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Rob Gutro discusses life as a medium

May 23, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Medium/Paranormal Investigator Rob Gutro. Rob talks about going on vacation in England and the messages he received from the other side. 5/22/18 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Our audience beyond reality radio I'm Gene Johnson thanks for joining me Jason is off tonight we always miss him when he is off but to be back with this I think is coming back tomorrow night he's just got some stuff going on thanks for joining me. It's going to be great show tonight not only do we have rob got trove joining us Robb is a returning guest he's been on the program before. We're going to be talking about his new book it's called ghosts of England on a mediums vacation the whole idea here is what happens when a medium goes on vacation. And they simply switch off their ability at will and rob went to England and talk about a place as just stood chalk full of history. And therefore ghosts. You can imagine what happened there and he's gonna tell some of the stories plus is gonna talk about his other work as a medium and some of the other paranormal investigating he's done. So we'll have him on and just a little bit we also have. Rebecca Foster coming on the program you amber Rebecca she's been on the program a few times she's gonna come on the beginning because we are about to introduce a new feature on the show. It's called readings with Rebecca. And that will be the first Thursday of every month for Beckel will be on at least for the first hour and if it becomes very very. A popular we will increase that and actually. Make it for the full show on the for now to be just the first hour of the first Thursday. Of every month so I don't know without looking at a calendar right now what the first Thursday June as I know it's coming up pretty quickly. And Rebecca will be. With us tonight to talk about that plus she's been out doing some of the things is gonna Cheryl this is well so we've got to show that's chock full of stuff tonight but that doesn't mean. The rest of the week is in great as well tomorrow night Judy Carroll who is an extraterrestrial ambassador bull join us and talk about. The disinformation campaign. What people are saying about he tees and why it's disinformation they're not your harmless. And then Wednesday Kelly Sullivan Walden who was a dream expert will talk about what your dreams are telling you about your love life again I am not sure that something I wanna know but. Kelly will talk about racial take your calls from that okay what we want to remind we will talk about yours. And then Thursday James so James Olson has a book called how whole brain thinking concede the future. Animal explore how that concept will help achieve peace within ourselves with others and in the world by better understanding the nature of consciousness. So got a lot going on on and where it's going to be busy program tonight and for the rest of weeks a make sure you set your alarms so that your every night at midnight listening to the program if you haven't been listening as a download that's okay too. We appreciate that. Policy would also need to talk about here we've got scare con coming up at something that's important on to all of us police may tenth. And and slick and Alex. It's June 15 through seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts if you haven't checked out the website it's scary con dot com you're going to want to because. There's a lot of great information about the show including the celebrity guest like Dee Snider from Twisted Sister strange land and Collison. Cassandra Peterson you know who that is rate Cassandra is actually Elvira mistress of the dark the Cassandra is her name. And she'll be there. Doug Bradley from the pinhead. Character from the hell raiser movies we've also got Danny Lloyd remember him in the shiny. He was a little kid Denny torrents. Broad run on the big wheel solve. Creepy images of the two twin girls at the end of hallway yet to be their Danny Lloyd uses his is his name. We've got the bunch of people there are so few goat to beyond and beyond even a scare conduct come for this one. You'll see the guest list there are a lot of fun people there it's all weekend long and Framingham Massachusetts if you're anywhere near it's worth the trip. Also the beyond reality radio mugs flying out the door I know some people just got theirs. Over the weekend and I you gators to a few go to the website beyond reality radio dot com just click on the mug image there and you'll be able to get yourself a month price might. Video streaming would want your gonna switch it and some things going on okay. To go to be on reality radio dot com. And click on the muggy in order yours yours to domestic shipping is included. In media price if you are ordering from overseas to contact us about the special shipping rate for you. So a lot of great stuff coming up on the program tonight again Jason is off on JV Johnson don't go away we've got all that stuff just ahead right. Beyond reality radio francis' GPA and tell them you need to go check outs Garrett con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great Sanders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeen been Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up once Garrick conned. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scare come in mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code PRR. Scary kind dot com I. It's beyond reiterating our. Johnson thank you for joining us Jason is off tonight he'll be back with a us tomorrow night look forward to that of course as always. Please feel little little lonely here when Eminem might cause my partner here Jason is with me but we'll get through it and why I'm back tomorrow night. We've got a great show as I mentioned tonight we've got rob got true joining us in a little bit he'll be discussing his new book called ghosts of England on a mediums vacation the whole idea is. What happens when a medium goes out whether it's our vacation anywhere can they turn off. The ability. To communicate. And our. Next guest the guest we're gonna have on right now on the first segment of the show Rebecca Foster also kind of knows how this all works Rebecca. It's so great to have you I knew when my favorite people welcome back to the show idea and I'm glad you're here tonight witness. Thanks sepia I appreciated Ike I really enjoyed being on which you. So I mean the the the reason we brought John Q kind of last minute is because you've been working with slick Eddie and set up what is going to be really a great feature on beyond reality radio and it will be aired the first Thursday of every month we're starting with the first hour of the program. If and what I expect is that we won't be able to get to all those people want readings during the first hour so we will eventually expand it may be to be the whole night of the first Thursday of every month and we're gonna do readings with Rebecca I'm excited about this. I am Q I am I'm excited it's fun you know it being able to have able to reach out people and it. I think it's a good way to give back and it actually. Partially because people want something like that and sometimes they can't afford it or it's just not feasible at that time and they and they need something to come through for themselves. That's why I enjoy it and get to chat with a thank you it's crazy at the check. Yet Gerald Gerald was a lot of fun it's building a lot of energy I like to it's kind of hard because I get distracted by the chat from the negative negative push buttons and things you don't mess up so I was here mistakes that's what's going on. So you just got back from an event this last weekend at me. I did I hit so much fun. Well I went and Q Asheville north state it was with a thick crust tour has them handle it at saint. Jenny how a third and numb. The leak for credit like Jennifer it was it was just a lot of fun and I you know. I was by myself so. You know my brother how Kobe can't take note on it I don't really need to company I just really wanted to go and be invited and there was such an amazing collective energy there. Pitched it could I went there with a whole intention of opening up to the building. But that is. Found all of a sudden I was sitting next to someone and I would have to like I can't shape reading these people and I don't mean to because I'm open. He'll have automatically reading them and I I commented that I felt like I had my foot on the gas pedal Ali count and the brake at the same time. And I was exhausted I just couldn't wait to just get on a list. Yet the hunt because. And I and I cap and I'll check I thought I'd I used to do in my own shuttle economic galleries and I have to quiet I can't tell people that I have a medium and and it kind of flipped a couple of times to help a few people out. And that was fine by dumb for the most part I can and I'll chat site and really didn't think out there. But it was amazing and it goes to court like cock deep within meeting photo it like full operation until it up well stick it would. And that will be able to see him to let people that they and I think they're gonna. Nick afterwards they have the photos now I think they're gonna put up on the. That's great stuff I mean this is not often you can go somewhere and in the course of just a day or two catcher an operation that quickly so that's awesome but you seem to be a magnet for McEnroe thank. How the back I want to back up to the set readings of Rebecca the feature we're going to start with I think I think slick said it was June 7 as the first is that the first Thursday of June. Yeah I think that's the what. So yeah yeah it takes so long were restarted. That night but when you do readings for people particularly you're going to be do them doing them on the radio here so to be over the phone. What do you need people to do to be able to read them. I think. That's nothing really I just. As long as I know that there's someone on the other and they can call themselves boat so it doesn't really matter as they didn't say hello to me. They can connect with advised that energy. And that's really Alley it just trust what I get from their guys in from Mike and go from there. Okay some of the said the connection just I mean they're going to be on the phone you're on the phone but you can still establish a connection limited problem I mean we've had you do Ricans on the show before us are no works. Just Russian I just never really understood how it works. Well. It. It it is really just is that facts. I don't like claiming it like that at me because that's really not I. It it really is upstairs. In a local people particulates. It's a lot it is spirit holy spirit of Christ it's you know it's cool people preaches that gives them that information. And so with that said there's really Chester won. God up there there's one major source of the energy it's just we dipped Turkey and the way we view it and so that energy regardless comes through without. Com. And it kind of different change in between the diverted toward the language it's pretty amazing I can read for somebody who is a completely different religion. Language and and everything comes through so that I can understand what I have to tell that person. They. I really don't know how to explain it it. I open up and then all of a sudden I'm kind of take into wherever. That person's energy is and it's funny because they get lost in it and I will. I will be in their world. Talking to I I immerse myself I get it get immersed in it and so I will. I just I don't know it kind of fly and people corporate cash it'll park and got a different effect tried it happened and having fun I don't know. But it's. I'd like I can't explain it. I have to tell you I've asked that same question to many people who do what you do and nobody can explain it there's really no explanation for this so when I ask and I don't really expect to real explanation. So it's kind of a trick question I guess is the body. Yeah I think I just saw you posted on your social media that you got a gallery YouTube gallery reading it's a moral and. Emma and Alina. For pride while I was standing at the counter last week seeking the between now and the first when I'm doing the other one at 9 at the evening I thought I need if it's something else in there might be people who can't make the evening so. I just threw one in there. And it was funny I got on and I up poster real quick blurb and then I'll put that all these people were unplanned it up like reading twelve people while I was announced that. It beat out the other. Can buddy don't get it if I don't think they had the perfect time we did that the gap. Tomorrow at 11 eastern standard I will be doing it on YouTube so quick these things. And that's kind of the sense the same idea I mean people. To a tune in to the YouTube channel they jump into chat you see their name in check and you Disco three just pull names out of the chat room right. I guilt and it it at a I try legally order however. The way to cap work it'll start pulling you know top chat. And I'm pulling in the bottom two if anybody is responding or. I'm looking for new people and then an energy will crappy I have to go to that person first so I can try to read new people. Mean before the polls that have been there repeatedly but. It does it becomes a lot of fun and I. Could sit and read the chat the whole time because that it's kind of crazy it's a lot of fun. And pop and I know that you had to set at some point you've got some others and some the might be. A little ways down the rotor DS in the demand for coming up soon I don't remember but you certainly like to have you share with folks where your Ari. I. Well let's think I've and I've got a lot of events coming up. I think what that the main kind of fact I think and done other and YouTube offense we may. Has made public offer and that Sheen I'm going to eat going to Virginia. And critical time battlefield there and Tate gallery out there as well at Haymarket. And then it July I'll be here doing that captured the scout said and I'll be going also to Iowa and it Chinese think. Well August will be out by Chicago. Decent galleries. And then. Outlet and the optical back ash or state again into the private investigation there. Yeah and you list all that stuff when your website don't you. If you got out everything is listed all the different things that I'm doing. And I try to update that you can think that things like tomorrow it's just for fun and so I thought I'd throw that one and that. Peres and that's gonna be awesome it just a couple more minutes here and I just one ask you about this medium should think. We're really excited to talk to rob got throw in just a few minutes about his book. It's called. A ghost of England on a mediums vacation and he's gonna talk about whether you know what when he as a as a medium can turn off that ability to you a known and I know it's different for everybody do you have the ability to shut it down or is it is a summons is ever present for. All I can shut it down I actually can't you know let the good question because when I left Ashe court states I kind of left my connection open night it was just. The little things you know I caught a picture of a three year old like a perfect two year old Justin and eligibility sheets and chubby missed and I wanted to squeeze them I felt so badly that I could connect it was how many children there and a couple of people who are mentally handicapped in which sitting on the floor and one I left eyed speech connected with them just so that they'll remember me. And I finally said today as a joke I'm going to know after dinner I'm going to China law from going to disconnect. But they are still pulling up my energy and and that's OK but it's exhausting and it kind of give you dish takes little bit so I I do have to shut it off at this point but that gap it is that it's good that I didn't. I would probably lose my. Yeah I would imagine OK Rebecca thanks for being here again it's gonna be doing on the show readings with Rebecca the first Thursday of every month. During the first hour of the program for now we may expanded if we if we need to and who probably will need to so were excited about this in and you're going to be irregular feature on the show. I know it's going to be so much fun take you so much insight from arguing appreciated gonna be a good time. Things are back and remember tomorrow which I'm sure a gallery and YouTube tomorrow. Oh and. Lebanese and okay Mitchell. All right terrific Rebecca Foster again it's going to be readings with Rebecca the first Thursday of every month here on the program. And I meant to start to this segment with this but I forgot to use so I've got a couple things to say. My son happens renamed after me James Johnson junior. Graduated from the mourn college over the weekend some really really proud of him congratulations jeans and it happens to be on May 22 happens to be his birthday so happy birthday Puget so we're to take a break when we come back we're going to be in bring our next guest rob don't grow into the program talk about his book. It's beyond reality radio we have so much more. Radio I'm Judy Johnson Jason off tonight. I want to write down the phone numbers seeing call under the program later with your questions it's 8446877669. Again thank you Rebecca Foster for joining us in the first segment. We appreciate her being here and we also appreciate her agreeing to do the readings with Rebecca the first Thursday. Of each month starting with the June 7 show. So be prepared that. But no talk with our featured guest of the evening rob got row he is he returning guest spent on the program before an author a medium paranormal investigator he's got a new book out it's called ghosts of England. And mediums vacation rob welcome to the program's great to have you on tonight. Exactly get down. It's been here I think contract Leon. It's great to have you. I'm an end and we've hedge on the show before we had a great time when your last time you've got a new book out we're going to be talking about that what else have you been up to censure on the program last. Got actual taking another vacation to go to read the book could cook a and it should do a lot of done. Get a lot of emails. From people who read my you know my attention and actually at like eight incher in those quotes from doctor but people pocket that's. Yeah I remember you saying that when your on the program before and wanna get to talking about that a little bit during our conversation tonight. But before we do that some people we've run a lot we're continually adding affiliate store list of radio station so there might be some people who are familiar with you work. How long have you been doing this type of work specifically the medium. Ship work. Separately for about ten years now. And when did you first to realize that this was something that a you were sensitive to indeed that you wanted to use it for the benefit of other people. I'm tempted to whenever you teenager and when. I saw a sonogram of her appear to be when I was on thirteen years old six gentry dotted line and some think it's. What was going wrong. My mother confirmed this year the ability. And and they realize it. That there were some. So over time not really kind of ignored by content. Basically 2005 and a popular national day and he. He became I can't communicate from the other side and you really need to pay attention so content that. It really came together so that I was able to. Somebody and down I report first book ghost districts. When you first recognize that this was happening to you and he said you're child at the time. It is scary you or did you recognize what it was that it was a gift and embrace it right away. Oh gosh and put it scared like revenue at a summit grant Bob yeah here now so. 888. Give me so much I was in my house and my parents and and I ran outside. And actually good for them to come home bureau. On the deck and the when exposed my parents started. My mother realized. That special room. She realized he had these sensitivities. Premier. She don't have as she headed to city think this was a genetic thing or do you think it's because your mother had a date the household was more. Open to these ideas and maybe you want in a kind of what's the word. I've talked out of it or or in educated out of it. I'm can get it generic armed. Contributed I know that does run and later talked a lot of people who are. And I have beaten him abilities and and they could become bigger people on ephemeral so perhaps. But it's not. Saying that people who don't happen. Don't have the ability to do it. Communicate with those who perhaps. Agencies to learn now. Yeah and that was going to be a question asked a little later and asked this whenever we have somebody's got these tests to sensitivities on our program is this something that can be learned. Or do you have to have some type of innate ability. Being born with a if you. Sure and they eat it's what I needed more prevalent and so people lenders and others. And I will say that. Everybody has the ability. Clinton if you get too good a remote crowded crowded room of people stand. You may feel drawn to somebody. The leader you want to talk to and he mayfield. Like there are other people would you just don't wanna talk to you or aborted so you're doing basically you're reading your energy. And that's going to be even beat you read energy but we create an urgent from people or it could customers. And when you're reading people vs pets or pats vs people visited different type of energy or does it all feel the same and you know right away which of the two year you're talking to. It would be incredibly different. And regime you. As immediate beat you know. Whether it's a male or feel now what are person over and panel. Ref that it it's hard to pinpoint. How that comes through art. It cola trusting your field. Have you ever had a certain situation where. You've had somebody coming through. On wanted were the assistance I mean that you wanted to speak with a and B you're actually trying to keep them up we just can't. Assure that pretty much how I wrote my book goes further it's a little bit yeah. And you know what I was on vacation you know you never. You'd never and. I expect to hear from. Anybody when you're trying to enjoy yourself. Org we're immersed in doing something else. And sometimes the ghosts are Congo's sort spiritual sort of crushed over. So strong that they didn't really have a message I wanna get to you. And they know that you can hear them. Yeah Anna and we're gonna talk about this quite a bit when we get into talking about the book I wanna save it for solar but I still wanted to more background. Obviously you've kind of been doing this or about ten years does that mean you do it full time is this your between writing and and then working with people as a medium is that we do full time. No that's actually just and part time thing. Scientist and meteorologist during the day. And let's that's that's intriguing is this Jason on the program he'd save one of the only profession Ricci be wrong half the titans to rev wrong half the time and still get to take heed but I think that's probably not true anymore I think a meteorologist become a far. A more precise science and the recent. Yesterday. And I think I hit that they can kicking off. I imagine you are. I'm so back to the medium ship though disease and I don't know I don't know if you've got kids of your own or what type of households you have but does anybody else in the household share this gift with you. Yes. Do we get they have working nine kids. And my husband has the ability. Oh really know is did you know that before you met or. Or did you you know boos at some that brought it together or is it just it just happened be coincidental. No actually and ironically. It happened when we took a trip to England. It in. And I got in the book that we. We had a paranormal experience Kamerion Westminster Abbey. But yet the the tumor and cleaves. And that's what it was in Westminster happy that he was started to be able to protect our ghosts. And that we can beat. This smelled. What he came over notre we have that there it goes to get around to get I would eccentric it was a ghost. He kept telling me that it smelled like it. Notre what you know look at Roddick or. Fortunately that happen but doesn't that doesn't happen anymore. Yet never be quite irritating as that order of all voters are let's do this let's take a break when we come back we're gonna gain in this little bit more guesses rob got row. And his website is just his name rob got road dot com the book we're talking about is ghosts of England. And mediums vacation. And we're going to be getting into that in some detail don't forget the phone number 8446877669. If you like to call and ask some questions a little bit later in our program will open up the phone lines. During the second hour it's beyond reality radio on GB agents. The parent. Remind JB Johnson Jason is off tonight. He'll be back with us tomorrow night the phone numbers 8446877669. Human rated down below open up. The iPhone minds during the second hour for a program if you ever get asked questions for our guest rob got row. He's an author a medium Andy paranormal investigators website is rob got road dot com. In his new book is called ghosts of England on a mediums vacation and Robin got to ask you. At what point did you decide to write this book and what triggered the idea. I we usually when I go on vacation I'd take India journal what and I write down. Everything that. I'm experiencing I'll Wear cargo and as soon as it happened I kept to. Technicalities with one after another one goes to another. And I realize that they were. Describe an affair so. Did I did research in basic and there are now. An extra little history. I don't think fascinating book. So. As a rookie and be. I can't imagine. Having that type of sensitivity I mean imagine. I just said I would imagine anywhere you go particularly places that are there you know would have a reason to be very very. And I'll use the word haunted although that's not the right word. You know if you know there's got to be it's almost got to be a cacophony at times has just constant. Voices trying to reach out TU. Especially I'm assuming that these spirits. Recognize the fact that you have this ability. Yep they sure do and that's and that's usually why there's so comedic and com. There I do have issues like when I go to Cuba during the historic civil war battlefield here in the US. Hundreds of people out again between the other side but for the most part. I can I continue to out. However the energy in England was so alarming that no matter I'm a member or truck I'd really really could be so. And everybody had something they wanted to say from here aside so. Yeah and our delegate to the discussion about England during the next arc is a segments just too short really open up that conversation but you brought up a really interesting point you said you go to a civil war battlefield and you know there's a there's a lot of voices. Do you just have a pretty good sense I mean one of them but more merger us long standing questions here is when somebody passes where does their energy remain desert remain where they passed away. Do they go somewhere that has a significance of significant meaning to them. Do they go somewhere they lived they you know or do they not have a choice. Any ideas. I'm sure actually I address sat on my first book can't go to church in which I. Our guys separated the good you entities so I call a ghost in her own entity. And college current one that's cross over so I'm. I'd come to understand that. When we die. The interview within a couple of memories and personality acknowledged we meet choice to stay here as a ghost or crossover sport so. Ghost usually. Your mate choice to see. In a place but it loved the place they dropped and replaced that day they're associated with in life. Concept and they get stuck in a hospital and advocates and a person. Country music gets stuck in the in the place if they get in the car accident for instance and they get they wake up and it is certainly confused and link to guide apple. Oh. Once they linger for why it intrigued they lose the ability are blamed the understanding how to console that's why they become. Her ghost. There is however Democrats or they can appear to anybody anywhere. Any time I'm here. So does does a tree a great trauma her very catastrophic type event. That. May have been responsible for the death does that have any role in where they end up. Yeah I had it actually gets on the current and so battle car accident and so forth on. Often times when you wake up on the other side you can be disoriented. And I believe that that's what happened we go to the civil war battlefield. That these soldiers. Killed in battle and our dear totally disoriented when they woke up from that side and that's what it lingered aren't in certain crops over. Yeah I mean that kind of trauma and that kind of that they're just did the energy immunity go to some place like Gettysburg and and I often talk about this. We've had so many people on the program and I've spoken to so many people just individually that. When I say he hounded juror interest in the paranormal begin and the first words are well I was at Gettysburg. And this happened I mean that that story is so common I'm I think there should be a book called while I was at Gettysburg and issued just people's. Ghost stories about Gettysburg has its. There's so much. Energy they're from what happened 50000. Casualties in the course of three days I mean it's is you know that's that's an unbelievable. Amount of energy. Sure and that the sad thing is that there's so many you know so many soldiers that they still need to cross over. It is not a piece. Is that something that somebody like you can help with or is this just up to you know powers that are greater than us. I'm doing actually I cross crosscourt so broad time. Weather and firm which he had a paranormal and I belong to just couldn cargo tracking of Maryland I'm or weathered a moment so. Com. You know subdural sometimes. If you going to area and historic place. And people are coming apparently investigator they actually don't want true of course it goes so. Which. Which I don't agree with its own and sausage. Yeah out of the either this kind of marketing tool yeah. I'm nobody to but I can get ready needs to achieve peace summit in the act so I would try to crack smoker. I you know again I've been Gettysburg many many times myself and it's just a fascinating place I don't I don't feel like I have the sensitivity is and I'm never tried to develop them. But even without that you can feel the energy. Sure yeah com and externally young interactive goes sir intelligent concept fueled. But it's a residual energy and what I mean by that and I know you don't but I'm. Emotional energy that we generated by people. Who lived worked or road warrior in a particular area or an outsourced. Whatever. And their emotions can impress upon that that area. I just came back from Spain. And I activated it with a lot of really heavy dark energy. Stretching. And of course has returned error. The inquisition happened. And that energy is still there. You that there are some incredible or what happened during that period. You know you the other really worry and that's one of the unique things about you Europe and as a whole and we're gonna get into that conversation when we come back from the break it's beyond reality radio the font of received 44687. 7669. Or guest tonight is rob got bro we're talking about his book ghosts of England. On a mediums vacation don't go away we've got a lot more. Student Johnson thanks for joining us on the radio Jason is off tonight we'll be back with us tomorrow night welcome to the show we've got a great one for you tonight of course our guest is rob got Rogen and bring him into the show in just a moment he's an author. A medium the paranormal investigator his website is rob got room dot com. Talking about his book ghosts of England on a mediums vacation what happens to a medium when they don't necessarily want to be contacted from the other side. Today of the ability to screen it. Shut it down turn it off we'll find out. When we we bring rob into the program. We've also got some great programs coming up for the rest of the week Judy Carol will be with us tomorrow night Judy is an extraterrestrial ambassador. And she's gonna talk about. The different disinformation campaign that used to cause fear. In the human population about ET's. What are the tees think about that Judy's gonna tell us. Wednesday Kelly Sullivan Walden who is a dream expert will be witness. And she's gonna talk about what our dreams are telling us about her love lives. And then Thursday James Olson who wool and discuss his book hole. How whole brain think he can say future save the future and to explore how we can achieve peace. Within ourselves with the others and in the world by better understanding of the nature of consciousness. Our phone lines are open if you have a question for our guest tonight at 844687. 766 and we of course which phone calls. To join our discussion. I also Alaska to stop by scare kind dot com and check out the event that's coming up in Framingham Massachusetts in just a few weeks now June 15 through the seventeenth. Lot of great celebrity guests lot of great film premieres. Panel discussions parties vendors the whole thing it's a great weekend. And there's there's so a lot of people that are going to be there are so you don't wanna check it out again that scare con dot com. 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We also written about pets and in just a quick question about that a lot of people. And I don't know if it's if it's if it's a higher percentage of people who what it is but I do know that a lot of people haven't. Have a very very deep desire to be able to. Contact their pets after they pass. It ends. In even more than that the the many cases because a lot of pets have to be euthanized due to illness or where where are age. You know there's a lot of guilt and pet owners about that and that particular. Question and they look for comfort to hope to understand that the pet understood what was going on do you find that to be true as well. Sure actually that's the you know most popular question that I guess I'll bite you know. From people of Britain who wrote that might impact any effort. Armed. State guilt is overwhelming. But. But what are people need to know is that perhaps understand what's happening in particular read emotions are. If you think about how. Animals no bloggers say corner angry it would perhaps be. We can read our motion and they they understand the struggle that we go through when we make a decision to help. Hope that got over. So their always appreciative from the side. What happens. And so people need to go back and I know it really doesn't it L. Alleviate guilt or always get a feel guilty about that. EU we also need to also keep in mind that it's the most unconditional. Love that we can do for someone who. Mr. out crossover and are. What type of messages do you get from pets on the other side apart from that particular question what what what are the things did you do the pets have that. The same connection to their owners as the owners have to them I mean they look to reach out to the owners on the wrong. Yeah they do. And I think last time JB when I was on the program we talked exclusively about actual and B. Category. You connection to appear here at if you look I just sit the person has around armed. And they're always gonna be tethered to them. In from the so they tried many different ways to communicate and that's actually wrote a book like text to. To teach people. All of the different way to connect communicate from the other side. On so that they don't have to. Go to room medium in order to get a message or that is being aware and outlook for. Let's let's. Change the topic to the book that you just you just wrote a ghost of England on a mediums vacation you talked about the fact that you know one of the difficult things about having the sensitivity is that. You know we may now want to be contacted you may just wanna be relaxing and enjoying yourself and and in a kind of off the clock if you will. Is that possible can you do that and clearly that didn't happen for you all the time when you earnings went. It is possible. Them. But I can speak becomes quite a time where it's out. When the energy is a woman that you really have to turn around detention effect someone is standing behind you and to keep shouting your name. If you're walking into crowd eventually. You'll turn around and play he should have. Actually that premature at woodland who married in England. I just came back from my annual vacation in Buick Spain and as mentioned earlier. And there were a member goes there too that just really wanted to be hurt so I stopped and it doesn't. One of the things that people don't often consider. When we talk about places like England. The United States is serve relatively new. Country. And even though there were indigenous people here. Compared to. How long Europe. As fought wars and you know men like you mentioned this the Spanish inquisition in and the plague. And other types of persecution. And invasions from the south from the west from the Norris. You know the amount of of death and destruction that has crossed the European continent over the centuries is just unbelievable. And all of that has to lend itself to what we're talking to literally when it comes to Gettysburg that type of of energy and that trauma and you know it's it's it's it's almost everywhere in Europe. Sure it's like who residual energy. But no matter where you go and you can. You can get a good sense if your Beatrice sensitive at all you can get a good sense of good things are bad things had happened there are. Ed you know certainly when you market capsules. There was a lot of trauma that it happened in the world is. Over the over the centuries. Yet Canada castles the kind of served two purposes throughout the Middle Ages one was as a Izzy last the line of defense against. Invaders are attackers but the other was to imprisoned and tortured people in a lot of cases. It's so that was that was pretty common prevalent throughout Europe and throughout those castles as well. Yeah absolutely the Tower of London complex. It's not it's really just not a pellet gun and a misnomer but out of the Tower of London connection to our complex it was pal. And it refuses to royal residence and that it was turned into armed person. If you will. And that now it houses and how much public attraction and thousands crown jewelry and very separate things but. Yes indeed changed our options over time. So tell us about some of the experiences you had as you were vacationing. In England that unit operating about. Well significant to address the the very first ones that are. In Westminster Abbey there was kind of it really is very human attention or. Armed it was my very first experience in England but. It was if this were my partners abilities wait didn't we order. We're in the Westminster. And how we are looking at the two would be it cleaves who is wonderful and the DA XY. And we're seeing a twenty feet apart. Reach out. And I suspect site which we feel part. You're looking at the tomb armed and very same time get the exact moment. Someone pulled my hair on the left and certainly and some on hold. On right on target. He this he was to the left and to assist someone with arms twenty feet law. For a pull our hair exactly and I. And when he turned to me and I turned to him and I could did you feel something unique and yet did you. You got something an accident and pull my hair which welcome but some in my ear to. And we knew right then that you know something's wrong. Around. That is not just one ghost in the air by any means understand this sightings of monk who's been in there and Anders of of people. But we recovered interest in that we are looking at the end of the tumor Henry gates fourth wife went. Would have happened to us. Now a hair pulling incident isn't necessarily something that requires you to have a medium sensitivity. I'm wondering when that happened to you deter essar today and other senses kick ended did did you start you know get him get him any conversation or was somebody triggered talk to you at that time and maybe you were listening and that's where your apple. Yeah that's exactly what will be going on action had a headache and off. Often I get ornament at present for her and goes to spear him so I get a headache in the back of my head. And you know of course locked in in Westchester avenue and never read it and they get there's quite number and these are the linger there. So. I did percent of female standing between the two of us and and he also smelled imagines he's skeptical that smell of record heat. I its arms around. Armed and certainly he was smelling something I was feeling something and then that and it Iqbal the. When you're walking runners a European council on ice I've been here many times and I've always fascinated by visiting those sites again because of the things that went on many of these castles. Do you get a different type of energy from people that may have been safe tortured or imprisoned today until they died. Or you know suffered some others maybe maybe like I said the plague. Of verses when you're walking around in the United States where many of those types of things just never occurred here is it different feeling is it a different. Energy. Church that it could have a darker energy. It be energy itself. Can change. Like an emotional imprint. And what I mean by that. Is that the emotions you experienced by the people when neighbors. When they're dying was so strong. That. It left an impression. And what you bring energy like Euronet energy will have physical energy you bring your energy to that it's like putting a flashlight. I'm from Clinton at a window you light it up. And you're able to feel aren't so. There is heavier energy. On the other hand if you go into some of these oil gardens. You know you could actually feel lighter energy. It's not just that Europe's side. Because that's certainly lends itself to a wider energy summit and it was that they would and Eric peaks functions and it counters royal gardens. In the back. What actually ran into a ghostly Gartner. From the content. Mounts are we have to jump to break when so little long in this segment and we come back it's going to be a short segment but. We will come back with rob gut row it's beyond reality radio and JB Johnson. It's soft right after this tyrant. We've got rob got row with us we've been talking about his book ghosts of England. And mediums vacation we're gonna continue that conversation rob let's go to the foam on so we've had some people waiting on hold here and wanna try to make sure we get at least a couple of these calls and before the our discussion and this is. He. Curry barely different to me. Yeah we're great thank you get the questions for our guests. Yeah I told you on any kind of cute it crashed in Israel quake. Number why have you ever come across and get two or like in the area that. Still saying that there are a lot I am. I'd deputy questioned interest. No and most of whom all of them actually have known that state that there. They're not aware of that how things have changed. In the air environment don't then they're not aware of the time has passed. But I hope they all jail look at me in high. And where they did harm. Where they lingered. With a legal and it goes. Okay. Colin Farrell. I've seen and here he is like Liz Karrie. You know from Long Island. All. They're younger age he. I from Hollywood. It's aides said it's learning she Wednesday at first. Star game in town that that they were happening. They do medium they start and idiot when they were young. And want to have them actually remembers said that they didn't say anything to anybody because they might not all the outcry eighty. Black or gray and that there weren't ready and I understand that. They eat you have different audience. And she realized that the cousin grandmother had caved. And chops in turns out yeah it's kind of helped her learn how to control it. Content when you first realize that you wore black. Slid all the gas. It was hit hard for you let farce. Dealing with the wind that. How could control it. I'll be sure of where there's some I didn't know what to make it at first. Of course I won a father and mother and the ability. I wasn't scared. Anymore armed. And it wasn't until overtime throughout the years that that that things started to come to me and I just relate to their people when kept from the other side that just need help they wanted to reach out. On the wanted to be heard so. It never really scared me. I just wanted to use my gifts into trying to help others in and crossing over. Gee thank you for the call we've got to go to break curious we have to let you go it's beyond reality radio more with rod got her on the other side of the. Jason is off tonight he'll be back with us tomorrow night we've got a great show underway were talking with what rob got broke don't forget tomorrow night Judy Carroll joins us she's an extraterrestrial. Ambassador. And she's gonna talk about. Our perception of ET's and deduce from this information campaign that is causing us to fear them. Wednesday Kelly Sullivan Walden who is a dream expert will be with the us to talk about what your dreams are telling you about your love life. But we will be taking calls for Kelly says she can talk about that with human Thursday James Olson. Well talk about his book how whole brain thinking conceived the future and we'll explore. How that type of approach can achieve peace within ourselves with others and in the world. By simply better understanding of the nature of consciousness. Tonight however were talking about ghosts. Primarily ghosts anyway. Our guest rod got rose web's web site is rob got road dot com in his new book is called ghosts of England and mediums vacation. And rob tube. Let Spain up a couple times is this book only about England or did you bring some of those experiences into the book as well. I don't licences but England. I actually another book that I'm in the process spreading about mine countersuit goes in Ireland and Scotland. And I'm going through some of the goes Spain that I met in and it went through. So. No that's indicted extinction exclusively focuses on the ghost and I think in England and and there are quite a number of them I mean they're. They were ghost that word and ran into a couple of queens a French nobleman. Some. Some workers aren't. Before the bar. Just ghosts everywhere where went. And today where they've been reaching out for particular reason to you or does does each one have its own reason I just wonder was there can any kind of unifying message between these experiences. I'm they don't want to let. Deleting people know that they're there and yes they did want they often wanted to help tribute to cross so. Com. There was. You wanna even staying an innate local council of foreign very castle which is now what triggered breakfast at a castle back in that time and radiates. Period and and now it's turned into a ruptured BP. And there's a churn out there is a ghost in my room. And I had to solve the mystery of crude oil. I did. He he was nice enough to give me his name. It's. And it is it named Rupert. Which are carried British sounding name. They could have been anybody. But it's in the history yeah history research when I got home and as it turned out there was a country that actually did bell. Very close order. And that's true once. I tutors it's so he's still there of course are. But it was introducing you to dissension in the room. Yeah. The thing that's fascinating is that we used because people who are on the other side. A big talk back to you the weighted they would have in the critical. So on I knew that Rupert resentment run as soon as I came in the broad adjusted noted name I didn't know what it relies what you during her. But before I went to bed before in new unity and identity in when I asked him to be considerate. Not to wake up until up until dawn. So we can all. Dissident now in late may I didn't realize. That in England that parting words the sun came up really early. 530. Fashion event in the wake of feathers but that. So larger short they were as it is an iron out of glory over the window. I as it was in the capsule. Has built that iron grate was walks but I would bet. At 5:30 in the morning that our inquiry was mysteriously unlocked and slammed against a bricks are on the castle wall. And woke up so it's. Right at the time was coming. Is this all about getting attention and is that really what it's about her is of more harm mischievous nature. And the kid well it depends on the personality of the ghost I mean we maintain our personalities when readout myself. If you're kind of CBS when you move your lives. You would beat same. And that's. So I he's trying to be funny more exact. In administrative think more clearly it's both plus asked some. Now you also had an experience with the topple Gainer. Did and that was. And double game here is in the local. People listen I'm here it's. Could those who have crossed over use. These people that look like. You to come to bring those post look alikes to ask so that we will now that they're around. That was going counter that was only generous spirit on the vacation. Have you ever driven in in England. I haven't driven in England and driven on the continent of Europe but it traveled to England. OK so anybody ever driven on the collections artery. You don't she's. Okay well let me tell you that it's it's just that's. Just me. And and the street went to get out of London. District are very narrow and they want the law and so doctor short we are driving back from track headed to England on the end for what you are doing. And we get a GPS but it UBS told us though across the road and regardless taking some short cut we get locked. It is it the roads just circle and spiral and so forth. When the Gwinnett EPS city go off road. And any and that is facing a dirt pal I knew that something wrong. So we pulled over and the didn't know how bad heck we're gonna get out of where we're. And within minutes a royal mail truck came over the and that's how to spear. I helped itself. So this guy get out of this destroy Mel record reflected down and he looked exactly like. Friend conflict and look. Where he's still alive comes and passed in 1996. And I keep many picture of this guy because there's these friend has come to me many many times. In the last twelve years so. I look at Itar white captured. Ed were alive he would look exactly like this. Flecks of gray in his hair and the glasses of so read it you guys should just follow me. And now low altitude out of here. And I guess the current Irish priest stunned and I. And prompted BDC and thank you could he looks exactly like it would look today. Thirty years later. So I really do you know we both knew that Ed Ed let this. Cuba count us out. And particularly that they did an al-Qaeda leader to a couple getting her second trip to if you see a separate looks like you're at the task. Europe has led you to bet ten. So that you know they don't. Here's here's a question Kyra on related specifically to the England trip but certainly related to you being the medium does does being a medium. Affect your dreams and anyway does it make you more vulnerable if that's the right word. To some type of intrusion into your dreams by a the other side. I don't like it could could. The reason is that spiritually use careens to get messages that they are still. They're still with us and I think they're okay. So if some if some spirit is trying to get through to to me. To get some of the message. They can can bet there are monitoring and and I have triggered an hour. And leader for. Our. For the most part. Experience won't come into your dreams unless you know that or you can now. And that's why many of us receive. Visitation and her dreams from departed loved ones even though we might not consider ourselves. A to have any medium abilities. But that is say. Probably the easiest path for those on the other side who were loved ones who have departed to get to us right. Absolutely entries in the eighties way and that and the reason is because our logical marketers are sweet if you will. Because we didn't pot. We've been conditioned as her grow older to explain the paranormal or discard it. Ghosts and spirits have a more difficult time. Getting an signs were aware conscious. So they they come to us from her concerts. And produce sweeping. So you bum knee YouTube released a book. About you for arsenic to England. And it kind of overwhelms you he did the same thing you working on another book I know about smother travels. Are you is this kind of a theme for you going forward he can continue do exported from places and talk about your experiences as you visit them. Well I guess my answer yet personnel are. Because. I'd like to thank you medication. And had. So I cannot read books about my experiences on vacation on the but on the other hand you know if they are significant about from the that there interest and and there's a lot of history. I do elaborate in this book about the the premiere street and places like. Did the tutor palaces that we visited and and so. On the other hand almost a great books about another cut in the actual book because there's so many competing spear. And so many people were gracious enough to let allow me to share their operations of the messages that are received so I'll. Yeah there's over some degree about there's always something like for the knicks parents. To limit and then we share. Now do you work with clients and and an individual basis is Weller do you do you do choose your. Medium ship abilities. To explore and to write a battered or do you have. Consultations. No I actually don't calm and I don't charge anything for any and reading Gerri give it. But people are always welcome and I would say this and I'll MacBooks that people welcome to you know me and I'll be happy trying to connect to their loved ones and Georgia Tech and I can. Short messages are answering questions they may have tried to answer any questions enhanced. I do them I haven't gotten. They include pets as well. Yet as she did it turned out to be mostly cuts. 90%. Or 95%. Of the you know it yet every week. People have lost touch. So and that's where now people are very kidnapped by three. Certainly we know you've got your hands fully work in a lot of projects simultaneously here I was on the got a couple minutes left here rob I've given the website out a few times I know your Joseph boxer I think you're always your books available on Amazon as well but where would you send people to get information about your work. I'm thinking just sort of rub Richard that Tom Arnold worked in pet experience Stark County social. There's broad these are places even Amazon just ING UT RO. But I really hope to people would. People have. Any kind of interest in England especially now that the royal wedding it happened on the vat and that they. They enjoyed my book cosa they would because. I think senator queen and prince says. Noble men and our medical record Garrity in that you are capsule. So many incredible personal experience and ask that. You won't find anywhere else literal mind. That's great okay rob thank you so much for sharing this with us. Come back on the program I'm as you continue to right in release. Books and shares tomorrow more of these stories when this William. Thank you Judy there are I appreciate and I will be that. Are awesome again the website is just his name it's rob got road dot com GUT are all check it out check out the book ghosts of England. And and mediums vacation. A lot of great stories like great information there it's beyond reality radio I'm javy and I will be back in just tomorrow we're gonna play that parody song. The doo doo run run if you remember the ghost hunters episode. Where Brian incident infamous Lee yelled dude Rhonda because they actually saw something. We have a parody song we're gonna. Play that commencement script it's beyond real. So if it's your turn. Are concerned you know what that's about I think to a season too and I think it was eastern state pitched penitentiary if I'm remembering correctly check you can be probably better at northern and I do. Brian. Our current loss of one of the investigators and go senators and I Cameron who was with him even Indy they were walking down a dirt quart or is it didn't every episode and they saw something in brine yells dude run. And they ran in the other direction and it was on the television show and people. But that was quite hilarious given the fact that they've been looking for goes that was the kind of the whole point of the show. Jason reprimanded them pretty sternly and never happen again but the dude run moment and TV show go senators pretty infamous. And that song was a parity for and of that. Anyway thanks for joining me tonight Jason to be back tomorrow night we've got a great show tomorrow would Judy Carol she is an extra terrestrial ambassador and we talked about the disinformation campaign. That makes us fear. RET friends and know what that's all about that's tomorrow night's program. I'm JV again don't forget to stop by the web site beyond reality radio dot com. Also stop by. Scary conduct come check out that event that's coming up in just a few weeks. And when you're on beyond reality radio dot com don't forget about the beyond really radio official coffee mug coffee has never tasted better. And when it's being. Consumed and of one of those mugs. So that's gonna do it for tonight. Thanks everybody for being with me on the radio in the chat room. On the Internet where reopened listen the program or for its download that's okay too. Okay HL tomorrow night at. And the only news tastes good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be a real ingredients distribute them. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason smoke and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Canadian that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.