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Mar 25, 2017|

More Outdoors features The Northshore Fishing Report coming live fro Bayou Adventures in Lacombe with information on all the hot fishing spots

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I welcome incident nor short fists and report were doing a special Northrop is reported to our program this morning Keith glossary or talk you wanna. Windy Saturday morning it's been when he thrill last week I don't know what we're going to be able to get out but I looks like this this rainstorm is coming through looks like you did. Probably squeeze and a trip early here. However by adventure to help celebrate their grand open in the new store right here off a highway in inlet home a great atmosphere here a lot stuff and and here it seems like. There's always something going on and here stories being told this reports being traded to some really great people here saw always look forward stop and in scene should happen in it change up here and up by adventure so come on in and and visit us now. Will be on the effort next two hours bringing in the North Shore Fisher report seven and nine now that's the cover this morning. What do give kudos to Jeff border alone who. I spotted numerous times while you're coming in the shopper or just drop it by Jeff has worked tirelessly to get this place looked like it does today. It just goes to show what this storm means that this community and a there are plenty time on upcoming years in the local self now and then just it's you know open on beam. It just I'm really happy to be here and really happy to see all the hard work and off by you guys have a beautiful place and in oh he thrived for many years. Our work. It. What you got. For drawings every time somebody comes in you. Enter for her drawing we've been doing giveaways every fifteen minutes or so. We got academy Andy here again mr. forest green here cover boy at the Louisiana vision magazine Louisiana sports magazine. So we have a lot of things going on trivia questions around the shop just come on and we got the locals here giving guidance. I have doubts and lots talk about this morning lots of things happening here on the North Shore August Utley drew the rain Miller I'll remember where that we learn that no white purge. Nate just east on now does the cycle it we've been appointed daddy and canals to the shallow as well it's not all around the monument. We had no Locke though we energies are about to our Dallas. And now we can management's view Lou Lou you know so when it in the main river the river and that's what we spotted. A lawyer softly on sonar needs these interest act about thirty feet off the bank along the treetops. All entries ago. It looks as if that's on. Made it BO so ugly and looks like they're active then there's normal pattern around the movement wars in the main rivers on use. Now we're gonna have Ray Miller all in the kill related talk about that trip on his prediction on. Where the crop via movement right now. Now suddenly spoil it may be over but like this in the balloon boy should be start happen you see those bottles alike column. It's natural lines in the salads and they almost look perfectly space and that's an area where you can. Really put an nice mess of this together so. Now it's on get out there and target those birds. On the best seen it looks like this on Cummins Iranian just like the cyclists on we've seen the surge in the league five plus pound instrument nor sure that's fair but look at the results handsome. The recent tournaments and it looks as if the weights are coming now which tells us this year. I'm making themselves harder the fine so. One more thing we're seeing the speckled Trout by picking up on it trip Wednesday in the go tomorrow and Taylor ally nor for that report dot com and night trip only those night trips utilized a fisherman there hot summer months by. Because you know it's the only time on the water cools off. The fish the more aggressively. We've seen some good reports on the light so. We've made a trip and launched right there in Niles. Not very productive trip like on train it. We did finally better accidentally tapped very near the island Reno and they but these are Trout in the not a total scope equipment for the night think that. The war's gonna clean up a little bit more disease. You a little more clarity and in that'll start happening in the front stop rolling through numbering in the inconsistent. We. Though a check in the gallant sailor later also gonna check in with forest green you may have seen them on the cover of Louisiana sports in this month. Well number one of those by you at home speckled Trout that he been known to catch every once while mr. green in the shop bustle. Sit him down and try to pick his brain a little bit about where to go to catch C speckled Trout in the late. But now after the break we're gonna have some somebody else who knows a thing into a bucket suspect without captain Andy Jones of wicket Charles will join us so. We'll get the scoop on those old speckled Trout that are making their way to bridge isn't reefs of late on track illicit incident nor shall official report on more outdoors. Yeah I'm pretty lucky and Dunn did you play. A welcome back to jealous special two hour North Shore vision report. Talking all about this on or shortly I'm trying in this morning we're coming to you live in Iraq from my new Adventure Island home. The grand opening of the shop here all the gangs is more work we'll talk with Gore's green runs arango. Ray Miller entitlement it joining us now well let's. Buses they've been a busy man trying to on this as it has been robbed here. On it with the wind but I notice now as captain Andy Jones of we didn't charge him what a great atmosphere here you know this isn't really a fisherman's dream. And what they've done here is just fantastic and great little shop and got everything you need in you know they've got some of the best people around Ayers and Jasper. Extremely helpful in everybody that comes in business news that I grab a cup of coffee and hang out it is it's fantastic. All right anyone's kids do it let's start with the press those when's the last time you just address. Well believe it or not operate that it was planned to win total we picked up a few fish on Monday. Was a great Wynton noodle around and around the last few trips have been pretty talks with this way in. What kind of it kind of came off the bridge is a little bit pointless and some of the cots surrounding areas. And torturing goalies. Like pattern. Able to put together you know as a decent box it was a new stuff slide. You know I always that people ask me about this or stories. At the time I'll let you target and and the man you gotta run attic so. Can't imagine content. As used in any pain out there and you can see they've hit all the. He had his stop in certain areas we are seeing you know start to see the monsoon in some of these. It's definitely chopped up and you know we asked people if they have some flexibility in their schedule. That's the best thing course we try not we try not to go when the conditions are super super top unless they just absolutely don't have another choice and there there there really. Now another option in Brussels. And you had you been here it's in the frazzled let us and our guys up against cleaner water. The Biloxi marsh has been hit or miss it depends on where you go and iron you on the good lottery on this guy as a station aired the water's been out. In a lot of spots but. The same thing of Lancaster and we've we've had some luck over there but it's just it's. You gonna work for your fish is the bottom line you go work or. Like you said it's it's cyclical program. And got to pick your jobs are really. Yeah movement started you know so were definitely out negative element that matter that. Make you better management having to go out in contention and have them. Its interest thing my son believer out when he's on sit here last night. And he taught me a half pound rated station when he now wimps huh has not slipped. By sixteen year old pulled one in I thought I was crazy for going in they ended up in a nice nice read so you never know. Oh my belt having him I think that's. He said it was a battle they had to pull him up on Iraq and yeah sixteen year old the adventures they had a great job. And it got me on the salinity and you look at at all that the Lake Pontchartrain basin foundation tiger knows map that monitors landing. What's the latest on that CNN team room and insulin immediately but trying puzzling is that Leonard. From what I've seen has not improved a lot the last update I think it was still early in the in the mob. It's is trying to get better but you know we we have the rains and then we had those that west winds of northwest winds west winds blew and now the south winds are trying to bring back and is it hasn't been fantastic answers here. You had to pick one southeast winds hampering salinity and monies of the water when it's name. You try to get daddies that these Indian and his green got it got loose at salt lot of back and we've been real low work. Word to suited to and happy to three feet down that thing. You know some of those days were real. So I think we need to get to tied dragged into a lot of moving back in and get that win them to put sent saw a lot of Mac appeared. All right Andy. Pause play. Have you seen. Over it clean up a little bit and I just I just don't see it happened it went all the way up nine. Cents. And then the clothes back in the water column against the content that is the worst accident in the audience. It's been we know we've fish snack cause late last couple weeks. We had a we had a great. An opportunity to seed David volume pitches seven pounds out. Out there she went over 26 inches beautiful this we came right behind her called a nice 23 and a half that. You know your limited here in the handful of really great fish are not well there's not a lot of Finnish. They don't seem to beat you stacked up but the quality is there but you could put 45 hours in in game six or seven fish and maybe. Just hasn't been a normal entitlement possibly this year for sure. It's. I keep I've been tell myself that the whole season map I've been dealt ourselves it's October it's come and I've and I've still hold out. Update on the her so you this the uniqueness that day it's all of them mosque. Mom and endless energy is that all like and any light there has been. You know there there is some bait it's just not like we've seen in the past there are pockets of it. That this seemed to be congregated in those pockets. If you combine you know you get Roberts say nice days. Red fish I'd been out there it's interesting is a lot of blue catfish and Bangkok this year as Purdue are being cut this year. In a lot larger numbers and I've seen people or so. The bite is it's a variety of fish it's not necessarily Trout. May be indicative of that fresh water. Just is this is really interest things. It's what about what about the liberty sun you launched here recently wrote there. That read. That's part of that violent. Point that that Mary. Snow around on my news and it's in and is putting water testing different mom and try that area and I think I need help and ethnic ethnic. Mr. green lane and he. Pride he he he's out there are a little are often I've run a couple of trips. You know looking looking in those areas we've I've actually marks and ice data out there just haven't had the that this would ma. Got on some you know some birds that were off and on top of the water actually out there and Heidi and we get possibly have read this in jobs. Turned out to be looked like school travel on top couldn't get him to take anything those it was interesting and they were moved and moved in pretty way it. Yet I haven't I haven't been able to pull anything off of those reached yet by that I had Mark Dayton those areas. There. It's always worth a look if you time it right. You've been alive and now. It. The I. Yeah all right Andy let's get to let us help listeners out a little bit as far as this today in today's going to be rough witness normally relentlessly tomorrow. On her any advice is on these grounds right now here we weren't wearing head tomorrow. What makes it all the launcher. Now will we vote we actually push back hard trips for this week and you do this whether we're gonna give it a chance to settle down now. Our customers thankfully at some flexibility says while we just opted for a little better weather conditions but. If you're gonna go out bombs I think he and you you're able to manage some of it areas on the Brussels you're going to be on. You may wanna run towards lake at their new rake leaves on some of those cuts he would get in out of the wind. Tried a variety of faith seem we've had we've had pretty good luck with the sushi date with the news and act green sludge that's been popping pretty good. Live shrimp is working we've been comment. One for one with those with a lot made him and the plastic so it hasn't in my mind has flipped completely that. If you can find a place out of the women's semi decent water. You got a shot. The guys that those classic is. I'll always thing you know they they weren't manner. Yeah for some time around this island included. Started competing aggressively in an onslaught in my opinion summertime. Summertime you yeah. I'm online. It's interesting normally want to start vision that live shrimp you can't get a Biden on the plastics but this year we've run out of shrimp and there on the plastics and still catch it. It's not it. Is in great well. When. Engine. In the next. You know this area where. Or at. Him. So bold and next LL. And sent him right now in there. You know we're. Sentencing is. Don't need mine. Experience to him. Aren't any non nor short report it's boring it's. Seminar is Friday. Can't say at odds I am I am about this and their ground we're having it seems like gets better every time on more people. I get to meet some really great vision and an alert talking and these guys here you're gonna be speaking as one of the gas along with the names like Jeffs rules. Mike Gallo wrote sleep in forest green in the name a few. Talk about a good atmosphere over the anti Americanism on the river as well. Man if I am so excited about that he is a great time. You know the guys that you have come to speak there you know Mike Mike Gallo is just a wealth of knowledge you know court screen all these local guys. That the door prizes and giveaways that the whole Vietnam on the river there get ready to go for the season minutes. It doesn't get any better really doesn't you guys put on great show and of all. Was just unbelievable man and we gave way great trip on the and a lot of blasts we had a natural trip with one Stewart. Loaded the Bozo. It is is a great I'm really looking forward to exceed. I can't promise you call like that every every trip raffle off on a lot of your eye on the two person trip in the in the ground ball in like Andy's it was a great trip we and at the end zone at any one. All around and I think we will keep that front came through and ask them Frontline. And that's like I'm trying. And don't lose it lose monitoring. Crazy crazy morning in that they can go to the north northeast report seeing that video argued to be. Great footage I was great today. I am assuming it's tag. In north north to a fish report has our manner on and if they click on that banner that'll take a ride to our website they can they can contact decision manned the fishing charters dot com. Aren't on 857500670. Any minute trip. Good night vision for a mountain Miguel Orville and Taylor now on. And I didn't do much but I mentioned you pass a rally that the spirit and I know you you sound like the experience totally his life trying different things you never know what's that you like to thank you mention. About this time a year we start shift into our evening trips are happening trips and we'll run him right in the dark and now we sure do. We certainly do we like that. It's it's a different type of finishing what we do we're looking for real real good quality big red finished down. We do some alligator guard troops in the sharks are common and we've actually heard of a shark being taught me and I'll already which is a little bit of a jump force by. We do an adventure trip which is guard shark in maps are evening trips and it's a lot of. Bonds a McDonald golf against Gavin Scott McClellan it's the market and you know. We'll be looking in droves and we're gonna trolls the reds this year too little bit liquidity. It out bargains are out all. Right. Lot all lights haven't seen it. And is that it but it's. It's very easy it is it's it's an unknown pitchers you know it would spinning it. It's it's a lot on your that's where the sport you know you're catching mostly catch and release. Some people be take the garbage it's more printed the rules you mention yet. We try to pride in my life slider tackle and man it is it's super call. All right many thanks and let's join us on house yet interior business running not a. Look and look forward to keep cam wade it's going to be a blast I hope everybody can make it and we'll see there. All right captain Andy tells them which he charter right there. My guess at about 6 o'clock this Friday we're gonna have spurring business seminars. And talk and he's coming at us all of these secrets that's an all this in mind. I would have come back where it would coming up on a break here let what words I would talk to him now about. Seemed like Thelma Lou we're gonna talk about another great feature that my unit Michael has offerings and that's cramming. I'm still say that is the most underground. Activities. Until you get literally drive down lake road admiral do you lines in the ticket next. It's a few dozen friends and fantastic way to get it done. House on the and bitty. I mean you know outside. I promise you if you bring your kids out here Brad and it will be your last is that really easy it is no run Mario no blind date them. She brings me that is all you need so. You can make some wonderful memories here. And would come back from the break we're gonna talk as professional forever. Glickman you know professionals. That. Guys should be guys know welcome them we're gonna have. Talking about Previn and something on there break our television daisy Alli am happy about it is Bradley wrote me back right now and. Hey. Yeah room. Yeah. He let it balancing. I welcome back into the North Shore fishing report Keith Lester come into alignment Iraq from the grand opening up by adventure and home. Now we talked earlier about this and my new column but I think that the activity that flies a bit under the radar here is the fantastic cramping that goes on. Right here off the lake road. Of course throwing a few traps and nets in the boat and now on the buy you instantly is an option from those votes but the simple. Chicken or jerking analysts during his top option. And an often the most effective. Or for some people so right now joining me in the shop via my daughter's case the Alley in matting and now weaving cramming your allegro numerous times so I want to go to you guys for some some first hand advice on how to. How to catch cramps there look karma for both saw first off of one unity introduce yourself and pals with school if you go to. I am Casey Lester I go to countless lives. And and you and I go there be strings note. I am and I mean this thing. All right now let's get right to cramping. Hallie you step opposed during Euro. You've made school it was kind of a summary value far. Your favorite sports and activities. Favorite foods stuff like that and that's where it's my favorite things are. I think the institute are blank and blank now want to tell everybody what you field and those likely. And I crabbing and cheerleading. Cramming in cheer leading Clinton X Iran. Pilots get down to it grabbing up our stuff what does everybody need if they're gonna come down here in Houston Grammy ultimately. Most important thing would probably be staying in Turkey next spring their next and what else that we need. And be it board and he. Bucket on an ice. Right right OK so let's first we're driving down the road that we pick a spot out of some money pick a spot somebody know what it it's not it. We now. Area. Eighths at its policy you know like you know like fishing pressure I hear one that like. That talk to anybody just like concentrate on credit or is it that there's nobody taking up the spot on the side of the road that's the reason. That's it and he. Okay so we we picked the spot so what's the first down below what data we use and Turkey necks or chicken necks are neck to kick in any preferences. Turkey or chicken. No we used both but definitely make a difference. In use any other things. The I was. So sorry so put the Turkey neck alone. Take the Turkey neck out of the box the throw it in the water but you know tied to the string and I don't know water. Look I've noticed during throw mud. What are we kind of bring him. Eighteen pretty much sent a statement it and oh really don't have any you know need to bring out anything like speaker anything would it would it would you do. This tiny soon. Grassley tidy you know it did track. And it's already been. And I don't yeah. And right. Light post there whenever and whatever. Though this notes on note note note steaks or anything tied to some Branson. Well he tied to the front we got to make sure we pick it up we drive down there it pretty much thinking and I stay their ground. Again so after your first line what you throw your first line in what what's next Lou we do is keep on being an amount. You can pretty much put him on it down a narrow it takes about 510 minutes to get one on. Let's first ones aren't just keep on about. It's that easy automatically every time I hear that I like home. I know I know it's pretty exciting when we retire first one out and work rate it higher second one up in that line goes you know it's going to be big trip on. Yup. And Casey and you have a story what you're doing you cousin hander came down Tennessee and and we took Ingraham and you went and went down the slippery it wanted to tell us a little bit about what happened there because. I'm always grabs we get on line. Note the sell him like a container we went out to the bridge off flagrant and down by the water there's just broken cement blocks we are like this that these crabs and here so we put one or two lines down. Probably about like 56 potential we thought and we left for a little while. But came back and started pulling it and the and something took the line we never figured out what it was but it was problem but it was really big and we couldn't get it. We couldn't pull about the water without again off but we thought of public cat insert small alligators might that. It could have been Allegheny and building our Vietnam and Anderson he's doing well thanks so he's dead he's determined cats that. I'm they did it break the line. And did great why it's supply and now it's on the line. That's a pretty pretty good story there I'm so looking excellent let's get back to cramp and as far as the procedure. Water. The lines are in the water. What are we do and as far as guys have a pattern he ever seen. Ali easily have a plane designated person still. Pull up. Nine and one person and I'll do then act and pretty much like. I think he's only eat cake they would fill up our backing Allen went and that. In the sense that you get specific counts. That to. Talk about polling in the line would what's what's the strategy there. You know late on aircraft. To get. You pull up the line quickly hyping. Hanging the Grasso Anderson Democrats don't get scared and some messed up our mind and yet everything skits underneath the Internet. Paying. And they crabs volleying and an even this now no problem. That I am when I'm credit is comfortable in. The line sometimes those brands it seems like they say it's even at Harding know what's going on I'll let you know you have any tips to. Heidi sneak up all car the under armour as useless as soon as you see those crabs in the water at the net under him. You know all things well he says they don't he and the name. So there is eaten. And they don't really feel how slow the vehicle. It's it's the all right so so what about tips ones who put them I mean. Don't go U I at least you quickly depleting Neitzel all of them falling. On him. What do what about 10 o'clock to cramp on only one line we cut possible crabs on one really that's exciting. I would. What's your favorite thing about practice coming out here stop it by Patrick in some supplies would what is each of you what it would be your favorite. Thing I thought I can't think now. Aaron ran into times. Alley and I have been telling you right satisfaction that whenever you pull up a Democrat. My favorite part is scooping them up. Stupid amount spent enough time. I don't wanna thank you for coming audience Aronson Kravitz at anyone or it's what's the reaching get a hold them. Charter grabbing trip but can they reach. The just did not not professionals the area that's an idea. Definitely harder grabbing. As always stand over here it indictments or can help you out with everything you need. Good time Grammy night nets it's hearing anything. More importantly see it she hears the talk my own on those credit there are running though my daughter giver collars up in check with her. Before heading to actually round. Okay were coming up on a break here below we're retired we have right here in the shop a fly fishing columnist for the Norfolk this report dot com on the right thing John Kennedy. In the and I yeah it looks like Olympics to make the trip out here that he's going to be in the squeeze it in I'll buy it looked on with this list back through weather coming through. We gonna talk him out front line vision. Specifically by electing. Will come back so which secondly Johnny it's life that's tipped the image. Maybe a few hot spots him I'm Keith lecture and you're listening to Norfolk this report the bank. Right after this. Yeah. And yeah. I look back at the North Shore it is your reports that two hour hours an element that's it from an insurance at our 9 o'clock hour. It went by and it's autism it in the water's going on here now we've got a bunch or to a report average a year that's locals on any deal that we ours you just heard from him again towards bringing him here. On its solid stop right here by you and hearing and speaking of this. Air. Lie and columnist would this report. On the rank joins us this morning good morning hey good morning Keith on now use the end early with mean that you cut it might only. Lead draft are. Well revamped your plan I think I think they kayak mikes at the back of the truck for the rest of the morning until I get home in unloaded the wind that there's certain that the line is now is about to come through and a piece of plastic in Bronx that you know. Probably not the best thing to be out soon is if we get a hold onto lightly saute outline Alex. And I have a sensitive instrument also have a wife and kids at home. Brain yes though that they will just global hang on to that might try to make a quick trip somewhere closer to the house. You know Lian at that line in. Somebody might be evident this week and it's true on that thing holds up it looks like bathrooms guilty. 23 hours left your right or on that that prices dropped you an extra. Oh absolutely. If it would have been for this probably would have put in caught the first couple hours or so before before the rain moved in. Probably get some good theater I went during the week. Over at navy close to the house and and put it that a decent string together about both mass and softly so it's it was a it was a good week the fish. But John you fish all across the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain in you fish from your kayak talk a little bit about my call and what makes a special. Well one of those things that I love about violent home is there's two different launch as you can launch at if you come up out of the mainstream launch you can catch all your good stuff freshwater stuff. I'm during the spring there's a bunch of Brit Brit blue gill bids that are right along the bank not for from the launch. I'm that you can using either your Marat. Largest cricket under court you can go it gets all the blue gill you want which is a good trip to make for kids to get impatient because it's it's one of those easy fish to catch. And if you can just real men yes after catchy and get a kid hooked quickly. And and as you go further down you start getting more into the bracket Marshall where in the spring and fall we can get rich fish bass and speckled Trout. All in the same trip and it's it's not that much of a boat ride or for me in the kayak I'll pick up go further down. Woody and in the and I can I can put together good boxes. Stuffed Trout rich fish bass. Sock away Marie images. We've we've really. And we have to think about what you just say you know that pass program stock like catfish. What I am movement in south into the marsh. Speckled Trout red fish floundered from white Trout Croker. And in this I think this. Or fish and yet if they if you confessional lines south Louisiana I'm pretty sure you can get your right he would invite it would go to talk a little bit about your setup are a liar on Israel on. New line and looked like yours grow. Well I have actually hit two different setup to have a fresh water set up and then I have what I call my big game rod went big game rock for me for vast red fish in speckled Trout. My small alignment are fresh water law rob sat up. It's it's it's it's a before outfitters rod it's not an affluent long. It's paired with an old all right real that I got on clearance when Albright was gone out of business a couple of years ago. Which turns out. I got it's one dollar real. And that real at. When they were. Full price was 200 dollar re so it's it's an awesome little real that I have if you could follow on line up highly suggest that in and out. On them pair that with a full weight line. And typically. Why's on that and I'll throw it. My small pocket books from room my small little foam spiders for Graham of any of my little bait fish patterns short little pressure patterns or or. Yeah patterns that I like this that's typically what I'm throw a moment that's the one that comes and beat every fresh water trip on me now by you mean by it would home. Then also have nightly set up. Which is getting ready to get upgraded at some point this year to something just a little bit better moral. Cabela's real. His start note. Free school on me the drag is not yet and so. Eventually I'm gonna after police this year but it's it's just an eight way set up. With a nine weight line over lined it so that way you cast into the wind and that's what I'm thrown from my big stuff my average finish my bass. In my speckled Trout setup. Liza that I'm throw and they're right now for bass is something called ask bully. It's it's. Haven't figured out exactly what it imitates all it knows that it worked low a couple of weeks ago up hold about five pound bass or. Otto off op Ed. With that Lyle manslaughter on that was just blasting caps which you. Asked this this on that's my biggest best this on and that's actually my biggest massacre. Came off that Mara. Line a lot on things like that. Not long actually. Luckily was right it was a great idea if the fly just landed well it's into the bottom I gave it one stripped him and I felt she was on set the hook. She put herself on the reels that way I was disabled list. He's that that action rod in the real she tired to sell out pretty quickly reeled her in and it was it was one of those on the bush had to go pearl and destructive cult. Absolutely the January a speaker at all this seminar back in in September Etsy rivers and you mentioned that caught stuck with problem fire on. So well let's fill listeners I don't know and I needed that I can be real talent. Add Trout with Marat is regard. Speckled Trout on the fly rod is Connell one of those hard things to do you know they have that big hit brash and catch and so if you don't get a good hit a good looks at on the fly on those that trial. Chances are you gonna lose and in most of the trotted ever put on the fly rod. Came off somewhere along the way with that either did catch their own little replied. One of which was not with the strike indicator it was just throw out they were. Hug in the bottom sought throughout let it sink to the bottom and it's slowly kinda made it treat these small strips that did the trick. Don't the bottom lip sync right now. And then the other ones I've caught wearing a little bit deeper water they were kind of suspend its output little by little strike indicator which. For salt water I just take a perch will have been almost a blushing perch low cut in half and put it on there. With the cut side towards the the the garage so I have a little off in court from Marat. And that's that's what caught those front that it. Now us cholera or where you caught sock. He tells. It like talk about that's not not think it is indeed it. Well if you can find this ugly assumptions in shallow water relatively shallow water bonus they relatively you can find him in two to three foot water and do it on line. Alone and also if you could find him whether it's not a whole lot of us on the bottom I know they like to hang around cypress knees and all this stuff like that it. If you can find them where there's not a whole lot of stuff stick it out just. Car on the bottom that they're gonna hold on to you can catch in typically on vision. Just about everyone I've ever bought out fishing you know I'm not gonna lie. In use and and this was recently right after the audit me just started patents I was using them a little just a little bit of pattern. In those sock they were absolutely cream and that that that new. Within the first two to three feet of work aquatic and that. Finance circus was on an acquired at the age of I don't know what the actual main priority is. Bloglines and it's. It's it's it's like a bullet mark my grandfather actually used to call him. Blind mosquitoes they look like in the I don't know it's good to hang around three sleet. They've put they just don't like it when I saw that a few weeks ago I knew that it was sons are thrown my favorite little him and just so happened I was open against Lu yo. What I'm not gonna turn down an icebox slightly that we talked about this and by you I look well you mentioned over two by casting. In the have seen me. I have finished the mouth of it I haven't fished but by you know if you just about you probably. I was I was fishing for Trout day. It was during the summer in the trial where I was hoping to catch one of those nice big ones for the short term it it turns out the it. I didn't see what you denied I did not. If you've ever seen those leader boards my name is nowhere in on listening or actually anywhere close to them. But that that's definitely one of those areas that I wanna try to machine. Now another option for us on the North Shore you know mentioned my lymphoma mentioned. By UST I keep contained you know people that that are new that it's the north York I'll always tell got to fight game. No traffic. Decent launch just eat and really take time. In secret key incidents that start out with pitching here. You got to learn that area it's going to be you know right when you put in its that would it's actually down on urged advance. And you move on down the march section and you get on the clean water coming out of that martian duck ponds. And then you got the lake so. You really have wide variety. Areas to target you know can't find clean water. Up north which usually if you go down south and unlike that on clean water and you can actually isolate those instances I find those fassel being. When that water is coming out of that doc on its clean they'll be right along and that dirty dirty water is ambush that that they finished. Absolutely in fact the very first trip ever took out of my kayak but three years ago was found it was down by. And I didn't do well the water was thirty couldn't find clean water out paddle all the way down constantly throw everything. The story heartbreak dates out through their dates out through. I was thrown last I was growing brush hogs. Everything I can think of this it was its location on the way back up I hit where that duck pond scum and now. And it was a clean water that was common stock dropped anchor right there and I was growth Romo learned now is get hit but they wouldn't commit to. Something that we'll bring Dayton has grown and out. Now with the road into the clean water and it seemed like every time I got that brings me to right where that dirty water and clean water base it was just fish after fish after it went up holed up there. I mean it's all day at one fish in the box within ten minutes I had caught twelve more bass. But only like eagle were keepers ressam was small but back when it was that was my my trip to see him ever since then. That is just the place that I love to go fiction. If I if when I get the chance. I don't care clean water out of here thirty water I just like going out especially during the summer and on weekends when there's boats everywhere everywhere itself. Those motor voters just don't care about the kayak sometimes and yet you can go down by McCain. It's a nice easy at all. Like he said you're not really worried about motor voters if you see a boat with the voters typically. Just going to be a small boat with a built in so they're going to be courteous they're gonna start slow down they're gonna pass my. And you just don't have to worry about the stuff that you have to worry about. Coming down by you call or go on now. It's a phone that that you don't on another chipped it to pumped up. Once once the spring hits and that is slightly down and it's hard to get warned if obvious that you found Alfie should till about 9 o'clock in the morning. Then I'm on pick back up and gone somewhere else because the boats just come in in the ages it's just vote after vote after vote so. Are yet if nova party atmosphere than deficient atmosphere but. It's just by changes holds a special place in my heart my kind it's I try to make at least one trip out of there every couple months is the seats. Yeah I think it's mighty king numerous times and I and I think the latest start up tradition here on the north Georgia's two bombs. Target one Harry skate with the because you learn. A little bit every time thinking it better better he pick new river's new buying it seems like August scrambles out icicles aren't. With by McCain and learn to start at eleven events they aren't going. Oh absolutely I mean but I didn't grow officials martial art rotation over more towards that does sound of the area. So for me to finish the North Shore was. A whole lot different animal than when I was stationed over there. So it was just. That's why I focused on my cane so much over the past three years I've learned it I now have my little spots and I'll boot him. Every trio that you stop that in in in making cast and it does not want to. Don't know if I don't catch fish within a couple of cats the fish just isn't in that spot and have the spot where. It is it's I'm not gonna give it away. But there is this particular Jeff's house that sits there in right behind there in that general area. I can typically nose is my spot that I'm gonna pick up at least one is. That's why stopping issued every. You know that houses here architecture. Struck out there designed. And are currently. Well it seems like it's not a good job over there. All right John certainly appreciate you coming on in there instantly year you some new information you're going to be at the spring this seminar this product. That's up in the air tight situation this weekend. The wife want to try to. Get some of our floors put down some more we been replaced our corporate soul and when my mom's been willing to take debate in. We've been to jump and at that chance though. If she if my mom decides that maybe this weekend. More than well I would help you with that but I got the spring. Yeah sorry that's that he that typical response they get from just about everybody. Thank like I not a problem. Are up next we talk with Rick quick with Chris bass scene for those who don't know Chris bass he is instrumental in that forming nor short this report. Dot com when I started the site I gave Chris Collins introduced myself and that I think this is to be a good home for you. Chris shared it with them as members from from that success and the bass club and I think what the sites just grown from there so welcome to show Chris certainly appreciate your help what about this place up by adventure I like this. All of this place man I saw ice against Bradley in Nam. It's it's great people here great environment. News there's like a little slice him when you come here and see this little Stoller read before you get to abide he needed to buy you go to the lake community. Yeah zone. And I stellar body you know they have deep here. But the most important thing I think you can it is it is some knowledge and you hand out and start talking you don't know what's with the pistons or got let people and I don't drink coffee and am interference stories and the barber shop of the the you know our heart and effort into it would have beaten them. Chris talk a little bit about your fastest fast start and how long you've been running. It's been six years now I think it is in his six season. And it's been doing good and really got a lot bigger now thought it would have to be so I'm very happy we have great people. I think now we got a unique situation around here you gotta you know. An eternity wanna finish any size you want if you want to start you know we get smog term is that don't cost much. And and you can have on and you meet great people and and you go from there and also got bigger term at their attitude so. But what makes you different and volume terms you still and that's while. Yes well it's wells it's only torn about Canada's Oakland business now like the big investment. If you wanted to trotted his feet wet and try to get him as the army and see if you like them. It's a great way to do it now yeah and then we you sit even have veterans a lot of veterans this veterans. They don't have for years. And you know. Ending at twelve I airline nickname on that lets him Sunday it's split it's Sunday. That did you know you football but all of them around you know him as gains on our way in India and nice nice nice. Well I really appreciate you helping out the site Chris and LeBron in the future winter next term. Our next wannabes. This sonic coming up. Our. Look toward the exits and seen the results of that. That's gonna do it for the first how are after time after time for the two hour edition of north northeast report states is our second hour we're talking socked away. Like her scrappy whatever you wanna column we're going to be talking a little dance dissident pastor isn't as well also got a lot to cover next hour. They do but they do after the break we've got to pick back up right here by U adventure. And welcome incident North Shore fishing report special two hour nor short this report where we're at the grand opening of the new by new adventure here at home. We've got a wealth of this in knowledge gathered here in the morning here on the first hour we heard from captain Andy Jones of Wiki charters captain and he's still here and any medium. Also at Johns arraigned on John as the slide vision specialist on the North Shore this report John's still here. It's not in talks fly fishing with him. And we stub you guessed this morning non title and is he Aaron he's gonna sit now it doesn't talk freshwater fish and in and around the North Shore area not rights and am in daily star reports on that. Payment and can't blow area over there. Also later on this hour we're gonna talk with ray Miller Lite column Ray Miller the sloppily killer rate bases the you phoned the river almost exclusively. Of course when that when I wanna get too dirty my head on over here by you know that's Sutley efficiently. For the most part rate issues that to phone the river. It's also going to be talking with mr. forest green about speckled Trout fishing in and I in this area my own Marion in the northern shoreline like I'm trying. But right now I'm gonna talk a little bit about that's this and I'd like to get to them by country lords on nor shall dance series and now with this is is a collection of bass tournaments that are held on the North Shore. The tournament director's report. To the India us and in their reports it posted on the Indian agent or shore it report dot com com. They also updating everyone with there at their upcoming tournaments notes very valuable source of information for master it. So we're gonna get the top three spots in the NBS power rankings. In third his rust and Gaudin Russ and this is that pearl river area right there down the road pearl river. I'm Russ has been vision with this on the hey Lyndon Christian the rust rust and not to. Number three spot in the power rankings the ordinance in the season out right. In the number two spot. Between Ross and reads one in the two Brothers that this together Ross in recent teamed up for a retirement this year. It's paying dividends they. Needed just finished second in the not submarine turn it over there tonight and I think that's the first on dockside this area I'm not mistaken. I think the heaviest bag was in nineteen counts brought in knows there on in the that the number one spot. You know we had in 20142015. Or to a bad thing the year Jayson hit in cases start the year out right Jason and it's on treatment. Britain just just one Florida. Paris is dancing with turner write your own by alma. They brought in ten pound bag for the wins though congratulations. That Jason on the number one spot in the Indian power rankings. Tough competition that get in the top and basically you have to finish in the top three. Of their return men to gain points towards the powering so. Congratulations to these guys start the season out strong. Ally if you interest in visual Ortiz turn its idea it is in Norfolk this report back conflict on the North Shore bad theories page in. There you see all the upcoming tournaments that are open to the public. And this is the past stances are we talked with Chris Spacey. Liars that long here's the pearl river team trails lord our bass anglers and the dot thundering internment and it's meant. Basically the internment directors that run these these tournaments give out their contact information on the days that you via the contact them and then. Competes and he's really really great as that term that are held on the North Shore. All right springtime is definitely here and now where that comes in North Shore base report back on ring fishing seminar we're going to be holding in again Nancy rivers in Madison now. What a great event it seems like every year growth and we give more people that and I this year it's ideal line stands the last line music also. Would it be rattling off some goodies including two person charter trip with captain Brooks Levy official charter and a two person trip with app in in the fields with guitars so. Definitely work taken a shot on the prize is wolf it the fifty raffle. One that last year it was an. It's not Shelton it's neutral mode ones that beat it beat by them. That's a Lotta Lotta fun right there the seminar. Worlds and an absence some great speakers there captain Mike Dallas gonna speak and Phyllis in salt water seen. In late ought to train in a warning that Biloxi marsh area. Also happening and he killed at least he can and Brooks leave you with Jonas as well that's the other knowledge of the area and just mentioned it. Also gonna have mr. force green speak in. Beat him up by the homeless by the look on Trout and now also gonna have Jeff ruled talking softly as vigilant nor shall as well the seminal. Talking a little bit about motors podshow and Jeremy people to be speaking about preventative maintenance on neutral and voters and outpour in so great line up there that's all gonna happen it's Friday night. March 31 that the rivers in Mexico great location right there. On a phone the river Mike Benjamin at the beautiful place the rivers. So on by this Friday and join in on the final starts at 6 o'clock we'll see everybody there. Are we're gonna get our first break here but when we return we're gonna sit down with rain Miller raised us tackling enthusiasts or shall I say. Add it to our action and so would check in with Greg in when we return. And you licences in North Shore this report where the grand open and by adventure and don't stop and it's cius you back right after the break. I'm back into the North Shore fishing report a special two hour and a half on this morning we're comity a lot from my new adventure at home. It's the grand opening of Shannon and Jeff portal on new place right here off the highway in home. Well what a great place atmosphere appears fantastic. We've got a wealth of this in knowledge gathered here and and speaking of wealth of knowledge sitting next to me as a gentleman that I had the pleasure of vision where. Last week Ray Miller of Madison they'll ring and I their trip up the phone in search of the sock delay in I think we're gonna talk a little bit about the trip but what I'm law. Right idea but you'd never think if you dig it out well just when you view that. Something different happens you don't you know quite figure amount completely. You might get better but you figure. Right parts I'll talk about Utley. Started way ideal. No I'm mom from Lafayette so you know in my early days of my toys out. He's statistic Jeff a lot basin alive and I'd. Let him when I really started eyewitness who was the guy that's that he was gone efficiently callable by U. So anybody that's from around that theater beat Michigan and when that day so we got an and you put gentlemen my hand. And move patient with some energy X. Rated with the white white skirt. And we started it it's actually. And I'll look through it then have to love. And little thump public addictive it is and so we caught a masterpiece there. Now when we moved here to the north cure my life and I've. I've started position it to fund the river a little bit not being that are really did issue a road heavy until after Katrina. And so that's that's the word would go started you know and really alone with him rivers. What it's partly on you. So are you. There and well I fish. I guess some ultimate Berkshire if you wanna say that. Does that look to see that car boot look to field it. You know first and foremost it's actually. But it invites them on public openly. You know and brand could lose that's on his batteries stored on them right now well. Let's get in Europe we lost an outrage. I mean that's. That's our comeuppance Utley missed volleys launched a war streak coming in the that was perfectly. This little south where. You know south of where my normal on a little bit apart. Tell me out. Normal pressure is up right. And all the pressure's up north you know everybody. Pretty much knows world those canals arsenal and we what I was thinking about where to go. I caught some fish south. In some digging canals that there. Leading goes far down as of rice fields in all tell them we'll tell them that but anyways that would keep the rest of recede but really we got in his neighborhood. And no room. And we will hunt commandeered of course they just the water was calm it warmed by it at all all it was a real heavy south landed. He's got first fish. And he caught allegro and articulate and whoever's listening might know the name of that but it was really slow and there. But let's do it doesn't have the fishing pressure that it that canals to look off. So it's greens and adding now look very promising. And we get water as birdied act in seeing this on sonar. One her and our campus few hours in his back now in jail ward. He's and it's simple ring or digital. Rights are a little which you normally see in the now around this time well well our. You know I'll tell you what two weeks ago is in it the canals that we were in and and I posted a picture but. Typically what us is a fish. Aren't about a foot and a half to two. Maybe down to three foot of water depends on the water temperature but in that particular canal was catching him two foot deep under a car. They use in a little small to view a 32 announced again. And a couple of different colors that typically they're pretty shallow we really call some nice fish and it was a mixture button sacrilege to kick in and and people can't please do you know their homes on as well. We're back and adding I'll. What do you think it was still don't you think you questions. That I had apparently using they would Packers went. What I'm sure it was there but they were everything was glad there was no activity on the water immunity when I get back. But he did back in there and I hear some print top and on the water you know but that would even any Graham hop and in the olden days. This kind of but you know that would what's happening back here but it needed to get salute noisy you know people think it's so why that is pretty noisy when you this. The water in its next to the wall and this is obvious yesterday called something that was knows world know vast Jason thing stooges. The barometric pressure would just all day you know if you have passed deal with a colleague it will probably mostly. We head out to the main river and that's where well. I experience that I've never experienced boy adds she again. What was it thirty feet of water at the quantity on the thirty footer long off the shortly along the river pop on exciting. Yeah well since the fifth for a bite in shallow listed. Just making. Others let me pick him up here. And show him some of the ways that is the deep water. And it just lately they've gone yet I think what it it I liken it to. Speckled Trout fishing when. Kick in the bridges it feels like that we're geoghan then not use again I'm suspicious not delay turned us on when it went in their talisman. And now I can't wait. That normal like fix up back right and ever that's black and future. You know soccer league all year because they'll move to the. Response. You know so but yet when effort the first to look at dollars you know the views. The first about it directly to him until a mound. We're gonna finish about seventh could be. And so we got on this point innocent look at your depth finder I have one front one of that and you look pieces is one of little blunt here rested yet. Message don't move you made at that don't go left or right you know and and he should Plaxico you're gonna get he goes oh I'm stuck at it and you go. And we reported by floodwater. So and so it just that's how high up the camp he was amazing. And I don't know how far we were pretty. Oh well they were yelling. There you all the and we look at it that tree does that Al. Product pictures at the top of the freeware that Whitney yeah you're right. What was so strange about it is when you're that far off the shore. You only nineteen. I mean we really weren't even use and are real we just a militant and out there and straight up and down you know if I would have been out there Thomas Sam right now there's no evidence I think mature enough when we crop thank you am thinking a little bit. Little Omnia and my when he felt that her whole life thought I. He just can't look into that water and stared it's very addictive. Harriet. In in him know that you have to put this much time into it you get to a level where. Your and I really appreciate it's something that I'll one. Do you start doing more out on it a little better because I had so much fun. Just lower at that lower incidence trees and shrubs that it. Without any age and you caught it against him Brian it I think anything I think what. It was a great trip for me I can't imagine if you if you really light and long one of those rough count how many can catch up on. Rush out. On most of the time you don't catch a whole lot because the way soccer they are you gonna catch the ones that are aggressive both leaders of the pack. In my case three foursome you pitch more but you got it through four you know have to move and come back maybe an hour later and pitch through four more. But that's why there's I have several places like that on the river. So I just moved from spots but it into the trip they have a decent missed fish would easily see as far as not only group now what kind of weather with what type of my seat but he wore what grew up I seem to me he tripped them. You know it is catching a cold water cold and local water yet. You know people and some time to catch him grouped openness on the you do when the water's colder the group. People water out of right field and now range heard that you smear real hot spot and it's still littered the area yet. Is there any. Shot this season. No I haven't fished there yet this year I have. There's one of the guys on north Turkish report. What's his name Yankee of met him couple weeks ago which both make the trip down there. Sometime next couple weeks because he said he has a spot. So I guess that the next. Oh moon come and go back there with an antidote this there's a lot of fish that there'd be caught but it's. It's it's hard I don't issued. On the weekend especially because it's so convenient from the boat launch and it's there's a lot of pressure back this. A case and other spots and it's a phone. And you're forced to leave confident on the money's gotten wide in Vietnam. You ever come down here in. Maybe I bonds or well look home alive. You know. Is it back I'll be in McComb you pretty steady. That I use to make the trip for two with far as greens. And we go out there and gets some lake Brothers arch equipment ready or kill cracker would every political. You know that we used to make the trip for two and hit some really nice because they're gonna Gomes on we have two spots where is appoint you can sit there and anchored edges. Oh my guys just were Emma. Fish about it a foot foot and a half on a car with a piece of warm patronage. You know I think it just gets tons of EU laws on the you know in his green. You have a little the green arm that was a plastic. Talking about it. Let doctors. It will they are chartreuse colored gas and wood it is bots and stuff all I'm which is actually a warm food. And I use you put about it heaping tablespoon of that in your box of worms. Vehicle warmed shake my outlook bid put him and refrigerator in four days later. Have short druze worms. So when you pitch a mansion put it on yours you're you're hooked. You ought to see the color hat that looks like it's hard I'll yeah. But. I can probably hedge. Bob Graham you're one and I used in the same warm and you're like doesn't mean anything else I'll answer. Well. Which he goes Whitney do I have migraine where standard fuel. Yeah you do so elegantly. Island really relieved that iridescent green yeah it's really heard that the fish it's bashed lately grows they love it. Right sometimes and nobody's going to be and that's today maybe trying to beat the weather yeah they could possibly inaccurate but let's talk signing maybe. When he recommending law where they launch which they probably point them in the right right. But if they're going to be going out on the water they had the fourth street boat launch opened Madison bill. You know nick in heads south of that in you know down a river are if it's somebody's in a kayak packages and outlawed. You know when he leave the boat launch go out and hit in north that is out there and it shall there. If the exit by you called the same thing when he hit the gallows. I'm not see it Giles communicating and house. You know good Asarco is still on the on. We just haven't hit a bad day. But. There's one more we'll move coming up in April's well they're going to be more. Alone after that it's over for the stock Les Paul. You know I mean you can pack your aggregate normal name main river. But the program or or movement up on the bed right now. So. It you can come right here in rhetoric kayak from these folks over here. And go right here to the church street boat launch in just a matter of minutes you can get filled with visual on it may. You. On the and it. I know I don't thoughts oddly one minute away from long were you out of the box that they're not like in my pickup truck all afternoon wounded his. To warm up you know so yeah it's pretty close behind. Myron thanks so much for joining us this morning. You gotta be at the seminar on this Friday at Madison now is learning how to make sure our aero engine rules on net yet rule. A hand. Partly it's battling to make it in there like me trip wouldn't do. All right Greg and look at next Vietnam. Keep in touch with android atlas the statistics it is it is raw video. At least to get back on me wherever we learn a little bit lower on that that is yet we don't teach some lessons on now. Our Ray Miller the sock delay killer right there that you found the river sock away killer. I'll what went a fantastic cyclic fisherman and knowledge and have gotten from him justice and that one Tripoli was well worth it it's a really unique experience. A they're gonna get the break but now when I retire we're gonna check in with someone new who may know this area than anyone I think in. You know by adventure I think forest green and he's on the come early in sports and what a great accomplishment. They gonna give us the scoop on fishing inviolate home in and out Natalee god those artificial reefs to become in the life right about now and they in this cycle and are buying them Lou guilt about the stock and not pass that's a really grates on this by you look home. So when we come back when it and sit down talk with mr. green for awhile maybe maybe get his autograph on so. On legacy on a cover Louisiana sports through what little life he lead mr. green so hang on through the break and then we'll talk with grainy. As they is a column around here you listen to the North Shore fishing report right here on more outdoors be back right after this. It. Welcome back into the North Shore fishing reports to power program this border where the grand opening up by it accurately called this morning. Is here in the area of each service agreement like me to. Sitting sitting with me right now is about localism is human as you yet mr. green. I don't think mr. green having numerous affairs with you. Everyone has been productive on everyone who has regard now back down now. Let's just say the majority where productive. Well it makes a fantastic this idiot in its degree first off I've reached at DHL is definitely my old offer on its. Ladies stocks to carry out a little bit about exactly. Are we can expect. That I'd I even though it's the last. What proceeds of soccer player and by Tacoma just didn't agree. All of this is going to data answers on and about. Beat war. I was October. Days ago we're not caught him by now. Most of the day it. Most of the data answered I haven't Osaka lay and a some of the trees register on there's there's Boehner right so just how many years it's hardly present doing great about it. Dallas document raid villages now. That's not only spot those and launch some analysts luckily Michael is launched and united utilities that they they definitely exist. What they're. There are those that did it look like good news those spots are going to rent now predict don't loose balls I'll give a month now. That happens. So those those visits seem like the audience of more than canal out. Monica now and it's get this spring time just comedy is so. I'm pretty sure by livid they came by here. Watch your phone to all those areas that are less that is happening all over the place just set up recycling. This time Lydia not only get them back to the canal where about five feet want to put my stuff about three and happy down you can. Butter garlic jays and I did Doyle along the bank and to keep propping him back importantly you captured the males again now in great norm females that come. The it. And as the raptors mortars small light tackle just pops out of that simple. About up blue gill those those blue. Blue gills should he start then its on. Is chemical give recognize. Did just thought the move round did not mean that they're called beta. And this area until late in enemy. They're gonna veto book you can still get your Q do you have a bit now time is. Is made that means you. And they going to line and maybe it now. So what about let's talk a little bats this new electricity off the in his cell phone big athletes what do what about buying let alone looking for bats tonight. While we're back to this comedy year again all the Christmas. You're not Christian went a month. There wants to get down and get your good is not a time to do that advance so are moving up on the Bay Area I look homers are greatly for that. I I plotting catch many of them but applicable to the bickering back and I call light sabers hum that a future. That's about doing that I don't think he'd be in the album but some people. Right now is that time. You're to be a good instrument that McGregor their stereo. Nodding adding go back out on the circuit this year I got a lot edit things going. Got a new friend in my life god my camping Texas I have not gotten here. And I need to go into debt so I'll I give it up for a little while do you. Bloke and the only vision haven't covered as far as freshwater catfish were. What's what's going home with bio come I don't get many reports that vision by a local mom we entitlement on you can't expect your phone area. Oslo it was a fish catfish. With some options on the phone. Well after his cows like that secret program you know it was OK it's a whole bunch of over and in the column I've just nominee at their customers ramp coming into streams the cat is here at the same thing you know. We got a lot of their captors. And it. That legacy that it actually program by sort of body count lying about it or are. Where they really probably saying I am now that. That issue. As it is. They kept it could mean of them you know Vick was gone amok in rural can't. They get to number it. No one's name you know one mourner talk. Carlos let's get a little bit salt water side of pilot come in you know that's what's so great about them by you on the diversity in. It's up river from NASA's sun glare and out of the mouth drawn red fish trial flounder. Look like stroke Croker. What was the scene out there right now because we've got to really screwing winner and the these wins and this just about killed while glass onion salt water. Violent. I have a bit on the lobby group that. We're not there I had my boat I look after the batter is that you've got to my petroleum Odom adaptable. And look up in my role at the real. Only because. This season here it's gone bust out through his name or where I've hired by their body is due it's equipment ready and be patient and organized Korea. When I handed him long. The officials have not gotten here yet but it where via some of your good outing get your equipment ready and be ready to go through honey do those. That you'll I want you goes through when we're dancing we're making it you can get the Golan and vote enjoyed it. And I've certainly experienced that with you when those Trout come it's it's a small window but I tell you what it's almost automatic you've gone out there and catch the weather condition right. Those those this scenario on nonchalant in abiding. There there there there always come on along the shoreline by your. There are here. You just have to be patient patient invasion but I give out any job a whole lot. This Lorraine we have we had those on the north or your report dot com. Gentlemen. Says the polls off of who's pointer on you know anything about our balls off of who's going. Now. I have a little bit but. I haven't been out there to go check on America operated it that being grown in this kind of bad name is on a good thing. All. For the by the get hurt on it. The bad thing here I don't have a GPS define itself bread anymore. Get the good thing for the fridge and abide I want to go over managed to combine my Prius is pretty good. So we did it playing golf all of electronic. You know to rig is out Judy moved down. So to reapply there all regressed you let you do that you were to GPS. That is that a lot of concern dominant a year year by helical locally here. Cramming is a major major sport here. The cramping band that we've seen for commercial drivers for the last month like to get your take on that. Well what we're not going to lie alive pitchers have done I think the great thing. It's a really great thing it done for the future. You know it's kind of like remove whichever cuts through the guys that I would like to see the front here before its own ground. We don't do something about to correct and then there will be go down. And is there is a fugitive thing and we just have to be praising the we don't like change and I think is a good thing for the crap. I definitely think it's a good thing it just just for the most part is as. Clean it up the lake of those those derelict crab traps and that's if anything gets done it's that you know all those crab traps have gone to reset. We were out or the other day and we and we might have been the first day or the second day when it went. When he went it went in the band ceased and all new. Cramped floats out there so it was definitely all new crab trap so that's definitely a good thing you know get those old traps they'll just leave and just rebate of constantly never pick them up you know. Well we don't pick them up and in a crab hitching a man in mind you wrote so we don't realize how much crab trap into which strap and an it guy. Man just have to we do that just thought it was the small and a the great it is the future thing for everybody didn't need to stop picking them up and like it here again is they're really good thing they're doing that to clean and a we have overdone. All right let's talk vision so finalists got cynical about tomorrow and what did you buy it look known in some tips. And opted to break your drivel you better hope Levin did you give that up which limited the addicted do all that the law. Still trolling around there cause we're in neutral and over. Trucks are red now but it doesn't have a boat. I would you give me some great arms and some as the strip and did you said on the buyers somewhere and just enjoy doing never. Did they have the right comedy year forever by the get out and enjoy it vision that is bringing his idea so I called them down late row from there. By your branch here pick up your equipment most of them I'll be here as you get all the information. You need for me out we're out here you wouldn't reject my that they were much involved bats that. But I've BO OK now workdays and stuck at least but you buy it from Dolly wrote to buy virgin and you can enjoy cat system for you groom just enjoy the beautiful sunshine that this spring all. List thanks a must join us missed a green supporting my adventure for all these years and contributing to NMR as well. As far as videos we've recorded in on numerous videos out there really appreciated. I'm sure Shannon does well. On church. I'm a good idea to sign a couple books in amended. And yeah honey an autograph from. With the saint itself via the new water. A lot of revenue of excel it's. Take you know that is go out and recruited three don't we drug drove me occurred on the delta volleys he they go oh well they're always big. Are you be speaking at the offspring fish and seminar of anti rivers this Friday. I'll look forward to seeing you were there any thoughts about that event. Borrowed. Try to get out and go out and been shot at by impeached or liken him a million tickle record deal people where to go find a map. This can be a good week for me I am I doing in a bank and hopefully I can find the pitching and pat that information no. I like your outlook you predicted good week this is going to be a good week for me. And I mean again near stuff that outlook there. Well. When I get them on Google frigid little bit of the morning and they don't like get your fears I did a good morning they'll go get it. It did have a positive attitude which you gonna do. And did a negative way you've got a negative Yuma which is there a moment to be true. That a bug that. All right by you the cult legend right there forest green missed the greens got its finger on the pulse of violent coma. I'll go live and then when I need when I need to know what's going on this area so thanks so much of the information. Hammering. Art it's a short break when we come back we're gonna check daily Todd olden time writes a column called attendee sportsman but I am an elite stars though. He keeps track of all the goings on in the hand and aryan at Santa my area. I would tell you it's not right after the break you listening to the North Shore this report more outdoors be back right after this. Are welcome back into the North Shore Phish report special two hour sure program this morning recording from mom by adventure and look home windy Saturday morning and now looks like that. That line of storms coming through but if you can squeeze in a trip main looks like again on the two hours. You know the water maybe hit the fish take advantage of this ball and pressure that we're seeing it. We're offering 7 and 9 this morning special two hour. Nor short Fisher report program like you said went by adventure come on down if united now on the water. Coming near meet the media ownership and. Mortal on and Jeff poor on we've got some. Coffee brewing lots of talk about visiting you know springtime is a wonderful economy there's an element or sure speckled Trout bite is big enough it's not late I'm still on on him. The blue gill a spotter right now and you could really put a mess of blue pill box. Well speaking of the blue gala it's been forever since and hold Bryant urge. But it. And Unita troops catch of the beautiful bride. Please hold pride hurt that sounds delicious and right on cue. Todd Coleman is here Todd joins us this morning Todd doesn't think it's you but yet in blue gill Scott writes the Hammond daily star writes a weekly column called Andy's sportsmen but I don't this morning. I'm going great Q I just love this new by your adventure it is nice today and everything you ever walk up. Hold Procter. And about a week ago the F smile like Lopes told Brian Burch and she sent me in the boys out that it catches on and we don't come home that we haven't beaten me moment. That part out all right. Well now we feel like that the god I now for them but the wife loves it off the bone will have Trout cat is your best and he always goes of those room. All right time talking about blue gill. I knew you loved beloved diva character in. You've been lately. Yes we've been patient at general river pretty good don't well god alive. And brilliant using crickets on court mainly in some warm sometimes. Been real good my last few weeks. We just had great Miller on not yet prepared for those green learns that he's talking about. I was just talking to him about those yeah my boys love that they love the Dow those learned that. Powder stuff there and it it works pretty well. It's like that actually. That attacked him and it. Turned him short fruits and they'll stay for our area. Our top what's what's the best rivers the bodies from her perch here. Well we have a lot of good years ago from around here personally I liked Campbell River cause close to home as little known name by use up and down the river is full of goggle it's. But north pass area man checks are good area middle by U. You know I prefer got a lot like the the palladium like we've talked about. And those metal by users is full of old stump hollowed out don't swimming Stallone back there in those got a lodges Daniel and then there's tons of them. I thought I think the best place yet gotten a lot from my experiences body paint Clinton infrastructure that's water doesn't get you get some back in those areas those canals where. Other boats came via the long ball down. It's just loaded gun on him have been back. I think you know the wanna talk about you take a right after the launch as the tree actually lot hidden under that true that carry him as. Yeah we had good luck in pain fish in there I'd get a one summer when mountains college I did some research on the got a lot and we go around to different places shock and creation of real interest and they were always near wooden structure we they they. Had a few near the grass with wooden structure like all of the blow down some it would always be around that it's amazing how much you'd shop around one little stall an area. And I remember this is going back as far as I remember a little kid underneath it in my mommy and drop out NCR. And now. I've discovered that where it's you wrote it underneath the the thing those oak tree roots. Or prevent it from Rhode even more but they'll have holes and those routes that would pop align it two feet of line and you put it right there at all. Well I realized that it goes rather deftly in this structure and definitely an ambush predator. I tell us bottle of it like catfish and calm you still running lines which I'll. Yes still do well long. He goes. It's gone well we can't really go to any real big when we had a few 3040 pounders but it's been a pretty good season happen. It's spectacular but nothing bad you know. Yes well Pomona. What are you notice and out there with the Javon that does that he doesn't even matter with with catfish as far as the muddy water anything's his. Basically rolled on there's. Yeah when your own those land each day you kind of have to do what went and you dealt but personally I like the orderly Altman and little money. We have the best loved ones like that. Is the water cool enough to keep those perks that you use on the hook alive. Yeah outlook we usually will use perch that we guess a small ones and cut bait stayed on it well too. And it'll be good until probably mid made in the name and then we have to start really watching a line drawn to a breakdown today or Paloma. I talk about these trot lines what area which recommending. The exclusively. On yeah mainly just let what other areas that are you know. I'll line. Anyplace that has fresh water in pretty good base unit things you always look what you want to move in order won't when he abate. All these little fresher bracket toward areas around Hewlett volume at home came by you has catfish and general river that your phone river anyway like that's fun. What about Wayne needs these on the eighties corporate Spock book has nothing. I've seen everything and we'll wait to send a block we just read a little break it's easy as a whole users Pat Tillman dropped down. When you wait to keep them down you know not every ten or twelve votes would put break. He keeps it down out of people's like. You get any reports from any other and you write for the Hammond daily star you get any reports. When many other rivers and getting good catfish reports. Yeah that Amy's doing pretty well mr. Paul has some fish come from a two and but north pass area mansion that's been going pretty well. Here too many reports that area that was all on ours you know was not sure if we just yet. The reports from Atlantic area I don't think the end it came out there that might it secretive bunch out there and keep it to themselves. Or are rotten rail slightly and it doesn't that it from land which Iraq. Rudd run up road Madison will always good place run on the riverfront Fairview park desolate areas covering the boys there a lot of times we'll go fishing off the bank there. How wait 51. In May inject whose brains from swamps that's a good area. Last few pop in my mind. Alleys they Fairview Riverside park that's in Madison ill I'm Rockville girls that it there your vision off the that nice here that they have run along the bulk and wry there you yes the main river. Run the main river there's a lot of old bull marches and boat sank in that area a lot of trees and things it's a lot of good have a commitment there. All right any cycle airports have been doing cycle expansion any any good reports from your neck of the woods and an area. Yeah buddy mom with the other natives take funded real loyal socked away and that's a difficult place you can look out for and he made a trip to root often caught a lot of goggle and a few sock pulling at the end. The best is doing pretty good especially over only to plot like this on just about played out now. They're pitching and it's that it all. Yeah monitor those earnestly India sent but the bigger dance scenes of being. Lowering them they each each bass club has a big bats and monitor those bats coming in and a man. About three weeks ago a month ago news reels almost every term and a five plus pound. That's been taken out of it but now start to see it dip down its you know the February him batteries don't mind millions. On oh yeah my nephew went through to about three weeks ago on him and his body appreciation it. Regular weight over when he found so. There is no easy physical lake Conroe and yeah as though he is pretty to a Fella. Donna see you all all decked out in in camouflage jacket on the team what you want there aren't real invisible on Turkey I'm not surprised they're not out there right now let out. I take it by the by the looks of which are where you're going to be out there this afternoon. I am leaving this afternoon to go out on a note on the anfield now never gets an opening day it's tough but. The boy said soccer in house originally scheduled to war so I had to make an afternoon content. Now the boys soccer game got canceled more got canceled so displayed around ago. And now she could've brought them and I could I interviewed my girls of grant invite you to come I'd love to get their perspective a bit that they got. I know they got some experience. Yes halo. The crowd they're both of my love to go in if I brought him in there you'd spend your whole two hour show with the one he's a modem. Bring on and co op let's let's talk a little bit by cramming you know every time I'm out there. The girls that without the lines and it's just like they accuse. It is just a different world out there where working together you know with kids these days it seems like always on Brawley you know. Clean up your room probably just keep going you're constantly come out here it's like all that goes away you're just trying to get grants and you knew that you know you become a team out there. I'm a little bit about it and you bring you boys and aircraft and I am sure they lauded talk a little bit about what with some moneys isn't it they have an experience that. I can promise that if they do it one on the hit me back and it's right there everything's bringing you you bring it out. Act expert in next considering and then him and Andrea. That's about all you. It is great family entertainment my wife. Hates getting parity and which you'll come up there with the boys and one polls Milan one nets. He cares around the bucket put it in an obvious that the drug and arms and eat good tonight you know it's great fan thing. And look at home in lake road is a great error because the cars Volvo bus blows nobody's beaten about it no trouble is when your rooms spread out just a good. The latest and they were here and we get home you can. You're always catch enough to eat you invite you know Ramon Graham always helpful though and have a good little bit ago. And you. What we usually catches just enough to have a little crab boil for the family and then also some numbers of them look in the trees or making them certainly definitely bring something back. Are right up back to Turkey Turkey you did any scout. Yes yes I have a couple places line I don't know if that Turkey will cooperate I'm what did happen. Now. A little bit of governments have gotten much not warm but yet they got a little stale. So inference. Oh wait no. All right. It's not take care and appreciate you coming on. Keep this post on the will hopefully I'll be honest in your producers afternoon big gob Providence Providence. That. Thanks lines are lucky. All right so Donald Allman of the Hammond daily star Phyllis and Chrysler seen here on the North Shore and a little Turkey and not switches gears at every turn on the calendar. It looks like he's going into thirteen. It wouldn't. What an addictive sport there. We'll be able take them. Iowa get back to well it's no but a list the places that this from land you know. I always hear people where in Atlanta from the North Shore. Created at the top ten places the official North Shore that really helpful resource it's got directions east high. Actual photos from that spot if you look at the land. You below that this spots and as you know he goes on there on out whether located in both fresh water salt water spots on. You see spots along lake including signs that point right there and bill. And also lake road right here I'll speak you know look Nomo whereas the IU cancer rates up to an open and by adventure. Here at home belonging to show signs he has everything around here. Right have to show the show's almost over at 9 o'clock but there's going to be some mob. Jumble I have brought on the home buyer firemen and Annapolis online music here. Also want to remind everybody about fishing forecast page for April that's coming up. That's coming up on the first of the month first of April if you look at some tips that that isn't specific spot on the north do we really need him. Take a look at this vision for this page. What diseases that take different areas on the nor shall we find guys it's there. Most often we have right monthly or an area that spot whether he's angry leads pretzels. The pearl river life liberty play Cano went out and the phone. Beating bill creek so. We'll have them bring these spots from one of five reining in give them their fourth cancel these spots. It's become a great resource for guys who won it. He said this here on the north of Nate so. That's going to be published on April 1 and I anchored in particular it export gas these guys I am writing for me certainly knows the area round in their stuff and they can help you. Not a specific area. All right we're gonna wrap up the show but now I guess that we're going to be here by it and share. What's that guys don't lie comment and live music on a wanna thank all my gas. This morning captain Andy Jones of which he charter certainly interest in hearing is take on on what's going on Lake Pontchartrain. Also want to thank god Heilman out Hammond daily star on phone and catfish in part vision in silently vision always did you hear him. Ray Miller talking softly vision is to green poster boy for Louisiana sports that. At all in this green still hearing it's optimistic grains also Johnson saying things like that on Iran coming in on line session. And of course thank you Shannon and Jennifer for being such a great host lots of lots of success that was you've done in the new place. Certainly appreciate you being here for the website at learn ally and Iran so happy to have guys down. All right that's gonna wrap it up for the show other north of this report I've had a blast this morning talking edition credit. Hopefully be bit better prepared with the information you gain. Good luck out there until next time on key cluster and this is in the North Shore this report on more out of course.