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Mar 27, 2017|

Is an independent “select committee” necessary in the investigation of Russian hacking & possible collusion with Trump associates? This hours guest: Max Bergmann - Senior Fellow at Center for American Progress Steve Bucci - Director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Will be you'll forgive him. Bringing in the league today. They get about House Intelligence. Committee I mean during. The head of intelligence. Intelligence committee Republican. Circumvent. The committee. Most of the white now with the with the privilege and says he goes to the media. Then comes back to the committee. And apologizes. And you've got the democratic side of that intelligence. Committee. Accusing. The chairman of doing all like 00 what is being. I would wreak. That you got hearing was scheduled for tomorrow. Those people canceled. And the people that Gordon injury and becoming. More behind closed doors. We're talking about McCarthyism. And sometimes to what we're talking about who did one. And thankfully. I think because of Katrina. We stole a truck expert at current market about Lincoln helped me. We're back Bergman. It's in films and for American product it's Mac or purge call. Well injured didn't give me of point those days what. Oh. Think there's a there's a lot of questions and hear your summary of it. And you know it just raises more questions than than it answers frankly I don't know what the what it looks like is that. Congress in business news year heading. House investigation into. The Russian interference in our elections last year and did the ties between the term campaign and Russia. Completely. Are conducted through what looks like a total political charade. Well we now know is that on. Before Wednesday were Wednesday last week was my needs. Held not one bit to press conferences on. Supposedly intelligence that I gave some concern that trump who had been pop up in some surveillance. Certainly surveillance. That he'd admit it was legal right. Right so is illegal surveillance and so in the press currency actually may have committed. A crime and disclosing classified information. BC noted that the intelligence that came from. Fine that's the foreign intelligence surveillance. Targets of people who. How has the intelligence community National Security Agency have been surveilling this could be for an official difference in that. That go into that went deterrent power. And so they've been making calls from those foreign officials to. Term transition associates. In in making calls the US government for instance is monitoring a foreigner as a reason to monitor monitor. Foreign official. If that artificial hall someone in the United States. Then you know that person it states that sort of picked up incidentally in that surveillance. And usually what that doesn't mean you will do is an old mask that Americans. Citizens name. So that that spotlight believes are spread out sometimes to know what that intelligence is what the what was the subject the conversations. They'll they'll quote unquote unmask and the American citizens names so that people who was being talked about. And so its finances that he looked at that you got these documents which in itself is very strange. And they got these documents was concerned. About that masking procedures. With that in that the intelligence community using in other words. That is concern that people who are reading this intelligence document would know with a truck transition officials word that the form. Officials were crawling. Now I mean that's also are very complicated and very technical because it is very complicated and somewhat very technical and the normal thing you would do. Is that if you have a concern about how intelligent Chinese operating which happens all the time members of congress always a concern. About how the US government and how government agencies are doing things. Usually you would send an request he would student you know over he would call them. Legislative affairs. Officials that the different that the intelligence agency today. I have some concerns about that can complete explain what what was going on here. In its stand Clinton has. Did it is that she went. Can meet immediately I talks to polarize and then hold a press conference then goes to the White House to help the the White House about the information he's. Quote unquote discovered in any hold another press conference. But to make that saw even weirder and looking even more sheet the and like. Kind of like it was disturb route that we now know that Nunez got disinformation. By dealing to the White House. That the night before so on Tuesday night he was apparently in an uber. On the away to an advance. And he got a call and that lead and then jumped out of the car and then went to go allegedly went to the White House Muniz now reporting today. Confirms that he went to the White House grounds. Which means Keating go to the actual White House but he went to the old executive office building next door which is where the National Security Council is. And he then says he went to a computer terminal to read these documents now I have been to many meetings that the National Security Council and up that you can't just. Sheila in lauded. There has to be wiped out there as we and National Security Council official then you have blog came into the system so. No matter what the B these documents we now and now our. Came from people who work for the White House. So. So why Clinton is running after the white house on Wednesday the next day Utah held the White House what they are no because the White House told them misinformation. And so it's just it's just that whole Mars. And what it appears that nazis' essentially acting as just an agent for Donald Trump in the White House. To give them political copper and political protection remember. The weak spot for Donald Trump gave an interview to Tucker Carlson. Where he essentially said quote information will come out to the Intelligence Committees that will prove that I was under surveillance. And so that little hole a week later. You know you have the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee whose two days before. The disaster hearings for the White House in which can be testified that there the counterintelligence investigation into the administration. And now wants to make up Ford and essentially enters the water. For the White House there's sort of no other real explanation for the war events that took place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Other than that mean as well is basically just trying to. First and didn't Kennedy years of the investigation and to give the White House sort of a political pocket point. But it appears that backfired spectacularly. Or are we really Lieberman point we have Terry break over the all of led set volatile currency will sport trump. And have for all businesses and trump comes and says he was somewhat vindicated. By new noses were a rubble patients would wouldn't I wouldn't say October Jew. I think. In some ways yes you would expect and do that but. I think what they were hoping is that the mere fact. The kind of to holding two press conferences that trump when actually have to do that that the press would sort of pick it up and run it in do it do it themselves. And that and you would have conservatives surrogate and on television sort of saying see he's indicated. But I think you know the complete loss of credibility and some of the White House in the total. It is the very it was very easy to see through it communion was doing at the time at least by a lot of the political reporters on the ground to noted Alan precedent and it was. Fuller. Someone to further ahead of intelligence committee to not page here than in information and make out with the rest of the committee including the ranking member on the democratic side. But then to run. To the White House which is that the target of this investigation so to speak. Into the shared information so. In and so I think the immediately suppressed or stopped buying it now the story is comprised basically starting to completely apple. Acts. Guns take Bill Burton all. Dizzy. I'm a blue club I'll. Agree are there. I. Number I'd bag double dubbed Leo. I would stay dead Toby wouldn't come to the House Intelligence Committee investigation. A possible Russian connection with the trump adminstration. Determine. I'll be committee has problem and so does the president. What are slave that. Wheeler signaled covers about five there we are Ribery bread conservatives say it's and here's our question. Is an independent select committee nets this early in the investigation. Of Russian acting. And possible collusion with programs associates a 87%. Abuse say yeah outs. So I would say there's little bit of a problem there of a missing noon and president in pro. Have been arrested him they should give him because our own personal side of the poll. Suggest they're they're not believed in what her handlers. Better understand all that she. Back Bergman with the sues the dancing to throw votes over. American progress that so bluntly or to close a broad sense that newness. Chairman of the intelligence committee. That one of the reporters she what to do me a book or board to midfield and excrement. Went to the White House blog or he went to the committee went to the media didn't. Before he finally went to the committee does quoted as saying. And he's got dozens abroad ports world will meet reproach that to reporters last week. Doesn't have been dubbed in relation to clarify who bought it happened. Andy declined to answer specifics about that doesn't rule Portuguese Saul. If you spewed don't have enough information to clarify and if you don't have specifics. We would use this has in the body found out what he's talking about. No. Because Nolan knows what he would be saw what he claims that scene. And and if in others it is the mere fact that he went and held not one but two press conferences. On nest before. Talking with other members of the committee went to the White House. Means that this was an effort to immediately get in front of the public which you don't. You know it wasn't he wasn't accuse walking in the hall way of house office building. And got sort of pigeonholed by reporter and then had then yes that's something that they held a formal press conference. Very quickly make a formal press conference to many all the sector prep sports so this was about. Trying to make political points trying to make a political statement. And likely trying to sort of give the present president proper. For his remark from a few excerpts from tweets are few weeks ago where he led the Obama administration was certainly. Now. What he is alleging is actually not unlawful and is. If that happens sort of all the time in which foreign officials that are under surveillance. In this doesn't have to be. This nefarious surveillance at that. You know we have the National Security Agency that that that tries to gain intelligence as to other other countries. In doing so they monitor foreign officials nipple for an official contacts an American citizen. That year that conversation. Maybe. Which and in two and and now. And what day the procedures that are wonderful are in places that they masks the American citizens information. So some of the foreign officials may have been contacting from sour note that other than usual. It what is unusual is for the actions of newness to then go off on. Yes serve in multiple press conferences talked to polarize and talked to wipe out. And try to change something up as being completely politically nefarious when it looks and when there's certain knows they're there. And so you know I expect when Sean Spicer has as another way to precinct. This to be a major topic of the conversation you know who cleared in unions to the White House. What what terminals in the White House to a computer system that it did in and national council did that he uses computer once it. And why it was that official. To you know bringing in the house. Member of the the chair of the intelligence committee none of it really makes sense and all that serve points to. I at this sort of brand. In a real panic that you're seeing from the White House around that's Russian investigation. Because there's that they're there and that's sort of what I mean noted. Gearing is an FBI director James coming noted during the Monday. Hearing that it you know the FBI doesn't just launched a counter intelligence investigations looming nearly. They have to actually have evidence and clear sign that something that is going on. And so they clearly have that in with. Michael Flynn. I have resigned and their slots and rumors floating around that four in. About four and activities. I think there's a real panic at the White House and there's an effort to try to change the story. In change you know after after what was a very very bad week. For them when it came to the Russian investigations. Her re very confusing. Max Bergman. Stinky old tunes and say and that little bit better thank you with the thank you. And October objects back with with American progress. Would choose radio and use in the league bullet or liberal. Covered objective world but he broke from the current field. Statement saying you can label that very conservative. Try to get both sides of this it is it is. Nothing Q would agree. Number dubbed Joseph would call good thing to Angola and robbed that would come in right back. Got a group it's. You lying column. Getting readied to hold that Leo. Well model. For me so. Cute. Capture. Suit. Like gaga I'm getting rid dual monologue and injured two for answers question and l.'s. I'm not prepared. And you try. House intelligence. Community. Investigate and try between Brooke and that former campaign think a guy that brought as well. Kremlin's potential meddling in 2006. And election. The and you've got the head of the intelligence committee the interim. Who came out in cities or rebel. Asians and so reports from the US intelligence committee. Don't report treats shrewd communicators for members of the from transition. Team. And possibly from the pros and sober incidentally collected. As part of a broader surveillance effort. Then he says and number which was illegal. All of this appears to be legal. And he didn't give me information to the intelligence community and get an bug got a boy he called a formal press all points. Then they went to the of the White House then he came back to the media again. And the intelligence committee is saying today. How about costs. For me a little confusing a may have something wrong but luckily we poll have always back experts helps out. OC boot chain from The Heritage Foundation Steve how to do. I'll outline again that enumeration. The fact they saying he did pretty well. Good and very confusing social. It is it is. Talked him what are your thoughts. Well you know whether or not it chairman that housed in telkom. Being paid properly and properly. Follow whatever protocol. These committees normally have. I'll be on what I'm not sure. Chairman and has apologized to Kali. And that way. I kind of blew this one I should have gone do you guys first before I went public and for a way to inform the president. Well what I NC. He's out. I don't know what more they wanna say it this. Since the election it seems like aired any time anybody accounts everybody on the other side whichever you. Want and covers off. Which I think is kind of and not wait for us to run business we can have our leaders resign every time may make an error it's huge error. You know it's something that's illegal. And it that may rise and that style level but we need to get off on this course and every time somebody does something we whole life. We've been demand their resignation. So bad. The first sport I expect. That mix and that could help me here. And maybe a break and you member court term and go I've been better. Syria became chairman of the intelligence community. And from rage and writes quote. I don't have been no information to lateral one open. And I do have dozens of reports. On money go to the White House birds in play and the Republican. Each room Libyan intelligence. But to go to the media. To go to the White House go back to the media. Would just seeing Dilma is one to me you or. And that and Tuesday. What probe went through with the yep you union and as you know and these. Intelligence Committees hearing it's. Rilya reported. There were over. Intelligence surveillance. But he says it's illegal in the trump says well a few it's somewhat vindicated. I mean that the well just like god dome thing to. I'm not gonna judge letters numbers more UL but. Now I'm personally am not Ahmet Intel community guy spent a lot of my time in the military. I don't a lot of intelligence war vote present military action brilliant and and I'm trying to hire everybody. It would always stuff in the public. Our intelligence war is supposed to be. Classify it should be behind closed the wars and we have. That means that they are that we can make the Intel committee all clearances they need. To receive these kind of gory things and rather than the political theater of public hearings. I think it quite make more sense to do it in and closed door hearings make them classifieds we can actually talk about. Faxed. All lit run into the press accused it is not useful for anyone and for sure is not useful the American people. All right take a break ten minute you meet Tim Mormon who's come right back double a deal. Think Greg we call it gives all what are your thoughts stones eggs are 107 you'd have been trump. You have renewed the zone that is you do Indian intelligence committee. Or you like me below old computers about. How this could possibly. Operate in the first place double. Did president Troy loved. Cult's intelligence committee I would say yes exhausted Jim little problem perhaps the lord torn. Well when it come to the hopes and intelligence committee investigations. With either. Trump and his supposed to controlled administration. From campaign boards along and in and former pastor. With a Russia. And how old that investigations. Go get pills. We window will pull it implements and it but it covers five re re re broad conservative states all the butch. Border Patrol. And the question we as. Isn't independent select committee necessary. In the investigation. Of Russian connections to the twelve. Administration. Eat. Fruits and abuse say yes. Will build surprises in these. Good twelve years in the as soon show limber room actually I don't see that occurred in. I've seen boob tube was me broad via Heritage Foundation. What do you think's ebitda sport don't indeed an independent investigation. Well you know I would say Garland an independent commissions. War truly independent and had a very good track record but frankly don't pay. Traditionally. Languished for months and months and months. Come out with voluminous report that I've read this. I think what we need to do though. Is except the back. Depending on which news source Hewitt and I may comment about what the other day you realize. Vote the right in the electorate look at. When you listen to lenders report depend on regulations do ones described in an orange yellow stripe and. It's true. And even. The same height of a look at. Why what we want it to you citizens. It is coal power. Congressmen senators and saying. Stop that non thing right the ball court. Stop that nonsense. Let's look at what the problem. Get. Well investigation. The man that age send the results quickly. And made everybody stop talking about it until there. And they come to a real inclusion and seen what in the world. The angels would use said Q wide program that suited the scientists. Have done decades roots surged on the news they call it confirm the bio. Israel and reasoned forward. Any independent survey injury in the independent for an FBI investigation whose they'll believe it other than the side did. That the report supports. That's the problem we act and found. That and spear your guests that was on form. And foreigners. And colonel was saying and it's clear. That it is going on that's gone aipac I. Anybody who says anything yours clear. None and it is clear and not in the is that slammed down. We need to do some more investigation. Need to be done quickly. And ways polls as much partisanship and possible. I'm not a big fan independent investigations because likely. Usually don't work. Steve kind of scary at times I wonder who approached whom and for one Steve thank you bugs to I'm have agreed. It. It. I mean we you. It goes back to what I have been asking probably with the food. As for five years with a begins and who did for us. And the only income the U crushed. Is what you already believe it and it should go and besides it's. We made progress there. Would you go to war and a cowboy who would rule on the bids fat boy that's what we're ruling government. Who do you trust. Bought. But those that think. One I'd think double of the our dongle we're screwed the magical. Wonderful screwed covered up screwed up in the room. Were allowed to add some pop culture meet you were the union. Every dog about no good president controlled health care plan has been pulled from consideration. What is. In new rulers do blatant with a pretty weird to unite Republicans were brought home to play him. And mud for covered up and act Scopes that well thank you Berlin. Joseph Lagarde elements intently thank you for the paper glued to chew on hold true and the other. This is the thing to think. And Albert yeah.