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Charles Reichblum talks about fascinating facts

Aug 8, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Charles Reichblum - Dr Knowledge - about his books that feature fascinating facts. 8/8/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Our own car on its young male and annoying champion Johnson Jason is also tonight we've got a great show we're gonna talk facts not just regular sex. We're gonna talk fascinating facts tonight with Charles Wright whom he is the guy known as doctor knowledge. He's got a book out called the all time book a fascinating facts plus get a whole series of books called knowledge in a nutshell. He's been collecting and presenting fascinating interesting curious faxed. For a lot of years he's got a lot of really cool stuff they're gonna talk about because we're talk about how he got started what at what point in your life do you stirred becoming a collector of interesting and curious facts mean do we do an all time which are realize it. But Ted Charles will talk about that with us on after our break we'll bring him in. It's going to be great show tomorrow night we've got a crystal reed who is an author any pet psychic joining the program. She'll be discussing pets. And her book how to live with a psychic. And then Thursday Keith McCloskey who is an author will be with us to discuss the flan in idols mystery. Lot of great stuff coming up here I'm beyond reality radio. Also some things that I wanna mention that are coming up that you need to be aware of one is that so I'm looking forward to an event. There's just a couple weeks away here August 18 and nineteenth it's called the pen Hearst Perritt Condon is going to be held at the Penn Hearst asylum. In Pennsylvania it's near Philadelphia the town is actually spring city Pennsylvania. I'll be there on the eighteenth and nineteenth I know. Lot of people been reaching out to me. Saying that they're going to be joining us there are some excited. For that to see some people that I recognize from both the show here plus other. Things that people I've met along the way so that's going to be exciting and they think leader in tonight's program we're going to have a little bit of extra time. And I have been saying this for awhile and I think tonight we're going to be able to do it we're gonna it revisit our psychic remote viewing experiment. I'll draw a playing card when I can use the one that we had because men that's been sitting around here. Four months and how I think and who knows who's been in and out of the studio to get that information so we're gonna start fresh. We are going to start fresh and get to pull it a new playing card under the deck. And then we'll take your calls to see if you can focus. On my thoughts. Scary thing right focus on my thoughts trying to figure out what's hard I am looking at him thinking of and then mall we will have a teacher. Nom for you treat someone gets it we'll senator teacher doesn't sound good stuff right. Don't forget to stop by the FaceBook page give it like it's just beyond reality radio also stop by my FaceBook page it's a great way to keep track of things that are going on. Throw for example last night we had a special. YouTube broadcast with Rebecca Foster we did a special Rebecca and I did a special readings with Rebecca on YouTube last night it went really really well. It's it we didn't know we didn't do it more we did on YouTube we also denounced these book. Got a lot of attention and those things are announced on my FaceBook page should voted died. Gee Vijay paranormal just FaceBook dot com slash GPG eight. Paranormal and give that a light. That'll keep gifted in what's happening now when we're doing special things all of that. Also write down the phone number for later in the program it's 8446877669. We will take your calls. As we progress here so we've got a great show lined up like I said Charles rightful home doctor knowledge will join us we'll be talking about all time. Fascinating facts that's coming up I'm beyond reality radio don't go away the chances are tonight we've got a great show lined up for you you most of us are announcement CU are the most of us Sar. Trivia books we like things. That are interesting curious we like to know facts. I know I go to trivia nights frequently I love to pretend they know a lot of stuff sometimes and win most the times I lose but either way it's just. A lot of good fun. Well our guest tonight Charles Wright bloom who is also known as doctor knowledge has made a career collecting. Such facts and his publish a number of books the knowledge in a nutshell series. Plus the all time book a fascinating facts we've had a on the show before Charles welcome back to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on. Hope they continue to respect with it and. So. We all know. That. There are some really. I don't know how to put them you say all time fascinating sex IC just very very curious things that says you've collected over the course of years assembled disinformation put it. In a nice easy form for people to read but did the real question is. How did you get interest sedate and in this in the first place we we've had this conversation before in the program we have a lot of new listeners they want and now our did you start this. Well it goes back or to be I was at a school that was so. Quite a while ago over the years ago clothes supplies school it and I got a job as the it looked radio this is back in. The days of before TV actually. Early 1940s before the DK remote. And I just. Don't look like just when I was panel of important old with the radio and it was supposed positions during. And incredible I going to be good job these are vocal. Chipper and local radio station that is what we would call an intern today dated both in terms of those that is. It anyhow my job boards of course we didn't have computers as stated in my job. It's too they had brought right to the newspaper politics. In in you know doing a roll of paper in the north plate. In the noose was tight down. Electronic collision by job which is better off the stories music it is upon that don't adequately. For no particular. It is my job was to Iraq the stories of portable they had built humble. When push to produce another police sports and other police business news another version there was per feature stories sort of so being the youngest one there in. Just needed to work there they had to be workable in July 4. And a historic live over the poet writes from the Associated Press. That three of the first by the US presidents. Or it all on July 4. A report that to the basic fact I don't remember learning in school the pre and the first by presidents. All died on July 4 affected. Through the first by prisons parole by from the same state. Was amazing. And all the dates in the year which July 4 that that's exactly what happened in these raw unrelated causes. Which we've debated for. Beijing. The second president John Adams died on July 4 the 1826. Which also have to be the fiftieth anniversary of the I refuted the president's. And the third president promised a person also. On July 4 DP port six same day. Directors story bit as to which it was dying his last words were well chairperson lived he didn't know. The chairperson had died earlier that cherry Dave of course those days to reduce repel approach or revoke. There was a radio or TV report rappers enriched communication treated noted. Jefferson and also died earlier that same day to a port PP 26. And then. The fifth president James Monroe. Died on July 4 EP 31. So you know we're what are the odds of that matter. And by the way let me just interject or moral imperative for the real estate for president startled. To buy a fourth. For the first five because support president James Madison died on June 28. You'll post dated July report. Joining. It looked at that story and a supporter but that's a basic net. Really started the interspersed yes or desire passion. These kind of stories and I wrote that. Put it in my pocket. And really started collecting stories like this at. After I go to other quality judge started a business where we syndicated. It is newspaper called courted coached impacts are WS candidate. As I did that most of my adult life considerably your people so wanted to put that just opened books. And that's culminated with by the latest book great. Tried to put in the what I consider the best of what they. Into the sport called an open book of precedent vexed. So that started the gold JV it's just that one story about who approached by US president's old time on July 4 which. Droid incredible. In the disappointment mirror and spent most broadly that the looking good restores like that they're being restored like that. It would do two basic companies confined. History told the European tumors. In the major newspapers revision of an order to tilt the person. George seemed to find it fascinating that actors so figured usual. About somebody's. Or social event. You know I can't help but wonder if you started with that particular fact which by itself is just amazing. And they answered collect more did you start to wonder whether these things we're just coincidences. Things like that. Or if there was if there was something more. Mystical. Inaction my own wanted to talk quarter. Very good question here here's one good example of really could ask that question about this. The crew of Apollo eleven which put the first men on the moon. Was. You are strong Buzz Aldrin and Michael all of these. It was a all the Olympic put the first men on the moon and there are initials Bjorn strong Buzz Aldrin Michael clones. They're less statement visuals were aid agencies. Meantime the people of biblical first man on earth. Where Adam was able. In Cain and also with the initials its speed. Chase you have to wonder was it just a coincidence or. They be brought. It's pretty yeah it's pretty amazing stuff he can't help but think. There's something larger at play here with facts like that I would back to this presidential sacked because it's his first ball the whole concept and I started in radio. Back in the days of tell what types as well. Charles and I remember those machines are for people who don't know or talking about because the computer ages changed everything but these are basically giant. Typewriters. That's somebody else in in an office in general the New York City in a newsroom or something was typing into it. And through he's basically a telephone line it would connect to these remote typewriters and tight about these things there while there were noisy. And dirt and they just child they discontinued to turn out he had to change these rules and they reckon imagine how much people we used to go through back then. Yes they're all yellow rolls yellow paper right. Yes and then you had to go through and kind of clip through them and read them in and we mean of course of an hour you know there are a hundred stories would go buy new lucky few caught two or three of the moment. You know you do the you do learn to expect certain things at certain times of the day but you don't seems to be a certain bit of a fate happening in Europe. World as you came across that particular fact over the teletype. That kind of launched this so lifelong interest in these things. Just happened to be working on July 4 when appropriate it had been older I would not as you know I've got that there are broke with. It is I was young person there that he you know I was up one of the ones they can work and on the holiday. And that story tip over and introduce a million man hours in. And I or is like American history you know and I you know don't remember any teacher ever telling that story. Or reveal reading it and and this report originally but it is true but there's no question. That the route through the first prison just did old on July court. What makes what makes this type of information. And let's see let's use the word trivia for now. What makes it so fascinating to us. Well I think did you know there's different kinds of trivia I I personally. Don't really like to work through via because trivial attribute implies truveo. And I don't have a credit. That about dipping to sit there I don't consider trivial. You know they're all kinds of questions. And I'd like to. The companies like you know what we just talked about that are. You might even say important order. Though. Fascinating. In themselves without being not secure that they're not just you know. The group did something is it is immediately suited natural much more meaningful. Much borer. Surprising. Which were treating your distances is a good word interstate treaty. Try try to you know reporters look for things like that which I don't consider trivial or donors or go to questions that. And it didn't go public through just talked about little portable order it shouldn't united that you are urged to Beijing. If you want to get into more coincidence is a report about an hour later. Yeah let's let's wait we have a we have about 45 seconds here before we have to go to breeder a sold dude on the other side of the break but I just find I think most people have this. Is it just a thirst for knowledge that drives us or is that a thirst for interesting knowledge. Yeah I think it's interesting noise is something good. Overtures that he cheated you know and other visitors know that there's not a order form factor. That's something you'd like to repeat somebody's. Burglary and just think about it too didn't. And there's so many things in life like that that's the other interesting thing and these things. You are scenes seemed to happen. And they're quite miserable part about after a break. All the coincidences between the assassinations of joint entity and Abraham Lincoln's incredible. Public either there were. And we're gonna talk about that and more when we come back from the break we're talking with Charles Reich bloom doctor knowledge his web site is knowledge in a nutshell dot com. And the book is the all time focused fascinating facts we're gonna continue this conversation after the break it's beyond reality. I'm reality radio and TV Johnson Jason took off tonight. Interesting facts fascinating facts things kind of blow your mind that's were talking about tonight on the program with doctor knowledge himself Charles Wright bloom his book is called the all time. Book of fascinating facts. Check out the website knowledge in a nutshell dot com in in Charles you have a series of books the knowledge in a nutshell. Series as well and the all time book a fascinating facts that your most recent book is that correct. What I decided BJP was so take the best football I've collected over the years. Something to guard some of the other books of the bargain denies the harassment but protect your threaten the sport. It ordered him things stupid or researched. So this is. All the books despite what book actually but I recommend this one because really as the best to have. Everything that the Heather leaders. And it's tribal finalists. I try to make it so popular United States. A period but it story later there is one little fact it did you know that they. The republic should put. So he did it really is the culmination of all of the buddhists Tibetan New Year's attitude that is put the portico was depressed or I had I have filed through mergers that course again so much starter long before computers are we just have front of it is crawl this year with poor by losing each all the cool whip. All the facts that collected just went through the ball. Competitors that are written a book in just the though what I thought would the most interesting the most fascinating. Affectionate good collective. What tends to be the most common or is there a common source for this information is there one place that these things keep popping up most for you or is this kind of a needle in the haystack kind of searching you just come across it when you do. That's a combination of a lot of things a lot of assisted produce. Like destroy report about news. Crew to put the first men on the moon. I was wanted just occurred to me do so is just in bid. They do about. That 1 evening united Ortiz a agency Armstrong over Colmes. At have been able to gain. So some just come view that wages and nobody would which portal and induce. Some horror you know people like the community. Which couldn't. Coincidences who were part about you know people research that. Chart a competitive out there researching. I do always try to at least double check everything you'd return to accurate. And over the years people shouldn't have should be things. Such that we did discard due to weak recalled coded to that next. So we don't you constantly look for things like this yeah. And it. You know what you're really looking forward and they had the pop. Attitude. And so does it really comes from for a variety of credit sources and a at a lot of it is a federal ought to help over the years with people. Certain paid to do you know this have been. You check on red planet it's true now you have another look good back. So some of the times you actually have to connect the dots like you're talking about the astronauts verses Adam Abel and Cain. That's just that's something that you connect the dots on. Yeah I'll go but so in so well over there are picked it up propose other people of the sort that. You know it Britain about as such it spent a lot of time reading obituary that these. There's news footage stories is your product over the years and what news or candidate Dirk turned and are. They needed over the years. Louis Ed. Good long completion of the tumors on. They've just people who aren't here there's people who have died. They digital coverage to patrician who read the order researcher at. People's lives. There's a but it story about that the editor. Of the obituary page story goes used to commit reporting. It's dated and anybody good guided day. You can sort of purgatory news. Interesting story. So that there was one very good source server over the many years of the opening stand after the in there we're Padraic and then you know there are things like. Did you hear that saw a paper they're human and anybody who oversaw opportunity. I look that saw. We have would. That's sort of a bit later took another another when taping his hamburgers. We order Amber's should enter your neighbor or somebody in. There girders. Of the city take national champ in Hamburg one and orbit they called hamburgers. Right there is not called police burden not called beef burgers. There's certain. That there is and others are questioners know him and hamper the sort of world we probably ever. Been through her portion of like the attitude that question it's because. In the late 18102 as a big wave of immigration vote adjournment immigrants to the United States. And the people from Hamburg Germany. Brought with them their custom of serving ground beat which are usually those stations like impeded UT. And the people in the United States began calling. The ground meat. There's people from Hamburg Germany brought that began calling him hamburgers. And there. Hamburg Germany so the name. As soon here evidence ever read you ran next time so hey wait a minute thirty don't they have better they called it murder. It'd been neighborly country and the city of origin very much like frank footers. The same way. They really were basically invaded Frankfurt Germany and that's where we all the recruiters. And leaders. There is. And basically determined were for yet. They course determined in Austria were being in news. They were the maker of readers. Beer in. Is that spoke booby ya hear them. It's what they called yet in German so that that would word we your skin from. So. There again. These cities came from they're based treatment should you or two but it it's more reporters winners are wanted but whatever story or potentially become an. So is there we don't. There were stopped they there's no way of an amber went wrong recalled Amber's but the reason is sort of providers should your origin in Hamburg Germany. Let's talk about some more presidential. Fascinating facts. I know of too because we talked about one last time and that you mentioned the JFK and Lincoln assassinations and and I wanna start with that one and then I wanna talk about. The fascinating fact that you talked about last time you on the program where one person had been. On site during. Several assassinations. Three. Year that's a fascinating once so I don't we start with the 21 actual Charles Charles W votes. Up to you wouldn't do to Lincoln W coincidences which are truly amazing yeah yeah. It's just boggles the mind of many there are. The oldest division did. But what they open book there's been expects over American remember your ought to they have been so it is committed I can remember. That it runs in several pages so that that's how many corners to acquaintances or are. Restore over the affected both Kennedy and Lincoln were shot ought to Friday. Both were sitting next to their weight when they were sharp either way it was injured at all hurdle. Lincoln which succeeded. It. A man named Andrew Johnson. Entity which succeeded by have been named Lyndon Johnson so there were prosecuted but indeed Johnson over the go to bat. The Likud was elected president in 1860. Candidate was elected president in 1960. The obsessions boat hit three word names that you are Oswald shot Kennedy. John Wilkes Booth and shot Abraham Lincoln. If they're the same number of letters and John wooten. The Harvey Oswald the decision number of letters as do. Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson. Which he would also. And it. Boot shortly in the unity pewter charitable work Peter Moore shouldn't and then he would AdAware us. On wall chart candidate from a warehouse. And predicted in computer. Both Lincoln and Kennedy died in a pleased with the credentials PH. Like it was stick hypocrite after he shot it would pewter restrict across street to a 40000. Washington DC but they've at the Peterson house. Which have been initials PH. Kennedy after he was shot was taken to Parkland hospital. Where he was pronounced dead also with the initials PH. Lake and it's son's name Robert and Edward. Kennedy had Brothers Robert and Edward. Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy. Kennedy's secretary. Was named Lincoln. An epic defined role. Great oddity years the power in which Kennedy was riding when he which brought. Our words of Lleyton. The whole thing is amazing again I go back to this serendipity saying how can so many of these. Who quote unquote coincidences. Have. Existed. Between two monumental. Historical events. Rent is just just. Incredible vision. So you noted that they like fascinating report that. It really does Ari let's do this let's take a break when we come back then we'll tell the the story about the individual that was present at three. Presidential assassinations that in itself is mind blowing. Very good there's a connection to her brother where we're. Late particularly. All right so we'll do that right after the break we're talking with Charles Wright bloom doctor knowledge his book is called the all time book is fascinating facts the website is knowledge in a nutshell. Dot com don't go away we have a lot more fascinating stuff to talk about it. Letter not a very big and I just don't want them kind of making a mess of my hangar here that are coming down from the ceiling Malcolm X of the show everybody it's beyond reality radio and TV Johnson. We're talking about the all time book fascinating facts. Charles Wright blue duck your knowledge is the author of that book is website is knowledge in a nutshell dot com you should check that out. And we're just too we just got finished talking about the coincidences between. The JFK assassination. And the Abraham Lincoln assassination which is mind blowing in itself to think that those two unbelievably monumental historical events. Had so many things in common. But there's another. Story or another series of effects that relate to presidential assassinations worth one fact I guess that there is a single individual that was president. At three. Assassinations. I mean this is almost I guess that's why it's fascinating Charles almost two fascinating to belief. Well it's just incredible JV we repaired or presidential assassinations. And one person was on the scene Pretoria government that would spread over. Period over over thirty years. Which is just amazing that one person would be on the scene. Went three different presidents were assassinated but that happened and it happened to a very famous person. And but it shorter maturity. Yeah it's still loses this is a good one. Located that in there's a connection there were paper election because it was Abraham Lincoln's son. Robert Lincoln. Who was there any person who was on the C wins three different president recession ended over quite a long period of time. Government could of course was with his father rather reportedly shot in 65. And it sixteen years later. A rubber bullet in the head start in the politics himself. In which in the cabinet president James Garfield. Was in 1981. Sixty years characters as well other than necessitated rubber likened. Where it was in the cabinet and a present particular field. And grow you'll was leaving on a train trip to Washington real roots stage in the capital deficit by development at some competitive business. Animated came up to grow our fueled. Demand described as a disappointment ought to speaker. So that our prudent cooperative majorities. Ever guarded. And educates people about a revolver they did have security like we have today. And point blank shot president James Garfield. And Robert that it was standing about two feet away. From Garfield when our group which brought. So I was number two and then incredibly. Twenty years after that in ninety no one. By that reverently can have let politics. Within the business. Which nobody. Chairman of the Portland company which to beat you with those states. And because of that view was elected president of the British chamber harbors. Don't you know Warren there was big business fixed position in buffalo new York. And president William intently. Invited properly can become could be business fixed positions since Robert was stupidity receiver robbers. And it's Robert Lincoln wore in the exhibition hall. At this business exposition. The rotation receiving line. And I meant guard in the receiving line and he had a revolver. Under it is and it was in each and under the bandage was a revolver. The courses did have metal detectors as they suspect are. In the line you just described is an anarchist. Who wanted due to a president and he indeed did is receiving line it up to acutely. There's and a sharp acutely again when Larry and again. Robert Lincoln was right there it's right near as accurately present objectively re chart. So after that. Reverend repeatedly vowed that he would never again and get anywhere near president. And as we sit in our book open book eventually expect probably nobody would have invited to any well. And he'd ever been he ripped another 25 years after that by the way appropriately that you lived through. Ripe old age he didn't title in 1926. And he was very wealthy. His bruises. Career admitted worldly you build a beautiful mansion in Vermont which is still there. It is a tourist attraction that it but he who wrote it took to register admitted terrorist group wanted to be shopping area. And in that out of register below is Demitra broke related which is opened. Is it is a tourist attraction. And actually visit their Turkey. Based agreed to split the rest of his flight. Out there it will want. And so did not go to Washington DC did not they did. Did it in order to other presidents are well that's just amazing that he was here are assuming that four presidential such missions and you loser. We'll reopen. It really is unbelievable. And indeed he actually say that he was going to avoid. Being near another president peak. Do you ever get. It aren't. Paid they're I guess you teach and could say he was objects that. And no president. Probably wanted it never the and over that you get a very good reputation it was an economic that it was a useful to run its course but it is good news. That was the right there at the wrong place at the wrong. Sorry we're talking with Charles Wright whom doctor knowledge is book is the all time book a fascinating facts the website is knowledge in a nutshell dot com. We're gonna take another break when we come back we're gonna continue we're gonna we're gonna talk about more. Of these fascinating facts that Charles is included in his book there's a lot of them and they're all just as interesting as what we've been talking about already so don't go away it's. Jackson chases after the ninety and we have a great show for you talking to Charles Reich bloom doctor knowledge he is the author of the book called the all time. Boca fascinating facts. And we're gonna bring him back into the program just a moment tomorrow night we've got crystal reed who is an author and pet psychic joining the show and she'll be talking about pets. Plus her book. Called how to live with a psychic and then Thursday keep McCloskey who is an author will be joining us to talk about the flan and denials mystery. Freddie and of course is always say best of program on beyond reality radio. It's always a good wouldn't listen to as well. And we invite you to join the FaceBook group come to our FaceBook page give it a like seek can be updated and all the most recent information. Guest's other information appearances that kind of thing that have beyond reality radio was involved with. And also stop by TV web site beyond reality radio dot com and you can check out the beyond reality radio coffee mug. It's great looking mug looks great on a desk and a coffee table on a kitchen table on the count or wherever. And it tastes coffee tastes great. Out of it so it's to be on really the radio coffee mug you'll find and on beyond reality radio. Dot com. Couple things I wanna mention that I'll be appearing at the ten Hearst parrot con that's coming up in silver. Spring city Pennsylvania near Philadelphia on August 18 and nineteenth look forward to seeing so many of you there. And that'll be it's a great time it's set the pen Hearst asylum again spring city Pennsylvania. They treat you visit if you can Penner Paris Penner spare conduct Thomas the website. And also later in the program for our last segment were going to revisit our psychic promote easy viewing experiment a draw a playing card for you and we'll give you an opportunity to call and try to tap into. When I'm seeing and see if you can now figure what the card is and if you do have a teacher for you and I will go to that lead and the last segment of the program. Perino street Charles back into the program. Charles I wanna go back to the discussion and about the presidential sex. Is it's is there something about politics. As it lends itself to these types of very very interesting and fascinating facts into or coincidences if that's sorry word. Yeah act could be in. And ordered them in drug related story we just told him aware what if you watch that anybody would be. Augustine to three different recess and Asians. Spread out over a period of 36 years. It's just all the possible. There have to be very famous person there's also another story about it to the view to put in the that that there's also absolutely incredible. Okay Robert Blake in the wind his father was president and just a couple of years before the assassination. Robert like it was ladies student at Harvard. It was coming home while on vacation coming back court in DC. We're gonna repetition period. And of course those days so people travel by train basically there were no airplanes are first. Sort he was so that you train pro. The Susan 1862. Stick in a trade from heart well understood where are basically is located. A back toward you didn't but he had to change trains in Jersey City, New Jersey. So did you talk to lose. Period from Boston in Jersey City. It is waiting on the platform produce connecting train the train that was the detective. The Washington DC. That platform was a real crowded. And this is a trade which coming. People were pushing and shoving and Robert Baker was standing near the edge of the platform. And got pushed off the platform and fell onto the tracks. As such it is is a train was coming it is a question whether he could've. Gotten a by himself in time agrees to soak up. And they support to soak up well off the track expects the platform also questioned what the train would have stopped in time. But a man and there are basically saved his wife band saw what happened as his Robert McCann told that the practice. Indeed he reached down. Which ended in pool rubber blanket off the tracts. Brought up the platform just as supreme it was completely stopped there. And decisive probably saved his flight to receive important producers injury. And the man who did that. The man who shaped rubber like it was a man named he was a famous Shakespearean actors the day's main wars. And would be it would boost brother John Wilkes Booth. Who would be the man who would later be the one who assassinated. Robert blankets pottery Brantley could. Aids aids is just mind blowing it really really hits. Is there really is and there's a little bit more to this story. Which didn't brute it was a very famous. Chick protector he's in the hole did a great Americans you probably. Considered one of the great actors in American history. Being demand his brother who shot it republic it was like the black sheep the defense which won't who was also an actor. But. Was this students took the family and it and they considered him the black sheep of the Cambodian. As Ameritech keep he performed at Ford theater in Washington. Few weeks before he showed they were it would have been a neutral Wilkes Booth that he. Anyhow. We we don't this story is true because. As some years later. Properly can wrote a letter. To Edmonton. Thanking basically thanking him for saving his wife. And it would recruit change is really cherish that letter because you got so bad that his brother had been the one. Receive assessment recession and deliberately a so he's save that letter he got from Robert Lincoln. Thank you for basically sitting reverently it's like and that letters in the Smithsonian Institution. So we we. Have proof that this story is true this is another incredible charitable. Quarter of the yards on the that would be bigger it would save rubber is and who literally charters are. As this information as you as you uncovered this eastern and collect these fact she must go through a bit of a process to to verify or to research. How to how does that process work. Well. Somebody that is readers are the other day you were part about. News. I studied journalism that was my major poetry and I remembered. The first pick class it was journalism one know one against the instructor suited. They're infringe you must remember as a journalist. From the two most important things. That you'll find that it reduced or. Are ready as a journalist and Dave those two things are accuracy. And speed. And of the suit are there was covered in restoring the people support big directors should speed but he said an outfit too. Accuracy is by far the which import. More important speech then get it right and so I sort of grew up with that in that route should be Dubai or were the journalists they should be accurate there's no question about that. So try to do you know make sure that everything that is it is Couric. Oh post story at which time we have left gave me the story of we're we're we got to read. We're somebody told me it was wrong. We really agreed to detect that which you have a detective stories you wanted to do let's look at but the buses and other presidential stories affect. Although our blow it open book there's been such as well. Porting to stop on president but we are celebrity interstate perceptual experience but we're involved Gerald Ford. Would he was president in the seventies. It'd Queen Elizabeth from England came to the United States on the state visit. And they had an elaborate state dinner for her authority it's. With president Ford. And all during dinner during its birdies its elaborate dinner. The US marine band was on the base station playing. All during dinner entertaining all the important yes of course you originally intended to be official being and to boot US president. So any other played musical during dinner and after dinner. President Ford itself the war over the McQueen. Ask her for the first dance but it would walk up to its order to start dancing with the addition there was the first stamps. So Ford is escorting it was a bit of dance floor. In the US Marine Corps band. What is the next song it just happened beyond their music standing you know they've been playing musical during evening and it just. Turn the page is stupid acts alone. And all the songs in the world. Song that was next on their music stand. Was the lady is a trail. This is quite there was the Christian walking on the digits lower. Properly you know it is an unprintable but that just happened to be the next song of their music standard. There was sort of that it would call that one of the most embarrassing moments supported us history the planet villages it to them in order we there was. Did you say that was that was when Gerald Ford was president when we get it could've happened to Mora a to a more what seemed to be an accident. Home for us yes. It's very good point you if it it was a great at great too it's surprising but he always seemed to stumble. If people go well also things like that but they are that it expected the actors and part of that story. I had written that. In who would provide newspaper columns in the 1990s. And I had a friend. As social friend. My boy was remembered that as well wouldn't that her husband. And he was probably what it grew up in England murder. Very. Much earlier in the tipper. And doesn't try to rip dinner one night important story here. Note that this this happens 1970s with Gerald Ford and it was with. That my friend who was struggling to and so you know recent I don't think that story is true he should because I don't think the queen dances. With partners Hewlett dances with royalty. So I thought Archie in there and have. The applicable state is visceral story we're just so happened that my wife's shoes and public relations and work or a woman who. Which is very active in Republican politics and the mister Richmond area. It was very I knew she was very friendly with the bushes and and with that Gerald Ford does socially yet. And professionally hugely reduce. She was with them quite a bit so. It was alternate opener sotomayor's rue would you call LC in just. You know Suu Kyi by any chance whatever skill for which still living in this is the lovely and mr. would you. That's shaped like the other the chief has Gerald Ford's phone number and technical. You know stupid story is true or or not true. Sorting out my wife called you know to exit have throw where you were to halt its scope or did you. Partners or to interpret the breeders'. If you had his own boat operator okay range so she did to my wife my weight it and number to be Saudi. So that baton. Dialed the number. A man answered the phone that was not present order which is sort of bailed secretary. Tries should it was a journalist and I'd written historians somebody challenged this story and I just wondered if you suggest the president. Story was true so you put my numbers are according to back in churned up at about forty minutes ordering. And he was on the front doors again towards president Ford but it was his chip return. These cities. As Gerald Ford about the story in fortune yes that is true that really did happen. So we partner applications that story were true then it just there are really funny stories that the all of which is a little bit that he is trying to put the queen it was a. Let's take a break when we come back where it will try to talk about some non presidential non political related fascinating facts whether guest Charles Wright bloom doctor knowledge check out knowledge in a nutshell dot com it's beyond reality radio. I'm JB Johnson. Back to style. Charles. Permanence here and we do have some phone call someone to try to get to police won here before the bottom of the hour break and then more get in. To see more of your fascinating facts this is Jim calling from buffalo. Has some sexy wants to share hey Jim welcome to show. Wow what a thrill. I do and Charles and javy. Good to have renewed through your conversation about. President Nikki Haley being shot. And from an honorable man who broke a little over two bullets. And he was shot and September 11 1901 and he died on the thirteenth because he lingered. They couldn't find my second bullet. Well enjoy it further about September 11 there we are not however. I. Right and also the first spade of dirt turned for the building up the panic that was on September 11 by colonel Leslie grove. That is under atomic. But the thing is about McKinley from what I understand. Is that there was. The very first extreme machine on display at the top ten American exhibition. And had they used to. You know utilize that extreme machine name may have saved his life. She didn't like the couple birdies. Pretty much go to Q how we see that he died on the thirteenth they never say there's actually shot out of the eleventh. Yet that's and that's a great point Jim thanks so much for sharing that with the we appreciate you calling. And that's kind of how it works to his internals people bring the stuff to your attention and helps you worry that some Gloria. Urged nicely over the years with a lot of work to stop originated with somebody can be. And one thing leads to another article of which we have. We have noted that we have about a minute here. Well I don't know we concluded thought it was good to go through. All week we're incidences of speak you're not in Lebanon. Or on not a reverend. Yeah let's start right after the break and again our caller Jim from buffalo pointed out the McKinley was actually shot on. 9/11 that even though he died a couple of days later. There are some records which is senator went on. Pardon my Norton 2001. Of the. Right of course all right so we'll do that after the break. Again stop by the web site knowledge in a nutshell dot com the book is the all time book of fascinating facts by our guests tonight Charles Wright bloom. Doctor knowledge we're gonna take a break and when we come back. We will continue our discussion we'll also take more of your phone calls at 8446877669. Thanks for listening I'm JB Johnson this is beyond reality. Yeah. Thanks for her and her brother and thank you all the great radio stations during the program around the country the list of affiliates continues to grow and we. Appreciate each and every one of them if you listen I'm one of those stations strap on demo line let him know that you do and you appreciate them during the show. Don't forget tomorrow night crystal reed author and pet psychic will be witnessed discussing pets and pets and her book how to live. Would they psychic and then Thursday Keith McCloskey who is an author. We'll be talking about the slant and aisles mystery got a lot of great programs coming up Friday of course is a best of on beyond reality radio tonight we're talking with Charles Wright bloom doctor knowledge about his book the all time book of fascinating facts. Charles there's a lot of facts. That tell you talked about and he's included in your book that relate to geography give us a couple votes. OK well let's start with one. About the US state that is the wrong name. There's a US state they're really their neighbors early wrong. There's a US state that the name is actually wrong. Ask your friends about there I think the answer you want the answer. Let's give us what's the answer. It's RI. Which is not enough. Ha a a and you know what if Jason or on the program because he lives in Rhode Island authority would be talking about that with few because he talks about his own state all the time. So that's actually true Rhode Island is not an pilots could have doubted coastline there tiny statement. It's on the mainland of the United States that are we have been beaten in our port. Start there's nobody knows for sure how it got that wrong name but there are two theories one is that one of your early explorers salute. North America's civil politicos that are. And thought that the coastline of what it brought what looked like the Ohio roots that they have been so we're route in the Mediterranean. So you named it Rhode Island. I'm doing but it wasn't I want to do so the coastline. And then another theory is that there was a Dutch explorer. They have this early stage who. Saw red away. Along the coastline. And I go I don't know the Dutch language that word just for red clay your shopping like root you wouldn't. And he used to be he gave that game and there are many people did to RI that's what you're probably grew at notre sure why it's called. In Ireland wouldn't start that there have been it has been since the beginning you know. Of division did it's been called RI but it is as good friend which stated there's a wrong but it would. There's drugs and that is. It is. It's Rhode Island and I think sauce somewhere along the way and your website used a teaser about having being born in two states that once or something good news. Yes. If you go to our web site by the way they do go to our web site nor to patrol boat comment to what were all into the virtual book club you can. Suitable that are in read about it. In order to do it like above reproach department visited news. It's 1990. For the port through income to total that includes repeatedly. But they're the only conceivable there read about it and we do mention there that. There was person born in Florida. And misery. And you're considered so what document produced pictures of corporate market to be boarded reporting a mystery but actually are very famous person. Was born in Florida and mystery there was Mark Twain. The papers or are there. And it was in a small town in northeast Missouri. Whether they gave up Florida. Where he was born. And he spent his lifetime ban on people that I was born of Florida I was born in Missouri and really was busy. You were born in the amount of Florida. In the state of Missouri and sport important misery. So birdied the Georgia department. The only people he was for the both reported a dessert so that's so that can be done there's also story JV about it another State Street late. A state that doesn't exist anymore. And we got a state called Franklin. Led after the revolutionary war. It was between North Carolina and Tennessee. And they were all kinds of political disputes and land disputes. Over the boundaries. And unfortunately the representatives. Of the equipment had we're from the opposition parties in congress. And the representatives from Tennessee and North Carolina. Infringed on this poor little state of Franklin North Carolina to part of the Tennessee to a part of it. And after four years the state of Franklin. Ceased to exist. But I would I would order radio show one night imagine that anyone would call. It's good thank you very much that story because you always wonder if there's any room in Tennessee. Eastern Tennessee called the state of Franklin highway. It's yours wondered you know worked out that maybe more political statement frequently. That's widely considered rude used to go in there what was that one time sustainable Franklin. I was sitting there between North Carolina. And intimacy and the Arctic history needed. All our fifty's stay. Only Warren has been named after president you would you would think or speech would have been named after president. The state of Washington is doing what. They've been tortured and editors support Benjamin Franklin. Who certainly deserved devastated they're driven and did that. But that doesn't anymore. You know that's and I I actually kind of considered myself a bit of a student of geography and American history and I never heard about. The state of Franklin beef. Yeah that didn't last furlong but it what was clear and there is that it's a completely that road it's. Over the state of political I would either. Which is interest. It is intrastate. So what what are the types of things do you will when you have when you get this information Charles and you you read through what. Categories of interest in facts get you the most excited. Why don't have a governor rich portrait we do have a lot of sports facts. Sports stories in the book. And certainly presidential history is always interest in. But then many others to. Ago regrets and happy birthday viewed as saying earlier in the program. We do have some stories and songs and entertainment. Editor Christine good happy birth there's a huge story or expression it could be because. That's you might say it's the most famous song we ever that we but he goes sort of paper data use it and yet it fume as some but he. As you wrote that's on. And the answer is completely not just bought a famous song writer at all. Boats are too great popular world owns all of and inspect who wasn't even. There was of the famous song writer wasn't even an assault murder. Wrote haven't repeated you're at the sort of written by some school teaching sisters. In Lexington Kentucky. Other names were bill rudin at the bill. And he wrote this song originally just as a classroom greeting. They originally called it good morning at all that you original title and his original lyrics reported at all. And they're just basically rooted desert. Question greeting would make its human food questioned morning. And one day that he heard the one addicted to have a birthday the next day so that evening. They changed the words from the morning to all. Of them at you are they to you. And as rescission of the rest is history that so repetitive. Some people say it's emotional and so we. Editor was written about it. Somebody who never wrote another song by the way. Whether it was spiritual Israel. Written by her school to change sisters who were not so operators very much like. Another example is perhaps. Some people call that the most talking sort of opens to beautiful though would be perhaps. It was written by army general. Who was not a strong rhetoric ever wrote an official before that or another sort after that took root. Its sister Barbara bowl. Produce. As steps. Has the proliferation. Of the Internet. And our access to the Internet on Smartphones does that change the way you collect this information. Because there really started before we get computers. Sort of used to. Portable library and look at encyclopedias. I really trusted that you like repeated use. They tend to beat. You know very truthful and accurate. So there unfortunately some things on the on the Internet or bought. Accurate and it is. As we know. Some people competitor they want they're. The writers of encyclopedias. You know basically we're professionals and theoretically you. In the adequate research and everything so that's always been a the normal and who wanted double checked things have been that you tend to learn. What is that recorders you know which to look where you can trust of its which you can't. You know we always try to go to source. Dislike it open your. Well it used to cramp story you know we could go to the source to run out of story wars was actually true. And that is that the nice thing about the U throws me most about Oprah book especially inspection is the reaction we're getting people. City reported. The results whether whether it's your kids got orbit. Was their parents in the there it's Christmas is it is it it's good prone region true vision. That. It's very critical. Yeah that makes it a lot of fun. Charles run time here. Again thank you for coming back under the show let people know one more time where they can get the book. It is our whip so there's no Leach in about chilled thought comment what word politician and not show. Dot com. We also have an 800 number 1800 nacho. We recommend you go on to college and eventual outcome is conceivable there read about it. It is also on there was flawed and orange and noble book called. What he's usually rarely hear of is this is just to go to the all time bird go to the origin about chilled but they but the book is to open a book that I. The web site it is folly Egypt and Ochoa were going to the Mitchell got called you to. Cheese over the if permission an open book the president expects. Well it's always a treat to have you on Charles thanks again for being here and look forward to having on again. Well traders and bring great beer with your epic so much. All right so again it's knowledge in a nutshell dot com visit the web site. We're gonna take a break during the break I'm going to pick a playing card and we'll have about five minutes in the other side of the break if you wanna call. 8446877669. And participate in our psychic remote viewing experiment to end the evening again the numbers 8446877669. And Jimmie Johnson's. Stairs to her cancer has website knowledge in a nutshell that comets the all time book of fascinating facts OK so what we're going to do now. Content is out organism. Dismal those boos as much as we can here in the next four minutes or so we're going to do our psychic remote viewing experiment so I've got a playing card in front of me today drew. From a regular 52 card deck company concentrated in the scarred and take your phone calls it 844. 6877669. A be focusing on the card and all you have to do is says Sify and guests or. Happen in my mind and tell me what's the card is if you come up with that we have a teacher for its fun. People some people have expressed a belief they have some psychic abilities and this gives us an opportunity to test that even though. It is a very quick in and not a very easy task but either way it's and so. Let's start doing this and got corn for an army I'm looking at it let's go to our first caller this is hard lean. Calling from Kansas I Hurley welcome to the show. Arlene do you consider yourself to be somebody who has some psychic remote viewing abilities. Oh more than a parade good arm will you ready to give this a shot then. I okay. That this and they feed their cart date you re amazed. I've been doing at. Okay could be I I am focusing on this one right now so tell me weakness city. I'm going to say to clean it up. Club. It's not the queen of clubs and I don't remember if that was the car we had before I don't think it was gonna wanna had last time but I do think. It was a Carter or two ago we had the queen of clubs so maybe that's what you sense it. Okay yeah I it seemed to be more in the past. Yeah yet will this what is in the queen of clubs thanks so much through for giving it a shot a Harley and we appreciate you calling in listening. All right let's go to Vince good friend of the show agents welcome. It is not the niners beat the boy you get rate down to a dungeon. Or ethics or colony and all right so it's that simple. If you wanna give it a shot the number is 8446877669. Again I'm looking at the card it's a card from regulars 52 card deck to Serena were playing deck was go to Joseph. In Indiana he Joseph welcome to the program know you've tried this before. Oh yeah I do or do what. It is fun right okay so I'm focused on this card I'm looking at it I can't think about it any harder without just giving giving myself a headache so when you say. Her car. Nope that's not it that's under the tank trying to get Joseph we appreciate you calling in. We have time let's see here for one Arnold's we've I don't know if we have enough time for another call actually and I to be fair so okay. Bremer tomorrow night we've got crystal reed author and pet psychic on the program will be talking about pets and her book how to live with the psychic. And cleats keep McCloskey will join us on there is in its program talking about the plan and aisles mystery we will keep this playing card in front of us. And if we have some time. Tomorrow night we will love will bring him back out here and we'll spend little time doing that tomorrow in the meantime we had a request for a little bit of exists. And if if fallacy here which when did we wanna do we wanted to do this okay sort of sort of play this because we had a request for a and then that's gonna do so thanks a rarity for being here spin on reality radio I'm Jamie Johnson. Thanks for helping in the garden TV program well it got to go again again. You didn't. She beats the crap go to fertilizer crack tell her you're duty do its duty with the crappy coach fertilizer turn regular postal. Human waste into fertilizer for your homework go and we'll do it we may as well get some benefit from a month to may the players never bit. External ice and fun that you can use of video confirmed. That he continues to rising thank you thank you. It's 100% natural and crack internalize it works great with houseplants do. It never seen him slowly four. It's it's. 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That's gonna do it everybody thanks for being here it's beyond reality radio and TV I will be back with you tomorrow night. With crystal lead author and pet psychic. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one held since it's a coincidence that the it's only your real ingredients. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish the agency's slow fade getting some peacekeepers will Jason is slow and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest context slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.