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Think Tank 1010am prison reform

Mar 27, 2017|

Should Louisiana be the national poster child for prison reform? States looking to reduce their budgets are seeking ways to cut expenses and looking at Louisiana as a possible model. This hours guest: Richard Van Wickler- Corrections Superintendent, Cheshire County Department of Corrections, Keene, NH, Also, Chairman of the Board, Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) William Booher - Interim Executive Director, Pelican Institute for Public Policy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back a busy day in the old think tank. Do you think did trump a brother and what kind of woods is Smart told the GOP health care plan and boy forwarded the vote. And where we're gonna have. Couple Lobo. Political and lows all in the and one thing to them and as. I'm not trumpet and it's always say it didn't vote for him. But brought you some and in doing this and saying okay. We go to obamacare. And when it blows. The Democrat shouldn't come to thoughts are we gonna come up with the good Blanton. Love elbow moving parts for the cuts one of being talked about. Some progress during the wee sing a little bit of the new McCarthyism. Euro were people brought in for questioning. Behind closed doors verses of public curing. Has everything to do with the House Intelligence Committee. Where of the Euro chairman Republican. Bringing its solemn and drew closed door meeting canceling meetings with the others. Dead were involved and they public hearing. Short think abound that at twelve noon. It's. Those or do you we have done that she acts over the need to. But we've we've got a new panel. We've got a new. Group of experts looking at a board and he considerable problem. A natural breeze endings to a certain instincts of problem we're word. Where the prison. Capital. Of the world. Present capital of the world little wings again. In the end is it just seemed in saying. That'll warned him and would Clinton did nothing is being done about raw I'm in virtually the same thing. That's being done about crime this is sing thing it's being done about crime and for the past fifty years. And we claim it is and working. In bin quickly. We don't like paying taxes. In particular attack them were programs that don't work. It. Where did the same time or all four. If they do to front him they do that time. So locked combine and that. Promote your major reason why we them. Uttering sand all this talk about the U report that was done by a task force of very highly. Qualified individuals backed by thing today it's. Revived Richard in Brooklyn where it's correction superintendent chokes for children. Orban corrections king or and and New Hampshire. Also chairman of the word do law enforcement and action partisans and ship. A partnership we called it leap which we often turn to. And it's a complicated. Circumstance. Subaru engine to burglar appreciated call. Good morning Garland. Good morning to listeners thanks and today. So what I think when you hear that we're we're. Courts are released from prison capital of the world. We get to it forms of content so as we could chip 13%. Of the prison population. Saved about 350. Million. Take a 150 million. And turned it back into the system. To Federer. Help those who were coming out of prison not returned to Portland. Will we seem intent on keeping board we gonna. Do or weekly fliers in the audio said the country like it's. Well there is there are a lot of people in the country who were talking about it and there are a few states that are actually make an effort. To effect real. I agree with everything that you just said that Louisiana is trying to do the only thing that I called into question as the 13%. My experience of thirty years corrections is this might be too low again I think he can divert more people that you know. Jail is the most expensive. Social options for us and when we look at our communities were closing and mental health centers. 32%. Of anybody in jail tightness of the mental illness. So nominally the cost of course. Or movies sent that saved them again. So in any jail the average is 32%. Of the population. Of vitriol is diagnosed with a mental illness. In the end with that the cover. Of a much higher percentage. 00 people that meet that person. To make the meet him percent. Indeed in and of course in addition to this you have the mentally ill people. Who are of co occurring disorders in the battle to have a mental illness. That often times they come to us it was undiagnosed. But they also have a substance of these. And many times for these folks is in the absence of medical care and the absence of proper treatment. They're there they're trying to Medicaid the voices and they're trying to drink away the voices and it. A lot of these offenders have experienced PT EST at some point in life. And all of the the services that we haven't community. Especially in the health services. And especially here in New Hampshire are going away. When I have somebody who's experiencing psychosis psychotic episode. And they need inpatient treatment. There's nobody available there's nowhere for them to go. They are stuck here in the system. Being supervised by correctional officers. People lower court psychologists people who're not treat deal looks like this but rather. People portrayed well forced continuance and how to respond to a production. It doesn't make sense. And in fact one could argue that it's a violation of basic human rights. Bring good and I absolute fury at New Hampshire but I guarantee that. If look did hard time so I took some political. And I'd have an instinct and then we'll lose that so all waged the big picture. They have blue so disciplined and they are criminals at heart. Will there be environmental with a genetic. They have to include but wouldn't say people that say mental illness is just in the excuse. Well it's not true. He more than cancer as an excuse to call in sick for. Okay. Is it it truly truly is an analyst and one of the problems. We if I think society in general is especially lately. We have a tendency to get away from the troops. You know we're we're experiencing this hailstorm untruthful. And people sort of wrap their head around. What daddy said mommy's you know what uncle Fred says and subscribe to that company's everybody's interpreter. And it would be wonderful if a cost America we commit. You don't learn to read. Learn to preach the word we're into two camps sources that arcs from full. Listens to people who make presentations and decide for ourselves without an interpreter. What is in fact true and if we were able to do that. We would no longer at peace now the thoughts about. Mental illness which certainly is not genetic. It is it is it true in serious problem. You know back in the day Garland jails responsible for. Public safety. Meaning detains somebody who's been missed the public that was their primary responsibility. And we have had significant mentioned re. Exactly like the chief from Dallas set months ago. Much greater expectations we now have to be school because. If inmates were coded as learning disabled we have to give them an equivalent high school education. Such ET your height that will not do. I have a party that with the largest mental health. Agency in your community. We are hospital. Held accountable is to have a law. It and were. So mission creep has gone and so much beyond just to see people. Children do and hold it right there got a big break gimme ten mormons don't goal way. If you don't sure dues you've heard 2000. And weeds and prison capital global world. And we don't seem to be that concerned about it. Sort of fears of programs that can put a 150. Million dollars in two making. Our crew exit which in better and letting those who were taxes. Board could be wrong with the and from your viewpoint probably a double dubbed. If you lived there are 10 sure you heard at the problems and and Louisiana and a is the prison a little out of all of you have been poor old. Review your tea for several. Third call I've beaten in the million different. Categories. And they basically come aboard the number of plays and and they say. Could save those 350. Million. A and take a 150 million books of that. Plow it back in two. Helping the prisoners at home out of prison or the ones that are written there are temporarily. It's been reduced side tracked and reduce our costs. And eliminations. From dad died in prison capital in the world. There and say removed all the hoops or go to the experts reluctantly given wrench and children did that chose to kill him or and and New Hampshire Rhode corrections. That is in Kenya and all June chairman of the war. Student and still planning to Lou. I still call that lead law enforcement against prohibition. But actors kind of good you warned that his law enforcement action partnership. And we were Richard in Brooklyn with others where does. Richard. I'm a more go back to me. Do you recent reports as EVE 1%. A bar prisoners. In 2002 team will own 81%. Were non bio. Of indoors. Is removed would roam the country is zero deaths practices model run. That says any difference if it's non violent we have to penalize and Waterford tapes. Obama wasting money putting in prison who will read to. Well that's an excellent question and believe it or not there as a clearing house for best practice and that is the national institute of corrections. And they followed the sort of the Bureau of Prisons and it's an exceptional. Academy. That is put on fort jurisdictions for you sharks all institute supplied ago. And they have been advocating these things for over twenty years. The difficulty is happening senior law enforcement professionals. Go to. The national institute corrections here that 80% of your people are nonviolent and then go back home to your troops to actually do something about it. And that's where it's kind of been fail you know Garland in this country. For the last 3040 years bottle. But eloquent as at thirty or forty year low that is the absolute truth but yet for the entire time period we've been building 900 keel then it's every two weeks. So. When we say that again. Violent crime in the United States is at forty year low. What we have been building 900 jailed but it's every two weeks for over twenty years. To accommodate an increase. In that space. So. What has two tournament how is it that violent crime could be solo. The national institute corrections to 80% or prisons and on violent. And yet we have this magnificent present them for other pretty over over the last years. It's just a process. And I'm gonna tell you firsthand that you know having thirty years in corrections when I first went to the national institute of corrections and hurt these things to. It was a little difficult for me too because it will force it to pack mentality just like the military. You know you're with Tupac cute he told what to think personally think it certainly do it. And it's a rise in the right next to be able to have the authority to affect treaty. And happy intestinal fortitude to stand up to what you know to be incorrect or untrue. Can one. And I'm at a point in my career right been able to do it and that's why belong to law enforcement action partnership and hope that your listeners. Can look us up on line it really AP dot TC very quickly. Just a singular bit about our mission in our patients statement that it all gets back to what you're saying Garland about separating the truth. And fax from emotion on this criminal justice reform issue. One of the basic questions. Of what we're. We're in. In particular log these quote non violent offenders. Or Ngo forum for selling. Or using drugs. And always talk to mud mud mud and the is indeed the law enforcement in the tree. And what was it then the war and draw okay UC it's needed. And we do win. We're not going to be it fractional. Difference. In the war. I'm not gonna. And that's what has happened because that is what America didn't understand the average mr. citizen who. May or may not get to the voting for the don't understand what is the mission of the war on drugs. All of your veterans out there knows that for everything you do in the military commission its mission oriented it's difficult to an objective straight pitches out. And the mission of the war on drugs is to create a drug free society. That is the actual. Federal missions for the war on drugs to create a drug free side. And you can't find anybody anywhere in any form no matter where they're from politically religiously year in any. That would say I think we there. Richards. I've learned a lot short time interviewing you Kim we call you again. Don't tell tell people where they confine and info on you or organs. Four so Eliot AP dot CC leaped Nazis he will bring these two arguments by law enforcement action partnership. We're formally known as law enforcement against prohibition. We have the same mission same vision but in fact it's a broader mission more talking points rather than just talking about that drug war. The drug prohibition we wanna expand those talking. Out of time which would nobler hour have agreed Dave thank you for the time. Come right back same conversation. It's a label I do not understand. Over the U forty years floats an odd in the year. How we breed and probably. You'd listed as as a label for Louisiana. The prison population. Of the world. The prison capital of the world will be easier to protect. Not out of the united states of the world. Well we're gonna area crow road transport show us is there were waved and number of these over the years I think they've got some very. Innovative ideas they have waiting. To say book it's a 150 million dollars says the coach just in dollars. But also I would smitten with paying a break and says it as a two inch reduce crime. The question is will we be four. Revoked William bore witness. Interim executive director pelican institute public policy. William much appreciated call. Garlic good morning Peter. So. Bow bow before we get in the report and some of the things that. Hopefully can change. Practices. In this country or we outline here or there. Others say it's on the program we could simply cut and east. And no longer be the present capital of the world. We eagle emblem to correct and everybody yields were all. Garnett beat you edit right in. At the beginning that at least there is now could we out all the or. While you're still pour out of line with Kremlin just distracted across the country that it is not include. You know you've mentioned before that we are on the one cartridge state in the country almost doubled the national average and what we've gone. Well what does that we can't just means that task will now with the recommendations they put together. Is look at what other state had done and treated it. And proven that they can actually work in trying to bring it in the year in Italy. And prudently put it that I'm a broom issue for well your income got a barely educated. I'd use one red states stay informed him that Sunday. You do the you do that time. We don't like to pay taxes. We don't think what are was being done and Laura primary is working. A what were your or something. That is costing us billions of dollars. And increasing our task in showing two way shipments of lowering crime. Do you use any way of getting out of that circle. That it. And yet. The aid in athlete does in the country. You're right we can't stand on the 700 million dollars this year on chronology is solid and sports. Absolutely. In given that that the fiscal issues where the armed not only is crude just reform the Smart thing to do and from that the criminal justice. The Smart thing to do from I think we are able to implement peak warm and he mentioned earlier. We Tbilisi over 300 million dollars in the year reinvent. Have that money back into the project and to try to ensure that. That we reduce crime save money and keep people safer better outcome. From our system and yet we see one victory. I'm recently returned the different coming out of the commander of the returned to prison in two years on from our perspective and then he expected that. Not a good return and. It and they. Feel the sense that dumb built or something similar. The big steal little reduction in crime is savings and money savings and tax. You. Does it into critical point here 34 and me. 34 other states authority at similar reform effort that we're trying to implement your. True Louisiana. Again an outline. Occur on look at stately. Our vote for other SEC state like Texas trucking line Georgia Mississippi at all. All ready to pack them all the back 2007. And should do so. We've seen here present rate that 60% speaking your primary good out there for an eagle on line with the other summit the public school. 30% reduction in crime capacities are helping the united you're gonna come on the radio or public entry. This is not. Tough on crime now I'm in Louisiana it is up on crime would you be more crime while. Or don't let me neighboring dog going to work Bloomberg come back. I'd literally have been very strange question for Cabrera. I think he would he would have meshes with what were talk and questions comments to receive general won the celebrity when you're gives the good bad singing it all. Liberals going easy on crime. Or do you say. Wouldn't that I can save money and crime may be cool down. OK tell me more used eggs or 187. UW up via. Or everything get about a crow enrolled task force at school and recommend to the legislature from minute changes could save up to. 150 million dollar in this seat and everything from overhauling sentencing program it's expanding. Probe each and changing parole eligibility. Would revived and drug penalties. Even given them great to chance some big money when they were in prison for the got some when they get out. Veteran shlinder rib William gore. Where do you. Pelican institute for public policy will and federal mud and let's bring in him from terrible for him to run double. Thank wrong. I really appreciate both your gas and appeared to paraphrase. A lot of our politicians. You know law and order as. Failed to. To live up to its original meaning at all and instead now would mean for a lot of folks just simply. Maintain order a period forget about the law and secondly Lok ma. You know that has been around particularly. And so when we substitute the existing car for everybody. Always have as an armed camp less product abroad that day. That's little. From then it would be an. More more appropriately while we live line as non violent situations and move them somewhere else. And try to work with the problems. I'll work with police academy is not work with this. Armed force situations nursing notes and it's not work and so to give you the last cliche. From a politician what Al. Have you got to lose. Him look a group with everything says. William Blair win for what are cut a long way. Some of those words. Global. Holding. Billion dollar industry. To give inmates phone call. Got some to call lives. And dollar and give home care. God is multi. Billion dollar political power will yield engaged. All wars had said for puncher. Arabic and sees. A bid call orange trunks are home from people that didn't even do that and and they used it to put big percentage. Of the wrong by agents as supplies and the board. Got two major corporations. That are on the New York's league shouldn't. That have hundreds of thousands of shareholders. GE O. And and CC. And in the movies. You've got to share what's it to wage. Where they make a lot of money. In the end even. Didn't money goes out to. Mom and pop restaurants. And retailers. Give us all the booms and major industries that make Monday. Awful people and to pray to. The in Garland is a great point that can take you for your point is well. That the the point here with the reform effort is. The fact that. Well the component here that cutie you mentioned. Didn't have to reform the reinvestment component can take. Another meeting at Michigan State. In one. In reinvesting back into that operation in re entry program at the local level you know all about the condition of our state. In nature in Italy and that resides in local air it. One by this year so what proportion of that. They're treating reinvested back on the local level. That we either we have diversion program apt probity in public corporation species we can help with the reentry program. True that. You good money back. But you are delayed in the this year will be poultry in the need and in terms of that count or premium for housing prisoners in odd way to use that money more smartly true that we compete. People from returning to prison people he can go and don't need to be there I think you are arguing. That there are people that are all the what did you'd be imprisoned. Commit. I'm terrible actions to serve any prison prolong aren't working getting these warm out. Look at our prison on the stove and that the nonviolent low level and it finally help them help themselves. Whether or. Route you we will be doing the show a couple of 101000 more time which hopefully will Stoops from four years done a good job back in the future. Thank you resign amid a very great day. Figure much ended mar crime only count more from. Ago. Already. Shtick bogus. Cumberland Doug should think cruel and brought a smaller tube pulled the health Euro Biddle bull for the vote or bulletin at all. And what do you expect him to do now. Talked to a couple of vote political. Analysts. Say what is your fortunes comment. Twos or watered sub W video.