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Psychic/Medium Sloan Bella shares her gifts.

Jan 27, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Psychic/Medium Sloan Bella to the show to talk about her gifts and to offer assistance to listeners. 1/26/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. There's analysts goes right in the East Coast many respects and in between long. We honor rally here you have less self Jason Ellis and Ellis arson GB Johnson. Good to be here we're gonna have a great night it's an early we're talking about this for a long time we've got Sloan bell joining us. I she's been on the program before we had a great time when she was here last time. Tonight will be no less than that she's an astrology expert any psychic medium should be discussing her abilities. And taking phone calls she can do a lot of things including the ability to pick up on medical problems she can also communicate with those that have passed away. And she has the ability to read animals I'm not sure should be doing all those things with our caller -- but either way it's going to be a great night. Should be taken a shot or CO golf course design and the phone numbers 8446877669. In the store freed eat for four. 6877669. If you haven't you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality readily to FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com week in its final stations we Aaron across the country. You can also download the free iPhone an injury to operate and which are atlas and I catch past shows and joining online chat more. Listen right from the web sites by clicking the listen lines tad and join the online community were GB myself and agree community people lying on Nicolaus and right there. Yet the chat rooms busy tonight we love seeing that. Obama couple great shows coming up of course tomorrow night is a best of program as every Friday night is a Monday we've got some flux going on with our guest schedule make you some switches there. So we'll announce that as soon as we haven't but Tuesday. I'm Deirdre Haiti will join us and Deirdre was scheduled to while backing a camera was at a storms or something happen and we had to reschedule. Issue issue. Wasn't she the one that was being evacuated from California mudslides that's right yeah. So I shall we joining us she's a mystic healer and an author will be discussing her life as a mystic from when choose a child salute on the current. So present. And we'll talk about her experience with her mom that led her to discover the light. And the light of the soul which she calls radiance and creative ways to move past the obstacles and fears that block your inner light. And help ignite your soul also has a lot of a lot of great stuff with Deirdre on Tuesday night. And then Wednesday we have the famous Detroit Taylor author of American haunting horizon spirit world and the birth of the modern ghost hunter. And Troy has been involved in field for a long long time and it'll be an honor to have him on and be able talked to him and we're gonna get into things like fox sisters are and where it all spiritual movement. Started and the influence on the civil war and Abraham Lincoln and and so forth so it's going to be if he's going to be pretty epic show. Yes it's going to be good stuff says sell out every week is here on beyond reality radios to make sure you tune in by the way if you listening to the show as a podcast or download. Don't forget we do air alive in almost every major market plus online and joining the life shows a lot of fun because it allows you to call in and chat with us. It allows you to participate in the chat room arm and pushy here foreign real status. Well and the best part about life is when we screw up we can't admit it's we can't edit it down so you get to hear before the podcast goes. And we have to do you know that's funny about that is that the show is five hours longer but the podcasts that it's down to do about him on an error an hour and a half this because we have to tickle the mess ups are the ultimate religious otherwise live a short timer testicles Europe's BS we stars so yeah so but it goodnight tonight anyway. All right so let's take a break and we'll get bella small Sloan Abdullah on with us you listen to Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio that. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu heading. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I feel she's singing cheesy so why can't everybody along with us tonight it's going to be great night when their guests loan bella I'm wondering thing. Everybody for tuning into the radio stations around the country that are caring the show. We appreciate you doing that and we also appreciate stations becoming affiliates as our affiliate list continues to grow. Looking forward adding some new stations pretty soon we talked about that and we're excited about it. You were costly updating that list of stations that we error across there across the country so make sure you check back Austin and they'll be adding a bunch more. Relatively soon so make Sheila stay tuned for that so let's get our guest tonight is he returning guest whom have been excited about this night for awhile at Sloan bella she's in a strong distant psychic medium her website is Sloan bella dot com gonna wanna check that out there's a ton of stuff there are a lot of great information. And Sloan it is terrific to have you back on the program thanks so much for agreeing to rejoin us. I are here great being back. You hear by the way. Thank you very much every new year to you it's been awhile and we've been looking forward to a talk in union. Right on here and wait your way. A couple of golf Ted don't jump to conclusions. Aren't exactly as we it's been awhile since you've been on the program what he'd been active. Let me see what rabbi did not help on what had been up ilk. Like interest in Spain without conflict at work where it a couple of house clearing this week. So working with people about I'm clearing negative energy from their houses mostly how the working with Klein and that's about all trying to get my energy entered Ford is being new here. I totally understand that aren't so slow left last time we had yon was it was a while ago and it's in we've added a bunch news stations and since then. Sort of to tell everybody a little about yourself. Yeah well I don't wish we do we got started fresh she started immunity we've added another what fifteen stations it's we had you had you on so. Yes I know I'm back into the action and what we do here. A K so yeah I'm beginning immediately aware that salt. Did you know where where to start when did you realize that you would that you had these abilities. OK I feel like I was. Born what am I never really realize it in there and that you wake up one day and realize. You know I'll like made a lot of money this week or whenever I get kind of new. That this is how I thought things would come apart and look at the leader. I never really talk about being a girl like it delinquent the girl aren't look at my eyes and I I have I'd like. He owns about me being psychic was very normal I thought everybody did I uttered pretty hot you have ice and you know what your girl or boy it just normal. Well exactly tell you when did you realize you are different from most of them. Okay well the different men. I don't know that I thought I was different I thought. Maybe I was the appointment I would say because that look we started with my family when I was young and I would say probably around the age years. I didn't say or when I started bringing up the back I was singing and the failed my family was. Option action. With me saying mean things and often tried to encourage me not speak. Top so I admired that whatever I was saying in to a and the mother like would really put to achieve together like the target slain I didn't think I was saying anything wrong personally. Or myself for that I seem to get book since Erik and told to be quiet that I wasn't really seeing that that it really happened. I with the brown or you called I know what before I went to school. I first time that it can partner or call and I would see a lot of space over the on instinct every night I was being. For me I thought I'm gonna call. While album being I call them being but I actually think they're. Human and not eat but any alien that energy I've seen so I would bring that up and I was seeing people that have cropped over. And by seeing I mean I was healing them picking up in action dubbed them. I'm. Understanding like that with somebody had never met because I was a little I met my grandmother by. A lady would have communication with my grandmothers. And sell I would wake my parents up and start talking and that seemed to upset everybody that's kind of what I hear that what I was saying without adding I don't know why it was upsetting. But they didn't actually say what you said that the up and get what I'd like you need to be quiet not say a lot of the aisle. You're crazy things like that. But it didn't deter me from speaking I would say that. But at one point you said that you learned to articulate these experiences as at an early age. A bite articulate do you mean the the view you learn to understand what they wore. Or does that just mean that you were able to talk about. No I actually began to understand it well not every I didn't I again when your little I don't know that rapid and perception. Like when I was able to what I was able to pick up on is it somebody what is. Of a negative or positive I hurt them. I'm anarchy on the other side and I understood very clearly that there are many who don't understand that not everybody is. Just because we're human beings they're back at not being everything around that it actually in the same contact. So why learn that there were other things that share the state on earth let us. And I would board board diamond sleet that I thought that the child and you that I was in this state but I. I need it is because that the door there in the wallet there that doesn't mean I'm really seen Barack. It just means that it appeared that way to me right there aren't sure what between being good kick up energy. No I was not on drugs I'm doing all and I learn to understand that what do you know around that is. In a visionary with some degree and not exactly it is not presented. It presented that way back. From questioning things around that but it worked really are back there. And that's what I call like heightened psychic ability at the respect and you know get away at separate action the more important whatever I do believe the genetic. We can kind of he around corner where the people react and not like he'll I was feeling I understood that. I didn't think it was scary or who I I didn't under it and hit in the tenth but how do they pop up like pat. I knew that what I was seeing it on any wasn't the only thing real quiet thought being given information. About other world and other places that were not. Over not yet everybody walking around me. And that was good if I was going to from the beginning of enemy of course she wouldn't be scared about wizard because it's all YouTube effort to craft. But can't quite got why I I want I mean I can't let somebody cite the frightening but I don't even recall that happening I don't recall. Being fight good till I was in the nineteen years. Where I began in the energy on people and I will say that when when people utilize our you're out a Holler there in the entire like back in you being there anarchy or they. And you're out in their current that would ever began in me. And wouldn't that we're attacking people who were using drug and alcohol and that was frightening to me. Because you could feel the intensity of that is not a positive thing that not even a little bit my lip kinda thing. It could dominating controlling energy. A little bit on eagle I know I never heard that dark energy and I was never. We never comfortable with appetite not a lot as a teenager. And they try to scare you wouldn't tricked you got my notice and uncertain about the energy that other people colon with them when they're not completely grounded in their bodies. Sloan a lot of this actually affected your your family life at that age to write immunity. It it forced you to make some good decisions. Along the way that and I don't know how you look back on those decisions but they were difficult decisions. Yeah well I mean I was Smart I hit anything collect. Collected the inheritance I was that Smart and what does it now writing a are lapping like. On that probably wouldn't stay up there in the well but. That app and now it very difficult because. They're basically being told that your crazy courier not quite a bit however you don't it. It was very hard for me get it into that mold. That they want to meet at the end because they do in the world was and why I don't see it. The way that they want to see this yet but might in a little bit of no control on on their part obviously Eric what you can do what we want them to do because that's your job I got. By got no it can't you can't fight between my father and I he was. I would say almost mortified at the things that I would say like it was. It was hurt when you add that to him and back to the point when I was really seriously there's something wrong with me. I you know there were many and the doctor apparently when you tell people things like. A little bit more accepted now. If you include that showed up and are so burned or not you know medicated they don't have a sedentary. And they don't. Exhibit classic mental illness on it to build more accepted but when I was growing up. What kind of icky that you heard Boyd and thought things as it didn't work AT and so that went on and on and everybody behind. Know what my parents that dinner party and guests would come and other people would come in and nobody would say something and I knew that what we're saying we're not. Sure hope I would start argument. I'm an argument I would say that the gestured them you know the that the family you know dip in the net. And they didn't want to be outed so to speak like that rubble for that Q because I would they like pepper and line up that I'd. And obviously they were at doing what people commute to say what they wanted to say not everything I want to say I kind of in between the lines and not a huge problem. So light running away at fourteen. And you know hitting the street. I find that I I'm extremely grateful for that experience. Because it let me down on many different pop. And kind of opened the door to what I'm gonna do later on in my life liberty. There's somebody experiences that you experience when your street kid. In a psyche major or met up about a typical or cold nature that other people don't understand the injured survival mode oh. When you're in survival mode you can really if you're Smart you learn to really read people and understand what it is you're saying. And be able to navigate. That you can say a lighted an iBook and not that anybody would but trying to help me I don't know like that let. You learn how to navigate through. During and you learn how to keep it up they did you learn how to read people put me there are no in fact not what they tell you. And it would Albany experiences I had so many. There were many like out of body experiences I had you're happy pairing. People dying experience and being there while they cross over and experiencing. Where they went in that process at that moment I was there so it was. Really interrupting you but watching what people who. When he content England drug overdose in on it you're aware of the soul or about your body goes. In the in between state between one bear. I'm content from coming back end I was able to really burned out but I'm actually really grateful for that because a lot of people that tactic or action. Don't have that experience right from all angles not just. The you know very very angle and not to economic angle call from every angle and in between so I'm actually happy about that. Aren't so we're gonna take a break and we come back we have a lot more questions for you you listen to Jason in chief beyond beyond reality radio. It's like it's. Sloan is found or you can find information postpone any well anyway I'm Sloan bella dot com it's great website lot of great. Information there and were very very pleased to have Sloan on. So on before we went to the break we were talking about kindly your Genesis into all of this and how you're recognized you had these special gifts and you begin to use them and how. And I changed your life. What things that you words you've used I think eroded under website jaw seized it tonight is a word frequencies. Went when it comes to this type of discussion what is the word frequencies mean. Well when you are. Speaking Ford apple. You're our radio her tenure on the radio and in order for me to cure you or for somebody in Chicago area were wherever. We have to be able to pick up the frequency of your radio on your show. So it the same thing in the spiritual world is there's different levels are hearing and seeing. Based on the during. Of the energy that's coming from the other side whether your partner in energy and yet feeling whatever it. And the way that we energy up so I actually greens. My body's. Frequency OK for the way that I I currently don't bite you if you look at people. In the world day to day interrogated daylight you noted that there are at certain energy when you walk by people even if you're not like it. And you can tell that some people are maybe. Lower from people are hyper you running I of people and flow of people and Rick might ever had a part in between. That I called by breeding two week by race at a certain level. I went to be your very hyper person so I hate the way that I am people though that I'm hyper and I don't quit while Mac aren't. When you're reading people or you're picking up on energy. You actually have to take your human. Don't the way that you are human being that natural you know you have to sort of learn the quite an. Speed it up that you can expect frequency of the other side because we're talking in between. You need to get our language is caught in between different state or. No bull about that on the other side in neon that side we happen kinda neat in the middle which went back quick and my energy in the loader and Nikki down the working on on earth in the pregnant you're very low. Debt. It was not very quick. On the other side because we dropped the physical body the energy a very heightened that he's got an order to connect with that in mind inaction. A very subtle that very leading ultimately happened. The way the legal and hit it in the way he didn't and filmed that movie isn't necessarily the way it works that kind of a very. Shuttle. Being that happened so that hurt and then my it is apt to learn how to move their energy. For that matter spoken in the way they use it and kind of throwing your energy out early. We make it sound rational actually I'm saying I. It. I like court in your face while you're running so it might. Like alerting I don't move. Quicker. Without it got yourself you can tax information. Go to it. They're a little bit it would chipped it kill it it hardship that that part for us we needed the battle back with a frequent these are but I spent and they look at me. On I think that that's different than most of the times and most times when you talked to a it's self proclaimed psychic or whatever they refer to themselves as as like a radio they're they're tuning in. And an overall and you sort of changed at all and EU you have a total different outlook on it which which is nice to hear something different from the normal speed counts. Yeah it will it a look that's how it happened for me I know that and it is someday I'd be a perfect example if I'm driving. Through Palm Springs the dart in and out there quite a bit I'm driving toward that I don't get my lot in public radio station. By the I get the conference that go don't we are likely. Okay I'm not able to pick about it dirt going crack at turner dot. That I hit my radio button here to pick up the dipper or with the epic action on my way through the well. The same thing Whitney was better and that's how it always work. Sometimes I lunatic. What I am you know I'm not focused on right up on that something I had no idea and the point. Like reached a different level there there are different levels on the other side of their. They're energy that people can take very easily. And then the other thing that chapter really big court at highlight I get it almost eight and two we're good at almost athletic in the way that you pick up the energy. Because it can make you tired because you're using all of your shoppers in your anarchy. In New York body your energy station can do that quality whether he'll like it or not. That's what you do and can act with the energy. That your body naturally does that you don't kind of realizing. App on it I'm tired lark but the key to reigning time. Election Day in the right they really weird to think about it and other you know with everything right but they are better. So. Yeah Sloan what things it again in word that you just mentioned vibrations. We're hearing more and more that discussion from not just people who were talking about. You know psychic abilities or the abilities to read people. But also we you know as we talk about quantum. Physics and we talk about inter dimensional travel this word fund operations keeps coming up. Is this sounds like it's almost the key to everything. Well it it it is because when you won you. No I decried that but the financial being a really interesting because. OK I bring in for example if you're thinking of something like. A tidal wave or an army or whatever or a storm or an earthquake in different confirm the nature. When you look at the ways that the vibration and yet back that back out of the patent that how far reaching their. At the same thing when you're traveling in a special but the Interbank national album which is very interesting because around the Kirk. They're rat her out that care about our earth. There's many there's different layer level a dime mentioned. And in order to get them. You tapped it into the air vibration oh. You're looking and I would describe our operation like that and Ali beta doesn't dabble in your writing that they get in the middle of the desert. In the middle of the crime and you look at the road you're going to need to grow bigger gonna need that kind of loading apps that look like you're being hit by break Carnegie knock out statement kind of look like it was about the pavement. The heat coming off it up. Yes that vibration that it actually. Technically what I call vibration. We do that with our energy be urged vibrate differently when you walk into Britain when you see. And it went on without that there houses that have. Different entity in them you will go through that what you will bode vibrations that is what people are reading when they walk in somewhere in a light or I don't like that here. I don't wait that week when you. Actually physically diet I'm only going from my experience when it did with nickel when their passing. I that there was some strangers and then you know family members who think without. When they're out in front that they can the next day I actually feel the movement out there. Old body coming out of the physical body. Not from an article my finger on per say explain it can look at happening right now but I can actually feel it and it has that and act like the weight on my body. That's like column by operation that we have been pushed into different. Equate the thinking in different experiences. With those vibrations from debit that's actually how we operate were really not that the caller really interesting. I am when you you. I of people vibrate at a quicker speed. Well people that slowed down at the same kind of thing. We are inclined but how we read in field but it had a lot to do. The guy and so when you travel through that mentioned you can pick up different in different look at energy at quite. Putting it on the apple slowing down get into different statement. Well aren't you. Well when you when you look at him vibration frequencies really make up almost everything right down to sound sound deadening headphones and I know that. The CIA knew it and actually don't work hand devices so when you're talking inside their building nobody else can hear that and they're using different frequencies and vibrations to make it so. They can have a conversation standing only a few feet away from somebody. And that pursing can't hear anything so I'm shared just modifying those slightly in the opposite direction. Would give the ability to hear more than. Then the average person one. Absolutely that's exactly. That that would happen. And also keep in mind you can on the back. They opt in there about it weren't frequency and they'd say I am in conspiracy cleared by. Date the government whoever you are not a column whatever you want. The people that see the powered technique will opt in quite frequently that noted. Throughout my life in especially you know my twenty on words when you're in certain that you say the Republican crippled city Miami Fort Lauderdale Los Angeles. On oh. Chicago back market in New York when you're in different maybe I can hear different home and they they sorted. They have at home bacon colony which is great at format. I am a way of cutting the vibration that they there. In order to get a call Boca in the same direction but they do that whoever does that aren't noted as it happened and a lot of it he said that people in. The same areas like minded people people from the same state and relate with. The same level of understanding. And so when you're able to break out of that traditional frequency you're when you're able to put up on things that other people can't see. They're like it's incorrect in the hole like herding cattle in the same saying on app you're really good that they are but you know I'm just saying they say that they. Like say there and it. Put my piece that they you need that home and owning a rod do people often here at certain coming in by the town. When they're now wired around and that our own frequency they're using that sort of pop in and got not they do that I'm very aware that affect me. Quite like in the outside. Your liking QB energy so well that there's a way to change the energy without knowing when you mention the CIA. Part about it on the patent the thinking that Clinton general population. I know I know that they've messed around things like that also at airports as well so it's eventually going to duties are. As Sloan upward or take a break here in just a moment but I wanted to ask you better word to that's used in ends it's a new window Mimi BA I've missed it before but clear audience. Our world which is a word that you use it to describe some of your abilities what does that mean. Okay where audience is here. Eric on the other side so you are hearing IB IDO. Forbid. Down music. In each language. You're sharing it with Pontiac and our audience. I mean the way the spirit he can be so I Europe during a boarding in my head and hybrid you get so we you're sitting here that are Whitney. That's what I'm debt. I'm Rick and what I hear. Claire audience pair of basic work for them would be like in purple panel for their channeling the energy in a verbal way. You using yourself is like tape recorder just send out what we're coming. Drew me write it on my body is the instrument or any like body at the instrument. That way that we need. The way that we take up. Is it. Different in about eight on how our actual ability to embark help. I think you're seeing her there are kind the finger at right some people are good at low boy I boy there operable or whatever. And what I tend to pick up information. Differently. And so when I'm Claire audience at my along the way up state by Clinton to. Smear them and I don't boarding around me I'd you know like staying on and I say. I didn't know I heard it coming out of my mouth. We're talking with Sloan bellow the website is Sloan bella dot com Sloan is an astrologers and a psychic medium among many other things we're gonna continue our conversation on the other side of the break. Yeah if you have any questions for us or Sloan gives equality for 46877669. Gonna store pre date for four. 6877669. You listen to Jason Giambi unreality radio. JP the next hour or an open her phone lines so you can join our conversation with Sloan bella our guest tonight the number is 844. 6877669. So again that'll be the next are open up the phone lines have been talking about Sloan. To kind of get an introduction as to what you do when kind of understand what you do come in tournament height how you started and how it all works and one of the things and I've. I always like to ask when I'm talking to somebody who has these types of sensitivities and abilities as. What is the energy come from when you connect particularly when you're connecting with the other side. Dizzy energy come from you or is it coming from the other side that allows a connection to be made. I think you have that he. Genetically crew did go to pick it up like yeah like at the street that runs through Keeney and family. That and like I mean I get are for somebody could habit out of of random saying. From my hearing typically been people like a grandmother or it's somebody somebody somebody all the way back at it like it's not like to pop up and it's not your ability. So ideally it would DNA out ability so there is it different you're going you. Beat him that can be double joint income doubled joined at the part and it is as you know it genetic Trenton they both hit apparently you're the DNA. I think your board when I can't it be double joint and I don't end up like that so is the same thing with the psychic ability but. In order to connect to it. The bulk of that it it could interaction the conversation. It said being between two. Different languages so I considered to be a language so when I'm. Connect with the energy on the other side it a language. And IIQ. Learn how to speak their language in order to understand that and then. Be a popular and it in my language. So they're the translation. Picnic go but it spoke about doing it well the other side and that side. And they come through Sydney like it is because I call somebody up or wanna act and their partner and come through either by the way. OK so now. I know you're very active person Kazaa and we're friends in my personal FaceBook page everybody you let every video I see you're always. Earl is out you know and I'm trails and hiking and everything else does that does doing this take a lot out of you when you when you're connecting with these acts. Oh yeah yeah well well well I don't know I'm going to connecting with these entities these. These otherworldly beings doesn't take a lot from you does it just takes a lot of energy from. Yeah it it diet and good but my. He. But it kind of tired like Britney decline not bid on Kutcher meet on a amount for seven hours. You know like I you on the weekend archery or do whatever. Is so much easier than working well they let me folk. Because they're like back Sunday and I'm so tired of unconnected with the energy that I barely walk up the stairs. Good to rule going down my face to pass out and it could be the only 2 o'clock in the afternoon. It and that I've been reading people for a couple of hours. I find myself almost unlike like year. You recommend a typical call Bob but it it I'm walking around looking at people but I actually. I planned my week or you invited me out. Like for dinner or something one night and actually lay it out your dinner on the day that I work that would app that let it go for two days apart. That makes sense that well. I can but that I can't but I actually probably run from here to Chicago and your out again or be perfectly fine to have more energy that. That's a lot and exactly that's it and it's one of those things where you stay physically fit because this this other thing takes a lot out of unity candles out. Our it so we're gonna get ready take a break and we're gonna open up the phone lines and start taking a British calls feel free yet. Start calling 8446877669. In the Stoll freed eat for four. 6877669. In the stole a whole lot of things taught you about. Sloan and there's just great having you on tonight sorry we're gonna get take a break more to come to listen to Jason GBM beyond reality radio. It's just. Yeah myself Jason Hawes and the always and sometimes. Take that whatever whatever it takes. Tomorrow night we've got a best of program on so he'll be treated to one of the great interviews from this week already in the next week. How were working on and us guest swap I think for Monday night. So not exactly sure who our guests will be Monday night it would be somebody good but Tuesday we've got Deirdre Haiti coming on. Deirdre as a mystic healer and an author will be discussing the whole bunch of things with Deirdre she was scheduled to be on. But then had to be evacuated because of those mudslides in California we had to reschedule her. So we we're ever on Tuesday night. And then Wednesday we get Troy Taylor author American haunting says the rise of the spirit world and the birth of the monitor goes on Detroit's been able maternal feel for a long long time so will be an honor to have him on. To make she tune in. If you have an Emmy she had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial FaceBook page for us. Then had to beyond reality radio dot com where he can find all the stations we Aaron across the country can also download the free iPhone and android app. Which a logical listen lies catch past shows join me only Chatham and Moore or just click the listen I bun and you can listen right from the website any night that we are alive. And hang out on the chat room myself and javy and and everybody else. Yet straight time the phones are really lighting up if you wanna get in line to talk with Sloan bella tonight you're going to have to keep trying the numbers 8446877669. We'll get the calls as soon as we can't. We are very. Pleased and privileged to have Sloan on where this again tonight she's been on before Sloan is a and astrology expert and also a psychic medium. Website its loan balance just our name dot com a lot of great stuff their Sloan again thanks for joining us tonight MB on reality radio. Yeah grade I Leger thanks for having me. So I'm gonna take some calls in just a little bit here but before we do that. I wanna bring you back summing up to said the last us a part of our discussion you you you mentioned DNA you mentioned heredity you mentioned genetic predisposition to having these skills do you think. That'd so that that is the most important factor for somebody. To be able to do this type of work or is it something you can we learn regardless of your beard lineage. I don't think it I I mean you can learn. To a certain degree. Like anchored to. Most people have inert Mac talking to would have meant. I get from earth. By I think they're bringing said I know the DNA is important is because. I don't want the concept that we. Art Harris and we hit. For example our are. You know I mean to you a woman and the flights and and to bring people but we begin our children and I'm gonna be like a white woman in my particular case. I'm born in to a certain region because I need to experience a light there are important to a certain. Related or lack of religion because I need to act why don't need that and the same thing with the psychic ability. I'm bored true and people. Do you think that people are naturally and in meekly. Into their. But I think that into the work I think number one is calling I don't lot of people say they do the work. Wasn't always the case when I was starting out their words nobody saying they did it corporate rabbit that they get anything else. But now suddenly everybody does that and I think you know somebody who is truly meant to do it person at somebody who has just doing it because they think is gonna be a I think the DNA. Would be in. Activated in order harness the energy crack and striking Phillips genetic I don't think you're going to have somebody in the family. Who just turned out to be quite equipped absolutely nobody else in the family being ninety. Happened how bad it varied. Right let's go to our our phone mine brings some listeners and this is Audrey calling in from Kansas. They are you welcome to be on reality rating here on its own ballot. I don't think particularly complex. I how live audio. What I'm good and I got a question about vibration. With capitol unseen by groups of I had friends who have touched me in his cold need to. That and move by Google I mean actually in bed and just healing well viable and barrel on national. I mean the last. Well I probably didn't. Sounds like I'm okay Eric that it sorry you. Got. Well. Yeah no I mean what's happening with you what I'm reading that correctly as you're saying I think me and getting the impression. That you're actually going through a change. Energetic we would your body level. So the by Brady make your experiences and is because you're going to it won't change dot YE more heat to rain. Then it is for normal or for other people because you're in the process of raising your vibration. So in order to get the next level intimate terms with an athlete in order to get the next level. Be able to perform you have to get your body used to it and that's what I feel is going on with you. I'll bet they did their bit because they're coming in and in your body. And figure Biden and radiating with that of the people around you're able to pick up on that. But once you sort of settle into your new level. Will say a fitness if you will it not going to happen. The same way global slowdown and it wouldn't go to the next week or whatever I'm you're like EPO. Okay it has this been going on her years and boom first sentiment at me with an eighty inch. And it's it's still going on such a kind of wondering. Into an animal. And then with a back in the near you and they are set to. Animal okay what would it mean to make sense that your body energy. Yet that it that it gets Owen and some time. I think animal and I feel like animal and and everything about it I feel that they are you where I feel that they are actually eat called spirit. I don't think they're beneath I think. I think they're actually above let them food chain does he although they come here to heal. They definitely can he'll act if you have an ongoing thing where you're vibrating all hot like that that. Probably half with an ongoing shift in your energy and you just may run high at that energy person. So beta like a curtain with AD do you make it to run high. I don't know. When your body and you can eat he told that that level. Audrey thanks so much for your call we appreciate you listening in calling him let's go to this is Terrell. In North Carolina Terrell welcome to the program. Okay thank you thank you take him at all. I borrow. A outspoken mega computer reading. Pete and don't vote. Slowing my daily diet. It's up to use on its in its whatever you wanna do. Believing it to work well where where there are things. Let's start to question dolce. Reading at a pattern really hot but streak in. Just wondered it's gonna continue. Wait bad. 2004. So that the good streak right that good yet and yet are all on checking of checking. Out I won't. Let me nor are they your name being on your birthday. Okay it's terrible. And that spilled but meteor or. And it's march 26. 1967. Well first. They make you agreed to make your looks weird to be doing well at the gauger not analyzing anything that going on. No. You're not analyzing anything you're just responding which is good at the very intuitive thing I've actually heal quick you. I don't really feel like you don't have a lot most of the time when you say you act on on a lucky street heard that straight. I feel like incomes you equally anyway. I think it more when you're having negative things happen that more people around you rather than what you're doing. So you're in and they're pretty good job back at you can follow what you wanna do anyway without. Worrying about what other people think I don't think it can be taken away from you know. That you're not listening to other people who you're looking to other people telling you not to do certain things. I think where it would stop but I don't see it stopping. You know for some recently a lot of trap coming up after the hour thank you think have been traveling a lot. OK Andre. Aren't silly you travel Ford Europe worked. There. You're traveling a lot. That the with a heel like me I also feel there's that connection and like Ireland and Scotland. And now Ireland what you are gonna go with pollen but you know what Ireland. Attila at the connection to Ireland that you and for summary and ideally you have. Like Stanley can actually merit very strange that much or are kicking out like that the light. I see that it didn't connect them in the fight through Ireland. I mean that not figured there but it that you're in great. Well my my let him and McCall. Think that it got our. Now that the dire and I was gonna go with cars. Okay protect act I mean I'm Obama I'm sorry iris not ours and get and he wouldn't seeing. Have for some reason I feel that the blue eyed getting the real strong image of grapes don't. People grey stone there family heritage and in particular they're like. Oh brother. Rocker I. I feel like we're up for it I can't secure berth somebody passed the pioneer burned out brother. Is that. Really directly quote your birth. Them. And they've been getting action bid. Extremely strained I'd much circuit but like the pop like. Meaning he connect to Ireland I'm getting a brother taken in the than actual great don't connect it can you. Interesting you might want to look into your amnesia or eat. Because of getting popping like right around the time you were born I want to call them my brother you think you would know what you had that obviously because people mention that kind of thing. I'm but I'm getting inaction and family history. Want to say are there at the net and brother brother was set so I'm thinking would somebody your family who passed the not yours at the beat somebody that would give mother father righted that on screen. I've your purse or in 1967. Was your whole family in the country at that time. Oh yeah. And play. Every single one of them to get something in connection over there I wanna go back over there with you. You may actually planned some kind of a trip where you travel to find and we hit me. On people bear where people are buried in that kind of saying I feel like you're gonna do that. Don't know why wanna say that you don't bother leave them behind that I'm seeing. Terrell thanks so much for your phone call we appreciate choose calling in. A slow to take a quick break when we come back we'll take more phone calls and of course we have more questions for you don't forget the website it's Sloan bella dot com is a lot of great information. If you visit the site Yemeni she checked out on the phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. You listen Jason NGV on the honor reel to reel him back after. Our style beholden to set a little bit of some ground rules here for readings anybody who wants to call with a reading. More making quick click a minute or so but if you wanna re engage Sloan in a very serious. Reading where she can actually work with you the way she likes to the best and do Sloan is having to go to the website is and how to set it up. Yeah that's great big a bit less error I get it not not to honor the compute you may contact. In the car I don't know what I do and pocket of people yeah. Through the cut it yet is the contact but he definitely. Perfect and we have information they're so let's go to Phoenix. The Phoenix is in Chicago and Phoenix hook into the show. I gave me heyday it's. I tell our hero. I'm good and I'm bed. My question and I just wanna. Throw in and disclaimer of sorts if you could plead not mention anything sensitive that health related on the air and appreciated. I was just wondering. Very quickly I used to be when I was very. And Mary. Two putted very powerful very centered and I helped lots of people are you reading her people and and seeing interact with staying at and I had a very. Kind of enlightened is to quote unquote life pass and I was following it. And I was you know I'll go with the flow and I lived I was conflict around with the people. And it was very profound and then percent read them out like the kind of popped off that track it becomes very. Mundane and materialistic and I'm quite miserable that surrounded by a lot of really toxic people. I'm almost fifty. My name is seen excited born in December 26 1968. And I'm just okay so am I am really confused how to get my life back on. The track where not only can I find joy and happiness that I can. Lived my sole purpose so that. Income is that second spot and it. Eerie term Billy used to. I can't collect early interesting because. First of all. I I know what you're saying about the income but of course on the planet like if you have a baby you grabbed my need to feed the baby and all your earlier about the fact that you don't have the money to feed the baby right by the then eat the baby. Unfortunately people and they'd be spiritual but the fact is. For some you agree that we ought to work a tape built constantly. Another reader that would have changed for you is because something in you. We needed to see the legal world what is it about the feeling when you were doing would be like you work in reading. There were something else that you were feeling you were meant thank you went in that direction to try to figure. Happiness that completely on you you have to hate to say that the people can that it. It not necessarily like it is not psychic but you have to choose to be happy so. You know I want our underground ridiculously smiling all day and being happy does not mean I am I Kirk and I am I take it on make it. Got her tell you work and it's the only thing you're gonna be able to do on the planet because you can't guarantee happiness every day because he happening I mean whatever happened to. Yeah I guess. And I hate it critics critics hold on peninsula sector will keep you through the break here but we do have to go to break a mobile pick up your call on the other side of the break iPhone numbers 8446877669. Gives us show you listen musician GB on the island and. He should visit her website it's more government dot com and if we're in the middle of a call. With Phoenix from Chicago so we're gonna pick it up with Phoenix is still there Phoenix. Okay great and Sloan you were in the middle so I can eventually go about it. And everybody waited target any specific information about my career I'd be really into. Well your career. Pat is still not decided yet by you I know you say you wanna go backward but I'm not mean that you you actually wanna go. Outback was back what you were doing both. Before. I feel like you're going to ship that energy that would seem to be a combination. Of Spain. And I actually for some reason skillet connected you. Giving other people information but not in the psychic then so I mean you don't say you are more that. And greet thirteen. And putting people on the correct past urban now. You may actually end up doing something that connected where Q being a bit your coach or somebody use that word really rightly or hate the court votes. By guiding people on their own paper that the wiping bend about the law within what it is you're supposed to be doing. Like life. Yeah but not a life coach like coach means like I'm talking specifically geared toward business. Or business or career out for other people are not are you might like like cattle are handled by. I've done my work my age you know whatever no I'm talking about that typically people that I am having trouble with that in my work where do I don't app where if he'll actually. Like your focus would be. And the most important nation paid to. So there's. Something that you are going to get covered it'll be about three months now you were thinking of taking that some sort of a court cracked. I'm considering going back to medical school but I can. Okay. There that you are. We can take some other kind of course bad Matt but they give Billy you're going to do that within three months and already come up and three month. I. Phoenix thanks so much for the call I hope that helped out let's go to. Anna in Missouri. Eight and a welcome to the program you're on beyond reality radio would Sloan bell. Oh wow thank you I told him on TV I want to show them I art Mario. All pretty gain in all jittery. And I think you don't need to yeah well it excitement. Only this isn't the first time I've ever on this radio show and I had seen it before there was interest so it and I convenient and listening tour talked she made me feel so lost crazy. That's a good to act on what the president and the good thing you act like it like being crazy around for a house. Well being crazy Turkey where there's a way. It does doesn't it moved into. Being crazy doesn't it make you the weirdo. As citizen and people just avoid yeah Diebler avoiding use it well whatever normal off. I can't the I was born September 3 1971. And my question is. I have a lot of residents in my life. I was very interest in what is it about being genetic totally floored me. And 1976. Before my little brother passed with leukemia. Doing that can dying I told my dad. And he's just such we do that. My brother John was murdered in 2011. And I've been very thorough ever since. Ended very biting them right out there. You've got what I'm. She said she was distraught she's been distraught or percent. There are High Court. And then. They kill me of course it's from all the trauma I didn't and surviving. Not getting killed and such like set. The other day I was very wound up and I was talking about it and I'm still very upset and I swear I wouldn't say I'm sorry sister. And I'm just wondering. Let him. I'm a part of what you heard it. And I proved that he's now with the setback that you heard it I will say that you heard it just the past week. Because where you were coming up on OK what were coming up on our old movie in the lunar eclipse. That bailed between the other side irked at very and during that time that is the timeframe that you would hurt your that your ability to open up again. So I definitely feel like it was him there's no way you would have heard it and we need to act which you question it helped me that you're not crazy. We get that you were Craig he had to take it what it was that you yeah I believe you know with him. Yes I when I heard it it's like saying you. And all of a sudden some of that pain in my heart lifted. And okay so what why are you not are saying that because that's not logical thing you. More or less it's not logical. Position were around me that our. Important to me. By the same time. I've always been outside everything. And when you were talking about the vibrations. They're so true. I can totally in line and they don't like being called apple have or all of war. Firmer and a scripts and so when anybody does no good. They don't call me. That that he and that but what he what you are what I cried the ability that you're describing need your what I would call a friend again. I wouldn't and that is when IT tech firm. How being like a professional like it carper and that the work for it even include the trend is. That person who has whatever career they haven't lived their life however they live it. But it sensitive to the energy around them and can pick it up and include all things. Like right you don't like it picking up IT information picking up medium ship but they're sensitive to the environment. So they are even a little bit step. A little bit more and that the banning him. And they pick up a lot of things around them but they can't quite a their finger on that they would never call themselves professional. And that they are at it and it meant that the word that you forgot that I would call Leo actually. All all you can see I can sometimes don't get so now. Sometimes I get an emotion and sometimes I do it just. A feeling of last year or anger. And sometimes there are certain places them like no not one there. Golden at. And that your and adapt the actual. Quote technical term sport is being there and get. That's what you are that you did it in late and turn it didn't work. I equally bad did in your environments. And it incompetent all of the ability and their heightened. Level of awareness of the world around GO. Pitching hand kind of in Q at any given time that's what you do and I don't believe that a 100%. Yes thank you for the call and we have to move Armon run out of time here we wanna go to Victoria in Wisconsin. Victory welcome to the show you're on the Sloan bella. Hello everybody my death I can't and the cash and loan thank you for your you know night and everything. So far everything anchored the evening and very inspiring and and definitely I definitely agree with a lot of things that you have pointed out comment on it out Ben. And hand him my surroundings and I do feel like I have a lot of intuition. So I was just basically at morning look at it you can see it and any insight the this year our means and also if you can tell me if there's anything. That might explain economy because there are huge part of my life and huge part of why Miley it is deleted. Them. Right you're at the top people okay first I have your birthday on your name your name in your purse increase that I happen quickly. OK Victoria. And my birthday is eight and 1480 Q. I'm ready you're at your the birthday before mine and make fifteen but not near here you're lucky you're young ones are right. Oh. Your baby okay. Now at what you're asking. Okay really. Into them. That they're projecting Ari you seem to have. Okay there's they're that bit about. There's a bit of a healer in your nature and a savior in your nature and by that I mean like anything weirdly religion without it between you tend to want to say they look conjure. You can't actually they're kissing something. That didn't get trapped and that has a lot to do that what you're dealing with your animal with everything around you can do what was everybody and everything. This coming this coming year coming up in you. It can really interest and became a lot of changes. And the children that are coming in from about the end of April aren't true kill object probably right around your birthday not the week before. So I feel pipes. You were. Different weird I'm bad that they that you're not married cracked. Cracked. OK I feel like you are. Are beating you who wore. Love in your lights that the very strange thing that they had you know let Japan run over him are. Gionta plagued by I feel like you're at or beating you so there's that connection between what you're doing with your animal right now one in particular you have one. I'm sure you have more but you have one little thought that the light colored say right tackle the white color played. Unfortunately I do Nat. Okay I I did so where I'm getting to the way in the late and I love Atlanta Doug you about it. Do you have it would have you had recently you have not had recently a little dog with a white space. I have not I have gotten recently at fundraisers that I visited dot with the white face at a shelter. Are you thinking of getting amber or being let him. Now I can't have had to rent and buy it I banged keeping and I and and his situation. OK I am wondering if the man that adopt the Morris with him. And that being in a relationship with you know. I am very odd because I mean would I anchored morning here. No I am not there yet are grass. You're not merit re not married and engaged in my height of her. Group. Who noted I don't I don't leaving him I mean it is. I'm gonna I'm in here and that can mean anything I mean I could I could have I can definitely nano now now what about your op opt out app. Not because their connection to. Animal. Which you ask. And marriage. What is back in action it coming through this year. Right now you're totally getting my main thing that had been going on in my mind so. Is that I've been doing a lot of recently had been getting anti animal finery and others. That support our local animal charity in the shelter room and society at and I have been also having married on my mind a lot because. You've been together for so long and I've just been putting. For personal reasons. But I've been having married a membrane literally played today. I didn't get them seeing the animal and that marriage and pack it in the coming year. I mean you're like yeah animals have been a legion to getting married so I don't your bandwidth hurt it or not without my Philip actions that way. And I would you I little in networking. I do I feel hope that that kidney late so there till late in my heart. Belichick connections have been hunting that are very dear to me so I can see where you're coming from what that. Yeah I keep thinking about I want to say I knew you were married side out like the animal would be being in the married do you see the little white a dog right there. Don't know why I wanna say that but I don't really keep getting adopted out immaculate he it. I didn't really grow up a lot of white guys say well a lot of dog bite bases. But it could be carried them all credit. No I'm talking about the one that you were looking at the seltzer. And a shopping yet he had a little light days. But I let them running and acting in many times and they can't have that here I I'd actually but he sitting there nobody yelled at adopted them yet cracked. Great he is he was not. Victoria thank you for the call we have to move on I'm sorry we're gonna take one more call I think that's all we have time for. This is low line yeah I believe in Missouri Gilani and welcome to show. Hi it's slowing him but saris are welcomed the program. I casing Davies and have to give a shout out told attack really minions and there. I'm. And they're talking all out tonight for some reason ancient Arabic yet. We we don't have a lot of times a good idea how to slow him. And pulling at my name November 30 1974. My pension is my father. I'm passed about five years ago. Poland but obviously my heart. Income and manner in which he'd parents didn't want her cleared. Somewhat suspicious. Okay. Well that really not good. The idea that being somewhat better. Okay cool and give me your dad or in. Guinea. Food. Okay you've they had to say that because they didn't give you a specific answer as to how old he passed by. They didn't tell you what was in his body that I get that I actually yet. Bet you pat. Maybe the way that I CNET I Sheila has something to do with what he injected in his body. It did not mention this term to mean they do right right. And we know what they do but I'm thinking they tell you what is in the body but I feel like he actually pass. From something in the body like actually did Jack is something he talked or something that went inside the body. I think I had a part certainly having no issue with that irony. That but I always felt they effect it was a heart attack. Eighty calorie counting would be no one for taking up the electric company in just what I'm I don't mean like in the body like oh he had a heart attack I mean something or something was in his body. And back aren't the problem that I like Felix. That's what I felt as well. I am a person that the two with ten to kind gave four different description on how we pass. I hate to do this week I'm sorry to do I it's we'll likely only acted on it like elect Barack here your we have about thirty seconds left so I just wanna make sure you know that we've got thirty substance. I I you or your actor it. I'm by I feel like I wanna say you that you don't have to worry about it. Right now I feel like you still like it really bothered you still cry about it is still upset you need to stop doing that. Thank you for the call land him sir we didn't have more time for you that's that's kind of a heart wrenching way to end the the discussion here. Sloan and thank you for being on the program we just simply ran at a time we're going to have to have you back. Dolan called me up hit me up okay thank you. It's just beyond reality radio will be right back to wrap things up don't. I don't forget to visit her website it's just Sloan bella dot com it's a great resource lot of great information there are ways to contact her in tomorrow night is a best of lake every Fridays to make she tune in and make she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com final associations we Aaron across the country get free iPhone and android app. And if you listen this shows you download at half from iTunes or reduce favor rated forests that helps push show Ford makes it easier for people to find this gonna do for myself NGV everybody have a great night seal soup and. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell incidents with. It's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You know start going don't finish in the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will purchase most hope that she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you like to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.