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Film maker Adam Green & Psyhic/Medium Debra Houseman

Mar 21, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Film maker Adam Green about his work including Frozen, and the Hatchet series as well as his TV sitcom - Holliston. The Psychic/Medium Debra Houseman joins the program and takes listeners calls for readings and consultations. 3/21/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. There are. Let's go all those many years so warm between what going to be unreal you review myself just because it was awesome javy jokes so in this summer we're gonna try we're gonna do an experiment you know how they say lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Yeah it's in Iraq. All we're gonna put you on a field during several storms and just see because these snowstorms keep striking you in the same darn place. I suspect that whole lightning rule wouldn't apply to you you'd be struck several directly now I feel that might feel bad for everybody but this is this is the fourth. Big nor'easter. That's going to be hitting us in the three weeks. Yeah it's crazy it's march it's strange it's spring as of today we've gotten that in usually that's February the early February but by this time it's it's united it's it's all said and done by. This will be the fourth they've already canceled all our schools. So our kids are all home tomorrow. There are sending out all these messages about prepare for me to power did you go to and say the chat room has an over and under going on when you lose power and on and on who's gonna who's keeping track of the battle I'm I'm probably guaranteeing that will lose power because there's talking 67 mile an hour winds and paste special in my area so it's just I cannot win this year and this winter needs to be over yeah. Just made it never needs to compact via it's been a long it's been long and hard enough and it's gonna stop. Exactly sell but everybody welcome to be on reality radio and they haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page source and head to beyond reality radio dot com. We can download the free iPhone and android app you can also find all the stations we arrow cross country. And you can listen right to from the website as well. Yes we've got to another interest in schedule change things just kind of been a juggling this week but this is kind of it's kind of cool. Tonight we've got two guests and the second part of our show will be Debra Houseman is a psychic medium she's been on the program before and she will be taking calls and doing readings during the program. So you're gonna wanna be prepared if you wanna have a psychic reading over the phone Debra we've prepared do that she didn't ask them if they choose on the show. She she cheated readings stuff to yourself. I'll be doing that and then the first part of the program was originally going to be Jody dean we've moved him to tomorrow night to be on the same program as Craig nearing. On the inside we have Adam green coming on the program he is an American screenwriter or director or producer and an actor he's one of the most. On sought after up and coming. Horror directors and he's got a couple new projects out that we're going to talk about on get a little feel for what his work what he what he's up to in his work. And I'm really excited them on the program and Adams to scurried he's. Originally a Boston guy. And you know now it Elway in him but he makes a lot of great movies are like a accuracy and for me that movie frozen. Which was it was a phenomenal movie yeah it was terror taught him a really good idea and signing dynasties are good friends as well so we're looking forward. Yet there's going to be a great conversation hopefully we will squeeze in a few phone calls for Adam as well sir if you've got questions. You wanna talk to Adam green it's 8446877669. Will be bringing him on after our break just couple minutes. So want to bring up something all right so. Steven Stephen Hawking of course she passed away last week arm but before he passed away he had literally. Hadn't hit two weeks before his death. He submitted a mind melting melting paper arm parallel universe really Jonas. Worries Stephen Hawking submitted the final version of his latest scientific paper just two weeks before he died. It leaves that and a theoretical ground work for discovering a parallel universe. Welcome to passed away Wednesday last Wednesday at age 76 was co authored two mathematical paper which seeks to proof of the multi first theory. Which. Claimed the existence of many universe is other than our own the paper called a smooth exit from external inflation. Had its latest revision approved on March 4 ten days before Hawkins passed arm. In this website AR XIAG dot org which Cornell University website. Which tracks scientific papers before there published has a record of paper including the march 2018 update. According to the Sunday Times the contents of paper sets out. The mathematics necessary for a deep space probe to collect evidence which might prove that other universe is exist while. I mean that's obviously unit we know Stephen Hawking did a lot of work in regards to this on had a lot of series in regards this one of the most brilliant minds that that you know has ever. Benin science. And the it'll be interesting to see as technology catches up to his ideas of what actually comes of at all. When you worried that a lot of this gets lost in time and in the future but now. The highly theoretical work hooked up resist that evidence of the multi forest should be measurable in background radiation dating to the beginning of time. This in turn could be measured by deep space probe. With that right sensors on board. Yeah this is great stuff and you know Stephen Hawking will be missed for sure. But as I worked all his work will live on forever this is the type of thing that you were still talking about Albert Einstein's work and we'll be talking about Stephen Hawking. It's worked for for many many years many decades to come. We're just amazing things and just it's amazing things he also left our. He's just he's going to be remembered as one of the greatest minds reverse. Many recipes yeah absolutely Tom are sick break when we come back we'll bring Adam green into the program again if you have questions for Adam 8446877669. If you've seen any of his films and overs work. To forgives call. Listen and Jason junior yeah. Show the Jason on TV talk to her phone numbers speak for her 687766. And would love to have you can't be part of our discussion tonight. Again we've got two guests on tonight we're gonna start the program with Adam green Adam is an American screenwriter or director or producer and an actor. And that just basically scratched the surface of the work that at as Adam has done so let's the springer guest an Adam green welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on tonight. It I'm looking forward to talk with yeah. So Adam first all your website of the work you've done is Arie scope dot com. On you've got a lot of stuff going on to let's start the discussion by talking about this most recent film release Victor Crowley tell us about the film. I know it's the fourth and a series of films told us about the series a little bit and give us an idea of what people can expect if they go check it out. Well Victor Crowley is the force. Film and passes franchise. And you know it was originally just supposed to be Priest Holmes. And the first street sounds I'll start and stop on the same frame that the previous one ended on. And that was going to be hit by it life as a way of kind of throwing curveball that you and it's at convention in 2015. George Romero ended up giving you this big pep talk on why I can't stop making cuts in movies and why we need them and it is seed Georgia as a very funny guy I don't know if a lot of people realize that based on how. How it's scary a lot of his work was. But it is pointless that Patrick movies are very funny. And we need to laugh and they're just there isn't a part of that in horror especially when the first patsy came out. It was in the military thousands went. Everything that like torture porn and remakes and it was just very mean spirited and so I came along and was was funny yet. By court by torture porn you you're talking in my movies like hostile right those types of things. Yeah although I. I usually defend hospital and the original stock I especially the results I don't think. The original size anything like this people that came after it and and I think there's a place for all of it I think we you know we need movies like that because there aren't third reflection of the times that means. We are watching journalists being beheaded on the Internet and that was the reaction to it. But I just. I didn't get in the heart because I wanted to. Watch people suffer for ninety minutes or see women B raped third animals get apparently I I used to be far. In the eighties when you had Freddy Krueger and Michael Meyer isn't. Jason Gore he's in EU left the theater. Having had a blast. And that's what I was trying to bring back again and thankfully. Even though has it was a very small independent movie it. If caption an audience around the world and now you're rearm on the fourth one and the torrent. A lot of people they're saying it's their favorite and it I think it's because I kinda got hit the reset button and bring back. Almost one of the first one to like I was saying that the first three films are really one long movie so it's got a beginning middle and an end. But now getting to start over again with new characters and really amp up the comedy again. I did that's four within this past fall about I think it's latent 57. Cities is something Europe and four countries. And curing the audiences laugh the way they did it was. It was great and in Georgia is right and I'm glad I listen to ones that he passed away before he got to see it. George four like you said all the work that he did knees so well known for his horror work but every time you saw George hit a gigantic smile. Yeah absolutely and a lot of people don't realize he was. Not just the godfather of zombies is the godfather of independent cinema. Miki did it first and if it wasn't afraid and I I don't know if guys like you would even be doing. But we didn't have like the hopes so but he definitely pave the way. So when you set out to make the hatchet films starting with the first one obviously. An and it was completed and then you saw a number two number three did you sit back and then feel like you accomplish what you set out to do. I wish I concede. Yet. In some ways. Yes I I think the fact that we made it to the end of that trilogy it was a great feeling. By he and no matter what you always looking your own words and all you can see is is what you didn't get to do you hit it. Only limitations within independent movie budget in time and the go into this big grand scheme and it's not like you don't know how to accomplish that plays. If you need let's say thirty days to get something and they get the patent as well. You do the best that you can I've just been buried last. To be surrounded by an amazing group of people that have stuck with me some of them for twenty years now this is the twentieth year for years ago. So. No matter how much bigger they get in the bigger things that they don't want to pay a bill always come back. No matter what they're getting paid or what devices and that is not something you really see anywhere else. When it comes to evict the Victor Crowley film which has been received so very very well. And I got to see a premiere of it in Nashville one of those one of the presentation she did it a horror convention was very very impressed by the film but it was also. Very very impressed by the cast he worked with some really cool people in that movie. Yeah they give action movies are seven known firms bringing. A lot of these horror icons back to the front again and I chest and a cameo role. And they've given people like. Like Tony Todd news people look candy man or came hotter than most people there was Jason. Or nets won the Pulitzer rose who people knew as a child and sleep away camp. It gives them a chance to really show what they can do by giving them really great funny roles that they can sink their teeth into. It which is something that I carried over in my six armed policy. It wasn't for policy and a lot of those actors would never get the chance to act in a multi camera sitcom with a laugh track in the whole thing so. I really taken a lot of joy and providing. Good roles for these people I also try to round up the cast swift it comedians as well. So and Victor Crowley's John Ray who people know from and America and the new mysteries science beard. And our Brian Quinn cue from a practical jokers. He was just a really big patch it and and I was a big practical jokers and so what I found out I was like. I write a roll form. And he was a little skeptical he would never really acted before I I wrote basically. Him as the party and I only had to do with being natural thankfully he's very comfortable in front of the camera. Such an upgrade. Yeah and that was the I think the cast member that took me by just by surprise most and he did a great job in the film plus he's so well known in practical Joker such a big hit so it was really cool to see him in that film. Armed we've got a couple minutes or before it to jump in a break and we keep peace through the break and he got a couple more questions. I wanna talk to you about frozen Jason we're talking about the movie frozen before the break great film. Would you answer would you consider pork. Yes I would deathly consider frozen or I think it'd falls more along the lines of a thriller. Mainly because it's not necessarily. Violence it's nine dealing with anything supernatural. Or jumps scares. It's that the members is nature. Survival. Thriller and it's it's my personal favorite of all the things they've done it is by far the hardest movie to make. Because I I think the reason why it's so effective. Is because we didn't do anything on it sounds staged or against the green screen there with CGI and the actors and the crew were really out there. We shot it and a mountain of snow basin in Eden Utah. And it takes place in Massachusetts this story that you can't really trust the weather and Massachusetts. Although I guess this year we can counter and helps. And yet we were at 101000 feet and dangling fifty feet in the air and it shows. So as an audience member you really feel it I mean they heard they were really treating its. So it's. I I'm just again I'm just lucky that. I've always been able to attract such great people to these projects we know actors were so committed and they never complained wants no matter what they had to go after. And you're talking people like. She'll Nash Mora went on he would he did the following it Kevin Bacon and an X-Men and so forth and I'm a belt from the Walking Dead the list goes on and on so. Into some great people but that truly was just a phenomenal movie it was I watched it on a plane ride. I had not Tillman episode a ghost hunters. Off Steve's recommendation and I was I was just blown away. Thank you very much that was about president actually have a belt first real movie. In the credits it says and introducing. And about Sheila is the very first person. To audition not just for that role but for the entire movies and practice in peace was the monologue. About her concern that her dog is gonna start to doubt that home because no one's gonna know that she's dead. And at the time she was finished. I was crying the casting director was crying I was like this is the Karl. And of course the producers being producers were like you can't cast the first person walked in the door you got. That is sitting five more weeks and perhaps a 120 more actresses. And ultimately analysts about the part and then I guess frank Paramount something in her when he saw the movie and Caster marking yet. Smart Smart are so we're gonna take a break a lot more to come on the phone numbers 8446877. 669 again eat for 4687. 7669. Loosened Jason GB. Beyond really revealed will be back after this. Tonight we're talking. At M I have as a director producer writer got some great films like frozen. No not the Disney frozen this is a completely different don't sit down with your kids go watch this throat and froze the UK and if they'll never wanna go on this trip is trickier guarantee that if you wanted to ski ever in their life we don't wanna watch this faux film first. A little bit later in the program we have Debra Hauser and joining us she's a psychic medium who will be taking your phone calls for readings. And consultations with Deborah that's coming up in just a little bit the phone numbers 8446877669. At a Mets that's probably something you get. A lot of confusion on this difference between your frozen and the Disney frozen. Yeah I think it's one of the greatest things that could've happened is I think it is anyone's seen now what 34 years after mine and I can't tell you how many Paris has mistakenly. And how many kids here are gonna need therapy when they get all of their. But some of my favorite things diplomat says that people may on YouTube or this one person commit a musical out of my pros and I mean some of these fans they're just there's so creatives and the work that they do is is phenomenal and so I. He can't all the words so whenever it's. Somebody says a why didn't you do something about better couldn't you stop Disney's lake which we are you kidding placate its notebook topic did anyway. But you can't all the words so I think it's great that there's the two and I've I've probably been seen more because it. Yeah I just gonna say you probably got the benefit of that confusion a little bit. And he'll take it right that's not a bad thing oh lets you mentioned that you mentioned policy in before he went to break. That's the name of your sitcom. Lot of people don't realize that you actually starred her starring in a sitcom tell us about policy and what it's what it's about and what the deal is what. Policy and is. Yet everyone has like that's saying that they come to Los Angeles or come to Hollywood for end. Policy and was the main reason why I'm even out here it is it's. I'm most passionate passing projects in the woman they care about the most and it's it's a traditional sitcom. Just like Big Bang theory or friends but it's geared towards younger fans and let it makes it really Egypt is that. Normally. Park fans are depicted as the sidekick or a sight gag they're not the main characters and they show. Really shows how part stands. Have the same feeling everybody else has it anybody understands what it's like to have doors slammed in your face constantly or be told no or not get the girl. It's not. And there's so it's it's very funny that a lot of heart that we also are kind of self aware that were honest they can't really break the fourth law. Every now and then or every one of everybody's favorite. Parts of any movie or TV show is seeing the outtakes and gag reel so the politicians sometimes will leave the mistakes and if they're funny. And it's it's it's really. It's incredible how it's become. It's one of the biggest things. That I've made even though it was so hard to find when it was actually. On TV it was on channel called fearing that which was supposed to be carried in 76 million homes when we agreed. So let the licensed the show. They ended up being carried in about six homes. I also was very hard to fire invades. People have their ways and now that it's out on dvd and Blu-ray people have really been finding it. And unfortunately. Rate as we had a third he's been ordered one apartment they cast members passed away. In fact this Friday will be four years since we lost they've rocky. Who some people know is voters or I guess from the parent guar. He played the same character motorists. As my imaginary Italy or France. Who have been my closet and gave me. Terrible terrible advice. And so after that fear that was dissolved and so it's just we have to wait a little bit and make sure we have all the rights back. And now that hopefully the next saying I'm gonna do is season three pieces there's like except there's nothing I care about more. That's so project at the fans want the most and so it just figuring out exactly the right way to do it which now they it's just gotten. The whole landscape is different nobody's really watching things on TV they watch it when they want to want to sit there watch it on the man mistreatment. So it's. It's a whole new world. You have some great talent in that I've I've seen all the episodes actually and down you know in addition to Dave who sadly and tragically. There's no longer with this but Dee Snider is also part of the cast that's a lot of fun. Yet he is fantastic and sees it's you know it's something I think he only would have done for me these these almost like. Guess second father to me in a lot of ways. I grew up idolizing him and that's how the fact that we became friends and it's it's 22 on this story says it's well here now but it. The fact that he's basically making fun of himself. It is character on the show is being the plants rocket with UT's. And he is he's 54 year old man who has the lead singer and a Van Halen tribute band. Who's still think he's gonna make it can be Iraq started knows he's an older guy to cover bad. And he comes to work every day and the fault slaps with all of makeup line and spandex pants and these ridiculous outfit. And you're you're making fun of what he's known for and the fact that he is willing to do that his. It's just make it that much funny here and it's it's so cool he's so great on the show. So and that's that's really the spirit that show every character. Dreamed of being something more than what they are they all have they aspirations whether it's myself and Joseph Mensa wanna be part directors. Or bar who wants to be. A famous artists third or. And as we know when you go for it. It's a lot. Disappointment and in at this because it doesn't happen for all and I think that's where it. And it really gravitated to it that show they see themselves and it and it gives them inspiration. Not to give up. Pushing got a little Rachel Ross thing going on between you and another one of the characters which prides that romantic kind of question mark ruffle thing. Yeah myself and Corey that's all based on my real life my childhood. Sweetheart I was with heard 67 years. That was read at all sort of stems from and it's funny a good friend of mine at the son who's only fifteen electors first break up right now. Pastor and explain to him that. In light will go on and what doesn't seem like it right now and someday you might find yourself the making TV shows about this are also exists. It's called on and try to get through it but that's another thing that everybody can relate electing to bat first break up is the worst in the and you never really did get over it. You've got a lot of a lot of other things going on if if you go to the website its periscope dot com on you've got. These shorts of these mini certainly sure what you call Mike scary sleep over horrified tell us a little bit about what those are. Believe in the past few years we've really made Erica dot com and through destination site with original programming every week. So there's shows like seriously over which are different. Congress celebrities having a slumber party with me here at the studio. And we've had everybody from. Can potter and he's tired of slash and say hey and to see these stars in one season and pajamas and sleeping bags on the floor acting like little kids. It's really really funny. There's also a top heart because when I ask them what they're really scared of real life their answers are very genuine and very heartfelt. And it's not things flights. I'm afraid of heights or spiders and people really get. They've really opened up. And then we have a so called horrified. Which is artists sharing real life. Or stories whether it an actual traumatic embarrassment from their past. Or almost being molested. That the fond of that show is you don't know what you're gonna get and sometimes it is it's truly truly horrifying upsetting and sometimes it's really fun. And then we have over a hundred different short films that we make we've been making Halloween sort sounds every year this is going to be your twentieth year. There's there's tons and tons of free content on there. One of the things have got to say because I've I've watched a much of the scary sleep overs as I think they Jason Hawes javy Johnson episode of scary sleep over might be a lot of fun. Well I'm I got it I. You once he right Jerry you're gonna want to Wear. Should do it and we. Hunt displacement goes after it is this place has been taunted. For awhile now there was like a cop in that we needed her movie a big helping of Tamara. And when the art director went to pick it up from this guy. We were supposed to just rent it and the guy was pouring sweat and he was so nervous and he said just get it out here in the cheese like almost like oh he's he's like nothing just take it. And she's like wonder why bring it back she's like do not bring it back here and so I was like eight guys free cup in business grade. And of course the rest of my crew is like did you open it but what's in there and chocolate is smaller than the one that was then there there was nothing hidden there. But it we were hurt surrogate year after that play just nothing but bad Lockett awful things happening. So finally my mother convinced me when he moved back carpet outside. And such outside and it's for sale papers. It was screen is standing up to marrow and they can offer and you do not want to profit but that would be totally fine to do it goes on here there is go. Sounds like that have. Receive entry of policy in. Something up my sleeves that hopefully. Hopefully cause and and speed enjoy it's work. This is gonna say we definitely had a talk with Steve give him up there to have it checked and I'll put that. Sounds awesome man game. So what else he must have stuff from the pipe forms and I know that you're you're working on season three Hollis and hopefully that'll come to fruition at some point soon but in the outs in the pipeline. Yeah there's I projects that are working on for eight years now with Chris Columbus Crew everyone knows from being Harry Potter movies and Kremlin and Sunnis in a long. I can't killer sheep and it's based on eight popular children's book and it's about a kid who gets a summer job at a pizza place and then. I doubt it's actually a Covert monster hunting organization. And so it was a huge budget movies that I've broken that was supposed to direct trend GM back in 2010. Right after further. And as things go studio movies it's just kept getting held up and held up and so eventually we got the right back and I redevelop it for television. So last year resold it and I'm not allowed to fail to let studio yet hasn't hasn't been announced. But hopefully in the next. No holes in the next two months there should be an announcement about back. I'm but I think that that's series if it really does go you never know what this I think that that's going to be something that people are really really well. Awesome now your website again is Arie scope dot com all this stuff is very confined ways to buy the hatchet films you can find. Hollis and dvds Blu-ray is you can find the shorts that you're talking about anything a joint let people know about. No I think it's I think though how when you watch the stock if you watch this stuff I just I hope it makes you happy that's. I think that's my purpose here and he gets so caught up in the a Hollywood saying in any money in the other all the the DS and I think. Looking back at these first one ears of the body might work at it makes people happy and that's. That's the best they can hope for cycle makes you laugh and in Gielgud and it's like not giving up everybody's so quick to tell you know fortunately the odds. I'm telling you is that kids from also Massachusetts who came from nothing. You you can't. And one just word of caution if you go to the website you watch some of these things some of these things you might seat images of this hairy beast. That you call our win. That I think that my dog are going through his infinitely more famous than I am at this point get their own cult. And there actually plots are win doll's coming out this summer. You expand demands but Arlen is quite the celebrity. And is the real stars series sweep. Right Adam's sake so much for joining us and it was last minute we appreciate you coming on. Thank you so much rather than. Animal talks and so have a great night. OK again the website is Arie scope dot com it's filmmaker Adam green yacht check out his stuff yeah Adams it's such an. So aren't so we're in to take a break in more calmer we're gonna get our other guests on now so. Are the phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. Newest images. Javy Leon really really. The reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare a con. Dot com check it out. Turner. Thanks to for joining us in the first part of the program. Our next guest is Debra Hauser and returning guests of the show psychic medium will be discussing her guests plus I will be taking your calls at 844687766. And we know people love. To have our readings and and kind of get a glimpse into what's going on in their spirit connections and behind the scenes and never has been jumper that. You oyster. Might go on any detail that reportedly telling me anything about me I don't even know but I got. About everybody else. Welcome to the showed ever. I howry and thanks again Rebecca well thank you for having me and now I want to read your post I promise. Thank you what do you know he's been on the program last game he did he can't see that's good right yeah actually it's wonderful it's unacceptable for a week. Yeah. I hardly get any kind she herself which is if you're challenged. You know she had an ordinary people they continually helping other people. And I too would be reading your show listening to her traveling so basically I need to enjoy what I do and I'm hoping that people calling it seeding for the popular cop who feel. I just wanted to be a little specific. When they do offer that they can just get right what they want. OK so when they call what exactly do you wanna hear from them. You know it's kind of funny because I do to quote coming out of radio shows. Athletic training camp deflate just say coming to Korea particulate and I'm having kept you from financial issues going on. Once in just to be right for the area where they want to without comment because plane or a lot also shortened to like just like it Simmons. Instead of me trying to guess what's going on at that moment. Or some people have relationship problems they need mommy to connect with the other night and I had no issues with that. But just you know lead me to bring you want me to cop don't come into which India information pumping up with the answer. Can't see you don't want them to can't say hey what's going on with meat every one of the call and say hey I'm having a relationship problem can you tell me what but my future looks like. And it released a. And happily in in the peak of one night completing the person. RAI and you know I just wanted to sit there. I do is start reading them and of course it's you know it's a little bit different when you feel that the energy in the room but they do a lot of phone greeting well. Phil went and turned on ratings I try to kick a little bit of everything but I blank and picking at me if you question. And don't hesitate because they take just go anywhere they want me to come out. OK and just so people know we're lining up calls now. I'm but we'll start taking those calls after our top of the hour breaks of the numbers 8446877669. Deborah I'm not mistaken you are were down to Florida right that's that's where you have. I am burned down in Florida and I'm lucky to be here tonight because we had a very KP it's normal route here. And we just for talent and it just came back a little while ago and now I'm sending my pick whether at CU is just you know the form of the. Slow slowdown area is the last four weeks and in the last three weeks we've gotten for no nor'easter is up and SGB I have literally lost power for a total of twelve days to. And in now we have another one heading a Smart I don't need any more taken back. And finally it and consequential things it's so funny. Every time we get that a cold front comes into us and then it just turned around but right at the Atlantic execute and that's quite the amateur thicker but this element Florida. Yeah yeah who are just what to get the phone number is 8446877669. Lineup the calls for their brows and I were to take a quick break more to come to listen as Jason GDP on how it. This person. So are chasing us and results and Stevie Johnson tomorrow night we've got another back to back guest situation starting the program with Jody dean Jody was going to be on tonight we've had a bit of a shuffle going on Jodie is a paranormal investigator. Also warlock and an impasse and we took discussing the haunted doll that Jodie bought from a garage sale recently. And also talk about using witchcraft. To fuel paranormal investigations and I'm very curious about that because you know the reason we had somebody on the program. That used to things like putting a gun to their head. You trust provoke. Extremes yeah Adams from curious as to how this'll work that the first of the program. Yet but any one thing you just commensurate Ian ever by adults flea market yards on anything like that started off. And the second second half we've got Craig and nearing on officer and founder of fox valley ghost hunters will be discussing his book Wisconsin's most wanted to. And and listen in on two different locations of their so Amaechi to and it's immigration. And finally to round out the week before the best of our Friday series and it Ronald Murphy junior it was a cryptic zoologist. Will be a join us to discuss up portals in zoo forms. Who form some form staff a subpoena it is tonight we're hockey wins Deborah Houseman during the second part of our program endeavor is a psychic medium she's been on the program before aren't going to be taking your calls and your readings I know we have full fall mines Reynoso if you're trying to get through. Just be patient eventually will be able to get through and talked ever. Her its own and yeah. Phone number 8446877669. To see him all right so I and the training and all of us they're. It's my pleasure to in nineteen and its attorneys say who went to college paid his price spears stopped. It it's not a mistake on my and appreciate your communicate with me. Well I'm just saying that this this this guy bought. The doll and I guess our problems with it and we and we've seen other things are people buying tells me today in -- supposedly turn appointed and so for a. Do innate and it's actually story behind the one that I bought and then attract is somebody that you personally know who has the easiest stop. But I'm an attorney something she sits in the room and she talks mean and I think around during my reading. And it's interesting how people enjoy having her sit there. I I wouldn't I really I wouldn't trust it. I just don't be an honest about it revenues shoot that. Ever listened to take a few phone calls to the lines are full wanna open up that area into the so let's start. With Mary in Denver he merry welcome to be on reality radio great to have beyond. I guys let me show. And I'm quite tightly my has been very at all and we know he's gonna pass pretty soon. And I've been pretty nuts calls out to that the universe where someone can help him when the time cops and then recently. Have a little kitten. And uncertainly because Mike will be looking behind me in this should be kind of freaking collar. You know or symptoms subpoena room all by herself and just looking up and yelling and I'm wondering if somebody. Here. You know it's interesting and mauled. I have to feed his dairy fairy thinking. What can protect had a dog. They'll be Cushing had been calling up to the heavens to Christian calling upon nationalities because it is on his way to pass yet correct. And of course we have no idea when that is. The only if they only god knows the man upstairs to her but yes the kitten is there and it is period there from. The key to nine and it is cheap to very comforting her police increasing. It's not gonna hurt my cap. It's not gonna hurt your. He had no idea in your round encourage you except if he what you combing through. You know when you don't go to definite seen death right now issue has been at home with you yes so he can cure him cares how. I'm hospice eight. The department and met a wonderful thing okay and again we don't really know what's going on it and like you really pick up except timing and it's going to be. The police embrace with him and put on him it'll only if he's he's okay that. Deep deep yet picking up any idea who it's coming out there who hear what he's accepted I am picking up somebody I am picking up a female. Now did you commute his mom or create political pickle cram. Well OPEC in the the doctor Conrad keep that and again get bookmark if it is when I am picking up Mary basically I feel that Cummins and communicating. With them and that could be a OK so would cease comic mentioning her means to you. You don't think he's going to give credit to cross self. I'm looking into it and if nineties he had ample sorry that you have to go through different prefer you all have to hit them. Well quick note that it will be comforting to know if you start seeing picnic in the name. They don't notice that the light is the latest waiting appreciate. Our votes yes thank you thank him yes thank you Mary for the call. And I just mentioned. You know I don't not everybody subscribes to the same series but our guest last night Barry Eaton was talking about the afterlife and what a beautiful place it is and I'm sure. To ever use with the communication you can idea on the other side you know that the afterlife is actually a very comforting place. They do milk because I think there. Because I tied second ranking entering. That's right you have didn't had a death experience. Can you have a death experience I think is near task and they PP how comforting the once communication with a couple of people. Kind of it kind of brings comfort from them off. Yeah let's talk about that and a few minutes a three numbering Suzanne in from Los Angeles Hays Suzanne welcomed beyond reality radio protect young. In January and they are. You there. Yeah. Can you little content but quick turn Connecticut pickup produced interpret it out there and my elf. Opinion challenging the last three year's. Why are you better. And I wanted to be in use bar any healing and actually sure. Then it's been era when many Q Christian hate people who read your real. I usually you know I don't know that much about it. If you could check. Go reminded that he a little bit more because if you practice something out his technique hopi appeal because coming and seeing that can't feed a fine of up. And read and you could very conformity dealing with it has touched. Okay hurry to capture an area of her need healing. And okay will help people dying due. In and again you could go to the locked in the library could go pick it up online public about it he cannot hurt you little. The great that you don't green in the right cheers and I there's improvement are not. Couldn't get it became. She will be key in the future. If I have an improvement. I can see improvement but they do see very poor people would contribute it to an improvement. Brady and I have to think that could come around September October seems even feel a little bit more help. In which can have a little bit more and she coming here. Chris right now I am not picking up period and she around you picture that title the time. And boom and that it didn't make activity coming through you and of course I don't blame you when you're not feeling well liked and we just don't know which trying to point. If you could just see a little bit more confidence. And just know that it is gonna happen. And I really helpful and you have already hit the bottom figure in a way up. That is Q still write in ballots in that freaky things you accomplish. Yes thanks. Thanks for the call again the phone numbers 8446877669. Mystic one more here. This is Susan not Suzanne but Susan calling from Kansas City he Susan welcome to the program. It's nice to speak with you again thanks. I didn't I. I have protection for sure that my sister in Peru and that's human and a bar Hirsh Erica worked for him it was like a fingerprint and it ended up looking kind of Micah. A crown place with Einstein's theory you know. And that they stayed their course we didn't transcript that I asked you are bad and my daughter came to clean. She did give up the typical picture that the picture came around. And the school with great big black eyes and can't really scary things went wrong and she took another picture. In the same area you know this shower door which is frosted. And there was like. Kind of a floating face figure with a big long beard. And I was just curious if that would. Is something there or if it might be. Just I don't know and I think. If something in the air now let me see him he could put my lit side if you like could be packed picture I would spoke very happy to give credit to get from her feet. OK I would sure appreciate it absolutely you know and again in my bet that when you went to Camille my email if there and they look at back at you. And our people we can help with that but yet Catholic or somebody in their. Now remember it could be affiliates from your home could become thing he might have pointed that might have a little concession to let. Okay I'll. And yeah we do have a neighbor and my home at where we think she's possessed she's totally used to be a very nice person she is an alcoholic now. Six some mood altering drug that. She's on. Her eyes turned totally black her voice changes. And she did that in the middle of the night in the yard and things like this in the area cheering my name that popped until I I don't know what to do with their because. I can't call a plea social kind of scratch on our screens again they're on your morning he'd want to point practicing from one of witchcraft that her camp. Yeah what do you call anyway different I don't I don't wanna waste time. I will get that on your web site and I am anxious and I know there are others who would like to speak with Lisa thank you all very much did you get back with humor you can thank men. Grammatical. Look for an amber yeah I'd be careful the neighbor right we've got a bunch of people still on hold we're gonna get two more calls after we take this break at four and a receipt for 4687766. Nines and eat for 46877669. Elicited Jason dvd on pilot. Our form of currency for. Point 6877669. Were talking with Deborah housed in tonight's psychic medium we've got a lot of calls lined up today probably good ideas during big into. Yeltsin is the phones let's go to let's go to Joseph in New York kgo welcome to the program. I am. As he had that phone call album chart this question here and a wonderful. Just think it'll work out her your creditors. Hey Kevin though the Euro bought problems. It's not fully your problems and may have picked up by U but it just some different change it around your health that you could have to be aware of here comfortably could with the medication but they do have to say that its little economic hit that the beef. Before it's gonna get worse initial read that you were. Okay particularly him picking up a medication. If you could validate something to me on I that would help me. Yeah cocaine. First look at it changed medication that can compete and make you feel that. Well I edit stroke. Last year. It and go to. Federal way particular medication. I'm not sure which one million on the road to recovery issue front and sitting there and a nine point and then learn and make sure that it's making you need it could be tired. It's typical you that had to do the blood work. Are right there might want to discuss what you thought that but I will use that it's going to get better it's going to diva who might want you to feel America pac. Okay and that threat on track and it I wanna go and I'm gonna and you positive white light at saint contradict everybody and I healing. Thank you Joseph yes thank you Joseph for your call etc. to squeeze another one in here before the break. This is Donna from Kentucky he Donna welcome to beyond reality radio. Try trying to connect to the other side. I turn are you trying picnic if somebody special on the that I could speak to people I'm picking. It okay and in the mail coming true neutrality completely that the mail on picking up they act. Yes. Are you talking commitment alarmed when you're trying to communicate with them. Yes OK are you getting anything back anything that. Moon net. Well I always. Even mail all but I am I you warning and make with the theme at all. Well I hit that very perfectly every now the mail might see it he might be a much younger and female. So that's what they communicate who AP unique people struggle with. But understand that right now the mail is the stoke park around jail. I can maybe he needs to pull through this email that there. It's actually unique closure to wanted these cats are I have to. Yes yes OK her preschool apartment and you bookie you closure. OK okay you'll need to get it in a train more Egypt and you can email me be connect he'll be about an outlay. Because aren't reading any link that you want to we can go over to work on together but I want you to speak out about her that I that they can help you and they can hear him. Our thanks ill well thank you. Have a great night yes thank you Donna I don't think we have time enough here to do justice to another phone call so if you're on hold we'll get to you after the break. Again the numbers 8446877669. Deborah you're a a third generation psychic. I am okay generation and my grandmother. God didn't just fall with the weight which. It's and now I'm not sure if you're familiar with the way which can but basically the compulsion they do with the culture and and and on the potion it's really for healing. But when they came to which he came to the country it really would have recognized that happened I believe was over in Russia. I'll be here she just started to put her readings and things like that. Sure (%expletive) to deal. Lot of scrutiny and terminal at our it would. Easy she can even get a look at the country because she was nineteen years of age which are very late. So it was definitely difficult for hard to bicycle brilliant playing and their generation and actually I am working on fourth and fifth generation I have a daughter. And she is it psychic medium and I have a little cream on who is the medium. Oh well how old are. And your party know that he's got those sensitivities. Yes Lou because the thing that he hit me that he could not now. People that I have lost and we have locked in the family. He would have no idea who these people look at the China to bring that around him. And he says things that are in order in on ordinary things that I you know I can't figure around and sell. Yet he has that spirit the psychic ability when I'm really sure yet again because. At that age this storyteller. Yes of course it takes an. So we don't know where to go with tag yet. He comedian he has fill it in in the in the paint. Awesome all right so we're gonna take a break phone numbers 8446877669. Until free day for four. 6877669. Elicited Jason GP MB honor really to reveal will be. On the website it's a great place to be a lot of great people and a lot of great discussion comments sometimes it's about the show's sometimes about things that even know what they're talking about in the Virginia mean. You've seen some of those things also that is definitely lost with if things are going on there but it's an inch in place if he had over two beyond reality reviewed dot com you can download the free iPhone and enter it here again and illogical listen live catch past shows join me online chat more. I'm more it'll stretch for the less rich quick listen light on and then a connection via iChat or less than by any of the stations that we are on across the country the list is there on the web site. We're constantly updating that list check in Austin because. And if we anonymously senior area chances are we will be soon. And our guest tonight is Debra Hauser and she's a psychic medium should check out her web site. It is and I went actually headed here it is psychic medium Debra and that's spelled DE BRA Debra. Dot com you can get a lot of information by divers working in their Bergen thanks for being with us. Let's continue with our phone call because we do have a lot of people on hold still I think I'm hoping we get to everybody but we may not be able to see this is Sam flew from Chicago. Welcome to the program. Thank you have get that high in calories eaten that morning I can't think. If it is I am good thank you for the current run Korea mine mine hasn't been. Just got laid out. Do you see him. In now getting some keen to do that meaningful. Or does he need to do something. You can continue you act like that completely sea change around him. Cocaine euphoric. The actually I'd like to try going to a different kind of action. It's actually showing music speaker promised. I see okay very good and that that will help quite a day. Are right he isn't and communications currently shall yet think he should going to key chain not contracting. Actually compete Arab good with people. I would hate that I the people that same the same area basically. Something that yet get his point across to increase teaching now be wonderful. Or if he you know communicate with somebody that he had to be around people. Yet protected players likely that he did this he is a people person answering in picking up. Right now he feels great luck I don't want him to get a lot. All right but at Lincoln era and it's waiting. And then I don't think he will be able to get. There he could do you think it should be a very long time before you find something absolutely not. We're not looking at a fairly long period kind the only thing he needs these very consistent. The unique meaning that. I enjoy listening to your show and listening cue from Chicago. Thank you heard like very much. Now and and an name was Sam cook we're gonna do we're gonna do not feed slick Eddie for a week deserves and spilling in there and Super Tuesday. And I would hope if we do we need to stop released this week let's code to Curtis. Curtis is calling from Kansas he Curtis welcome to the show. Though. Anchored it. Dario I'm telling you what the content peace keeping. Well I've had a lot of bad not that. I love life. This since 2008. And but I am really concerned about my mother. Cheese. 89 years old a couple of pinned down. She's Americo. She's here America which is wonderful. Yeah well she's a college for you and your holding on to so much with her. Meet you keep thinking you're going to repair itself wondered picking up on you. Yeah cheaper going there again. She's gonna do speculative I connection. The worst thing he could do you help right now we keep thinking that maybe she could pass the late today or tomorrow or the next thing that's nor can happen. She hit her recent and and you build. So please increase every moment that you have from time. Could play it again. I read an injection but I'm Dave when she is not here and he will be good how would actually returned to go direct Marco there right now. I now I see it except affecting you very badly. Christian camp this. And I'm not that they need to commend you I hope that you. And the dad's. I guess as she's in medical aid ship boarded 29 at 21 months old she palace say destroy one daughter did. So I mean cheap bit cheese the bless. His black thing she turned her apartment couldn't hurt want to know from her. And send an you know I had to bear on her that she had a lot of wonderful story that you look account used to enjoy her story. Curtis okay thank you ask Curtis thank you call it do cherish your mother for every minute you can. Let's go to Terry in Miami Heat Terry welcome to the program. I am sorry at all. I Cary. I. Am. All of actually all of the all. Year at tech. Some think he actually aren't lost on mother's it was 37. Should carry him. Yes ma'am will grant that. That's one thing her mile wide it's kind of went very downhill. Was myself and wait I ended up losing their kids aren't going their divorce. And I'll see you appearing to me and my dreams and I'm trying to figure out she won't state what she is trying to kill me. OK well then tactical sophistication training. Okay keep it from time it may become even allegations train. And the delegation treat this she will give you a message as my mother had done three behavior after her past. Okay so we need to just you know it's ignite keep a little panic cited it dead. When you go to see that you have to wake up he which might be seen what she's showing here is the guy didn't they have. She's looking cute that message but she's watching movies because right now you are going he's such a tough time. Yeah he's grown it which he is protecting new filled with competing they're telling you something especially when it comes to our. Chris she'd never really had a chance to watch you grow. Should not have concrete saint. It is the third. I said that a bit lately considering sailor it's playing when she got pregnant sixteen when she had many women under. I had my great grandmother right thing for the majority in my life where you had somebody good who watched Oprah yeah you were lucky. Which your mom never give up much of. She's here because she turned the other side doesn't mean that you are refugees continue to talk to her. She obviously coming to you can you treat the increase them. And keep deny him what she might be trying to tell you could begin this specific patient be indifferent allegation entry. If we can just get that communication going to get a validation from our. Thank you for the call Terry calling from Miami let's go to had in Missouri before we do the numbers 844. 6877669. If you wanna get and one of the open lines again this is pat from Missouri well. So. Yeah. You gonna need to turn down whatever radio or. Computer whatever it is that you're listening on cons we don't get a neat echoing your feedback tried again patty what this. There you are okay. And I am telling you are my Italian captain Kirk here. So what are you now on. My camera lately it's strange that. I had cheer a couple of years they don't make indication can disconnect the life support machines. My head and which led the word deflation and I think I ever had to make in my life that leak could be the worst decision and that he would have me. So. Caught out for Arafat back. A week or if we didn't have after I made the decision. Against can't wondering if I made the right thing if I did do right and the white man did it at one time made it to look like to get off their list notifying kin anything. But still today act on a wonder if I made the right thing so violent safely eat. Outlet to actually eat them and if I didn't intractable. And all of this fed. Every account today and he liked lift crowd playing and their aides and Mike Panthers. Campaign at any little more harm. And I islet like. So I. Mean I get very carefully so island near my attack. And there's nothing you can't. Not a thing. Not just got that killed one point about my shoulders since stopped. My outlet neck. And then the next morning I'm fine hand them out there are a long time. That I had if and let's knowing it together a decent intent surgery here pretty thin. And the other night. I failed to eat and it was effect and that it was warm delicious like somebody crowd and band that. Felt like I am wondering what you can do now my family. I think I made it. You know all the now I'm wondering who would want in states. Is it my as it trying to tell me death that I did the right thing or are. Everything is gonna be OK and not worrying or horrible in the next week seemed to be awarding him. Feeling heat issue a husband. And feeling that he's protecting helping you and he's going to protect obese son gonna have to go through surgery. And you've got to understand and he you know that you did the right thing for hypocrite she didn't want to see him suffer anymore. Okay because there was no more communication and it was kind practical and that was the main thing that you had to take care of know that he is thinking you he's thinking you're on. And he is there to protect Q I'm sorry that the family is just a possibility that they feel that maybe it'll leaving any at this. But I know that dedication hard to bounce. Albuquerque. Spain he is going to have a night. Thank god. Thank you I feel great. Thanks for your phone call it let's see if we get one more in here this is Brad calling from New Orleans hey Brad welcome to the show. Hey thank you so my return creek in my column are never aren't aren't have been listening to this show probably. Addressed to Munson really enjoy it so. It just so much there there. Question what is around my grandparents. Passed away probably. Wrong. But two years ago loan. My grandma passed three months exactly from from Margaret talked as. In team I'm on east talk to my grandparents you know before that it is saying it. You know warning you know the other thing is there. You know could you possibly decisive element model that could you possibly. You know just shill at stake you know you're still around in. If so. Could see basically to blue jays on offense. That would be like reassurances it. You know that they were watching programs and and a new loan from the hole at the end of the day. You know I would sit out you know did not myself in. Two blue jays who. And I I'm sitting out that my dog and they flew up and they were right there at he called me on the bank. And that we usually you're at that might help bitten Golan toward the Clinton you don't and we hit back up called. You know detective called the island and you know mama got its. I've you know what I believe this is Betty true in my mom and it just but so. You know I'm just curious about yeah it is. Is that out there and it ever being this there anybody that brought up a got into the story a little bit late. Which are talking to apologize to them completely off track. Call it in these technical issue. You called upon to take a look at which if they came forth I call upon the cardinals and the al-Qaeda and other protective upright on of course. And that's how I quote call upon who you need to call upon enabled short themselves team. More idol though it isn't so this is a blessing in great and it's wonderful not that there there don't be afraid. And heavy mom to eat you populate. Yes if you want to feel a little bit different feel like every that you feel that you want it known that this attack I feel what the deal quite enough. Milk. And on virtually never let you ought to read mentioned it that cardinal as well. So who did she she had said that I attended blue d.s gonna talk to themselves and that's why alone what he quit she did bring up which. You can't yet and need to get butterflies in me you know drag like has yet you. Feel like for what you want to you don't know that if and when will appear. Paulson put thank you so much that they mock Colin. Yeah bless night. They have right now. Thanks Brett. We don't have a whole lot of time left whatever but I did wanna. Kind of circle back to your near death experience and I just want to know how it changed you as a person. You know what consisting I'd legally worship the ground and walk I don't take anything for granted anymore. Earned him because the parent spirited so strong with me since I kind. And I remember aborted medium but once you hit it right now everything is a lot more vivid in my whole life has changed. What makes me makes it. And they say that then when you have a near death experience. That it is a lot of times amplify. Your abilities. And opened it opens up people who aren't open in the first place. Especially when it comes the brain with the head in my case I had agreed to bar. Okay can this happen to somebody can go to pick their pick could be concussion also that can happen but in my case it was to bring Cuba. So yes my mind has changed completely. On I'm a little bit different from a lot of people and the confidence understand. Because I know we think going to happen. I will voice my opinion when their path path. And especially when it comes to death. So it. You know it definitely. Yeah for sure. Again the web site is psychic medium Debra that's DE BRA Debra dot com and is there any other place Deborah that you would instruct people to go to get more information by viewers a website that spot. Quit they could go there they got to make FaceBook let it get for house then I mine near they can communicate with me. They can join a club president that I want the club it's called a psychic medium club. A Catholic Florida but it's all over the country and more than welcome to do that they could lead I would think he you know my upcoming seems to be scared com. I'm wolf told that the top 100 pop psychic medium in the country they go to that would say and read more about me. So this quite a few everything is right into my web site it really. Mean that's great but some of timing and see our end. And just email me any question. Thanks so much for coming and you know things you're Florida prosecutor how different animal usually current where we're ready to work yet we I don't think. So are you have a great night now they have so much have a wonderful myself. So she's always curry she's such a wonderful person I talked to RAs so we're gonna take a quick break Marcum listen Jason did. Great stuff check out crows. Another Disney one but the other one here and we need if you don't like go hormones this is more of a stroller I'd say Wednesday or do you wanna become a snowman not due and adults don't. Exactly. Check now and government agree and then also thank you did ever house and for joining us in the second half of the program absolutely and if I survived the storm tomorrow I hope I will be are currently with here who by the god only knows I mean the last all three last Norris yes I've lost power now your bad none of thousands here I would d.s power outage entity that would I am already getting text to the phone and they're literally the text from the the electric companies are saying prepare for power. Just Kennedy not uniting and tell me that we're prepared for power are not prepared to lose power you have so. That's gonna do it for us tonight than me she tune in tomorrow yet another great great show and if he would act if he dollar the show from iTunes or anywhere else do us a fair or injury to force helps push forward makes it easier for people define. But Perry is Jason NGV everybody have a great and safely talking in my. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced by Alan Simpson told students that didn't. So can only the only angry news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will purchase almost all the chiefs host taps to TV Johnson following and it. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.