WWL>Topics>>Can new scientific discoveries finally explain or prove the existence of ghosts?

Can new scientific discoveries finally explain or prove the existence of ghosts?

Oct 26, 2017|

Jason HAwes & JV Johnson talk with JC Knight, a medical doctor and paranormal researcher who has written about recent scientific discoveries and how they may prove the existence of the afterlife. 10/26/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Kids Louisiana West Coast Thursday on the East Coast many years to. In between what was going to be on or later you myself just almost always awesome GP Johnson so science tells us a lot of things and science tries to answer a lot of things that we don't understand and don't know and tonight we're going to get a new theory. That may remain on. Hopefully may. Leader sort of answer about the afterlife and what ghosts are and what these things that we've been chasing around at night out for years are. And debt is science can actually get on board with some of the stuff because we seem to be battling science instead of you know work pretty get over it yeah. And if if we finally turner who turned a corner her own with all this I think I think we can say we've made some very very startling and remarkable progress. Absolutely and I'm really looking forward to June to the stock tonight because obviously. Just to see you wolf if you can start really connecting science working along with the investigators like you said it would be such a huge benefit. For this field and just I think it's really important yet as well. And our guest tonight is GC 98 he's written a book a book called ghost says six ended talks about new series. Using the most recent and re actually revolutionary data that science has some produced in regards to physics things like. The Higgs Boson particle and orchestrated objective reduction in the brain these these are cutting edge. Discoveries in technologies. That are starting to explain things that they didn't realize. Needed explanation. And one of these things might be what we see in front of us we've seen for years in the form of the spirit world that we know. Something's going on we just have many able to explain it and we might now have some scientific explanation coming our way. And as a whole Lotta things that need explanations yes or they'll insure that saves you having an image she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality ideally to FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com you download the free iPhone and android app. You can also a little restless emotional life touchpad shows join me online chat more. Beatles scored on the stations have fine and you agree station where Ronald cross country. And you can also just click the listen live button. And that'll connect toon which Aaron creek community of people javy and iron their all the time as well and you can listen rate their from the wimps. So. Great way to do it and if you do that and you're listening through your app on your phone or wherever. You'll hear some great guests that we've got coming up the next few nights tomorrow night. Is that the last live should Obama the last like Childress lest my show before Halloween week and even though Halloween and Tuesday kind of the weakened before his remove parties take place American thank. And that you need to have a list of movies that your gonna watch to lead into Halloween you know the scary ones the fun ones whatever happens to be and mr. Lobo who is a TV host writer actor and producer he's been in films. He's got critiques films he's hosted a late night film program's. There with a so that we can develop that listen talk about some of the best movies that you should be watching as we approach following. The wanna start last night it was it was cold before it. What have you sister's bed it was a it was just didn't make any sense yeah I don't think it's CNET and we've really just didn't make any sense it was jumping around in. I don't know but yeah he had a if you get like an hour and a half that you wish to get back there. And it's usually he would like to forget everything else going on oral vessel that's the one. Speaking at the speaking with series and so forth do you secure about this Einstein's theory of happiness no and that is the one that goes equals MC squared and sure. No it's totally totally and completely different when you aren't well. It's just sold for one million dollars an auction. The theories older boy yet and it's it so. He's known as one of the great mind of the twentieth century arm but this week overnight stories making headlines for his voice and huddle and happy life. And he earlier this it really did pay off Victoria on. So in November 1922 Einstein was traveling from Europe to Japan for lecture series she's being paid 2000 pounds by his Japanese publisher and host. Tom. During the journey. He had found out that he used he was getting the Nobel Prize for physics and so he he was just trying to rate on a bunch of things and a lot of things are going crazy but on. All right so. Anyways he's ease in his hotel room he's just doing stuff. When a messenger to bring in some information. He didn't really have to according to reports he didn't have money on him at the time but then again over there it's a big thing for them not to take tips. So a lot. Canada. Writing down some stuff on on a piece of paper into the 22 short notes. Eric in said the guy if you were lucky. The notes and sells Sunday be worth more than any in my spare change. So. And US years later that this so the notes are passed on and and give into it from Finland number. They would they literally and Jim one sold for one point 56. Million dollars just notes written in Melbourne is no Jones is. An understatement OK so and the one that sold for one point. 56 million. It was written in German and hotel stationery and this is exactly regret. A com and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness. That's like equals MC squared for some more tests. Is that worth one point five million. Hush I don't know I'm not so sure that if you would have mattered what he wrote I don't know how rare Einstein's. Hand written personal correspondence has played terribly it's got some real value to it. Well they had an estimated it would sell between. 5000. Each allow salute there really underestimated what some would pave. Well it beyond that the I guess the bidding started 2000 dollars and escalated for a 25 minutes cheese and that was just for that one. The second one session in this is pretty much is the second piece said. When there's a will. There's a way. That was given. I'm Fran and before was designed saying credited with. With I think coming up with the answer always and it will rudderless where there's a world goes away this one is when there's a world as the moon madame. And that once sold for 240000. Dollars. And was estimated to sell for a high of 6000 hours. OK well didn't quite make the one point 56 million mark good tennis especially yesterday model for what first went in my letters and certainly more letters and it was a little more regional utilities when there's a will there's a way is kind of been used. Yeah split it's amazing to think that just something he wrote. And quickly and a piece of paper is worth that much. In you know you're on the road but it's amazing and it's why I'm keeping on things that you've written novels love notes that got a Marbury here one day take him to auctioned. Yeah. You know from and that's I don't know are so or does it break when we come back we'll bring our guest and we're gonna talk about ghost physics house science. And depth and recent findings in quantum physics and medicine actually relate to paranormal events element to explain some of the stuff are at. Phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freely 446877669. Listen Jason. JVB honor relative radio. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Reality radio and Jason on speed TV Johnson until. And receive 446877669. If you wanna call we'll take calls later in the program. I'm as weak begin and continue our discussion talk tonight about some new. Scientific. And evidence information not exactly sure how determined here but our guests will tell us that may pave the way to actually understanding what's going on in what in the world. Of in spirits and ghosts whatever put every wanna call that paranormal sub genre that's what we're going to be talking about. Yet GC nine it has I should term microphone I try to touch era. On GC Knight has sold everything so I can retire and I thought a post if he green. But anyway he was in chat hang and I mean I figured Aaron well let's find out OK let's bring in our guests are guess is GC ninety JC welcome to the programs we do have young beyond reality radio tonight. I guess. I can't yet this search and will this showed decent. Well thank you. Are. It could be here. So let's. First in this first segment. Gonna get to know who you are and down tell us about yourself on how you got interest in this topic at all. Well. I. On the hand. Positions elections positions and become a tremendous and I just teach that operable senses an interest in the paranormal. Growing up where I grew up we grew up there Naia. An all out the big dated back to the big seventeen hundreds early eighteen hundreds and sister always been kind of sensitive. In apparent on. I wasn't so much and it was until later on spotlight a couple of experiences that I just couldn't explain it happened and outs and you know through the years just had a curiosity about it. Couldn't really figure things now. Scientific. Standpoint it could come out what an explanation for a couple of things that I actually experience itself. And over the years to my education and things like that just aren't things here there years. Skirted put things together and it. Come on a big fan of cern. Arms in Switzerland and all the other Oscars that they make it. And not just the following match at one point discount them. Connected the dots between a couple of books some findings and it really started to make a lot of sense. One in a book about it. He said you had some experiences can you share anything without sending them there the encounters or phenomenally witnessed. Yeah. Well want to talk about in the book H bomb attack disparaged riot now. Can we are today. It my twentieth and at least where baseball cap a lot not one day I cut my car and drive it out east at live. And now. Mr. close the door something touched had to edit exists someone actually lies there on my hat and armed. I could figure out what is so licks itself capital inside the car. Any never were able to call an explanation for that. They do religion. Yeah I don't think anybody just stops that abruptly there was a little lost there felt a little strays too tough yeah okay well there's a couple things that we can talk about oil slick and he gets a gets back on the program but Bob we've got a best of show coming up. For Friday night. And the next week we've got a pretty interesting guests on Monday night Jake. Yes mark frost. Channel for assessment and non physical author and educator I'm sure I'm yet it should be interesting show Seth returns project and the perched old guy film project. So while they get the while they try to get an aspect on. If you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else do me a favor and just read it for assay and see a lot of people have generating and we greatly appreciate that. Helps push a show for it makes it easier for people find. And that's what it's all about me greatly appreciate. Everybody in the week hazard downloading the show notes he's the reason the show's success. I don't know disarray of slick is working on getting Jaycee back on the phone would you talk about this Monday Monday night guest mark frost was a hit as someone who channels a non physical author and educator but the named Seth. See that's where it was Boston in the way it was ray and I didn't he channels. Or Seth Seth isn't visit is not a physical author and educator he's got box holder project remain unsure what there is a Sasser of two checks the Seth returns project and the virtual guy film project and mark crosses the guy that channels and so I don't know how many. Mark probably collect some Forsythe and things onto the results in Panama that. If you ask him. The cost of Jason that we're gonna talk about the history of Halloween of course everybody will be out trick or treating and then coming back and being filled with candy and chocolate and all that stuff. Animal talk about. Where their origins are following are because it's far more than we tend to give him credit for. Absolutely and we'll be talking Scotty Robertson as well he's written a bunch of stuff about the history Halloween. The Scots a great guy and very good friend and every time he's on and people just seem to love yet he is a good guy a case we have Jaycee back I don't know what happened he was telling us a story about. Hit and of occurrence in his car and JC said that your hat. Had been touched a lick something fell on it and that's when we lost junior were inducted into the another world. Yeah sorry about that what happened connection. Yeah subsidence on such an attic. I saw my elected he'll say I heard something. Hit my visor and I just some something like pat and I couldn't figure out what all happened inside the car. And I just could come up with a an explanation for it and rooted. Two courses the next year or so after three times. That driveway into different cars. And arms. And other there was another instance where so shadow. Figure out walks through perhaps today. I saw this year's day and knows who's getting all day and down there just they just couldn't explain so. What was the shadow a humanoid figure was a time there was a the black ass what what what it looked like. Now I did it and legs and arms and and it just casually walk through room I was just sitting adjacent to and I and I saw. And now and it disappeared but. You know. I didn't think that he can explain him and it got me thinking it out of things to say they'd been around watching. Chose. About investigations are dom one of homeless. Try to explain goes does neutrinos. Which you treated as a or are tiny particles that yes the matter. And they were this show it because it treasonous because they're content to all this stuff but I can't beat that because. Beach it is don't have any interaction and it meant to test neutrinos are trying to miles led. And they went and our act and it is volatile they had besides announcement got me thinking that's started that. Put things together the period current data. On the ruins a lot of different series when it comes down to go and this is the spirits that seemed to pass through walls and a lot of times that falls more under as a Paramount basket that falls more under residual type on because a lot of times you'll see homes that. They've moved a doorway from here to there and this dual structure through the wall but it's walking through where the original doorway was. As if it's just a tape plenary whining and playing itself over and over again it's just the energy following that same path. That it finish followed through its life. Yeah an actual day. Two lead in the book there an instance England where armed. Based solely this federal law. Course they're there every once referred to it that. That was the scene. Situation. There was an old building that had been. Renovated and there's used to be at the doorway there and it's a walk now but the spirit still came through that same area. And Pamela and where it we're gonna take a break and we'll talk a little more about that because that's that's something I've been talking about for a long time and a lot of people try to argue that fact of me but now it seems to be more of and accepted belief when it comes down to residual type Ponce. Are we're gonna take a break the phone numbers 8446877669. And 8446877669. You listened Jason GV. Beyond really really bad. Reality great Houston team and our guest tonight his chance tonight he's the author of the book called ghost Phisix compelling evidence for a new series. And our phone numbers 8446877669. Jot down the number will take calls later in the program a few questions. Related to anything that we're talking about tonight and JC before we went to break you were telling us about some of your experiences some of the things that led you into a curiosity of the paranormal. In addition to that you're a medical man and you went which would make you a scientific person. You went through school and all that training you must've encountered a lot of people in the scientific community that looked EU. When you may have brought up these things when they raised eyebrow. What is it about the scientific community that it's so. Rigid in its in its difficulty to accept the fact that there might be something else going on here. I think part of the problem is that you know other people feel science required. Evidence. And if you can't show them actual you know actual findings actual recordable evidence. That you conduct. You know they'd they don't want to validate it. Unfortunately it's do we really can't think that it. And that Joba ought. Physics. And talk about the opportunity Expos on that was just a cheery. For over forty years and appeared expert asking what would be up. Syria and it and now finally discovered is that you know at the good machine seventeen mile long of our stories tall. It's what's to discover one of these particles. And felt we discovered that we know for for a fact that it. It exists it's no longer here. I think part of part of the problem is. A lot of a lot of things better theories try to get pushed aside and we actually have I. Evidence to show yet. Really actually exist tears group. They're DCI I must I tell I have many friends that are doctors and so forth and I was talking to. Friend the doctor or one point and we were going back and forth on the all paranormal. And one of his biggest reasons why he really doesn't wanna consider it or believe in it or anything is because he feels like when. When Newton when the crap hits the fan and he's he's working on somebody that is if it's a life life or death situation. He also doesn't wanna think that if they pass on that. You know there that they're still around him that they're there they sued the trade and they're judging him for what he's it would he's done thinking if he if he. They did what he needed to do right now in all these factors now do you think that that also comes in the play when it comes to the medical profession that they the some of them not all of them some of them do do worry about. About about baton about that connection. Yeah it's possible everybody has their own you know belief system. I'm I have mine as well. But in any minister thinking that the main they have taken now to the fact that that they're acknowledging a master relations but I. You know. You know if you take it out later. That way it is so. Especially seeing that Eagles the Eagles a church you know three times a week in and so forth so. He is a firm believer that there is something after he just doesn't want to believe that when somebody passes on that the ability for them to stay around. Time for them to hang around is there. You can you know. Well I guess. That we we kind of believe that. That is not out of possibility is that there's a lot of a lot of things can happen on. But you know. Everybody like it's it has a belief system. One of the and I also it mentioned in the book of about the other experiments that that they did the people that did this armed. Where they actually wait India. Action. Department debt. Tootsie what happen I'd that's kind of that's neat to be in there's something. There that they're actually recorded that changes way to be part of the 21 grams story would. Yes. Yes total tell us that story anyway because I'm sure there people in the listening audience that haven't heard it and it is fascinating. You know well. Period. Back to the back at the turn of the century. There assay position. Two have 98 at that yeah soul might actually have wait nameless. Duckett McDougal. And his doctor and early nineteen hundreds. And armed. Keep an experiment with. Terminally ill patients and they had consented to participate and our research. Yes. Sure for other doctors there to witness this and document this. And basically what happened back and has stayed there Berkshire keep peace at TB were you were terminal and you know I'm in Madison. So don't Madison armed and someone is quote to that degree change you can kind of tell their getting credit passed soon and I they had special scale go. For these patients that would include them. This is the scale is. Delta account for the fact that. The bad. And they wait these patients that department they all armed seem to be news sort of way which was around a 21 grams. On the exact moment. Doesn't like it and stop loss of weight it was it happen instantly. Yeah yeah there was warned patience to. At the quality pets there or is there is hesitation. For a moment and them India the bar on the scale cell. Yeah tap down like like every now but it was a hesitation one of the patients. Which absolutely etched into the position it would go. But. You know that they'd actually recorded that and the arms it had never really been explained. Has it hasn't been repeated senses of any effort to. Reeves alligator reexamine. That data. I know all of are not our that I could find any research about it. But. I think it'll be fascinating to exploit that again. Arm of course nowadays. You know bad things that is not the way they were hundred years ago so their idea a lot of lot of people might be very opposed to it even if there was consent by the patients. But I think it would be extremely fascinating to calm. Tried. Trying to research again that it needs to become public. Hit it absolutely what I wanna take you back to what we've started this segment I'm talking about with the acceptance of these ideas in them. Medical and scientific community. We had the benefit benefit drug recently of having several medical doctors on the program with stories of their own many of them had been skeptics. Or of complete disbelief first. And then they turned around after being being bedside with patients that have passed. And having their own experiences as a relates to that end they've written books about a minute spent several positions on the program that are talking about this and they say. The medical community asserting to look at this with a more seriousness. You know under and I I think it's gonna it and I think a lot of people who has some lose some. So police edit. And they just hesitant to talk about it because they think they might be shunned by their colleagues are ever. You know but well I talked to people about it they can't open up and made their start talking about it and talked. My colleagues in the field management and science. And surprisingly a lot of people didn't have obliques and an astronaut and former Butler. And it's it's it's honestly becoming more a subject that people. Can't feel okay about talking openly Wear it with other individuals it is a shame to think that there and they're still learning about. I'm being judged by their peers and so forth but. I mean it it's definitely at the field over the last 10101520. Years has has opened up and has become. Become available for people to talk about and not feel stranger that are being mocked him they're going to be Alaska. Yeah and then there's there are a lot of people involved and it I personally don't think it's that fascinating and I ever really. I met anyone yet that that really is shown all ideas like at shared you know on the most people have talked to have. Some leaks or another of what happens to sit there into. Our let's do this let's take a break and we come back let's get this in the details of what your book consists of Jaycee is the book is called goes physics. Compelling evidence furry new Syrian ranks justified it with the new Syria's and maybe get some answers to some of these long standing questions that we've been exploring. Yes and if you have any questions for GC fuel freedoms equality for 468776. X nine in the Stoll freed 8446877669. Elicited Jason and achieve beyond the honor I would review. Hadn't talked told. Mr. Murphy's been really really warm nice and one better falls is one of the better October's that I can remember. I agree it's just been it's been beautiful now it's actually been nicer in October that I wasn't July 6 at 200 bit warmer in October than has been in July I think mr. welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason and GB the phone numbers 8446877669. Tonight we're talking with GC night about his book ghost physics GCC. Medical doctor physician. And had some paranormal encounters along the course of his life and decided to look into it and documents some things and research some things. And were talk about some theories some things where the science and the quest for paranormal answers converge. And you check out this website go to ghost physics dot com again that's ghost physics dot com JC. Bringing you back in here let's start talking a little bit about what the book covers as far as new ideas new series and and where this may be pointing us. You know. Suspect to the discovery 2013 and expose particle particle that they gave her. Our park. And it isn't just theory or forty years but it basically. It is what keeps everything in our reality. They accuse particles. And it is actually coming from the score six field which. Actually don't just look at other dimensional problem bars and that they expose on armed. Actually as almost as Graham. A bridge. Work to where it mask conveyed to our particles now arm. This series chemo was is that you know that takes can at. As a conduit to combating mass strong XTO. Two particles stick or reality solid. Maybe eight or reverse and when a person's. Passes away it diet. They X works reverse it's somewhat the match embodies all of which could account or the 21 against the body. Arm along with that there has been any recent discovery by an anesthesiologist. And doctors do it stirred are. Yeah yeah. Discovered. Our local vibrations in the micro two Eagles and and yeah so the brain and basically. Q well was that I am an idea that this is represented as of the human consciousness. This is also. Documented by other research group in Japan recently it's all. If there are there tensions I'll. This energy could possibly lead the body. And it started thinking you know something recent body. And match is lost you put these three IDs together. That they cut starts makes you know a person's eyes on his body. And it may be that consciousness that's houses like cheap deals and is there any brain. Other representation of consciousness. Leaves the body. As congress to pure energy. And and that meant slot back excellence are a lot of man split 21 grams. They count or. Just coincidentally. If she even Matt add up. The weight of these record cheap ultimatum to go on diet herself a bit to go tigers and the brain addled as they actually it will wait I don't think that smaller measured. And the units cope Balkans. But don't just sickening arena demand can be converted to. Conventionally and it's like cramps and you add up all the doll all the windows is on timers. That makeup being like to do in essential nervous system right. It comes out to be roughly twenty programs. I don't think is a coincidence. Yeah yeah that some debts striking and and other than I mean you've written about this in your book. Post physics. Is anybody else in the scientific community starting to open their eyes to this. Well obviously as you know sit in the book is just recently published a my hope. Is is part of the reason why I wrote the book but I think it needs to be a lot more arm. Huge resurgence of that you know armed. There's a lot of theories and it would be great together more active candidates approved the series and so on. Part of reason on earth was to try to hopefully. Other people to you know start to. Look into that little bit more in the some. Verifiable research done. And document published. Or how we do that without them worrying. Well all about being mocked in the field I mean and that's that's one of the biggest issues out there when it comes down to. To this disorder research is the fact that there and they're worried about what their peers will say or how will be judged. Again I don't know ticket outlet actually armed. I'm thinking that you know. People deciding jaguar are becoming more open minded and that's a good thing as far as arm. Trying to get people to consider. Researching different fields. In different directions. I think it's necessary after any thing as far as unscientific. Discovery. You know whether it's. Fielder. You know op. Psychology or or or additions or you know paranormal that's. Think Adam I think it must be and now people. A chance to them. Trust financial and Europe scientific discovered. But I guess that is that is the hope for sure Andy's is also the challenge. You know it's puzzling to people like Jason and I. Who spent a lot of time talking about this we talked to a lot of people who have a lot of really great ideas and concepts as we're talking about tonight. And story a whole community to basically just turn its nose to any of these ideas eleven minutes serious consideration is is rather frustrating it's been frustrating for a long time but I think you're right JC I think that. It's starting to change I think there's there's a there's change in the air when it comes to office. Yeah I think it's I think you know. The part that reasons that concerns even exists is just to make discoveries and you know whether whether the series are proven or not. We know and you know it it. We don't they don't make any any financial gain from these discoveries but. You know it'd the benefit that we get is this such greater than any financial gain it basically. Discovering or or urges don't answers to pretty much everything about how the universe works out well put together. You know it is expose on discovery was huge at the linchpin. Italy our standard model. Ought statistics and you look at all the other particles that there are. They expose on a soccer at all. And that really solidified that opt. Apple standard model of particle physics. Aren't so we're gonna take a break can only come back we've got a lot more questions for you. Everybody the phone numbers 84468776. Or snowing again 8446877669. You listen Jason dvd on how. And Wednesday on the West Coast there's you know on the East Coast than you expect him. Beyond really hurting myself just in Israel is awesome GB Johnson. We've got a great show underway tonight we're talking with JC night about his book ghost physics were talking about how recent findings in quantum physics and medicine relate to the paranormal and how they may explain some of the things we've been scratching their heads about. For a long time. We've got some great shows coming up to tomorrow night mr. Lobo who is a TV host a writer actor and producer he's he's a B movie expert. Walking encyclopedia about B movies and he says you know what they're not bad they're just misunderstood. We'll be talking about those will be coming up with a list of must see films for this some pre Halloween pre Halloween weekend. Some of them are horrible some of monetary value on Lama slow but some of the horrible he's got to learn to accept that well you know I don't I don't think people that watch these films and so we deny that I think they just find a certain charm in their horrible in this. An artist or song dispute how bad exactly and that every Friday of course is the best of the and then on next week got a bunch of great shows Monday are we talking to mark frost he's. The channel only channels for Seth. The non physical author an edge care. Yes and and and Seth is a guy that says responsible for the south returns project in the virtual guy film project so. Mark will be telling us what Seth has to say about that stuff and then Tuesday Halloween night will be talking with our good friend Scotty Robertson about his books and pretty much a history of Halloween yet and does something special. Up for Halloween and I don't know what is our candy yeah we'll give out some candy and we can mail to assault and compared that does that. Well look it's up to special figure something out we've got some things we give me I think the only hit some things it can around Wheaton cherry friends star on your house if I don't use this couch anymore let's get this election microphone if and then we have up. He addressing. Discussion for Wednesday night now. The month of November which were almost in is the you know on the anniversary of the JFK assassination we've talked about the JFK assassination a bunch. Probably more than we need to at this point I'll tell you what. We've got Judith Jerry baker coming on she is a living witness of the JFK assassination not only that she was the girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald. And she wrote a book called me and Lee about Lee Harvey Oswald and that's kind of first tense stuff from excited to hear what that would Judith has to say. You beyond that did you hear. President is releasing the CIA documents that the CIA it was again fighting to try to keep. Locked up for another 25 years that's pretty amazing and this your first off why you trying to lock him up for another 25 years. He says there that just let Ginobili yes so and they're going to be released yet so witnesses really good timing to have this conversation and there's a whole bunch of new information it's about to hit. The public domain because of that and who knows we're gonna find out. Yeah I'm sure a lot more questions about you know ethical things that our government is involved that's exactly exactly is going to be a lot of finger pointing and so that'll be our next Wednesday night so we're excited about that so let's bring our guest back into the program GC ninety JC again is the author of the book called ghost physics he's a physician. And we were exploring new territory here Jaycee and I wanna take this back to what you say is kind of the whole lot nucleus if you will of this whole discussion and that's the hidden dig Boson particle. And if I'm not mistaking it in in common media discussion that's been called the God Particle right. Yeah that's traded. The main reason that they they called the god particles because. It is. Difficult. Actually detect. Our current. You know dislike actual as a batter. Fairly rare. Yeah I haven't seen one yet if you if you got a photo of god I'd love to see that there's earlier. Michael this. But it it did. During that name because. You know for forever it was just the theory was no crooks. Until we actually felt just a couple years ago there are actually able to detect one. And so until that point system period. A lot of things but you know what's interesting is that ever since then every since the discovery. Of the pigs. Evidence were you're theoretical seemingly impossible particles are being sought. By various experiments ads aren't so you know it's it's kind of I think opened her eyes and their minds so. More possibilities. A lot more out there. Arms that are yet to be discovered. And arm. You know understanding is that true nature of the universe of force the government. Rick require. Syria and experimentation. And I think that that's true not just for. Field should expect a paranormal events to which I think part of physics just haven't discovered. About. Yes so other then maybe giving some explanations. Take us out down the road 510 years. Maybe even longer whatever you think it would take into what is this information in the east discovers what they do for our future what what. Is what are the practical applications of this information going to be. Kudos on. And it uses the possibilities are limitless and it can actually it is it is some day I'll. Discover oh wait to open a stable consulate the other side just just for communication. I think yeah thank you guys are talking about. Pieces critical of the coast ox. Armed. Which I think he's is a random voltage. Yes it's cancer treatment and dozens yeah. It just those types of things at. And they're just a small piece of Apollo that we need to Kamal was something that I actually. Can get something like that. And even it's not that mean just just the more we understand or know armed. Basically. Trust to understand. The universe that we lieutenant Andy and our own existence basically. Well I was I was curious as to whether or is going to hear you say words like time travel or or instant teller per patient transportation to those types of things. Connected to these discoveries of all can you see any tie between any of that. I don't you know. Anything is possible lightning in a few could come out of the periodic it's you know that. Can't dated and every any you know I think. And it its bottom up possible you know our gross don't have proof for right now but. I think that may be a debate down the road he will discover. I guess I yeah I guess what made me curious about those particular. Topics or ideas is that you mentions dimensions and and and there's a dimensional aspect to this discussion. And if we can start moving between dimensions or communicating between dimensions it seems like we might have. The possibility or make it don't make these theoretical in these what were the things of science fiction troops were up until this point actually looked like we might be able to load develop the technology. Two did do some of these things. Yeah and I agree and united and CNET it's far off city you know it'll probably be beyond our aren't that. I don't think it's impossible. Everything starts I. You know the more we discover the closer we get actually. Making this thing the reality. Button in return also the more we discover. AKA can open up a holder can't warm so it cracked because wasn't it just recently that cern and everybody they just release that. The universe shouldn't really exist. Yeah well you know there's there's something called comes logical constant. And there's there's a couple of theories about that. As well you know and one of the series was. Everything that we see everything that's in our universe was created by design on purpose by higher power. And the others. Oh was that. Everything in our universe is just a random. Bobble a random pockets of. The right mix of conditions where we actually have a stable universe. In a much larger small diverse or reduces. Total chaos and there's no armed stability to. And interest rate to. So wait exposed ballpark which tried to away. And interestingly one may not make out of there dated extrapolated and they averaged it all well. You know it is going to be there. It's it's it's it's more towards this number it's going to be designed and it's more towards the other end of the scale what's gonna be random. Chaos. And ask us did you think it. The numbers came out pretty much written in middle. She just barely tipping towards design side. So. It makes you wonder. Not well and it does especially with reports coming now saying. In that the matter and anti matter present should've pretty much annihilated each other and nothing should really be present and when you when you start breaking it down so. Just a lot of crazy things author of that that are showing up concerns play a huge part in office. Yeah yeah yeah on Saturday and are still trying to to figure out you know what exactly dark matter is dark energy in. How will roll base in the universe. Are much stuff to it. In other understood still so many things we don't at all we know a lot we can't so far last hundred years but. Still there's we've got so much further yet pick on something where things to discover yet to. Olin a lot of the a lot of talk and you brought up cern many times and I know that also there's a big part of the problem the public. That just terrified of the things that they're working that there are terrified of and anyone mistake was some of the things they work on and let's be on Tuesday you can while opening up a black Kohler or whatever could could really. Me I can get her death of assault could hurt. Yes well you know when he you were trying to. Rob media try collider the first artist to sit together Higgs Boson particle count on order. Basically very very afraid and actually where are. You speak for publishing the period you know they were gonna create a black hole that was gonna destroy Whittier College. Or actually calling so aren't. And and folks concerned arson Noah you know don't worry it's. It's not it's. And it did. You know. You know what they're Billick but. Give it return and then saying don't worry that it's not gonna happen how to they know if they've never done before. So and that's a thing that opens up a can of worms I mean you can say oh don't worry it'll be fine he'll be fine but. A lot of and eventually it might not be fine it would it would and again with some of the things are working on it does. It does open up that element of its highly dangerous situation but. Where we're gonna take a quick break when we come back with whom we got more questions felt they would just open up hold a candle we did arsenal can wander ourselves and RA itself from him to take a quick break Mordechai annual synergies and GB and beyond our Ellen revealed. An adult education and I'll tell you that I guess JC nice to do this also includes. Lot of big words and I'm not completely comfortable with the mean. And in a little bit. While he's shooting that he's multitasking I mean he's in the chat room no easy answer questions there at the same time he's answering cent. And it is it's like they're still think that is the whole multi person gonna. He's he's figured it out they didn't exactly it. Quick reminder the phone numbers 84468776690. CRU multi overseeing the what's going on there because you are everywhere at the same time. Actually. Thought it. Well it was goes years medical professional a period of time. I wanna. Ask for another explanation because you touched on the Breen. Component of all this I'm not exactly sure. What it's all about the please come back to that re explain it for those like me who may have not understood the first time and how it. How would tell connects to all this we're talking about. The part where we are about like to build it. Every every cell in the body has what's called strike scale that is but it Skelton has like a little scaffold. I'd sell it or not get in shape that scouts or is it like to do a critique appeals term aid from spot parts wake up. Actually did make. Celebrex police speaks picture. Diapers. But. About one in the brain has that they're not the same as the one and be fine and the rest the body. And and ourselves with a brains beat find very tightly organized and actually polarized. And all they're very different from what we find in the rest Bonnie and partly serious. That energy that there is how the brain and central nervous system. And our. That that energy referred to as human consciousness now based on that orchestrated objective reduction that was recently discovered. And so. I believe that the reason Latvia. That that there's structure or caddie organized. Brainchild is because that's that's where our energy our constant source. Sort fuel spirit. And effort has. Is that he kept they're two very well protected in case apparently involved. And it's all part of the body that you can't lose. Well dying. Excessive arm or leg but obviously it this is damaged severely that's pretty much. Lead so odd. That's. A threat I think the reasons for the am. The higher as the organization instruction to. Yeah L Susie coming together here every once in awhile we get people who claim they've photographed. A soul or something. Leaving the body at death most of this has been debunked and a lot of it has been proven to be hoaxes but there are some. The people still haven't been able to debunks. Do you think that is and it is additional evidence of what we're talking about. Yet very very well could be you know I. There's there's a lot of hoaxes outfitted there's a lot of garbage unfortunately our Internet a lot of a lot of big picture a lot of big it is but. At least some some things are real people that they go out people like adjacent street biblical you guys they go out actually. Find these things and actually see these things and and it's not a hoax. You know that that's credible stuff and the armed. I think there is desperately on the tour I mean I I'd seen. Few things not not nearly as many as as other people out but. You know. I think yeah I think some of the things are are are actually real it's it's hard to catch things I think don't let. On for whatever reasons but to. A fictional or real. And that would know it is hard to catch things on film and that's why over 80% of our cases. Can usually be either deep on the door and things that we don't find any activity on. And that's what where we draw that conclusion and document activity that we can't give an answer on the on what's possibly going on there. So are with that being said we needs take break and only come back who gets more questions for a Aaron and phone numbers if it 446877669. Beginning at 446877669. Elicited Jason TV. Beyond really revealed back. Here people can I don't know who sent better. Her so her memory mapping and don't think so there's no napping when we're talking about ghost particles and physics and quantum physics and things that just McMahon had spent. The fact that there you GoDaddy look at these are good at that. It's just a quick reminder tomorrow night we've got mr. Lobo coming on to him talking about the movies you need to watch this weekend as we prepare. Four up Halloween on Tuesday night yes you have absolutely nothing else going on. Canada. Mario you wanna watch some horrible movies or misunderstood in his comfort right now and that every Friday is the best of some initiative and and then watch agree shows next week's yet until we're talking with JC night he is the author of the book called ghost physics. And at a book actually can be found. I think what's it is actually ghost physics it grossed physics dot com and it's it's really easy to remember he just stood check and you can buy the book break there. And JC we talked a lot about these concepts. And we've tied them to the paranormal world as a possible way to start explaining what's happening but. Can you can walk this down that path a little further. What does that what do these recent discoveries. Actually explain for us what can we start what conclusions might we start being able to draw. Well. One will be. The first explanation for but lost body weight at that. Start to making expect other things speed and depends on which we are an adult. Our expectation it is there's. And start a consent of the Jerry. The actual expectation research discoveries. Art art. That's takes a long time. But I think it could lead to some great things are a lot of answers to is that we don't truly understand. From what I'm gathering and again misses two were just starting to peel back the layers of the onion here and what boredom gathering is this may offer evidence that. The things we've seen heard expected suspected for a long time it may be real. But it doesn't necessarily explain to me how old we interact with them for example though we we often talk but EVP on this program we talked about. You know capturing the disembodied voices on recording recorded media. And I'm having trouble making connection between some of the things we've talked about and be able to explain things like that are we gonna get there. Well I can't say you know if we can. The more we understand it there's the closer we get to two inning error. Actually may be. Fighting way to open a stable consulate. There is some not that are action but also I think in the bouquet discuss a little bit about how armed. You know via your consciousness works I think part of the key to that is understanding on. Consciousness. As it has functions. And the body in the living and beyond that I think a lot of it has to do it. The my function. In a dream state and they talk about the bulk. Think when people do crossover. And there are still here quarter resent armed they don't realize that a lot of times and it's it's like being in the tree state and they're not able to. A normal. Connection and a sore or conversation it's very difficult. It's kind of like trying to realize that you're training. While you're asleep. You know. So. It could be a long ago but I think it's possible that's something we could get there. Blake or what we are talking about earlier we never really were able to get back to arm with a whole residual type on these spirits that are walking through walls. And the fact of the matter is like I brought out arm in in the past some I would bring up numerous times. It specially it lets us at the easiest way to explain it is I did a case that we had to choke to Stanley's house on Christmas eat. And two children Walt and they were referring to seeing the spirits walking around from the waist up there was always the waist up. That vacancy on the floor and just keep moving around. And we went back we check all these records on the house and come to find out that it was a farm house of India the floor was at a different level and all that so explain more residual type on. We percent and other cases where people were talking about. In the spirit walking through walls and they'd meet sees spiritual walk through wall we went we checked the original. Plans of house from the final two used to be a doorway him. So page so this energy is following that same path says that is it always used to follow. And intelligent on would know that there's no door there and it would walk through new doorway. Now you talk about the EU you write about this type of stuff in in your book as well correct. A little bit yen against one on one of the series about exit this there's a couple of meters and one of them is that arm from hell. Energy patterns. It recorded. Certain areas and tested do it. You know that the structure that hurt the grounder. When everybody's found it to be some sort aides do it seems to do it mostly near high limestone deposit heiress but then again small lot of the older buildings have limestone foundations and and things like that. So for whatever reason those areas seemed didn't seem to be able hold on to the senator. Yeah and it might research it came across something racially loaded based on the the geological structure. The earth in this area. Having. Our activity. Or recorded patter strip for whatever reason. So it's pretty much just and natural recording system of of the year. But being. You could look at it that way mean you know there's there's again it's just so much that we don't know yet and is so much to cover. I think that's that's part of the bigger picture. Our end here anymore here's another question for you wanna get to take our. Many cases that we we investigated. The one we bring up Austin GPU all know is no Washington notes. So the reason why this one is so different than most of the others is when we're there we were we were able to catch and dvds. Voices that were. Talking about being as if this lady was in her present day talking about getting security because. The issue didn't know where the voices were coming from the shoes hearing that we couldn't hear her at that point. And upon listening to recording it's maybe it's obvious it's a lady still living. In the past and her time talking as if she's just living in another normal day in her life so for whatever reason. Time where she was in our times seem to be overlapping each other. Now have you ever heard or Tallinn and have you written anything on that. No you are not pursue a bird. That's kind of interest sting and I do it shouldn't look. You know you even though. There on the other side days can still see here even if they're not paying attention. So much you know it it may be something that they catch their attention. So that's pretty interest. We have because for whatever reason even though she's on the other side the other side to her is still the normal life just as I am right now. And she's talking about getting getting security and so I'm just like. Everybody everybody is still routers she's living a normal day in her life. For whatever reason times seem to be overlapping at that exact moment they make you wonder like you're talking about. Possibly may be in the future being able to open up some doorway see the other side but if all time is overlapping it just creates a serious. Aniston inherited from Dunn drum if you think about it. Yeah it does expected become what book are about her but you know when it comes. Quantum physics and things like that. They don't follow the same rules. Should crest. Italy it is extreme example and so something's. Not even makes tranche even I. Quote I stand in the book to. Actually catch an early in the beginning of the program that. One of the things he shirtless on about how all arms legs four arms. Exhibit wave particle duality. Which is seemingly impossible yet we know it's it's. Because lefties both this series. To explain there that the presence. Eight billion electromagnetic. Waves of energy. JC you your the book goes physics is out and date I as we said it kind of just scratches the surface of of what needs to be explored and researched. What are you doing next where you were do you take this next. While. I would like to continue my research and dumb idea I try to keep up the most recent discovery. For one they're there. Probably. The ones bomb on the cutting edge of discovery is ours not on physics are always. Looking for new things are out there looking for. It says this discovery that expose it made it started. I considering other particles. Seemingly. Impossible. To exist out there actually consider and look for them. Inflate particles called aliens. Magnetic model polls I am arms. All of these different things that arsenals his series. But French people but there's just discoveries. End and the latest. Finding its aunt. You know seeing if there any extra bridges they. Connect these two fumes and start explains some of these things the electorate second book. I'd probably will. I probably won't differ on how to make it next year. Yet and in addition to looking at this is that are very theoretical perspectives and and follow on the cutting edge science are you getting growing your sleeves up and going out and actually doing any. What we would consider to be good traditional paranormal investigating. I have I have actually been invited by a couple groups and not just sit. The thing I find that kind of do it. Pretty busy here in Florida we I don't know but on the Florida media trying to get. Back to where we worked for urge garlic like. That that the sub my I treat. But not I would love to I had more time to actually go out and but I. Investigators. And see what it's like actually sealed you know they're they're like expert analysts and in the steel physics. Physics there's there's two groups there's a beer at this dearest. And experimental. I'm kind of in the spears camp. Folks that actually didn't actual investigations are the expert panel of the ones that actually run machines and buying. Does the real evidence to prove that your. Or I would like. Alone if you find that you do you wanna do that feel free to give us shall because I've got taps family groups that are all over the country and a and then this on the top groups in each state. There and there are more and also recover overseas as well but these people are going in and truly looking for the real explanation they're trying to. Find out what's truly going on believing that and pretty much needed personable claims can be disproved so. If you if you wanna get altered knew he wanted to own and thus use and people who are truly looking for the real answers just let us know and I can connect you with a group no matter where you are. That be great thank you very much appreciate. So JC were basically at a time here I know we've given the website the go ahead and give the website again in any other information that you might think could be helpful for people wanting to follow your work. Oh yeah sure welded the sound which is goes physics dot com. The book is also available on Tom. Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And other booksellers to so on the that's Serb pretty much did. Let me and I don't ask this question because I know a lot of people in Chad in particular interested in the book I think Texas already real dumped over bought it. Do you need any special scientific training to be able understand that what they're in the book in the concepts in the book. Com hopefully not but. 11. Criticism. Is that on some parts of the book grow a little bit too technical. Mom but. I eighty I kind of wanted to. Stick to the science end of it and charity you know on the book that. At this this is really what it is in its scientific terms arms so if they do written another book probably equal. Kind of cut a little bit of that. Kalla the front and try to explain a little bit more but. I try to explain it anyway in this book. To the point where you know. Complex. Series and they're and they like are our broken down. Into. Understandable ideas. Great ball again thanks for joining us tonight you've taught us a lot as a lot to think about and double Bergen has to have you back on. Especially if you've got another book in the works we've got a lot more talk about it people already asked him to come back so we definitely an Evian in the future with thanks so much come and hang up now. Thank you guys very much sure to appreciate the opportunity to around. The parents and speak with you at your audience thank you very much. Have a great night the book is called ghost Phisix the website is also ghost physics dot com you can find the book they're you can also find an Amazon and Barnes & Noble dot com. Yes absolutely Carrie its so we're gonna take a break and more to come elicited Jason and GP on the unreality radio back. That's the show beyond Leo you review Jason GP great show tomorrow night if you want to line up. Your movies to watch for a pre Halloween movie festival over the weekend mr. Lobo will be here to tell us what. There's a must see the movie maybe see move maybe even. He is half this its. But just remember Mikey says they're not bad movies they're just so understood just varies as soon as you know would you watch the movies and draw your own conclusions are anxious we want that we ought to free determine it for you decide. Now exactly and definitely a big shout out goes out GC kneipher come and hang and holocaust and I. Though I think that's turn things going to probably it's tough you know you brought it up in the conversation there a lot of people who were concerned in the sort of flowing around the because they are doing there are there been kind of messing with things that we don't really understand studies they've got a better handle on the -- credit for I don't know but it they say don't know going to be fine will be fine we've never done this before but it'll be fine trust yet but. Yeah I think they tried that in the in the desert in in you know in World War II they were blowing up Adams and look where we are now mean thank god we've been able to control of the death thread is always there yes well and I got a big shout OG CNET and an analogous isotoner and it's having MA she like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and then download the free iPhone and android app right from the beyond reality radio dot com website everybody have a great night we'll catch old marched Jason NG EB on reality radio. I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced in Alexandria Johnson insisted. It's home week you don't really read news. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.