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3/24 2pm Scoot: You are the boss of you..

Mar 24, 2017|

What has happened to personal accountability? Let’s talk about the accident Thursday morning on the Causeway and personal accountability. AND President Trump's Healthcare bill was pulled.

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Listening to that traffic report we've Bob frost who makes me so glad I'm sitting where I am right now and not where you are all my god I mean there are traffic problems everywhere. I mean what's going on out there it's a Friday afternoon should be excited let's just all relax and get to the weekend. You know what causes these accidents many of them are caused by distracted driver. Cellphone stuff. And yet people still do. And if you're stuck in traffic I know how frustrating that is because once in awhile I get stuck in traffic I set on the show the other day. I don't know how you do it every afternoon. Because every once in awhile I have to go somewhere after the show. So I mean traffic at 43536. O'clock. And I just don't know how you do that every single day god bless you I admire your respect you for doing it. I don't know if I can maintain sanity. And do that every day. And then even when it's not rush hour like right now this afternoon it's in 10 minutes after 2 o'clock on a Friday afternoon and look at a look at the problems. And it's because people are not paying attention. It's not the media is not the Republicans is that the Democrats it's you know it's it's people just not paying attention. Sometimes accidents do happen. But she would happen if people were just simply. Less distracted. If you're just joining us we have been talking about the president trust healthcare plan the American health care act. And knock apparently there is a vote coming up this afternoon in the house. Sometime around 2:33 o'clock and as soon as we get word on whether passes or not we'll pass the information on to you. The president says he's done everything he can do up to this point and right now there's been a big battle between the freedom caucus which is a group of conservative Republicans in the house. They oppose the plan because it too closely resembles obamacare has assigns a socialist a minute. And moderate Republicans and they like some aspects effort but you know that they're kind of concerned about what's gonna happen if they've both with the wrong plan. Could this cost them. And election victory. In the mid term elections in 2018. So there's a whole lot of pressure. And this is president Trump's first attempt to get legislation through is this going to hurt his image. If he doesn't get this through. And is gonna hurt the image of the Republican Party when you when you realize that we've got conservatives and moderates. And the party is is is like we've got gridlock with in the Republican Party. It's not party to party it's within the Republican Party so isn't this just a sad sad reminder that dreadlocks not gonna go away. Republicans over at the White House we got the congress. Both houses of congress this is and of gridlock. It's not the end of gridlock. Gridlock is a way of life. It's a life support system. But the politicians and it's really really sad. Because you and I are the ones who were getting ripped off their Macon a ton of money at it it's our health care this effect and not day years. That got Kush healthcare plans. If president trust health care plan fails to pass this afternoon. Do you think this will hurt the image of the Republican Party. That's a party general opinion poll it's a close 152%. Say no it will not affect the damage. 40% say yes. In the very early morning hours of yesterday morning Thursday morning. A drunk driver ran into a pickup truck causing a multiple car accident. Leaving and occupants in the pickup truck debt. What's most disturbing about this incident is the front driver had a history of drinking and driving. A lithium 127 years old had two prior DWIs in according to consulate police. And this was confirmed yesterday with the and general manager cause when Carl to do to show. This 27 year old woman. Was arrested for driving drunk on the causeway last year. You know as I just mentioned as humans. You know we make mistakes. We accidents have. Mistakes happen. But if you distracted and driving or drunk and drive. The chances of having an accident are much greater. And you realize that drinking and driving is a 100%. Preventable. You have control over what he'd like it's Friday. And I don't want to make this sound like a lecture and I am guessing sometimes I feel like I'm I'm torn between. Talking about something that is such an important reminder. And making it seem like I'm better than you and you shouldn't do this. Look I'm gonna first of all admit as I have many times. That there were times in my past. And I'll scoot in the morning on music stations and radio had reached a peak say unit in the in the mid eighties. And I was going to happy hour after happy hour sometimes sometimes I would go out to happy hour. And I would go straight to work the next morning on the air. Not often but sometimes. I mean that's how serious the party wants. There were many many many times. And I got behind the wheel car truck. I I'm ashamed to admit that but I'm being honest and admitting that I did. However this was before they were such awareness of the evils of drinking and driving it. I mean I remember growing up my parents my parents didn't bother with gold cups my parents had cocktail glasses in the car. Stricken smoker in the pharmacy while the other kids are jumping back and forth from the backseat to the third seed art station wagon with a fake wood paneling on the side. So this was something that was very comic well awareness has been brought to this and we're not supposed to do any locker. I don't do it today. It really comes down to personal responsibility. We live in a society that always looks to blame others. For the poor judgment of individuals. And there are plenty of lawyers out there that aid and encourage this tendency. The individual who got drunken drove on the bridge. That was her responsibility. And an even though an attendant in the tollbooth at the causeway. Called police. Cause we police because noticed that there was something not right about dispersant. Unfortunately and I don't know all the logistic details of this but unfortunately they didn't get every time. She cozy accident before they can get to work. But it's not that person so it's not that person's fault that the person in the tollbooth. Because we can't ask tollbooth attendance we can't ask bartenders or servers or restaurant or pars. To be responsible for our actions. And if we drink too much that's our fault. And by talking about my past. I hope you understand I'm not. Lecturing you and I don't think I'm any better than you or anybody else. But it just talking about my real life experience and how I changed. And I know a lot of people have changed I've had a few friends. Who have gotten VW arts. And I couldn't really be that critical often because I there were times when I was drunk and driving. Thank god. Literally. Nothing ever happened. I was never pulled over. Never arrested. And thank god never got into an accident. But nobody who ever got behind the wheel of a car after having too much to drink nobody ever thought they would have something happen to them. This 27 year old who got to the cause we drunk who apparently has done it before. She can think anything would happen. So. Just try to remember I mean there's over their hands there's a lift there's so many ways to get around. And I know it's expensive but it's not as expensive the DWI. Which I think it cost 101000 dollars. I mean it's serious. But this idea that somebody else is always to blame. This really does affect our society and I'm gonna continue this conversation now when we come back because the concept of personal responsibility. Is a key element in it in the civilized society. And yet it's something that continues to diminish. And we wonder why our society is not more civilized. If you do wanna join us with your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601 a seventy. Harry code 5042601. A seventy Tex numbers are 7870. And we are pulled over. Did you get a DWI. Did it change you. Or you still drinking and driving and again I just all I wanna do is remind you silly doesn't happen to you because nobody ever thought it would happen to them. And it did. But it doesn't have to happen to you. It is a witty afternoon and I think the a restriction still up on the causeway no motorcycles. But we are still waiting for the house votes on us those come on 2:30 or 3 o'clock this afternoon and as soon is that happens when there are what you know the results. And here's an update on our party check my opinion poll. If the president trusts health care plan. Does not pass do you think this hurts the image of the Republican Party. 51%. Say no 49% say yes it's close give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And now from somewhere on the I ten Steven here on WW really you know and it's a bad traffic calorie. I'm not our thing was pretty and cloudy on notre Ramon went off or bat great. Because there are suspicious spots around and it just really bad this afternoon. Yeah. Look portal and unfortunately. You don't want to start with mark I like McCall and like when you were talking about street. Are driving call up. And talking about a stock drinking at age sixteen and brought their thing and I'm now aged 62. Com and but a great forgot and never built number so governor now the got what do you liar economic tickets on sober now a law and to look back on my behavior and I'm on days. How stupid public of a mile like Tom and you know course ever aren't. Looking back. I'm Heidi. Also it took me. And a comment for your honesty and and not in trip and after you describe what you're doing and I'm sure without a you know out during. And even I don't I don't want this to be anything other than you know we're having a conversation and you know a lot of people listening I had to have known me for a long time you know we've we've been together for many many years over the years it. This is not a lecture is not making it seem like I'm better than you but it's just a reminder that there are so many temptations to. To drink and think you are okay nobody ever thought it would happen to them. It does it does happen to people who never thought it would happen to them so this is just a reminder that we need to be a little smarter. I absolutely agree in Augusta by the great guy did not. Kill or any one at all you. And up about upper commentary. The end. Also by an and outlaw calmer now a local public debate. I want my law. Democrat or. Ultra CAC AR where we have a member of congress and got Serbia. And Reno were much better. It is a big debate there's no respect it would be very awkward. And I think that's what the situation should work for our country should work but Argo are all about 1% one on your. A lot and yeah maybe everyone doesn't agree about it but still being very public about it. And there are an open date about what's going on like what happened when it was political pragmatism. And then that's that's a legitimate positive spin on this. It is bit of but I think the reminder from my perspective is. That you know. Donald Trump's made it seem so easy on the campaign trail that he was going to provide this plan it was gonna provide coverage for everybody and premiums and it was echoed around. It's not gonna happen and an even if it does happened those things are not gonna happen and it's just a reminder that. You know we can't be so quick to believe what politicians say it is not to utter carpets it's it's it's all of. I I agree on one side. Democrat Republican and I you know I have frustration and travel. We're what we're going all the little government but I Google culpable as open debate about it previously. You know trouble a businessman not a while they're so it is not going to be easy right now to be thought it would. But I do like the public nature of this debate are. Stephen I appreciate the call you have a safe and angry weekend. If I the other the other aspect of of all of this is on. You know this this gridlock within the Republican Party. And it changes that are going to be taking place the second thing news. When the house votes on this. They're not gonna know everything that's in it. Again. It might not be as bad as when obamacare passed but hey it's still going to be a bill that not everybody's gonna totally understand. And it just it seems to me like we've got on the idea that okay. We've got to fulfill this campaign promise that's number one the most important thing I would think would be getting it right. The idea of personal responsibility. Is a key element in civilized society. With the encouragement of certain types of aggressive lawyers our society has come to believe that nearly anything that individuals to its not their fault. And to avoid. The expense and drawn out cases that go to court many companies will settle out of port. Which is what many attorneys prefer they get their money less time less money spent they get their their money that doesn't go to trial. They're happy and they move on to the next. If a bartender or server for example. Has a customer who is obviously intoxicated mean it would be reckless to serve that customer another drink but you and I know people who. Don't. Always show how drunk they are. There people who look drunk right away. Their people who. It kind of hide it. And so especially in a busy bar I just don't think it's it's fair to hold the bartender and server accountable and this is something that we we talk about often because this. Feeds this idea that we are not responsible for our behavior. The biggest problem with this trend toward finding someone or something else to blame for negative decisions that individuals make. Is it sends a general message that we are no longer responsible for our behavior. And overtime. The idea that we are not responsible for decisions that we make. Is instilling in society a freedom to do whatever society wants because hey we're not to blame. If somebody else's fault if something goes wrong. I guess it's also an easy way to build up self esteem if you are never to blame it's always somebody else's fault the sort of seven year old woman who made a decision to drink and drive. Her actions. Led to somebody's death. And this is not the first time she's done this. And I guess somewhere along the way she thought she could do it because. Well she could here's a quick update on our party general opinion poll if president trust health care plan does not pass do you think this is going to hurt the image of the Republican party's been close all afternoon. 47%. Say no it's not gonna hurt their image 53% say yes it will and you can give us your opinion by simply going to WWO dot com. And devious your opinion I get back toward your text here in just a moment from a town clay welcome to the show. I think that Rocco. You know at some states. They're trying to lower be too from our point 82 point six. Yeah I think you talk just lowered it. Growing mountain. Because some states I don't know it's almost prohibitive it is to run a restaurant bar because the litigation has so bad in the settlements are so big server. The bartender. Serbs somebody and they did correct. And I just I think I think that's a mistake you know we don't and what what what happens is clay is that. Don't those kinds of lawyers what they do is they pay. You know you can't. You you once again it's about not blaming the individuals like let's find somebody else to blame so we can make money. To tranda nationwide. It's much note of that ties into India Affordable Care Act. And what went into the debate not her is the litigation involved you know the malpractice. This is the only country we can actually sue a doctor or hospital and get a monetary settlement except maybe Taiwan. That's so other let you know I mean there that's what 10% of the health care budget is spent on malpractice. Premiums. And that's about it. Take care a lot and should people in percent of healthcare budget but I've never heard. It discussed. And I think it's the tort lawyers who are so it's those strong but he keeps it out of the debate. Which you're you're you're right it's it's those the lawsuits and it looks some lawsuits a legitimate grim that there are a lot of frivolous lawsuits with auto insurers and with with medical coverage. That time to contribute to the high cost of insurance and ill a lot of the interest we pay for his son at a high premium because of frivolous lawsuits. Martyrdom if someone has morbidly obese. And and their diabetes doesn't get better you can't release to the doctor. I mean they get a settlement built in the darkened get a settlement. But we don't know again back of the personal responsibility you know. Would it be better care if if in general. If businesses were less likely to settle because there are a lot of attorneys that don't really wanna go to court. Right now more spark apparently never FISA court law I don't know like a lot of individual honesty and boards aren't right he does I've gone. But no you're right I mean if it took formula thing that. If if you just filed the paperwork. It's easier for them just the settlement that spanned the expanded you know so that should go to court it's cheaper to itself. And so that's not a given and that's why so many people get money. Clay I appreciate the call president trumps health care bill has been pulled from the house so there will be no vote so exactly what's going on there. We don't know yet and you also just heard the term house speaker Paul Ryan is senator going to be holding a press conference at 2 or 3 o'clock our time so we're seeing a touch from all that. And I should more break will break in and talk about it do you think this hurts the image of the Republican Party. 51% say no 49% say yes give us your opinion or going to WW real dot com. Here is a text on is health care are rights senator from Georgia just sent healthcare is a right. You know I think the argument they areas health care might be a human rights. But I don't see how the constitution. Could be used to declare health care. As. Right from the West Bank Bobby you're on WWL. I screw action taken McCall. A wire. I'm kind of disappointed. It pat Republicans at bat ample time to work on. This fall build together. Get their ducks in a row there at seven years plot to do it. And that this is gonna blemish on mid term elections. Law. Certainly it certainly is you know or not Saddam not repealing obamacare not replacing obamacare. After the end of the 2014. Mid term elections. Is one of the things that led to Donald Trump. Yeah it's absolutely I mean that was one is our main topics. Called. Fight night is but dog repeal. And replace obamacare. Worst topple arrest and like I said. They're ample time and they're great to get to get ultra open down Ollie Indo itself. The background and off amongst conservative Republicans and moderate Republicans. Doubt all. Not been able. To pursue issue on the agenda. I'm sorry I appreciate the call I mean are you disappointed. Are you disappointed that Obama cares not going to be replaced. It may be eventually will be replaced. But you have been told. From the campaign. To now. You were told only by Donald Trump on the campaign trail. But you were told by. Virtually every Republican politician. They were going to replace obamacare vote for me. And a lot of you voted for them because of that. In many people got votes because there was a backlash. From the 2014 mid term elections when Republicans ran on the idea we will repeal obamacare vote for us. They didn't do it. And the backlash wise we want somebody who. Is gonna fulfill their promises. So Donald Trump comes along and since he's not a politician he doesn't have a record breaking promises. It doesn't mean that he's going to be able to do everything he says he can do. But I think that's one of the things psychologically that it helps on Donald Trump. He didn't have a record of breaking promises. He's built hotels he's done all these things so he says he's gonna build a wall. If he says he's going to do this and make this deal with Obama camps fatally said the deals of course she's gonna do it well now we're learning that it's not. That easy. It's a lot easier to say it but are you disappointed and if you're a Republican if your trump supporter could you even bring yourself to admit publicly. If you're disappointed. If you are in the be donated to support off from the applause rustle your WW well. Republican candidate won't let down our apple has so they've purple which started working on it without Bill Clinton on north. And now we want because in the art can be. Make it worse the problem with. Obama here somewhere Nazi echoed by itself Richard covered from from your employer with the weight. Kool Aid went out. The deduction that we get a check for the Nokia went off. So. We keep track of things like what the what retirees. And like retirees. There Obama care of that market Pete like 100%. Can't imagine actually believe and like 300% market you are retarded which cardinal poster about certain certain age and it had. You spot when your church. So I think. All obamacare what it was horrible opinions you have to compensate for. People didn't care coverage so people more coverage at peace so much more often. Look like you were gonna you'll eat it and that's saint. Pete slightly more. People will cover it that's going to be the case. I would support that you know but it's at fort disappointed at that we're in it and go forward. It would and I'm not disappointed that. Russell I appreciate the call you have a great weekend. Yeah you you wonder if this really is president Trump's real plan or if this was a plan that's been in the works for a long time. Could this be Paul Ryan Steve's police this plan. And me truck never put his name on it and he wants it to put his name and stuff. We'll continue this conversation we come back on scoot under every WL.