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ML Behrman talks about mysteries of the Mojave

Aug 29, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to ML Behrman about his research into the many strange and mysterious occurances of the Mojave desert. 8/29/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's just him last Wednesday in the east and you're stuck somewhere in which. And what we are currently radio myself Jason allens and always some chief Pete Johnson I'm feeling a little stuck in between the night. You start him too in terms rock and a hard place I don't know I'm just reality. And and beyond reality Anna Maria what is this this incredible fascination. With the goats. I mean he's he's I don't I don't have a I mean you mean you Murray. Their own or else my wife while some you've seen this go yoga thing right going on people doing yoga and I know I've never it's and go some yoga I'm pretty sure it's called go to yoga and it's does that legal in this country well I inserted a question of the people are doing yoga and goats like stand on their backs are on their stomachs and kind of walk on the men's or have you not seen this I have not and I don't have any attention on ever seen I would avoid. You know if you see signs immerses you know come in for go yielded to stay away and I think that's actually things you see when you get to the end of the Internet. It's what's go on I think yours truly made it to the end of the inner one search too many. Have you hear anything more than one searched him and Malia while here's the thing this is what I find interesting design it's not just go to yoga that's caught my attention how he'll go apparently scientists have figured out that goats can actually read human expressions. Goats are highly intelligent creatures they really are so we're always felt. To a summer really of the vehicles like demonic eyes or looked in they were quick little pills they but the wife actually she's been our passing for three years about getting some of those miniature go goats. To do anyway. Remarks like on American more than back on grade but. And an anxious blossomed in dearly but. Hong Kong wells shortly to build a shed Foreman I just can't bring myself to do all of this made me tip the scale when you're in her favor because goats. Have been determined be able to figure out human expressions and they like happy individuals more than wake. Angrier sent into the season in which he made a couple of it could what they would Hillary Christmas here and did all my toys that they would be made these goats have been shown. Two pictures of the same person one with a happy expression and the other with an angry expression and twenty goats was the sample size. On more more likely to approach the smiling image and touch it with their snout. And the angry image. See that's the thing I wouldn't want it go to your touching me with a spouse or anything else and I don't want to do go to yoga. You know idea I just think and I think you're given go to bad rap I mean they they. Beetle to good uses of I that element doing that we're not going to be talking about boats tonight when they're against that is true here brave first outlook going to be hard reality radio Jason and Judy if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality rated elect a FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under really radio dot com. You find all the seasons we Aaron across the country that this is constantly being updated you can also download the free iPhone an injury to operate there. Tell us listen live catch passion was showing online chat more. Or any net relied script the this and then chat button right there on the website. And you can join him like channel listening to the show right from your computer. And tonight we're going to be talking with ML determine he's an author but he also as he YouTube channel called Mojave mysteries which it agreed to chip yeah it'll arcs got a lot of really cool stuff on there. Apparently the Mojave Desert you know we all know it's Minnesota southeastern California in the Nevada. On the beat covers about 50000 square miles it seems to be the home of not just a lot of alien activity which we've talked about on the program before. But creek did activity ghost activity. Strange creature activity. True crime activity is a lot of weird stuff going on an ML chairman NS chronicle a lot of this in his YouTube. Hideous and the end there is there's a missing and people go missing in this just a lot of strange things that that happened with and and getting give him kudos though it a lot of the videos he does he goes out and he goes up alone and doesn't start. And I don't I just don't think that that would be the place from literally go out problem. I would love to be an animal for how long it may be half hours enough but out in the desert in the middle of the night but those clear skies is I don't think you can see Tenneco. No and I forget the goats. I don't seek to demonize you I don't think you could you conceive the sky more clearly anywhere else in the world of ours our economy is in a desert situation like that senate that. I do that mountain Arizona. We headed down the middle of nowhere and who it was just incredible to him it's just you can see the sky and hold new new way. Yeah or not you're immune and in the northeast and there are plenty of places we can go there where there's not a lot of light pollution and I've seen them but but we have so much humidity in the air. I'm in the northeast that it changes what you can see it actually affects it. So clouds about mister Morley Hayes yup exactly mentally totally New Hampshire in the mountains and stuff it really clears up a that was left to get out there to inject that they be good be good for the beyond reality we Rhode we can rest Winnebago yes we can pull oh hole breaking bad thing and goes. An ominous I think that's the perfect what three months to three months into the sure but some. But before we do that we got to do a show tomorrow night that we're going to have DV Moffett with this he's gonna talk about healthy plays a role in our lives he's got a new book called the mr. Burris. And will look into our fate affected a troubled teen in influenced his family and how that to basically set his path and his future. And then Thursday area and Michael bringing on and ease the travel psychologists and actually read this book is pretty pretty neat. We'll be discussing his new book that he authored with Rosemary and Helen dialing Rosemary Ellen Kylie all along with some other books he's got so. This year checked out us immigration out. Yeah a lot of great stuff coming up of course Friday is always a best of program. Right down the phone number we will open a foam balls phone lines later in the program at 8446877669. You know we're always irritates me to achieve you and I we were constantly talking about these stories and weird things and amending founder and and that during breaks that you bring some up and all I'm tired of that or Auburn Samoa and you already heard that but this this one's interest in this. And brought that brought this up to javy your order. Who won the east they're claiming that one of the great mysteries of Bermuda Triangle. And they believe they finally found an explanation for a team of scientists from the university of South Hampton England. Speculate that an actual thing called rogue waves. Could explain the mysterious disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle. Now I've I've been on the boats many times it as well as you Judy and they're armed sometimes there's just ease strained two weeks come out of nowhere. And you're always gonna be prepared but on. Strange region that lies in the north Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda Miami and Puerto Rico has meant it's pretty much men. The place where just endless in mind boggling to parents is that ships and planes happened. The Bermuda Triangle lore include such stories is that a flight nineteen. Also a group of five US torpedo bombers that Aniston's triangle in 1945. A rescue plane that was sent to look for Adam disappeared. Other stories include the mystery of the USS cyclops resulting largest non combat loss of life in the US navy's history. 309 people went missing in nineteen. In 1918. And just walked in there was one even 2015 how far bush cargo ship 33 people on board vanished in the area. Andy they claim that altogether. So are 75 planes and hundreds of ships that just disappeared but now they're calling it they're saying that they believe this to be. Caused by rogue ways and add our voice felt that's a high probability but it's also at issue when you talk about planes. And I think you'd agree with the JV the tone of these row roadways being about ninety feet and 9210. Feet pin. Just doesn't seem like it would be something take appoint him. Yeah and that was of my problem with the story when we talked about it you know first of all we all know there's there's what. Water anomalies all over the ocean does not just the Bermuda Triangle and we that that particular part of the ocean has an interest in convergence of of gulfstream and other occurrence. That create some interest in conditions. But it does not explain why it pilot will be flying along and saying he sees some worked funnel cloud ahead of him and he's. He gets into this tunnel cloud is suddenly disoriented all those instruments stopped working can't figure out how to get out of it. The complete completely. Turnaround doesn't know worry as I mean that's happened over and over again we've actually had people on this program that of experience that firsthand. And you know and who know rogue wave is going to be be able to explain that phenomena or not. And I can understand things like the US aside clubs which was a large ship that had a flat pop Manhattan that being taken out by a rogue wave or something being taken umpire of course hundred plus full wave. Is going to just Pia and devastating to any ships out there but what explains these things in the air. Caught a cold one more thing don't cut you off but he doesn't explain why the blood of the wreckage doesn't get found. A rogue wave capsized in a ship like this cyclops doesn't explain why there's no sign of bodies are or are wreckage anywhere ever. I'm on apple and over in case so we know over and over again and it just. It won't make you wonder the the current underwater or whatever I'll never remember with the whole Edmund FitzGerald I mean. So there's there's a lot of strange things that of course c'mon of that put. I don't mind the story interest me and I definitely I I have seen roadways I've dealt with them I know that they actually. Just caught a rogue we've few years back are on an on camera. And actually through the satellite which was pretty amazing but I just I guess that it doesn't explain the whole thing of and beat the airplanes and things of that nature so I think they might have half the half the things solved but they are still look for. Other strange things that are causing other. Other issues yeah I think they came up with a an explanation that explains a lot of reasons why it's ships can. Racked her or capsize or whatever but I don't necessarily think they explain anything about the neutral. Yet and the actually the first rogue wave that was observed by a satellite in 1997 and south African coast. And they say that that was in somewhere in his thirty meters Saturday and match and it shows up on satellite of course by. I don't think there's a lot more of the story is they didn't they need to figure out so I agree. Aren't so with that we're gonna take a quick break and a lot more come we're gonna get MLB airmen on the phone and you listen adjacent TV beyond reality radio will be back after this. Back to show. And clearly grated cheese and cheese team we're talking about part of the American southwest Mojave Desert specifically our guest tonight. Is MLB airman he's an author plus a longtime researcher. And chronicler. A strange. And mysterious occurrences. Throughout the Mojave Desert the spring in ML ML welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight with us. Thank you very much so glad to a bigger. Comics coming on so this is kind of a short segment but it gives us an opportunity to do trying to get to know you a little bit why fueled your interest in just a sense of strange. Paranormal or unusual occurrences. I'm I've bored and fascinated by that type stuff growing up you know use the read all the books and watch all the shows like can search. And mysterious monsters and things like that and want site came to the West Coast I can do that there's about thirty years ago. Just starting to explore and hearing all the folklore and stories. Of the area and from there I just got into actually checking things out that I I get to the point where I was. Sick of Reading about stuff from like united it's cool to read about it but I wanna go there I wanna go. To Roswell or I wanna go to needles or I wanna go to Death Valley you know we're wherever. Something happened just. Aided to soak up the vibes and be what they started actually. Writing a producing stories about it you know interviewing people and talking to home because. You know so much of with the Internet Internet now and social media so much stuff is regurgitate it you know the same three story cinque ports stores look at just. Repeated ad nauseam and nothing knew. And when you actually go to an area and speak to people. That's what you get like. You know. Stories or viewpoint so what happened that you ever heard before and that is what it my appetite for more than once they got into that. I then became fascinated by the fact that a lot of the phenomenon. We see. An excuse me throughout Mojave and actually I would say around the world. Does have historical precedent. I started going back in the archives of legal newspapers. In the early nineteen hundreds the 18100 that a lot of things. That we take. For granted it's modern. Phenomenon actually have been ongoing. For the last. Few hundred years and in the Mojave because with a long history we have public that the native American talk. So. This subject is as history book. As a paranormal book as just you know and explore public to get out then and check stuff that my hobbies is the goal line but no pun intended because obviously there's a lot of gold mine to the Motley. So that was that it was just such a rich environment and then once I started kind of finding. Allies like to approach. Stories that it just has snowballed from there. So did you I kind of miss this part of mood of your answered did you seek out. Mojave Desert is a place to go because of the things you've heard about it or did you. Fine you're so there are holes starting to recognize when it happened you know. I was working in California and I was in LA and I hated being in the city. So it goes to the desert on weekends. To relax camp and then do that type stuff for men. Once. I he started camping and meeting people and learning about stuff like this became enamored of that and I actually it is a move into the desert and I've been there for over 25 years now. And I just love it you know to me it it I love the environment and it's just look at safe secure a rich. Tapestry of both folklore tales and then I'm going mysteries that that kind of made up my thing. Very well when we come back from our break we're gonna get into some more of the detail of how are you uncovered some of these stories tell you started to chronicle them. Before we do go to break here ML what's the YouTube channel. It's Mojave mysteries. On YouTube is protected. Yet. Perfect okay and it's agree on certain issues checked I don't. Are you listen to Jason G beyond beyond reality radio and I have to. Leading chastened TV adjustments and meld their men. We're talking about. Mojave Desert and there's a string of phenomenon. That has occurred there continues to occur there has a crew there over the course of hundreds of years. And ML is going to be talking to us about some of those things that he's uncovered and crime chronicled on his YouTube page specifically. Which is known as the Mojave mysteries on YouTube. On ML just so we all know we're talking about here. The Mojave Desert is. Mostly southeastern California and in no in you know into Nevada but can you give us you know kind of a better idea what to geography is here we're talking about. Com is yet to China area that encompasses from Palm Springs up through. Death Valley over almost to the coast. Then. A bit of Arizona. And then a little spurt up in the Utah and then a good chunk of the desert around Las Vegas. So it's a huge area and it ended the height desert. Remote desert going towards Mexico's Senora in which is is that different. Landscape and in the Colorado desert with so little to the east. But the Mojave is generally between three and 6000 feet it's a little cooler it's no in the winner's. Has type pine trees that some of the higher reaches. So it's. The giant. Ecosystem unto itself. And other than being I think it's the most arid. Part of the country if I'm not mistaken or it's gotta be close. So other than being dead and having some amazing. Geological formations or anything else that's unique about that area that might. Lend us to believe that it would be prone to hire phenomenon of the type we're talking about. Well its biggest thing is the remoteness. Of a lot of the areas. There's a reason the government sticks area 51 out there and groom lake. That word certain. A lot of their secret bases for testing stuff is because. People that wanna hide something or. Something that doesn't want to be seen the Mojave is the place to be. So just did general remoteness and harshness. Is conducive to so much. Phenomenon and and stories but now from me. Scientific view bit there's a lot of seismic activity. Under the Southern California part of that and some of that has been linked to some of the phenomenon. That people report goes light earthquake light. Spirit late. Stuff like that and even to the point where. It is it depends how. Analysts say esoteric but how specialized you wanna get that that sometimes electronic discharges from. Achieve a logical forces can cause. Different phenomenon in the human brain you know electricity can. Cause they eighty epileptic type thing or hallucination or. Altered state. So. Yeah you know wrap all that together and you have a perfect location for mysteries this article is that it if you can have mistreated as a place to do it. Well and there are a lot of native Americans that believe that area to be very special correct. Yeah exactly there's a lot of areas where they consider. It it. Euphoric or healing or evil or repressive and they've even been studies that you know a lot of the granite has peace deal electric qualities and when. Granting grinds against each itself. It can cost of electric discharge and sparks like. Discharge and they wonder at some of the native Americans were cooling in that's some of the areas where they felt. He differ president or an altered state. So yes there are. You go to giant rock which is just that a big giant boulder. It was considered. By the native Americans to be a holy spot that. Had powers and and from that time had now it's it's gone on to become a you know arguable hot spot where. They even built the Integra Tron which was the healing. Device that this guy that lived out there except that the aliens beamed into his mind that he actually built that it is still standing you can go visit it. But the rock itself where he. That is visitation. Has had more going back to that native American times so yes yes that they've Americans could have always been sensitive development. You mentioned today UFO type activity and one of the things that I thought was so curious and may be part of an explanation or not. And I mentioned it in the beginning of the program on you can't find a another place in the country where you can look into the night sky in seem more than you can see when you're standing in that desert. Does that have something to do with the with the activity it's one of two ways one it's more conducive for these visitors. Or two it's just it's more conducive for us to see them. Exactly. So many people that come to the desert the first certainly blows away is like oh my god I've never seen. Some of these stars sir I've never seen you can actually see satellites you know what are my hobbies is is sitting out at night sometimes way out there just. Watching satellite humble because you can actually see them. Yet satellite traffic you have planes that you have all the military stuff so the banks sky is always busy out here. Let's just being credible. Meteor showers and natural but on the. When you started to do your in research. There must have been a story here to the jumped out that really made you think while I've got to look into this aerial with a little more detail. What were the ones that kind of started this whole process for. Well I hit one personal ones that. This is one of those out of the blue things when I first moved out here I was interest then in gold mining and stuff like that they've visited a lot of the mines. And everyone has definitive you know. Stumbling over gold nugget that someone else missed hundred years ago. So but I never paid attention to geology at school so I had no idea what to look for. I've met this guy who would have. A look elderly gentleman was a prospector and he could get my would be one day and I would show you what to look for as far as mental minerals. So when out with them and we started talking or walking along. And this guy could read the ground like incredible and he was showing me things that a PC that that the lightning strikes from. 101000 years ago he says he's the sand and both of these tracks here that so that those young Thai that's a bobcat with an injured rear leg here or whatever he could just read the ground. And ask them you know how how. He got so good because blah. It turns out he was a green beret he had done three tours in Vietnam. And his specialty was track or so ago Jack can I can track any thing. So you know we talked and we look back the truck at lunch to put food that it's insane and that I step in the standard and I'm a big guy I've got large feet so let me at each track in the similar look big foot and he goes no big with a lot bigger net. And I'm like hey you have right does not track we've put. Am like keep track bigfoot in the Beaulieu. Totally serious and not think he's gonna tell me something about being in the jungles of Cambodia. And you know it seems somewhere out there. You go to my tractor up and in Death Valley. In my well anyway you track bigfoot in Death Valley has been at the time the idea of big foot and and the whole it thing. Being in the desert to me was just like what. Yet specially Death Valley I mean yes and I've been a Death Valley. Yeah righteous. Now just the job for recoup there's a huge. History have put it all through the desert that I never knew about it but he went on to tell me this amazing story. About how he and a friend were prospecting up in Death Valley and at the sink counter. And you know he's probably better fact about it then and stuff like that. So Mac utility if you want but the it was that. Enough to make me go like okay that this you seem like an basically like. A cool guy that knows we talking about people that to me totally logical and stuff like that so I started doing research. Michael camera I'm gonna go look at them and look around and see what. If there's anything that supports this then sure enough it turned out in I'd. I don't know how well you know the Mojave that there is a legend the phenomena of the yup command and the sand man. The cement monster of the Perry giant the elder brother. Go back to native American times. All through the desert it's just hit had a different name in whatever part of the desert as it happens to appear and it is. Then from there is Indian rock art showing. It right there depiction of the hairy man at the dairy giant. Right up to. You know she'll put finding bigfoot today where they've got people claiming to see it and counter. And I myself. Found tracks on two different occasions that. I don't know what they were put. They were interest thing that and they were large. They don't choke analysts say bigfoot that depict book. But also to think of hairy type creature walking through an aerial Death Valley just in to. Think here's the thing a lot of people think Death Valley is the badlands. Where the hottest temperature in North America has ever been recorded than and it's just brains searing hot but there. 45000. Foot mountains surrounding that bitter lush wit. Forests and water and stuff like that so. There's that there's a climate. On the environment that could support. What does support larger animals submitted support Mountain Lion mule deer bear stuff like that. Now as far as the idea of they undiscovered. Harry hominid. Running around the desert willow leave that to scientists. But out say that there is enough of a full or about it that it's something that. Obviously has been going on for hundreds of years are these people have been claiming it's going out for a hundred years. So. That was an example of of just out of the blue some guy told me stories and it opened the door that was just what will it divert. Heard any of this war. And the other thing is you have follows now everybody expects. They're to be UFO's in the desert. And began. I hit. Then superficially aware of things like Roswell and and and cases like that the that I had I never had really thought about Mojave much I knew about area 51 and and so much of the folklore around. And you bet you 2008. I stopped in a small store to get some supplies and the lady behind the counter of the page to a capitalists might Mike Nolan happened. There's something came down from the desert over by Beatles. You know like what should they think it's that you follow and the army came in and grabbed it and blocked up the area and saw on the news even and I heard it on the radio and and people been talking about it so. A pickle that centrist think someone over. In that area check stuff out and I don't know how well you if I ever heard that story but it has all the elements of you're classic. Crash to a free poll. Story and to the point where you can go on Google and Google the news reports from Las Vegas. Networks that are talking about it and it was everything. People that it was a spaceship other people that it was a satellite that'd be certain to drone attest crap. That the military did come in and grab something in the helicopters were seen. You know. Chopper in north toward backed area 51 with the slung underneath. And then of hopeful weren't grown up about it and I've met people who claim that they were actually out in the desert near there one that was our thing. And he says he came to. An area where it. Military hit cordoned it off and they told them you know you get a turn around and go back the other way. You know can't get through here. And he actually told them hey you know I'm gonna run out of gas if I can go back the other way that's like four hours through the desert so. They go OK wait here and they brought up the truck and actually guess that is. Truck forum. And sent him on his way. So I admit I actually met people that claim to have been at least. Witnessing got a peripheral. Basis. So there's an example of the dumping it just happened to stop in the store that night to it's and supplies could that that out camping for a week. Looking and so mounts. And it opened up this whole. Think about. Beautiful crashing end in needles. At and then when I went and again started going back to the archives. I found any conceded that some of them might YouTube channel about it. Vehicle crash in Death Valley in 1949. Let's sum let's jump to a break here ML and then when we come that we can talk about that we'll have a short segment on the other side of this break. Carter guesses MLM chairman and pretty quick break a lot more to come to listen Jason JTV on it. This man. We're talking about his soon YouTube channel. And more it's called Mojave mysteries. And day ML this is a kind of a short segment but I wanna ask you what what point did you decide to present. What you've been finding in the form of YouTube videos in YouTube channel because they're very effective. There really entertaining and interesting. I'm but it simply got to kind of make the decision and the commitment to to make that effort. Yeah well I mean I my deal was if I hit yet. Them out and show people that there was enough so that they. Subject there and that I could present it in a cool way that I might be able to. Some gate get to where I could do like an hour special or something. You know. They won't vote for the big book deal or movie deal I was hoping just to bring my stories that to the point where acted interest someone that might want to. Fund paid a larger production or that I myself. You get the channel big enough to where it itself flawed 88. Hourlong special or something like that. And today you know visual is that people don't read my partner that has any more they they've much and I watch YouTube and it's very conducive to how wanted to present my story that didn't want I I always hated stories were it was like. Five minutes of idea and 25 minutes of talking. So I wanted to make it like OK I'm just gonna make them five to ten minutes long. And get to the point show cool thing showed the background to it and you know. Keep the pop and keep people entertained. You know it's interesting you say they know nobody reads anymore there's couple stories in the news recently that kind of illustrate what's going on in media the Boston Herald is leaving Boston because they can't afford to be in Boston anymore they're not gonna ceased publication but to not compete in downtown Boston. And Pittsburgh. A city the size of Pittsburgh they have the what top twenty fives. There was up 25 cities in the country right. Territories they no longer have a daily newspaper. I mean this is it's an incredible evolution in media. A lot of them are switching to pretty much online publications and makes it easier format war. Yet does okay we're gonna break when we come back on the other side we will open the phone lines were pro also begin to some of these specific stories. That ML has chronicled on his YouTube channel. And the phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 844687. 7669. You listen Jason yeah. Excuse than the last it's. Stretching. Honor reality radio with me Jason hunt in the house and javy Johnson. I've been deceived troubled the night happen faster would it is little tongue tied for some reason. I'm in just a few moments of bring our guests back into the program ML Berman we're talking about the Mojave mysteries. His work in the Mojave Desert in a lot of very very strange. An unusual occurrences that he's chronicles. But before we do that. You and I were just talking during the break about how hot it has been the last day here so here we had. Lot of hot weather than we had some release. In the last like today and tomorrow brutal again and but I guess. Yet to say I am sorry I enjoy the am enjoying it this year I know but here's the thing. We're whether you like it or not. Winter is around the corner camera and they farmer's almanac almanac and and and everybody pays attention the farmer's almanac is a big thing here up. And then and then in the end. Upstate New York in the northeast I mean I don't tendon. Put a lot of credence into written me but a lot of people do. They are predicting teeth chattering. Cold this winter I wish me happy and lots of I'm not I'm not happy about that these are some somewhere in between I'll be somewhere that 65 degrees all the time may be a little blip actually you know I don't mind into the seventies even close to eat these loans it's not humid. But that's not what we've had here in the northeast this year. Our sets then it's been warm but I guess I've always found it easier tick cool off and eat then to warm up in the winter yeah I suppose there's some truth that too but I'm decide you know it's I'm just like everybody else to complain when is too high complain when used to cold and you don't mean have you heard me complain at all this are you while you just complain Maureen was complain outages. I was highlights are stuck on a train look at and it was gonna train and and Aaron let me just explain r.'s stock and a trained and two with a carts eighty c.s were not working. And then the one in the front. Was working overtime so you'd end up in the front cart in need to literally be freezing to death. And you have to all leave that go to the cart had no receipt just suit just to warm up and and. I don't know about you and I know you would not like if we were we traveling and we have to be sharing a hotel room both like him very very cold yes I am and it's a sleepy yet yet so I don't know if I would generally and I mean in the winter window cracked and fan. It's just a sort of sleep. Anyway welcome back to the program everybody we've got a good one we're in the middle talking with MLB airmen about the Mojave Desert and one of the stranger activity that's occurred there throughout the years tomorrow we've got DB Mossad on he's an author he'll be talking about seat in what role state plays in all of our lives. And then Michael brain the travel psychologist. Will be discussing his book that he co authored with Rosemary hauling Kylie. And who begin and a lot of that may never Friday of course is a best of beyond reality grader at Hampshire ML I'm Pearman has experienced some picture Michael writes. Are there in the desert. I would think so ML maybe you can tell us about that a minute but he thinks desert you think hot. Lot of sunshine but it it's cold the nights time doesn't. Yeah I mean you get forty to sixty degree temperature change between day and night and even in the summer I carry Asia. Down jacket invested money pact because. When he did start in the sun drops to get chilly and our winners are that are different and that it feels Soviet that David oh man that night it it'll. Just brutal. We want everybody to go to ML's YouTube channel it's Mojave mysteries on YouTube. ML also has some books Mojave mysteries volume one desert paranormal series five and then you've got some novels western horror novels what you call them it's the G Everett pearl's series. Total slowed a bit about that series of novels before we get back into the discussion about some of the things you've encountered and things you've researched in Mojave Desert. OK we're just real quickly gave rural as a cowboy in the 1880 thinking ninety's to. Hans monsters seem easy but. You know it happens in duke case. You know happenstance he doesn't think it's gonna be some creature but then it turns out to be something that is beyond the ordinary. And it came about because when I was beat out camping in the desert out the middle and no word you know check out some of these stories. I always wondered like oh OK you know it's so remote out here and it it's. Probably time and what would quote I do by the cowboy out there and I encountered the UFO Bryant countered the creature or I was hired to. You know ride the range out here and I encountered something that was. You know far beyond political analysts expected to speak. So I wrote the first one just kind of think you gonna be one and that three people in the world would read it and it. Turned out to be quite popular and people want the series so I. Created the series around the. Let's. Let's tended to retrieve some steps here and go back in history at what point did you discover that. That this activity that you've so. Of adept we put into your videos started occurring and I know you mentioned some native American. References but Paul how far back as a staff go. It depends on the phenomenon but in the tribe in the area. But you've got stories in Death Valley about giants and ancient cities under desert stuff like that go way back that I used. Back 67800. Years. And in Southern California than the southern deserts. You've got the story of the got command going back a thousand years. Some of the rock art that they've discovered. Depicts what the date moves would call that very manner or the very giant at and so this stuff like that and then there's all sorts of like the dark watchers which it is a phenomenon that. Somebody Indian tribes salute. Dave bid up in the peaks of the mountains there was these shadowy figures that would watch you and you could never approached him and they don't receive them. Stating had peaks just watching what was going down below. So you have that type of I don't know of cosmology the correct word but into apology. And historical. Reference to. Stuff that people like it there are still saying today. And when you say today you mean like. Today with the stuff is still going on many votes or. I mean I've I've got stories number I think that that break up to 2017. You know 2008. Like as saying The Beatles you know folk fraction. Edwards Air Force Base beautiful flat in the sixties or you know so it's an ongoing thing. No one of the things that so were all quite familiar with a reports of UFO sightings in the southwest. We you know we know area 51 is in the general vicinity we know that you know do the Phoenix lights are are of very very. Well known UFO event. But these other things when you start talking about creatures in things like demon flyer. Do we serve talking about things that are alien related or release are talking about completely different phenomenon just happens to be in the same area. Completely different phenomenon that it's in the same area. The demon flyers that is bat like creature that. When I first discover the case I heard it from a couple that were. Doing photography up in Death Valley they had an encounter and they told me about it and then I got an email. From another gentleman who had claimed to see it. So. That led me to another person that has seen that so I did the story and what I've really only had. Like three or 41. Person accounts of it. And then if you go to that story my channel and look at the comments page of a sudden all these people came forward saying that they've seen something similar. In the general area or a little bit south of there. Think even aware I had oh a guy and FaceBook tell me he had seen it on this one stretch of highway. You know. Seven years ago and then I had a gal on my YouTube channel says that she's seated on the same stretch channel same stretch of highway. You know five years after that so there's two people a few different. Platforms saying it seemed the same thing in the same area on the same stretch of road. So he can act Cumberland wow this is a lot bigger phenomenon I even thought. And when I started researching him back I found that that people had been claiming that the flying. Entities. Humanoid. Or whatever going back to the eighteen hundreds. And. So as to Stephen flyer the scene and the same type of creature or the seem. Claims as the one the pavement talking about in New Guinea for me to quote. That's the big. When I win this search of the initial surge is being inquired kept turning up the living reptiles that they are seeing in Papua New Guinea or at the beginning jungles which is more like people were trying to claim the living pared back toward living dinosaur. But this what these people are describing is. Closer to what the marked man phenomenon was. Out east but without the alien or you have fold. Thanks to a it was more. Like in Hannibal you know something that would visit campsite and ransacked gave a cooler or it was spotted. Picking at roadkill on the highway. And it's been described as. You know black leather read humanoid type figure with bat like wings. Now within Tuesday at the side seems to change you know a lot people say lows three foot tall five foot tall six foot tall. And then I even hit got email from. Biologists to fraud or natural actually who thought he would discovered and on discovered. Type of giant cutting Howell out in the desert heats up people might have been mistaking that. For. This. And to be. We're creature but the people that that gave me there count they were very clear no this is Matt and our whole that this that they have very human like face or that. It had a body that was more. Must future like humans rather than a bird. So it seems to be its own thing but it seems to be a thing that more people have been counted and I even. Do about one when I did the initial story. But for talking something six feet tall and we'd we'd be talking something that would have to have won at least at twelve to fourteen foot wingspan up. Eat yes exactly and and EC so my episode but like giant bird stuff like that people claimed to have seen. Things with wingspan of twelve feet fifteen feet. Now. Like any encrypted you always got to go out it will what did you eat where does that sleep. How does that breed then you know how Kamal honored as a child born. But. That aside. People are claiming they've seen that and describing is just to design that that it was. In March humanize. Humanoid creature with wings. Now is this something it's mainly seen 98 or is that center. Do boatmen's bit nocturnal and saw the reports. Woods. The guy driving down the road. Such something hunched over on the side of the road thought it was like gay. Up coyotes Rick we get something when he got up to it it stood up and turned around. In to get a good look at it now so that leapt into the year and flew up on these bat like wings. And so nocturnal that would explain like on tourism shoot him walking yeah well. IR thermal imaging. Yeah. Mike I you know I know. Out in the desert if beacon that can catch a bullet has a lot of bullets so that voters seem to shoot everything. Road signs power boxes. Anything left out so I'm surprised that someone has been a bit but it. All right well we're gonna do where to take a quick break our guesses and and Mel chairman author and we're discussing it mysteries in the Mojave Desert. Loosened Jason GDP on an island radio boomed back. Maybe tomorrow night TV market with a seasonal flu talking about. What seat role on what role faith plays in all of our allies. There does that tongue twisting thing again and no. It's just one of those what are you it's what's in the. Spent in the Thursday market over in the travel psychologists will be discussing his new book that he co authored with Rosemary and at Rosemary Howland guy we are fortunate it is that this is really is not a Mecca is just one of those vetoes those bio rhythms or whatever it is it that the matrix whatever it is that connects assaults Denis of doing this but anyway we've got a great show tonight we're talking with MLB Harriman about his YouTube channel which you should all check out its Mojave mysteries on YouTube. An ML this is a short segment for us. But you've you've been doing this for quite some time how long have you been following these stories. And in rolling up your sleeves and kind of uncovering these mysteries. I've actually lived in the desert for the last 24. Years so. You know two decades. As you started to. But creature YouTube videos or get these words get the word out on the stories and other ways. Did did the floodgates open did people start contacting you saying hey you need to hear my story. Well yes yes. I've gotten everything from stopping to get the point cheaper somewhere go hey you're that guy for. He's too you know I get it I never told anybody this but and and look at some stories so I've gotten emails I've gotten. You know people. Allenby and that kind of one thing I would say it everybody has the story everybody has the story I don't care who they are where they live whatever bias you. Stay with this period that ever happened you what's the weirdest thing that ever happened the EU have the story right. Once so when people realize that you listen without. Judging them. Then no bill opened up and and tell you all sorts of stuff. And we have definitely found that as well it's been investigating claims panel for as long as I am one of the first things people always say you're gonna think I'm crazy mullah. And yet. And the mini you'd you'd take that away and that he and you can connect with them and they understand the you're not there you're not going to laugh at them. It's just say it does open those floodgates. Yet been like if they everybody's got some some story. That that. And I love the ones that have come up to and say you know I don't believe anything any of that stuff we don't happen when pounced wells yet. I think have their story to write because that's a that's always the case. Note that there's there's an element I get home. I encountered stuff put an end you know some of the told me I'll do something from someone out of hand and not to let it sounds crazy you must be nuts to myself. Then thinking wait a minute. You know that that's that's so far up from what I have experience you know people so. You know. Exactly and it's and the same land tonight I go on investigate these things so anybody is crazy but are you with that we're gonna take a break a lot more to come you listen Jason GDP on reality radio that. Ten year RC four forward 6877669. Tonight we're talking with the MLB Harriman about. His YouTube channel Mojave mysteries you should check it out subscribe to it there's some very very interest in videos and one of the nice things about it ML is that. You know. They're kind of short form I noticed most of the videos 56 minutes long you've got some longer ones on there but it's it's had a lot of information in a brief. Viewing period which is probably pretty important for most people. Yeah. You know I only time that we set down to watch a show. Colonel Ochoa he'd be where you know they go to commercial might come back and tell you the same thing he's thought a minute because they go to commercial aback by this. Same thing again through the same shots. You know always hated that yeah like not want to you know served it up quick. Make it interesting and popping in and if someone wants to go back and watch it again could they didn't get all of that that. First time that's cool you know. And I wanted to make it like you know you say you're sitting in the doctor's office if phone now what you give up on my channel watcher the cool little five minute mystery. So. Some. Yes and works really well it's very very effective. Some of the story you have on there met most of them remain mysterious by the end of the video. Some of them at least one that I got to see you actually kind of come up with a conclusion I'm talking about the on the Kozo artifact. Tell us the story of the Kozo artifact. It is still a bit of a dispute as to what we know what the outcome is but there's and Cox our action. I came down on the side of both of them the most prosaic explanation for that. Some rock cutters went out 1960s. Looking for GO they found a rock they thought it was a GO brought it home. Cut it open and when they cut it open it broke that solved late and when they looked what looked what was inside looked like a metal bolts. Surrounded by eight porcelain. With some sort of tungsten inserts. And he got enough. But about it that they X rated and when they X rated. It looked like. Some sort of mechanical device or or. Artifacts that had actually been sealed in this forum which would make it. You know tens of thousands 15100000 years old but was immediately picked up as proof of time travel as a proof of ancient aliens. And you know of society and the existed long before. Our current understanding of history. And it got the whole treatment. Paranormal treatment. But then. Some guys step forward and said no way that the spark plug. Now that in itself makes you go it will spark plug in an Iraq that 150000 years old this is still amazing. That. And they looked at it and to the point where there's like no we can even tell you that and I never knew that that there's people that actually collect spark plugs. And collectors came ports and although we recognize that from a 1929. Packard. And you know that only was made for two years and here's what the ones from our collection and almost identical. End then people came forward to what what did she noted all what it was actually woods would you. Submerged medal and it starts to rush to break down it'll it'll. Getting the creation or or. Think sticking to it and they can look like a rock but actually talk hunk of rusted. Medal of material surrounding whatever the initial artifact was wish it was a spark what was the porcelain corps and the tungsten and sir. Now. Since then. It's been lost the artifact has been lost for decades so we can't really. Test it. And the three people that founded two are dead one not talking anymore about it. Because he hadn't seen it in decades he just said it was something metal that broke that saw. But that. To me that was. The most. Prosaic explanation of that because when you looked at at the X rays and stuff like that it does look like the spark plug that these collectors put up what looked at it's the same thing. You know also then the question became what would have been a Geo Group was just you know in an accumulation of for rusted and truck. So that was one where I came down on the side of the I don't think this was. Proof of I certainly wouldn't wanna paying the case for ancient aliens that. As you look back over all of the this story's. That you've researched and investigated. There's got to be water to the stand had to be your favorites give us give us a couple of those. Home. Well and I give credit to I like big oh. All the ones that I find in the newspapers that are just an amazing late. The the one I recently just at the killer punch back of the Mojave which was a story that ran in the newspapers in 1904. About eight. Individual who's a much better now that this is in the language of the time I don't want to insult anybody. But they said that this guy it was a hunch that he lived on opium and liquor. And he had been robbing people in the saloons and many of them threatening mine owners of many hatched a plan to lure people out into the desert with a fake gold mine. We killed them and then and took their money. And one of the people it killed the guy gave. His friend gave an interview the newspaper with all these boasts of I'm gonna tracked down the killer punch back and you know I'm I'm leaving today and I just borrow the pistol and I'm an issue with that blah blah blah. So put this on going series in the papers of the time. And then the whole thing took a twist where it turned out. That. The man they called the hunchback might have been murdered by another guy who is the actual architect of all the crime and it was blamed on him. Because the man was dope addict and the forbidden and was the perfect candidate that the monster. Immediate that just blew it when I came across this series of articles. With the headlines were going killer punch back. You know all the stuff is is that while this is. This is just so bizarre you know that would make a great western today that no one would believe you you know no this is true I. Read about it. What was the timeframe of that when was that it might. Penal for. Then rules what are the other ones I always. That the added that they've really places the giant war room of the more B which. In 801985. The appeal of pompous impartial got a call from a guy going yeah there's there's a huge. They're people were men know in my backyard. And it actually satisfying it is about feel funny that the like we got to see this silly that a guy out and yet there and then. You know they've they've heard rumors of you know the thirty people were mean you're managing something had to doom or something yeah Sri. Any you get that perfect and it hit it in the the river outback and the Mojave river runs. Near his house. And again I would help back there and sure enough. There was this thirty foot thing in the water. That. Looked like the warm but it was. Trans Lucent it was about three inch is why aid in that spot and long story short it turned out to be missed. Certain code. Lays eggs. In the water they fit together in this. Drink in this giant string of told exit form this thirty foot what appeared to be a living. Saying that it was moving in the water that. These guys that appeal and actually got called out to investigate so those were two stories that are like just because they were. Just so strange yet. Was an element of truth to home also that that. It's nice to have an explanation on some stuff or or she is so crazy you know 34 warm in your backyard and it turns out to be frog eggs. All alone times things like that it's Newton to handle a simple explanation of people look past the fear of what's setting them off in the first place. Well exactly you know you get that you investigate stuff would you investigate something you're you're faced with three choices a it happened. Be it didn't happen. Well see something happen but it was misinterpreted or we didn't understand what we're looking man. Exactly and a lot of times that's and that's exactly what this is especially when it comes out of the paranormal. The way somebody perceive something isn't and doesn't mean that that's really the way it is it's just their perception of. Yeah exactly. And I mean I I even had that I I actually thought I had a UFO sighting at one time well. You know and we're pressed for time about it requests not relate to this guy moving in a triangle formation. But you could see the stars between them as a movie so I thought it was. I had known about there was a company that did mapping the satellites and they flew three satellite information. I thought that was look at it and all the sudden one of home peeled off a bit of button book and went back towards the other Verizon. One kept going straight and then once. Fell lot of formations certain do in this following least like pendulum following thing so finally winked out and I watched. Eat that you liked go to the opposite. Horizon not satellite moving at 1710181000. Can only use terms like that. And whatever the won falling out of formation once so you know I was like a Q I saw something. Unidentified and sick aliens in this spacecraft that that it's on identified in the it was flying. Well. That's for five years I met a guy who's the contractor in his brother worked for the government. And doing classified stuff that we are talking about the needles to crash because. It was his friend was turned away by the military out there and I told about my thing. And halfway through my county started laughing and how much what he does okay I. I worked on classified stuff what I do is micro optics. Very very very small cameras for drone. And I can almost assure you what you sow the drone tests. And I'm like. You have but it looked like satellites weigh up there they were really long does not they are probably very small but a lot lower down in the atmosphere. What you Michael what was the think falling out of for making it probably had an engine that we get him all the time I can't tell it many times we've had to go out retrieve stuff. That we were testing. So there's an example of you know I saw something I was I didn't know what it was it was I couldn't. Told people it's that you're follow. And it suffered years you know I had seen something like that and a medic guy who gave me a completely different explanation of that. Made equal sense to anything else like it actually. We we have a couple minutes left with you and I wanna get this one in before we go because there was a quote in one of the videos that kind of gave me chills down my spine in this prop up the one you're gonna do you think it might be. But the quote was you're never more than six feet away from a spider or something along those lines and it was general it was in reference to the giant spider story you told for a small is it true are spiders that comment that were never more than six feet away from the spider. And he quickly tell us the giant spider story. Yet and he basically and it is in anybody's house summit where you're the only six feet away from a spider some sort or some size. Now that particular story. The main one came from a lady who would say rural bail them look delivery person and she's been coming home one night and she saw. Coming down to go back to our house and in her head like she saw what she thought was some sort of animal. Pulling something across the road and she got closer. She saw. It was what looked like its giant spiders fighter with them but the size of football. Pulling it dead rabbit. Onto the road. And she cruised up on it and all the sudden the thing. Let go of the rabbit scuttled off into the grass that the side of the road in court she didn't wanna get out of her car. Think it'll look at the globe up to their look Democrat and she couldn't see anything. And you have to watch you drove home told the sister her sister. You know would you say the next day when they went out there again the rebels was gone so. That was the it does mean report that someone has seen. That you spider. Now in that same episode actual video of the Q despite of the came into camp when I was there. You know running right by my foot which was a good size but he didn't have abut the size of football means more like a tennis ball. That was the biggest traditional I'd ever seen. That's since that episode came out I've gotten an avalanche stopped them on that page you see the comments. Of people that have seen. Big spiders and even that bad guys. Told me about running over one with an army truck when he was in the army that actually made the cap bounce when he hit it. So. Everybody's fear I think to everyone page. Giants fighters with the idea that. There could be something out there that big. I think that's absolutely true. I don't wanna see when that big guy I see the ones they see around here big enough for a sentence him he's as a quarter. Pretty much. I don't exploited via the but the trick is don't really bother me so much because they don't move well they can move that the most the time there there. Pretty sluggish and end and Melo and then in that episode UCL a went back and found articles from the 18102 people talking about. You know spiders that differentials that would jump ten feet on the people and attacked the men and you know meant that they find it. And I cheer from the current asleep and I. That's quite a lead in this conversation. Are we are at the end we were at a time ML again give the YouTube channel your social media anything else you'd like people to be aware of. Obviously YouTube dot com slash Mojave mysteries you can check out and help airmen dot com. For my books you can search for me on Amazon Mojave mysteries demo there have been and I have a slight Mojave mysteries that confident but understand the domain has stepped on at the moment so I gotta put that. Take a quick call tonight and get that Specter. On the air but go to my YouTube channel that is. It's those. Honored to watch than than anything else that thing. And solely animal league so much for coming hang in Allen has been a pleasure talking with you and we look forward talking you him. Thank you get so much has been my pleasure. Have a great night. Aren't so we're gonna take a break come back and wrap things populous image is NG he'd be on an island radio and I have to. Engine spider you can watch the signs of dragging a dead rabbit across a really low and I lead. Yeah just a feel since he's he brought up the spider thing that. And if you like to have things Crosby and say I feel I feel like missing scroll movement Pennsylvania of course I don't have any hairs let's let's see you know what it is humbling that Wednesday it's so weird. I I was Furl walker earlier today and walked by this house in the is a spider web kind of minutes Bush's with the spiders wears a size of my fist and I took a picture of him of the post of the man. They're big this year and they're and they're because it's been so warm the really really active I mean I seem to drop in front of me here in the studio all times these flu. Apparently endless food supply because they do that's right it's it's just insane so yeah. But definitely a big thing Q goes out to ML and airman for coming in hang Ellis and I Amaechi check out his. He's YouTube page. Mojave mysteries and also just check out as his was videos agrees yet honestly does a phenomenal job we'll onion. So and tomorrow night we've yet DB Moffitt on on. And we're in the talking about what role does treat play in our lives in his new book in the midst Burris. And it definitely. A different book I've been I've reverend through it nets. Therefore an ancient book with Thursday were talking with Michael crane and the travel psychologist who will be discussing his new book. These co authored with Rosemary Ellen Kylie well along with the other books as well. Yeah on your head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like FaceBook page for us. And had to be under really radio and a comic final stations where across the country in download free apps can also listen live any night we are alive right there from the website. This and pretty much do it for us listen Jason NGV beyond reality radio can chill tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients used to doing Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's the only the only angry news. Yeah you know stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason long slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.