stuff talk about this afternoon but since it is the weekend until later in the show we were talk about whether or not it's. Better to be single or married. Or have a boyfriend or girlfriend. What are the benefits of being single. What are the disadvantages. Of a lot of people who are with somebody in the money to do something with him this weekend. A lot of you might rather be single there are a lot of people who are single who would rather be with somebody. And it really doesn't matter whether you're dating age or my age or any agent between. This idea of either being single or being married over the boyfriend or girlfriend is something that that touches all of our lives. And at different times. The attraction on the causeway yesterday which we talked about on the show really got me thinking about. The concept of personal responsibility. So will be talking about that I also wrote a blog for our website as an op Ed blogger Julie to agree or disagree. It's on our website at WW real dot com titled causeway crash and personal responsibility. Also the mother and her two sons killed at the the home engine Chile. Are being laid to rest today. And you know when you hear about a tragedy like this they're our friends and family members who say enough is enough. Justice must be served the violence. Must stop. And we hear that every time it's usually a different set of adults are different set of friends. A different set of loved ones. We hear that after every tragedy. Wind is it going to actually be heard to the point where. A differences. Is made. I don't know who will it ever change won't talk about that coming up. As I mentioned on the house votes for president trumps on healthcare. Plan is expected between 2:33 o'clock this afternoon. And it appears right now I don't wanna be pessimistic but it appears right now the president trumps health care plan. Will not pass the house. This was one of president trumps major campaign promises. Repealing and replacing obamacare. And this really is his first attempt. At legislation. You know up to now is being one executive order after another executive order. So this is first his first opportunity. Of brokering a deal with congress. But his own party and with Democrats to get legislation through. Now the freedom caucus. Which is a group of conservative Republicans in the house. The freedom caucus has supposed to present trucks plant. Because they say it's too. It's too close to obamacare. They don't like some aspects of it because. It borders on in their opinion I guess socialists. They don't like aspects of moderate Republicans on the other hand. They fear that voting for this plan if it's the wrong plan could cost them an election victory in the mid term elections in 2018. So there's a lot at stake here. President trough through his spokesperson Sean Spicer who who by the way Sean Spicer is is is really doing a much better job us as Press Secretary. In the beginning it seemed like he was easily shaken and and rattled but Sean Spicer last couple days has done an excellent job. And I respect the man because that's not an easy job. I'm talking about president trumpet all the things he says all the things he dies. And somehow trying to explain them to the media so he's he's a really really tough position tough job to have. But I get a sense that he settling into their job doing a much better job in my opinion the gal last couple of last couple of days. So this was a big campaign promise for president from repealing and replacing obamacare. And we don't know what's gonna happen but right now it is not possible that it doesn't pass. If the president's plan does not pass. Do you think this is going to hurt the image of the Republican Party. That's a pretty checkbook and your boat insurer ping of Michael to our website WW dot com. And that's what we'll focus on this hour this this was a really big deal during the campaign you know we all remember what president trump sent. He said I will replace a repeal and replace obamacare. Everybody's going to be covered everybody's rates are gonna be going down. I don't think that's gonna happen. Even if this does pass everybody's rates are not gonna go down and everybody's not going to be covered. But if this doesn't if this doesn't pass. If president trump does not fulfill this campaign promise. What's the big deal. I mean seriously. How many presidents have we had that have not fulfilled campaign promises. So to say that this is. The end of the truck administration or to say that this is a huge fan I mean it's it's if it doesn't pass he adds it's a failure. But when do we start holding president's totally accountable. For fulfilling campaign promises. Mean haven't done in the past media that they were they fulfill a few but nobody fulfills a campaign promises. And you and I sit their as as voters. And we tend to believe. I mean there were people who really believed. That Donald Trump when he became president. Was going to have a health care plan that would cover everybody. That's not gonna happen. And that everybody's. Premiums. And deductibles. Would go down. That's not gonna happen. So once again and you and I come face to face. With the reality. Of what he's said on. The campaign trail. And how different it is. From reality. And I don't know when you and I are gonna get to be Smart enough and again I'm not talking about you specifically are we specifically talking about us as as voters. We are we gonna get Smart enough to realize that these campaign promises are not so easily fulfilled and yet people vote for somebody based on what they promised to do on the campaign trail. And see if there's this long history. Of presidential candidates for filling campaign promises. And there does seem to be despite OK so Republicans control both houses of congress. However. There's not a conservative group in the house and there are moderate Republicans. They're not getting along Owen and you've got the Democrats as well. So it looks massive gridlock is. A continuing reality. The idea of any Republicans in the White House and the Republicans control both house of congress. Does. Does this not make you kind of realize that the gridlock is gonna continue no matter why. I mean I hate to be that discouraging but I mean you know let's face this. Cannot here's our party jaguar team pulled a sour if president trust healthcare plan does not pass do you think that hurts the image of the Republican Party. 47%. Say no 53%. Say yes give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com Hermann welcome to the show. To. Discuss that. Probably an eight year before the portable culture. Ever remember seeing any health care of by. Come out again. That the caller on the air right. I didn't need hospital in Asia. But in Kenya Obama in the company and any medical supply company and he did not but shouldn't there were probably Egypt. Patrick that your right. Asian no major article I've ever came out of the political culture. And I don't see them. You know we need to read it. The obamacare. Why don't we wing politicians. Fighting against it. While I'm assuming that they all benefit. I'm Noah Benton fit. But not putting. Why did Ben I'm competition heating should they. Be standing up for the American public because they actually. Making all the right. Yes. You don't you'd like to think that they would stand up for the American public but they stand up for themselves. Exactly we end up the pole and I want to make it back cat but getting back. Not her I don't know it's it's Friday we're going to be talking about this spent you know you're in your right but we but we do have to talk about these things even if it's a Friday we're gonna lighten up later in the show but I didn't and I do wanna deal with this at the beginning of our. Our show this afternoon. I'm Karen appreciate the call if you wanna join us we have to your comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Arie cut 504260. Point seven you know text is 8787. And for candor Gloria welcome to WWL. Yeah. How. That I expect prize that amendment. You know like I'm an. And I have been following. And it does that really affect me I'm tired. On Medicare. And have. We'll battle it and the union. Sent it to happen. May I know. So many other people. So many people have been put it all aren't they may end at C said. It would change what is they. The only thing. Is. The only thing I have to say about an inside. Yeah pounds of that at the polls find out who that being said. And yeah that is likely that it there greatly injure battle when she said if you don't like what ideas like them on elect. In the glory you're you're right I mean this this is gonna affect a lot of Republicans because the entire Republican Party not only Donald Trump would it. Republicans running for. For our elections are really. They ran idea that this was going to be repealed and replaced and they're having a difficult time doing that and they made it seem like it was going to be so easy. That they're Republicans who are going gang Strom. You know they better they better it will look at what they don't because they can be a lack. Well that's true Gloria I appreciate the call. And you know that's another part of this the Republicans are are fighting. Like and and don't say well why don't you say the Democrats are fighting because I talk about it all the time this is what we're talking about right now the Democratic Party is very very divided. What I find so interesting and if you're Republican you should find this alarming. The Republican Party is very divided. The Republican Party right now is on relishing. Owning the White House and owning both houses of congress. The Republican Party is is. Is somehow suggesting that some of these protests and and some of this revolt against president trump. Is on is paid protesters. The that would suggest that people aren't really into it mean they don't really care that they're paid to do it that's the only reason they're doing. And that's. That's not accurate personable. But that was the mistake that the Democrats made. When the Tea Party became very active after Barack Obama became president they pass an office all that's just a little fringe group let's not worry about that. And look what happened look where the Democrats are today and that was part of the beginning of of how what happened. They dismissed what was a movement. And they passed an office as nothing. And sometimes when your candidate wins she gets so proud. I'm your candidate that you just think that anybody that would disagree with your candidate. Is a fluke is. Not a person on the fringe. But yet there is a icu movement in this country. To where this is gonna have to be reckoned with that at some point in the Republicans are pretty neat to to recognize this and look back and realize that the Democrats didn't recognize it. Look where they are today. The Republicans will be in the same position in the very near future if they don't respect. The dissident voices. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601870. And or Texas a 7070. Here's a Texas has senate doesn't matter scoot he'll blame the media. The media is not to blame for this. That the media is not to blame for this at all if this does not go through. Donald Trump is is essentially saying I've done all I can do. You have a chance to vote to replace obamacare. If you don't do it you're gonna deal with the consequences. Come reelection time. So he's putting a lot of pressure on those Republicans who are voting against this and it seems like there's there's two main. Factions I mean there's a lot of individual stuff going on. The freedom caucus is a group of conservative Republicans in the house. They oppose the plan because it too closely resembles obamacare. Aspects of it that some people think are 22. Socialist. One of the things that ugly pre caucus is really focusing on is the mandate. The mandate debt that people be comfort. Even if they have a preexisting condition. And then there are moderate Republicans who fear that the wrong plane is gonna cost them an election victory in the mid term elections in in 2018. And that's not that far away and here's an update on a pretty driver opinion poll if president trust health care plan does not pass. Do you think this hurts the image of the Republican Party. 48%. Say no. 52% say yes it does. Give your team are going to our website WB will dot com if you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon our number is. 2601. A seventy Erick are 504260187. Tex ever say 7070 so this debate continues on the house floor right now and just a little while ago our representative Joseph Johnson Republican from Ohio. On had this to say about Tom Obama care and house members who are Republicans. Are they willing to allow obamacare to remain the law of the land. Or are we gonna begin to restore. Health care decisions. To the American people and their doctors. And that's what ours are about that's what this is about it is that there's a lot of talk about. Phrasing it that way so. If you don't vote for this trump saying if you don't vote for this then that means you approve of Obama care. And believe me vicious could all be used in the mid term elections had a call earlier a thickening was Gloria. And she said keep track of what the politicians are doing. And it's something that we should do we should keep a scorecard. On politicians. And generally speaking we don't do it. And what happens is they do a lot of stuff very early in the terms. And nobody gets close to the election. They start to do stuff to satisfy us we forget about what they did in the beginning of their term winters the president or senator congress. We forget about that. And and we were were all excited because they did something toward the end so we reelect him I mean this is a pattern. This a pattern with every president. It was a pattern with Barack Obama it was a pattern with George W. Bush it was a pattern we've Bill Clinton. Mean as far as I can remember I in talking about politicians on the air. I I would notice that their stuff that goes on early in the administration. For example. And then things would change when he gets closer to the election. And the only thing that matters. Is what they do close to the election because people have short memories and don't wanna pay attention to all the things that happen. So unless you went off. Are willing to actively holes politicians. That we send to Washington or Baton Rouge or or. Gone to City Hall in New Orleans unless we're willing to hold politicians accountable. Why should they worry about satisfying match. Why should they care about us they don't stand for us. They stand up for themselves. And what's in their best interest. So when it comes to be election time. Did you start doing things that satisfy us and we forget about everything else we applaud them love them and put the right back in office. And that's our fault. It's not the media's fault it's not the democrats' fault is not the republicans' fault that's our fault and it's something that you and I really do have control over. There should be. There should be more willingness. To vote people out of office. And so often I hear about term limits. We have the ability. To manifest term limits every time this election. And this election this election in New Orleans and and in Louisiana tomorrow. There's no big names on the the ballots no big races. Are you an even bother to vote. I would argue that that some of these local elections where there are local people involved. They actually have a bigger impact on your daily life. And the president. Went to congressman. What the senator that you send to Washington. Again if it's not exciting if it's not a sexy election with a lot of big hype around it then a lot of people just don't even show up. Here's a quick update on our party general opinion poll if president trust health care plan does not pass do you think this hurts the image of the Republican Party. 54% say no 46% say yes can assure opinion by going to W dot com a from uptown John welcome to the show happy Friday. I I cute for a lot of these Republicans it's not a some conviction about the spill go back for the first Affordable Care Act passed. Republicans could have blocked that. And the votes to keep that built from getting in reconciliation. But when they're dollars in the healthcare industry got hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars over ten years with these subsidies. All of a sudden they're you know they're well what else pat as much as a Democrat the board for not blocking it and that's what we have here again in the same donors. Wanna make sure that doesn't add that not taking elderly people it's taking money out of the pocket for the people on the election and include the biggest. The original bill was the biggest money grab in the history of our country. And you enjoyed this is the lowest cut not common denominator of our politics today in an and once again I. I bring up the idea that they don't care about us but you know what they will do what they need to do to get re elected so they can and line their pockets with the lobbyists and all this money. On the other times. And let me just on one of the thing you said about these small elections and caring about them yeah. He's small election as Whitney's Cold War guys in Washington we're mentos. We have a chance to tell when they're meadows on that line for the small offices. We need to scrutinize we get the chance once they get bad we can't kill good Miguel can't topic campaign contributions. But you could you could a small effort of a small group of people in the small actions can keep these criminals out of office in the first place. Yeah and it at this level try to find a voice that you you hope you could trust but sadly what we've learned is that so often honest people start to win a local election and then they get bigger and bigger and it's almost as if the did the the system in nature of politics turns good people to dishonest people. Well and the media you'll local media glows over somebody like Landrieu was presided over one of most violent cities with the most. An equitable income structure of any city in the world not just America we're like no ambient spark or income distribution in the city. You know worth our while country for crime and the media is still glows neverland because these are favorites on you learn and so on. And people keep order form what he's literally 44% black unemployment in the say. People are starting to leave again. And the media gloat so sudden it was much if all of the campaign couch which might happen. John I appreciate the call me an interesting our interest in comments and you know if that if the media does go over politician. It's really up to you to decide whether or not they should it. You know if the media's gloating over somebody giving somebody credit that you don't think they deserve that don't given the credit that there they're getting from the media. Off from river rich Lewis here on WWL. I don't know I'm gonna. And illicitly shall many many years. Combat. Age is upon politics of political. Tradition interest the same name change. That's ordered them. To change. The politics corporate. Also law. Law is it just chill out conch. But fall. Is all politics. They need to keep all all. Triple its. All. Concert and aid to the outraged. Politics. To change all that well. Aside I I appreciate the call. There are some good lawyers and there are some honest lawyers on fed will stand up for you win you need help. There are lawyers who will defend you with your accused of something. There are good lawyers. However there are a lot of grant bad greedy lawyers. And lawyers know how to manipulate. Systems is what they learned to do when they're in school that's what they practice every day of their lives. They learn how to manipulate things in their favor and maybe that's one of the reasons that. They make. I didn't say good politicians they make. Successful politicians here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll it's doesn't get any closer than this if president trust healthcare plan does not pass do you think this hurts the image of the Republican Party 50% say no 50% say yes. And this really is a battle not only with that with president trot but also with the freedom caucus a group of conservative Republicans in the house and moderate Republicans in the house. And a moderate Republicans are more likely to like this in new plan. Then the conservative Republicans so this is one of those typical battles that we often see a from New Orleans David got time for offense comment go for. It screwed money which corrupt though the politician he'd donate we need to political contributions from an office. Current two years ago at sixteen and trying to documentary and I believe is Billy toes and who's pushing through legislation. Or companies. And interest and these are totally soco Ben. To raise money tennis tournament and Billy doesn't know people. Go down and and what they crunch the numbers and album I'm adjust it to ratio. They added that they paid all the lectures code and then put out isn't in the net result so 1000. I'll be. Put a donation. But it was three times the cost insurance can be paid to a lot of politician let me ask. Why didn't just donate all the money straight to there and they could Nancy and and who's going to work going to leave it. Insurance companies say yes they are corrupt it'll work girls. David I appreciate the call here's a Texas says are all lawyers are crooked and bad until you need one then you need the baddest caucus one. You can get. Sad but true I'm skewed in the afternoon at the causeway crash and personal responsibility that's up next.