WWL>Topics>>The true story of a wrongfully executed man who was convicted of murdering and raping an elderly nun.

The true story of a wrongfully executed man who was convicted of murdering and raping an elderly nun.

Sep 14, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Jessie Quackenbush about his documentary The Last Word - about a 17 year-old retarded boy who was charged with, conviceted of, and executed for a murder he didn't commit. Jessie talks about the case, the corruption that allowed all of this to happen, and the aftermath which produced the evidence that proved an innocent man had been executed. 9/14/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. Alice goes Thursday and the store's many are stuck in between welcome to be on really redo myself Jason mostly always awesome GV Johnson so you are members the Netflix miniseries or making a murder. Yeah so it's really good Eminem really really enjoyed that it was a really messed up story for watched you do what you don't want our starters are and I'd be released talking about it Mecca a thing and I get taken out here but I just never watched it if you get. Chance him and I think it's still there I'm sure it is it's really worth watching it's one of those things were under a unity watch the first one and then you find yourself up till 4:5 in the morning could you just can't stop watching. Around and I think there's only eight episodes and each one might be an hour and a half I'm not sure but anyway it's a really really generous extreme you know a lot of people in the audience tonight. No it I saw other documentarian and done it knows about a guy who was accused of rape. I was sent to prison and then later was found it was it was determined that he was innocent he was freed and then a little later after that he was accused of murder. And Ian of going to prison I think he might be on death row I'm not certain I don't remember specifically but it's pretty looks pretty good. In favor of the prosecutor that he did commit that murder all although the documentary takes of their the approach that. You know he he was framed once he was probably frame began and here's all the reasons why it's so I get people make up their own minds it's an. And a lot of times got to worry about that I mean people get charged or something and they are found innocent. And I hate to say it but there are those individuals out there whether it be certain law enforcement or certain prosecutors. Who now have a vendetta and they look for anything they can. Yeah and it's always a risk than you have people like OJ Simpson who. Pretty well everyone agreed that fit you must Wear it in the bank but it is you didn't take your your medicine and here we are threading that aren't exactly so. It's the today we're going to be talking with Jesse Quackenbush she's an a filmmaker and an attorney out of Texas. And this his film it's a documentary about the murder of a nine I think she was a 75 year old non. And then gentlemen are actually is a boy seventeen year old boy. Was arrested for the rape and murder of this non his name was Johnny frank Garrett Hughes eventually put to death in Texas. And then evidence surfaced after the fact that he was innocent and he claimed to be innocent the whole time in fact this final words were still put proclaiming his innocence. And Jesse Quackenbush is good crew created a documentary about the story and we're gonna get the details of a because it's pretty fascinating. And this does open couple can of worms about the whole death sentence I normally your feelings on a JV idea and I'm one of those people worried feel if it beyond a shadow McDowell. And if it's something that. That's fear of course I am I'm OK with Barbara. And a lot of people have different feelings on this and some people feel like well somebody's. Some he's done something wrong like that they should spend their life in prison because that's the news that is. Worse than being an being put to death. Yet there there are a lot of schools of thought on this their people are very ardent in each of their views. You know I would tend to think in this part of the questioning in this is part of what Jesse quite a commercial tell us tonight to talk about anyway. It seems like there's a lot of folks fail safes in the system you know there's a lot of opportunities to appeal a capital punishment case. On this a lot of safeguards. Supposedly in place I guess it varies from state to state as well he just seems really odd. In today's day and age that you can go through that whole process and be executed as an innocent individual but according to Jesse that's exactly what's happened here. And these you know what if any any time if if if he only one innocent person is put to death at a desk and see laws it's too many. Oh absolutely and I know there for awhile at Texas was slate. There are going to on the whole with you know put in putting people to death as quickly as they could for quite a while others. And there and it's not and never been against their belief system gotten him no. So it's gonna be really great conversations that woman bring them when we bring Jesse and in and get into this I'm really really interest in the story I didn't know much about it before so I certainly do a little research before the showed. To figure out exactly what it was and done it's it's fascinating it really isn't any if you have questions on this topic or you wanna chat about something else so free to call entity four for 687. 7669. It is should be great night. Missile treaty for a 46877669. If you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio machine like the FaceBook page. They need it had to be on reality radio dot com where you can click on the station listen find all agree stations where on cross country but you can also download the free iPhone and Andrea. Which allows you to listen to show life tennis catch past shows join me online chat during the show and more. We listen right from the web search click the listen live to amid connection when to a great online chat room with just a wonderful bunch of people in their javy and iron their during the show and always talking in and taking your questions as well. We've got great a slate of shows coming up to actually tomorrow night we'll be talking with a million can cage he's an animal communicators and then of course her best of show on Friday night. Mine day. At. Display element has some changes in the schedule much Sharia but rams are Martinez is scheduled beyond. He's a producer podcast or writer filmmaker and a political commentary were going to be discussing. His documentary haunted republic saint Allman senatorial and I know you've been there I was actually there within a point. Have still had a great that's a great place Seles did things that place get demolished recently did I hear something that they actually were tearing it down. I don't think so like I could be wrong. Or maybe they were there is threat of it and they're trying to save it and pressure but it murmuring heard something I know is in disarray when there. So are challenged effects they were trying to raise money to restore moved there from that. You know we got a and we got to get Alex to to contact somebody and have this person which a North Carolina mom. Invents spray she says will attract any big foot. Within a mile and a half is this Ted crypt house these wife by any chance now that I think he sure we'll work. Yeah and Zellweger crept up front I got to why its eyes tunnel that's so true artists in the nation nation's endless search for a pro for big foot and it may soon come to an and think about it and I mean this this is the stuff we need. And North Carolina based life. And Mulder has home grew a sprayed it she says can attract any big flow within a mile and a half. Selling for seven dollars a bottle the environmental friendly big foot Jews also doubles as a bug spray. Said creator Alley Megan Webb who runs happy body care out of Marion North Carolina. She created it's sitting at her kitchen people. Mean at a kitchen table. I'm just what was the clinical trials on this thing how do we know that it attracts big foot did how do you know or earnings are knocking on the dual or at this point somebody answer Heidi you know verdicts today and way machine she laughed and said it's tough question I guess I could ask you how you know it doesn't work. The and then I can tell you the fight if we spree this around in the perimeter of the woods and we sit there and no big foot seuss' show up. Than it has to say it doesn't work but that's just or you could spread this around to find out that it's like a meeting sent in the let's hope that you could hit you gonna wanna be an ice had steel cage and we do but she claims that there is proof that are sprayed doesn't fact tried. A bigfoot field tests have been done she said and they include a recent outing by the research group big foot 911. In which a bigfoot sighting was reported. After the first week of August in the woods of McDowell county reports fully meet me supposedly made national news. So I don't know. Think you're absolutely right I think we need to get Alex and slick Eddie on this get the woman on the program amounts talker about this this spring that she's got in. Maybe we can even be. Enlisted to I tested and C fields that's the way I would love allied. And we do it on our car we spree span there when he felt better than I don't affairs it's a meeting its widespread and yet you wanted to lock McCarty on Somerset but. I don't know maybe I think about you Obama cheese later Cologne. Men now amendment that. This year I don't know maybe it. Depends where we are well so yeah eight and again you can check that out at happy body care out of Marion north Corel. And kiss and let's definitely get to a slick and Alex on that I'm an opponent we hear from this woman and fit and one and a what's it I don't know Mitchell Telus is probably proprietary but I wanna know. For so why she created this thing you know what meter senator kitchen table discussion recently ended a trash influences as to why. Yeah law exactly what she initially trying to create a bug spray or bigfoot spray because. I mean them why with a big foot 911 crew which have never heard of go on field tested so I'm I'm assuming that. And it just I don't know what it would be useful. Men and then and now where we need to interview this moment with our itself will take a quick break we come back Morgan head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page if you download the show us a favor just rated at iTunes so we're trying to get those ratings up you'll us. And Jason JD FBI and failure of. The best weekend of the year in central new York and it's coming soon. Spirit on central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 16 -- turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative and and discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't really look at Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters the scourge on film festival offers nearly fifty never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest and live entertainment don't Miss America on its week. Weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found at scare con dot com next Erica on dot com. It's beyond reality radio. Jason TV to phone number receive 446877669. We always invites you to call and try to get the listener calls on a weekend. What are we talking about a very interesting case common opens a lot of questions Saddam and it creates more questions and answers probably in her guests tonight. Is Jesse Quackenbush he is a filmmaker and also an attorney from Amarillo Texas his sound films called the last word it's documentarian takes a look at the case. Of a gentleman by the name of Johnny frank Garrett he was accused of and convicted of an XQ do for a murder he didn't commit Jesse thanks so much for being on the show. Welcome to be a reality radio. Syracuse. So I guess the place to start here is. This is a fascinating story before we get into the details of the story tell us what it about you when how it actually came up on your radar the major wanna pursue. You telling the truth about this case. This show I graduated from undergraduate school stating your Sunni all the trauma in new York and migrated accused and my first job of small schools or civil rights attorney general though. Il on the frontier that's first. Became aware of this case and Lamar and he. Within prison awaiting execution already been convicted. In his lower than his case was in the process of being handed off from one court appointed border action in other. And an effort to try to save as large and although I didn't actually work on the keel that's the what are. Of course you know living in that there are followed the case until the clintons are execution. And then beyond that as well. So give us some dates here when did you first become aware of his situation because I didn't realize who's actually. Still fighting for his life when you became involved or interested. And then at what point was he excluded. It's sort started practicing law in 1980. And that's when I first became aware of this case last year. He this crime was allegedly committed to him on Halloween night 1980 war was start the year convicted sleep better and there were approximately. Six years that aren't that are terse in words chains. And and and and ultimately each executed many need your Slater. Thirteen or fourteen years and thrown was ultimately executed. After pleased room to grow at the turn two and are actually cued him to knock. Only because there's questions about his. Innocence but also because he was only seventeen to turn the alleged art and in also he was mentally incompetent and had a huge. I believe. Under eightieth. No did you speak to more it was a large. Hail and what we're gonna again get into the details of the case and what what went wrong with the justice system the rule would have allowed this to happen but I'm really more interest and and how. You know you developed. You know and an affinity for understanding that this man may be innocent and number taking on. The mantle of at least. Getting the word out about what happened you know we all see these things and as an attorney probably seek their little more in tune with the but still. At some point you had decide you know this is going to be cause I'm in a minimal work yet. OK so. Being an attorney and also doing criminal were reaching in trends in new trial work in that part of Texas and got to. Recognize firsthand the injustices chick is even or use executed. Arm and it was a widespread systemic problem the criminal justice system that that was not allowing people like here to get a fair trial especially now. Murder case where nobody had a lot of experience and or the death penalty came back in 76. Years. And join different industries are there were a lot of lawyers out there are actually able to chase. But the press as a practicing attorney or experienced first hand in that particular area all of the injustices which are always so. The thing. That really captured our attention. Really was at the very end. You know because everybody's story it's national in scope. Of the national media's covering brewer really caught my attention is shark that he claimed as citizens. Right up until the barrier and my initial thoughts were that's not very usual mostly on death throes or about a you know give meet their maker that's what they're and his. We usually come clean and say they're sorry they apologize. To society their parents this guy claimed users are right up until last breath and with his last breath also cast her first that was very interesting to me and I can imagine what it's existence likened to a fourteen year or or JP are so short period. And are hitting any communication anymore sunlight. Was probably in a connected. Had somehow. Connected to the Turks aren't you two to think that at least he had the power to capture curse. That really caught our attention. And the lawyers had handled the trial while. Where are convinced him he many years later to ask them to retrieve the file from their. Closed while facilities. Over the appellate record or trial records. At the family's request. They turn those over to me so then had everything that they have from beginning to end started piecing together. What went wrong. In his case. And he was he was actually put to death February 11 two 2012. And some of his last words were like to thank my family for loving me. And taking care of me. And the rest of the world can kiss my ever loving and you know because I'm in us. I was pretty much just his last words. That's his last words she stressed his innocence and that was it. Our were talking with Jesse Quackenbush she's a filmmaker and an attorney his so documentaries called the last word in effect. You can find information about it on the website the last word document Terry dot com. We're gonna get into the details of the case. We're gonna get into the details of what happened during the trial and and what was found out and discovered an uncovered. After the fact that that approved the innocence of so Johnny frank here. So and a mission had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page and had to be unrelated reviewed duck comic friends stations we air on across the country. Can also download the free iPhone and android app we're listen rate from the web site. You listen Jason GDP on Ellen revealed. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I'm really you ran with Jason changing thanks everybody for listening when they're listening of one of the great radio stations during the show around the country or your listening online we welcome you all. Absolutely you can find that list appear on radio com's click station. List an analyst Morrie there. Tonight we're talking with Jesse quad bush about his film called the last word it's a documentary about the story of Johnny frank Garrett who is wrongly convicted of a murder. Was it was executed for that crime that he didn't commit. We're talking about the system we're talking about his case in particular and the concept of the death and it penalty all that stuff in Jesse. Why don't we it started this segment. With the story itself tell us. Who was killed how that person was killed and how Janet Johnny frank Garrett was ultimately accused of them murder. OK so it's Halloween night 1981. And there's a brutal rape mutilation and number elderly Catholic known in the convent. Church. That occur following. Errant. Fire can. Five months earlier and other elderly woman X nine you'd get murdered raped and mutilated. In. The similarities between these two items left at least Italy that sustain murder. So. Back during that argument all there was to burial boat lift in Cuba let all of there mentally. Ill homicidal maniac from levels Al and optimum dose and then all showed up and and that's right you. Jimmy Carter was the president at that time. And there were thousands came apart short counsel. Him services. Assistant and crises struck the United States different communities. And Amarillo actually ED these were criminals and mentally ill homicidal maniacs ended in. In Catholic family services was attempting to. Transition them into Americans aren't gonna speak English hardly any English. And they were all freshly as I know a bit this week and become aware of that government and make it where many many years. After that. So the police are automatically suspected because it's a pattern that's Cuban mail. Community that are are started committing crimes and that was their suspect mainly as you found out for American truckers and both victims parties. In including. On the brows and in the now sister that bans these sister was murdered and so the police that a turning head. Special crimes unit got together and made a media announcement. It was in the newspaper that the similarities between the lines were too close or not to be listening murder looking African American male possibly of Cuban descent. And in fact it was in a witness there had seen an error in looking figure in the truck long arm bent around midnight and murder. So everyone's looking were cute and so they round up a couple guys who have been car keeping him windows X suspicious earnings one of them was long the Ontario as -- And also. And roommate is your calls in their growth rounded up hair samples were taken fingerprints were taken were sent via. And act than DNA was not a the FBR with limited technology. That's technology and couldn't. Couldn't guarantee that you're actually matched what was taken out of deceit and so. The mid to lower around it. And basically arrested. And not accused by at least arrested fingerprinted and have sampled it more than released. It and they had at one point with renewed. It held him in custody because they believe it was him as yet our history in windows. And days ultimately leave let all of these people go. And and they they're colonel lost a city is a candidate won it aren't serial killer or is it lost their best hope with the not being able to match hair samples. And pretty much law enforcement looked like it was useless as it Williams and kill our show. We're only two weeks into this and also sister dead ends in the other elderly woman army. Were raped let's. Go to other similarity between Italy mutilated. The same way also raped and strangled. Exactly this and more incidentally. Both crimes changed the perpetrators left hardly wait he shocker. And that becomes very important later in story so. They're looking for a suspect it. It hit the wall there they look like fools or marketing anything done in truth there was a lot of pressure or in this killer because this city was pretty living in. The there was someone loose her killer killing elderly women even know Owens. Showed China's great care is a seventeen year old potentially and now it's back then that wouldn't call him retarded that. Politically appropriate today that was cute and longer documents. In his case. They had a very very low are cute at all it is not an exit. Eligible for a future merely as a as our QBs solo. But that wall that protected financially and mentally challenged and are so many after cure search here about six shooters center is living on the street from and thirty cents and rights and school are. All at no serious. Criminal charges but he wasn't really doing great so his mother was a single mother who went into. Her hair and sexually abuse that you'd channel and network that were living companions. Had older brother is also in trouble law. Supposedly on the evening. The murder Q mussina started which was saying is armed and beating bush with a stick and some cleats are or supposedly date made and noted that. Mental note end written the gear they are sorry is midnight. Repeating a bush wouldn't stick. So the police. Knowing of gear knowing this and more you target him is as their shops in time. In the same time and simultaneously they've enlisted the help they psychic bubbles. In Inez she's an intermediary and now she lived here for about twenty years. And as was a local psychic who was married to a a local. Kingpin drug dealer being heavy duty at a heavy duty Paterson pretty much. Was a snitch and everyone knew that was latitude deal drugs and or or Moody's statement the panhandle for many years in exchange for teaching people how it ends so these two Kos haven't treated at a group of bubbles Inez had this special in her she was psychic. With such powers that she can help the police are orange are supposedly helped. The police solve another Thomas. Just a year or so were the nun's murder consistent. Or you are virtually our shuttle. The police currently use all of you that resources they have made public announcement that they had requested the assistance of the psyche ovals so far and the murder. There pretty much you know like I said they were out of options and looking looking pretty and urged him enter us so. Bubbles comes in the newspaper article she relates to the leafs that she had this vision vision gave an exact address at happened to be geriatric care and and and and the suspect she started her dream and a long. It's hard. Of the of the dog house just like here it's gone. Mr. card. So. What probably happened was bubbles drove by the care home thinking I needed you know. Feeling her termination or some. Church he made a mental note of outs are so hard. The dog house backs as she gives us in relation relations the police. They put two and two together for them that was OK he was outside eating Kosher in Durham in that time of the murder or around that that even our. They're number 102 circuit doubles. It was his address and it starts and did so based on that information the police raided his house. They had a search warrant the head the media whipped them and they raided the house. They took everything out of all yours sessions which were outlawed the couple pairs of cancer couple shirts. Couple pairs of underwear and her issues that took every night. So it took samples off mortgages and numerous animals hoping that if they can connect up to be animal. Errors and anything currency and and they took Garrett and the PlayStation. And miraculously within half an hour dean here he allegedly gave me confession to killing the and that made it over all the news sparked achievement in a while and are sitting on the TV they were trying to restaurant or doing some other stupid aren't aren't there all the sudden becomes over the news that arrested the murder of the none and its journey here soon. As any mother what she panicked and random police station. Because she didn't believe that are sent to do such things which are they're Schuessel by the detectives. Guarding contrast. There was any point her back to Khartoum when letter to back starts and is he he's already confessed and so. And she adamantly said he didn't and asked anybody Edith Davis. Whatever profession you got to smell it is ordered it was her exact words. So almost. Allegedly did it almost sounds like they were using all men they were just trying to find anybody as a scapegoat. And also by bringing the site you can. Exactly the only continued yes or yeah. You before you continue go I just it's have a couple questions just to clarify some things when you said that the they had the original suspects they took care samples. Sent them to the FBI crime lab in the FBI could not confirm. That they were from the source the same source as the repairs found on the victims. Are you saying that the FBI rules out those two are just couldn't confirm that they were the same. It just wasn't conclusive and academic and doing DNA NL east or are we looking at her true you can hear the FDI just a couple years ago has admitted error there is an analysis is completely bogus cards can't connect anybody here now you can look at DNA now comparing her nearest -- they're. So it was a bogus charge back then wasn't reliable in the senate you know sorry but this is looks like anything could be a few nuclear war. And I admit I can't even believe I think it's very very hard for me to take with any seriousness the fact they used bubbles the site kicked. To help lead them to who they ended up. Can arresting conflicting in and executing for this murder that is that's just a note unbelievable bizarre twist to this whole thing. Well that didn't turn it your listeners you if you go to my. Web site last for documentary on the can actually see that newspaper article is is posted. As apart of some of the materials used in the dark matter. That actual newspaper article worksheet. Is is Sarah this is quoting her dream and. I guess I I have trouble and we we have psychics on the program alive and you know we always say to a degree assault or some that have impressed us there are many that happened. But I've always been under the impression that they really had no bearing in law enforcement. You know maybe once a while they can help find a missing person in some way but to lead them to a suspect from from murder just seems on the unbelievable to me. Was pretty it's pretty obvious they were harder to pick in this room. You know heavy duty was working there was this that your husband. And who came up with the the great idea to do that it's such a history of the story is works. While our X let's go let's do this let's take a quick break when we come back we'll pick up the story rate there because at this point we've got a confession from somebody. Who the police say it was made by Johnny frank Garrity is probably coerced into it or something at the very least you know I'm just sitting there and are so far with this and a currency listen Jason GBM beyond our daily radio. After the show it's beyond reality rated JC GB phone numbers 8446877669. When the middle of an unbelievable story it's a story. Of the conviction and execution of Johnny frank Garrett for two murders term of one murder maybe two murders. But what we're talking about specifically. Is of a nine. And the effect the police employed a psyche care GA mean. You know they do that once in awhile they they they they he will reach out if they needs a bit but they seemed to have it according toward guest Jesse Quackenbush taken this information and just ran with it. We are getting and using them for some sort of a lead or a little tip for something to to look into is one thing but. I mean I'm just MS and that's a website at the last word document terror dot com right now and I'm going through. Some of these of these images and just the newspaper articles and it's it's amazing and just some of the stuff for me you're reading and let alone a woman hypnotized and attempt I hate the idea of the attacker and and so and so forth is just crazy that they would go left charts. Other where they were obviously test where we left off with a concession. Just so that your listeners are clear there was never race aren't concession that type one pair. Alleged confession she refused to sign and the tape recording of him ever admitting anything arm a so there really was no contraction that was what was it out in the media because they're trying to spin it obviously they wanna get a precondition jury district director scared. And that's the first thing that they were allowed to do is talk of the media gag order and they're being allowed to literally each year the jury's decision before there's even a trial. So in terms of an. And I think that listeners need to know that first off a signed confession typed and signed confession. They need to understand that them the so called killer or the media person that they are looking into it's not like they're being allowed to sit in front of a tiebreaker right at the confession themselves. This is something that law enforcement is writing up and then putting in on the table and telling you decide. Exactly and wasn't too many hours later that Houston in the rain. Where he literally pleads not. Guilty until judge she's in this is detail later he's paraded before church. At that same proceeding is where yours if you don't have any money year ended a lawyer. So he's there standing by himself tells judge I'm innocent I didn't do this just the opposite of what police said 24 hours earlier. And then emerging from the crowd is his first lawyer Bill Polian steps up and asked to judge if he leaves represented mr. Gary he's never try to murder case in his life he just started practicing all trying to nicknamed himself. And the judge granted his wish her Garrett you know he had an application to object right to object he just stood there is calling is bill Crowley it's his first trial lawyer took over. These what his chance at that moment. The what happens after the arraignment is a lawyer that is engaged in pretrial phase. Of the case now remember in order to get someone executed Texas back and you were capital murder you have to have. A murder in the commission another salary in the theory that as well or which took awhile. After the DA that mark was what's that care that rapes and a and that there was semen to prove this rate in vaginal trauma room is great. And so. During this pretrial discovery period this is determined to lawyer's supposed to engage in discovery and stir looking into evidence state past and testing their theories so they supposedly haven't seen and sampled that. Is being handled by doctor Ralph Erdogan whose war that the county's. Hand picked pathologist Jack and the pathologists. That work with. With homicide cases was handpicked by the district attorney paid for by the county and was pretty much your page or war and this guy's name is Erdogan had a notorious history or this case and saying whatever state wanted to say he ended up being. Being. This licence taken away of being in jail because it brought in his car committing to reports after church execution. So that's crook named Erdman is in charge of these Siemens him all the very first thing that happens within literally weeks. The pretrial phase beginning is Erdogan announces he's accidentally launched. The only semen samples. That he had. From the current sane well that's the only thing that could either connector to connect care to the scene because seemed to be tested blood. Began DNA start around. But it may have matched Garrett at me not a match here but the only thing that was in in the world couldn't possibly exonerating. Scientifically was accidentally. Thrown away or lost the pathologist for park and darker Ralph Erdman. That's incredible and we're gonna pick this up from there after the top of the hour break because Jesse this story gets more and more bizarre and I'm really surprised that we haven't seen more of this particular kiss him in the fact the U. Treated this documentary the last word is is fabulous work is a story needs to be told he had a lot more to come after this you'll soon Jason. The best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 16 eap turning stone casino join us for the parties CD vendors and informative and and discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty. Get your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't really look at Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters the scourge on film festival offers nearly fifty never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party where VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest and live entertainment don't Miss America on its week. No fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com desk or con dot com. Rescuers there's an East Coast many years stuck in between what can we don't really hear you myself Jayson Hosni always awesome GG Johnson. So we are have darkened about today a murder that took place and a man that was wrongly convicted an excuse for this murder were to continue that can discussion whether guest Jesse Quackenbush in just a few minutes he's a filmmaker he created documentary called the last word. That talks about this particular case it's a very very interesting story gets more and more interesting as we move through it. I'm I will remind you that tomorrow night we've got to merely Kincaid coming under the program she's an animal communicate or when a talk with her and them in the best of front and that which we always do in front and. Yes and Gigi and I will be down at Kamal meant festival this weekend is going to be our first time ever there so this going to be interestingly here there's 10151000. People there. So low we're going to be down their check in and out and seeing what it's all about and I'm having a good time thank. I think it's going to be a great time 151000 people roaming the countryside around Point Pleasant West Virginia. Two relives the events of the moth man sightings from 19666768. When I'm with a silver bridge collapse at the to a 68 it was copiers after the whole thing started if I remember correctly but. Now could be could be off by a day or two and number either way it's going to be a great time if you're anywhere within. Driving distance c'mon check it out and then say hello we're going to be at a table for a little bit here and there were united we walk around enjoying thing to. And send us a main main reason I wanna get down to check it out Malloy and once actually go amicus and something that. And she is she's never checked out either she wants to see what it's all about so this could be a first time of many times of Leo yeah and this and this place has been on our paranormal always my paranormal bucket list for a long time this is one of the things that I wanted to see for very very long time when it comes the Paramount paranormal I agree with you on the and I'm on the same I arrived I've wanted to check it out I wanted to check out the Cecil for a long time so it should be great great place. Sort telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call and a comment or add to our discussion tonight with Jesse and let's say let's bring Jesse back in because I need to give back into this to mean. When you are getting ready to bring some went to trial for murder case. The things you don't do or list like this you don't get a psychic to point out juror yours suspect. You don't force a convict confession caught a confession when it's never been signed. You don't appoint a rookie attorney to defend somebody who might be headed for the death penalty and you don't have a medical examiner lose examiner lose key evidence. Before you get up to a point where you can you know use it to prove or disprove any of your series. Well and the sad part is Jesse this in Johnny train Garrett I mean he was used to fell league and a disabled. And it even just a fact that he had an attorney he must come a funny thing about all this stuff for this guy's first k.s during he was just happy to have somebody defending him trying to protect him correct. Actually use our call his mother consulates that jailed as his word because where wouldn't return his phone calls. That it makes the jail had and then to see him in months were passing and getting closer as your coach. And as you'll see in the navy. So is a court appointed lawyer and as a lawyer and stated taxes back in that time period even court appointed lawyers and access to expert witnesses investigators. Funds to hire expert witnesses fingerprint experts analysis expert mental experts in the attempt to challenge him competency. And also the punishment phase of the trial this particular court appointed lawyer never hired an investigator. He never question any money for any expert witnesses. Never hired any witnesses. To come and join me for a gears he. Never talked to any of the Netherlands took the convent he never did one of the action we know this because they had to submit these billing records the work they did. He basically said that assumed his client was guilty and to not. Only get closer to try to go to trial motions and those were huge change of venue motion in wrote back and about a 180000 people everybody knew about this case it was those were his worst ever there was ever a case for change of venue this deserved that the judge in this is always judged and gain the system against a defendant. And deny. In motion to transferred venue and it's completely discretionary. Arguable. Basically this sides get people from the community together and as well as soon as the as the media and so notorious and the facts of the case are notorious and it will be impossible to impanel surgery. Both sides present those witnesses and judge decided that staying in him. So that's where we are we get to the short trial this inexperienced trial lawyer literally La rose. Juror number four Nathan Shackelford on to the jury doesn't object to him and he is the president. One of the State's witnesses that are planned to be used in the punishment Jason Garrett case because you as a juvenile court judge that had looked -- gear when he had done something wrong at school and -- the test by the here was this and salvageable juvenile delinquent if needed be executed. In this -- president was allowed to sit on the jury that's Nathan channel -- jury -- or eventually we interview in the documentary shown some of the evidence that didn't get presented. Shoots so let me hold up the trial it's basically not a trial -- -- errors -- -- just you know was he able in any attempt to cross examined. The statement on witness after witness is the biggest surgery and needed to be executed. Yeah it took the stand in his own tents would know corporation trial lawyers. He maintained his innocence throughout. His testimony. Jury took about an hour after convict him pending. Entered its second phase of the trial should the punishment phase I think they took about one hour back with eighty X situation. The that was authored the death sentence was within her order so. I doubt. Point you're entitled to an appellate lawyer nick and Sadler. Is also competent lawyer wasn't incompetent lawyer and handling very few deals with no experience and Dan how you gain the system you appoint lawyers would know experienced in picture and tough case you don't have some competition. And and it's more mature can go into what. And on the appeal he would have a real quick did you think that his first lawyer do you think that it was just this first lawyer was incompetent or do you think that his lawyer just. One in his name attached to this didn't care what happened just want his name attach this to help boost his his his career. New in the documentary we we as we explore that with the local attorneys and they give opinions on that one of the local attorneys that he thinks that some deal got struck some bad. Back room deal was was had that that this kid was and the beat goes from there are beginning that's what most people in the criminal defense are shall. The disorder pretty much sold him down the river for whatever the motivation and he couldn't handle the pressure trying to really to send a kid with such notorious crime because he didn't wanna be traced his community. Would ever was this this attorneys sold this kid in the river and everybody. In retrospect agrees. As it is or how it works. Jesse. In order for a case to. Get to a conviction even if it's something that's bungled and ball Bolden and just miss. Handled all the way through this got to be some evidence. Was there any evidence presented in this case which is a little difficult to refute or boom was or nothing. The only thing that connected gear to declines in order arts and dozens and his finger. In the explanation that have been on in our shoes and the bishop bishop LeRoy an atheist and appears memory as well as all the nuns that live at the congress learned that Charlie click here he's Taguchi in the convent on a daily basis to help the nuns because they would pay a little changed her little change there and interacted in that in every room of the convent. Just prior to the murder. Helping them load and loads Richard is the sisters were moving in from another area somewhere transition in Al he had been loading trucks with furniture in and out all the nuns rooms with his fingerprints are all over the the only physical evidence they had to connect here in crimes in some part part of marriage was found beneath them instead there's a photograph on the website it was spent some have somehow bend. And gear and their trial didn't remember whether he used to do so and deliver something usually aren't sure he just didn't. I'll work but he didn't deny the ever touched a better and I can you get in there eat lunch with little with the nuns that technique saved there a moment. But that was the only thing in the nice wasn't murder weapon that was ruled out there was no there was no blood on it. At all so ruled out. As the murder and they never found the murder which actually used car and cut into the. Well and I understand. Kids in the flights are yet to quarles women younger and and so forth but. Who was there ever any violent. History that this that this only showed that can really come back to haunt him to this extent. Well he had some flight school you know we all that fights at school especially him back and I mean it was it was a common thing specially. And beyond spoke back then. If you if you dealing with him he was that he was mentally disabled I mean I'm sure a lot of fights for him protecting himself against bullies were making fun of them for whatever reasons. You hit it that's exactly what history so that's it's a so by the size at there was no admin there was nothing from his history that really showed. Violence especially a usually there's there's some precursors that leads up at the start to trend and you see that. The violence building and building and building until. They go to this full extent has so there was nothing ever really leading up to that. No there was nothing he was on probation I think he broke into a truck and they diesels cigarette once. And they're nothing parlor. And so we jump into the appeal does orbiter we're gonna this is very first one. Very important you're competent lawyer at the very beginning of the deal because she's a certain our limits. Within which if you don't bring a claim. Toward equality if you lose it forever and so the very first court or Hitler was Bruce Sadler. This guy and head very much experience at all but he asked for economic. And he didn't virtually nothing on the appeal joining Frank Gehry and didn't have any appealable issues regardless of all the extra that it happened. That had gone wrong with lack of this now. She he. Limits expire. And above all the time limits expired just like the DA dean he'll hire him on the work animal do you still only shrank years old order. So then Garrett has stuck with no lawyers and he's handed from one organization to the next trying to give him the American Civil Liberties Union stepped in for a little while you lack of stories attorneys stepped in so Elster and basically all running into the same wall because his is let. Issues were raised in a timely fashion and they were all there was nothing they can do. So don't care it was left with the pretty much you know empty. They have to get on with the Court of Appeals from bill bullets it was a and then they can do because I know what issues were raised so as your closer is or persecution. Obviously the Court of Appeals could tune featuring new appealed all the way to the Supreme Court to Supreme Court back and was allowing the execution seventeen year olds and mentally handicapped people. A few years later and much wiser and suddenly insert. Outlawed the XQ and seventeen year olds mentally challenged below the IQ eighty. Purely to qualified for growth and he lived another six years but he did so. The in and end on the side did not Reebok. I think case went cold and they never tried to connect it up huge on each and care ever ever try to connected to any it just became a cold case. Well I hope that tells. When times I'm still lost because in the first hour you were telling us that they were. Afro American hairs and this and this is a seventeen year old white kid so it would not heat this huge leap as well. Well. I asked his trial lawyer when it's trial orders that was still alive and in the documentary. Won in shoe as a did you even know. African American suspects who were born though did you ever question any of the nuns or anybody about the lack. And the convent. Four law that twelve though. Whichever hiring investigators don't talk no. To doing instantly taken much of an important story to go talk to the nuns to explain what's in terms there idea. It is amazing just how incompetent. Even many years later these lawyers sit back and their actions. We just amazing how the at a track ball skills. I wanna I wanna take it back to the the evidence. Gathering. That in the investigation import of the prosecutor in the law enforcement he said that the only thing they connected. Johnny Franco Gary to the crime scene was about and I have had a fingerprint on and there's an explanation for that did they find anything in his home. That you believe me even if may have been circumstantial that tick connect and to the crime and anyway. Exactly the opposite he didn't find any animal care what you would expect some trends that can just living. I have cats ribeiro. You would expect his transfer here in chief currency in aren't there lurched in the torture trial wasn't put it on their side armed and didn't mention any church news the confiscated. That was never brought to try either so the lack of evidence is there. And they should have been brought a fact that there wasn't and you would expect to like for instance from the air and they don't know that in your gesture on his party. And none of that lack of evidence that one either salvia. Sounds like this defense could have been a slam dunk if it was done if it was handled like anybody with any bit of competence in related me it. That's exactly Ellis name's Ari so we got to take a quick break and Mort com. He'll listen adjacent JPM got relatively little. Tucker nothing beyond reality this is beyond belief the things we're hearing from our guest Jesse Quackenbush. He's a filmmaker his documentaries called the last word and the website is the last word documentary dot com. If you go there there's a whole bunch of information about the film itself but also about the crime. And there is crime scene photos and contemporary photos. Of the investigation. And it's it's just terrifying is when you have a whole system that's against you even when you haven't done it I mean they're just trying to cover themselves. Cover their own box and make it look like they're competent. Com and the there and they're able to find out who this person this. And it wasn't you just to see how Ole easily figure make him bear you and and and just find you guilty for something you overdo it. Yeah I hate to two's segment this story too much because we really wanna continue. You getting the information that this is a pretty short segment because we were at long last. Time Jesse so. Let's pick it up and continue to talk here we've got about a minute and a half for us take another break. OK so try to hurry through this through. Is that the into the story is ultimately runs at a time he's executed he cast her mr. that he said he used in this morning three years later in 2000 or homicide detectives were going through the cold case files in the base in each department here and here at an army Narnia are I think Jason came. The match. And Indy in New Mexico lose in prison for raking elderly women. And endlessly on the opera has renewed the original man arrested by the police department and and at least. When they were when they are investigating. The murder. And so. He's transported back to Amarillo. They cut a sweet deal for fifty dollars. Fifteen years before they did that I get a jailed taught him and interviewed him. And during the interview and also included in the dvd and movie documentary. Him admitting that he killed I bought rights and and then saying that his roommate. I mean he names them actually was a murderer known and be really really bad and insanity again applies. While videotaping. It sure it was left to declines seen. Of the nun's murder. The nun's murder. That's incredible you know. Right so when we come back from the break we're gonna get into the value of made the documentary the things that you in any uncovered in the people you talked to really find out what this is about. There's definitely a lot more to come you listen that you listen to him I'll. Filmmaker Max. Texas whose documentaries called the last word it's the story of Johnny Frank Gehry a man who is wrongly accused wrongly convicted and wrongly executed. For a murder of a nuns and Jesse the stories just innumerable Jason Myers shaking our heads or deepen our chat rumor there's been a through what their typing doing the same thing that everybody's kind of incredulous about the whole thing. And I wanna go back to the point where you interview where what you discovered and then or not you necessarily but. The state discovered who the them their murders were and your interview because we can had to rush in to that. During the the last segment before the break so let's go back there tell us how that happened again. Concerning the news. The newspaper breaks story that the difficulties that department. Head and made a match minority are price increase in the gentlemen Mosley announced he'll grocery it is the same gentleman that they arrested originally the Cuban person that they thought it may be a suspect in the nun's murder used in New Mexico in prison are reaping an elderly. They extradite him back tomorrow. That we didn't have a lot of time to act as they were trying to show him in an assistant quickly to get him back next crew to service time they're gonna come back to Texas as her later now it's right about. That they tried. To do it quick deal for fifty years which really met about you know ten years probably do. A slug it out to the jail and I talked to Leonard so its information to talk to belt one out to the jail the interpreter and I. I interviewed him. The camera which are stuck in the jail. And actually videotaped about a five minute. Question and answer session with him. Where he admitted it. His whole relationship with the nominee Bob exploration murder and then blame the murder and and is wearing me. And then pointed out. During the video taping a T shirt that was his that was left on the floor. Of the of the convent next to the bed with a nun's murder. So did he say he was present during the murder even though his roommate. Committed the murder. I actually think it was him and I sit under. In that in an imaginary person. I soon. Way we know as DNA match so I wrote a letter to the potter kilometers attorney's office and beat up him and said okay. You have evidence left over from the gear while let's get contested match or this. And the family are. Gave me authorization to give them complete exoneration from any civil liability for the wrong execution of their son. And then in exchange for just finding out the truth. That she clearly got a letter back threatening a lawsuit saying well lawsuit against city and try to test this material. That they would file frivolous lawsuit action against apparently. In financially breakthrough in that letter from Rebecca king the district attorney is also the web so. And that's just that's just oh my gosh so no matter what even to try to clear the name of their. Their family members which is it comes out as as innocent it's there are now being threatened that they'll financially just destroy them if they try to him and other words make this the town's city. Looked like they didn't know what they're doing like they did pretty much just sentence this kid to death knowing that literally him. They knew what was at stake because the death penalty goes away once you have one absolute for you in case of wrongful execution in America we got a bunch of cases where we come close with a been released. We've yet to have one case in America. That it's absolutely proven they've executed an innocent man and when they do that most other states will follow suit goes about it. And no camera phone sued anyway because you know we and so. Soon the odds are we added executed ends and her she's so no they do the stakes were high and and there's no law in Texas that'll as testing of them are still available in Amarillo in the files of numeral which department and the joint frank your case. Soon. You know I know there are certain protections for public servants were as when it comes to lawsuits but it almost seems as though. There is some criminal negligence on the part of many of the people involved in this whole process. Well civil negligence. At least. On behalf of the lawyers that represented them but unfortunately all the lawyers. That represented here and did because it meant and timely this device and certainly there's. So there's no one really as soon. But now during your investigation in your your interviews and and and all the stuff you were you able to come across anybody who is pretty much. Just willing to admit that this kid was scourge from the get go that he was the scapegoat and eaten and there were just gonna. And on him to make him make everybody there look like they knew what they're doing. Well pretty much everybody who's interviewed him including former prosecutor. One of the appellate lawyers worked on the case to the appellate lawyers worked on the case in most importantly juror number subordinate and Shaq ever interviewed him he said that I know in any of this and that would conduct this it. During the follow up in the aftermath and your investigation. Were you able to uncover what any of the motivations were I mean was this just a simply a case of baiting wanna work so hard they had somebody who has just make this the analysis closed the sub move on. Or or was there something specific and animosity toward this kid me was there anything specific you can point to that would show a motivation for what happened. The debt that is the paternity and the unholy alliance with a hand picked. Pathologist. And controlled the police department is a pretty powerful thing and if they wanted to ruin a person's career they can do with a snap fingers these court appointed lawyers who were basically sucking off the tip of the state or financial survival. All it had to do stopped giving in court appointments practiced bashers. I mean that's that's part of the flaw in the system is a court appointed system with the lawyers or tendon financially their careers are getting court appointments that there's a built in bias to do whatever the judges. Whatever the hell that this attorney wants. And the pathologist wants just to give the system moving in the process. Most of your court appointed criminal defendants. Are getting sold on the river in less than most and I mean those because both of lawyers in court appointed her basically from the armed that if the profession in their their for a reason because they don't do very good job. Now there are some exceptions. But in that particular system that they were working indefinite time. The system was corrupt the system still. In all of these things the judges continue to game the system still in place. And yeah exactly and I think that's important man that you brought that up because and not much has really changed canyon. It's still the way the system is Romney and pretty much all the states. Well in Texas they have made some strides forward because again like a one of the trucks and shows said earlier it was leading the country in executions. And finally found some some conscience to start changing the systems and our court appointed lawyers have to be tickled to death penalty called client practices second shared experience lower summary trials were the either own trial. There's mandatory mental health evaluations for everyone to make sure there are some in this mentally incompetent. There's scientific. All scientific materials mandatory turned over to the defense. During the discovery chasing it. I'd already more so there are all things would change and taxes. Our. Of the safety nets and everyone thinks were out there than in stone now and oh. Oh there and that's the reason that most people should probably consider thinking about being in favor. Eliminating the death penalty because those safety nets don't exist and never have existed in the system just not set a wayward if it'll ever be a failed state there is going to be innocent people executed eventually. That will be proven. We know that it's already happened and interestingly the very beginning to show why it struck me Medicare claimed his innocence from the very beginning the reason I went further and explored this was. I researched every one in Texas gave last statements. Only 2% of those claim their innocence. Right up until that time their execution. And found a very interesting and informative because it's probably very close in the percentage of people were executing and it's. Takers they're definitely a correlation between. Jesse I am assuming that what you've just said that you were anti death penalty right now. Where you anti death penalty before you learned about this case. I've always been anti death penalty and I had a brother and if you murdered. In North Carolina. Officer was also killed in on a considerable also victim while arms always against the death penalty. And and it's not necessarily biblical reasons that certainly component of my reasoning believes that as the State's Genesis. And usually as a lot of myth and shed some vicious cycle to kill someone does that kill and it's gonna perpetuate further back armor. While some people are against the death penalty because it managed fueled morally wrong some people are against it because they feel that it's too much too much or an easy way out. For the criminal and and and sell and and I get of I understand it from all all different. Avenues because of course I could sit there and say well I mean if there's 100%. Proof to this person did this. Then OK but then again I'm centenarians in the same breath thinking well but. It is kind of easy way out if if they did this crime you wanna locked up to pay the price for the rest of their life you don't wanna end their life and let them pretty much. Out on a free ride if you think about it. We have both. I think that there's a lawyer's assistant for three decades. You know you just come to look forward sort that the system has to have integrity in order to wake up and go to work here. The system doesn't have integrity from top to bottom and you know that it's fixable of people just. Turn their head and don't wanna fix the problems they know that exist in the system really isn't words saving throwing out or working or because eventually they'll collapse under its own weight a strong. And that's what's basically have insurance or products professional fraud it's it's it's it's not right now and we can't expect people to live on rule law. We can't solve all our cell so we got police officers breaking the rules pathologist breaking the rules DA's breaking the rules but it's okay for them when it ends in death within the regular Joe Schmo commits a crime and ends in death he gets a death. In my opinion these people that were responsible for joining drinkers actually tradition should have been put on trial themselves and given them very strong sentence because they knew what they were doing wrong they still know what they're doing this long and covering it. And they should be punished because it because it's not it's not just morally wrong it's criminal. Jesse are you looking at any other cases at this point. It is far as making. Our armor are just three serve I mean you you may not decide whether to make a film about until the end he needed to do you have an outcome but at this point we are looking and anything else. That civil rights case in and over the star an African American prisoner of death last year literally guards wouldn't feed him and star and a dad died at her patient education and handled now. With another long term partner. Another civil rights cases were least wrongfully detained he. A couple who had an autistic child witnessing. And rounding Tuesday when we search and there's veterans like social justice she races. And those are two that are more and that those two cases you're working on from a legal perspective. Yes on the lawyer representing him in two of those cases out and out some stop people going out searching for the child these doctors suspect. Well it's one of these deals where the cops got there and frantically running and looking to their child as hotel or staying in passing in from California. Trying to get on the hill and Chicago. Got two other autistic children with. They tell the police chiefs that are the statistic in and she can't speed and they wanted to search for the immediately. The parents off and separate rooms and start auctioning them Lebanon or certain murders starts in the meantime their daughters. Floating in upon. Hundred yards from their door I don't know and I really want to mention show that are chosen that route racers in America in both law enforcement officials have been trained to respond for his first responders. Autistic children are tracked into water and shoot moving vehicles if they ever go missing the first when she should look water salute your first responders. And you have any opportunity like that retreat stabilized rice and Colin Powell urged. And if so this is 90%. Of all autistic children and an American. Flow and. Who and what you're just saying and with them separating the parents. I have a I have a very good friend and you you might even be familiar with the case. His name is Keith rose now I've grown up with key now Bakken land it was nineties. His daughter Michaela right after she was born was stolen from women and infants hospital. And let him come to find out that somebody posing as an arson and now that's why everybody has to have the bans on. And in the hospital up here but come but after this happened I mean the first thing they did was this has separate keys and and his his girl at time. And start questioning them there in the hospital their child went missing from the hospital but they were separated their pulled into different rooms for ten to twelve hours being interrogated in question and I mean did you Kennedy. Yeah and the sad part about this is that the police not only separated us and prevent them and searching for their daughters and that the two mutually. Possibly Saber from drowning also call Child Protective Services. And forced them to take to other children away from winning given. Including taking all their possessions your clothing their cars shall rooms. And they never did anything wrong. Didn't. Lose. And that's what happens autistic children has called alternate and locally. They like to take off and hide that's horror of the affliction and fortunately in her first. Need to know that that's what they do they like to take us are working their case. At a California which is in federal court right now to civil rights lawsuit against the police. Do photos for real they're listening the whole thing with Keith ended up finding this person with his daughter's daughter is. Now married and everything else and to employ it. It was just it's crazy the way it works out and count of course Poland separating them quashing them just not not allowing them sleep laying into them like they've done something wrong when all we wanna do is find their child. Jesse. Or did just that there and no details and the merits of the case make you decide to become a filmmaker. Actually I started out right novel which it did published. About the case but it was a fictionalized version in relentless out of the capture because it was telling story so after that came out it was published. I just felt really bad about it circle contacted Shaq innocence project and you ask him for price he said listen we have very little resources at this time we're spending and living on the you know try making a film me and contact the dark with somebody New York City. Email I remember her name encouraged me to take two courses and just take a whack at it so I didn't -- took off and generally well muscled its wooden recently. Made a horror film is called Johnny strangers last were. English and refined director Simon normally just finished it happens just comment on the market. We gotta we get about 3030 seconds left here working people see your documentarian. And -- more information about your work. They can go to eat today and get a copy of it they can. And dot com orbit gear shoot. The movie website last were documentary dark. Thanks so much for coming on hang on I'll send it's in it's just it's been an amazing story and we look forward talking at some point. Get a chance you should talk to viewers about the curse that actually came true in the 23 people have died since. Is execution and that's what horror films made it down markedly in the endings. A lot of people and ending an interesting news or Gmail and he noticed twenty seconds of can you tell us and twenty seconds. You know the most important as the DA committed suicide. Occurs on every. Institution and literally everybody in all. Execution died horrible depths and airplane actions strange leukemia is all condensed leaders. Shooting themselves hanging themselves and there's been thirteen. Cases of leukemia brain cancer were five suicides it's on the movie while political. Everybody involved in this. And I'm from people attributed to the nurse. Unbelievable east thanks so much Jesse and we look forward to talk to you again at some point. And I think you have a great night or Jesse Quackenbush we're gonna take a quick break. Will be back wrap it up it's been really really juicy to. Jessica was joining us and telling us that story and really really anxious to see that documentarian and. It's just an incredible story and yeah I'm done deftly you grab that check and I'll. But again a big shout out to Jesse and thanks for coming on the hang out with us and and just tell us about it. Mean she tune in tomorrow we'd agreed Cho and if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like FaceBook page. Then head over to be on reality radio dot com and download the free iPhone and android operate there. And allows you to listen to show life catch past shows join me online chat. Or just find any of the grace stations where on across the country right now on the station tapped so I enjoyed a slice of night. Just mindlessly right from the website. If you look down the shore from iTunes is to us favoring it helps us push it forward you'll see and Jason in JVB unreal you re everybody immigrant advocates from a. And comedians to discuss its include. Yeah I don't see any chances yeah. Really don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality reading you all one word. If you got it. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.