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Dr Bruce Solheim discusses his 34 paranormal encounters

Sep 6, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Dr. Bruce Solheim about his many personal paranormal experiences that include ghosts, angels, cryptids, telekinesis, precognition and more. 9/6/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Yeah last Thursday and its many steps in between welcome we honor and he refused myself and Jason Thomas in the always. And GT Johnson I'm not gonna say is that so there's necessarily government conspiracy I'm not gonna say that but there is the government look there's a fifth. But you know we we joke about it often. But whenever. We put it this way. Frequently. When we're talking about the topic of UFOs we get some kind of weird technical in eruption to a are set up right. And it's either phone lines go dead. Or as in last case last night's case the Internet. Was can be went completely out which we rely on to deliver the show to Westwood One who will that's a direct feed to them to ask you a stranger so way it's one of the and initially photos of me announcing attacks might. If I am lost some Tom Golan. And when you called me yeah everything completely went out ended it forced that you know they showed a glossy or live in the back of should play but time. It only seems to happen when we're talking about you folks no such thing or I know on a Manassas will examine the wanted to happen tonight for. They everybody welcomed the unreality revue with Jason GG if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. That had to be under reality radio dot com define all the stations we aired across the country. You can download the free Smartphone apps which allows you to listen live sketch pad shows and join Allen -- more on the go. Or just a click and go to be on reality rated dot com click the illicit lies tab and you can. Hang out men chat rooms to greet Indian people while listening to the show and having some interest in jets. Yeah and and can have an interesting discussion tonight as well with Bruce Solheim he is a distinguished professor of history is also an author he's written a book called timeless. A paranormal personal history. And we have the show just about a month ago he was and a night where we had two guests in both of those guests the other almost Terry Lovelace. Both of them had information and stories that we're just too much to fit into an hour we've had Terry back on already. And now it's Bruce is turned a comeback not he's had 34 different paranormal experiences himself while in. Started each of four and now I have a hard time remembering last week let alone age for me to. So I can I suppose if you have an experience like that it probably sticks with you at that age or any age. You know and and he'll tell us exactly what that experience was spiked on he lectures he's actually starting a college courses this fall. And he's you knew we do need ghost lecture on October 30 great debuted to be doing that people are thinking about it. They'll make she tune in tomorrow so we've got our good friend Rebecca Foster were going to be doing readings which the Rebecca. And we do that now once a month every month so and she's great you don't want Colin early of the phone lines usually get jam packed era. It should be great night. Yet the phone lines will get very very busy with Rebecca on tomorrow night and we will let you know when to start calling but we start taking those calls frequently we don't open the phone lines up until the second hour of the program. But when we have Rebecca on we open them essentially right away. And the soon you you place those phone calls tomorrow night the better you're going to be the better chance you'll have to get on with Rebecca because the phones will be very very busy. Isu also makes you you you do that early. And also if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else do us a favor just read it for us and helps push forward makes it easier for people find and that's what it's all about couple new things coming up next week just give us a bit of a preview of flood guests. We're going to be talking about the final words project. Which is a compilation of near death and at death experiences we've had guests on. About that particular. Effort before I don't saying doctor Raymond moody was the guest we had on the last time the spoke about this particular. Topic I think it was somebody else you member general. Number specific it was a fee was it was you know that's what I remember yen yeah and this is really in choosing you were talking with who have doctors and and people who are. Really dealing with people at. In the end of their life and or ones that it experienced near death experiences and it's just amazing to see a lot of these doctors who were so close minded. Two things within the paranormal. How old how they've really opened up and we and we still so many changes he's had had really. Since they've they've started getting involved and in that aspect have really opened up to the hole. The belief that there is something more after after we finally close our eyes. And you're right they go into those professions where they very scientific approach to what life and death is. And their eyes are open rather quickly they see things that they can't explain and they start to recognize that some of the stuff is just beyond our comprehension. And that turns there you know turns their opinion around we've had many many. Health care professionals doctors nurses. On the program who have either written books are shared stories about experiences they've had in a hospital room I've had my own I know you've had some. You know and another single retirement next week with Sara Clancy. And also we're only talking about the black eyed children which is. An extremely creepy thing and if you haven't heard of them look Kamal. And I just know there's a lot of mixed things online about it gonna are we talking about them and just. You what do they need to weigh in when the when you're scene when you when you see them when they come knocking on your door when they're asking to be let into your house. What does that mean and should you. Yet there's a lot of ominous. Stories and reports about the these particular phenomenon whether or not there harbingers of evil. Whether if you let them into your home a few of doom yourself to some particular fate. There's a whole bunch and we'll be talking about all that and that's that's next Wednesday switzer Clancy yet. So our element know we're gonna take a quick break and get our guest on the line he'll listen to Jason GDP on morality radio. Ask them what you remind me. Getting about 10 December January and. I start complaining about her old. Please remind me that right now I'm in a certain number and continue to complain about the heat. Complain about the he EU is gonna have it easy tomorrow I just had enough I have sweat since I think June 1 and I didn't stop sweating since June from there is you community it's areas I didn't even knowing its wetlands Seattle's it's like Erica so Rhode Island tomorrow it's going to be in the ninety's they already show my kids school down three hours early and we're gonna have a heat index of 104 degrees snow right. I I love it. And not take this over the winter any time now I I'd probably be saying that eggs at that exact thing is like this in January time. And it weights and I would go to a great show lined up for we've got three Bruce Solon doctor Bruce Sorin joining us he's an author and a professor of history his website is Bruce. And then his middle name all love OLAZ Solheim dot com. He's got a new book out it's called timeless a paranormal personal history we had him on the program just about a month ago. We had him on the program with say another guess so here he we was here for an hour and it just was not enough time to cover the things we needed to cover. With Bruce so we're very very happy and pleased to have him back Bruce welcome back to be on reality radio. Well thank you for having me back Jason JB. Comics coming Ali Deluca Fortis. So he would tell us we it's been about a month's but a month for U I'm certainly and certainly isn't leisure time would even have to. Well being yet. The classic. That I told you about that the personnel. The paranormal personal history class. Starts next week on bond. The eleventh of September. And we had it opened up and into the days it's filled up we have thirty bright students. In that class sets interest college that I that I'm teaching and eight people are taking note ten people on the waiting list if we opened it up I can probably get a hundred people and their. It just it just shows you the level of interest. That people have date. They're they're just hungry for this morning did understand it have a forum to share their stories and kind of have some kind of framework of understanding. So if you had to give us a description because I'm sure there's a course description. And I was a pro at prospective student. And I was reading this what would you tell me you know I was going to learn by taking the class. Well try issues asset. The the class providers like I said it provides a forum. For people who have had paranormal experiences or that are interested in learning more about them. And what we do as we have. We go over a number of different. Things like note telepathy pelican he says we talked about operational experiences demonic. Things angelic. That things sent. And we also do some experiment some you know kind of simple experiments. In like remote viewing and things like that that we have guest speakers. One of them is gonna be added that I doctor dean Braden from India from my arms being instituted nordic science. Which was started by. Astronaut. Edgar Mitchell. Many years ago and so so that's what it'll happen and also very exciting thing is we're going to visit a paranormal location here locally. It's say steak house that built on an old pony express stock. From the research that I've done. And they're been a lot of experiences that the waiters in the weight staff there have have. Well I'd I'd bet that when I've gone. And owner said we could we could come in there and I'm gonna bring all the students there. And I'm gonna have something that I call Leo ghost lecture where the the experience that I had been in touch where. Are going to try to make contact not only would mean bit. What the students so it's called. Very ambitious very exciting and I think that people are primed and ready to go. So is that going to be collaboration have you working with spirits that you've been in touch with in the past and there yelling they're willing to do that trying to make contact with the others. Yes I bet that's what they've told me. That's what they told me in and I kinda takes a great deal of effort on their part. And a great deal of effort on my part and you know we're gonna give it shot we're gonna give it a try. And so far they're they're game for me. Every I have problems I mentioned last time bit. What I do is I have I find it very difficult to them to do meditation. You know it because that's just be one way to get in this also bring bring we've stage. And what I do they do walking meditation and I picked a certain range here where I live. That I think has some attendance and very ancient route I think used native Americans and Adam called valley center. And you can head up towards the mountains towards you know worthy were there is a wash now but whenever there's it rains here that's its so. The water so I I I think it's an old Madison road that was used. By the native Americans were here first course in. Not surprisingly at the base of that road is a masonic temple and I don't think those guys the free Mason's bill they're temple's just anywhere. I think they're very careful where they put those. Temples and heard her call it whatever. And of course they do a lot of ritual magic there are so. That's a very special place and when I'm there that's when I can. Being in touch with the spirit of the department just the other day. A friend of mine who passed he's Vietnam vet. He passed oh probably 56 years ago maybe seven years ago now. And he came to me and what do we just open it up to. I I I always say getting kind spirit and I gotta be careful because there are some very bad steps that things out there. And he came to me and and I told me Wanda wanted to pass on a message to his Stanley. Which I didn't and I always ask them are without them first when they contact me what I do for you it. And and he says now that counts on this message and then tell everybody that he was fine passable work and I told them so they can. They know that it Q. And interestingly he said well tell tell them. That. I'm on the beach and I catching the wave and I'm wearing my favorite. I love that that my favorite blue Hawaiian shirt. That's pretty specific. So sorry. I was I was texting with his. Which is it is quiet as we don't today. And I mentioned that and she says oh my god that that he did have that was his favorite church has gluten had a blue Hawaiian shirt. And he loved the beach and you know. Looked certain. So you know that's kind of thing that that can happen when you open yourself up to that but I have to say it is. It is quite exhausting I do this this war may be hard times a week. And it's can be rather exhausting and I had to learn how to. Turn it on internal and our. Because if I don't I'll stay in that zone and I'll just be picking up all and this man. Especially since this particular started writing this book it I mean I've been there at JP says west I'm kind of lightening rod for all the staff throughout my life. But it now that I have written this book and really opened myself and kind of trained myself this walking meditation. It's like that lightning rod status is on it could be armed and force seven not supposed. But I I you have to turn out so I can rest and relax a little. I suppose that would mean we've only got two about a minute here before we have to go to break but I suppose that would mean. That you this 34 count the 34 paranormal experience he's had probably exploded by quite a few cents. You had that number documented. Yes side of yeah I'd written us a second book that should be published next year called timeless deja Vu. And it's up to 26 more stories some of the older ones and I didn't include in the first line. Because. I was really sticking my neck out there with the first look at I didn't know how would be received at the college you know that that maybe people would think. You know badly hurt me or whatever but it's really been well received so in the second boat. I'd really Cechmanek got Utah and written about things that I was a little bit at more apprehensive about. Talking about in the first so I just keeps happening. And with the class since they're you know more things are gonna come on now. Well we're just. Of course it all yeah we're on the way here. Yeah you're putting all those people together and and focusing on the same thing I think that's gonna probably be very beneficial. Parent well and there should be interest. So we're talking with Bruce Solheim Obama about his book timeless and paranormal personal history. We're gonna continue the conversation ended in the some of these experiences that Bruce is head and it runs the gamut of paranormal activity. Very interest and we'll do that after the break we'll be opening up full lines later on that 8446877669. Until free at 8446877669. Elicited Jason GDP on our. So far technical problems last night. Herman my calling back to the program. On another night we were going to talk about his experiences. With UFO's and owls. And we huge Internet just shooting into it too we're just getting into it. Yeah we guess some late two questions and and it does everything just kind of fell apart from that point on the we will bring him back on soon so we can have this conversation because it's a very interest in one. The things that he connects between UFO an alien visitation ends and owls as per it's pretty amazing and very very compelling. Tonight however we're talking with a doctor Bruce Solheim his focus call that timeless they paranormal. Personal history. His website is his name including his middle name Bruce Olav Solheim dot com. And we appreciate him being on the program crusade I did ask him you made reference to a the last time you on the program Mike. Ash if you considered yourself to be a lightning rod for paranormal activity that you have had your share of it. There are people that we meet that it kind of fill that role or that void if you will but the thing I find very interesting you were born in Seattle. And it seems is no. The Pacific northwest is also in geographically. Kind of well lightning rod for colonel paranormal activity have you seen or heard that too. Yeah I have I have heard that I know there's a lot of serial killer that they're too but I hope you know that's a different things different show I guess. I know my what my parents are from Norway but based Erdogan in Seattle and my mom. Was really the one who introduced me to all this step I think it's genetic. She was she was psychic she was an eight like practicing psychic which he was very psychic. And can we used to do things you know it's like read each other's minds occasionally and scare my father and and because he was very very practical immigrant hardworking carpenter and he didn't wanna believe any of that stuff that my mom and I had a special connection I think that's where. It came from but I I think there it is there is a lot of acceptance up there and I have have a lot of experiences you know growing up there so. I can say that. I mean obviously the north Pacific northwest is known for a lot of scripted activity also a lot of UFO activity I'm not sure it has more than its share of spiritual or ghostly activity but then there's also that Mel's hole story. Com which I'm not exactly sure where that is and its in this Pacific northwest somewhere I'm not sure if you're familiar with that. Bruce but this what seems to be an endless hold that was reported on. The radio show coast to coast. Some years back and it's got a pretty fascinating story around of a nobody can seem to find it now. But it does seem like that area has more than its share of stuff going on is it because it's so in many ways remote is that is an antenna in this. Well there's it's very densely forested. If you do you don't have to go very far out of Seattle to get into some pretty dense forest and mountain areas in places where you would suspect. You know you would find the sap score archer or you know any kind of slowed things like that going on I mean and it's very. It's very much filled with you know native American. Experiences and lower and I had an experience near mount Adams. Where I was hiking in an amount that himself this Seattle's south of marrying here. Approaching. The the border there with Oregon. And then near mount saint helens of course the mountain that blew up in 1980. And we were hiking a mountain Adams and I Bank of Canada to trail and it went on the sold animal trail and I found this. Weird candidate partying kind of that it is personal but get tangled route. The title more liberal package had been fashioned somewhat along time ago by somebody. And I think it happened just you know kind of put in my pocket got back down to the campsite in that night I had a very strange vision. And an experience. And I think it was prompted by that that artifact I think it was a native American art fact that I founded. I communicated with somebody named Leon who said he was a they see here and a shaman and the native American shaman. And it's like I write I write about it in the book called treetops warriors that is what happened is that I saw these. All these native Americans rise up out of the forest and just. You know kind of walk along a float along the top to the the treetops. And I heard drumming and and you know there'd chanting and everything and is very is clear as a bell and I was telling my girlfriend at the time. What was going on she didn't hear any of it should doubt it was actually no good. I did explain that torrent and then when we got back and I didn't do very profound experience when we got back home. I called up the the Akamai Indian reservation the nearest Indian reservation and I saw an area and they. Found the artifact in the bill the lady was quite bizarre she. She says it where did you find in the sit well near. John Adams and and she said. Put it back. And and I said hey why don't you wanted. You know researcher Indian on you know a guy named Giuliani. You know he's so supposedly native American. Shaman you know unseeded part of the Yakima tribe she says we don't know Leon. Put it back and except well you know maybe I could come and meet change so it put it back imagery hung up. Well yeah it was a very bizarre experience you know and and I know that. An NI I I do have native American friends and I I have read a lot about and I know that they're very sensitive about these artifacts and so. It it's I had nothing but bad luck after that when I have that playing and I finally why I didn't get to put it back at that actually left it. In a house that we're living in. And I believe that whoever found it hopefully realize that it wasn't and did something with a bit. All I'd I'd probably should have put it back but I never went back to mount Adams Morgan due to circumstances kind of beyond my control of that time Tibet. I think the northwest is still with that kind of spent a lot of it non native American stuff. Well they will you to set a minute ago volume growth and at times thinking you're not so that's got to be. A common a common situation and especially I Abdullah that is apparel more investigator and a lot of people who do. Do you get that impression and how do you have how do you handle that I'm sure you've heard you've heard from numerous people in the secure crazier than secure. And not being involved in this or seeing what you. Yeah well it's it's something that you and I. And this is an isolated from my spirit Friendster that I mean don't don't waste your time trying to convince diehard skeptics because you're wasting your breath. There are plenty of people who are open to this who had experiences warrant forum you know for and want people to listen to them try to understand what's going on so. That truly wasted effort that I I'm not I'm not unkind to them you know I just. Don't don't go very much further than that in. And and I understand it if you haven't experienced in this or repeat haven't taken opposite this if you haven't acknowledged that we've experienced any of these things. Are you want except that he blocked it out. I can understand skepticism. But once you've experienced it there's no turning back I mean you have you have to accept the fact that there is something beyond this reality that we say we live in. Then yes. And I agree with you totally and I always in my in my responses I don't tell skeptics anything because I'm not here. Four of them I'm I'm trying to help all those Nike tour requesting mine and mine help. And who the main thing is of skeptics could just work with. Investigators they don't have to be believed believers but as long as they are willing to meet each other in the middle. And try to figure this out together I think the field would only benefit. Yeah and and that's why I think via. The fear factor comes in some people are skeptical because they are afraid. And they had been there a step to be afraid and I mean it's not nice at some very scary very terrible experiences to a you know not all of it's been not rainbows and lolly pops in on angelic stuff. So. I understand that some of the skepticism might come from from fear and they just wanna block hitter just to not acknowledge it at all. So I guess I don't begrudge them that. No and I and I agree with you totally on them a lot of a lot of that is based off while they're fear of them if they actually experienced something in me might have to acknowledge that there's something there and they really don't want to. It's gonna it's gonna rocked their world. So let's so let's walk this back just a little bit because them in case someone didn't hear our first discussion. In the course of all these paranormal experiences that you had it started quite early for you tell us how. Your first experience at least the first when you remember. Happened to what happened and you know keep this whole thing off for. Yeah I was at age four and it was in northern Norway. On a very remote island by 200 miles above the Arctic Circle. And my parents that was their first trip back to Norway they immigrated in 1948 so in 1962. We all went back. And Libby at my grandmother on this remote island. Well I'm. Well and I what happened was that I was I was playing outside as a wintertime. And I'm beautiful setting bit you know it's dark there in the wintertime and pretty cold and I got I start to really sick high fever body aches and then all of a sudden I had trouble moving my head moved my necklace stiff. I'm back in my muscles are starting to stiffen up so I went home. And I laid down a missile bet my grandmother had in the kitchen and they just kept getting worse. And my mother and my grandmother in relatives came over and they were all saying oh my god this is this is what happens when uncles so then got. Polio and you know. This is what happened when your eldest brother got sick and died the next day and I'm terra site in my parent my parents are terrified my grandmother was terrified. And so right I just kept getting sicker and I just I couldn't even move and then I finally drifted up and asleep and then sometime in the middle of the night eight. Awoke to raise their very bright light arm while a warm bright light. And a brightness was in the shape that it was an angelic shape what I would describe as an angelic shape. And all of a sudden I had no more fear at all I just knew everything was going to be OK that I would be healed that I would be okay and not sickened. And I went back to sleep and I won't get in the in the morning and I was critically farm. And my great grandmother and my mother. Championship again in the Obama cabinet sit well that was your guardian Angel. And she'll be with you for the rest your life. So that was my experience you bet at age four. Did that first experience open door few do you believe. I think it did I think you know rocket senate had a genetic predisposition to be open to this step. But I think that. First experience. You know and and children are sponges you know they they absorb all this stepped in and so I think it just printed on mean dead. You know what I already had in me but it really all it really did open opened the floodgates so I guess if you will because things just started happening. Pretty frequently randomly but a fairly frequently after that. Yet and the flood opening the floodgates is a perfect way to describe that we're gonna gain it get into more of those details when we come back from the break we're talking with doctor Bruce. Sole line his website. Includes his middle name Bruce all laugh OLEV. Solheim dot com his book is called timeless eternal more personal history he's got other books to his credit as well. And you'll find all of them listed on his website. Or would it take quick break a lot more to come usage extension. Next hour. Her mind to 200 join our conversation and ask our guest doctor Bruce saw many questions at 2844687. 7669. We're talking about his experiences. Many many peer paranormal experiences we frequently have people on the program that are considered or at least we consider. To be lightning rods for paranormal activity. And Bruce sole line is one of those folks he's chronicle a lot of that activity in a book recent release recently released called timeless it paranormal personal. History can find that on his website also Amazon and other places. And percent to ask when you had your first paranormal experience least first when you remembered each for. And it was a bit of an angelic visitation. Mom and then it started you donate life. Long it series of these types of encounters. It is in retrospect looking back get a do you consider it a blessing or curse. I. I consider it more of a blessing. When I have trouble sleeping at night because I have trouble turning it off sometimes it's a bit of a curse but I think it's more of a blessing and a curse. Especially now that I've finally. Have the courage to write the book and and panic come out of the paranormal closet I guess if you will. And and and not be afraid of my peers are at a college or know anything you know right I just I concede that it. It's necessary for people like as I think you know shows like you guys have in the TV show you guys had I mean he's. These are really important things for people to realize that there's there's there's more. There's more than just just that the world that we live in right here and I think it's important for them to not live in such fear. Well what is beyond. And the like I feel like I have a special mission you know I'd like they have a mission to teach my students history. I have a mission now to share these experiences and make people feel comfortable enough to share their experiences. And and then pass it on down the line in an adult classes like this we're gonna have. At citrus starting next week will will spread as far as I know we're the only collapsed that. At a college in you know paranormal classic in Southern California that I know about. So I'd seen as a mission you know it's something good to to be doing so it's more of a blessing and a curse. I think that's really respectful because on the arm rested and that was the main reason that we finally agreed to do the show ghost hunters it was because we wanted to bring. Well credibility to the field but we also wanted to show people that it didn't have to always be scary. That it can be more interest in you can be more intriguing it didn't have to be a thing where it's Hollywood Hollywood makes anything that deals with ghosts and lost the kid show. Terrifying and it really really not it's more intriguing and there's so much that we can learn from. Yes I I I agree now there there are terrifying aspects to it that I think those things are you pretty much if you. Halfway know what's going on to begin with you can avoid those those situations like. Princeton's we have in our neighborhood here there's house that I called a murder outs. And does I knew something was weird about it in the night it had a bad feeling about it. And then I found out that. Kind of today are probably a man understood decent living with a elderly mother. She died suddenly and then he shot himself and that our soldiers out there really bad feeling in people's what you wanna go into a look at their neighbors are other neighbors spotted. Is that you won't take a look at this house and I'm not going there. I I know right away that's not a place that I wanna go so I think. I don't think you can avoid those really negatives that sometimes you can't. Or sometimes you make a foolish mistake and you get yourself in a situation that I think you're right there's so much good you know just like I said this friend of mine who. You know I shared the experience of my communicating with her with her husband is passed on and that the certain. It's sort of psychic gift you know that and I don't see myself as being like this. But it hasn't really special person I just. They didn't like it gives like other people have gifts and did the main job that we have Vista is to share that with the others and make their lives better. Well the scary and then they'll hold him negative type entities thing is such a rarity than him 99% of people out there will never really come across something like that. Com you know of course unless they keep on trying to per. Stick themselves in that predicament but you know. And you wanna poke those things too much. Of course of course. We have we have less than a minute before we have to go to breaking and Bruce but at this point give folks. A list where they can find your books. Well there you can go to my web site crews all console I'm dot com and it all my books are on their with links to the wall all the links go to Amazon I guess. So Amazon is very confined although all the books they just put in my name Bruce Solheim or Bruce colossal climbing all the books will pop up. And yeah that stat that's the best way to do it and I'd. And I'd. I lottery I wanna remember to tell you get an invite you guys to come to the collapse would you ever out in this area. To come and visit. I I think he'd get a kick out of it and I know the people the students here would I know your way back on the East Coast and more on the West Coast with. Well and we we would love to with 3000 miles at school would release idling and tools to get access to do it through direct route or take you up on that and if we're are closer to NF throughout their at some point maybe we can take him up on that as we do get out there once and counsel that we do our we're gonna take a quick break a lot more to come elicited JC GB via. And then the last Thursday. This news somewhere with. Myself just because they always awesome GB Johnson weren't given a great. Conversation with doctor Bruce Solheim tonight he's gonna book it's called timeless apparent a more personal history chronicles. His life of lifelong. Encounters with the paranormal 34 or more experiences and they continue to affect him in his life. I'm as we speak we're gonna bring him back into the program and just them up just a moment. Don't forget tomorrow night we've got Rebecca Foster joining us for readings with Rebecca we do that the first Thursday of each month it gives you an opportunity. To get some psychic readings on air but the phone lines will be busy enough to call early and keep dialing in many cases. Yet next week we have some great shows as well we're going to be talking a mole final world words projects. With doctor Raymond moody. The time on near death experiences shared death experiences and so much mourn them Wednesday when talking with Sara Clancy. Author we're going to be talking about the black eyed children. So make she tune in because can be some great shows and very enlightening. Yet great stuff coming up next week so make sure you join us we're gonna open a performance now if you wanna get in on this conversation the number is 844. 6877669. Again are bad guest is doctor Bruce saw Lyman. Bruce again thanks for being with us you were on about a month ago. We quickly learned because we only had John for an hour that time we quickly learned as we started talking about your experiences. That we needed much more than an hour so we're very appreciative of you giving us the two hours. To talk about this tonight. It is great I am having a great time. You know what are things that I noticed you said in the book which really caught my eye. Others are quoted said is it's not that that you believe in ghosts instead they believe in me. So you have no choice what does it mean. Well that the fact that I have the experience. Beyond this idea of people believing in ghost as opposed to having experienced them and the belief comes from experience I think. Maybe I didn't you know I was chosen. I think as well what do what do you like to sit through genetics through this early experience. At age four. And what with the logos and every other paranormal and that's happened to me. I really don't have a choice since I mean I can try to turn it that it really. It did that doesn't work very well. I can't completely terminal is so I want them. Having been chosen does that imply or doesn't mean that you have some kind of mission or you want some kind of mission for. Them to use a pronoun and I'm not sure is appropriate. Yeah I would say it's the recognition. Of that mission and I mean I'm always. Thought that this is what I'm supposed to do I mean I I should Greg I don't know I mentioned the first comment on that. In 1980 I took a parent psychology class. When I was a soldier in in Germany and I had a lot of interest and experience that in Germany at another place that Canada. Played so there's like internal spat on a bit. I took a class and that was taught by a doctor of divinity named Christopher Mooney. I believe is namely. And it skeptic a psychologist it was a skeptics those are really interesting format I thought you know he'd say some professor moon he would say some really interest you earn almost and then ideas and then. The other guy would say you know that's poppycock or whatever and it was it was really interest in the whenever having one other arguments the end. The windows in that indeed old classroom and suddenly slammed shut and they lose limbs frightened they're back that was it was hilarious that. Those. But anyway I I think it's. I'm I mean this Tuesday. And it's been a lifelong thing. And the things keep anything on external things keep happening I I've accepted it as as a mission now that I published a book and teaching the class some. It's not just something that's a sidelight it's not just something that's you know. Poppy it's really becoming. You know my lifestyle but it. It was that class that really I think really made me think even more about it and get into their reading in Paris psychology that theoretical stuff in all that. And their research that was being down which let me meant to be Creighton and all the research he does. In the end you know all the psychic research so. I think it's it's been a lifetime coming in now I've finally realized that I'm not just here to teach history I am here to. Two to bring a message to people the proper forum for them to make until they too. To explore these ideas in and support the research that's going on. Stuck commit about angels because you describe your first experience is beyond being a bit angelic. Yeah there's what you saw it took an angelic form. And you've had many an angelic encounters cents. What are angels if you if you're. Experiencing them he must have some insight as to what they are. Well they're they're very different from the this that they need not despair at saint chatter of people that have passed on that's a very different type of experience and then. You know I guess what you would call it a ghost and and I had residual ghost experience is too. Where it it's not it's not communicating what it's just bears usually tied into a building or whatever that where I was beginning. And I I think angels are our. They are as an entity that is it is never being human as far as I know. And I had the feeling that that it's a very different type I don't know how else to explain it other than pure light and warmth. And an energy and they have a very positive power. So it's not just somebody communicating to me from you know from the beyond you know person that has passed arm that students I'm very different type of entity. That's my impression elegant Angel expert ever cadets. That's been my experience. So hey have you had any encounters with what meat might be in considered demonic forces that might be the counter to these angels. Yes and I think those are also not not other human origin. Does the scariest wind whereas in Germany. And in 1979. And what was happening was that there where I had a feeling something was going on in the barracks that we that we live in an aids. There's not a gateway they had assault cow's meat sold World War II Nazi barracks I mean some of that building still had swastika on them for God's sake. So it was just it was bad karma to begin working out there we were 1979 minutes midst of the Cold War. This weird feeling that there was something strange going on in that building like somebody was doing something wrong and I just had a bit you know that there were some kind of you know. Black magic going honored their demonic so. Ensure an outside some guy because I was you know taking the high interest in the step. I he started talking in the next thing and you start and to me and my girlfriend. And said yeah I die dabble in this and I usually come to my room and see what I'm doing there and I said well okay a little bit apprehensive and I went there. My girlfriend and I went there India. I mean as a full blown no devil worship there. And I took it just makes sense these bad feeling that that in this in this room you know and in this in these barracks so he was very very creepy and we left very quick and then. I was very foolish as very young at times only 21 years old and I mean I thought OK I got to do something to counter this sorry. I want to look the post library and check that broke on demon Knology deceit I could figure out something what was going on. And then I went to the ceramics studio that they have you know as places for arts for a GI's stood. To be helped paint or draw power you know do ceramics I I fashioned a demon head. And this is a very naive in this is that good lesson in what not to do. Iraq I was thinking halfway thinking well maybe I can make this demonic aspect it scare them away and keep them away from me and my girlfriend. But I brought that thing back to locker room and she wasn't in her room better remain let me end. And I put it on the table there and it put like these mirrors surround it and some candles around it. And I was just kind of looking at a moment the next thing I know that thing. Their lips started to move and it was making these weird gurgling sounds and you know very low guttural sounds. And and I was you know IIII. Thought man this is just crazy can this really be and then. My girlfriend came manage extensions that mentions of what is that thing you know what he what do you have that's hornets that were donated to let them that he would scared. You know this black magic guy when you sit you realize what that is it to that the demonized and yeah I know it's a demonized by. There's a book and it you can you can look at what kind of team and didn't she says. You know this is very odd because in high school I fashion to. A similar head demon had that look exactly like that one and I had to throw it away because that started to connect with me and I silliness on spoke to me. She took it and she opened the window actually threw it out out of the window from the third floor and into the dumpster and I was collapsed saga. I'm glad she did because I didn't know what I was doing right I have disconnection. And the ability to you know see and hear these things and connectedness but it. I didn't know what I was doing so that that's just an example what not to do never played around steps you don't understand. So yes that was have very bad experience. And it was my own opinion now I can only blame myself and a. At this point in your life do you seek out these encounters in these experiences. Sometimes what I do on these on these walks that take take the they're walking meditation I I I always I use kind of a line from promote current Star Trek guys so I opened I'm opening up ball. If you frequencies all the good and kind experience and make sure that they'd throw that part and they're good I don't want any connection with any. You know demonic Alter dad's. And and I open it up and up from what I've learned from doing that instead there are plenty. Are people who passed on word just I don't I don't make a bad time been dying to. To talk to me and have something hurt him and pass a message on and so it. Technically I can probably do this every day now sometimes it's clear than others some days you know dislike. It's like radio interference or static or whatever notes at the same bank as a sophomore and a quantum realm rather than radio frequencies that. I just you know so that sometimes it's like it's a little strategy and it's you can't really quite make it out and other days it's clear as a bell. And oddly enough. I don't want anybody else as this and they're at an immediate action steps that they do. I also see handwriting until I I hear them my sites he ain't images sometimes. I hear them and other times they seem either like their handwriting. And you know like in front of me I can see it what they're saying. And how long time they speak foreign languages so I have to you know I have that separate through that I don't know exactly what they're saying. At the other experience that are they all seem to be lined up waiting to speak and I have to ask others taking your help interpret what this person is trying to say because they're desperately desperately want to communicate and they're trying very very hard. So. So how often would you say you have paranormal experiences that. Well and in the case of these locks I would say probably every time my KKR. A walk I make a connection. What are you able to go through a day without without encountering any singer having any experience. If if yes I doubt about it. I can turn it off and and I didn't really doesn't even if I don't take a walk if I don't make an effort to do that then I can pretty much turn turn it off. Other times. It kind of comes and move them right you know if I'm not really thinking about it can it can happen when I'm not trying to do it on purpose so that that that. You know it is basically what happened during my life my lifetime most the time who I wasn't trying. And it happens frequently but it you know randomly that now I can kind of bring it on. And and in no I'm not missing control and I assailant a percent because I don't think anything's gonna percent but it. I can no more likely than not I can make some kind of connection with somebody and usually. I have changed spirit guides that are friends of mine who passed on where it was very close to who I encounter. Quite often. You need to be you need to be yeah. Paying attention or you're vulnerable. Right. Yeah concede it you know you don't you know these demonic bad things usually happen when your at a bad stage when you're at your lowest point. And you're not at your strongest. That's usually when those kind of things can creep in then you have to really be under guard. Okay we're gonna look pick up our conversation we've got to go to break here was doctor Bruce sole one on the other side of the break we've got a lot more talk about a beyond reality radio fuels and Jason GDP on pilot. Our guest tonight after her. Check out his website it's his name wins his middle name included Bruce all of soul lime dot com. Many books to his credit including the paranormal book called timeless eternal personal history. And Bruce this is a particularly short segment got a couple minutes here but the other books are above completely different things or you've got a whole gamut of a books that you fought through that have nothing to do with the paranormal. Yeah for foreign policy dealing with the nordic region. Women leaders in the world. World leaders that are women I researched book on math and the Vietnam War book that I use as a textbook from my Vietnam War class. And also a by US history survey but called making history. But they'll have kind of and especially that history book and the other this survey history book and the Vietnam look at the personal aspect to which is my. Special brand of history's personal history. We have just about a minute here. At what point did you decide to write a book based on your paranormal experiences. When my friend gene died. Good childhood friend of mine and also Norwegian. American. Grew up in Seattle Whitney. He died in now on the fourteenth of trust September 2016. And I decided that plan have been collecting these stories and wanting to tell these stories but that was the final push. Because after he died I had a a vision of him and that and an encounter with his his spirit. And he was able to communicate a lot of things to me and that's that's where the title of the book comes from. Because he convinced me that. That we are all timeless that we really have nothing to this year. That we do live forever. And I civil I have to I have to do this now this this this is the tipping point. You know all these are all this preparation all these experiences but that was the tipping point was my friend Jeanne nudging me to to do it. We've got one more segment with Bruce or don't go away we saw more talk about and you listen to Jason GB on the honor Ellen yeah. Jason champion here definite step. Her visit his website at Bruce laughed Solheim dot com check out his books including timeless. The paranormal personal history persona. Talk about tell me sis and nine. What would be considered I guess they encountered type paranormal activity you've had pre cognition. You've had Telecom uses these are things that are much more. I guess controversial and away but also they're much more mind oriented tell us what you know about those two particular topics. Well. My experience without any says slows I was actually. We are living in Germany. By this time I married my girlfriend we're living in an apartment over against our guest house they would cause like. I dive bar with like some rooms to rent out their and we rented. Kind of an apartment above their. And there are some big apartment buildings on the other side like green Welch the assistant Mannheim west Germany in 1980. And dad. Some weird things started happening and weird feelings in that house and I woke up one night and I felt like someone was calling my legs are you know like pulling me out of bed. And I had these very strange chilling and then this one night in particular. Things started vibrating on that on our nightstand just vibrating and actually probably not the nightstand as if there was an earthquake but there wasn't an earthquake. It was very directional and you know it wasn't like that or buildings or whatever. And I got up and I just happened to look at outside of wanna win that that is the green belt in the apartments on the other side and I noticed. I kind of a shadowy figure in. In the window kind of hard way in the shadows. Staring at me across the green belt and so he had his arm out. Like you know liken. I like his finger roll like he was pointing towards me and what I noticed and he kind of he went back into the shadows but he moved in a very strange way it almost as if he kind of Harvard you know backwards and as soon as he went a way that does everything stopped vibrating. And that that was a very very frightening experience and I I and I was wondering you know. I was didn't do whatever it was with a with a guy where there was some other kind of presence or whatever it was April. So many middle names in our. In our apartment. In I was able to move and to do directly moved them ban. As it never happened again. That was means that they wanted to counter that I had with that type of using the mine to manipulate matter. And you said it frighten you. You said it frightens you. It it would it was a AM I was very frightening. I mean I knew that helped me so it's a night I had never. You know it really had any bad I mean that's not my my strength you know I think like I could probably teach myself I suppose I do have some Panamanian minor fact but it's. You know my talents lie in other areas you know I think they're my special gifts that I have but this was definitely an experience where somebody was doing this direct purpose. I I you know I don't know. You know I really don't know why they re doing it might want to the times also very sensitive to these things and she had the feeling that something very terrible has happened in that. Apartment so maybe that was kind of day I'm. You know magnetic force there are sure what ever kind of step it's I was up to you know. If you had an experience that you are would give anything do. Either relive or have again. I grabbed all the experiences I had with my. Mother and father did you know my mothers come to me my father's company. And it is they they don't come as often as I would like and I I do try to connect with them like they tried like but not this not as readily here is easily it is with my a spirit trans. That my two transmitted passed away the last few years. So I would like to have more of those in the once I have had to have been just so wonderful a wonderful beyond words. And have been very. Healing for me you know like trying to put into perspective for all the things they did that made. My parents like kind of hard you know and so I think it's been it's it's been very cathartic those experience have been very cathartic. And I don't think that's that's really the ones that I back I really. Look at united and even bid bid to gust experiences. You know even the ones that you know that they like the one in 109 New Hampshire I think that explained last time. I think I did anyway. The full operational experience I mean it it it was a little frightening but it was just it was still. Well word that I mean I mean I had sights and sounds. You know. It in what is it it was they're really profound experience and I wouldn't mind having no one of those again. A couple of those in my life spared and I know what they are so it's I mean yes it is right now but it's not so frightening that news. It's just frightening in that you doesn't happen every day so you you know. But. Yeah I wouldn't mind having more of those concerns were just because we all need to learn more I mean I definitely need to learn more about all the subsequent. Let me ask this do you think communicating with these spirits. Is keeping them locked on to the side and not not. All keeping them from actually passing over fully. No because I think. We are we have a spare we have a spiritual body or spiritual essence and we have these physical. Essence of who we are and there that they're really two different things. And I think what I'm communicating with his speed is the spiritual essence of these of these people but I think date. Also have a physical reincarnation in another dimension Mets. That's part of my what I call are my personal quantum reality and I think is quantum physics to kind of justify this model but I am out there that. I think that that that win at the we have these forks in the road of time. Where we split Iraq and they won Ford we die and another one we live on in another. Realm another dimension whatever. Read our our our physical bodied as but the spiritual part of us it is constant and Dan it is it is China us. The physical body comes and goes we have different manifestations evidently get. Eventually we get reincarnated as there's a new as a new entity. I think at a certain point I'm not exactly sure where that. When that occurs but that's kind of my my theory that I have. But it I had some things indicate that that. That this spiritual thing is Syria and the spiritual part of this is a separate thing and it was actually. I accident and I know this sounds weird I accidentally ingested PCP. When I was. All living in Minnesota woman's. 1982. And PCP you know. These abuses a horse tranquilizer and NS I guess it's no registry named Angel that straight it's not something that most people would want to unjustly denied it was accidental. As my. A friend of mine. And at least to some there wasn't marijuana was captured whatever bit and it is stupid and I was young and I I must. Gonna try this cache that he hadn't I didn't notice they have these white streaks and it Newman I didn't notice as to what Whitney said it was PPP. Well it was an almost instant effect where. I've separated or my my physical body was on the ground and then I had a spiritual body that was covering about it. Not too far but there are actually both of them are wasn't just one or the other was both of them. And it there was some united in Detroit the lesson was there's a couple that there's a good lesson that learned that lesson is that you never. He admitted that this does have a good thing is that. I know that this is true that we do have a spiritual body and we have a physical body. And the bad thing if you wanna do it naturally you don't wanna do with any kind of you know. Drugs or chemicals and I would never recommend for anybody to do I know some people do that I've I've never used since that one time I have never used. And he kind of illegal drugs so that was sort of it was a pretty mind blowing experience but it didn't it didn't make it very clear that there is separation. And and in my friend gene and Meyer have have told me you know I know what is that thing Jean told me and went to Egypt with them instead in his spiritual. Liked that he has now. He doesn't need to Wear shoes which it that was really interesting and of course. The spiritual body that I had what Baptist experiencing near your clothing so yeah you don't anxious. Bruce won't send you written a book and you photos sorted tell your stories I'm sure you've had people coming to you to tell that tell you their stories. And yet in a we've had a lot of people talk about their stories on this program and another places it. And some of member are very quite are quite disturbed or frightened by those experiences what kind of advice to give people like that. Well I I think that they if they affect Q&A very very negative grade then I think. The advice I would give it you know you should share the stories that you should Sheridan safe environment and then if they're very disturbing like it's. It's you know your your daily life as disturbed by it then you should I think you should get some kind of you know friendly counseling or somebody that can help you put them in perspective and you have to you have to keep one foot in this round as well you can't. No you can't. Be totally into the other the other realms and it reminds the world wouldn't Joseph Campbell said that the only just to Campbell said the psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystics wins with delight. You know the idea that if if you don't keep at least one foot in this round that you run the risk of for a of may be getting very lost so I'd recommend people that are being disturbed by this experience is too too you know seeks some type of counseling or professional help that would. I'm not to say that they're not sir crazier and I don't think that I just think they just need someone to help them. Put it into perspective and helps them yeah maintaining a a regular life in this round and and enjoyed their spiritual life as well the balance the two. You have to be it is all about balance you've got so timeless say paranormal personal history you said you're working in the sequel to that but. When if some picks up timeless reads it what are you hoping they walk away with. Well no doubt they want to continue to walk away with is too good to lose this fear that this slices is yet. And I I think that's. You know that that is a big fear the biggest fear that well I guess the second biggest tier people haven't yet the first is so public speaking you know good. The actual speaking about these kind of things I guess in public. We went in May be even more terrifying bit. And I could explain some of my reluctance that I think that that. That's stated that title and most that we are all time us so we really have nothing to fear not that we should squandered the life that we have in this round but it just. That. Eat you know to have no fear that we do we do live forever and I I can absolutely convinced. And they're recently. My friend Jean in Miami spirit guides they're told me something interest in this league you're talking about ghost that was signed by goes with them and they said. We we are all ghosts. Which I think is a very interesting. Concept. Yes so so what another weren't the winner goes to them but the and there are ghost it's. He had that all of us are gonna SARS our spirit is into it is being encountered in probably in people that have physical form and other. Dimensions and they encounter our spirits and and then think that you know that there were the ghost so. That's one interpretation that I have a lot of times what they tell me what my spirit guides and and disparaged Amir is it is kind of difficult to grasp and I really have to think about it but that's. What I was told recently that I'm trying to come to grips with the idea that we are we are all ghost. And that's mentioning concept because one of the series I actually had come up with years ago that it specially when it comes down to certain types of intelligent haunting. When you're making contact with these things a lot of times and not all of them but there are these cases where. The spirits seemed to be living a normal day in their life as if it's still that same time and it's as if there's an overlap in time and somehow. The words it's been enough for there able to hear us and if that's the fact then have them. And they're hearing us in it it's whether whether that's what as a true sensitive richer psychic has actually picking up on. Or not. And we become the spirits two of them because there there is living a normal day in their lives hearing these voices or seeing these things. As as they are they are to us when we're experiencing. That was we may be indeed aren't seeing them. I. Yeah it's so it's it's an incredible concept and I'm really trying to put yeah trying to think about it some more mean I'd these insights that I get. You know I I mean it's that it did it kind of blows your mind you really have to really think about it because you have to think outside of the box and and it's just like that this scientists word who came out with you know the founders of quantum theory you know this idea that even the ones that came up with a certainly nobody really understands it. But but it is the reality the other 13 of our economy is based on quantum mechanics that most people have no idea what it is. Bruce we did it. I'm sorry you were running out of time here we do when did you say the follow up to a timeless it will be out. I next year. I'm I'm states stand still writing it this the stories keep coming up it's up to about 26 news stories. Are based on paranormal experiences some of them which were a little bit I thought on the tension more bizarre and I didn't want to include in the first one because I wanted to kinda test the waters. And also there is chosen and the things that keep on going so it'll be next year and it's called timeless they Asia boot. And one more time people can get to your website find your books. Give all that information once more. Yeah my web site it is Bruce all of our Solheim etc. my middle name in the middle of well AV bruised all out Solheim dot com and now he can find out when I'm not too. And all of my books are listed on there are the plays that are written everything else all the step that I do. Including timeless and when the new book comes out it'll be on their true but they're timeless is available on Amazon and I think other. Bookstores as well. Well Bruce is really has been a pleasure talking with you tonight and I look forward avenue on again some point in the future. Okay thank you I'd Jason NGB I really enjoyed it and I do take it up in my offers some day come visit the other classic could be guest speakers and share your experiences are. We love our next. Margaret maybe we can make today. Road show seminar I don't wanna I wanna go to the state house and some soup and yeah you want to see what's going on that chick and I can't wait how's that gonna stay tuned and it all works for me thanks so much Bruce. Already guys take care edit it. Thank you. Eye sore and take a break come back and wrap things the populace in the Jason GP yeah. It's that Marshal our preference. No it's more of just stop the oldest is the look in your eyes the yen the time being you know Warner. It's just it's all about having that all that parents Terry and that one good drive you know can that was my first question. Second question created said to let me say originally used to have that look says that stare that. They're clearing your eyes and second question is does if if you if there's to be reunion of the actors from the movie flash dance. Minus. The lead actress who was her name Jennifer Taylor talkers on an announcer and just revealed that nobody went I would watch. Just to follow whoever you express a porno watered down minus horror when anybody goes go to that reunions. It plant stance people that I mean it was a it was a kind of an important movie and it's time and I universe -- now him and them to you but I just don't know I mean it's I'm just curious about that it was a great movie is so I don't yet know they do it's it's kind of a landmark movie was it kind of sets and trends for awhile there so now I just did catch you at all levels lie down and started wearing a certain wearing leg warrants and in used to this in the semi he thinks it's been the last one year's election I think so but that's gonna pretty much do it for us tonight make she tune in tomorrow is again we're going to have our friend Rebecca Foster on doing readings with Rebecca. The following the receipt for 46877669. Make sure you call early. Reopening of phone lines in the show first starts because they fill up quickly. So if you're looking for a reading tomorrow night is your and it had that done that's gonna pretty much do it for us you listen Jason NG EB unreality real catch you tomorrow and. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this why don't seem to reach a coincidence that the it's an normally you don't really read news. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish in the agency hello fading certainties because well Jason host hello and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.