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Laurie McDonald discusses alien abductions and hypnotherapy

May 31, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Clinical Hypnotherapist Laurie McDonald about her work with victims of alien abductions. 5/31/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Our audience beyond reality radio I'm gene Johnson and I as I promised you last night when we talked last night I said Jason was off less than any he'd be here tonight one. You can attempt at this piece I was gonna say point as Terrell but you know better than that but he's very very frustrated because. We are having a technical glitch between our two studios because you know we're not in the same place and he is working feverishly. To try to get that resolved and figured out and hopefully shortly we will if we don't it's going to be some camera to fix fixed tomorrow but we still have a good show lined up for yet and we're very very. Excited. About our guest tonight we'll be talking with Laurie MacDonald she's a clinical hip no therapist she's also president of openness which is a group. Now that focus on extraterrestrial. And you follow. Not incidents entry talking about how hip know therapy. Helps folks with the abduction experiences plus she sets of experiences are just got a lot of UFO information and experience and we're going to be talking about that with her tonight. And also tomorrow night's a great show lined up for you with Terry loveless Lovelace another. You a follow discussion. Terry is a lawyer former assistant attorney attorney general was in the active duty for the air force for very very long time. And Terry has a couple of UFO stories of his own when he was a kid plus a bunch of experiences while he. Was. In the air force will be talking to him on Thursday night that's tomorrow night Friday is a best of of course and then Monday a very very exciting program have been excited for this one for awhile. James do you Jennie O who's an author will join us to talk about his lace at the latest book it's called the JFK assassination the evidence today. And what this does it takes a look at some of the other works that have been considered somewhat of the authorities. On the JFK assassination in particular Vincent Vincent Bugliosi he's a book reclaiming history. On. JFK assassination evidence today by James. So takes a look at that book and disputes a lot of the information that's in there and talks about new evidence since the release of a lot of classified files of last few years. This is going to be very very interest in discussion for anybody. Who has an interest in the JFK assassination and or. A government conspiracies. In general and that'll be Monday night's program here on beyond reality radio. Don't forget to stop by the website and check out the beyond reality radio coffee mug it's their for a sale looks great in the cupboard looks great in your hand when you've got coffee steaming out of it or T. Hot chocolate or meat cold drinking different cold drinks out of a coffee mug known says she can't we can put him on your desk and put pens and in my kinda going themselves. But that's there also stop by scare conduct comment check out that event that's coming up. In just a couple of weeks. Speaking of scary Conn we're gonna have a Laurie MacDonald join us on in just a little bit but after the break we're going to have a real special treat. Jason lively who's a friend of mine in Jason's. And an actor you may know him from the movie European vacation the second vacation movie with Chevy Chase. And also another movie called night of the creeps which was in 1984. Kind of a campy horror comedy. About zombies on prom night it's a classic now people love that anybody who's good who's got a zombie movie. Bug they they pull that one out and watch it and Jason is also the brother. Of Blake lively and people know who she is on one of the most sought after after actresses in the market today don't have Jason on it just a few minutes could she's launching a new clothing line. And he wants to talk about that a little bit. And some of the other things she's working and so to guess for you tonight Jason lively first and then Lori McDonald coming on to talk about abduction and hypnosis. In the later part of the program that's all ahead we're still working feverishly and getting Jason up and running here so we can join the conversation because he's chomping at the bit to do that after one night off he needs to get back into the swing of things he's anxious. But in the meantime we will take a break welcome back and we will begin our discussion Jason migrants beyond reality. Beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scary Connie mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BE RR. Scary kind dot com. You know sometimes these nights just turn out to being a shoot from the hip and turn it make it happen get it all done. That Jason lives the one of the great things about Jason lively is that tell he doesn't play by anybody's rules and he's beaten delayed event. Before we get him on the shows so I did I guy got the next best Jason I could think gov and it Jason welcome to be on reiterated pretend in the show. It. I did we started we started the night with the a computer. Problem that doesn't allow our studios to connect and we thought okay well we can solve that problem while we. Get our first guest on. And get that rolling in and the first guest text us and says hey. I'm running a little behind. I'll be about fifteen minutes which well and live radio we don't have fifteen minutes to work with here. So we've got technical glitches galore we've got guest glitches galore so the next best thing is you know I we'll chat about something fun. Well I mean yes I did you just you swapped out one another so we're just a parent and on the air assault and actually. Syndicated court on two years now and then on your initial three so. We've got pretty good luck at this time two years democratic all my coach. And a the first time was like it was very early on we're still trying to just figure out all the mechanics how we're gonna make this work with two studios in two different states and make them connect and have a spiel security number that every we're just like she talked about stabbing in the dark comedians just like anything goes and we've we finally figured out for the most part. When we did we did and that's been honest with you we've actually created one of a shoulder yet strum along way from my from where star. And I mean if so then there of course but then the ones who really need shows starts. And that really helps Portugal lawmen made it bigger and bigger that we oh Altima. I don't wanna put you on the spot so you cannot answer this if you don't want to but you you couldn't do the show last night because she had some meetings and some things had to do anything you can talk about. I. Did you are now not yet but it is gonna be some stuff to talk about it in the movies. So. On which. It now and I take a lot of people do really well so. Can you be very very cryptic. Age and most analysts thought our guys that are so here's a look at disguising your voice to you could just put a handkerchief over the receiver of the phone to be somebody to. No. I struggled all there's yeah a lot about these things are coming up near immediate future and and Anna were actually in talks right now serious discussion to go about those terse and some other stuff so. I'm I'm excited spew each side and actually get. Pretty excited and I'm looking or Sunni where it stops early development and they're serious talks. Support support. Races of the folks that are listening I knew that if I kept pressing need get a little more information out I think we keep going might even get more I don't know when or do you can throw it out get out. On December architects that's right that's right. So yet so this is life radio and action see now on these and we're gonna work on your that the computer issue that we having its connecting these two studio so we should be back in action for tomorrow night when we have. Terry Lovelace on. And we got back to back Q a phone rights tonight we're talking we're more MacDonald she's going to be talking about abduction and hypnosis which she uses him in a therapy to help people. Get over the trauma of an alien abductions a lot of interesting interesting conversation we bring her into the program and tomorrow night. Terry Lovelace. Was an active duty air force. Member after high school he had a couple of UFO experiences as a child many had many experiences while he was in the air force and is gonna tell us about those. And I got to do it from commercial on the just and crap is audio levers such as you haven't yet each. Comes under L radio Petraeus were tortoise that had the ability that you are com we can find all these green arrow across the country. That those are speeding up its check in Austin you know also now look triage on the under. Which a large supplies church Russian booster William inject more. Which put the little life partner that beat pop me or in order to website what a connecting to an online chat or listen to the show in and how creek community. Deems to be there. The medicine that it Slater have endured at every April sort of a sensitive and better Wright's church preached just a wake site. So when you think of comedy movies from the from the 1980s. I don't know for the same as me but one of the best I've always thought was the original National Lampoon vacation with Chevy Chase. Beverly Tony DeAngelo of course Anthony Michael Hall played rusty in that particular film that's one of the best entry agree. I do I do and indicted but that's the outer space. I really like European vacation as well. That's on us about dude to say because Jason lively played rusty in the European vacation version emit the European one meant a lot to me excite dandy Germany a couple times already. When that film came mouse a lot of those German jokes kind of mend a little more maybe comedic side it was their. Armed but it's a classic is it just as the first from was. And Jason was the perfect guy to play decent livelihood as was the perfect guy to play rusty but that's what I think is is every movie every vacation movie had a different rusty in a different country in it they never grow up they were always a different actor. You know exactly and but the Communist or. At which are going around sir. You know they can make it a gut is that for a quarter of the global. Via says it's a great film and hopefully we'll have time to have Jason on and in the clocks ticking here and we do have thought Lauren McDonald coming on. And a little bit. By Ted check those Chevy Chase movies from the early eighties and into the mid eighties like yeah I know some members of the blue reflection that was a great one caddie shack is an awesome one there's some. Any little restraint in the middle or not met they it is quite China's actual our house on my humble envoy Tony Snow. Funny part of sort of as remote order moccasins and on. Yeah and then there was one there was one that was kind of more obscure called modern problems and if remember he got the movements radioactive waste dump on his car as you might remember aren't especially our ST. Did some also go to Canada or Goldie on then yeah political those foul play really. I'll put in Portland. We do we're where we're rural and throw our Chevy Chase movies here and beyond reality. Evil war. He's. Brought and then it picked at least now I'm Barbara. I machetes showed its spiraled shall ever found in terms of our listeners on Saturday night on. Yeah one of his great things was taken though he played Gerald Ford who was present at the time to put it back a few years and he would have been Gerald Ford was known as being a clumsy person. Even though he was an athlete Gerald Ford was it was of all star football player I mean he was quite an athlete but he was rather clumsy he fell out of the plane a couple times on TV. So Chevy Chase would always play him and Dick Pratt fall as part of this part of the act was really funny. And somebody just said I love the Christmas vacation I forgot about that when Christmas vacation is an absolute. Classic. The fine about that is every year I meet cute so I'll watch her every Christmas. So now we will all we will watch that reduce. Honestly it's just that that is probably one of the best I mean. Rate down total white and no scary cat named best. Or that it is the matter is something happened around the holidays which it's apparently how to you sort of the way it will. Yet it is one of investors there are certain movies that make it tear must watch during the holidays list that's one of them. A Christmas story is one of them on mine it's a wonderful life and then of course the Rudolph the Santa Claus coming down grandchild those are apologists you know that the mosque aren't aren't. Problem of global mobile homes and all of stubborn media vote loser outta perverts or they have to save on Saturday night life I like seven. And Chevy Chase and and all the scares your group were on our. And you'll write I haven't watched it years just a little bit amusing and kind of army corps. I I have to agree a 100% those original that original cast was and leave doubly good on believe jumper. You Eddie Murphy and you know those guys just awesome except now. Now when you watch it I mean it each scene that. The actors bare light reading the teleprompter. And it's just it's nice to acting it's just it's so funny Tuesday it is just like. And he says it's just six there's nothing to I mean Eddie worked in the big which all that you see wherever you mile. Yeah I think back in those earlier days of Saturn and lives the show was still raw it was still young and had a more energy because it was less it was a monitored as closely was it considered throw away television for the network bidding care or we're all all all there's that too is that there's that too. In that's change of life everything has become political now you saw what happened Roseanne after she mated ill advised sweet little. It all ends June it looked the other and then the sad part about that is. Rehearsed saying man. And I mean that that also accosted all the other actors and actresses. Worked at jobs Acosta there in. Camera guys producers the production assistant Rick reached the cost everybody worked and you can't blame that on an Indian and who has not outside. Prada that that was her own stupid. You know I just an and I and I don't disagree with the word of that I just feel like man you know people people should be allowed to make a mistake you know she can came on so listen it was a mistake and an idiot and she did say that I mean OK can we just. I'll say you know everybody's everybody's made an error in judgment at some point in their lives and hate to see the world's collapse because of. At an and I agree and and in our there's definitely. Actually I'm on this site calling president a little president trump an attack. Not CN. And yet people like Yahoo! who undermine Whoopi Goldberg. Query Warren shirt. This is make America great again and it shows a picture of president Judy insult and it. And leaders saying that. And I mean it all sides it really is there's no no one's side all sides. To repeat it. Yeah all right well we're gonna move on here. Jason Michael immature for gonna get him on it seems as though he got tied up at the last minute which is unfortunate we'll have them on another night if we can. We are gonna come back with are but yet we did get better we -- the third of the deal yet we did Ecuadorean I don't. Larry it's but we will have Laurie MacDonald join us on the other side of the break she's a clinical hip no therapist and abduction researcher. Held will be discussing hypnosis. And abduction balls. It's going to be great issue tune in and I'm gonna try to get on here right in and out of jail on a model what you label it worked on. All right so from there on the Simon's other Christian. Our it will take a quick break a lot more calm the chiefs GPS morality they kill that. Johnson still trying to get Jason connected here studios are causing a bit of Havoc tonight. Course as you know we are two different states two different studios we connect to the magic of technology. When that magic doesn't work properly welcome bit of problem but we'll continue with their showed just the same. Tonight we talking about hip now therapy and abductions. Alien abductions our guest is Laurie MacDonald. Horry is a clinical hip no therapist Laura welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. It. So to start this conversation it's probably important even though some of these things it's things seem kind of basic her momentary but it's good to have some definitions role understanding the same concepts here. So tell me exactly what a clinical hip no therapist is. Zero. Behavior modification. And so I EQ. Any tripe that chip also spot came back create or empower person. Toward self actual situation. Berkeley addiction. And alcoholism. Smoking cessation. All forms that hypnosis. I specialize in alien abduction and I just sort of happened. An accident I didn't set out to do that by that circumstances. Presented themselves. Actually now is so highly affect your ear and eye passing sort of a conscious critical mind. And allowing her shouting. They're right didn't get into their own memories that subconscious mind stores everything he's ever going to expose Q. From the time you're in Europe some people believe we can and accept. Deeper memories and past why. It happened it really astonishing each and every time I've been doing that works since 1990. So how does it work. Particularly behavior modification you know you we'll we've all heard advertisements in and people talking about hypnosis to stop smoking. Or lose weight or some other type of addiction treatment. Doesn't actually work. Well. You thinking that we have to find the reason. For this specific prediction. And seen what aspect of the psyche is sort of running are in charge of addiction so what are you smoking at an example. And maybe the inner rebel main river smoking sure you know elected along or maybe they. Look down their emotions are cherry Kool cigarettes are being more or your. Your friend they give you a chance should be anti social when you watching you can dip below for a few minutes to have a cigarette break. People rely on. All aspects of their behavior that it begins somewhere beside her. Then we settle that energy. The relax so that it not so parents or me he. Needed me in other ways. I can't be urged to model and well the craving. For the kicker but not a lot out a lot. You know what action minute by. Packaging mindful. You can help deepen and Errol I play in changing behavior. Would know suffering if would draw. Quite astonishing back I can respect and. First facts and take two hours and nice and the good hour. Interviewing the person and what they say trying to make a determination. Which is the best way to access the sub conscious. Verbiage is very important in terms permissible looting. Or sometimes something. More direct. That you will let the posts and lot more entering it well creating an open into the sub conscious mind when winded and a lot. We shopped. Increasing. Information. Go to break into the concept that a conflict mind that the actor and call it the real not real but you're not sure that when it. The heat content line. These data related. To part of the mine stack critical analytical. And I think. Is Israel are not real creating out but there. But when we. Go into the subconscious mind which indeed been a newbie it here. Removed trauma. Access shouldn't memory. Restore confidence. Personal car rent. You know our person should really lived a life but I believe they're entitled true I think everybody has the right. Itself crack. When they're not feeling he's their own mind and body. They have an opportunity to south correctly shipped out of energy. To begin a new program. In a lot where I'm old. Actual position is what eventually after you begin to live the lie to yourself let. Laurie we we know that this can be used this type of treatment can be used to handle smoking other types of addictions even. But eating dining. But you. Kind of it's beset literally you specialize in abductions. For small how could that happen. That is not something that you know would be an obvious career path for somebody whether your therapist or not. At what point did. That come on to your radar and did you choose to pursue. Well I am an experienced there myself. However back. Side point I. Let studying. I can become an actor picnic. Out and I needed capacity passed in front of our panelists towards artists. The years past let's true regret the subject. And moved to a place where they had something. Buried or they have limited access you know give them access. Bring them Dhaka. And apple that included in. So in general Powell brought the subject found indicated that case he moved into. You just instinctively knew that there are some hidden creativity there was something inside and that was just an explorer. Thinking he could just get past whatever Holden came out he would be able to express it. And so. In doing so we are going about everything that's going perfectly it could have been happier. I asked a question and he flat. And he regret further. Down to about the agents and and I was startled or just moments by our public accountant and I constantly tell me what was going on. And he described the camping trip. That the Stanley was done here rather have gone out into the woods to go over this little hill we'll explore like waist yeah. They saw I UFO landing. And he stopped in this track and entities orbit crop were disembarking. And can you describe. The amputee. Eight here lies about besides socks. Appeared to want to act and in the real three dimensional world fear her. For and just that on the pad of his body to a code and disappeared. I looked over my actual order that it target we're here. Blown away now out there eyes wide. They indicated that there can't permit to continue after do you trust your eyes and how can carry out. So I asked my next question and look what we're asking shoot you looking for is suppressed. Creativity. And forget it ordered at a record is not got time. People wanted to explore. And experience as. And sent some things seem to matter. They. I was the girl the country but. Soon I hope you're right. I just just wanna make trying to understand completely died this experience when this particular individual you said he severe a sphere of light. Manifested itself in front of you you'll. I it was indoors more and more people in the room and just visit with the judges there to lose it which is. How does put it during lecturer. OK so. Several people saw this sphere of light manifest I saw it wow. Five about. I try and let the jacket two of them were looking down. Checking whatever box as technique and check during such terms. And terror cells. There's only a momentary pops but yes what alsop. And discuss it later and it was normal activities. Does anybody have any theories as to what that one's. A memory wipe out some sort carried a foot yacht but yet they alert I howl lot. You know actually was helped along I look up. Back in 1990. And I can't really yell at bats now are definitely known and and although it appears looked like his memory got Charl are the wife in the moment now and she served. You serve. Fact we're Trotter and other mining regulations were to. Call. All sorts. Frequencies. Weaponry. Ax killer waves. There's all types. My control and ways to send messages. So war. I'm sure not so difficult trip man passed this year like I've heard recently charmer journalists undermine night. Wondered if she teach it he he. It managed general working on your ability chi Ching who actually sent shares of late inflation. And they're really. And some sort Arabs. Weapons. You can steeler energy don't know all of the. Sensed you had that particular experience. I'm sure you've had many of these. Patients. You work with Rick Rick Rick Rick calling him regressing into in these memories did you ever see a similar. Incident ever see another sphere of light form over patients had. Up from Qatar in the church. Recently. I was doing that yeah. Fashion somebody and the light in the room. It just. Didn't didn't do that particularly. Weird when he moved into the worm. Moving sushi. Pale blue moon and speaker who is a form not only ears and look like all of life. All the via. And under. And I and I just have to carry on. Sometimes it is filmed in Iraq. IE. I took out my camera. And Jack took a few pictures of the room on the subject course. At the room of activity copying. As it were recorded. Audio and sell it all on what exactly what was he shut. Is there any interest in saying there's always some titans. Physical manifestation. And Sean not bat recently and eyes. Was on a show and I'd talk about something. Of my book and I can't help but the manuscript. That it was cheap. And jab I have went to ban that aren't. I'd I saw something in my hallway and I looked at seriously though in green white person. I radiation might obsessed. Right over my hovering over my computer. And then just literally. Moves shoot it well. You know what what do you do I mean what can you know. Right are we need take a break right now we come back we're gonna talk more weather guest Laurie MacDonald she's a clinical hip no therapist by which a federal web site it's true you. Hypnosis therapy. Dot com visit the website lot of great information there. It's beyond reality radeon Jimmie Johnson. Johnson and Jason is not just because of technical glitch he had planned and be hearing no less than he was traveling tiny was going to be here we are ready to do it. We just had a studio to studio technical glitch that we're gonna solve a during the day tomorrow so he'll be with us tomorrow night. Our guest tonight is Laurie MacDonald the clinical hip no therapist were talking about Kitna therapy and abductions. And Lori this is a particularly short segment we have to go to the top of the hour break soon but it gives us enough time to talk about a duck objections in general how common. Our abductions of humans. By aliens or some other amendment you know use the word aliens cause as as a catchall but do whatever is going on how common is this occurring. I well. I told you I thought we'll we've had some problems tonight saw nothing is surprising me at this point how. But in in all seriousness in the in the couple minutes we have here for the top of the over the break how common are these abductions. Partly it's a 180 million reported cases worldwide. Patent. Based on our corporate fat jolly insists that the Earth's population. That quite issue. The numbers continue and to grow. Like you indicated not all of them are extraterrestrial or her dimensional slugger mark mark lob. But there are some other things happening right now it's scenes were living and monumental tribes. With the disappearance of people in need a pure and out of non human entities. Not an educator dean tried it all over the world and what makes it particularly difficult for researchers the way in which. You experience your express visit because I need to hit. Still sure geography where they're located here spiritual backgrounds they're religious. Insure these chickens over top of the experience. And makes it very hard. It is still a hot thing. I think acts. It's not my acts of action taken against one's well. Re out there seems to be he had a different type of manipulation happened. How do we know. That these sightings of quote unquote non human. It beings are actually in fact non human. Well. They're they're not make it look like eighteen and. They paste it certainly don't they don't resemble us they're so they're clearly not human in. Despised by news site we can tell that. What they don't so also led by the same laws of physics that we cute age have the ability teach you. First match. Quality chance. Appearing and disappearing art are anti. Stealer and a secret tropics where they can get in an outer space once they're there and then there are lot so that moved through walls I mean that's certainly not student. Okay now the makes sense because we've had other people on the should talk about. Aliens impersonating humans and it's almost indistinguishable. It's difficult to tell the difference between the sightings you're talking about are actually clearly and obviously non human entities. Right where there are also a hybrid chiding. And Beijing look quite a bit light. Humans they can easily power source human in lower case as well I mean they're not you're not going to be able to get insured. And keep conversation let's and they don't understand. Shuttle social she is durst. Clear can disconnect action. That make contraction. Barbara high minded our village teacher. Get information and seen what are the hyper they're very strange beings depending of course from what the mix it. Right price we have to go to our top of the hour break here we have so much more to talk about whether guest Laurie MacDonald again check out her website true you. Hit no therapy. Dot com lot of great information there it's beyond reality radio I'm Jamie Johnson don't go away we have a whole hour ago. On the program a lot of great stuff and you close to taking. It's. Johnson Jason stricter Beers tonight but he is having technical it issues which is preventing him from connecting to a so we'll have him. If get that six will work on it tomorrow and he will be with us tomorrow night for tomorrow night's program. Speaking of tomorrow night's program Terri Lovelace will be joining us Terry is a lawyer former assistant attorney general. Terry was also in the air force on active duty right after high school. Is you're talking about to childhood UFO sightings that he experienced it at the ages of eight and eleven. And they know also talked about many other UFO related topics. That he experienced during his during his time in the air force. Terry is also the author of the book called incident and it doubles dead Friday night is always a best of program. And then Monday we will be talking about the JFK assassination. James DU Jennie O has written a new book called the JFK assassination the evidence today it deals with. Three main topics. Primarily. Vincent Bugliosi book called reclaiming history and his other book helter which is called helter skelter which is about. The Charles Manson would Petit murders. And also we're gonna talk about JFK's assassination. Conspiracy in the evidence that exists today plus Tom Hanks. Recently had a film I'll call Parkland and another phone call the post from him to talk about those as it relates to JFK assassination. This is all Monday night it's going to be chock full. Of greatest discussions. Monday night. Don't forget to stop by the web site is beyond reality radio dot com and also like cute to check out scare con dot com. And see what does that event holds its coming up June 16 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts. It's going to be great weekend check out this celebrity guest list the panel discussion. Schedules the vendors the party's. And everything else is going on at scare con it's scary con dot com. But tonight we're talking with Laurie MacDonald worry is a clinical hip no therapist look at her website check it out it's true you hit a therapy dot com. And we're talking about alien abductions and how. That experience affects people now hit no therapy can actually help them and Lorie again thanks for being with us and it went askew on. In your experience first of all you said that you're an experienced serve. Are you an experience or of abduction citing polls. Something else what what if what do you experience in your life. All of the about in action I'm a lifelong experience turned actor I'm. At all I think running our experience or group or overseeing an experience or current pressure sometime now there are pouring out. Safe place a platform for people to share their experience changed. Back in the ninety's I would get a lot of women who had. Experiences of abduction and the extraction. Old woman Siemens and they believed hybrids certainly particular crowd. They believe they've worked in the near street. There's an evolution of this type. Abduct and as you learn became more empowered one of the questions was well. I I want my baby. What makes them think that he's hyper children are bears isn't that human target the child yearning for that matter that the mother want that child chain. There's other hundred later psychological. He leaned abduction and hybrids. I know I experience. That really changed. When I became my own case study. Apollo it's five years ago I doubt that small TV show and got a phone call. Directly afterward. And the woman are to teach me and she says the issue that my mother and not change you needed to share. The story of my bird is that you just in the show and she it is imperative that cure themselves. But the phone on speaker Mike comment has been no urgent proceeded to say that act. In 1963. In Ontario Canada. Actually garden had a couple of small children she was married to a pregnant at all during the pregnancy she had experienced. Abduction a couple of times in the are small and should teach art the description to meet sounded like Jada. Appreciate that they were. A lighter shade. Agree it would not the large eyes I. She says they would come and do examination garner. And then 1 morning I actually would vote in the backyard sitting in the lounge chairs and a cane and appeared here Seidenberg instant the issue is moving through the apple orchard. Hovering above the ground that actually writing not patching. And when they got the center of the orchard murder. A circle and opening it where the tractor Sternberg harvest. Urban UFO hovering about by. And that she saw she instantly was on it she experienced that disperse in time out moments and certain. Trout so peculiar suggests it in and sort of be on she didn't really remembered getting on issues that in. We get to panic a little. Eight what are reassure her talent actually lessen any harm. They have currently down on the table pastor what did that people look like. And she says you know I can't look like an ironing board except okay. She will continue should get integrated. About the examination. And then you build a couple of things I actually hear from. Very unique cases that really trigger something that's true. One other thing for a long time these researchers didn't share it shocked. Now. As somebody eat cheese. Waited for the experience and to tell we share and I wanted to see how many people return on information. She explained they smelt horrible. She. Said that they weren't interested in her own. They continue to tell her that their interest and only in the baby has actually meter more apps act which she south that they didn't understand. Later ago after all of the examination she found herself. In the yard. Naked from the waist down are hurt by cameras out and cute leading spoke passionately and from the nose. You are in full labor she would ask her how nobody in my house. Woke to her cries. And neighbor. Getting ready for work. Hurt her and came and routes how cult and that dark hospital. She says she then gave birth to me. Which she had a difficult time bonding she sent that it wouldn't take. The middle. Bibi wouldn't eat that. And they try pal milk. Which really disgusting to me. And. I think that might have been the first sorry baby in Canada. But they try not to different things and she has had a difficult time bonding and she gets really couldn't recently. And she gave me away. Mean these are a couple of times in my childhood. And it would have recognized or are so our industry. NASA call me and cows need she just sort of like soccer camp believes. I've spent our time. Running group. Opening door urged people. I door closed on them she said she could never tell anybody she told her doctor that first space center where hormonal. Then they told her just to basically shutting down. Because you risk losing your children sound creepy and interest psyche evaluation. She kept a journal. And broke out every thing that happened in kept a journal for all of these years. And cycle are about structure. Quite amazing story and. I am shocked. I guess. And it led to very surprising actual green. If you're doing your show called experience here is what sat and O'Connell to produce certain reality based show that go. Battered the evidence that they have not therapist that needed to. I got a gem. In touch with my mom and say hey each you know let chi. It suggestion. Speaker true she's kept it secret for fifty years. And so it would Bloomberg Europe show and that would be great he thought it was a good idea and they topped all that summer. And that later that summer I got a phone call from Canada and I assume that we hear. I mean deputy count but it wasn't it was a hospital. And it compensated. I'm not. Return to candidate immediately remembered suffered major green and Grissom. I followed by a stroke and was unable to speak. I went out. And. Course she couldn't talk. Eric search warrant you know speaker church and app department the organization free the Eckerd and Asian recent changes extraterrestrial encounter. Normal. Part of our whole mission is so I'm going in on a platform. And Cha that such a moment and be free range of Yiddish speaker true honor huge for. And it wasn't gonna happen. So just just doesn't. And then later just after that Shelby can share air that promote skin deep. Erin Shannon. And the headline is that. I think it was dark matter news. On line at 114. Sock had written down. A producer of TV show experience or Jim O'Connell mysteriously died actually. And if so what happened in machine. 2448. Hours averaging. Blown hot and Jim was on. And literally. Is like. Cremated at a quick. But the problem. In what the sex. And went too bad how team he didn't wake up. So there are probably the strange. Occurrences happen. So I became I don't quiche parity app just based on my mother and it testimony. And should it. Actually found out back. During the area in the tristate area. Missed an Ohio. And moving interest over the Dietrich burger into the Windsor tree area. During her years or so why are you actual action and tactical choir I hotspots all the way aperture. Door. You can. Question can. Well is it very weird to hear that after all of these years. I had a beginning that I didn't know I felt. I'm an experienced served longer than I realized that within my own life. I in the early nineties has a little bit and he'll research which they're totally amateur. But. Entry page and setting up cameras around town mark in our nation why shall lie and so for. Learning. Cosmology. The diversion. Program. Looking for what I sensed that poverty there. We got a lot on elm and a lot of things happened and one night. I am. Awoke to. Some of the small greens. In the room. And I'll be honest with you I was. In my hand totally psychologically prepared they handled it and capture. And I was. Balanced com. And I'd look at them I look at one I've looked at the other there. They weren't that became here. There was strange. Tilting at their heads toward each other that they had communicated to help out quickly. And that I was supposed should be. In some other stayed at our net and not the lucid state that I wouldn't. I would actually completely ready for some type. On Nash to. Intellectual. Exchange. But what happened Nat. Changed. And slaps literally swaps are white light. A larger Cory appeared. And was holding. A needle seems to me about the links to chop stick. And they're written them honest communication here that were completely agenda oriented. They had work to do and I am completely naive sitting there. Patsy. Approached me. I became chair. And knew that I was powerless. To do any thing. And I'll I can think or do you. From the sitting position. Was like. Our round house kick. And I try to your round has kicked with that my left leg actually being attacked and trying to hit it. Didn't happen and I get booed consciousness. I am but when I awoke back in Bagram. I was an incredible pain and I have to go to the doctor. As it turned out that aren't minding lower left abdominal muscle. And required surgery. Hatchet prep match in print billions of coal in the impossible. And very physical very lucid. Great experience. I am. Think again shared get a little bit weird and how expect it really prompted me in two. Look into myself to do my own work to clear Murray energy concerns heartened wandered why. Would be the experience. Russia and a pat what about not at all what I would have expected or anticipated. Actually have I've learned a lot chart created five separate categories interaction. Where non human and to keep. You know at some. Really hierarchy. Extraterrestrial. Obviously. Green. And anything. Constitutes outwards. Repertory. Mansion pension blues and so forth. All of those are where the manifest it extraterrestrial. They are in deep. Within no way. Our galaxy. Our Lori let's let let's hold right there we have to jump to break we're actually belong here and we're gonna have a a quick segment another break we have to take. Of the we will get back into this if you wanna call seat 446877669. To a common aspects. It's. Her hair. Technical situation the we will have results tomorrow our guest is Laurie MacDonald Laura this is a very very short segment we have less than a minute here again giving your web site true you have no therapy dot com is that the best place for people to go to get. Information about your work. Yeah that's a good place to go and fortunately have recently and somebody wearing and then. Put changed my address to it cheese and get some crazy stuff like that so harder construction hearing now factor you cannot sell. I get a hold of the shrew a question I am the president focused. He can check it saw that Oprah network dot org. Also moved Fonda what the mental health furloughs 127. National hot Air France United States working with experience here. Not assign any state here and pretty easy to find. OK well when we come back we're in continue the conversation and we're gonna talk a little more about how hip know therapy actually helps people who have. And the experience suitors of abduction. It's beyond reality radeon Jimmie Johnson. Hers aren't sure everybody. If you're listening to the show on one of there and fine radio stations that carries the program drop them on line go to the website of their in their website and I'm sure there's a contact. Tab cinemanow saying thank you for curing beyond reality radio. Stations like to know that people appreciate it and we like to know the people appreciated as well. It is a station in your area that carries a talk format and they don't carry the show when you think it might help you listener help other people find the program. Drop them want to tell them they should be carrying beyond reality radio. But we are very very happy that our list of affiliates is growing rapidly and do we you're reaching new people new markets it's all great stuff by the way. I forgot to open the phone minds earlier. If you did have a question or wanna join our conversation we'll see if we get some calls in. The numbers 8446877669. We're talking with Lori McDonald tied glories of clinical hip no therapist. We'll bring her in just a moment. I do wanna mention that we've got some much great stuff coming up the next few nights Terry Lovelace who join us talking about. His UFO experiences both as a child among he was in the air force. And then Monday ADI James do you Jennie O. Who is an author of the book called the JFK assassination the evidence today we'll talk about the latest. In the JFK assassination conspiracy. And looking ahead I just wanna mention this because I think it's going to be equal rates Thursday night to next week so week from tomorrow night. The first hour of the program we will have our first featured readings with Rebecca Rebecca Foster will join us. And it will be the first Thursday of every month will do readings with Rebecca. And she'll take your calls basically. That's old do for the whole hour take your calls and shall do readings life on the air again that's next Thursday the first hour of the program. And the second hour of the program have a separate set a different guest for that part of the show. But again tonight we're talking with the boring McDonnell Loria heft to askew because you've worked a lot of people who've had these abduction experiences. What are the damaging effects that remain with people that you were hit no therapy or. Others who are conducted and have no apparent therapy for these folks actually helps them recover from. They and then suffering from post production stress disorder. In you having dance acts purchase costs error. Realm. Police. They're buying into doesn't know how to process in nation's leaders know. The loop here. Have input on the situation. Whether it's very negative or where we're you're very confident. People are still. English they act sock or law and this can disrupt the core belief system. Only supercomputer. Can we alcoholism. How heated. A lot of confidence. People and I'm exhibit. Signed a paranoia. Actually become very cheerful. Very important that you're able tricks are. Her experience let somebody to support current market prepare fresh like my shots. Who can hate seeing from cedars. Freedom. To allow you to. Move into the minds and gain deeper. Mean it deeper insight. Into the situation. You know many people who experience not much activity. Actually. Have some type out psychological. Trauma symptoms he's generally it. Shock and disbelief. Both our actual. Traumatic. I definition. You guys are shell. A really unique and how sometimes it worked happened in the mind. They're going to be who I believe they're a bit ego might step in and try to rescue the victim part of the strike he. Added Crittenton are automatically. Feel very chosen special. As yesterday they're the Indians only. You need that can save a whole other alien race. Where that person will continue to feel insecure edition powered. So it's important Serb. People first optional those boats approached a contemporary. And with the proper guide you should eat and changed. Experience change. And keen. Insight well. Lee Jeans to a more stable approach. Can actually change the vibration. Interest in DO. You'd experience. To challenge your reality. What is real what isn't true. Sometimes it's not out important. But not all the crops that you are all academic. But the fact that I was on our content that our reality our multi dimension now that he. Our ability. Tribal fighter I'm faced with the mind. All of these things need to be considered our initial. Initially the facts are destabilizing. The stark reality person believes in and well pat can you that the cattle student expanded consciousness. She greater understanding. Should move you saw that. How as sentient. Going to meditate and control your own pot while you were. I'm not controlling your op. There's a pretty good chance somebody would like to control them or. And so in learning. The deeper meaning of the experience isn't and how we can use them for our own personal empowerment and consciousness expansion. So I would take that next. In initiating contact. There and entities that viper car. Hiker currencies. Consciousness I wouldn't allow. He's here based approach. Until we have the opportunity. Once we're educated. Specific techniques are all of a call to control our on line to increase. Our frequency. Is to really look at the situation that's a lot more about the issue and. And it is about Ichi. Humans have a right to learn these skills. Even worse you mean she was sure her life where. Doctor saturation of life should mandate short term manifestation. Of his party workers union. Lighten body injury she acted simply had initiated. From what we are. And we understand what we are in the way it didn't work were more in control. And creating a reality. That we were on the list and and when we combine the mine and take the next step of unity in community. We can create. The world that we deserved a little bit in shock human right. The paradise. And. We have the opportunity to. Destabilize. Iraq. Or to create. A world in which we want to live where our children and grandchildren should it land. Extraterrestrial phenomenon. And challenge. Your reality. Makes you know that it believes it's up to now that it's our understanding. Pushing past. Beliefs in the actions. It can be very empowering. I have to ask you about Tom another aspect of these people that you've worked with. You know we've heard a lot about implants and other procedures and those types of things what experience have you had. From your clients. That would indicate any of that has happened. Want help track scanned. From the UC Davis met Shatner actually know I am how. Something. In the ideal goal and then one might all the experience or even at ninety. He's inexperienced or since he's been ten years old. He has an implant in the brain and she wouldn't Blake won in the upper thigh near the query and one more behind me. It's an implant should want them to emitted or radio signal its radio signal at the frequency it's been measured. That Chu implants are moving toward each other he believes that when they actually shield the high. Adams he has left me. How are postmortem. In scratched to be turned over actor autopsy. On his in my Irish. Part of our research and because of president of opus. And we have a reputation for integrity. So is he. Had to get it chula so we will some physical evidence. I implants are reported. In many types. Visitation. Or actions. Taking workstation. And when we many of them have been removed doctor Eden career I definitely recently lost her car. Board members are but a source urgent and would have been able to do those are stir so I'll let removal. And they also true responding already touched down on on the liked it I actually perched on here. And you cut retreated. I try to corral (%expletive) right hand and the job. It had a mind that it down it seemed very unusual but that's mad after she was in the server. Lived in the navy. Common equity. Group. Terrorist incidents are pretty Navy SEALs. In that column Blogspot and it also praying that their father to doctor. An intelligent person he's lived a full life he believes to this state back to that continuously. And you spent some. Get him some type of injection. I believe it's probably more clinics action. And so that they're a needle. Now. There's something. If her story at implants. In regard to the night eight instances where. Obviously when you work with the somebody using hip no therapy you can't control. What effect the implant might. Have. Do we know of any or do we have any proof of any of these implants affecting the psyche or the mental capacity. Of any of the victims of that war they mortgaged a physical tracking object or something like that. I think they're more that are are tracking actual act I'm. I think after probably programmable. And back it's quite easily. Easy cheat or manipulate the brain could see that the human. Think about how they conduct most of the abductions in independent associated Gupta brain when he didn't. We create this week state so that the humans become compliant and just. Doesn't question anything just as like they're in the sub conscious or super conscious state just don't question so long program as just the way they want. And certainly he should do you can do that church street Quincy. Porsche through plug. Or are chemicals or even sort of shot counts are what you frequency. Sound waves and electromagnetic frequencies. That bloggers are charged initially I can literally change occurring. But you know what words can change your DNA. Danny. Harvard and state bird. Scientists have released a urging listeners can Google that. That word of the power to change your DNA there are so many things that are seemingly simple yet truck only powerful. But they're looking words sent children and conscious sir. Sub conscious minds. Can create a chemical change in the body. Which effects of the key here to sex person. Like in the world. Mean. Knowing the right word to use. Understanding. Adventurer definition even the simplest part of. If not barking like we would never use the word blocks. Eight or management. The sub conscious and subconscious mind to lose just so not Witten. And you can look good if you wanna lose weight you're watching king stirring. Watching dean. Are slow remorse at all party. Positive things as not sending negative things like losing weight here I'm so fat while the subconscious learned talent and create. You know we are creating reality. Didn't have to learn hardship. I control the inner dialogue. I understand that can change your DNA. Are frequencies are much dimensional and our track and not human Entergy. The cart frequency and I think that the human. 60% responsible. For the top and here. And once you take responsibility. We can. Move towards personal empowerment. Balanced health. Relations. Rory we only have about a minute left maybe a little more little bit more than every just need to ask give somebody suspect's. You know that they might be seen flashes of memories that may or may not be related to an abduction. What do you recommend they do what's the first step for them. Rocks. And and learn suit being very calm. Memories will begin to sort this. And they can see the assistant ever picked up where tourists could indict them into that relaxed state. And now everybody can entrap how neat Shakespearean art world. Art or art or whether agents. There are outraged explorer. And it keeps recurring and a conscious there's probably something the Chinese to look at the situation. Is as important if you keep him. Memory there are certainly some dreamed a dream that you remember your entire life factory as important. Built into the RNC lives trying to target these are all forms of communication. In her deeper parts of the mine to the conscious. Are there are any symptoms that someone may exhibit that may indicate that they. Have had an abduction experience. But they aren't calling any thing you know they're not having them that's of memories are flashbacks or anything but there's still something that dean issued investigator who has somebody looked into for them. Well sparking a scheck as. Are somewhat. Abducting and people have interactions. And change it. Days. I have an increase stability. Our site is not whether Terry out and share another swarmed. By. Let it become very exciting they're partridge in terms increased. If you are our initial Creighton or vitamin C. Now all of a sudden warning. Maybe. Indicate her. A lower or deficient in vitamin C each and he out of wanna look at it and you systems on our medical doctor will be the direction I would take. It is such a high percentage I believe it's in the sixty's a sixties are on their. Cern where are our Turkey should have been increased creating Serb kitchen so I didn't see the result of these unusual things. Actually you can have a look at stay on the body. Looking for more still marks a strange present. Then there are multiple support groups like opens arm of the house and experience or group 24 hour days seven days a week if you meet. Talk to somebody. Share your experience in just gets more information. Can actually play. Reassuring terribly different you don't have a meeting do you think that pollen rate now that's just not your reality. Buck. If it is that you can go to our analysts saw the development so larger understanding that you are. Consciousness expansion. You're not here brings all belong energy. Job. You call home and begin to learn and listen. To people who are the experience. I understand the protocol. So that you can let go. Any energy. Action and taking away their power and making your east intense. It's in our truck. Props are on energy. Which is amplified in the activities that you bring your life. I see it happened so many times. People to people Steve Jobs speaking about their experiences where core. Org and just a little bit overboard the pendulum swing leaves you are in the wrong direction but again brush its search temporary. Right top. He can't get the information you need. Lori were just out or just out of time I'm sorry I've got to cut you off there we have only scratched the surface on what we can talk about with you and hope to agree to come back on the show at some point. And all right thanks again Laurie MacDonald clinical hip no therapist check out the website true you hypnosis therapy dot com. It's under construction after hacking but there's still some information there thank you Laurie will be back right after this program. That's going to be for the night on Jimmy Johnson thanks for joining us money we'll continue our discussion about. Achieved this agreement. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason thanks GB Johnson introduced why don't seem to regional incidents with its can only be on real ingredients. Yeah you never stopped going to finish in the agency hello and anything sent inspectors will purchase almost all the chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.