WWL>Topics>>Dr J discusses UFOs and his time working with Art Bell and Dr Mis delivers an inspirational message

Dr J discusses UFOs and his time working with Art Bell and Dr Mis delivers an inspirational message

Apr 27, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Radio Host Dr J about his interviews with UFO experts, and his time working with Art Bell. Then, Dr MIs tells us his story of adversity and how he overcame obstacles to lead a fulfilling life. 4/27/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. Last Thursday it almost goes front and stores your start somewhere between welcome your honor review with myself Jason Wallace and he always some GE Johnson did you say it was in the seventies with the union where you were to Indians near the seventies today. And almost like 75 so. Newman except for all the the pretty weather we've had on the last few months as sprint has must mean of course it's gonna take this. Just a lot longer I'm trying to I'm done trying to be an optimist that all doing here and now we're gonna do little bit of optimism and they everybody welcome to be on reality radio if you haven't yet this year head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond it elect FaceBook page for us. Then has to be under daily radio dot com you can download free iPhone and android app Los Angeles and life catch it shows John Allen chat more. You can also find all the stations we parent across the country now we're constantly updating that list check in Austin. And we're adding new stations all the time. Or just listener from the website by clicking the listen live tab in the upper right corner. And that connection on online chat room GB myself and agree to needy people hang out to listen to show written there as well. Yet we've got a good show tonight to we've got a couple doctors joining us now I don't know I know one of them is actual medical. And I sure don't re missing is the medical doctors a personal friend yes. But we've got doctor. He's a lawyer he's a mediator we're going to be talking about his radio show how he got to start but more importantly. He's UFO researcher and he's done a lot of programs related to view a full phenomenon. And he spent some time working with Art Bell as his producer believes and learn about. But his time and his experiences with art this was after coast to coast it was more in our was doing smother projects and won't get a sense of what it was up to because it was kind of mysterious. It doesn't want a lot of back and forth an entirely sure what was going on there. Yes so it's doctor Jill we'll talk about that he also had a near death experience who wants to share with us and talk about that phenomena we all know is your life flashes before your eyes during those X. It's instant and then we had a good friend of mine doctor remiss and this guy is just always incredible let me explain first off. He's he's legally he's he's point GPA and you know office and he saw a doctor and the work he does is just it's mind blowing. And he's a very good friend of mine have been friends for quite awhile. And you know he's actually been working on some new things. One thing being policed him and a bunch for the stuff and we're gonna have him on for a little while and chat about what he's no well just what he's accomplished. With say everything he's been through. And what he's working. Yeah we'll bring him in for the last segment of the program we're excited to do that are we also lessons great stuff coming up tornado of course will be a best of program has every Friday and ideas. Monday dean McMurray who is known as the military medium is obviously a psychic medium he'll be joining us to just talk about. The time that he discovered he had these abilities. Also what's the most interesting thing that is happened to him spiritually. Or that he's witnessed a lot more with side dean on Monday night. Then Tuesday Lee talking with Fiona foreign also known as the naked which will be discussing Howell Adam well just how have modern witches and changed today. What does a modern which believed then and so forth so a lot of great things coming up if you've been under Iraqi haven't heard in the news today. And I actually told you about the studio earlier. Eighty year old Bill Cosby has been found guilty on three counts of sexual assault. He could be facing up to won't ten years for each of those which I mean he's eighty years old so it's pretty much. To be like Sampras it's pretty much a life sentence him. Yeah so this is the guy who brought us all hawks the bulls I mean you dislike the guy you always looked up to hey you were astonished by. Mean written on a Fat Albert her kids everything and it it's just it's mind blowing that that this is gone on for so long and he got away with I have to. Be honest I I haven't followed any of that I didn't pay attention to any of it it's you know the the the women that were victimized certainly didn't deserve justice. I'll let you know clearly. I don't know the gravity or the or these seriousness of the crimes is like a set haven't paid attention to it all obviously a very serious if this is the kind of sentence and and that it has come down. On budding but I do hope that. All and and she and law there is but we also have to look at the endless amount of victims that that he and I I know is are always welcome anywhere there are a lot of women there are lots yeah I knew the news and wanted to well there's there's there's there's quite a lot out there. And but they only charged him on three but I mean these accounts where everything from his of people offers how's he runs amending its sexually assault. And that's just I mean you are targeted it's pretty much laid going to get are giving somebody a roof he had taken a moment to me I guess when I'm saying is that I hope the people remember the good that he brought to the world because he did bring good to the world while he pays for his crimes now are hearing on the but I mean. He does he's gonna get what he deserves it so it just comes down to these these poor victims Alter who who dealt with us and and he got away with a personal and it's a shame because it's somebody I've always looked up to. And to find out that this was going on on the side. It's just it's mind blowing earliest. So awesome very well again if you haven't yet that she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio if you download the pick the show from iTunes or anywhere else he just to listen to appropriate for ourselves pushed Ford makes it easier for people find. And we're gonna take a quick break in the former embassy 44687766. Million toll free 88446877669. Richard Quick break more to come to us and Jason GBM beyond brilliant. Review that at this. OK beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeen been Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick conned. Dot com check it out. Back to the program that's not a real pretty decent campaign later in the show we're gonna have doctor music island and we'll talk about what he's all about as we get closer bringing him on it's a fascinating story you're gonna be. Out loud and inspired boasts. By the story of doctor miss yeah and ten so I want them emotionally spent a good friend for a long time and gist of what he's overcome is just mind blowing and it'll be great to have him on untold story. Yet we're looking forward to that right now however we've got a very special guests doctor. UFO researcher he's also spent a good deal of time working with our belt before arts passing. And were anxious to talk to him about all those things doctor Jay welcome to be on reality radio script have you on tonight. It's a pleasure to. Bianchi right. Well thanks for coming on we've looked forward to this. So let's start grace let's start by learning a little bit more about you tell us what yourself. Well I do a lot of things on the skydiver that's from Manama freefall photographer. I practiced slot during the day. Of course I am a researcher ID and he researchers can 1984. And of course. 89 radio host just like you guys. And Iran as you when you say researcher researcher of law. Let's let everybody know. You've solid piece specifically. But our research charity from JFK. To the it goes on you name eighteen or which can paranormal because I don't really think there's this thing is conspiracy theories. I really think it's just. At one conspiracy that's to add up. And where every little thing it's connected I mean firm. In honor of you guys ever heard the story that Titanic you know we're actually the Olympic Olympic on the bottom of the Atlantic cat two. 9/11 Q it means I mean I believe there's some sort of connection to all this because obviously have to be something behind. Things on that bill makes sense to but I think we beached at the pinnacle moment for sure. You announced in generics are lost track or your back on a Titanic and I wanted to separate everything into one conspiracy well cattle would definitely we've got time. Right yeah. All of them so what doctor Jed is coming understand this what you're saying is there aren't. Many conspiracies. There's one vast conspiracy that that includes all of these things is that what you're saying. I believe cell actor. Several years of researching a yours doing radio that's sort of come to the conclusion. But I've also come to a conclusion that a lot of the stories that people talk about our. Our streak or you know they're just recycle trenchant. This news story going around from people here contact in danger consciously effects on the West Coast they're talking about who EB. I really don't think your blue you know big bird going around a distinct time. I'm apparently from someone who's actually worked there Clifford I believe which Christchurch are stolen from a mistaken. He believes that took worked which was elected to work with the US army crashing and create retrieval. And he testified that clears disclosure project 2001. And so he's had their sticky seventy and species that the documented time. Current estimates and some people like Kerry cast your humanity. Now what do I believe chummy applicants because after all I am a lawyer. Right or let them know it's a kind of a black and white profession in some ways you can understand why you'd want a serious but it would have Becky what we've we've we've really does Jason have we've we've garnered a lot of different tensions here. But good get back to you at what point did paranormal topics become an interest to you particularly the UFO phenomenon. Okay well there are several pivotal years Simon. Start with I just knew without a fact. First of all my parents came here from Greece I was the first born. I did learn speaking to us for the tired he knew we weren't alone I don't know how I knew that but I just knew from the very early. There earliest time I can remember Sunday school in Greek. Talking nineties in the first and popped in my head with me. And so 1984. I wish I my expression and meet typical Greeks on restaurant. And they had act restaurant in West Covina, California. How about an hour ramps and now which is an infamous camp and a wrap. And being my brother or walking to this restored to look at toys which is and strip on the kinder extra and leaking now. There's a guy writing on his spike in no danger that was really tight bank short in the Helmand and all I think you definitely by cracker so I looked up and I saga. According to and say hey mister what's that he's had to weather balloon and you know it's not. And I remember he was so shocked it would be shocked that I just follow over his eyes are transmitted to the sky. And I agree inside to go Fineman mother to bring out and essentially when we came out I just saw the aftermath of people parked on the side of the road. Wish that tore open one but how would their fingers pointed to Scott. When I was. What do you when I stop this is what a child. I sign underground severe double that was made of metal what is that that's we don't shoot topic to object underground. Flash short in 1990 now and in the meantime. I started working at the restaurant and I was sort of little puppet master card humanize. And obviously continue to call each year reunion you know into depression and so when Ellis four years old all the dirty work in the cash register. You know my parents didn't give me an allowance they want to read me. The way they did. There yet to earn so four years old Alec happy to do it and so flash forward to 1990. 1991. Net on a trip to Greece. And we are crossing from wonder Alicia the other we were in the forests and her long Ali good to see. Went ahead I confront you and you could also see the stars and man. And that's hit at it we were in a force we were alone and I spotted it first in essentially was a ball. Like twelve Burt told us in a ten to twelve like little details like a little ball small smaller ball following. And it wasn't going down but it is going across the Scott at a fairly you know that's speed no minorities and it'll look like. The moon by not you know without any creators David it was a colored amendment is the best way to describe it. Now we can beat any team much of it afterward but I just knew our assessment incredible. We get cute the next village charity late wake up the next morning and this is all over national media. I mean literally it flew across you know the whole country. And many idiots 32 on an island and so. Then flash forward to 2007. Amid a law school at this point and I just decided I lived across the street from the insurance grove in Los Angeles. And I. You know again. I didn't reading you a magazine early on and I have been buying. Firm you know when I was young pastor are I was eleven or so I would buy term what I found cot side Mad Magazine. Are you phobias and it would be everything from. Unsolved mysteries too strange universe to actual documents and by the time I finished Steenland mine and I cleared him matters everything. I'll only be copy of everything that. So I have been doing that. And I never even heard or if I let cut back coast to coast but I never heard. And I remember in 2007. It's couple things happened early. First of all I customer and another from one of the and the restaurant told. Me illicit Sami read in magazines and in total amnesia. Do you believe that steps and I think yes definitely. And he's his team assistant to coast to coast I think with our balance yeah I would about it never heard of where they. And he tells me you know it's right here case triumph in 46640. I'm like that's great. A turnaround took about bigfoot while kind of hoping to hear your stuff because that's when I was really obsessed about I wanted to know what their cities look like what they look like quit. Craft looks like that was my section. For all my life. So then I went to Barnes & Noble across the street to buy another. And I could on this but that changed my life forever. That you called you'll flows over California. Hauser and oppressed and down. I was blown away to how many crash and retrieve Butler were just California's written several books you'll flows over York you'll flows over. Our New Mexico you'll flows over Colorado or I mean you work around so many to literally try to cover most important states as he gears donors and their two. It's just great collection but it literally. I mean other guests at its saddest and he can he did there are. You know a conservative number of very conservative number. Is that there have been no less than a hundred crashed received and the reason why if you want me now is what all the dark predict but that's just a whole different point. So I'd. App I at the end of the book at. Passing out or question or reach out to. So I wrote the company email they afford it to him he responded. I DMI you know phone number and in the email turned out yet it seemed it occurred to me so I called him up and you know I'll just blown away odd I only that there is expert in Roswell in this match. And now he's just known others in Morin and then you'd explain to me just. A lot more demand for new. So. Well let's let's and we had to take a quick break and come back and get more into the story there. You listen to Jason Giambi on reality radio will be back after its. I'm very very inspirational. And motivational stories you're gonna relieve release like curing his story the things he's over he's overcome the thinks he's accomplished it's really really amazing we're excited to. Have that conversation out right now we're talking with doctor. UFO researcher. His website is doctor. Dot com and doctor. Talk about this thing it was real pivotal pivotal point in your mindset and your life's work. Essentially after that it took. Few years before it started going to a grand sight just started to meet people in because I Easter period produce offense concert too specific because. He's got other contacts. So 2012. Whereas another very pivotal event. I was just looking at UT and became a crisis channel called thirteen million. And they were interviewing this guy. He said he it's seven US dollars in his clay and he announced that they would do it the dispatch following weekend. And it like ten minutes Martin lives so I decided to yes I'll come home. You know if you call a state turnout in our. And surprisingly enough. It's I would like meditate in nineteen would appear out of nowhere I mean mr. guy would we need change or any prior so many great people I've met through this industry. Really how fruit farms I mean. I think we party reached disclosure and some sense in a ditch. So. Then I caught something that day on my iPhone and I because I was there. And your reaction against congress you know immediate Surma everybody Yost an appointment book and so back. Radio when Ireland and they still do a whole bunch of other things can strike IP I became involved thirteen and other of the world's largest UUG channel half a million subscribers intrusive prettier virtually every day people submit all the time there. Kept him very well I mean time take its and so do they don't claim everything's real. You know they've put adapter for you to test and I you brought him some from Mexico to test. Shall I essentially started doing their fate union radio free then. It's full autonomy at the shell they just wanted. Party I'll put on in the background. Now if you don't have more viewers because they had a who's who defile the G it would get him. Well essentially I hate that changed my name change your name to my own. And now conduct security alive ever since. When you started to look into some of the UFO. Phenomenon and you said that you from a very early age just knew. Innately apparently. That we mourn alone. DeDe Jeff any theories as to eight who's visiting us be. Where they're coming from and see what they're here for. All I can absolutely carried out case first drop their commission however replace. You know interstellar. Enter galaxy. In inter galactic in and inter dimensional now first of all you gotta remembered that yes. That we have the space time continuum but what affects it. Gravity if you can effect gravitational change on the space time continuum he eventually cricket time trial never I've never really believed in second figure out. The you know. Make up for the grandfather paradox however paying attention to PBS and Brian green and listen to this singularity. And extreme theory. It really makes that that there's just multiple dimensions out there I mean on this dimension right now you can be doing some other profession and you each humanity beans no jet. And so. I essentially. Tied it. They're coming from all over the place to buy. What bothers are set in 1988. After working at area if you want. Where he came out. And when you get busted so. Sprightly and are human jailers found him probably because they try like the public needs ridicule. But he was only allowed to examine the been there were there are sitting in the key couldn't keep the top. And the bottom he would hang Downey said. And they were like thirty. Like thirty foot long I put diameter and then with a shorter pipe connecting and they were all universe repair pivotal if it did. And so what David Q is if you speak of an airplane. Traveling we grass behind it it's going forward right but instead. Think about. Winning in any direction you want in that downpour. Which is why in those speed note these crashed over earth. Very unstable because gravity thirty pulling him down to earth but then again it slightly dirty things but that's why it would explain to crash. I'm never theory is that they're just actually feature. And act again that we we have well. I mean think about how many clients are. Another great story I mean I also like that you weren't done document cheese I'd be searched in the except as some incredible stories one Islam. Was about to boy scout groups were camping. Catalina Island and they said. At night. From that you know between now harbor island lot handles certain Long Beach harbor. And islands they sought to shine all black ball writer from the seat insert elect opened some opening. And all that different craft makes that there were approximately 200 of them. And they were shaped for everything from discs. To squares two rectangles and triangles to pyramid to push two or. And he said one of bomb. Look like. Just a triangle. Like every time and it was surrounded by two kids in every time which right. Fly after it makes them we know he can crash in in just three hours bell went back and now and all are and there's actually get served really good video about that were I interviewed the children. About back. Others also really great person people are there should you know orange tradition for the show on is Robert and this guy is I mean he's definitely send certain. You know even tested under scientific conditions and it. Relief crews a lot which. Even as a lawyer I mean this and I just can't deny. So I look under controlled conditions people are filmed him and you'll lose that track of what they're saying and then people appear next to him. I'm trained in key. This sounds really bizarre but it sure because my cohost in London who. Newly broadcast together eased his studio and there are an amendment studio and Monsanto it. I hear that he's right now in Amsterdam which this guy named Robert and and and would happen worse if you just had this feeling that he wanted to go. Two field. And so you went and he said that there are slick and actually seeing was brilliant price. Seek out operatives moped and he walks too late and out came to light ball well like like. Andy turned into essentially greens which tend to. And he got released scared. And and he said he felt and like 0% and feeling of love and warmth and all that. Land and so they try to shake his hand in and he gets more even or fear he felt. And they can you just felt more lives he touched it. And in all the baton daylight just slaughtered up to the craft. And you're like pop pop opera around him and any peace and so they're all locked openness trade mantle coast just broadened to mean. I mean the sign will send 12 in Italy one to. Spain. One Q Mexico and then how many get peace efforts here and I had a laboratory where east testy alien implant Serb doctor actually. So there there there really all over the place it just depends on which from you wanna talk about which ones you want to know. I'd catch I come to the conclusion that that's that the key. I'm one who can it shift gears a little bit here and we're gonna come back to lose some of those stories you were talking imminent just a moment but did you figure stern radio. How did you how did you buy your start in radio. BK in radio arcade that delicate I started working therapies immune and so because I had known another big guests IE. Would bring them on two for them to do videos. And once they used to ask you to write questions for them. And in turn mean. Pay now. I don't believe in question as our host so I wrote that the questions that I've always wanted to be answered. So they start it's like come. And then we did documentaries. Where to be. Co produced it and he edited it but I really produced it and needed are produced hit film directed it and two of them worked so much I don't know but I on the third line. And they did the editing Hyder on opening credits of course they're the largest U keeps him so they recognize that I can really. Ask questions and I was very knowledgeable on the subject. So from that shifted onto where they were doing a radio show in and I just wanted to do and I'm known and it's sort felon to Matlock by acts in Maine in that sense where it started on revolution radio. And activists urged other listener wrote to mean prime time. Stayed there for a while and move too dark matter radio when he was called that. Not when I got. In a cold call asking in fact he'd be our belt producer. I'm so I said I would only do it longer doesn't interfere might show so turned out much it was right before hated. Let's hold the outlets so let's hold your bill story to the next hour and you'd so they show that you were doing the asserted use it was at an Internet radio shows or talking about. Is it wise that the even in the beginning revolution radio broadcasts and elevenths Ed Levin states right now. Doesn't from the beginning from the get out aiming Internet radio when I was thirteen in the back and I started doing my own their patent and radio. That was RD from the get go in fourteen states. Knox are come down global. Are so let's let's do this real winner take a break here when we come back let's condition our gas that you've had on your show. And the list is quite interesting it like to see some lose some of the ones that you felt were most striking most memorable or maybe most surprising. To. And you're gonna find genuine surprise in the must yeah certainly get back. Absolutely. If you have a question for our guest doctor. GB of us shalt phone numbers are 8446877669. Dental freed 844. 68776. X nine you'll soon Jason JPM beyond really reveal. This I was dreaming. I was fourteen because it was it did do some special on on the here for you or am I that's the airman I don't like oh very cool and Canon emissions and 7008 credit that's really nice that's sweet. What list some more often in honor of well we actually played hero ties things up that's what it did but it's a great song guitarist you know went and Ozzie become an act journalists say it that it disagrees it's great song reluctant all the stuff. Welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio phone numbers 8446877669. If you would like to join our discussion. We're talking with doctor. UFO researcher his website is doctor. And you know before winter break perch argument about your entry into radio doctor. A lot of really interesting guests we've got there's about a five minute segment here may be a little less let's talk about some of those guests who were some of the people that you. Really enjoyed having on your program the most. Our cheek tissue just to see you wrote Michael Dukakis. Senator Cavallo. Our doctor Edgar Mitchell before he passed away astronaut story musgrave. Course. Had FB ID EA CA NSA's Secret Service you know federal pot holier former defense minister of Canada. Jack odds are earned cash on standalone. That the band Hollywood and did Trevor Bell left hand pitcher from the Eagles had just retired because of an injury. Jesse Marcel junior the last person to ever hold. At the Russell wreckage alive when he was a child. Because his father with someone called up to seen. Doctor Roger earlier. You know who. Did it lien implants. Roddick Gambino crime damning I've had three members and their mark and Sammy the bull gravano and John body which you know our party iPad app. I'll do a lot of setup and and and I thinking you know it started paranormal so that really anything goes at this point. Anything that I signed scripts and that's sports probably prides more listeners and I have very sophisticated. Our protection for people who leave their name and her web sites and so we've villages that are not web site email. And so it's legit email because they're always questions or comments that come. So had. You know I get attention from their from no idea co host to pin out of a key iced -- and in and figure worst track. So I I was blown a way to find out that people you mean back in vertigo or listening to regret we have. Our stations. Know globally. Are broadcasting the show. And we're in 27 states because of late night blitzer multiple networks. So I wanting to kings some really working on your not gonna believe this'll personal. How much does it might look a little slit on so don't. We got a stat I understand that the guests topic right now before we go to stop there we'll talk about what's coming up down the road but I'm curious what Michael Dukakis because. You know did you come to you as a guest about UFO's or was his was just because it was apparent and I'll. You okay CD's aren't you brought politics into the show as well okay. By idea to have a United States senator when everybody in the special federal government state Department of Justice. Wars are trying to apply the espionage Kirk Snowden. And someone on working arch try to get aren't. And he was the only government official. That said he was a true American here. Added fire just Google senator. Called Snowden hero and you'll hear I mean it just blows your mind away. So there are politicians to have crossed over I got some congressmen and going and others who don't want to. Now my mayor doesn't want you although I asked him you know try to catch my card so we try to edit this now thing things you know. A machinery body language you can only far at that. So of all the people of the people that you've had on the program related to the UFO topic itself or may be just the paranormal topics themselves. Who has giving you something that may have been the most surprising bit of information you've gotten. While doing an interview on air may be just a couple people we've got about a minute left here for this segment. Robert band and rock. Robert band member quickly create line Linda Moulton Howell blows everybody away can't tree and got probably college east doctor Jacobs deductions. And up to people assume that ever convince people trying to get on some point that'll be something existing. There's just so many people Jack Osborne had a great story to tell about and experience is trying hat and he's really really into it. Are under would be relieved. Reveal that everyone his sister has snapped a peace and Jack sorry stacked up and you that you are a tall enough people so so days ago. I'd I don't think your story about a jagr Jack's approach to try as Jack's personal friend of mine I just at the TV show them over in the UK and I mean he's always been huge yet what. I know I just TV show would Jack care over and over in the UK. About a month and a half ago and you know he's huge paranormal boss let alone a or just UFO's and everything else so it's always things that have totally intrigued him. Just a quick question for we have to jump to break and a just and a quick answer here you did in her interview Eric and Donna can write. Absolutely I just interviewed him last week when you address where you don't ask were you impressed by air. And hours and oppression I don't much mind let's talk in might get out a lot these people are known for her. Let's let's talk about that little bit more on the other side of the break some very curious about your impression America. I assume the phone numbers 8446877669. Ginn told freed 8446877669. You listen Jason GBM yeah on our daily radio. Louis Louis Farrakhan. It's those. I myself Jason. Honestly always some TV John's it's a double guests tonight we'd like to have to guess we had to guess was a west that we brought on. Keith Comoros gets talked about the Golden State killer case in the rest that was made their case absolutely and then then then we had our projects come on right after and tonight against gratuitous yet so later in the program have doctor ms. on and again we we said at the few times already double stress it. His story is very very inspirational. And it'll it'll motivate you it'll inspire you plus he's doing some really great things that your gonna wanna sport in pretty short while and it's funny because. Like I said Andy and we'll get into a story when we have a mom but I. And he is legally blind and but he's just want him he's one of the passed out and cheese is a personal friend of mine but he's also one I dockers dispute because I have that much faith and residents are. Just agree to an issue tuna and so we'll have him on for the last part of the program to bring now we're talking with doctor. Doctor Jay's radio host and US UFO researcher his website is doctor. We're talking about some of the guests that doctor Jay's head on his program. They've covered the gamut from political conversations to US foe to other paranormal phenomenon and I specifically brought up Eric on Danica and of course Eric fund and can as the gentleman who wrote the book. Chariot of the gods which. Along with a TV show in search of was probably one of the most inspirational things for me when I was very very young. That made me start questioning the world around me and it made me start looking into these term topics. That we talk about every night on the show. Yeah ma I mean everybody has a cattle sort to really thrust at them into into this field and that's why people listened to show us what people investigate. And that's why people are so interest in this topic. So let's bring a doctor. Tell us about Eric Monday and it can I've talked with him personally a few times that we haven't had an opportunity to have him on the show we you've had an opportunity to interview him. On the first hole what do you think of his theories. And then secondly what do you think of him as a subject for interview. Well first evolved he's just cycle my guess they're friends they're people that I hang out where I'm a regular basis. Except to people who live disk certainly you know I called and they called me so he's someone that sent I've been having on the show leaks to. Preach four times a year since 2012. So. This title this year is his fiftieth anniversary. Great guest and in the place. A KPK. Go back peace out here's right. So you have ancient Greeks. In the room into stellar from the Greeks at that slightly and looked the same and the Egyptian. There weren't many people that can eat. So the people that can read where essentially the monks and he didn't write. You know what to kings wanted then they would be killed because Dorset field. Now you really think that very first thing you're gonna write in your entire life if you wanna leave written message for humanity. Is a mythical story. Now they were describing what they shop. And this goes all the way to achieve this I mean she talked to a Italy it got these now woman who had not had sex and then all of sudden a pregnant. I am and her baby to route some time in early second trimester. That's I think what happened to use the virgin Mary. The point case is all those god it just makes so much sense I mean Alexander victory. I think he had four inch heels are shooting areas that don't. You know I'd do what which started him. Is you know I have this interview upbeat on the RE two PH and by the way everything is under one name the name of the show. Our security ally DRG radio like why you need to know for everything from in two grand trigger you cute Tumblr pay interest. There are faced spoke iTunes domain. Gmail I mean you name it so you could. Here Eric and Donna can start. He was in the seminary. And to become a priest and using reading a passage in the Bible. The Bible's full of beautiful story by the and he is reading that passage where I you know got had to shoot a law to destroy her. Are you not too short to be conquered and east is if you oh my god is so mighty and powerful and created the universe created out. Why would he needs such conventional way to do that to me looks further such as what happened that he you'll let me how these. You know craft that can go in any direction in open gal on and you know creatures for faces. I and he's started to realize it is these people. Heard it. Describing what these socks. So 2000 years ago when all you have is the spear you know they're not in the technological. Era we are now which should not be industrial air on older black if you think about what they had limited to acknowledge. I think did an Indian in you think about this too. Here I mean it's you know why would structures being separated because if and you broke off into separate places in each. I humiliate her arm almost sepia and locked different parts of the year lighted they have the same architecture. Widely available leading cots and god giving them. Knowledge and look at the American Indian so aired from Donna can actually could get in will be more than a preacher education. That's greater let's go to our salt mines we've had had a couple people waiting here this is Blake calling in from Hawaii. He Blake welcome to the program. Hey Jason JB love this show and I yet you've been a big influence that Blake hadn't compared patent. He ran a little YouTube channel or little market here goes on terror adventures were like well and it could be that. In their use to form. And then network to about 500000. Harvard that are gonna date doctor. You can conduct a decade low doctor Jane we need to popular poppy all of get out there. In the world than you know what doctor. Anybody who wanted you get the money beat my little kid in the candy store where like. I couldn't believe there's been a young child in that. Interested in Europe open now able to speak to these guys such as air by Donohue so yeah it's actually. Our day but well look for more information and resource to the people around the world are incredible. Here. Yes and these guys I work receive do you know I'm producers for their straightened like except that the world largely to each channel that tiger I start radio. Thank you Blake. Yeah Blake thanks for that call those kind words let's go to bill in Florida he bill new show. Yeah it actually cute. Court ordered Birtley. Implant expression targeted. Nor the last group on military radar site. Quite often mountaintop by myself. But I. February. 83 bill strange most contraction let five Mumbai are way ribs. So bad but there's a night I had to leave. That you're gonna resign my position. They they Arctic. And I bet stole outrage. Because I had headaches effort got back home Florida. And that's looking actually. It showed a metal rod in my right shot at finds charities but but we still weren't political. I'll cherish about censorship or anyone else. Let's just let's just make sure we understand though you say you didn't have a procedure that would do have put that there. And so just appeared mysteriously is what you're saying. Why are you know which flowed in my military career pouring here. No lotions. I'd be out in the states. Did they after seeing men on the X ray did they try to remove it has is is still there oh. No I saw. Doctor there and says that is not how it got there. They weren't rich drying you out. So it's still there. It's still there is no yeah we know worldly. You know then get your privilege but everywhere months I get. Angry at at at at the thought a little reason. This. No Alyssa well let's give doctor j.'s take on that on you've probably spoken to people doctor. Is this something that you've heard before. The main time. The only thing I can say is on top are showing extreme. Get removed and if you want to I will get tested where the seventeen Matt. Doctor earlier who were actually Jack I'll report its hostile president not waiting room watching on you know TV turn the -- seventeen through. That's freak he might to document she's on third base in June. And YouTube. What is called alien human projects. And the other is called in doing that project took part two that's essentially meet interviewing. Him and that's when blatant brand cousins Brothers and their presumed. Really saw that interview people not just deliver people. And that's how I started my issue. There are thirteen in radio. And I think that I had to con bat I would just say you mean it just keeps you can get it out scattered out. And then when I see it and haven't tested at the same laboratories or other laboratories. And improves. They're so cute things from the past personal. Their magnetic and neck in the moment you move kick amount it's like you're body's battery anyway from the electricity. The email they don't work anymore the other thing you can't cut them. And the third thing would be. Police and he's seventeen. Dark and clear how to act and type pitchers and his wife and daughters to proposition one that I can access any time. And that's still when you seen any video clips and putting our look in and don't thirteen which is the most bizarre. Basic fare sending a signal to keeps space. That's consistently deep space and mean no no where in our solar system. Is this signal being received mean it is like. Literally like you know light years away so that's the part that really. Threw me for a loop and a lawyer you know I need to evidence and I can't say I agree right found me. Until I was sect bill thank you so much for that phone call and say anything changes or that please give us a call back would really love to hear more about that this wouldn't go to break right now. When we come back we're gonna change the subject is we don't have much time left when doctor. Are you listened Jason gave him the honor relative radio. This song for the moment and. If you're there. So I started so it is a great song that was any 1985 song I think it was brown their duty four maybe with from the breakfast last fiscal again and welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy our guest is doctor. We only have about a four minutes here so how did you get introduced to him and tell us about the work he did with him. Not a connect alum I lock in January 2015. Called call. Asking millions producer and I shouldn't blind doesn't enter my show. I act colony beyond and you know six month few years whichever doling out it's five months. And he does radio different and I do you want to question that it can't sell after the first six weeks are against flight booked for him. After that I just gave in the gas. And had a week started I'd you know into questions while I stopped by key was a great guy. Are you know he outplayed Richard even priority speaks insanely cute guys. And you know may he rest in peace I spoke to them are equally died and you know if you weapon for him nonetheless could be you today. One engine Jamie and I Syria all the time I mean are really was he. Mean he was a grown or and he set the stage for everybody. I never heard a show prior to about eight year so that was the crazy cartoonist when she just called me. I. No trucks out guests tomorrow. Any. Hearts. Could can I get to me when I'm working on for the time. And I don't ask I want to ask one more question about our toe because stirs a lot of mysteries surrounding the leader months of his life. Was it mystery just because he was a personal per very private person or was a mystery because there was something really going on. And didn't really going on. When you are manner IE two people shot in the house one time here to cancel a show it is like iron that I used before he went on air. And down there was no mystery about it debt. Perfectly fine didn't go out that case in the wait time with it right Aaron Aaron history here in Asia and little daughter and ten month old Christian. And I'm just. Talk to him after you don't you wish now and then he went to Dayton and April so there's no foul play no mysteries and contacts are salute. What's that you were. Obligated you wouldn't believe it's been a the smartest person in the world according to act to accuse which is skeeter Kaczynski had better known Latino partner. Out by the end of the year I have a full sixty minutes in which our lease on air national press pass to White House. Our current Geller is. This week as solos Richards spent OPEC term now formally rule helps you as one that means to try to. Trumpet and he just stick around for a few years and you see. How by the end of this year if not early next year you'll see the prime minister of Greece Canada. And out US president that has unlocked under. My Yale little seal here so that kick but I also wanna give a shout out to my cohost army web. And of course my web master. You know Miami Tom because by machine and another lawyer were quick and also part of the show. And of course surgery moon and the networks that I am on. PS and late night in middle and dark matter where our dollars in midnight in the desert it's still didn't have to wait now. And also pulse talk radio network in the United Kingdom. Org deep programmed radio in. Of course not fossil the UK. And think god. I have a radio host and South Korean broadcasts crucial time a little different in Australia and there's some listeners that kicker part 40%. Out of my show. And they would be in Iceland to Germany. South Korea. Australia. And art you know it. They're at least some of the places in the east to. Which would be surprising I mean I've gotten calls lies on here from Ukraine. Are from Tehran. I mean now a long way to receive footage from there so yes it's clear that wanted to shout out Q and Robert Morningstar who's been great guest of mine in great hosts and a great friend. And now yes it. We'll talk to Jane thanks so much for coming hanging out with us and we look forward to talk to you again at some point. Hello I'm have a great night. All right so we're gonna take quick break can only come back Koran have close friend versed doctor miss on. A summation you hit tune in you'll see Jason GBM. You Jason. We don't do treat coming up here. You know there are certain people that you meet in life whose story is just inspirational beyond all belief and those types of stories of the types of stories that people. Who just go through their day he's not really appreciating what they've got in more help what where they've come on they hear these stories in there really is well I've a lot to be thanked for thankful for plus their inspired by hard work dedication. And just the ability to overcome obstacles that are thrown match you you know but no fault of your own you just these things hurdles and up in front of you when you have to jump them and you have to move well. It's good times and say in this next guest it has done all that and more. Even beyond that I met I met our next guest who want to my wife he was he was taking care of one of my daughters or my wife first of forming a bottom. Strangely I was a little concerned and then we'll get into that. But in the sense he's been he's become a good friend of mine have been highly impressed me guys to music it welcomed the show right. And of course we are talking with doctor Raman miss and not just a doctor but to somebody who's overcome so many things in life to become a very successful doctor plus a successful businessman. Have solar. Array. Welcome the show and thanks for coming on and tell you you and I talk all the time and you know you're you're just amazing you truly are. I don't want them an academy Kenny and Ed thank you York. Friendship a week and an impossible. By a yet you're actions that make Ankiel. Well thank you. How about telling all our listeners out there who you are in in what you do. Well. On the get to a neurologist or chart applied an active practicing at Rhode Island now war 23 years. My goal like there's always the be big baseball player or an athlete growing up beer but. I would struck by a car when analysts now a young shattered where my right lake Indy and my trees have ever play professional sports. As a child may not like geez this is that I liked it so early this is terrible you know what in my get a deal like this nothing besides sports are baseball light and you know one of my surgeries I was sitting India trade apartment. And a group of doctors came and and one doctor actually sat down next to me at the end of the interview. And but the pilot many of what he did what he Kirk. That kind of sit next may he then took one handed placed it on the knee that was going to be operated on the next day. And began pouring the procedure on that play and immediately. I thought the power of this much. And I knew then that this is what I wanted to do on life. I wanted to take care of people I wouldn't make a difference in their lights such as that simple college. What by that Pakistan that many years ago New York City at a time of those that very big operation that was happening. So I kind of at Michaels to becoming a doctor. I had to work hard academics effort and come easily to me. Might buy her at Siena College in upstate New York said. After my purse mastered cheap rates you may need to think your plan here you great target to be good enough to get it to medical school and I. I thought back to the power that docket touched by you know that it cut my darkest hour that. And I know I didn't wanna give up on that train so I do what ever I could get a medical school like. Buckle down my studies I did volunteer researching New York City with the doctors and actually operated on me. The surprise to many I get interviewed medical school I didn't get in that first year. I didn't wanna give up on that train. When I read. You know re rolled in and tried to get back in to score one of the interview is one of the doctors say hey great you don't get it to medical school this year he had any other plans and I looked and any guidance etiquette -- again next year. Or six days later I got my acceptance letter. At the you know when and how to osteopathic medicine at Maine and I've never looked back and I'm so glad I never gave up in my dreams could I just love but I do. Well and that's it and it's amazing enough because Europe your first dream of being a sports player of course was shattered. And then displaying your second dream hearing that hearing that from a teacher and others mean that has to be pretty close shattering a second in as well. What will was ten and I had to dig down deep because you don't. It's easy to take the advice to people you respect and say maybe it's just not gonna happen. But there's something within each and everyone of us. And I had a looks and money in banks. And put an alternative that you don't have the state that this is when Eddie do what you know without work without. Some work on my part labor. It was and it happened. So I needed to make some changes in my approach to mice studies. But at the same token I had a group of people in the community. That. I'm gonna make a good doctor you know. And I guess I kind of buckled down and that guided the school and did very well excelled academically in medical school but it bigot then because. I was on the track and I and I kind of was also. Ray what point who did you start practicing medicine hole where you at that time. I was that well what do graduate medical school I would like 28 years all. But by the time it finished one year intern ship. Three year internal medicine residency Panettiere. Jack fellowship I was in my early thirties before I wanted to practice for the first time. So he started practicing medicine in your early thirties and then it wasn't long after that you were. Ceased you face another gigantic colonel tell us about that. Back so but at the age of 38 I actually get experiencing some hearing loss. And the whose at a time when several of the nurses that are hospital here in Rhode Island experienced sudden hearing loss in in a single we are I had. I lateral hearing loss and I austere salute these panels but I was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss and Rick Ari hearing aids. At that point you hear clearly. And a lot of what I do. Is it being a good listener you know I don't tell the medical students are resonant with me if he had the right questions egyptians are actually to tell you what trauma and so. You like hearing was very important. Just thought it you know when it bought it yet no worse. At the age of 42 days actually before it turned forty. I was actually pulling out of my driveway. And I couldn't hit the stop sign at the top my street. Several months prior to this I actually was having difficulty reading small print and I get I'm big to treat everybody says when you turned forty you know you need reading collapses. Well it is while that being something more than just getting reading glasses. The news I doubt later that day. With the fact that I had been declared legally blind guy walks essential patient both my hikes. And suddenly my world got turned upside down it got very dark so the speak. And if woods. A pretty significant moment in my life. Well that has to do that's too major blows you're hearing it and now especially as a doctor okay you can get by with hearing aids but. Going blind I mean losing your vision as a doctor it's near impossible to overcome. Well you know I was told by many early that I wouldn't couldn't shouldn't practice medicine. But I fought so hard to become a doctor I loved caring. For patients. And just I love. That interaction with people picking caravan. And you know I needed to do well early on I was in shock of course my world got rocked upside down to this day excellent no. How I got through the summer 2001. I really do think it's that face my friends more importantly my family insert weed my faith. I got through that summer I held on anything I could as I was going to testing which included going to possible tunnel in Boston. Here in Rhode Island that go out to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I went to work every day I don't know I do it couldn't see small print didn't know what was happening to me I have my secretaries to recharge. Me I could still talk to people skilled and the patients I was referring patients out. Other individuals not to do look at their procedures not until everything's settled now. In February 2002. K I found out in my professional relationship was gonna be over. And subtly. It might well god awfully darker. I remember back in and I went and had added with a doctor in Connecticut. And walking and it is that that. He said you know already it might be a matter of when bad if you could ever do procedures again patients but I do endoscopy and colonoscopy news. Now when I walked out of that visit my wife's body was not how can you give this talk to apply in person but I guess I never electoral map because. When he found out that I will be practicing alone I called a doctor up. And I ask them desperately expect you know what do you mean by and he was thinking out loud and he said whoa re you sit in front of a large screen. We could probably be corrected vision as a pure wearing glasses. And that's what we did we search that out and I'll be honest with it nobody gave me a chance. A group from Colorado who re credentialed white positions happen to be in the state of Rhode Island. At that time and they actually spoke to the positions health committee without eating meat that wolf rate can be certain criteria that we dealt with other doc not. Did you walk to this degree then maybe you'd be considered it but say practitioner. Subtly worked out out on the street then I might be getting back the ability to do procedures. In that he said I should do thirty procedures and trying to. Several doctors that do it ideal. And sixty of my patients wind up with a new two week period and volunteered to be my purse and shot. It's amazing says has a lot of budget you. I don't like the mic because you know at a time when I didn't believe myself. I get so many losses I lost my father shortly before the so what might hear what my vision. I was a break to take a chance. Well when these people started believing in me it gave BP that they they gave me some confidence that you know I got to try. I want to migrate without try to negate my career back I think go to been disappointed so had to go for it. Yeah well and in the top it all off your business partner. Sort and its relationship but in return it was final it was one of those things that we'll give you more drive but is is hurtful as well. Well eight yep and and it people who are battered and my wife did and that's the key. Some ads everything happens for a reason they got but this person in my liked her recent and it took that person out of my life. What's it been like that talk recently I I said to quote in a kick in the stomach every seat would kick in the pants I need it. To fulfill my potential on bikes so it was almost think that it had happened. You know for me dig deep down deep to say I got to try. To her in playing. Yeah that's a really important point you just made many people would take that kick in the stomach and lie down in the fetal position and not respond. Did people that have truly. A sense of greatness inside them whether they recognize it or not take it the way you did. And use it as a motivating factor to become better. To become resilient and too I turn if you will to use a cliche lemons into lemonade. And I think part of that is is that. You know I look at and how that might like now when I'm faced with adversity could should elect apart K. And when you look at this piece say like this card and Allen and look at a challenge. I try to get back it to okay what MIA to learn from that. How can agro products you know back in the day you'll be like or me you know and when it happened back in February 2002. It was toward me. And then overtime realize that I can't sit on the pity pot. You know I got I had responsibility to the patients and our community. Had a responsibility. Do like I am too young orders and home but more importantly I had a responsibility to myself. But to vote so much potential Weis. And I detritus. First thing in the morning a fetus are ready decrypt Jake got rip me the serenity to accept the things that can change. Courage to change things thank and and the what you don't know the difference so every morning I accept my world vision and hearing. I I eat except that it moved forward and everything else is good. You didn't stop there ray you actually. In addition to your busy practice. Decided to and get into the business world and not only did you get into the business world but should you came up with a product. That is unique and John. Someone a novel and you're using that vehicle as a way to help give back to others particularly children. Who were suffering from a similar affliction tell us about that. Right so. You know back in 2002. I didn't know where my electric career what that they said earlier now they would have felt that responsibility. And you know what to think I do want it daily basis like promote piper all my patients I take fiber supplements. Promote high fiber types but the twenty plus this season as. He'd be helped or alleviated. So in the time of despair back into that it wanted to vaccinate two you can try to return to the green ball. I don't but I mean fanatic I look. Premium light green and it started bacon that I 97%. Of Americans don't get enough fiber for wellness that in 90% of American household by ice cream. Said well you know I can get my career back and we put peace now fiber in tight grain. And the vehicle to allow patients to get it they're recommended daily while so piper in the on white. So I get my career back as we just discussed thanks to technology and dries. I can but talking about this site in good but still lead I screen. And it it my wife get tired of it said ray we just go do it. So with the help of a product the culprit thousand to take ask because you look would seriously get to screen and we watched our product. Approximately a year now as we speak. And you guys to everybody Alter can actually checked all the guys from the website at seriously good to go to the CEO. Dot com and a emaciated check it out and say I am I'm extremely happy for you I'm impressed with everything you've been able to do you just an amazing guy. What they regulatory order in that you accomplish you know we're all in this together. And you know what's not to get about you know the ice cream and apple Mike's story here. You know like it had talked recently hoping that people find that you know. We all fear change encourages being able to change your fear is fear change. And the other thing is is that you get to this point would be able to do this without technology and you know part of the site in which we believe that in fact he would benefits. Bode well this morning fiber leg shorter. But more importantly is to donate part of our profits to groups how point children. You know without technology it would be here today ethnic get. But I know that a lot of that technology. Cost money. Oh what I'd like YouTube was helping my story to inspire children to give up on their dreams who work in his children who are visually impaired. This story can pick for any type of disability or anybody. Living like alleged terms. But also could possibly provide some hope in technology. That its capital the potential so this disrupted I'm very excited about. You know like he said he Portland got the issue when you get what but it got elected ticket got usual vision you make I screen. Perhaps and I go raid on this is it it's a fascinating story and a fabulous story at the same time I'm. There's an MJ gave the web address out for the ice cream but is this available in stores how to people get a hold of this. Right now we're located that throughout RI at fourteen supermarkets. What she could find on the web site. We wouldn't want your listeners and the listeners that it looked into the program to go to our web site. And if you look at a location page. There's a corporate actions actions. That if if the customers will look to try this or your listeners I should say you know you could actually picked up a sheet of paper and bring it to your local grocer. And we would look to get the blood out beer. And spent what you know about it the region there. Right now where what he supermarkets were Marilyn Monroe airy where in southern Massachusetts and in. Our northern Connecticut but we hope to grow. Into it the big idiot think I would I get credentialed every several. Every several years and this past year the state of Rhode outraged and I did do this but we would like to bring it. In a position and who got a W. To make people want to see succeed locally. So they will an insurgent from the Philadelphia area is but the they would need that thirteen cases Whitney and observe thirteen cases. At the end of the day he cut connected to the state that he would commit to my technique. And that the bottom of the letter connected to our medical. Chief medical officer that I was in big committee has college with a net. Oh is technology I think because I know my record Searle is being reviewed. I concentrate I take my time the technology. Correct my initial washed. I think on the better doctor as a result of all these experiences. And all this technology. This man's earliest it really is. Again the story is so inspirational and to what you're doing with the ice cream is not only innovative but it's also admirable given the fact that your. Assisting children blindness. With the some of the proceeds. It's terrific you know. What we're kind of short on time here. But this story is fascinating and I'm I'm hoping that he'll continue to stay in touch with us and hopefully come back on the program and give us an update because. It is this and this is inspirational and and and as I said fascinating. What day on them so grateful for the invitation be on the shelf. De LA is that if you want something new something can't be given away first. What Andy your friend so and we talk all the time as well so we'll definitely have to have you back on and talk more about this but everybody out to me she checked out seriously good at. Oh that's seriously good COO. Dot com and you go to location list print out. And see about getting in your area but thanks so much for coming honorary. Budget they were also on FaceBook it would try to do some medical update to educate people what we're doing so we try to update a couple of times a month. So we've looked up more followers know people in your viewers can kind of like best and Sherrod that would be great. Yeah OJV and I'll actually post that I am beyond reality radio FaceBook page and go get it out there on ours as well and that's under wolf let's under and that's at seriously good CO or. Countries and our everything so much for coming on hanging out with us and will definitely will talk soon and we'll have you back on in your future. I look forward to it you get have a great day of temperatures a good day. Thank you how do we ran long we got to attempt to break here we'll come back to wrap things up it's beyond me. Joining us thank you both. Tomorrow night's best of program will be back with few lines on Monday night XP and older you GC GG. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's entirely on really renews. Yeah. You know stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and chiefs host Don taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.