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Steve Asher discusses haunted locations in Kentucky

Aug 24, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Steve Asher about his research of Kentucky State Penitentiary & Western Lunatic Asylum. 8/23/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's there's and the last Friday and the east many you're stuck somewhere in between what can be honored earlier redo myself Jason Hawes who is arson GB Johnson so. We're gonna do go back to the roots tonight we're gonna talk about some good old fashion haunting in some good old fashioned locations. Yes these are good case right the Kentucky's state penitentiary and the western lunatic asylum bolts have the makings of being very very. Haunted locations and our guest tonight Steve Asher. Who's an author and researcher has not only investigated in researched and worked at these locations or at least one of them. He's written a couple books about. One especially like the western electric salamander please just its wild relatives. And Kentucky has so many great locations when it comes down on things. You know I I'm learning more more I just spent term into the weekend at Pinehurst asylum and I go to these places and I don't know a lot of them but it when I discover them I'm just in law of first of all. They tend to be magnificent buildings I mean just unbelievable structures in themselves to something like they don't build. These days nothing like it nothing like harassment ship just all goes into its insane so when you see them dilapidated it's a bit of a tragedy but you also look at him you look at the grounds and Easter curing the stories of the people that. Or in these places whether it was a prison Horry and asylum of some. Sort and it and we we can even comprehend. The type of pain and suffering that went on in these locations. Because the standards. At those times were far different than what we have now. Well and they were I mean all we investigated trans Allegheny don't own now. West Virginia. In just they craziness. Of some of the stories that well that we had to go through there and and see. And summer and summer and that tortures that people were going through. The law and I did and did and keep vsphere as a human that you be illegal long before bill senators. And we get sent to say it would mean they they called the saint Agnes hospital. And I was a place for the criminally insane and you go to these locations. In just things you go through it and she and the things use you every media we had to redo a much of documentation of people mean scandalized so they wouldn't talk to things that were done to them. And just and that was some even nicer things that happen and then also India. They have their own incinerator for from bodies but it was a hole it was only twelve by twelve so when. They had to literally chopped the bodies to put a man whose it was just so barbaric I guess so crazy. Well in the funny thing is senator don't I don't mean funny hop but peculiar funny. Is that a lot of those things were done back in those days not specifically things you're talking about the things like that in the name of medicine in the name of science. It you know we think of you know alchemy and Middle Ages medicine where they are using leaches to suck blood out of people because they thought. To get the bad blood out the new blood or come in and you'll be healthy again and we look back at those practices and think. Mean how backward and ill conceived they were but things like that were happening in these locations and Al Leach's per say. But treatments you've particularly for people who were mentally disabled and or somebody you know in some fashion handicapped in that way. And we have these barbaric treatment she is Reese is you know 6075 yeah. Should go well and a lot of it was small because there was really very little button and very little and guess. Mandates or whatever I wanna came down to the medical and we're going to come back and butt. And it's sad to say but a lot of these people are used as Guinea pigs for that stuff to see all too well will it help let's try it out on these people. And it's a shame case you think I'm a veteran terrorism but there's no nobody saying the PG can't do this keys these people skinny critics. Right so I just really don't you just heard we save and talking about things that we look back on his being barbaric and ill conceived and how what were we thinking at that time all this I don't know of this particular thing is gonna fall into that category. In twenty years I hope it falls into this category laughter and so this committee this crazy did a India I hope this is falls in this category and and twenty hours okay so you know. That you know there's there's a bit of health craze going on in. People like drinks movies. And people are taking what are called pro by onyx I'm not entirely sure what that is but I think what it is is it gives you a good bacteria clinical good bacteria. In deer system to help digest and and an idea I did approach to use that things that your body has some times because the toxins. And the chemicals in processed foods we eat are written some of that the bacteria doesn't survive as it should. And now you know you take supplements that okay well the latest thing combines this whole concept of a smoothie. And the pro by onyx and is a special drink which has a very. Very special ingredient. Shorter it's called a BB cool smoothie. A baby who aren't so please just army first off he doesn't have baby if it does not have babies to. Maybe prove it has been all part of goddess discussed now they're saying it's healthy it's organic and happy account. Discussed it already comes an ace movie like instead consistency or of course. Oh my god this is just this horrible and they're saying that it is one of the latest. Most promising pro by Alex supplements. CUE crap. To help yourself scrapped as mr. this makes notes this is just disgusting scientists have created a health. Cocktail made from scouring the diapers of infants and then cold tree and the bacteria that they find within. First. And I would they have even. I don't I don't say I know and they say after testing this on mice in on a simulation of the human stomach. They've determined that it can actually help people with diseases such as diabetes and other auto immune disorders by improving. Their production of chemicals. That are called fatty chain fatty acids in the body that there's some times affected by these diseases and of people are not supposed to eat other people's. It just doesn't the that this is disgusting. Yeah I do my thoughts are too but that's why I thought they needed to share with everyone because. Him again this might be one of those things in twenty hours we look back and say what were they thinking. That's just IE drop its raw and and everywhere I just I mean I change and of diapers in my life to know at 4 o'clock in. Yeah him and rationalize and I've got. Quite a few yeah I know well knows we all know the northern Mississippi this earth you could populate a smoke I let you know large Ireland McIlroy it's funny it's like we show up to the football field. If I get half the team. I don't shall they have to forfeit and it's always been around baseball and basketball I mean I so I got three boys there it's fun so but that that's just not run he might why any scientist would even. Who would be big guy or that woman to to test that I. Who would be the person is saying he noise yet. This is this and you know I expect Syria in this substance that's in this isn't or Mosul Stacy but wait but it's gonna be good for you it's all natural wondering that's. I don't know I don't know how that goes through somebody's mind but. Then again they thought Louie Pasteur was insane so who opens I'd I'd done nothing to humans that's the most discussed and if you ever from India I figured it aggression that well you know he's had a great job. So. So there if there's the story javy and we've been talking and we you know I've talked about it numerous times book. This lady. Overhead the UK. It's time ist. And I I don't know if this just a ploy or wa but she's talking about that she wants to marry. A ghost that she supposedly connected with me and have a baby news. I'm not laughing at her I'm no no you've probably should not be aggregation okay. I listened I'm not gonna deny her right to do to me that she wants but how can you physically have the BB with a ghost lab tests the gas so I spiritual. Guidance counselor in the fist around I highly doubt that that's her real name mountains he claims that she is in a rather strange relationship think about it. So she's claiming that she was arm is taking this trip through the Australian Outback and ended up. Having a spirit approached. And the spirit and her had this weird connection and and she felt more often you know and this so. Spear returned to with her to the UK and I'm wondering if it is just my ticket that's where the swan and did she get it get. Hamburg has its own own seat in an order form clerk couldn't sit on her lap and Kabila definitely. But anyways so now she's saying that there when they wanna take this relationship on to the next level but they're in love. Lauren might actually be medium body think that would be great I would request you could step up. But she said that she is looking into. Actually really connecting in and having a baby with a stern. She's too beautiful thing you know. Andy any anybody who's got that tunnel and water go speak to those people goes leading whose movies but now that I can probably get embarrassment probably it is and if they go about it but. So she and she says that. There's a lot of these and these pregnancies LT he's just babies that a lot of times these phantom pregnancies. Are actually. Means that people should go to news with ghost yes. So Susan is that why you have your children don't look like you within the ghost babies. That's just not. Happy that it's just. And at that and try to be me you know is just first off the I was told goodness Annan and others predicted all this could go really bad men and you know annexing you know expressly whatever outlet to all of us are Abrams I just I mean at some point tonight we should just hand listeners call in its. Do they really think that this is possible that. I'm you can have a living person to connect with. So spirit. And while they're falling over whatever and have a ghost. Mean. Anything you'd save a fortune and baby food and on diapers and everything else and now it almost Uga by coast I don't. But we do anything. I'm gonna raise my hand that no that's not possible but if I don't know why I mean maybe maybe she knows something we don't know maybe that is true that. Some of these pregnancies that are actually the result of food ghosts. Being involved I don't know. More I also wonder because she she considers herself a spiritual guidance counselor and I wonder if this is just deploy. Well to really just can't try to get her name on their but then again you really not getting him out there a positive manner. You getting your name out there were were were talking about it but we're talking about her as if she's. She should be one of those lunatics so I know. We do we need to hammer on the program she didn't plead your case with a us have her and her ghost. Relationship personal and her significant interest down during the time that he's talking we won't carry it but we know he's there after she tells us. Is it Eric on that ball on the notes. Phone numbers 8446877669. On the if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash or beyond reality radio elect a FaceBook page forest. And had to be under really radio dot com. You find all the stations we Aaron across the country and also download the free iPhone. Enter and operate there were told us it tests show Lula past shows new shows only go. Or any minute we're life just click the listen live on and join an online community chat room area where you can listen to show all Sydney your computer. On again we will of phone lines later and give us give us call if you have some sort of fought her feeling on this whole. And assist rattle and for a those slogan goes if so. Before 468776. X nine you'll submit your synergy yeah. The film. Jason I'm chase contender to my heart attacks sir your interest in locations where their guests Steve Asher. He's an author and researcher of the paranormal his website is Steve. He Asher dot coms his books include haunt teams of the week of the Connecticut's excuse me Kentucky State penitentiary. And haunting is of the western state lunatic asylum. Steve welcome to be on reality radio script heavy on tonight. AJ in Dayton strategic got a mail. Or ice coming. So these two books that you wrote are two of a trilogy you're gonna have three in this a series of haunt teens books. What undercut the way it started out. Way what to Wear a sort of Google was would be going to the state penitentiary in the later into the western lunatic asylum you know always in Portland asylum. And the third will actually about eight Catholic compound and more until Kentucky that have a different incarnations a lot of places especially here in this part of part of the US in the south we can redirecting to death. And this place then everything from are considered to look. Home pocono wayward girls back in the days take special need adults in the later times it's incarnation and before Hamachi to an affordable just going to be a revisit to the penitentiary because after the fact. Spokesman come to me about science ago place is really going to eat it mentioned telling Wall Street didn't mention. Did you know whatever but hadn't gun Alley in the kitchen while we're there every game historians and senile and so. Here we go in and about town that was the latest operation got enough for a fourth book so. It's it's damaged trilogy was from going to be an idea of full court. Let's talk a little bit about we this is a very short segment so we've we don't have a hole at a time front and wanna get into his books and some of the specific 'cause stuff that you found yet. But let's find a load them up a little bit more about you when did the paranormal the capture your attention when did you develop that interest. Well or I mean. As a personal experiences I was pretty small. And train that disclaimer front. Arm I've definitely got decent track recorder I think things are brought down that it out of my console seem pressure from the south you're extremely religious church I'm not particularly just. Arm but I was very small and are in which the I guess when you consider. More like channel people. Not a lot of direct contact but a lot of you know things loose and long course the Walt career high stuff like that and I don't know what bush is sort of had a idea. A certain analysts say an ability to that kind of knows some special but I think is cement one has. I think it just more like two more that you use this coming country your awareness shall make. The more you go out like under you might take someone who's never out of their life and take what do a trail on. What what you see is a lost also my talk tracks are so we're here we're ready had not been a few little limbs or their running down the corner so that's probably a bit innocent animals adapt. You just east began learning. Bad and that's kind of what happened you know just as time went along. So it learn more about accent it scared me as a kid you know I'm not grip of the sent me this doesn't know what my whole life. Really about it in how much you into the library an element of the many Sergio and so like that but. I would go in every discipline console books and things like that and I'd got a grip to understand these things really can purchase and just by then. Lead a boat caught this so much agree that the everything is the funniest combustion. Scripted didn't. You know what I'd. Current and we won't get into a whole lot more of that with you only get back stealing and take our break but. Are you listen to Jason NGV beyond reality re our guests Steve Asher author and researcher and we're going to be a lot more to come to this you listen and TV. Whatever path beyond really really good. Roll fantasies and rock him. Welcome back it's beyond reality radio Jason dvd that tunnel fixed I think that it will soon have I truly felt like I went just dump their precisely due to understand Nomo you know when it's just has been more of those days and it crashed last Alex foray Yemen and on the show got up at 730 and just haven't recovered cents in Atlanta and 1115 assists at sucks but I. Tonight we're talking with Steve Asher he's an author and researcher of the paranormal his website is Steve. His books include haunting as of the Kentucky's state penitentiary in haunt teams of the western lunatic asylum again Steve welcome. We are talking about how you develop an interest in the paranormal you said as a kid as a child you were kind of afraid of this stuff you mentioned chills like in search of which comes up on this program quite a bit. Did you have any experiences yourself as a kid. Yeah more coming next recruiting an and a quick little. Credence to that. When I've. I work what is the most of my. Won't portal what was that lead into the state and attention which is still active it's still open as is the question in exile which I have not what didn't they got have not been that India. But to. But my damn it actually worked very rigid. It'll probably some oddball story as it were their back in the fifties. And my grandfather actor prohibition actually served in there because he was running. China and counterfeiting and I'll let wonderful you know a lot of depression era so you know people trying to just make it but arm. So but yeah so I can come from any long. History of functional like my mom's side was very from escalation mountains area to they had a lot of oral traditions and go stories and things sent. I don't you know I don't know. Into the fact that you're exposed to that that has some player and you obviously kept about what you can to baucus you know the closets just stories. But on elected. This sort of thing I would encounter is that a lot times what sort of channel start and again it wasn't all the time. But generally when it wasn't harder and harder to ignore. Armed. But records. That was mainly at one location you know we've been at it was a that council we lived in my what is probably from. Two two. In Miami mid scenes. And it has been idea it was in the current older homes there have been one candidate of their force there have been no debts and the famous. Even then you know I'd at a nonsensical well. Is something bad happened here what happens what what curable that was cereal for you can kind of realize what research what those are trying to jump on it but. Which are the additional child curious curiosity. But you know there had been nothing like that their which is you know should there strangely but. You know opposite. As a kid that was kind of you know and into got a little bit older but understand too. Growing up. In the time and the time giant like older Brothers. That were very much and you know sat that and stuff like that it. I got a very good healthy dose of Alice Cooper's just I was already sort of expose scary stuff which at a time merely trying to years of a negative that to. Rock and metal popped out. Because it was a very real to me it was hard to differentiate a couple Michael Ottawa watched goes on television because sometimes seemed here. And down in but in time obviously you've learned to differentiate that you know yeah actually came mingled joy don't be released some. But. Always walk funny line at. Being aware of some of this. They need to be real and so that is entertainment you know also. That's kind of where apple and I'll tell me obviously I still do research as much as I can't have a group called the call lieutenant colonel. And you know we'll check out different locations different places strategy. The researchers we can't obviously because. But I'm but I'm not gonna miss somebody that I have a small part as smile and our outlook specially to Boston today so. Not gonna judge on the Spanish country you guys do as well. But but that's what pulled me into that you know just. Scenic consultant not really have an explanation goes it was one of those things growing up in the south one account which is what we'll look you know just ignored gonna go away and that just didn't just did not happen. Yeah cultural left with the league not mean eruptions. You know trying to figure out there just. Beach shaken by this public. And one thing people at people tend to just think of specially with their house being haunted. On is instantly they go to hold something bad happened here or a lot of times to new house and the fact of the matter is of these this thing can and these things can happen and old homes are you happen a brand new homes all it takes is something deciding to as it's passing through hang out there for awhile and increase now that sort of situation so it always can be something that happened on the land or might have nothing to do with the area in general just for whatever reason. Something decided to stay there. Well I mean it can be that the person to have you heard that they have nutrition out of an honest person. Com and when I say that you know arm up or try to make a distinction. In my riding herd them in my research. Post all the stories I have in my books come from either firsthand account I get it to that injury other officers. People that I knew that market. The lunatic asylum or whatever. And and I would write him a look this is what they saw this what they felt this what they smell. I'm Micah spoke. You know most colonel researchers feel that this is addressed. I don't know what a ghost and I you know I don't feel that in in the well respected indeed and this for everybody don't I don't feel that there really are. 100% interest goes until eagle cross that line in machine come back we can't concretely say it'll saint. Well Ed there's no discussion no disrespect taken on that because that's one thing I've always said and GBs always as said as well as. Youth there cannot be an expert in the field that you can even improve it really exists and those who called himself experts really aren't just while. First off that I think they're hurting the field they're hurting than themselves and and more. Oh yeah I mean it's I don't he's a term hucksters but I mean it's a good thing where. You know you qualify you know we're trying to put. A multi dimensional monster to beat if you are but a multi dimensional. You know possible possibility into a three dimensional construct we're trying to put it in human terms and it's just. You know it's like jellyfish trying to explain he would have urged him it's just we're we're not there yet we can't we don't have the perception are the full knowledge. To say what it is when I was in I mean very likely that some this is trans dimensional being time even had a a period like a lot of times you know. Maybe we cease support for another time. Either as I slipper maybe you know we talk about there's parallel universe is supposedly in a string theory and all that. May be these other universities that are just like ours maybe for whatever reason they didn't develop economic or. Into the world we have now maybe they are still backing paying more agricultural time but these people war. Modern but they've purchased. Seemingly old fashion because that state university that I mean you can go really far outweigh that. And Zoellick underneath the ability to pull topics but it's one of those deals you can speculate. You know all you want but like sitting in the Indian. You either take it as well it is what it is our report NIC art in the fall into place. And you know you can be you have people that can believe it deeply and go to this and is it any religious construct. You know he's got a cannon gonna be careful. We learn a little bit about how he became interest to do in the paranormal. And those topics sorted assassinate you what point did you decide that you are going to start researching and investigating. Well you know we didn't really. Do like murderers like legitimate scenery Connecticut we didn't do that to light up c'mon you know you you're close to those guys didn't you know OJ javy is Lowell and you know camps in Australia is the future for a goes up to that time we didn't. You know we get really think about well there's other people do and this goes you know we always kept it very simple and it will use. Stuff that you probably got everything laughable. But we would used to things like a bunny brought to things like that stuff that every didn't drink very you know I'm gonna drain. No batters and divining rod. And I say is that peer purely scientifically accurate or not Sam but it is one of those things what I have an extra tool. But. You know I started again go to the library is located and understand is sworn in 69 John Mica ascendant he's grown up do you know culture can that. Nor must file and you know all that kind of stuff. Some coming in there but my little structure of a little Boca look like pugsley addams and some and I started. Cannot get above early but you know as a going really and looking back in 2000. Pass malware that was probably. In my life in my late teens or early twenties. All and I would never laugh at anybody for a using these types of equipment and seats their own I mean it takes. Everybody trying to used different types of equipment to find some sort of answers and divining rods. I've said I've seen them I've seen them work or seen them also seem kinda fishy I think dealing Tamil assets is if you're telling me using ghost radar on the iPhone or the android phone he has come on we do we all know that that's that's just for oracle released for a few wanna have a ghost baby yeah they had one ever goes there in my nephew left him yeah I mean. What what kind of program are actually gonna get from a ghost but because. Why is it's less filling no calories that's for me and it is great diet and yeah. It helps and are gone and the possible successor Steve that I use telling me that you don't you don't buy the whole story of the legal experience. You know I mean who if you look back at early mythology you know you talk about you know the god coming down as a as a minister what I didn't. This man and in lane little woman and bunch trying to remain. It depends on what you think a ghost yes or spirited as. Knowing how she Motorola is having a ghost Jos goes baby February nobody seeing it is a firm and say here's a question though which account somewhere. How do you find it and he knows crawls off I mean you know when it's. That brought it down my caddie didn't like a baby daddy who. How do you test for cocaine into this this is a really this is these are serious revenue all the denial is the rebels hold on to honor. Here. Yeah. Chile's could have price for that I mean. In a pay full rate on that. Steve is Steve so you know when I first started. Corn called ghost hunting and persistent well me leading candidate I don't know what we called it but it was it was. Riding around in a van when my parents actually in some of their friends going to cemeteries that's how I started. I don't recommend anybody do that but that ten that tends to be away a lot of people kind of dip their toe into this whole idea. On did you do that kind of thing early on or did you jump right into going into purported. Paranormal Lee active places and bring some equipment in and see which you defined. Now now they can better understand how amen what you Turkey online and you know we have everyone's got their mobile Google account check out cut the procedure failed to hear about. And it octagon already like minutes go down it. Whatever you know Allen scored Antonio McRae he mentioned you know absolutely see a guy hanging in there you don't its pocket rocket Scooby Doo Shane and and that's kind of you know where it started it was sort of a entertainment in LA that's the thing. But he kind of developed into something more and I guess the publisher respectful. But the great yours it was at a tournament we have a local greater you're producing a cedar hills cemetery. In its pretty large cemetery. You know for the town and we. As you know over time you know when. What do we do a lot of interest in the deck but we had gotten to the point where they know that we're very respectful and how we would go which you know that's just me. If you're gonna investigate great yardage especially you know. If you're trying to go there at night you need electricity you know it's an accounting that is but that the yet. This year no more than it is the city police in just a wicked look I don't see that your. In a global blah nation only now but I didn't get my license is peoples with me here's our drivers like my plate numbers on probable beater from here. Since you know we will be gone about this on the personal and after that. In Elena. And it is fact that we didn't want their external and you know just act of war but sometimes people just wish they don't I don't know what to do as a deputy get caught up that it is just people that. In a country these guilt into playing in what kind of placed there or whatever and make kind of a financial either and on. And that simply give but yet that's definitely had to step it started. And it took wall from people know in this country do have. People. I think too well intentioned. I think but sometimes still go on there. These. Yeah we got to jump into a break here when we come back and assert talking about some of these locations that you've written it written about including Kentucky State penitentiary. And western lunatic asylum pirate take quick break a lot more to come to listen adjacency he'd be on it. Welcome back to show its. Jason it's. I can assure her term researcher and author. An investigator his website is Stevie Asher dot com Steve we have a short segment here but don't talk a little bit about. You know your decision to write books about haunted locations. Obviously that's not something that anybody comes to lately and you know you must've had a real fascination with the places you pick what made you decide to read some books. Well. The first book actually ask intraday. That it's no deeper than that. I'd like to I'm really mysterious and they get adjusted debt that are what are what. As does not work in years correction law enforcement and went on to look where it special is costing so much which is what you know and Alice speak into for him and the writer and we were just talking this man opposite I'm a fan of all that sin always has been and sometimes the first writers or wherever I really like to do then count did not Armitage won't FaceBook or Twitter and I literally don't. The take advantage is sort of a unique singer may not heard about this inevitably. Hardy broke down market actually cool. And it helps us from above conversation you know who could talk yourself out about the work. Well. And the continent back and forth occasional look so tell me you know the receipt and we're there and we you know certain about this man and it ever broke you consider writing down what got a damn few anxious as I get older needles monstrous slope. And just so I gonna check it out just curious you found in session again I don't mind you know us way before wrapping thought about. Copyrights on the past but did you area in recent. I'm partial to my editor at two years in Atlanta for us understand it was just. Your picture again Asia. So weaker Sokol I am going on to the my life. And that this guy is back at Michael Chang you know more than. In and craft and story you know not a of people give them all the time so. That cool cool city we can give me six traffic police issued a thousand words as a for full why you don't like going in I'm not you know we're in that zone. It agenda for the book as well what I'm not writer. Now I'm doing good to write my name when he talked about just talked my editor. You know the Bolton is very good and obviously you know I'm not being erratic actually. You know kind of work is a little consolation to log on this guy is that the bones and this is very good. And political wrote about this penitentiary and really your location of Kentucky. It also live as we talk like what should stay. Peace and I think just sit on my. Make it to be and should get shot and that's literally how it happened no knocking on doors no you know Stephen King LB. In a million read you know reject letters don't care in the trash. None of that and I know every writer whose captors could argue that because I mean right now is in jail pretty much. We're not coming yet but it it would really strange it was one of those. I talked in the movie metaphors so please forgive me. You know like in Happy Gilmore when usage can your really good golfers that angle golf for a hockey player that was me. And I still out till there I'd Wear it well I don't like I wait for somebody call me out ago it sure you're not supposed to be in here yeah well. I think it if you shrimp remain confident accordingly. But I yet that. Well and our guest is Steve Asher author and researcher were discussing his books haunting of the Kentucky State penitentiary and haunting of the western lunatic asylum house. And a lot more to come you listen Jason GDP on relative radio. It's there's an old west Friday in east in the start somewhere between welcome. A review of myself Jason allens and the always awesome. Chief each are sort and continue our conversation with Steve Asher he's a paranormal author Andy researcher just a few moments he's got some books out one's so haunt teams of the Kentucky's state penitentiary in the other spartans. Of the western lunatic asylum. His website is Stevie Asher dot com we'll bring him back in the program just a moment. But I know you just saw this today there's some amazing video now you and I have spent a lot of time at the Stanley hotel and Estes. Or cholera and extreme. And half of that sober about it and so the coral probably quarter of it or not that it's an amazing place it makes a selling trucks but just understand when your 8000 feet above sea level. One drink is equivalent to three. Soul. You have two or three drinks not your run is his ex denying him. And you're trying to find doing back to Europe. Well and if you and I had been at the Stanley Hotel when this particular. Event occurred which we just saw a video we've I don't know what alluded Don but there's. Video and I I posted it on my FaceBook and I don't know if you've got it on the beyond reality FaceBook page or not. But it's not we should get it up there. The notes front desk manager in the middle of the night and they have somebody to front desk all the time. Took a video of a bear. That got into the lobby of the hotel must do he says he learned how to open the door probably just pushed it open. It was it was truly amazing it is it's in the he Stan I'm on the table it's a very same table that fit you and I've sat in the chairs at where their feet up on dental X 4 in the morning just just hanging around talking. And it's just. Stood there hanging out in him you know as alarming hotel and then it gets off of the off on the couch or whatever off the table surge walk into lobby widgets and go into the restaurant have a bite to eat would you probably was trying to do well and can you imagine a first off the person taking the video is separate front desk but can you imagine. How do you make sure none of the gas from walking because every right as anywhere at the Stanley Hotel. No matter what time it is there's always somebody coming down that means staircase. Yeah that's that's absolutely true. An and know how they you know that I mean I know they have security but do they have enough to handle Leno making sure that everybody stays awake is lot of different ways you could come into that room so. And luckily was I think was I don't know brown bear black there wasn't any wasn't in danger I mean helps our air all I can be dangerous but you know some more aggressive than others in this. The senate didn't seem pretty docile but is just an amazing sights if you haven't seen the video I highly recommend. You looking on line I'm actually I'm gonna I'm gonna share and choreographed slick course set on the yeah Mario Diaz slick can do that can. Yeah he he can do that's who put it up on the NBR page so and I'm reports from him picks well and but it's insane it's great it's great to check that out. Are so I'm we forgot to mention that tomorrow on Knight is a best of program and then Monday we've got a returning guests this is one of those guests where we ran out of time before he ran out of things to talk about Douglas caught troll join us again he's a clearer point eight teacher he spiritual healer and an author. They're really talking about things like her points remote viewing on quantum meditation. Developing intuition prior predictions prophecy. A lot of great topics as that happened last time. Douglas was on the program shall pick up that conversation on Monday if you have a yeah. Mean she had over at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio later FaceBook page for us. Then had to beyond the reality radio dot com if Feingold stations we Aaron across the country analysis costly being added to listen check in Austin. But you can also listen to and you can also download the free iPhone and android temperate there ritualized atlas and life care specialist Jeremy Allen chat more. Or any night relied just click the listen live temperate in the upper hand corner of the web site. And listen to the show alive rate won't have to from the website I am a great chat room with enriched a bunch of. Wonderful people via a lot of great stuff going on there are where to take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest back into the program Steve Asher. Is going to continue talking about his books on teens of the Kentucky State penitentiary and hunt ends of the western lunatic asylum. Harry listen Jason did Dioner. This show it's beyond me over the radio Jason Hart Stevie Johnson thank you so much for being with. This telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call. And join our discussion we particularly like to hear from you if a you've visited either of these places that testy dasher I guess is written about Kentucky State penitentiary or western lunatic asylum. Or be eve had to bear in your hotel room. Or CG. You wanna go spared you wanna goes baby those more topics of the nineties you'd like to during. A baby -- the malls and it's a paradox at Edwards issue ago yet it's former partner hurry and doing well Steve again thanks for being here with us. Let's talk about the first of the books was it was a Kentucky's state the first one the penitentiary book. Okay let's talk about that location now you actually work there as city. Corrections officer right. Yes Syria excellent I'd worked there for. Were about ten years and the facility exit its. Was really well it's our only super Max in Kentucky just like that got. The both the electric chair and lethal injection. And we actually have some faults are so many make it are old enough. To kind of have the dubious distinction of when they were good and did you choose either they electric chair. Lethal injection. Kind of a weird deal it actually went on line I am not mistaken probably that was 1889 Christmas Eve. And it actually to have a big. Sign out front of an abandoned all hope ye who enter here to the rule. But hard core place you know it wasn't until the boy scam it is. You know they were their dependents they are there for isolation and hard work. And religious instruction you know those kind of wanting to that these guys you know what actually really. Think. About what they did and and back that I classifications for different you know we're just coming right out of the civil war so you have the seven reconstruction and all that and so that was one of the things that they did. In this area which is still one of the many states Kabul pleasure and an open and brain and this meant that place is never closed his doors as ever had a whale. And you know it's it's a very imposing. The silly if you look at it it looks like a castle ultra call to cancel the Cumberland and it was modeled on the old Julia prison. Does not actually it's it's kind of get to port cultures and their ultimate step up military which are much like a castle. Yeah almost gives screen and and almost gives the illusion like eastern state penitentiary when you know when you're looking at a much fraud. You know a lot of times people would. C. Would like he's the commander they were thought it would like you said they told each state are but he said because it seems like a lot of times. It'll still held it ain't broken don't fix it. They what was that model is shell to be pretty you know pretty much record in each precinct here and it's imposing. Note from those things you come up on it doesn't matter if you've ever seen him talk it's seen at a thousand times. There's a mood there you know. He had coincided it and knew it already does it change so what you feel about it just. Quite. And Steve I've got a lot of friends who are correctional officers or who were correctional officers and and the ones there's there's a lot of negative things that veco on and a prison bottom line we all know that whether it's people being insulted people being. Arranged and just and beatings and murders and things of that nature and prisons for whatever reason seem to just. Hold a lot of bad negative energy so even when people are not in there. There's religious tends to be a lot of activities seems to circle around them. Well I know that and part of Kentucky they were in pretty well. British from the central through western in many are out in the eastern coast about your trigger event cape. We have a lot of fingers that run from that cage system through here at Texaco car system and that basically means that we have a lot of a limestone. That underwater opt percent cut. Yeah especially like us you know squishy. All three there so you've got there's just thousands and thousands of gallons or 100 million gallons whatever our second match. They've run through there and you know as you know. One zone has courts or a certain frequency on the Brazilian obviously. He's a little transistor radios. You can hit it a certain frequency. In a situation also you have running water constantly going out front that because they cut. The Cumberland river they dammed up the end of the water to help produce electricity it is like neo liberal Obrador dealt with the where they you know slash flooded everything and he took over that's what they did. To the town that the penitentiary is because he used to be well it's cold edible Kentucky are Eddie hill. And it's actually knew any bill cozy old any deal. Is under the water that you can actually underwater postal cease and the roads and parts of the old buildings it was there because that it really knock down that is well water on dude anyway and it did. Most of it they're still possibilities that exist there so. You know fat Koppel would like you said. They isolation desperation. All the other nations you know all the violence all the different stuff. All that kind of traffic as of December and you know very dark and years upon years of pressure compounding all that yeah. That would let mark and beat the people that warm all what I got. What have people what they want screen allows adjustment because it first. People kind of know that you do your research you get you know chemicals Lester stain on your bag L what are. Even after while people who were kind of poke fun at check in front of the supervisory and come back and look I'm sorry but it played in the you know I was talking about this was kind of like you know what Gail blazer to settle such they would talk this year and so let's start out I guess so but they don't look. Yeah I'm on the Christian whatever but I did see this and I can't. I can't. Gated I into my world view it doesn't compute. Because you know most folks like it either redeem an art it is certain that are just so. Some. Brain issue. And they know I'm sober I'm awake. I don't see this kind of thing but yet I can't and that's where they're tired I'm kind of ship that it animated take all all in. Jump into the open into the ghost ghost like wallet but their debt to step over that changed you can't really Merkel let. And that's what would happen you know and not just not just the officers in. And just like there are some officers. There or some inmates at some. And solid as a career. What I mean as you may have a guy and here in the day murderer got dual bar fighters opened things went wrong. It to guide them killed them. Wasn't his intention to get him but he killed and kind of try to maybe it was just. You know whatever governor's nephew or somebody east and state trooper that was all workers up. It's simple and nobody really got a book or an atom and you know digital got a little bit more solid in the face. States open to consult jury. You can ask around you know I can tell the Quito don't want to. Two making yet acted to tackle here did you see did you you know what did you see that kind of cold outside and around the same time corporate jets. You know you start getting. So little bit little bit more validity to disorders and that Austria that or think that it really trauma goes. Even the old timers because we had like old timers they were officers and at 2030 years man in the head inmates are there gosh you know forty years fifty years. Did that what are and again there and Stephen and and ripped you for just second year I'm just because when he need to go to breakthrough and a minute and I wanna get to a phone call or two before we do that. So will come back to that conversation just a second the first let's go to Lisa Louisiana. Who won into commenting on something you're talking about hey Lisa how are you welcome to the program. Yeah and in high and the reason why can't it and I'm not instant candidate they'd be happy at play. I went to settle at one time I think yeah me yen. I am the map behind me. On my act it was like that. Hearts and aren't in it keep it at that they act like a beer or am I think I am willing and eating about beer I get ill gotten. Lisa how did not. Crying how did you know did you feel it actually touch you grab you or did you sense a presence. I spent kept Akron. There I can't block that high. And this was in church. It was and it charts yet and that charts. And we were kicking me in and her play in that putt on the map behind. Natural and now I can subtract dot check out a lot of time again when that Jack and I have my grammar that Vietnam. I would surely crying. And out of setting night apple hasn't gotten any added it inept well flat because it realized that kind of right. That stopped crying for a minute and I thought links ER. And then not part of boy day that one day he would amnesty act. I didn't know what it glad you asked me did you EG you could manage that met with about eighteen and nineteen at night and that oh she hit it here any gains and then actually not I thought about the employee later I've read about holly area. Try to come burger. That I thought maybe that accurate so that black. Well a lot of times in a lot of people don't realize churches have a lot of paranormal activity because it's such an important part in a lot of people's lives. That if this thing is for it and decide to hang around for whatever reason. A lot of times they go there and they and they still have that connection there. And the eagle there and so a lot of times you will have paranormal experiences at churches. Well I've really never really believed did not back because and I Alley believe that I thought I looked at that and I am very. Lee that really count that but I never had a couple. Experience says and that Brad. And but and the Bible about aunt evil spirit Kim. And I met that comes back to date that the Abraham Tucker I'm GAAP net. Very unlikely for negative type entities to enter church it cents kind of I don't think it gave her comfortable situation or. Lisa thank you for the phone call we appreciate you sharing that story with a Sony gets. Steve's take on that in the minutes we've got left before we go to break Steve. That that story do anything to you he's UT EC your hear anything in that that makes you concerned. Will. I guess that I would kind of be on ward rebuke China has to be negative energy. The deduction would be really hard to be in that type of situation. But like he says some people if that's what spirits are. Here we're we're creatures of habit. If you were very much a decent involved in the church that is going to be part of your your daily or weekly thing it's probably a good chance you gonna continue. I would think more likely especially if it's a person was for Lauren and having. An emotional. Crisis that very well may have been someone that cared about them morsel that they were distraught trying to comfort. And that part was never the intent contrite in the person maybe there would sit there are search and go you know it's it's okay. Yeah analog times all those spirits and go to church. I had to churches just because they're looking for some sort of forgiveness because they're scared of redemption on the other side so but and we can get back into a lot more of that. Our guest is Steve Asher author and researcher or phone numbers 8446877669. It 446877669. You'll soon Jason chief. Dion really revealed will be back. I mean technically scandal it. Your normal Friday night is it describes. It but it's bringing that up to welcome back. The show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy we've been talking ghosts all mine on digs. All night with Steve Asher coast babies well we've all countries had to ghost dvds and Bibi who smoothie is immune. The strain the status of its chain of things it can one leads on the other Vietnam. Nothing leads in the Bibi proves that stuff that's that's that's if you're if you're not sure what they if you just tuned in there is is a story out where there is of some scientists who've come up with a new option as a pro bionic smoothie drink and I don't think he's guess scientists. Say that they're laughing in a like what it is gonna try to solve the go ahead yet and they they they suggest and recommended that says there's a bacteria in Beebe who. Then to actually serves as a very very healthy organic probe by not like it will actually help cure diseases like diabetes or at least. Not naming you know cure them is certainly. Help with them or other auto immune diseases I'm not gonna try it you know I'm just not going there. But you might want to ask your doctor about it. It now down at that are out there. Leon Ariza Steve bashers are guest tonight his website is Steve. Steve I'm we'd been talking about Kentucky State penitentiary Kenny gives a background of the atmosphere there. You work they're full for a while and he said it's still an active prison so it's it's still in use today. Yeah yeah what and the thing is. You know since it said that. A lot of just happen. You get to a certain point when I start to have the eight CA you know the accreditation. Thing per all the that injuries. They were. Where he allegedly told it would get to have X amount of room for an inmate because back in the old days it would be like a very small cell. Double triple box sometimes I mean there was a time when they would have been laid out to all weighing in all this and that severe overcrowding. Which led to a lot of violence. But yet like guys kinda went on it and you know obviously. To meet modern standards and yeah I know. I'm actually I actually am very familiar with that because some I was on the county legislature it where I live and we had actually had to deal with those regulations and build a new jail because of the changing requirements but I wanna get to the point where. You either saw or collected stories of XP of paranormal occurrences activity experiences what was actually happening from a paranormal standpoint. In this location. I'll I'll tell you one in my experience as. All I had been working there. Maybe three months. I had it was organic meat eating chips. And it was probably 2:30 eagle on 11 o'clock at night. I was working at force someone else. Controlled senate and that is actually a small little. All off this debt has monitors and has all the switches to control. All the silverware. And also all the quote the war's front back is just for you know. The Letterman an outlet outlet hands and also for all Catholic around in case of fire lousy pop all Leah exit door to patent it also blocks quickly. The way it is. That could you describe this type of the cycle so sell outs. It still around thirties and like if you make like a big scooby examined right. And you got to cut it down the sinner and you turn one side to the left wants to right gonna have the middle. Where in all the pipe chases would be the them on the right left out you have five or 62 years have been on the other on the right valujet are sixty years. West side person side right size is called Riverside because let's face is toward. Government river. And anyway so I'm working in the air and the walk officers ran up and down media. The stairs you know so school middle. I steers. And I noticed channel Kriewaldt which is a single walk and this is what the column meritorious walk this is where they have guys used to work kitchen workers interviewed kitchen work and whatever they go to bitterly you know and 'cause or merited given their time entered yet to have you know 66 to eight months you don't know what write ups or violence. Two do that in what he's got zero bedded down. And I start noticing something on the little monitors. Which is down twenty in the back wall. We walk. First just almost looks like radio you know like a mirage up our ground where. Has got a fairly obvious fact that kind of wavy scenario. Lady kind of predator issue not I mean it was reform but it was like. So it was kind of ball and Blackwell can remain the camera to be award yourself and let the guys don't turn it around. And because you know just have to timer to onto browns well I I know it's getting more more defined. And it actually got to the point where. It started developing into well basically like a plasma. Like in the a oh and a ball for. It was very very weird it was about. Problem got to sound as a small beach ball not a big talk it concert beach while he would like a regular beach police say you know I get to play with. And this thing. Really was quite quite price for the area. And and it really weird contractual and I'm seeing in the got to the top block adults not fired just not they'd like fired slight. Flickering candle lit into the trailer or not but it's sure to suspended a lot of crap could also. I'm really watch and actually really intently this thing sort of comes up toward. But too little hallway. And it's sort of almost a sort of figuring. It is really really are I didn't I'm really curious and it's okay how he's got pulled something in their bureaucracy got to be climate. I'll watch and look at why Argentinian thing I don't hear anybody on your screen and so I don't leaders anything wrong. So what got choked up a walk out of my call over the radio 'cause it's late at night it's gonna look like a bunch of people battled gigabyte hard. Well I watched it shrink at Mexican culture to. The cameras. Out black and white and Porsche like god what color it'd been. And I guess it still political figure rate and that it shot has to be. Right of the camera and off Austria what had little tail multiple car. Almost what you would think applicable western Alexio tells us that. And it was so bright it actually made a camera shot 10% like black Alan Keyes have too much contrast. In any sort of faded right now again. Instead I'll just come down and usually he watch me is like. Want. An option and the cameras want your son simply to watch the camera mind you know almost. Usually meaningless. If not a dissident discussed in or between here I don't wanna I don't need I don't need him to Elena. And just trotting out total one until. Banesha. In accountable arrive. As a compliment if just the opposite you know the economy now. They don't when he walked it used to be the death walk. That's where the differently nature red. And at one time they're used to be no treatment between branch out the other twenty walk in the shell which is right to the right at that. This would wander in the show artworks and there had been a lot of protection murders and rapes and and at one time when they first built the and its entry it was intended properly. So all the methane can't step would collect from garages bathrooms which he added assume rich. Bench and it has secured some people diners suffocated. And I went wow ICL. In the case peak hit I mean and I Soledad you know you know I try to get. The actual video but you know question I can do that because it's. State property. It was just like I knew them down like in a whole another guy beside working middle security prison before that and I had some kind of idea of security. But that coupled with the colonel most of plus the fact that this was normal it which is but it just wasn't talked about. That was what was so strange sort of like a bit of a saying in the sky Iceland where of course it is. No old timers got it the newer guys didn't talk about it supervisors to when discussing devastated want to discuss and actually try to get when I was working. At the penitentiary actually tried to give the okay DO critical period you know. Leaders who think again checks were ill in their fields that I am a field goes. You know that you understand I imminent can call can't discuss because hallucinations and educational under different stuff and when you have guys that are already volatile because I was wanna do it in the cult recess house which is the segregation unit. This is where you know will head like cutters and I'd just gotten violent attacks all the time. And I was like looking at this might. Be a problem any degree shield the start. And maybe make it safer for the officers trying to make it just a better situation for everybody. They shut it down this down and not knowing your first final three can't do it. And I actually that but it also probably this is my opinion typical look we don't need that kind of understand you know millions to read she Dolly's collect or. Watch those. Some of those were built back when. You know what it was or like you know I guess it is a very very old complex. In a lot of people seem to stop. Payers well cause they walk the second got all was at the bottom. Three so I also think all of history OK and walk. That's a curious it's curious phenomenon just because those death walks. I mean there's got to be a lot of energy but at the same time we often think of spirits are turning to a place that they want to be. Now and that can't be the place that they need those folks wanna be listen what are arsenal minds right now. We've got pat from Missouri who wants to shared experience with a tape pat welcome your on when Jason Jay-Z and Steve Asher. Saint EST I work and then if any mental institution. In this state and they're very and I listen charges at con see age wit and in different man. Then all different crying and crying in stat. And and it. At one time that we were there watching and fat non game of course they would golf fitness in the so office and watch the football game tonight. Have to stand behind and then there's that phenomena the only staff member there. And over my shoulder. IAL. And into teams. That was standing. Right behind me. And I turn. And there's no one neck. This happened night after 98 aunt during nine H one and I work there. I myself like watching you know what was the diet when I was watching TV. Are working on that computer. Bulletin and Ian were all in bed. And I think it can kill somebody there watching me that nobody lives there. Now whenever I re tiny ear. I'm no longer felt that income. Nobody minded Freeney and right channel of terror and nobody believed to me. It Paterno likes counting of course watching me. To I don't know what they list. Watching me affirm my faith speed or a lot can bet I can feel. And well even I even turn the leak and in case. There's like even if our AM where her what if it's standing there if Green Bay. You know that would I look at the alternate I made. You said you kind of almost wondered if it was so when they'll watch now for you did I mean did you get. I distinctly maybe male or female feel Reynard it feel familiar to you so much like. No I kind of got a feeling that it was domain and that it was in May. That it expanding these guys standing. It gets kind of like an aren't going to arm the range as me. I just got that feeling getting it actually means. That and like I said he would stand behind me also I'm Natalie is working on my computer. And Mary Meehan were in bed and of course I wish there about myself. Whatever sorry she has any citing it as it is bothering me. Or any came back I really and you at least there I I could just teach. We knew they were there and I and we turn. And Nolan. Well it seems like to do the fact that when you sit. And an arm's length you know it seemed like it was all run up on you this sort of at a respectful respectful distance your body you know of that your personal place. And yeah I mean that's config and on didn't or slightly maybe it was an older staffer that it where there's been a lot of years there. And I did a courtesy to what there's there's it out as you know Leo based but there's a thing called the law must make sure she's. If she says after she into the gutter back. Yet he pat did you say that it all ended after he retired. And did thank you for calling and thank you get. Yeah it is all of my name my patients. Warming and all of my patients that watched. The fact mark you were on me and I was the only female there. Interesting. Well thank you for sharing that with the spam or just that a times are gonna have to let you go blessed time that's probably not an uncommon story. Steve we've got just a couple minutes left we didn't even get really to talk about the lunatic asylum somebody did wanna ask you something based on your experience with the western lunatic asylum. You know Jason tonight and particularly Jason had been to a whole bunch of facilities like that they always have some. Outstanding activity is certainly an outstanding energy. Number what is it about those places in about a minute or so that gives them those characteristics. Well. You know it's so strange I think part of it is you know didn't factor do you do that people that are. Compromise too emotionally or mentally or whatever. No disrespect. It's just saying to their I believe. The negative attack just like a predator. Would go after someone who is compromise. Just like around me don't say if you were these freshmen you know when I would have a group of folks out. I would make sure everybody was and you know I had Drake added that there weren't having emotional issues at home that they weren't ill that they weren't. Angry. And I think when you have a person who's got. In control their faculties for better and better lack of the word. There easy prey and I think says. If there are ghost there are connected to. That facility all sorts probably previously entities. To remain tortured. And if they're tree in the body at that point you know it probably just becomes worse so. They fill. Sort of relegated it as second class citizen is sort of pushed off you know inning forty Americas our target and you're gonna get frustrated the world peach tree while you talk to. You know and it would just make the whole madness words. Yeah well Steve thanks so much for coming hang in all of us and I didn't we look forward to talking again at some point. Had a blast guys that think extinction mature being on our had me on an. But to talk to god again. Before we send you off books available on Amazon. Yes sir yeah yet so at least Simon Schuster back commuted pressed. And you know Books-A-Million and all those great places many books and Wanda. Great have a great night Steve. Are you so we're gonna take a quick break come back and wrap things populace and adjacent to. Silence and say or other. I just have to say that says despite the fact it's fiction. It's pretty appropriate if you are interested in harder to silence is a movie called great encounters. That actually spooks initially spoof spy uses the concept of what could go senators type show. And this film crew goes in to film an episode of their show inept and old asylum and what happens to them as pretty it's actually pretty frightening it's a good horror movie. It's a good paranormal movie and it's it's one that kind of does the whole. We've colonel more investigation gone wrong. Seemed right. Yeah and in your Watson and actually when I'm aware of the stamp yet again personally I don't what I yeah I never I never thought you don't you know it's funny the first in my sought at the Stanley had just won some awards it's TriBeCa film festival and it was brought out to the Stanley as one of the things we were doing out there so yeah. Pinching a big thank you to Steve gesture when hang analogous tonight remember tomorrow I ever tried his best be on reality summation you tune and and the head over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial to FaceBook page forests and then had beyond reality radio Tom. Find dollar stations download the free apps you can listen to the show on the go and much much more you listen to Jason GP beyond merely radio have a great weekend and. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one I'll simply tell incidents it's an normally you don't really read news. Yeah you know stopped going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will purchase almost all the chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to readjust and beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.