WWL>Topics>>Mark Stavish discusses egregores - the occult entities that watch over human destiny

Mark Stavish discusses egregores - the occult entities that watch over human destiny

Aug 16, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author Mark Stavish abour egregores - the occult entities that watch over human destiny. 8/16/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Wednesday this Thursday in the east many years or somewhere in between look. We'll be utterly ridiculous myself chase cars and always some Judy Johnson. You know this meteor shower that's been going on the last few nights tonight is excited I didn't you know to me hysterical. Sort of I regret that this is the Percy had meteor shower comes around every August and it's really spectacular. And dead tonight actually might be the first night I've gone down almost every night to see if I can see some of these meteors streaking through the sky shooting stars of fuel. On and it's been cloudy it's been Tony every single might but I think tonight there's a chance now this is the tail end of it. The peak was I think Sunday night. Yeah so it's I missed mature but it is what it's like fireworks in the sky it's pretty awesome pretty awesome stuff while you just really the way you just told site ericsson's. Now after you know and it coming in what happens every August rate in the middle of August and I remember one year I was actually able to reread this happens every office every August and now. Comes where it again without a miss I'm not sure I'm in 46 this stuff all right whatever well okay well that will ruler demeanor and I don't wait. One year I was actually able to go out to sell my boat and you know what it's like. I can actually get them catch one or two. I love taking the kids out Obama and so wonderful because when we get out there that you cease only issue and sit there every hour. And you don't you don't real presidency you know I mean there are literally everywhere and it's such an incredible thing so. Can't hit can Alter arms shipment disappeared during breaks would be going without him it's worth it you know what it really is. Hey everybody if you haven't yet well we'll can be on a daily radio if you haven't yet over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And the head to be under really radio Tom redefined all the stations here and across the country is less is costly growing. You can also grab the free Smartphone apps which allows it listen live sketch pad shows or reality check and more we kill us or from the website and I just quickly some lines tab. The lesson right there are hanging out the website if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor and read at forest helps push it forward makes it easier for people fine. Yet it's a great thing to do it's a great way to be able to access the shown the community. I'm and they may be able to very easily listen to shows like what we have coming on tonight marks damage will be joining us sees an author. He's written a book called the Edgar gore is the COLT entities that watch over humanity that itself in itself sounds ominous. Yeah it does. It's. And in the sky meanest thing on the subject to a. Yet it's going to be a great conversation. And then tomorrow night we've got Tito a day EO joining us he's a reincarnation specialist. So back to back nights of some pretty cool stuff. So makes you tune and and art and also just download podcasts after seek and listen to it it cheer on your own leisure yeah we have a lot of people that listen that way and it's certainly awesome that they do that they they do miss the opportunity be able to call in during the live broadcast which is a bit of an inconvenience but the same time it's a great way to listen to the program because you can do it on your own schedule. I know I listen to a lot of podcast when I drives. Like going to Boston and yesterday I listen to blog about an hour's worth of podcasts. Do you listen a lot of this star is born parent that's your favorite podcasts and that's the one to exit a a and I had to throw it out and be able I hope I can't say too much but I hope over the next couple weeks I'll finally be able to announce some stuff. I know you've been working on a lot of things that a lot of people are going to be. Pretty excited about when you can when you can actually announce them so yeah I'm hoping to do this into the case people are anticipating. So are so some cool things shown up in the news lately and Judy in Paris Seoul. What what do you plan and fully 24. Here 24 NBC 24 received Thursday have been besides like in 93 birthday I'm gonna go to the bank. Two he is so idea I think I'm opening 2040 or you might not be you actually might not be around. Oh yeah apocalypse by 2040 and MIT computer model predicts the end date of civilization. This year I hated when somebody does that with its through this day. A computer model and this was developed actually initially in 1973 by a team of MIT researchers. It has predicted the end of the civilized world as we know it by 2040. The major change coming in 20/20. Just two years pretty much away from the out about it. And apocalyptic computer model processed by one of the world's largest computers. Is protecting so the prediction came from a program nicknamed world one. Which was developed course again by MIT researchers and process by an Australia I Australia's largest computer system. It was originally devised by computer pioneer. However the shocking results of the computer calculation shows that the level pollution and population would cause a global class by 2040. It shows that the world cannot sustain the current level population industrial growth for more than two decades. So I mean if you gonna try to get stuff done you know probably wanna do it. None of them just it's in the Zambia through these are the same guys and the forecast the weather her immunity they use computers to do that to rate. Com via the soon so we can probably assume so 5055. I know it's about who say well there is a forecast shows the quality of life is expected to drop dramatically right after 20/20. At around 20/20 the conditions of the planet become also become highly critical. Six they claim that if we do nothing about it the quality of life goes down to zero pollution becomes so serious start to kill people. Which internal course calls population diminished. As at this stage around 20422050s. Civilized life as we know what on this planet will cease to exist. Well I guess that's why there is a very loud and active contingent of people trying to get some exploration of Mars and colony set up from Morris we have simplicity when you go somewhere else and destroy another class yeah I guess that's what they wanna do I'm just wondering if we do and a big descendants and a happening can we get when we get tomorrow's can be broadcast from Mars they just. I don't know I mean is it an advantage. As long as we used satellite and hit it as a demon or the satellite ultimately ended with everything going on this day and age. If it does make you truly want any I know that this whole. This red tide and everything going on a forward thread tides and thousands of years it's existed but. It's been brutally bad lately killing off and they were they were just estimating. That's still the data did already removed 300. Tons of dead fish from a from the beaches out there. The people learn and now having issues because trading error here. It's issues and so air pollution. These had a whale shark food up on the beach shelters well. Mean it's scary things that are going out there. Yeah we have to remember that a lot of these things are cyclical and do you know they the and one reason the things that we may be used to seeing may not be the high points of the low points and maybe the average points and if you have an average. It has. Incidences of higher activity or lower activity am I'm assuming that we've had a fairly warm. Summer and that's probably what's what's the cause of the respect. So scared it is it is an end next hour action I'll talk about something that's also related to exactly the same thing. And a sailor for the next hour ago. Parent so yen had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond that reality radio what to FaceBook page for us. We're gonna take a quick break and come back we're going to be joining us our guests mark established author and we're in the time a lot of strange things Amaechi tuning this and Jason GB beyond reality radio and a half. It's time. Yeah plotted to protect you. Happening again we left off through break down how could I not left that story for those people out there are just wondering what you guys they were talking about. I was I was at the lake I was trying to move a cinder block I was with my game our good friend holly javy you know Ali. And we I was trying to move the center park and my kids have always like hand fed the fish out there. So look at the hand feed the fish that Lester model or Adam put Americans crazy. What has I was moving the Centerville cracked thumb up pick role on a few you on the what a typical session is Buddha a pick groh decided to. Latch on to my man nipple. And the punch a hole right there are connected pierce them going after that and it was that I it was terrifying expert dean. I'm promised a look at our crypto has this umbrella so this guy and so I think it'll do for our nickel protect Israel nipple male male male nipple protect you can't Kenny is a fast. I'll go into that welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason in TV we've got a great show lined up for you tonight our guest mark establishes an author. He's written a book called Edgar goers the colts into diesel watch over human destiny and mark welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. Well thank you very much great to be here. Thanks for coming on mark so. The colts entities that want to over humanity that alone is pretty ominous. Let's let's start but he's trying to figure out if we've got something we need to beasts a frightened over afraid of. Well you know you don't sell books so boring title. That and ended computing doom we're looking for a title. Oh yeah we went through quite a few but we fight so elect. Let's just keep it simple could it fail what it is. And then yup people he's put could pick it up and and look at it if not read it and and decide about it. So. It is something we need to be afraid of and that's yes and no question. And I know we're gonna get into the details yet all of that so let's let's actually back it up a little bit totals and glorious. It's there's two definitions of it but that but they both have in common is that it's a collective awareness to collective focus. So anytime you involve the group of people and wept people familiar with this already when you hear that the notion of the union collective unconscious. OK or when you hear about a corporate culture. But it those other egg course. OK buddy you referring to something where a group of people are working in conjunction are. When you're talking like editor or are you are they manifesting something themselves. Yes it happened automatically but often you know it is especially if it's something what the productive but they may just disappear girl like. You may have a certain collective did it feel an awareness behind refurbishing. Union were playground. And that project takes off and it takes a few months and everybody feels good and cooperating and part of something. And we can say put a very simple level that daddies and bigger core. On another level so is the corporate culture. At pick any industry. Anywhere in the world. Or any type of religious. Or philosophical notion most who think Decker were keeping at something bigger and that's just wanna give you a lift as an example something small and positive. You know what they're gonna get into some of the bigger negative ones I don't want people be afraid that they want to know if that they're involved in. Anger Gore's all the hard times systematic meal to recognize them and find the ones that are held before. So we think you figure is most in terms of religious and philosophical movement because they're so identified. I am. What I am question I am Muslim that's a big view pedantic I am Roman Catholic. Okay or I am. Democratic right Republican and then you know this sub groups within that anytime you look at those big powerful identified. What they do. They limit. In sheep. Or worldview and our sense of self that defined. Who we perceive ourselves as being in the direction ago. So this is very similar I guess to the told the concept is Waldman. It's related to it in some way but it's. Very closely related Ian is related to shock the latest notion of UFO phenomenon as a social control mechanism. Whomever we're looking at a group Gore's are really looking at a social control mechanism. Where is within the Opel from Obama were looking at the fox form. And it's really good they bring it up because. All acre course or thought forms. But not all about former director gore the other two open as a personal creation. And you see that in any of the spiritual stuff today about how you want a new car you wanted to boyfriend girlfriend a job what you do you told to visualize right. That's reform a top magical combination that's that's what these two to understand you're focusing your energy into specific direction. But that wonderful example that we get from Alexandra David Neal that creed example that she gives a separate stayed with us all these decades. Is that what makes her first different if she visualize. And we're told the story. A lot among the jolly Monty and finally some people begin to see a defensive. And begin to take on what we're told the wake of itself. And that's not the only time here that we often hear that happened spontaneously cross your you know where who was the he's in the book mentioned in the book how the fellow wrote the code and stories babysit it was like you can really write them as like having Cohen and over the shoulder. Telling him stories and you just write them down. So that's phenomena happens. All the time what makes her unique is that we're told that other people began to see it and we see that in contemporary. News with the whole notion that we bring that up to the undermanned. I was gonna say yeah because you're manifesting something in just public awareness and and more more people being brought into this fold in return it's giving this more more energy and it's it is taking analyst of its own and to the point where it. Becomes. A manifestation that is. Its own being at some point. And and that's that's the area companies that that we get into whenever we talk about the psychic and paranormal. Illinois asking at what point if something subjectively meaning just you know but in my mind in my own view my own experience. Angel pointed at our objectives meaning something that other people may see your experience. And kill you really get into the this study of the paranormal Barnicle put some kind of what that's a real great line it's not always clear. Mark we've been a minute before we have to take a break here and I just want to make sure there were all on the same page here when we're talking about this concept. Our Edberg or something that we as eat as as a group sink manifest into some kind of spiritual. Being or is it that group think it sells. That PA group war is and therefore that's how were controlled. Well it's both because traditionally you would bring in anger going to be. It's a ritual and lights in the classical period and you would seek to have some spiritual entity. I got to work entity of some kind of the other side participate in it. And you as human being does on this terra firma we would. Seek to create that content and that conduit is DA could. You make it happen consciously. Or even spontaneously. In hopes that that would have the ability to help further. What what we're trying to accomplish in the first choice. That's right and here's the problem too is you know you leave your door opened and out she may come home and find unintended yes. So you can unconsciously creating anger drawer and have something latch onto the content would say the past Ellis paved with good intentions. This in this very true. Our at our guest mark savage author and and we're talking about a lot of weird things man to stay in manifestations. And creating them through well just to the public and so much more. Our were to take a quick break a lot more Tomlinson Jason GP beyond reality radio. So it's beyond reality maybe chasing TV for the taking phone call. It's great programs and 446877669. Our guest tonight is mark stammer she's an author. His website is her medic institute dot war we're talking about his book ever gore as the colts and Steve is that watch over humanity. And that we answered the question before the break what is an anti group war. But let's kind of break this down a little bit mark how did these were worse come into being how they created. As we've said they can happen to ways they can happen that I intentionally cities in the classical we're a world. Where you have religious practices and devotion to a particular deal but keep in shape and form terms the gaga or go on the Internet is some kind. And then you create a psychic conduit. Peck and then there's of course. And intentionally or accidentally whenever a group of people get together. For a common purpose or practice of some kind they can happen at a rod spontaneously. The difference has to do with our understanding of our relationship to. So all of these anytime you involve the war a group practice of any kind and particularly in the series of politics. Or business or religion where symbols are constantly use input before you were slogans are constantly used and we think that it's simply terms of bad psychology. War advertising. War propaganda but all of those are the cool that create. The psychic entity on the other side of the action. And that needs to be understood that we're not just talking about toxicity abstract idea. We can just smile telepathy some kind but we're I think we're talking about something that really has the ability to take on a life of itself. Well I do but also doesn't that open up the can of worms where god is only real because we as. People believe it should be. Plains central kind of what what theology we want to talk about a minute. Chrysler when it comes down to nod when it comes down to being created because people are well and believing in and and so forth in public awareness of if that's what would would make that that be would net in the embassy would and it really to thank. If there is the supreme being in I don't know that there is from I think if there's a supreme being. That would exist regardless of more belief and or talking about here would be kind of secondary being a few well. Or what in the Renaissance. Period of notice these secondary causes. Okay. The in this sub. Hierarchy of the cosmos. I don't like to use that term but you have to think that we remember going back to bad news fodder new age ideas reading yoga okay. If you want to get something in life what you do you'd have to have a firm visualization of the purpose of what you want to achieve. Whether it's in this slightly whether it's spiritual practice we visualizing deities to order will gurus or teachers whether or chocolates. Which are religious or your country is what you just invisible worlds inside of us or with your visualizing in new caller and Jaaber new book partner in life. That think of that just on Edwards basically. OK to the point where and that's where a lot of meals and you people create their own demons. That's right and and some yes sometimes say they they give they really do get what they want so. You know but they they haven't maybe if you get a all the nuts and bolts of the war more importantly. These different practices and beliefs can just amplify booklet is very positive that. But also maybe sometimes when there's also not so positive enough. Forward thinking about what they could choruses. How do they have is our involvement in our very user group activities. And for practical notion socialistic. What are the group's five million. Anywhere from family all the way up to political and religious affiliations and even work. Okay and how do those cultures. Which is another word Frank Gore okay. How does that culture or climate. I don't like find myself maybe being. Self censored. You know I think I don't wanna say that it do that because it might. And some wonder you know go against climate or do you find yourself doing things. That maybe you'd really rather not just to go along to get a law and that's a very practical approach to this in election should we be afraid of it. And I in my interest yes both yes and no. Because there also are good groups fortunate we can we can we have that the trouble with the drug addiction and alcoholism. And then we go to what is NA. That's the group activity in in the right in the in the right circumstances second help bring sobriety. An expert deposits. Are. Mark we've got a lot of talk in our chat room about so and we we Bernie addressed it somewhat but told Paula. And can you once again explain the difference between what we're talking about an enigma gore vs the total concept. Yet just stick to be told by FA. A very personal. And then the word. Roughly mean kind of a magic combination of projection magical power to think of it just in those terms any kind of visualization that you would do it tends to be personal. It's personal. Now I can't grow it can become part of a bigger. Entity you're forced to become. But we figure it (%expletive) Kolb I think of it is just a personal. A visualization. Really not much different from your idea to visualize that they fitter earlier may be yet. A new job or knew about her new car or pick it can be anything it doesn't have to be a person. Like Alexander David Neal bit. And then of course the angry gore is this larger global fortune collective vision. A jesuit as an overarching vision. And you mentioned Alexandra again tell us about. That particular instance. Oh of course curious just fantastic woman and I encourage everyone to read. The biographies on her. I mean she traveled shoes very. Fortunate to be wealthy and bill Redding cultured and a professional dancer and went to. The orient and several occasions. And the last time she went she was at least fifty and as she went and traveled across. Mostly Tibet and China. And went to places that we're just off. You know off limits for westerners and she's been a tremendous amount of people. And learned and studied a variety of new spiritual and satiric discipline. And the first she's famous for mentioned this story of taking the power of visualization. Which is what we're talking about. And experimenting with city in the creation of this awful. Because the basis of all the yoga practices is visualization and thoughtful. That's spots or. Rio. Now most people have thought that have the a lifespan of up of a soap both. Come they get on becoming. Mean how often have any effect on produce some great meditative practice and realize. You know I have I have the concentration of a knack. The concentration and memory of the yeah yeah this amendment Catholic. We all up about Leo but it's. It's the way to go if but now we've said you know what whatever the great masters of meditation would they have in common that ability to relax. And focus concentrate. And achieve these states and it's not just that stated absorption but it looked consummate sit in the absorption. In where we hear about the fitness or coal power through the ability. And among them the ability to what makes fought to show that. Energy and matter. Come together. In consciousness that could bridges the that's quite an alchemy in cabala. We're always talking about in in all these different yoga practices. What's the difference between them. And think psychology. Or physics and chemistry. Biology. Consciousness. They're studying energy and matter tip. That would result from outside the equation is conscious of what world countries it's played on impacting them affecting them. In the you'll be disciplined in the if the terror disciplines. Consciousness system mover the big key player. And she took that. And of course gives historic fashion individual I think Joey Ramone can of course to take on a life itself in them and the rest is. Literary history. Mark why isn't important that we understand this concept what does that do force. Well actually to check your relationships. And NYU mayfield certain ways that you do. Why could that you. You know. Feel the way you do when your around certain groups of people. Now maybe there's something energetically that it is not good pre gonna help you Korea. Now that you know again there's a pressure to control. Collectively as a as a strong force in a variety of our relationship too is too strong in fact. And we have to recognize that that is not necessarily you know our individual best interest. Because our spiritual awakening is based on our individuality. Our unique individuality our ability to choose and make decision. In the guide and understanding Geithner on past so particular portable and spiritual religious groups. It's very indeed it sucked into the idealism. And that's true we see that Federal Reserve most potent. That level on the political level on the religious political in spite. Essentially. The manipulation in the piece of war or goodwill. Of our viewers some of our culture as some. The Alameda we. Insert good finish. Do you think so we have always constantly checked. Against reality. What are we being told what are we experiencing how does that match the actual. When Melamine SS by the editor or it would if if they're if they're created through you know mass people and so forth when. Do you ends now is there a limit to. When they're around they just know where they now once there are created are they always present. They're living beings to be able life cycle it's just stuff and different than ours. Yes so you have some that may have very short life cycle because of what they're involved with you know just maybe have. A shortened event. But you can see it from them very powerful law like cycles like religious movements are philosophical movement sort. You know ancient cold they can go for generations of millennia. Very long life cycle. That I guess over the courses you humanity in general so many of these are created and sometimes ones that can last an extremely long time and it's just. Sore mass creating these things says as we don't wanna as a civilization. That's correct and of course if you noticed historically. What discipline the path that takes place. In the ancient world. Local BD becomes regional BD becomes. National median infantry national but it I think grows current cost so what happened since then many of the war other. Cults and practices indeed he says that girl right the absorb like food. In that same thing that we see happening and so these lesser movements can become absorbed into into greater movement. On the physical level. But that also means on the psychic level and that there were talking about these psychic energy. He unconscious emotional energy. That move. And drive citizenship so. And as that goes on days they get larger and larger and stronger and stronger us. Right that's when emotion is the key so when you no longer feed them when they don't get devotion. Like anything else like new relationship. L a great glad it's over our inability anymore and can. And hopefully they note some of that and go become a stalker but you know except it's over connect. And the relationships between. Emotion either relationship. And it almost makes you sit there and think about some via what we gonna take a quick break and we going on for another minute or two but I'm. Also we should think about that whole thing some of the old kid shows where. There if you if you stop believing in Santa Claus he's not going to exist. And it's the more more people who are believing in him which in return gives and then maximal life. You had any on the beautifully let's Santa Claus is what's related to mean before. The late nineteenth century in and you had to. The Coca-Cola really kicked that one off that net but you I think nick. And you had this this just flop that story and a of course among the germanic peoples to of this change that came in indeed could give. And of course the other side was cramping from the Germans in the Alpine people we they get rid of that when they're bringing him back detection experiencing a revival crap that. And up. You incentives evil sidekick. But you that you had this. This movement and of course what did you do but it was encouraged as a social control mechanism for not necessarily a bad way and it took. People don't succeed at having the fact that we actually had to write the ten commandments down as pretty staggering you know don't steal but until it's a itself. People need some social limits put on them for their behavior to encourage things that your healthy. But that's what they do that could boost saint and sent to close to them being good boy girl and you get skip certain tactics and government just. Oranges in new socks maybe issues for the year. If your best at what happened now cramp at stake Cherie Nicole. And the funny thing is back and cold probably be good to give states more inspections are like him because it what it was a bad thing if you think about. Are so let's take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation honored guest tonight is marks damage in his book it's called Edward gore as the colts. Entities that watch over humanity his website is her medic institute dental work. You listen Jason GP. And stayed so Procter and still. I'm still wanna sing along to it at its he had. I always hate it. I ever as well but I but I found myself saying yeah surprise one of those sides I don't know how that works maybe that's got its own psyche. Connection assure our guest Mays mark established we're talking about his book. A group gores the COLT and diesel watch over humanity mark we've got a short segment here but it's enough time. To address this question Tom you talked about emotion. As being a major part of this and I think you've cleared it up for me but I want to ask the question more directly. Does the emotion create. Or help create the group war or vice Versa does the group gore instill the emotion in in an. Feed this to feedback loop that it but the individual has to have an emotional person. You know we you joked about the song there and you know one thing about the song it's it's a nice catchy tune and it's kind of easy to remember that the word moral has. So it's kind of perfect for creating certain psychological state. And you know whenever you you see someone you know what's the psychological stated that they get into when they're doing something so. Whether it's watching television shows or. Some kind of pot that they've got all of those can be sort of anger course and away depending on. How far takes them and how much they identify with that in it is healthy for them not. And and one more question before we jump into our top of the hour break here is Ken we'd be part of the group. Without being controlled or influenced. Or part of the report. It's difficult to yes if we know. Yes we can separate ourselves out from a and a very good example that would be. People who live in a live under totalitarian regimes. I do not participate. In. What those machines so our deal. You know whether it be. National socialism. War communism. Looks anything like that mean that there and didn't go to the kind of strong examples that that make stark. Example because it's hard to imagine living under those circumstances and not somehow. Almost succumbing to it. To and you know you can look at people who their part of orchard Craig gore often for example within thicket church. There are many people who grow up at a church environment whatever happened to be but they don't really participated in at their kind of you know what you call. You know cultural Catholics are cultural abuse or whatever cultural on the bike that they don't really. Participate in the broader. Experience. Interest aren't our guest mark savage author of a girl gores the COLT entities that watch over human destiny. Is joining us tonight. On the phone number if you wanna give us a call next hour it's 8446877669. Until treated for 46877669. You listen to Jason GP beyond Ireland radio. Alas it's. Got some. On her and her do it myself Jason Allison hill is awesome GE Johnson. We've got a great show underway award we're going to continue our conversation with mark standish who's the author of the book that group gores the COLT entities that watch over human destiny in just a few moments. I'm but before we do that last hour we were talking about should things of that sound man and as soon to be in it in an extreme state. Whether it's weather when asked the red ties that we're talking about in. And how on whether it's cyclical or the fact that the weather patterns have been changing their for some of these things are just getting. To be excessive I'm not really sure you know I don't have all the answers there but I can tell you is another thing going on that has a lot of people's cared. And rightfully so. You know we all know that when you go into the woods you go through a field you've got to check yourself for ticks. Atrix are the ones exit earth. Well I mean and there's a good reason for that because they they're curing a lot of diseases but what makes it even scarier is that there's a new ticked. That has been spotted in the United States and it's hasn't been here it's a bit of an and is an invasive species it's been pretty active in Mexico. It's called the brown dog tick. And the thing that's particularly scary about this particular tick is that it's more likely. To bite humans. Than it is wild animals. Most ticks prefer to be on wild animals whether it's a deer or even a dog you know something with fur whatever. And India though the old Bo bite a person if they happen to just land and won it in but they don't seek out people but this dog a brown dog tick. Is more prone to if looking for human hosts. Then the other species of ticks that re used to. And what's even worse about this particular tick is that it is carrying. In and is actually responsible for an epidemic. Of rocky mountain spotted fever in Mexico. It there's a border town. Real bright in the northern border of Mexico just across the border from the United States called Mexicali. It's a pour. Mexican town. Where. Thousands of cases of rocky mountain spotted fever have been diagnosed from the east tick bites and some of fund this some people who have. I've been working on this problem there have noted that animals like household dogs. Some of these dogs are Harvard in these texts from head to tall. It is so bad. And at this point 4269. People in the US. In 2016. Had a rocky mountain spotted fever and can kill up to about 10% of its of the people infected so. It's a very very serious problem it's also being caused by changing weather patterns. And we just have to be extra extra cautious if you're anywhere anywhere outdoors at this point. Boy I know that there was a case I believe in Connecticut last year somebody would it with and so I know that there all the way up here and I actually I just pulled up a map it's too spotters or whatever he and it shows that. There are pretty much everywhere from. From mean. All the way down and of premature across country. Yet to be very very cautious check your cells check your pats. This is the you know in this noxious rocky mountain spotted fever it's Lyme Disease. It's you know many other tick borne illnesses that so are affecting humans and they can be all very very serious it just he'd come up with a way to totally just eradicate. I immediately tell me any good reason that. I would I would argue the same. You know he's somebody out there I -- says they get to be here we had a story on the program not long ago where there were protect their people protesting the extermination of rats in Paris and you know I would I would argue the same thing about rats but I think you know it. To each his own traffic mosquitoes and ticks need to be eradicated from the earth yeah okay we that's a that's a project we should start I mean that's why we we need to all come together and didn't ever gore. To work on the bigger again absolutely figure that was springer guest back into the program mark standish is in author. And his book is called anger gores the COLT entities that watch over human destiny is website is her medical institute dot org and there's gonna. Start out this hour by asking you unmarked hi this somebody develop an interest in this topic to begin with to the point where you ended up writing about it. Have. I think we've been you know classical cult system which and I'm sure most of your your mr. art fair from I would but I encourage them to him and and to read his book is very easy reading. You know the notion bigger group on the home because it dates back to the classical period you know classical religion. And you do see it continue. Into different forms. Even throughout the Renaissance period. Into the press of those people involved in various esoteric movements are machete movements are familiar with the term. What this book does is it brings its a wider audience to see that it's not a limited term big idea is by no means limited just to the groups are movement. But can be seen everywhere. As you have. Ian and I. Know I was gonna I was gonna ask about. You know when you started to become familiar with the concept. And you know eastern doing research. Did you start with politics and religion because it does seem like those two particular topics for small have the most emotion. For us individually therefore probably feed this whole idea of most fervently. Why didn't start with those for those it was obvious because from the cold viewpoint if they viewpoint. Jupiter the planet Jupiter rules philosophy. And that rules both religion. And politics. So. In that sense they are connected. You know both in terms or did you experience but also in terms of their esoteric or actions. I think what's most important to understand if you you know and to give you listen really something to think about this notion of Edgar or it is not simply limited to go again. Big group I mean families can have them as well you hear a lot of talk about and we arm and all that but there's another side to it. You know within Tibetan buddhism there's a notion that one can direct their next flight for reincarnation. And typically within that the name effectively in particular this notion of a reincarnated person of high rank as one of the crew. And that classically they would and it will once recognized. Which take on the well that that friendly of that lineage of that tradition MB recognizes spiritually here you know bigotry and Eric everything if you. Until wonderfully big deal. But it's not limited to two just Tibetan buddhism it's it's another traditions as well. And probably one of the more intriguing aspects of this notion of intentional incarnation. Who want to coin a phrase. Within a family and grew score. Was mentioned by Peter mark atoms in his book became a senator in which she looked at that families in the Renaissance many of them deeply involved in magic. And the idea that you know look at if he can beat it join it meaning if you can't find the liberation currently minute salvation. You know make a deal with. You know then here richer but I don't feel that open to deal with it being and to you know what. I'll keep coming back in the assembly in effect on the line in this group and will keep helping you and you keep helping. And that's an interesting idea because a lot of those families that you mentioned sir you are intimate doesn't mention my name. You know they would go on to become. Major political and economic forces even to this stay. If you look at families in this country. You know you look at them and and what experiences they've had both good and you know. Nobody ever and identity what does it mean to belong to the Rockefeller for the Kennedy got you through the back if they're easy directing their smaller names is well. That you listeners who might not recognize that influenced what is amenable to that group of sampling. But what he can sit and talk about you know in terms acre course in terms of the name. You know what my wife likes to say you know you're rich when you get your house and named. In the tossup state we wanted trying to give in those terms as well if you wanna look at political. And religious implications. Of the notion of this group core. And you name other than money pit which is a wanted to give. It. Said here here's the you know this is the question I I would suppose crosses everyone's mind at some point when you talk about this. You know we all know what happened to in Nazi Germany and you had a whole population buying into a philosophy of political philosophy. That was. These basically be a harbinger of so much not harbinger but certain that the parent whether it's a father mother I don't know of so much evil. And people either bought into or turned a blind eye to it is is that an example of an easel. Egg or gore. Sure. But remember it has to have something to tactic to China took in most people who talk about nazism don't understand not. They don't understand. What happened between the period of 1919 in 1925 in 1929 but allowed it to take them to grow in they don't craft that because. The whole notion of nazism has its own fault Craig gore which is when you hear banter about today. You know they just talk about it without really understanding yet. I mean it's you know other more and more insidious beggar girl we could fit Communists. Because it lasted longer and killed more people. So you know that if these citizen you have the dagger Gore's remember that there and it's not a simple concept. Because. Their ideas that are leaving vital ideas. And and groups of ideas. Let's show it was Jim tore phone lines here let's go to what James is in Kansas City was a question for our get a short stat machine James opened the show. Are you listening to show just. How ya I want to ask. Two questions actually one I want to ask what the correlation perhaps with theater goers to the Gnostic version of the watchers were being. And secondarily I wanted to ask. There was a reference. That I had found one time was surge on. Of course you know the notion of bigger gore is the watcher does come up in in some of the Gnostic text. So this is the direct correlation there and it's it's mentioned in oh some of the opening pages of the book. To get the historical context so that is one of them. And I would have to see the particular statement between. Edward telling enjoy on the boat stated about it. But of course their whole visionary notion of magic. Which is later called and talked to him magic. That manages to survive and take on a profoundly for itself. Possibly what is most interest in about John B is that he is responsible for the whole notion of the Brit. And that whole idea is really its creation. And of course we've seen nation's seventh Google Earth. They have visible symbol. Okay whether it's know that the Russian bear or the the American Eagle okay. These the end he's the national symbols. Or. From psychic perspective. Perceived and interpret feasible on the psychic well from the great and of course the belief system that. They struggle between each other for dominant before. Any struggle for dominance takes place in the physical. So you know and he is definitely connected to the whole notion of the British and report in its formation. James thank you for those great questions okay we need to take a break here when we come back we'll continue our conversation if you'd like to get in on it it's 844687. 7669. Nielsen Jason JVB honor relative radio. Watch her heart decimal and we going to be jumper that tore phone lines here we're gonna bring in. Another James actually James is from Kentucky James hook into the program. All in all ball. Should. He as something that happened to me. And I'll be trying to calling her that I get through bad news how weird it's they deplored. And of course some more regime to Turkey in that came back to Illinois to my old job. And I didn't have a play actually agreed saying oh look for an apartment and what we got reports kcal this guy. I'll call legal doormat Tampa three days about blocking a way that's another guy marquis doesn't know tight sacker Leo yeah called settled place so. I'm reading this place out ducking back street eight she does I bet that partnered forty like okay we're already found a place at the bank. A year late winter big perk our tornado come true. In the apartments and outgoing G gets. They're related lived there is she died in this tornado. And it got to thank him like Q what is keeping that talent. We're reattached and a year later I wouldn't be here. Well. Yeah ultimately I dodged a bullet on the Allen. Yeah I noticed secular cure how little things happened number of the movie come out just a bureau or they try to change Spain you know. What may yet to see your may not have its feet. Our thoughts so that kind of weird though you know it's just saw was they have like. You know it's. Is that god being there a windy here you know. Yeah Paul something along the way James helped you make the right decision for you and I guess you should be thankful for that and we don't read sometimes we do shouldn't question those things I suppose so. So mark I want to get back into this idea of armed symbols because you brought up symbols. You said like the Russian bear or the American Eagle. Do these do add records become stronger if they have a symbol. Sure it's like anything you needed symbol and a slogan. You need of visual component. Either verbal component and you need a physical component of action. That's why you know as the Bible says all were indeed more of the same garage at a buddhism. Body speech and mind. You bring the war in an LP neural linguistic programming. You have to have come grew in city. We bring all the components. Together visual auditory tactile. Okay that's critical to understand. So you bring those together and you can't began to create in and feed this somewhat. It what about something like gay as the the idea of celebrity here of the cult of personality which is this is at the same thing. It's close to it and sometimes even minutes and that has closer relationship to older pieces to their practices. Which were particular meaning is to create. Tiger roars and different times you would often it was understood that you needed to have. They executed prisoner to participate in it unwillingly of course. And essentially the notion is what do you see in certain rights who do. In other should assumption not a practices that hole was captured if you will. Or kept from you know people think moving on in the if you have to Condit. Between visible and invisible world this is really not a lot different than say those who willingly do this. That is saints or bode conference who willingly. Opened themselves up to be a conduit between the visible and invisible realms. And of course you could artificially grab one too many saints never existed. But they are created out of something maybe not completely whole cloth but some person or being. And of course to devotional practices we have the image of them we have the prayers to them we have a name for them. We have practices. Law over time you get sure acre course. Parents and people have results they kept miracles. Occur. Our serenity a quick break and a lot more to come with our guest mark established author of your gores the occult entities that watch over human destiny loosened Jason dvd on Ellen revealed. It will be better. Happy talk it's too. Tito a CEO about reincarnation he's a reincarnation specialist and be talking about. His new book them on a graph of the parallel life which centers around his reincarnation experiences. In training that's tomorrow night's program. And every Friday of course is the best of the unreality radio and we got some great shows next week's initiative and then yeah and tonight we've got a great show we're talking with mark establish about. His book it's called a group gores the COLT and sees that watch over human destiny and market before we get back and did discussing the book. I want to ask you about her medic institute dot org. How Americans to what is that and give us a little bit of the history. It's an organization that was started by twenty years ago we just celebrate their twentieth anniversary. And we offer. Seminars and workshops we have an annual conference usually the industry people or we may have each year. And we have a host of publications for people who read and some online audio programs. That they can find it YouTube for free. And that's we do. I would imagine there are probably some people that don't know what her medics studies war. Well that's of course that goes problem and permitted his immediate classical spiritual. A classical western. Satiric as emerge spirituality so be alchemy cabala. Various schools of medication in mysticism astrology. All of the things that are often. Said to be symbolized. In tarot cards or other kind of its satiric symbolism is what we each and explore. I want to go back to something you said earlier in our conversation you brought up UFO's and deep connection between a recorders and UFO sightings is what. Well I think that is strong connection of course. I attend to. Amenable followed in shock probably lead and in his discussion of the US OU flows as being really is access social control mechanisms of some sort. And not being from outer space and that's something else in the inter dimensional. Phenomenon because the phenomenal round and is used to peculiar and bizarre. It doesn't match without a highly sophisticated technological civilization would would need to do. You know. Company probe you really need him cattle mutilation in this kind of crazy stuff. So the whole phenomenal round you have fellows is I think those two retention calling out to trickster for now it's always confusing. And so I think that there's you know probe. Profound. Relationships there of course in Delhi said he had to to really understand the UFO phenomena you need to study colts system. And people just stop. Unfortunately these groups soldiers to their own and of course we call that an echo chamber. You know the the paranormal group generally hasn't talked much to you afloat and beautiful people. Orton and the colonel pot folks don't necessarily talk much vehicle vehicle system talk a lot amongst themselves. And they certainly don't resort in the press equality if you don't have anything to do with an exit from the need someone to poke a laboratory. So all of these groups exist in and they don't accept it took they exist in the electric. And and they don't really communicate well and I think that's why after. 4050. Years in this research that there really hasn't been any progress. Well the nice thing is on the show we all come together. This so let me address an old exactly and and I think you that you think you make good point there with a UFO thing in the town emulation it doesn't make sense say if there's such an advanced or recent visiting our planet. Why hacked up house and leave them there on the ground in none of it really adds. That's and that's what happened when you get into what the paranormal without a map and that's a pair psychologist did the steady phenomenal and at a map. Where is in traditional studies you have a map whether it's cabala. Or some form of no I'm not the system or whether it's even sake. Indian Country is or to bend that are on our Dallas if you have a mask. OK you have something to go on and some other experience is to go whip. So that you can begin to understand the phenomenon the experiences that are are happening. Modern parent psychology you know for research. And spiritualism. For those who still do better reasons modern version gem and they don't either. They don't have a map and with that it's very easy to get law. And that really not find your way out and and that's why a lot of the folks who did that work really don't come to a good end. Any unique training you need to understand your own mind first that's what this all comes down to if you need to have a spiritual discipline. That allows you to understand the nature of your own mind first. Before you start trying to understand the nature of other phenomenon. In the world war inside yourself and so because if you can do that. Then you won't get sucked into these bigger growers are you won't get lost on these psychic crap. And I agree. Mark what's the what's the effect of these a group cores on world events. Well there it I mean that's seem doable force behind. So. You know appears psychic enough you can see events before they occur in what you're seeing some decreases. You can see the effects of the Agricole you can actually see this symbolic struggle between the Icrc course. I play a lot of psychic phenomenon without a good. Training is very hard to decipher and understand. Because you can keep something that you don't understand the timeline. We don't really craft because it's too symbolic. So they're connecting to the anchor grizzard actually seeing 11. Plans an arm when it went yeah things are meets borrowers who. Or watching it from afar like you would have a game and stadium. They're able to come back to Indian band and I observed that. And we are getting cling to that preconditions and stuff. You know and Arnold I expect some people can get the mambo Omnia. We'll save the world political stage to some degree. How do we avoid being controlled by these Sager of course you'll be able to maintain our affiliation with groups that we want to affiliate with. Well first of all you need spiritual practice that you immediately that'll actually understand the nature of your own mind. He can recognize what are your thoughts and whether thoughts of others. And I don't necessarily mean collective deal that that is part of it but really what is just the suggestion that you constantly being bombarded with by media. I mean and made the cult marketing you know and repetition and insists he gets in there and suddenly you realize that. You're not even third seed but you're Poland and the Dunkin' Donuts for coffee in the fourth that I does that happen. You know young people want. Do something but you just find yourself doing it. You have to have that practice. That allowed you to understand yourself. And then of course she's and so from that practice speed into question your. What do I get out of the promise the time being given being matched. By the results in return. And and and you decide. And I understand the whole way having to know he he or what's your thoughts and and so forth but he. Upon meeting up with groups of people a lot of times it's to share beliefs and and thoughts and so forth. And so a lot of times you're learning from those individuals so you'd EU. My take on their belief system as you understand something but so how do you how do you decipher. What you wanna take on. On your own instead of it being pushed on you by Wendy's hours. Well you know it is part of it is that this match does it make sense I mean people need to use reason and common sense and too often people on the pair. In Indian paranormal field genocide that. Because the power of the imagination and so strong. You know it's really easy to believe in that that we understand something. When we really don't. And that's a big problem so use common sense to also you know by their fruits you shall know them. What if the outcome of this belief system after someone's doing it for 51020 years what do you see in their lives is that something you wanted to imitate. People ask me that about jobs over time until the first he would do for you take a job and go meet somebody's doing it twenty years. Go visit them for their work and matches so you wanna be like these people in twenty years and TNT ESP. Communicates is using your power of observation. The other thing is that when you're living ideas they had missed try to mop you can only get rid of them you have to keep them that feel the point. There's a reason. Then and that's what we exceeded eight people don't try on other idea that. They say let's repugnant how can we get beat that means you don't understand. He too afraid of the to try it on and before you can debate. Wall right it doesn't work. You know and we see that in politics and religion. You have to you have to be willing to get out for you have to be strong enough in your identity itself to be able to get out of itself. Trying to understand. How the national socialism take place in Germany in the twenties and thirties. Before you can really understand it and then realize what the problems. It's easy enough in hindsight is disabled people that the Holocaust but that doesn't mean you understand it. You do see some of the effects. Try that would any philosophy or religion or enable pro global warming but I would any. See you have to understand yourself before you can safely. Moved into these are dangerous terrain of other water. And begin to understand them and it's OK now I get it but I don't have to do that I don't have to be that way. The seafood in this city and one more phone call from our listener line mrs. Phillips from North Carolina he Philip welcome to the show. I think it's. Mark I thought that was dozens when really uninteresting and and an important including sir and stricter. And owner agreed to encrypting insists. But let's say that the plane. The things which can also closely circle posted demons not a god and I do not want to beat. Between insurers and demons. And pushed out into greased the Acropolis. In their sought to temple. Which is a teacher. On the side of the league of there and eaten there there's you know there and so like the theater was a temple. And they warship generous the two sides start tragedy comedy. And so we have. We have. They agreed. That what what sort you're using an egregious so we're ridiculous. And of course I own. A powerful concept. And I think it saturates. So much of our culture and so anyway. I appreciate what you're doing. And what an Oreo line. Yes thank you thank you for the call solo. I think I think it is a powerful concept marked. Who wouldn't if you send you realize that you know what that you beat ignited freshman you know what does that mean to be an individual. How much responsibility in my taking from my life. And and lightweight do what I do I mean that's what enlightenment is about enlightenment illumination self knowledge. Felt faction was a self awareness self actual patient. And been very often in our in our journey to that because we take inserts foot steps. Which is fine. We often. Failed to recognize that group. Which were part of all the time. Have both. Healthy aspect is an unhealthy aspects. And ended up. Stop. And analyze our relationships and know. When it's time to move on. War to get further involved. Or two may be switch. Are kind of thing you know maybe he be bitter media go join the bowling club then. You know whatever I'm doing this other group. In the few minutes we have left burqa when asked you about politics again in the fact that we have probably. And we. In my lifetime anyway this is the most whole war and politically businesses. Country. Is this something. Unique happening here and how can we understand in terms of our discussion of their reports. I think part of it is you know everything basically exit of those going to be somehow they'll give you an astrological chart that explains what things are happening. But that's just describes certain condition. A context to doesn't necessarily tell you about the players in the players are these categories like it forces are entity. And you just have to not to cut up and it just ask questions that a problem is when you ask questions especially you get to the third level question. But generally is the point where people get really annoyed. Because they want to be true believer. And I and so just decide. You know ask the questions and decided this in my best interest. To go down this path and participate. And it may not be. And maybe sometimes the best BP to do is stay out of because. The answer is that were often given our very simplistic. And as you pointed out polar ice which means there. Inherently. A deception and false food to some greater or lesser degree. And if we want truth. Truly want to understand ourselves. We have to do a recognize that. Truth stands above duality. And that's hard concept grass. And that stands above personality too we have to get out of world weighing in merely today. When we're being told. And what is actually happening. Marked we are basically at a time here working people get booked. They can get of course from Amazon's making it from there a local bookstore will but bookseller. And make prosecuted directly from inner traditions web site. Great okay well thanks so much for coming Hannah with us and we look forward to having on again this has been just a really inching topic tonight. Thank you very much for the invitation. Every night okay so we're gonna take a break and when we come back we will wrap things up. Yeah you'll assume that Jason GP beyond reality radio we'll be back after this. It's. Time. Had a an autopsy report come back from Margot Kidder now Margot Kidder is somebody that actually. Had been scheduled to come as Gary Condit when he knows were affiliated would scare on a couple times this year to cancel both times the first time I don't remember what it was for. The second time it was because she was. I think the Montana. Chairman of the Bernie Sanders. Presidential campaign and he is going to be coming. To Montana at that time and she couldn't whenever some but she you know she died. Few months ago. And it was just determined that says she died from self inflicted. Prescription medication and alcohol. Overdose Amendola wrote cocktail of drugs and alcohol that and upcoming episode and I. Not a it's a sad thing to report by Tim I know a lot of people were or wondering in that report to skim recently. Yeah and his its suspension issues dealing with a lot of inner demons herself and of course now rest in peace obviously cents a to make sure you tune in tomorrow or are we talking with Tito a bottle reincarnation specialist and will be talking about his new book them on a graph of the parallel life. Which senators pretty much around his reincarnation experiences in training. If you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page forest and had a beyond reality radio dot com. Find all the stations where across the country analysts is constantly being updated. Grab the free Smartphone apps you can listen the show and life show and pass show all ago this gonna do it for us is Jason NGV beyond really reveal can chill tomorrow night. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's in the week you don't really read news. Yeah. You know stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason hello slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to readjust and beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.