WWL>Topics>>Leo Ashcraft discusses his time with Art Bell & Thomas Hewlett discusses vampires and alcoholism

Leo Ashcraft discusses his time with Art Bell & Thomas Hewlett discusses vampires and alcoholism

May 11, 2018|

Jason HAwes & JV Johnson welcome Leo Ashcraft tyo talk about his work with the legendary Art Bell. Later in the program Author Thomas Hewlett discuss his book series which features vampires as part of an alcoholic's anonymous group. 5/10/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's on sale on the West Coast understand the East Coast and you're stuck somewhere between look. Earlier radio with myself chase and ours is chief each it's great to be here we've got a great show tonight we actually have to guest tonight we're gonna start to the show with Leo ash craft too is an investigative journalist and broadcast engineer consultant in the broadcast industry is well. He work of Art Bell for some time to chat with him about his time with our belt. And then as we talked about earlier in the week Thomas Hewlett who is the writer and author of the twelve stakes series of books which. Is a look at vampires if they were. Part of alcoholics anonymous. Is going to be interest seen discussion I. I I'm very very curious how this works out I understand how he's able to merged its. Yeah I mean I get the idea that he could start but it's going to be commuter risen to talk about that but here is the most important news of the day OK I got two things to mention about. Today and it's kind of because we straddle a line between. Hum what would be considered Tuesday air what Wednesday and Thursday wreckage of him OK we're gonna straddle that line here depending where you are listening. On and their two things normally you decide which is more important I see UN mean huge I mean people listen. I would have to decide to influence on May ninth is a very very important day. May ninth is officially known as national lost sock Memorial Day. For all those last sigh yes or washer magically takes a crime now do you think you wanna talk about a paranormal phenomenon. Where did those socks go I swear with every load of laundry that has done that has Sox at least one. Pair gets split up and one of those socks disciplines we want. Here's the thing you know me I am a problem solve Reagan and that things are so I can answer this question if you really want me to be probably count. Well I mean if you if you could tell we were all those lost socks are also fortunate Sox who Julia are you just kind of access in an apartment dryer they tend to fall between the actual bucket of its spins in a hunt and via wall really yeah I know they're not too -- to do that comes to the fire as well talk to the fire hazard and what do you win the Olympic area fellow that's a fire has yet but you know they they tend they fall down and there's this huge craft strict parent and if you open it up and finally or Starks. Okay why might take a look at that but here's the thing to do is if you if you start early you know it's okay if they're still lost regardless and if you don't go get a understood and we lost so that's true mr. so in the national lost sock Memorial Day people whoever they are whoever came up with this darn thing. Have have a list of three things that you should do to honor this day and the Sox won is throw out any unmatched socks you have him as a hero to them what they say no I don't believe and that I believe you save them as one day that. That went on mismatched socks is gonna show up at the doorstep wanted to come home than that via tech. Sit and the second thing is if you don't wanna throw them way you can use your left over Sox as a clean cloth and he put a minor hand they become a nice little nice little cloth for dusting her polishing. I do that Gracia nominees of clean like the windows so. Mike Carman triarc and I'm a Mac are. Well whatever oils are in that sock when you clean probably make it really makes Chinese vehicles be EX a and then the most important thing you can do with the Sox as a actually create sock monkeys I mean we've all seen suck monkey so. Be a nice little project for you in the kids probably unmatched socks yeah well that that that would work when you're done doing all that they recommend you take a moment of silence for all your lost socks remember them fondly and and give them the recognition they deserve and then you seek medical matters. To kick it to you very quickly go go visit a doctor that but here's the other thing that's going on in and again and know what you folks decide which of these two is more important. On May tenth which we've just crossed into here on the East Coast is world lupus day. And lupus for the anybody that doesn't know is a disease that it's kind of one of those silent diseases slot of people. The habit don't relays relies they haven't it affects way too many people. It mimics arthritis. In other disease other diseases that are auto immune in nature on the cause of skin irritations rashes if it attacks kidneys I mean it's it's it's quite good it's not a rogue super common disease but it's common enough. That sound. You know there needs to be addressed and actress and be very dear to me has lupus and I saw here about the stuff pretty regularly and Julian Lennon of all people John Lennon's son Julian yeah. Is the global and that -- ambassador for world loop Tuesday. And if you wanna learn more about this disease and you should learn more about this disease go to the website lupus that's LUPUS. Dot org there's also place you can donate you know as they look for cures or medications to help folks. With lupus but. May tenth this national lupus today or world lupus day actually and you know. It's an anytime we have an opportunity to help folks who suffer from an affliction like that it's worth taking an effort. I have to ask you how do you make the leap from national sock day tour. So something soon I guess yeah I didn't meet the lead by just happened look at the calendar and I saw those two things on calendar that actually says national stock today up notes national lost soccer Memorial Day. And yes it does seem that. A familiar argument this talent up and up so on yeah again I'll let you folks decide which of those two things is more important I know which one's more important to me and I do you think you should stop by lupus dot org. And down you know learn a little more about that disease defined as getting to. Getting to summer slip functional meets arts and it was so that automatically took just one more core I agree with irons are criminals and if you having Amaechi head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality regularly to FaceBook page forest. And had to be under reality radio dot com you can find all the stations we are across the country you can and more costly updating atlas a check in Austin. We can also download free iPhone and android app. Return a large listen to air pressure starts a large coach acknowledged that more. Which click the pop up button in the upper right hand corner of the website and some of the show read from web site will hang out in chief he myself for the great community of people. In an online chat so. And to download the show from iTunes or any moral systems favor and read it for ourselves pushing forward makes it easier for people to find. Yeah a good stuff so we thank you for doing that we also thank the radio stations and turn the program if you listen you're one of those. Maybe drop online go to their website and say into contact button to say hey thanks for caring beyond reality radio on the station can you enjoy it we we know we enjoy being. Arts are gonna take a break in more congress get our guests on the phone Leo listen Jason gave him the island radio. OK beyond reality radio apprentices champion and telling you'd need to go check outs Garrett con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick conned. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scare come in mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code PRR. Spirit con dot com. Arianna removed chastened and JP right down our phone number will be opening up opening up the phone lines later in the program for your calls questions comments. It's 844687766. And we welcome any kind of discussion knew when we opened phones Smart phone lines. Almost anything's for game. Yet if you know where those are scopus it's besides that it's important. You know I in this is one of those paranormal mysteries that you have some some a lot of colonel one mysteries in your day this might be the most important one walk and and that's that's why I said I'm I'm problem solver and I didn't warm message of Korea but I just had to be honest no it's fine it was fine and they still are missing until it found the missing and we still should honor them. I'm having said that we've got two guests for you tonight we're gonna join Thomas Hewlett who's the writer and author of the twelve stakes series. Later in the program our first guest and I just Leo ash craft he's an investigative journalist to broadcast engineer any consultant. His work with our belt. He's got a web site it's called dark matter news.com. In the spring Leo into the program Leo welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. Good evening thanks for having me a big fan of both you guys and just amazing what you guys have done with the radio program and what the last three years. Orange thank you very much supported having the and it's a real like you I'm I've. Got into radio Eddie young age fell in love with it and it's you know it's one of those so labors of love as I'm sure you can relate to. Certainly a lot of labor. I think have lost loved many years ago but it's you know it's always there it's one of those things that you'd get into and and some as hard as you may try to get away from instant you just never happens you can't see you can't get it out it's like some crazy horrible virus. Looking way to put it tell us a little bit about yourself when you've done a lot of things give us give us the reader's digest version. Good grief. I'm not sure where to start you guys that started when I was nine. Bada ought to basically a PA system. Later that turned into a pirate radio station and I just kind of you know. Built on net a site you went through life. Well later from I'd figured out that wasn't gonna make a lot of money on me error as a DJ playing music her. Doing news so I got on to the engineering side of the and I got pretty deep into that around 1997. And does so look what I do or did until 2015. Resigned. Filed applications like produce the engineering to prove to the FCC yeah. New radio station new television station would work without interfering with existing stations. And so I worked on the outside of it to every body was great outlet but. You know IE I missed being on the year Milligan does that thing until you just can't. Once it's in you just can't get rid of it. And so. I. I tried to. Applying for my own radio stations and six of them at one time. Just wasn't exactly what I was looking scorer so I don't like continued buying. Career with FCC consulting up and sold 2000. Eighteen or so and I started to. It's actually a rebirth of the old mutual broadcast network. I'm not sure thought you heard that it's a old radio network that used to be quite large sure but it not a business in the early ninety's. So I like that that was the news service that was on one of the first radio stations and actually got paid out. SI like that so and they were using it in the trade market expired on outside. I started that and within three months we had 200 affiliates we've provided. Hourly news. Only CNN or fox. And that was working out really well and then. Early in 2015. Art Bell had contacted me now Anita back up a little bit because like art and I have been princess around the year 2000. And the way we crossed passed in a paths in 2000. Was because of very FCC circus that was new. Notice low power FM radio rings and he got to highly interest about. They need want one but he thought that was a great idea seat up behind him. And so that's where our relationship started. And that's pretty much all it was. Fellow ham radio operator. Debbie dubious five L Leo look at one of vanity call science. And so we would chit chat back and forth about FCC matters and Corso are judges. Commercial stationed there and Perot. I believe that was around. My memory fails mineral 2012. I think. And anyway so coming back to 2015. He called me up. And said you know I'm I'm coming back. I said again. Button if you. And he didn't think that was funny. And so yeah I was running around zero that today and I've. Surprised to hear Christiane coming back a place players joke on me saga. I'm gonna start my own network and we're going to come back or call at midnight in the desert. Hour and a note if you wanted to. Provide me five minutes. Paranormal newscast. Three times a night. Less than fifteen minutes of the paranormal news arts. And now and that's a lot of please ask the Fed has value not. I'll give it a shot and and I did and it and it worked out very well it was a highly. Rated up portion of the program. But. You know. I look at it in in and arts and Keefe had this idea that they wanted to be. The future which pets or was always looking to be the next biggest thing and he. Thought that it would be good idea to just be an Internet radio program. And so I worked on it for the next too much convinced him that was not a good idea that. And thousand listeners are so was basically would benefit cap. What was not going to make or happy. So I got involved with some. Westwood One which you guys I think are going through them for distribution and set up the next yes. Account with them. And along with them. On the big bird on XPS and within about a month of doing best. We had him up from about twenty affiliates to over 200. Yeah so it's Art Bell I mean I. It. I have to take some credit toward a better Art Bell anybody can sell art all know you just have to get it past the points of yeah I know he's retired several times but you know this time bees he's and it didn't you know until. Until the end but she's so that was the hardest part because of all of the previous retirements. But I got I got them over that. And so we run. About to go on 200 affiliates. The following week. And means. And then bass swim. Around the time things started to go crazy now art was on board. And going national and back to the traditional distribution and with affiliates in that but key was not he just. He was stuck on the idea that no we wanna be an Internet. Radio station. I'll organ. We're gonna make changes and somehow this is all going to work. And but are also it was going one way or deny we're going a different way he didn't like that. And so. He's kind of worked against both of us. Throughout that this created a just a horrible work environment. And a lot of bomb. Lot of problems between. He and myself which trickled out are they started affecting your show. Because on an amends in his seventies I mean and he's still sounded great does a lot of stress that he had to go through because of Lola. And so aliens. He his health was. Who's having problems of the self in 2002 team. Not to the degree that he had in the last year or so. Let's. We discussed and I told our that night is no way I can work with keeps the worries. Treating me in ways treating other people so. Solemn sorry. I'm gonna have to walk away from us. Because I've got my own health issues and it's just it's just not worth it. So he said he understood and and we commonwealth from there and I he did make some cracks at night on the year. And that I appreciate. But I know the I think he businessman and he he was kind of you meeting and you have to get all that out of course. No of course Yitzhak sort of hole but Leo hold on right there we got to take a break and I wanna get more into this right after right after that we come back. Our guest Leo ash craft do. Synergies and JPM URL. Jason can be found a receipt for 46877666. I did it again asserted too good to me sixes and that phone number she's like 66. Fresh I don't know what you paid for 46877669. Little bit later in the program Thomas Hewlett will join us he's a writer and author of the twelve stakes series this is a a fictional book series that takes the idea of vampires. And alcoholics anonymous and puts them together for what I'm sure is going to be very very interest in discussion could be just an incredible TV show. I'd be vampires. Alcoholics anonymous and and obviously the twelve stakes. Title is the play itself Sampson and and so it's going to be interesting to have. Thomas on a just a little bit right now we're talking with legal ash craft he's an investigative journalists are very accomplished. A broadcast individually he's been an engineering consultant and we've been talking about. His history as he Ben hooked up with our bell and has been working with our had been working with our belt. I'm of course we've lost our belt earlier this year and I can't say it enough on our pal was not only an amazing radio professional. But he opened the door and pave the way for many of us to follow in his footsteps to talk about these topics whether it's on the radio on the television or anywhere else. We'll without somebody like him I think a lot of the radio companies that are would have looked at topic has had something silly and macro argument really do that. And art opened up the door in the doors no penalties places and showed them all the there was such a huge following it and interest. In this they really should should be looking more into Leo how did our bill do it so masterfully. That that I think is the ultimate mystery books I will say a as smooth and with with all of community. No fear. It says he approached that he and his persona that you heard on the radio. Wasn't acts. He told me many times. That he was as nervous if not more nervous. Before going out here and when he eating started many many many years ago. And that's why a thirty minutes to an hour before each show he would go in and listen to. His collection of music the bumper music that you earlier that was his favorite music and he would go in and listen to that and try to calm down and in sort of get into the mood degree from the show. Coming up but sound. He he certainly was a master who's a master interviewer if he wasn't talking about ghosts and goblins in new oppose. I'm Pete he still would have been a very. Famous radio voice. But he did pick a very unique. Subject which I think helped propel him. Were quick -- guys can you imagine. What we'd be listening to. On a radio or even a line now if it weren't for our bill would would we have. All of these different types of paranormal shows would would we have that popularity that we had to and it's amazing. You know that that much of this goes back to our men and continues because of our most it's interesting dimension. What if art hadn't done what you've done. Well if we are anymore to think about that because first of all I enjoyed. All the work he did just on a personal level. But as a professional. I'm very thankful and grateful for what he did for the radio industry as a whole. But also for in what we do here to talk about these paranormal topics that maybe you know thirty years ago forty years ago nobody dared mention anywhere but Tino and a back room with their hand and over there mouse nobody could really see what they're saying if they're reading lips from a distance. Exactly and and in many were simply. I'll meet you you didn't say that you do and say yes I've. I think I saw this weird strange thing about and you know and you follow I think I saw a shadow I think it's ago she just he didn't say that kind of thing. A lock you up up up. Exactly so what what projects are you working on now I mean you are all over the place some. I know you're kind of retired but do you ever really retire we have this this radio Jeanne union. Now I I I think he just sort of shift on to something else you know for the last couple of years I really haven't retired I. I have been doing Russian but that does get quite boring. I do know that there's many things that I have done that I don't really have any interest. That that's my problem let's it's been this way throughout my life by. Did a notion to do something to achieve something and I I would get there and and well all group forward with and so. Well I'm happy to say that. Nearly everything and I've ever set out to do in my life I've been able to accomplish it. You know I've owned radio stations have been on the bridge national radio been on television. And you know I I think the you know be a lot of people ask me why don't you have your own talk show well you know I tried that. And it's fairly successful at it but you know it's just not my thing what you guys have to go through on a nightly basis nobody has anybody any. Idea of the amount of work. That goes into a three year five hour you know you don't just come in and sit down turn on the Mike and put your feet up the talk it doesn't work. Like it's this is not a prayer. So that's how recruited. You're the master Jason found I don't know to cry it's a I wish it was that easy but you you know when I'm getting at so. You know at this point I don't know I liked. Like helping. Startups especially your radio programs. Get through the process the difficult process of giving him some distribution. But honestly. I'm just kind of sit back and got my feet up and kind of looking for the next thing to come down the law and I'm actually count retired right now. Well as somebody who is then in the industry observe the industry. Rolled up your sleeves and worked the industry for so long and you brought up would you lead it with your last French with Art Bell this kind of battle between Internet radio verses terrestrial radio. Well what do you think we're looking at down the road here I mean I'm I'm addressed roll radio guy and then Brady since 1981 I'd filed very similar path as you I was on Eric couldn't make enough money on Harry left for awhile came back as an owner. Owned by just patients for awhile. Then wanted to get back in programming and hence beyond reality really we Jason here but no I love trust for radio what do we what's our future hold. Well I. There there is a teacher reduce future horror online digital radio. But it's going to be held back. And shall we get all of this music licensing. Stuff straightened out there's there's so many broadcasters that have left. Because of that unnoticed here in this you know compared to last year there's a lot of that are that are gone and an insult. There's Leo affair model that allows. Smaller. Broadcasters. To kind of make it through the steps and so there are big broadcaster on the Internet. That's going to be a detriment. For the Internet site at the terrestrial radio. It's difficult to say unity in the landscape is changing right now. You know when the FCC changed the rules in 1996. Which allowed. These big corporations to start purchasing all over the radio stations and you have. I don't what it was. Five years ago was like three major corporations on the majority of radio stations in the United States. And until that changes which it's changing now because what they've found out. Is. You can't operate radio station. By remote you know you you have to provide the local contents. You have to interact with the republic are simply doesn't work and that's why we're seeing. You know companies like clear channel and and I hearts in in the EC you know we're seeing res. Stations piling. Bankruptcy because that he recant it remotely so. If that now shifts the ownership back to local owners there we're gonna see a different landscape there were a start seeing. More local programming. And it it kind of opens a pathway Gupta shows. Like yours. Where stations looking for. Fresh concepts. But so when all of this is not all of them when the majority of the stations are owned. By these big mega corporations. It's very difficult to give me any new and upcoming show. On to a terrestrial radio sessions. So. Yeah you you get them on smaller stations. Better locally owned and operated but it's very difficult to get on one let's say that's owned by cumulus to clear channel it's it was just. Nearly impossible lets you had a name like Art Bell on and that made it what you. Yeah and this one other thing not to make this a radio in insider program but what does feeling like start to come that I mentioned this one thing because. It's first a radio business goes industry as an owner who is about to sell this last station as much on the process of doing. On the business has changed so much and people often say well as the Internet affecting your business. And what they think if that means is that people are listening on the Internet not listening to track strong radio that's not true. People listening to terrestrial radio almost as much as they ever have. But what is happening is the Internet is putting the local retailers out of business. Those retailers are the advertises on local radio and those retailers are disappearing and that's what's happening to the business of radio. That's your best that's the other side of it and you know I've met that sought. That's a sad side of the United States right now and again it's it's still. Everything going back to these big major corporations that even long on the retelling side you know like channels on which I like. Like my Amazon delivers. But I've been you got to think your when they start becoming in a monopoly. And people are buying online and they east stop buying from local merchants. Then we start seeing only the ghost towns and of course that trickles down to radio because without those local merchants. To buy advertising on the radio and radio station suffer written in here we are. So but we've just got a couple minutes are left with few audio what is what's dark matter news. Our dark news was actually art Bell's idea of Neary contacted me. Early in 2015. Ask me if I want to do. 35 minute segments with paranormal news again and basically that's that's what it is I would spend most of the day. Going through the Internet to and talking with different people in putting together. Fifteen minutes of paranormal news each night. Which aired 15 minute segments. Each hour news kind of wants arts. Pet projects. No deal was that sudden. On on that as far as some insider stuff like that one minute of air time or commercials and that was my okay. Until I started. Taking or be affiliates in that I don't vote percentage of the show. But before that's have the one minutes and then I would you know and I'd sell that meant that would be how I would give my portion of it. And somebody said you know we're gonna do this that way dark matter news is there independents. Product amendment you know later after the first year if you want to. Put it on other radio programs then you can do that so. Of course we didn't make it sit through these year end I wound up putting our revenues on my own network. I took the in the mutual broadcast network. And we have started several paranormal should talk shows I actually did one on Saturdays. And called Madonna express that we need another one called door. Thirty news. That and I had hired Jeremy you know every Scott's. Who is still on producing a program called her a normal radio. And so wrong that ran forum probably about six months. And I had a little bit of a health problem and we had some issues there are Germany was wanted to go back up north views of from the organ area. So we wound up and and you know funding. It's it's it's really hard to you know you have to have. Probably. I would say fifteen under. Affiliates really to sell. And get a decent amount or national advertising and oranges sitting with a per inquiry commercials that you. You've been guys have been dominant or assured him so so the body just wasn't there and I kind of lost my interest so. We've all the all that up. Private paean to about 2000. Sixteen and then dark bad news is just kind of been sitting there. As they web sites on the Internet or percents and ever really. Done anything to rips haven't produced any new audio pieces and since the into 2016. Polio or out of time here thanks so much and it was short notice to get China we're gonna Reese schedule the schedule you again to bring you wants wouldn't have you on for full program. And courts or does or thinks a mostly you have a great night when I look forward talking again. Is it. OK so let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest Thomas Hewlett into the program most are talking about this concept of of vampires who were also members of alcoholics anonymous. It's going to be great you listen Jason TV. Yeah unrelated real will be back after a. It's. Quite focus. There. Are you never heard this on now it was a it was a pretty big hit back in early to know early release the facts welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio Jason Jay-Z and thank you to the US credit for joining us in the first part of the program now we've got Thomas Hewlett. With us Thomas is an author he's written a book. Series called twelve stakes series. The website is twelve stakes dot com and Thomas thanks for being on the program night. It. Thanks for coming on toast so let's start by we've got about just mumbled less than three minutes here in this particular segment but it's enough time to learn a little bit more more about you you wanted to be a writer at a very young age. Yes. Had probably have to learn to read it one at the greater. We're having here on YouTube quote that are reading but it might be ending at definitely right. I knew pretty early well do. That's one way to make this story and the way you wanted to and yeah. What what's that little boy I mean. Often children. Struggle when it comes to running I know I did I was a pretty good student in general but when it came to writing stuff I didn't want to write it didn't wanna read the you know that's a was just way too much work for me. What. Makes someone on at the age of twelve think differently about that. I think he apparently crime that the world around you and the way you express yourself. And he was very easy in terms. And word. And everything it on my imagination wanna down and Ellen put it down into their first story. That means academy at the beginning and middle end everything. Eight. I'm thinking about it the way it makes sense of what comedian but he indicated. That kind of over New York that kind of record. They came very natural and. As a runner myself. We and we were mainly wrote the first few books are about case studies that we had in the past but then. I we had written some books and later on their word. Following an individual and is sort of made it easier when you just pictured your yourself in the and that person's eyes and you just in followed Fuld the story. You know it says that there are guns. Letting publicly any urge to dictate where to get into it trying to court to force them to do something. It kind of navigating that that little way I guess but. Or maintain them and your own outlined their plans where. Integrate into right. We're talking with Thomas Hewlett again he's an author is written a series of books called the twelve stakes series. The kind of Zach could possibly mean only on the other side of the break because it's an interesting. View and an interesting perspective analyst. It's one heck of a mix skull at so if you have a Demi Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality regularly to FaceBook page forest. Then head to beyond reality radio dot com where you'll find all the stations we Aaron across the country right there on the web site can also download free iPhone an injury to operate there which allows adolescent life catch passion was choking on line chat more. Or any times escort the pop up button in the upper right hand corner that opens up a Sharon Nicholas are right there from the website we'll all hang around agree with a great community of people. Or to take a quick break a lot more Tomlinson Jason GP yeah. It's Wednesday on the West Coast and schools in many respects somewhere. On our own review with myself just in Bosnia always awesome GB Johnson. We're gonna bring our guest Thomas Hewlett into the program in just a couple of minutes here Thomas is the author of a series of books called twelve stakes series which. There's a look at vampires and addiction and alcoholics anonymous and we're to talk about how. Thomas human lives through a lot of that himself but was also inspired to write about it tuna and aside five the fantasy kind of way through these books. I'm going to be an interesting conversation but one thing I don't wanna bring in up and bring up and brought it up in the last hour is that Ted may tenth is world lupus day. And anyone who is not familiar with what that disease does or is. Or you may know somebody I know somebody that's very near and dear to me that has lupus and done you know it's something that can kind of lately live with a for a long time in the nick can flare up in it can be quite debilitating. It's world lupus today may tenth I would recommend you go to lupus LUPUS dot org check it out learn about what this diseases. And learn about how he can help because it's one of those many many diseases that we are still fighting to find any kind of tour and and basically any kind of treatment for. It's an auto immune. Type disease it's the body attacking itself and it's in you know just like anything. Along those lines it's it's can be very devastating especially if you know loved one that you. You know has a disease and you watch them suffer just just not something that anybody should have to tolerate. Every little bit helps it does. Trees are against lupus dot org I check out the website and as soon which you can do to help me please give informed. Are so. But let's bring our gas back into the program arm were talking with Thomas Hewlett. Thomas you know I kind of tease the fact. That's your stories the twelve stakes series which there's two books out now one is called one death at a time that's the first book book number one. And then book number two is darkness of the spirit. And a book number three is it to be released at some point but tell us the story of how you became inspired to write. These stories. Why would. Seven years ago. And still in mind it until an obligation. And we pointing to let in the behalf. And no while I was there are willing apparently challenged me to her. She do that being a little frustrated. And if you gotta get second chance so what he would do it. And writing a book I was reduced initial story additional pollution. And now what I got out so it into the record and in the meantime though we were. Ultimately you experience that he keeps jumping into the nationwide and fired an eight new evidence and due to financial our story. Something to comment you'd quit and then it started and toward better route. And it kind of has been blowing up until characters and outline the whole world. And what it though these these great parallels between empires. At all. And what it is lived through. I started seeing. The parallels between knee. He mobsters and Castro. And that demons a little demons and say that live with pending litigation. It has been in you don't quote this story is but it yeah. He happened. Do you mind if we talk about your addiction a little bit on this program. Oh my irons are very open about talking because they get it. Especially now V epidemic we have prediction that it can kick it deep it openly. And more people here get more people who dual or triple. So if you don't mind share with us. What happened I mean addiction isn't something that happens overnight. How did that happen to you. Don't know whether it's already started. Probably started in high school I kind of you know people say they experiment with at least you know and beer here I'll be doing something in. It immediate better and a lot from me I jump in full force them first to yeah. At seventeen I had street you wouldn't drink play well. And did very connecting it to the conclusion I can. These changes. It was never our own my own body scan and who need drug and alcohol over that was the one place. The litigate the issue of laps and you like that it just abnormal. The game. Yeah and then from there is it in Ireland problem in court that only handle whatever it. So between seventeen. Enola early thirties. I it is. At a full addiction and it got pretty bad because I I didn't that they. Drug that I can use that he would ever cross. So in India it is an important that I hung out these. Which. Quote term track. And it hit it absolutely riveted repeat it and that would be so. I didn't consider myself what could have stopped when it can eye infection gone. Little woman again. I would be dead. Did you find that some. And Jason mentioned this to. That says using the substance there was alcohol or drugs and another kind. It was an escape for you or was it more that the people that you were doing to width. You felt but he he felt at home with those people. I don't go home people but I feel like you were a group of people who were basically felt that it. I hate that term. Particularly a lot of people EE. Addition as the problem it is true now what it is we. Those drugs are solution. Is it to the illusion. Two everything going on with. But. Is it it's hard to describe it is a place where you can think about a bunch of people. And he won't validate each other's. Misery in the way. But the date but I thought it might help him. Army really is kind of like at home in the gutter at can heal you know like my job cut. Lower and lower down the eight skill that pure probability. My apartment get smaller and smaller more. Mortgage championship here at the little thinking you know you can get her away and there's no shortage people who Julia actor. Idea yeah I you know I think we've all we've all encountered somebody in our lives that Tom has an addiction problem. And we've seen the damage it can do to that person. Comment and the families that's right. Would you say Thomas that it's dead in mode and many many cases these addictions are just like they just destroy lives. They do I have likened it to me and another person to use for tornado. It just comes and it should too rich Sudan and community. And Karl because it is an exciting thing that it'll be to a and we just everyone into that court. He says you know one person has aren't people who loved in the and and then very hard to tell somebody that you know. Given a couple of big east is it yeah yeah when did better everybody. And when people have these addictions they start making all of their their decisions through the prism of that addiction don't that. Yes liked it very very small you're voted this current crunch your entire life to the it'll. George or whatever it is either you didn't love it. And we're in a weren't this program wasn't supposed to be a discussion about addiction per say but one of the things we're trying to establish here is. When Thomas. Ended up writing his books here and it's the twelve state series he was using his experience. As an addict. And bringing a scifi horror element into it with the vampire plot. And have put those two things together and we're gonna take a break when we come back we're gonna see how those two ideas came together. In his books in the first book is called one death at a time the second was in his darkness of the spirit and we're gonna get into that with Thomas our guest again. Thomas Hewlett and we'll be back with him sect Harry. Since Jason if you PM yeah. Beyond you know the media Jason GPS. Phone lines are open before. Her 6877669. If he'd like to join the discussion we're talking with Thomas Hewlett tonight. He's the author of the twelve stakes series of books you can visit the website twelve stakes dot com and get some more information about the book series and about. Thomas himself and that we've been talking about. Very openly actually talking about thomas' battle with the diction which also wouldn't ultimately led him to write these books and one more question about some. You know what you dealt with as an addict Thomas when you went to rehab was that he voluntary. Mover was it something that you were forced to do. That. Have been between China and India. Not from the bank board bacteria. That's good but it set aside and let it be the end to end my life and I called. The Cayman and that the I port. And from there aren't given the chance to. I'd love to go to re. But definitely my wife that he basically says that you need to do it. There's there's really no option here. And would you say it saved your life. So you're yeah. I'm sorry I was gonna say so you're in rehab how many think you've mentioned that's an acquaintance or friend of yours. Suggested that you write. A story or book about. And an office specifically vampires. But whatever these characters and and alcoholics anonymous or addiction to bring these two things together is that how it happened. He had he immediately picked him that Nadal does not pick up tkachuk and it. Let I am really against national right to write that book and and that theory it would be the perfect. Combination certain had been given these stories on the track to the international story yeah. Each step is more horrible stories resolving combined. And as you was starting to envisioned this in your head because when Jason I have introduced this discussion throughout the course of the week saying the we're gonna talk about this. It's very very difficult for us to understand how this. Works tell us how to go together yet telescope works. Well that turned that the book is that. Anonymous was started back and parts. In an effort to help them survive. The entire in my book. When we meet them and not the longest entry titled count. And can't get them fired its traditional story there. Men and women who leave these these may fly to life that is pretty brutal violence and the Elliott and more where that is being tracked. And it killed because when may lose control themselves look what they've kind of ate like a draw. They black out. And that is people who keep waking up on people they see that alcohol addiction but every penny wicca the violence around keep in worse and worse data. If you're crazy. So the idea it would that that founder's day Wednesday at himself. And he'd ever that he can't make it helped each other. Keeping control and sees him and without blocking out of the control and without which we came bumping and humanity. So it it doesn't really like this situation. And that struck me as such a parallel toward the latter of which would. You know you can include up you can lose control you can black out you can chose somebody yourself innocent that consequent to keep piling up. That poll again. Like detonation. Struck me and that will weigh into this story and that he's been on the ground. In addition to writing an interesting story and writing a story an genre that you happen to love. Were you out to try to send a message may be an enemy new decision to say this in a bad way but be a little preachy about to what you had gone through. Not so much appreciate it whether to send an additional hope want a lifeline movie or more into. Treating attic or who do you may be the end of the mine which that you share either your experience. That would that would let them know that ultimately get the alone or not. It's not not a free doughnut monster and you know but I got you. And so my net into it and went on and telling the monster's story but the market didn't vote on it. In other than being cared that the gay guys. And they gage you've become an assurance that these stories. Once they learn how to harness with BP A is you know they've seen it this disease and that was my message in the ad. Could you learn how to shoot. Q eccentric self aren't what chord punk any credible sensitivity you can turn that around. You can live a life to survive and do you get that need help others. So it was just a way of trying to also connect with them as well. I think every writer rescued in the Nikkei closed. Can we use in one way or another drug and alcohol because. They're making that connection. Whether it connection to a power or to other people or the world of art whatever you call it something you knew that that Michigan. There are there any way to get an illusory sense connections yourself into the. And finally give people you know a real passionate committed few I want our right to reach people. We're talking with Thomas who would again and author of the twelve stakes series of books we're gonna continue their conversation after the break. I don't forget that coming up tomorrow night we will be talking wins Colleen moral. Colleen is an off our author she founded a magazine called intuition which is a magazine for the higher potential of the mind. And she has a new book called spiritual telepathy which were gonna talk about and that's a next step after just regular in intuition. This is an advanced form of intuitive perception again it's called spiritual telepathy. And every Friday is the best of the unreality radio makes you tune in and catch that show. Our were to take a quick break the phone number if you have any questions the 446877669. Dental treaty for four. 6877669. Analysts and Jason GDP on an island radio. There of the fab foursome fab five because George Martin. Was so important in The Beatles says success in the sound. But what America program are ready it's Jason JV the phone numbers 8446877669. If you'd like to join. Our discussion we've been talking about a couple of things we've been talking about addiction. And we've been talking about ebooks series. Written by our guest tonight Thomas Hewlett it's the twelve stakes series and I've got to ask. Thomas I mean I'm assuming that twelve stakes is a not so thinly veiled reference to the twelve step program of alcoholics anonymous is that right. Incident since then. Quote will they are a state like they could hurt. It is going to be well books just well that's and then he'll be thirteen book. Or in honor of the legendary actor and there are popular program. So that that's pretty ambitious you've you've got to completed that are out of the third one is it done in just waiting to be released are you still working on. I do final Betty well like start before. July I always look great aunt. But yes I am trying to get it is possible. One thing that. Is often mentioned a word that is used very very commonly when we talk about addictions is that you know these addictions are demons their personal demons and even made this reference earlier. But in you know when you talk of the demons that haunt them I mean it's a pretty natural. Transition here it's a pretty natural literary transition if nothing else and I'm sure you've made use of that. Yet the the monsters and whatever they do you have. In two different accent that. If something inside that come on we addiction and a it is that speed in it and some people don't. And in this series are known to give your life. But it don't like couple quirky coming up but it beat that person. That we are you liked it and so he can he'll lose. Eastern it is. And he cares that the content would be in these these powers and they don't have any at Newark. What are your summary you're literary influences who did you read as a child may be young adults that you would say. Inspired you are in your journey to become an author yourself. I only do Red Cross genre and I really liked. The crime mystery writers are brought a lot of green and Chandler and that. But I also grew our treaty it rice and he didn't change. And I really liked lose to a recent. A range of issues that whoever the great empires you couldn't joke in here. I don't like reader of my life. And everything I think you have to determine whatever structure and the. They're across China's. That crappy that Google does write his own life. Is there any other. Media that says you'd say influenced you in the reading these books and movies television and things like that that was so also you're an inspiration. I really. Think Omar is going to be important on these books. Sure. That crime I think you know entrepreneur didn't think we'd all we have to LA confidential. And that kind of noir sensibility. Is it is that he heading into. It is an actual list is because the books is sent Los Angeles is actually great so more at least. And are the books Britain. And in contemporary Los Angeles or losers or time period element to this. They are contemporary look endless over the main character to extreme on TV deliberately create detectives on the 1940s. He would not be glad that it murder investigation. When he will be guy came to that other. Stewart and at certain times are jumping around between you lay it all well. And in some cases. To an event parity even back to the centuries but for the most armory content per cent. We're going to run at a time. Rather quickly as soon as the couple things are just I think we need to talk about to do you must have advice for people or families of people. Suffering from it and addiction I mean having lived through it yourself and have no having recovered from it yourself. You must have some words of wisdom for those who are still battling whether it. Two other ethnic assures those suffering on the you know you. You can't win them don't want you don't have. This thing is surrenders crucial. So except the fact that edition. Is not. Your fault. But you always have the power to do so about you'll eventually to get helped to reach out and get up. Spooked I love these people are reminder that the how did in that boat was powerless. Because these occasions it physically Izzo along the East Asia at options in July so we don't know what to do you always have actually you have to read a bit. There's only people who well it's another X they're going to sweep here. And that is always the power to actually yeah. Well I think that's really. I think it's important to me I think it's important thing that they know that is Wilkes a lot of them think that they don't have any other options and their addiction whether BM model and you solar. Or something else is there a it is just their only way. The occasion is telling your days it is in control. That your life that you are eat you know. It's a terrible person and it even worse were the Italians argue that this. This is you can control. And not to like certainly the well control. But definite trip is an illusion. I was making currently gravity gravity. If he's committed to overpower a course that can't be overcome but. You can hit it was at our people that you can do that apple people bitterly regret. Like that this is that these predictions about you if you make that call he may have warned in place. Entire election. Thomas EUS you've found your path. You're reading phenomenal books here you've got to root your creditor ready the third coming up very very soon. You must also have some advice to people who may aspire to be an author someday whether they've. Got addiction issues or not that's really not necessarily. Important in this particular case. What do you say to young people who wanna become an author. What do you think the first thing is he's really not possible. You have to read in the and yet know how he. Bill Torrey and other crap period Allen is opening and he he can you don't have to prove that you can get from the library. Read as much as possible and the deputy and the people is if you. He's beloved and I did. The news. Right when I'm tired of Reading this romantic opposite of that right growing up who. Like each show up every age and time same place shouldn't you know at present for an hour for ten minutes whatever it every day. Either he's gay and guarantee that you show up whenever usual. Let's jump to the phone lines here we get a few listener calls us if we have time to wanna to a mrs. Erin calling from Texas. Hey Aaron welcome to be on reality radio. Eight generations turns out here one on one Leo's friends. Almost already stretched myself but anyway I want. Michael remark about what your gear was talking about there. I come you know I'm I'm I'm a Christian our closets of affection booking and everything but you're comparing. Demons and addictions. And it's always been my belief that and you should never police were predispose. You're sober sort predispose to lean to being acceptable to other things. And I believe there there are actual demons that take advantage of that. That's a great point Erin I made the comparison I made the reference. That many times we call people oh with addictions we referenced their demons. But I think in paranormal. Circles as well and Jason can add to this certainly. That it's people that are sub that suffer from substance abuse and are often much more vulnerable to a demonic type paranormal. Experience Selena really does it opens a mob whether PMS one of the biggest factors we we looked into we had some of these home is. The sort of medication they're on or if there's alcohol or drug addiction that's going on house because that weakens them. And it does leave them more vulnerable to. Too negative tight pants TC and then their attacks because there are ready weakened sorority and added that weakened mind state. And feeling beaten down and a lot of times these things take advantage. Thank you aren't fretting that the conversations are very very important point. And Thomas. The you mentioned book number three coming out relatively soon your final editing you're working on books for what's that what do you think the clock is for getting all thirteen books out. I think it will take a couple of years and trying to. This year and next year. At least gave myself a better than the witness series they intend. I would really like to see them all out terrorist. We have a couple of years. That's that's approaching Stephen King the territory as far as being prolific that's a lot of writing a short period of time. I had driven by passion with these book is really in order a great. And I was about to get the old theory that there's anyone who come belonged to Jews it injury either way Cuba I think that we vehicle and you. But. I am not going to be fuel and another to a comfortable and so people it is. That. Well and I know I know how it is it's funny because I've taken I've taken a year and to write a book and somebody can read through that last week at Tom but it took me year wrecked at Pitt so yeah so it's on it's one of those things were you wanna you wanna get as many as you can out of. At least I I senior touches and he delivers notes yeah no matter but that's I am ten year old to. Work in people get a hold of the books Thomas. Book is available online anywhere in. Amazon Barnes & Noble. In the lead up on the outlook to deal. God remember that EE book and print books so and it's getting an income to the web site get together well. Great while we appreciate you sharing not only your personal stories but to other stories of that you wrote about in your in the twelve. Stakes series were looking for number three coming out soon. And daycare and then again thanks for being on the show. Yeah just the challenges. And the challenge and congratulations on the challenges that you overcome I think that it's. That's just huge and that just shows the the inner power you have to be able to do that so congratulations. It thanks again the book series is called the twelve stakes series our guest Thomas. Humid and you need to check out the website is well it is twelve stakes dot com it's. It says spelled just like it sounds you know do we have time to takes if we if we get some calls for our psyche experiments tonight I. I think we too I think we do it now if you if you Millicent and the show if you haven't willfully and we picked one card out of just a normal deck of cards it's not a Joker of course. But so it's one of those cars and we still have the start. Nobody's been able to gas. Com if you listened to show in the past and you you've been able to sort of deter the cards that have been chosen. It's gonna leave better husband think of it we look at it is either remote viewing or just. And then luck of the draw or whatever you whatever you wanna you know it's gonna. Happened one of these days we're gonna draw one of these cards and we're gonna take calls in the first person gonna get it immediately and went when that happens we have to like try another what's he thinking continue to get them because. Someone out there is gonna have this a psychic slash remote viewing. Capability and they're gonna support this process pretty quickly. It has the sister of the sister votes to us so we still have the same card give us a call and if he gets a card you win. Were they when you bring them some and we had a teacher. The teacher talent that nice teacher. It's one of the TVs where ya just in this and so Stanley and opinions it's you know my yard work and a today now to but as you'll send to send you a nice brand new teacher so are you'll need some sort of phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. When he gets. I was gonna sit opponent because your about how would you what about the next six I might have thrown a few extra success. It happens it's over and it's a quick break call in now and my analysts are taking your calls when we come back and listen as Jason. Dvd on military. It's. How. I heard her her record 52 card deck we saw a headed for a couple weeks now we've only done this a couple nights though. So not too many people that an opportunity to try to figure out what it is but it's an attempt to see if you might have. Any remote viewing or psychic abilities Jason and I will focus on the card. You calling and we've got full form ones are now and Freddie get to everybody you call an intro to tell us what it is by tapping into our mines of sorts to this or let's go to this is the first calls David calling in from South Carolina. He David welcome to the show. What do you see were focused on this card what do you seek. Or. Now I know it's not that pretty try our let's go to Mike from Kansas might your turn. We are focused on this playing cards happen nor mine tell us what you see. Today. Did the six of diamonds. Now it's about the thank you very much charge yet thanks you're given that when a shot let's go to Joseph Joseph is in Buffalo, New York one of our favorite cities. On the planet to. I like your in new York and I didn't write a born not only does say you're pretty close. They Joseph welcome to the program Yemeni psychic abilities do you think. Okay well we are focused on this playing card. Give it a shot. I think it. Or the governments. Now sorry about it thanks joke and knowing you stellar but in buffalo we said hello OK let's go to Roger in Florida he Roger it your term we're focused on this. Playing card were looking at it were thinking about it tap into our minds Telus which is it. It. Now sorry Roger. It's not thank you for calling in boy this is this might be a tough one you know sometimes. The wavelengths just aren't. And enough talent and and when those sheet is just listen when we do you know mark why don't tell people how to achieve the sort of people yesterday told you with a structural work that that's achieving their parents go see this is meg in is in Kansas hey meg and welcome to the program Megan are you somebody who think you feel like you've got some psychic or remote viewing abilities. Idea and diet. Deborah iron are here ready and now I'm in Atlanta and I rules and I personally I don't slam. Your commitment and now slowdown. And Hank wanna hear about it you had a dream about this fire and actually happened. I did you record Amber Frey yes it I'm not that they can we are we currency. This morning. Wiley College I'm. I term pilot then and said he area. And better the fired nor can their city. And I look at and I had been creeping at the time required started. And I grabbed it then and I thought over the plane crash. And it wired. And the exact area. Predicted in my name the. That is pretty amazing this might. This might be a little. Or that. You guys had I'm not about. Greek cognitive dreams movie you. Okay that's where I'm ending a bit. And I had a lot of history with you know expecting things I think. Okay all this we're gonna run at a time here we wanna give you a shot at this this is a little trick here just because it's quick down and dirty we are looking at and focusing on this plane card. Happen Nora minds tell us what you said. And closing my oh yeah and I am feeling. Glad I have also seen the days of Diana and. So they Saddam his injury is is what you're saying. I'd that's what I have been feeling yeah it's. It's it's not the ace of diamonds but thank you so much for sharing the story with us and in calling in giving that shot it's a tough it's a tough experiment and you get it's under his quick now and we are mines aren't that powerful so. That's gonna do let's just make sure you he remind you remember what cards have been the start at the end. And for the next time yes and telling them how to cheat sheet for instance not to have didn't invent. So all right bug thanks for our guests for come on Manny and all of this tonight always appreciated make sure you tune in tomorrow or have another great show if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Which FaceBook page for us to keep up now updated on and you stations were constantly adding as well. You can do that as well as Viet beyond reality radio dot com you can download free iPhone and and and enter and a you listen to Jason JV beyond reality radial Quechua Lamar and I. And it's. Taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's something we don't really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jackson household and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.