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Joshua P Warren discusses the Bermuda Triangle and time warps

Aug 10, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Joshua P Warren about the news regarding the Bermuda Triangle as well as a time anomaly that Joshua discovered near Las Vegas & area 51. 8/10/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Are all going OK now I'm here on the East Coast and ready to enter enter into not just really look beyond reality welcome to the show on JB Johnson Jason is off tonight we've got a great my mind up and it's. Actually at the last minute great one. Because. We originally had Keith McCloskey. Scheduled to be with us tonight and he is in England. And there was an issue with the time differences and some travel stuff and he just notified us last minute that he had to reschedule 'cause he just go to London for a match for what. But we were going to be talking about the slam in idol mystery. Lighthouse there and the late keep verse three of them that disappeared mysteriously. I'm so we're gonna reschedule that program we're definitely gonna bring him back because that is a fascinating conversation and it is something that we need to talk about. But. That's and certainly. Bad news I mean it's disappointing but we have really good news to follow up because we were able to get Joshua. And networks are really really well because there's some news. Some a story in the news that scientists. Say they have or may have figured out the mysteries behind the Bermuda Triangle. So after the break we're gonna bring Joshua what Warren into the program we're gonna talk about that for me talk about what these scientists have found. And if it actually does explain what's been going on in the Bermuda Triangle for all these years. And after that after that part of the conversation we're gonna talk about a time warp that has been discovered by Josh. Near Las Vegas animal let him explain all of that we've got a really really great show. Tonight and down I'm very very excited about it. I just to give you a heads up on what's coming up on the program tomorrow night will be a best of program known as it is every Friday night and then Monday. We've got doctor Ken Hanson music you didn't come professor and he'll be talking about the secrets of the Dead Sea scrolls. The mysterious. Copper scroll plus many other things related to biblical biblical archeology. And things like has the ark of the covenant survived history. That's going to be prequel. Twos and I Gerri Willis will be with us and Wednesday mark standish who is an author and we'll talk about the colts entities that watch over human destiny. And many reincarnations. Specialist TO mobile. Will be with us on not Thursday night's program and Jason should be back with us for next week's show so we're excited about that. So we've got a lot of great stuff coming up also remember Pinehurst terror con. That is coming up on the eighteenth and nineteenth of August he's what are we a week but today. And we can a couple days away. Bibby to Pia the eighteenth and T that's. It takes me a bid to figure this developed. Eighteenth and nineteenth of August albeit ten Hearst asylum for the panthers' parent can't stop by say hello love to meet the people who listen to the program around. The country and if you can get anywhere near Philly that's were ten Hearst is it's in spring city Pennsylvania I'd love love for you to come say hi. And the we've got scary kind coming up it's not true leaders are talking about that that is October 26 through the 28 in Verona new York at turning stone casino. Both events can be found on their respective web sites it's Pinehurst terror con dot com and it's scary con. Dot com for information about those events I know the pen Arista that was nearly sold out. On but check it out to eat and find out. It's it'll be good anyway. Later in our program we will take your phone calls for Josh and the numbers 8446877669. If you wanna join the conversation as I said we're going to be talking about a lot of really interest in things would Joshua. Whoopi Warren our guest tonight I'm beyond reality radio don't go away and process. Thanks for being here. Little bumper music from kiss so it's like stats on something about it that was off the destroyer. Album if I remember correctly. Anyway we got a really interesting program for you tonight as I said it was gonna last minutes and minutes switch but it works out perfectly. Tom one of our great friends and always an excellent guest on beyond reality radio is Joshua. Him with a tonight Josh how few bad. I you know I thank you so much for having me on I'm doing so well it's been an. Action packed year and I'm delighted that we have so much to talk about tonight so this is great. Yet and it were really the timing works out pretty pretty well here so. Wanna start wins is this done discussion about the remainder triangle and I'm sure you've seen the news or read the news or whatever the heck it was his. I saw a couple days ago when I kind of dismissed it and then I re read it. And this it's a good night's Douglas wanted to do some kind of outlined what this story is and then we'll chat about it so. They're scientists. In. England British scientists that have concluded that a 100 foot rogue wave or a series of these over time. Could be the reason why so many boats have sunk. In the mysterious Bermuda Triangle they say. That this part of the ocean is in the perfect. Place to be a convergence. Point for multiple storms and when weather is bad and it comes from different. Directions and combines it can create a conditions that you better surprise people they keep people by surprise. And they're very very violent. So these experts at the University of Southampton believe that the mysteries of the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle can be explained by this natural phenomenon known as world. Ways that's their conclusion they went as far as creating some assimilation simulations with the models and and and other devices to try to prove their point. And I don't know Josh I'm gonna say or write off the back here that it's an interesting discussion however. From the very. Starting blocks that doesn't explain the aircraft disappearing. Well you know I am all for. Scientists and researchers have all kinds trying to. Explain aspects of this mystery but in this particular story eager to quote and an that this is an accurate one. This is going to determine. Might add. Attitude toward this whole story that quote by one of the lead scientist is along with Scotland's Loch Ness Monster there is no mystery. But it does sell books and create great discussion. And I have to say if we're talking about one possibility. For help ship sink. That's fine. But to say that this solves the Bermuda Triangle mystery. It is. Actually it's ridiculous. In fact this is one of the most ridiculous meaningless. Non news stories. That I've ever seen in my life because it implies. It's what demonstrates that these researchers have a fundamental miss understanding. Of why the Bermuda Triangle mystery actually hit. For one thing. We have all known for hundreds of years that there are extremely big waves dangerous storms that caused the sinking. Ships in that area known as the Bermuda Triangle that has nothing to its candidate. Story. And so. What we find is that we have always reported that statistically. If you travel through that part of the world it's no more dangerous than any other type of ocean travel you just talked to insurance companies and they'll tell you that the point here is not necessarily try to look at. Why ship sometimes seen. But it's to look at the larger picture of how when these stings occur. These very bizarre elements are also occurring in the same time. Just like you know you mentioned here in JP the idea that somehow this could explain. The infamous flight in nineteen. And of course it would buy actually read a copy of the story in front of Maine. On the explanation given is that well this was just a training flight with a new and inexperienced crews. And those days navigation was very much by it's easy to get it wrong and the evidence shows that was the case Paula let me say I was in. The Bermuda Triangle in May of 2017. To be exact may fifteenth 2017. Operating the Bermuda Triangle research center. And Boca in Puerto Rico went 45 minutes Norse. Made plane took off a small plane and Mitsubishi. From the op would be air work. We had to with a well what two kids and a man and a woman. This is a perfectly clear day there were no weather alerts whatsoever there was no May Day given him all the sudden the plane. Just bandages. From the radar. And there's no explanation for help that occurred let's go to something like 2015. When the cargo ship SSL borrow. It sank. Because they drove that thing. Right near hurricane the company that on the ship new base she shouldn't have done it and so it's no big mystery to the ship sank because. The storm surge the mystery has. When they went down. To look at the ship. There was no Trace of any of the crew members and they have all been last we know down in the bowels of the ship trying to say that to salvage it where did their bodies. Not to mention of course javy what we're talking about here is the idea that the triangle is an area which incorporates not just did disappearance of ships and planes and Ingrid ways but we have incredibly UFO activity. And you ask who activity we have got all these weird cryptic reported like that you put copper the Garrity I'll blow but Cargile beat them. Empire mocha we have so we got so many strange government experiments that have gone on there. And I find it a a little bit irritating as you can tell where and occasionally in these kinds of stories about every few years. Some mainstream scientists comes up and basically says. Well there are people out there were just trying to sell books and creating great discussion when actually. We are often the people who are looking at the the weird phenomenon and these scientists are trying to make headlines for themselves by discussing something it's not even related to the fundamental mystery. Yes that's that's so very true and I find it quite deceiving and disturbing that the headline and I don't know if this is house reported everywhere. But were I saw the headline was mystery of the Bermuda Triangle solved. And then it if you read the article it's it did signed his do admit this is a suggestion of how it you know do these things could be explained but as you pointed out. These scientists themselves went into this whole. Whatever they did whatever booed experiments or research they did. With a bias they had the bias going it. Will want like Biden's been there every few years when you have a scientist who comes up and make some type of a bold. Claim the industry has been salt. That person is only taking. He his or her own field of study his or her own background and applying that very narrow perspective. To this much broader more. Issue it just like you know there was a point in time when some scientist several years ago had. Done a demonstration now laboratory where they created some methane bubbles. Which. Demonstrated that they could make a ship to sink because of the lost in buoyancy in the water. Or sometimes the methane would rise up it might cause engine trouble and airplanes. Well okay fine. You know that that would work great in the lab but the problem is when you actually take the time it I have to talk to professional geologist. Who are experts in this whole area they will tell you that there is absolutely no evidence of any kind of a major pocket of methane discharging. 101000 this year possibly 151000. Years. And so it's one thing. To again comment and apply. Europe particular perspective to one particular accident disk but when we look at the all of the eat a whole big issues together. I believed that the only way we're going to understand these strange disappearances. That involve these extraordinary circumstances. A boat people ships airplanes and all the reports of paranormal phenomenon people experience is by looking at. The very evident space and time anomalies and gravity anomalies that are present there. And things that go all the way back to the reports of Columbus and 1493. When he talked about his compass going haywire in seeing strange lights. It all horizon when he came into this area that we now call the Bermuda Triangle. Yet we we have a couple minutes before we have to jump in the breaks we can't get into anything too in depth here but you know. Brady's rogue waves cap sizing ships don't account for complete. A lack of wreckage or disappearance like the US a cyclops disappearance with 300 people on board no trees was never found not to mention the fact the cyclops. Had to sister ships that also disappeared. Without a Trace in the Bermuda Triangle if these were waves you'd think that at some point somewhere some evidence of these Rex would show up. Life filled that win we'd say OK when it comes like flight nineteen went five navy bombers containing fourteen men. All banished. And after giving these weird made a masters and then thirteen more vanished in the rescue plane comes up front to dismiss that and think these people were incompetent. Is an insult it just like at the Roswell incident we have all of these people are the best eight years in the world which in charge of the nuclear delivery systems having to. And to be forced and it just saying oh yeah it was a weather balloon we did know the difference between a weather balloon and something exotic it's an insult to these service people to claim that this can be explained by something as simple. As a way that somebody like Columbus could've told you about. For 500 years ago. Yet that's a great point to and I know we've had others on this program with the pilots on this program that are flown through. What they can't sit and explain whether anomalies are cloud anomalies or time anomalies. In that area as well none of that is explained by AM rogue waves so. There's a lot more to do work or take a break here Josh and before we do I know you've got several web sites stuff. Thrown out there right now when we come back and pick up this conversation about the mute Bermuda Triangle. And then we're gonna get into. Some of the stuff that you were doing out near Las Vegas some pretty interesting things you discover. Yet ties in nicely in a thank you JP my web site is Josh Whoopi Warren dot com there is no period app. After the you'll find all kinds of interesting images and content there. Josh what do you want dot com. Terrific all right we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our commerce conversation with Josh. Also will open a personal lines and our second hour if you got questions or comments about our topics. That number you're gonna wanna rated down is 8446877669. As the chads folks are talking about me trees stop by B beyond reality radio web site check out the my coffee mug that's available there. Looks great on the coffee table the breakfast table or your desk. Holds coffee is well actually functions and it's a great looking mug you can get on the website also visit us on what enough FaceBook. And beyond reality radio I'm JB Johnson. Thank you so much for being here we've got a lot more. Aren't crimes scientists have claimed or some scientists have claimed British scientists have claimed to have discovered. What has been going on in the Bermuda Triangle all these years they claim it's rogue waves Joshua and I take exception to that conclusion we don't discount the fact there might be some rogue waves. Cut cap sizing ships there and other places in the world. But there's just too much going on in that area we call the Bermuda Triangle to chalk it up to some big ocean swells. Josh thanks for being here. Have you noticed in your years of studying bestows any kind of patterns as to what's going on in that Bermuda Triangle. Is is it trying send sensitive to is a common waves is a correspond with any celestial events that you concede. Anything that you can point to that might indicate a pattern. Well you know. The triangle itself is the product of patterns. And I've used this example before and I think it's a good one reminds me the story. Of Benjamin Franklin. Traveling frequently between America and Europe. And it would always take about two weeks longer to get back. From Europe than it would to get there. And all the Mariners knew that but nobody had an explanation for. And of course Franklin was a yes self talks scientist. And he was so curious that on his voyage is there and back he started taking MP wine bottles. And dipping them occasionally into the water and taking temperatures. And overtime. He plotted the points of these temperatures and realized there was a pattern there which he called. The gold stream. And which is sort of like 000 warmup. River flowing from west to east through the colder waters of the Atlantic. And when he published a map of the gulfstream. Or at least four years nobody took it seriously nobody looked at it because. Aid that they just. It didn't connect with. With them as having relevant to over four years merchants were spending and knows how much extra money but critics say if they know and have navigator around the gulf stream. So the group to Bermuda Triangle a similar area where. Over time. We have noticed that there are a number of events that seem to sort of create what is roughly the shape of this trying. Between around Miami and Puerto Rico. And the island of Bermuda. Now what's fascinating to me is that when you look at these NASA gravity maps of the area. It shows the inconsistencies. Of the Earth's gravitational field around the planet. You'll notice of this whole patch of the earth that we called the Bermuda Triangle has a weaker gravitational fields and most of the year. In fact right around that the middle of it around rehab Puerto Rico the gravitational field is so weak. That you can't even the speed the island of Puerto Rico because it's color coded such a deep shade of blue. And therefore it seems when you compare that other places which have a stronger gravitational field. Like some of the places where rehab. Pyramids in sacred sites. It might indicate that it weaker gravitational field somehow allow house com. More interaction with the other realms are dimensions similar to what the ancient European teams would call in places. Where you could sort of interactive bit more. Now all that said I've noticed that at places like the Bermuda Triangle. And smaller versions of the Bermuda Triangle like for example around brown mountain North Carolina where the brown not like scorer. There seems to often BA or relation. Between the activities they're picking up. And decay heat index which is a measurement anybody can access on the Internet at any time. Of just how disturbed. That the Earth's magnetic field is especially the close of solar arrays that are sort of bombarding it from various solar storms. And this is something we deal with all of smaller level every single night because every night this side of earth that's facing the sun. Has a compressed magnetic field because it's being blasted bile that radiation. But there are times when this is augmented when we have especially as so much activity that either strong. And if so dynamic. Then it's almost like we get these extra searches of electricity blowing through the year and that's when you have more visibility of the northern lights. The southern lights or other sort of cosmic celestial things which looked quite magical loom just last. And so if you consider that this area of earth we call the Bermuda Triangle. Is part of a pattern of places where we're seeing. Are all more frequently occur that are inexplicable. And that we also have a weaker gravitational field there that we do in many places on earth. And that the activity there seems to be. It augmented or emphasize when we have this inconsistency. Of that mega egos here. That makes you think that there are some relationships. Between them the way to human beings are able to being counter. Other dimensions which scientists tell us exist. Within the week get a little wavering actions. From the cosmos which is in large part thanks to disarm. So hopefully all that makes sense but I think that ultimately that's the best we have so far in terms. Of of cosmic patter. You know I find a lot of that fascinating but one thing in particular continues to stand out. When we get into trying to explain we get into some of these advanced explanations and some of the things that have baffled us for so long. On time troubles one of them. The Bermuda Triangle is one of them the word gravity keeps coming up. We just starting to scratch the surface surface of our understanding of how gravity plays a part enormous. Well we may be scratching the surface of how we understand that plays a part but we're still not doing a very good job of understanding gravity. As a matter of fact the most brilliant cosmology just an astrophysicist. Out there who have the biggest budgets and the best technology are the first ones to admit. That when we look out there and the universe as far and wide as we can't. That over 95%. Of the weekend or for that matter cannot observed is called dark matter or dark energy. Which is defined by the very fact we don't know what it is we have no clue and it of course the idea here is that. If you take an Italian physics and the wait is gravity seems to operate around visible bodies. That unfortunately does not account for. The way that everything. We see behavior. So we have to compensate somehow and we compensate by saying. Well there must beat this other invisible. Code please send as more for self air that's operating it's almost like an ad hoc this situation. And so we'll just call that dark matter dark energy and so. And therefore what were really admitting is that we don't know how 95%. Of to all the stuff around that's works and that's that's what people need to think about a lot of these scientists who are. Are being very modestly to humble themselves quite a bit when they're looking out there and trying to talk to people like you and me and say I've salt that's result that I understand how this works. So therefore. Gravity. Is it is obviously is this confirmed that we use. To explain. All of these mysterious. Mechanisms in the universe that we can't otherwise explain. The biggest problem however is that we we say what we only have a handful of these fundamental forces of nature. One of them is electromagnetic. One of them has gravity one is the weak nuclear one is the strong and clear and supposedly none of these things are able to interact. Now I'd think that most people listening to this program can say it intuitively that doesn't make a lot of sense because we live in a united burst in which everything seems to have Iraq. Act pretty well as one big unified system. And so if we are living in the world recite district telling us that gravity. Is not supposedly directly interacting. With electricity and magnetism. That seems like such a load of bark that we have to think we just haven't figured out what that connection is yet. But there must be a connection and when we get the bottom of that connection. Then wal learn more about how to get closer to that unified field theory to people like Einstein may have been working on were working out. You know as we learn more about what we don't know. I start to feel more and more insignificant again I you know sometimes I think that we we are on the cutting edge of knowledge when we talk about things like this on programs like this. And then when you pull back the curtain and you talk about things like dark matter in the fact that we don't know 85%. Of everything is and what how it's affecting every I mean it really makes me feel little insignificant I don't know about deal. Yes and you should and that's what makes you an intelligent person and I believe that it's ironic. That we often looked to people out there who have. The best educations. It was to give us advice on these matters and those people. Are often restricted in what they can spray. Because that they are working for a paycheck and that paycheck is coming from often. Some institutions. That is a comfortable with how things far. And it's so he takes someone like myself for example I'm fond of saying that I am completely independent I've been self employed since I was eighteen years old. Nobody can fire need nobody can come in and say stop talking about this because discount crazy. And I'm not saying that that means is that what I'm talking about. Isn't crazy it made me. But at least I have the freedom. To come now. And not be afraid. To talk about these things and export them and many of these folks were very very qualified to do so who went in the world of academia. Are not able to do so publicly. You'd be surprised how often don't like it contacted. By people who are in very prominent positions at universities and research laboratories. To art just. Absolutely infatuated with the same stuff we're talking about in this program. They praised the work that competent paranormal investigators are doing they say were on the right track. But didn't there's no way that they can come out and say it. And so. That's why it's so important to have programs like this one so that. You know we can talk to people all over the world in one former another. And let them know that hey it's okay to explore these things and to accept the fact that. We don't know what's going on here this whole world is a paranormal phenomenon. If we looked out there but telescopes so we'll look at all the other planets and stars. They say well there's nothing quite like hers so what does that mean that means earth is. It's helped a paranormal phenomenon. And we have to start realizing how. Mysterious and that makes everything else out there and held little that we really now. It's a great point. Hard to take a break when we come back we're gonna switch the topic we're gonna talking about talk about Josh what you're doing now in a Las Vegas and what you discovered during your recent trips out there. It's pretty fascinating stuff we're gonna do that as soon as we get back it's beyond reality radio our guests tonight is Joshua. Is Joshua. Josh turner. Visit his website Joshua he wore in dot com. Lot of great stuff there. Josh won the need to ask you before we get into this nest next topic we've got some pretty interesting events in our skies are nighttime skies particularly. Recently with Morris being the closest that it has been or will be further I think it was like fifteen years. And the longest blood moments of pretty cool stuff going on up there to get a chance to stare out into the darkness much. Yeah you know I let the go out to the desert with my third generation and terror attempt rolled my vision goggles van and watch what's happening up there. And it reminds me so much. You know the ancient adage as above so below that. I think that's ultimately what the message. Astrology it's all about you know people can break that down and dissected and criticize it -- kinds of ways but the idea is that when you look up at the cosmos and you see some kind of great organization out there because this is a universe that means something's being organized down here because we are part of the universe. And and that's one of the things that. I think effect just going back to what we were just discussing JP is that so often people are incapable of viewing themselves as part of this entire system. And and I'm here to play event from everything I've seen what happens out there is going to happen to some degree in your backyard. For example look at how the moon affects the way the titans flow. There have been some studies done suggesting that. You couldn't detect. Gravitational. Impact. Moon and a couple key for example so imagine now that might affect the human body. When it's 75. Or so percent water. So yeah I mean I I feel like it right now it's a very interesting time for us to be looking up and seeing how that those patterns might apply to this things that are moving forward here on earth an astounding rate. We have about two minutes before we have to go to our top of the hour break. So let's introduce. What Vista is. This is something may June you vote you but I'm not sure if you set out to discuss this or not. So tell us what it is. And then after the break we'll get into the details. Well thank you because. What I originally called Vista the biggest interstate kind of anomaly. It has been now reported all over the world as just the time anomaly. So you know you drying out. Am in the Las Vegas I have a temporary residence. Are part time resident touched say that I set up your just this year because of all the projects I'm working on and television and speaking engagements and have a connection be here at Los Angeles. And IA. Had been looking for an excuse to go to area 51 I'd never been there before. Standings. Ryder around the time I want to go to area 51 you talk about some synchronicity some incidents whatever. IA was contacted by a eight an engineer Silicon Valley engineer named Ronald pieces that I have. Have just invented a new leader. For the guy you guys every other meter and I want you to be the first person to get to go out into the field and test this out. It's a meter that picks up time distortions. All while safer now before we go to break is that. One I a ended up stumbling into was not what I was expecting. It has now been featured by eight Newsweek. Inside edition it's may have been on the homepage of Fox News is CBS Los Angeles it's been a bit in beta dread report. What I'd stumbled on to be here. Just exploded and it showed you the amount of interest of people have. And did the amount of controversy stirred up so I can get more in depth when we come back from the break. That's perfect okay we're talking with a Joshua. Or the next discussion when we're about to have about Vista and the time anomaly. It's beyond reality radio don't forget that tomorrow night is a best of program Monday night doctor Ken Hanson a Judeo cup professor. Will be joining us to talk about the secrets of the Dead Sea scrolls and the meanest mysterious copper scroll among. Other topics can be a great show Monday night as well. It's beyond reality radio on TV Johnson don't go. When it's a chance to use our prior to Johnson thanks so much for being here it's beyond reality radio if you are a little confused by this schedule Keith McCloskey who was originally scheduled to be on tonight. Is rescheduling we'll have him on a different night talk about them steer the mystery of the plan and I owns the White House very very interesting story. He's an extensive work on it we will have a one another program for sure. Tomorrow night is a best of show as it is every Friday night and then Monday doctor Ken Hanson will join us to talk about the Dead Sea scrolls and the mysterious copper scroll. Plus other biblical mysteries including has the ark of the covenant survived did it survive history. Is it stashed away hidden somewhere some people Simoneau word that's. We'll talk about that Monday night with doctor Ken Hanson. Tonight we're talking with Joshua. The Bermuda Triangle we will take your phone calls 8446877669. If you wanna weigh in. On this discussion but Josh tell us about how. You started well how you stumble upon this time anomaly. He didn't necessarily set out to find this but he did find it. And the location is certainly suspects given everything else is going on in an area. Yeah it not exactly good and all the way that I thought it was going to because. Win the inventor of this new device Ronald he's contacted me. He says that he was a big fan of the original X five holes episodes. And that there was this one episode where Mulder. Visit is some kind of a UFO site and he takes out to stop watches he thinks the mop. He leaves one at his car then he goes to the UFO's cite any comes back and compares them and there is a difference. And he realizes that while this difference could only have occurred apparently if there had been some kind of space time warp and probably some kind of a gravitational warped and so. Ronald it was it was say inspired by this. And he decided to create the first user friendly device that could measure this same kind of thing it's called. A DT meter which means differential crime rate meter. And so. Basically. What you have in front of view if so little blue plastic box. And has a display on that looks like a calculator display so zero point 000000. Here. And it's attached to a 100 foot long table. And at the end of that cable is a sensor. And once this thing is calibrated in the field. This sensor starts sending the signals back and forth between itself and the meter and the meter is comparing. Amount of time it takes a signal to get there. And the only reason that it should deviate is this something amazing happened like a black hole approaches earth. And so. This has pretty much doing again the same thing that that would that you would expect from the two. Stomp boxes in the X-Files episode. So when he does that mean one of these to test out I thought well you know I remember. It's hitting a few years ago in the audience at the international UFO congress. In Scottsdale Arizona where I was the speaker that year. And watching the controversial problems are on stage. Be interviewed by George Knapp. Any end bobbled czar claiming that while he worked at area 51 they were working on engines that would change space time. That you could take for example Campbell and put it next whether these things and the engine wasn't that big Bible maybe a little bigger than a a basketball. But if you put candle next to it than. Sadly the flame would just freeze in midair. And so I thought oh area 51 at that huge. Classified facility. Every single day thousands of people get. Into an airplane or or many airplanes here at the care and international airport. Using be secure Janet airlines and flight area 51 and do will of god knows why and and then they come back in the evening. And I thought if they're the big facility that's you know couple hundred miles north of here where they're working on times space warping technology maybe. If I take this DT meter. On a little road trip and I'd drive hours nor the biggest through the desert might pause once in awhile and get out and take readings as to control. What I find is that everything will be normal and then. I get to area 51 and I pick up something bizarre that was what I was hoping might happen. It turned down JBF around here is 51. Everything was normal. Let up there I spent the night with my wife warrant then you know we were taking measurements but every twenty to thirty miles depending on road conditions. And I was measuring with all kinds of equipment. But the only place I got an anomaly. What about when he miles north of Los status. On the side of the road. At this nondescript. Location. Where were we just stopping kind of arbitrarily got out mainly because they knew we had a clear spot to do it. And and I measured according to the DT meter. Times slowing down. By 25 micro seconds per second. So to give you an idea of what that means in and there are a number of ways that I could. Could make this clear that led to basically if you take it to get. And you you divided in 200000. Flight us. Around when he of those slices float down for a few moments. And I was happy that took that I got this documented. Because I'd taken this meter all over the place it will book before and since and never got anything on talk about the outside went under and ten degrees. I've been outside at night lightning striking all around it never got any kind of an anomaly. So I got back and I showed the data I sent a picture of the data to Ronald peace and took wow that's credible he goodbye to. Two of these things running for months here in California. Locking them bear results 24/7. And I've never gotten one anomaly. That essentially he built the meter that according to what you learned in the classroom is not supposed to measure anything. So I thought that was pretty exciting but you can imagine how much more astounding dispute came what I learned immediately thereafter western were searching. That this site. Just so happened. To be one of the most intense UFO sites. And the entire Las Vegas area where people have captured incredible footage likes the borrow and I've got this footage on our web site. And we're not only that the people who had close encounters. One of the people is a man named Shawn Kevin Jason. Who was out there at that exact site. In 1996. On the middle of the road. And had this huge triangular craft hovering over his car left and when he beat above him. His story has been now used in at least two books. And I went out there to that site with him and he verified for me in person on camera that this is the site of experience happened. And that's what I began to realize oh boy. What are the chances that I found that happened on that I stumbled on this one site. Where I got this straight time anomaly according to the DT leader were also people are having. All of these you oh experiences. Pretty amazing. Very amazing and you didn't know that going into when you when you were were. Taking the measurements are when you were looking for places. To take to measurements is is something you found out later and it started bids its stunning information. Well you're you're right I had no idea in fact as as organize were driving Norris. There were a lot of road construction going on for awhile and they had that traffic barrels on traffic and didn't. The main reason that we stop to this site was because again we had a clearing for awhile. So this is is so incredible to me because I feel like. That as we start plotting more and more of these areas and that's my next step is to go on plot more and more of this. That eventually I will hopefully be able to find. These anomalies. And overlaid them would places where people has had. Some type of paranormal experience terrible start to see another one of those patterns emerge. Similar to the one we were talking about with Bermuda Triangle. Going back to the Benjamin Franklin story about discovering the gulf stream. And I am very well aware of confirmation by a and so on being being very particular. About. Not going out looking necessarily for places that are we have a have a terrible reputation but just going out and trying to have you know pretty regular. And Interpol stops were I'm collecting data and then later. That will be compared. And down what I found when I got all this international publicity and I had media contacting me from China Russia and Singapore all over the place. Is that. Everybody's fascinated by this but some people. They don't like it. And they said. Oh come on you know you you've only got one piece of data. And you're drawing this big conclusion. Well look what I'm saying is that you know I have this. Initial piece of interesting data I mean instead this is not the only measurement that I've taken. I realize that this is an anomalous reading. But this is the first stage in the process of research to go around take as many readings as you can. And now there are other people who are buying just meter and by the way that would make it very clear I'm not selling this year I have known him. Vested interest in this leader. That has never even been discussed. This meters barely out of prototype stage. And that there are some researchers are getting them from. Ron he he put them occasionally on eBay as he makes new and and people Mallard telling me I'm taking one of these things so much impeach you I'm taking one to eat steady ranch and taking went to brown mountain I'm taking on the market. And so I think that what we're going to fine. Is that even though this may seem kind of shocking to a lot of people. It really shouldn't be that shocking for us to acknowledge that there are these little sort of flickering space time anomalies. All around planet first. That's why we are so. Infatuated with people like. Again going back Einstein were Stephen Hawking who we were talking about this type of space time. Fluctuation and and gravity in and of itself has been demonstrated to affect us space time and back net. Did this big project in 2004 I believe based on almost a billion dollars called gravity probe B. Basis satellites with extremely sensitive gyroscopes. All around earth two manager. This stayed behind curvature of irked and they were able to clearly demonstrate that we have. These anomalies in the space time curvature so the big deal for us is that we now have. A cool. Like this which is user friendly that would help us go out and measure these things on a civilian level. And I really do believe there will be and within the next five or ten years. Will be surprised by how common it is. And a hell relevant it is to these places were people. Intricate work at it that paranormal experience of some time. Order take a break when we come back we're gonna talk a little bit more about this and curious as to how area 51 fits into the story if it does at all. But it's awfully close and in the general vicinity anyways so we'll continue our conversation our guest tonight is Joshua. It's just his name Joshua pew Warren dot com. And you'll see a whole bunch of great stuff there it's beyond reality radio on TV Johnson. Yeah her her succeed 77669. If you wanna join our conversation. Talk with Joshua. Joshua does a little bit of everything I mean who I think almost any topic that comes up on the program Josh slick video says to me who should begin and I always say well I know judge Warren knows how to. Talk but this particular ethnic guys really you've you've you've done a lot of work and a lot of different topics and it's all very much appreciated. And very very well darn. Tell us about. The relationship of area 51 to where you found this time anomaly near Las Vegas. Okay this is a really fascinating question because. We knew drive. North from Las Vegas heading up to area 51 it's it's about some lonely drive I mean there are places not broadcast. One sign that said next gas station 73 miles. You don't have a cell phone signal most of the time and it takes you right I think it's probably in the neighborhood of about 200 miles north of here. Before you really get close to area 51 I'm not talking about groom lake and part of Edwards Air Force Base I mean when you get to that area past Rachel. You're close to area 51. And I hear that thing that I find just astounding. I discovered this anomaly. On June 18 of this year so it just a couple of months ago. June of this year is also went a number of other interesting things happened. NASA announced the discovery. Some kind of complex organic molecule on Mars. There is some kind of a weird object that crashed near beat. To lay air base operated by the United States in Greenland that they don't wanna talk about. And that very night. That I got the anomaly. President trump announced that he is creating this police force. So now we've moved to July. And in July. NASA comes down as well we've discovered a big leak on Mars this is fantastic for the prospect of the life. And then shortly after that we get this disclosure. Of of this letter. From. Harry Reid who was. Two was. Bill lead. Politician behind the eight hit the advanced aerospace threaten identification program to the Pentagon admitted last year. Was back engineering you have voter breeding. In the Nevada. With the primary person behind that that of the primary. Contractor being. Robert Bigelow and Bob Bigelow aerospace in Los Vegas Nevada. And in somehow George Knapp. Nevada journalists. Is able to release this letter from Harry Reid to be deputy secretary of defense. Which is dated June 24 of 2009 at this just came out days ago. In which. Harry Reid says I have a letter in front of me and this has been verified over and over. Josh hold onto it and the whole Lotta or a mammoth time to finish it here so we come back from the break you'll read the letter it's beyond reality radio on Jimmie Johnson don't go away we're just scratching the surface. As it is every Friday night Monday night of course doctor Ken Hanson will be was this Jason we're back with us as well. Doctor Hansen of the talking about the secrets of the Dead Sea scrolls plus the mysterious copper scroll plus. Biblical mysteries. The ark of the covenant great stuff that's Monday night's programmer term beyond reality radio before he went to break Joshua Warren was telling us. But we're about to read the letter that was recently. Revealed did you have a George Knapp. That's right that's right George Knapp Nevada journalist. Come revealed that he will not say how he got it. Because thousands of people have tried to get this through the Freedom of Information Act and it has been deny it. Bill I did on Regis some portions of this. So this is from us senate majority leader Harry Reid to the office of these secretary of defense. He's talking about the progress that they've made with this program to back into near. You have voted three yen modified buildings and laws they guess. And he says much progress has been made. With the identification. Of several highly sensitive unconventional. Aerospace related finding us. Let me pause for second statement. What is unconventional means are eager to another a line. Given the likelihood that these technologies will be applied. To future systems involving space. Light weapons communications. And propulsion. This standard management and safeguarding. Procedures for the highly classified information. Are not sufficient. So on that line he's saying we need to go beyond the standard measures of classification. Here's one more Lionel Regis you. He says associated. Exotic technologies. LA's second what does that word exiled exotic mean moved associated exotic. Technologies. Likely involve extremely sophisticated concept looked in the world of quantum mechanics. Nuclear science electromagnetic. Theory. Critics and thermodynamics. Given that all of these have the potential to be used with catastrophic. Effects by adversaries. And I usually high degree of operational security. And discretion is required. I could go on but this is also accompanied by a document. That actually lists. 38. Different topics that scientists have been studying in relation to best. And by the way the 381 is redacted so anyway. Tom we have this which has been verified. And so now let me ask you. How is it possible that we have the cinema does former senate majority leader from Nevada. Writing a letter using this kind of language. We and we know. That all of these other things have occurred right around the Nevada areas that I listed and it is president trump. Is creating this space works. And cattle we feel that there's no way you know the area 51 day in this state of Nevada could not have some relationship to all of this so I think in a nutshell JP. That. There are plenty of experiments that are happening around here. That do involve. Manipulation of space time and gravity. And a lot of it is happening and at area 51. Even though it's not. Act as big of a secret that used to be nothing really is these days. And that it may be that well mine's stumbled into this area on the side of the road that I'd just happened to luck into an area where UFO's like to hang out and and unfortunately I had mine knows. Stock and a meter but despite it looking up publicly seen something. Or could be that this is one of those natural highways on earth. It's based times seems to be. Can be helpful toward toward these exotic visitors that come from other places or other dimensions. Or it could be that down there are. Men made experiments that are going on here. May be there at a product. Human ingenuity maybe they're the product of back engineering these exotic technologies which it sure sounds that way based on the letter but but but whatever the case there may be experiments that are happening here that are producing. These strange pulses. In space time and so that's exactly what I picked up on June 18. 2018 here in the Nevada desert. I wondered just take a step back here and revisit this letter because there's a there's a document that you can search on the Internet. That has been called the smoking gun document. We've talked about in this program we've referenced it but it seems to me that we have a new smoking gun document. Well we do it as a matter of fact. Anybody who wants to read all of this all you have to do is go to Joshua. Score rolled down the home page you'll still kind of cool stuff but there'll be able to mention that says something like African outward hairy reed documents. You can go there you can download this ballot don't blame me I'm not one who released it. But it's out there and so I've got it posted for your convenience as PDF freely available on my web site. I want you to good shot Whoopi weren't dot com scroll down. Download these and you break it down and you just tell me what I mean how well she could interpret this wording. And even though George Knapp has admitted that he did not get district of Freedom of Information Act it was given to him personally. And he cannot or will not come out reveal his sources. I can tell a year. That I have enough friends that I know what his source was I know we're this document came from. Ands. This is this is real and it lists these specific names of the scientists to. Were involved and then I'm sure still are involved and breaking down some of these different topics that include. Things like. Good stuff here advance space propulsion invisibility cloaking. Worm holes and space time warp drives dark energy and dimensions. Brain machine interfaces. A quantum entanglement communication. Old trick capacitor is as energy empower storage devices I mean I've that they had been named to the scientist. And the organization their web are listed. And so if if they. Have these topics. With these names. With these organizations listed here. Then what they have cute that in the one they rejected what to number 38 B that's got to be a good one crop. Ten. The ahead absolutely has to be I've got to ask you opinion about something because it relates to what were. What we're talking about right now but it it it's from the at Roswell. Crash and subsequent coverup. And the reverse engineering of some of those technologies. Recently. People have been coming forward hasn't been a lot of people but there have been people coming forward talking about how much of that techno do was reverse engineered. And there are some question whether or not it that these people are genuine. What is your opinion on on these stories that are starting to come out. Well I've never seen. An alien so far Sino. That's debatable when you go to Wal-Mart sometimes that's the oath. It's but no honestly. I I don't think I've ever seen an alien them but I have seen throughout my research. Another circumstantial. Evidence to convince me. That there were people. Involved with the Roswell incident including deathbed confessions and things like that were made from officers. Not least of which being looked at lieutenant. Philip. That was my job due to disseminate you know back into their technology. There's been enough circumstantial evidence that I believe that there is truth to that. And in fact. One of these days we should do a whole show up on what happened to meet when I was in Roswell for a week. With eight. Program that now notorious in some circles we were shooting called. X ops. And basically so much weird stuff happened at lest we were hired by the each other thinking we'd shot I hit a pilot for a hit show. And that whole thing discussed very quickly shut down and Britain to a fault that. I don't know if it'll ever be released a double time. We were being monitored. By XJD spooky figures. Were pulled over by the police and the pain that I. You know if you core Roswell new status and that's what this happened and like 2005. On the surface there should be nothing bear. To raise anybody's calls why nobody should care if you're coming to Roswell and left. Something significant did happen here. And I I they're for based upon my own experience doing this investigation and Roswell with this TV shows that got. Very strange weekend and I've done enough PPI know the difference between something getting can't just too good to bad. And something getting canned for another reason. That complying with all of the circumstantial evidence has made me believe. That there is indeed a not to present in court of law to condense. It reasonable jury. Beyond a reasonable doubts. That many of the technologies that we have or indeed the product of what happened there in Roswell and two things that have occurred subsequently. On your website judge she's got some videos related to the work that you we've been talking about here I did watch a video before you came on the program where you showed the meter DDT. Meter that you were using and that and they it the difference that time anomaly you kind of break it down to discuss what it is. That video. Was that video done to be part of of the bigger project or is it just you document in this particular effort. I do eighty shorts. Furry. Completely independent daily podcast called Josh will be worn daily. Sometimes it's five minute. And it's long sometimes it's thirty minutes long. And that might be in debt to just keep everybody whose interest it updated on. My work. There are no commercials. It's not a corporate thing I don't sell advertising. I just get on there that say here's what I'm up to. And so I have a pretty sizable audience of people who followed that. And so when I go out and do an investigation. I realized that I can just come back and tell you story. But I'd rather show you the video evidence and so I shot my initial little video report which was only about two minutes long. And then I went on a big national radio program coast to coast AM and I talked about this and then. The local. Biggest fox. Affiliate gotten Patrick Meehan said well this is interesting and they did the initial actually old news story about yes. And then from there it got picked up and it ran amok and exploded everywhere. But you know you're right javy if you go to shoot to my web site. I have a lot of strange dust there and stuff that's been collected over the past two at 27 or so years and all of itself but I believe it's authentic. And I mentioned. That I have an event coming up in the Los Angeles. And October had talked about that for a second. Well you know one of the things that you and I have discussed is that how I'm always looking into controversial. Technology and things that don't always have to make sense and one of the things. That I find fascinating it is is the wishing machine and you had some experiences with this is well. I used the wishing machine every day of my life for the for the past fifteen years and I have an amazing life and so I'm gonna do this workshop to return rare workshop in Los Angeles. On October the thirteenth for only a total of 49 people let that it'll be a small theater there are confirmation about that on my web site. But furthermore. One of your biggest fans is doctor Mulder who actually make the best wishing machines in the world and he texted me today and he said. You're going to be on them beyond reality guys could yet he said listen would you please tell everybody getting. Did anybody out there is interest didn't experimenting with the wishing machine. That will give them a discount. And also sign every once for them is very beyond reality listeners not to mention that there is a 100% money back guarantee all of this stuff because it's experimental stuff so so I want your listeners to know. If you go to wishing machine project dot com. And you look up our most popular one there called the model eat luck couldn't. You can get that things for a discount hillside Fauria if you put in this discount code and that's the cat and dog. The number ten. And then BBB as in boy. BP hasn't boy. And again if you get one and you're not happy with. You know be experienced. And that's fine you'll sit back we'll give your money but I loved to do beat experiment occurred I try to keep up with what people. Actually do experience we surveyed them we asked him if this works for them and we're trying to find out the relationship between mind. By the environment and energy. And so hopefully many of your listeners will take advantage of that but regardless of whether or not you can make it to Los Angeles. You know I hope you can come there and hang out with meat. But if not this is a way for you to experiment and be a part of our project. That's terrific you know assist give that web sitting Kenny said it's wishing machine project dot com. Yeah wishing machine project dot com and then there's one machine their it's very popular that we get so much positive. If feedback from it's called the model EU bloc. And so if you decide to get one of those that discount code is the pin BBP. Diaz and dog hand he hasn't boy AP BBD ten PBP put that in to get a discount. Not sign it for you want to send it. Two years and we will stay in touch with you and I and we'll see if it works because I belief. I've bully. That these technologies. Are the next step. Into the technology. Of the entire world wide interface where. What we consider ET NO and the reason I believe that is the Scientific American reported. That Mitsubishi. I think in 2016. Created a quartz. A little ports slide. Made it worked crystal they can store. Hundreds if not thousands of terabytes of information. For millions of years. And they can do so even at extreme temperatures tested up to two or 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. And these machines. Are based upon quartz crystal technology. And so that's why I believe there's something there's something to that it doesn't make sense right now according to the mainstream view. But I believe there's something to the way quartz crystals hold information and interact with human consciousness. Yeah I think we're turning a corner here as well Josh we are out of time but man it was a great night went way too fast we're gonna have to do this again very very soon. Well yeah I'm just delighted with how things turned out I loved the show it's a wonderful program so I'm always honored to be here. Thank you so much victory. Thank you Joshua. And the project he's working on and as you said he's got a lot of information and videos and things you can check out that'll help explain some of these things we've been talking about on the right. Right it's beyond reality radio I'm javy Johnson I am going to take a break right now and we'll come back and we'll wrap things up just. Aren't because it was a great conversation. And very very interesting discussion as it always does when Josh was on the program stop by that website if you're interests in the wishing machine. Again it was wishing machine project dot com and the cold deceive. Is Diaz and dog ten. And triple BBS and boy. All right that's gonna do it for tonight tomorrow night to best our program I'll be back Monday night Jason with be back with me. Monday night we've got a great week of shows ahead for you next week so. Tune in and I have a great weekend in the meantime look forward to seeing you all next week beyond reality radio every weekend had. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You know it's stopped going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason long slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to readjust and beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.