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Tommy, NO has more drug-related deaths than homicides

Mar 28, 2017|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter Meg Farris about a new report that New Orleans had more drug-related deaths than homicides.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's hard to make serious now from channel born thank goodness because. I get a texas' sandals and narcotic used during surgery that's very strong inside Chinese Harrell NS expect they are lacing their heroine with fat no. Because some. It tightens its potency. With that we welcome and make harassment of ours that BW OTV were. Wouldn't want you to make today despite an absolutely let me tell you something I learned. Which just blew my mind. I was covering drugstore with state police several months ago. That some of that is laced with rat poison you know just anything to. I. So that people who are selling its have to spend less. You know so but yes. The sales been around the doctors. At UNC. Sounded the alarm a year ago. The police have been sounding alarm. Not that heroin off the brain receptive to get you breathing again a few of the guys that been sounding the alarm and things fell on the field. This tremendous tremendous increase in the use of drugs in overdoses and heroin just that the nation. So there's a fentanyl come in from of this is a hospital anesthetic. Oh you know where I well you know I did read a statistic that. The second largest importer if you will Carol it was coming over the southern quarter. Now we know where originate it's probably many many places I just on the news this morning. Some are cruise ships were no longer going on top Opel go at the port of call because. The drug violence that's going on and so on. But you know remember when had a mean and all these other narcotics. Or are rather like medications and anesthetics were getting and the population. And who knows you know I'm sure there's a lack of and it's because the community better. That I'm sort multiple sources. We'll tell us what the coroner said yesterday of the the corner a new loans. Absolutely and let me just read this this what was that he says it's likely that our time to have related GAAP. Perhaps surpassed homicides. In the history of New Orleans. I mean that thing a lot you know we've gone through on many times when our homicide rate. What is very high it sometimes when it was high but basically thing it's more than doubled to 201592. To 200 and a lap that some 92 and 2015 to 211. 2016 and one pinkie he said yesterday. Was that. You can eat bacon quite deep down there's more heroin beer's more cocaine as more mapping and that means is more and that means. But. A lot of people who died have multiple drugs in his system said that even have as many as hand and that includes marijuana and alcohol. And and how that type of things so. As you know the more the more drug she used some more your brain needs to get the same hot the next time and though. People just are constantly because of this addiction. You know turning to more and more and more to get that same time. That they got the first Sunday. Which brings us the question treating it as a health issue right and not a criminal one. Correct and and doctor GAAP throughout the corner of Orleans Paris would. No word she's said it is time for the people. You know hole apart starting actually this thing politicians. It's time. He also used the word apple changed he said we have to stop thinking that criminal activity at bank that. I'd brain illness addiction at that point element that people just can't stop it it's like. Saying he can't punish someone. Or are. Going into like a diabetic coma and getting into power Iraq you you have to actually that diabetes. They sort this thing thing it's just that the different organ at the Bahrain and how you do that. Of the people like interview he is not alone psychiatrist. I believe its north biologists are interviewed believe that because they're on the Frontline seeing what happens in the brain when he used and and note that. Punishment not as I like punishing new to you will not punish you until you have while and I expect. So on its genetic do we know that I. It's inherited so people. Just like you can inherit personality can share chinas or across the nation. Genetically can also did you inherit the tendency. To be an alcoholic or be a drug addict your your brain is different and someone else it was less likely to become an ad. Mom is meg and agony shield her from some of the people that listen and text things in and I know they would never say out loud. But it Texans in and says of the junkies they're killing themselves by overdosing on we're really only concerned. Let's ask that question and I don't think whoever Tex it is has any idea they can be tournaments money in their family and not know. Right right right and I understand. You know I understand people's frustration and an animal quarter I'm not here. To give opinion but I can tell you that. I know many innocent people including me. Let me underscore including me who was a victim of crime because someone needed back next. That money to get to be to get their next tied because of their addiction. So you know again. I'm not here to give my opinion I agree disagree with that person what I'm saying is. Is that it does make a difference. Just statistically. That people can be. Innocent people are harmed and and and I'll also tell you that. Can't think of a sheriff or the day in this entire southeast Louisiana. On area who who hasn't told me that more than 90% of the crimes. All crimes child neglect child abuse simple burglary robbery at your home all these things. Not more than 90% tried to someone who predicted who is doing it. You know the bad thing or not doing a good things to their children because of addiction so. It does affect our community and it you know. I'm innocent people get caught up in gunfire look at all the stories we covered look at the reacted last month. Which just breaks my horrible boy who had to have this odd couple will move. From his state because they were shot out by someone trying to go to an apartment he was caught. In the crossfire so. So until legal experts tell you meg is the way to. I mean do they say that did treating it as that health epidemic and not a criminal. The problem woods would prevent those kind of things. You know you'd I mean it certainly people who are both sides. Of the issue export back you know there we we have place that does the needle exchange programs so people won't get. Inspections and and at TVs and that type of thing. You know with with two rookies but. And then their people on the opposite side you know who think it should be a 100%. But treatment. Will tell you the medical community. Most the people I talked to what a culture change to understand that it. And it needs to be treated now. Of course there are people on campus not the let me just sat there and you know we've been reporting on net. And after Katrina. We do not in this area. By any stretch of the imagination. Have enough treatment mental and and member addiction has is a brain ailment so it's a mental health. Maybe a kind of treatment and doctors and outpatient and inpatient. To accommodate. All the people who on how that element and we've been saying that a long time but back as to the bigger picture people who treat. I'm pads that are taken by. Mental illness don't get reimbursed at the same rights so I mean what went through you know multiple multiple layers of this system and there. Places that are opening in building more treatment centers and more outpatient but he did we usually not enough. We'll let that if we get the volatility 211. People and Orleans parish that people. Last year a lot of people. You'd think the BBC in the WHO the World Health Organization all the people would be packed adding a hand in China you combat that you. Absolutely meg I appreciate your time we are out of it. We'll talk Egan thank you for the work to do a channel four. Appreciated that meg fares that the WL TV.