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William Hall discusses phantom messages

Sep 25, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Author & Researcher William Hall about his look into phantom messages - messages from the decesased, from aliens, from other-wordly and unexplainable sources.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Are on the old style I have spent more start somewhere in between welcomed me unreality review it means Jason almost always some treat each are so there's Bennett kind of a flurry of new member. When we started the program. And these creepy clown sightings were coming up all over the place here present in there and exercise were being arrested and it was it was getting kind of nasty for a while I had told news on some news and kind of getting Shia actually there was to some idiot shot or stand there and that one clown guy in yet so that started didn't resurface here recently bit more important than that. People thought that a lot of this clowns activity was kind of promotional stunts. To promote the movie hit the Stephen cannons movie it which was say I guess was the second time they've made that the first from was here it was pretty years haven't. With what's his name on Curry's says Tim Curry played a penny wise but so. Is there seems to be kind of this new you know get a hold or horror in particular horror films penny going cycles you vampires fraud you've got. You know which is for awhile and it's clowns are kind of thing now. And we had the movie it which I think did pretty well I I actually didn't think it was that great if it. Fill in Phnom but it didn't really want to do was in DC a did you like I did I attacked and tickets to see it because I just wanted to explain to them why they should never trust you have a good way to do it elevate the state it. It mid single handedly killed the clone industry but I think a lot more from the I don't let alone Carmen just it is just so many things that are wrong with that but then I'm there was a movie that was kind of a sleeper hit for Netflix called terra fire which is also sell. And you and I have another project that we're working on the people are going to be able actually gets an inside and these films have a middle thrown out there it's called paranormal popcorn and and we renowned far and we've been having a great time and we're just getting it started. And we will direct people go to the will go to the FaceBook pages just colonel popcorn on FaceBook will be talking about these films as time progresses here but. My point was on clowns seemed to be. Elect and I told you many times throughout the years we've known each other you have to pay an a smiling face you have an issue. And some clowns paying frowns on the schism willingness to let initiative he thinks they're essential feature in a fiesta he would be happier senators who will lose their famous clown Kelly somebody Kelly. Very very famous are only gonna guess from. From I don't know 34 Yahoo! and over get a frown face a very famous clown or not that's the one that they say that they show him some on some videos now claiming that. Late hits the initial reason meant. You were terrified o'clock well it could be a good look back at the video is now ideally what that hack so if you if you if you know knowing these things kind of goes in cycles and it. Emmett Kelly was endemic Kelly some sediment on the knowing how these things go in cycles of peso. There's a guy who just enjoys being a clown. And his name is Ritchie and he's so obsessed with being a clown that he is tattooed his clown make up permanently on his face. As for how high he's had silicon. Eyebrow in plants to make his eyebrows exaggerated. He says this every getting a job and he's envisioning a normal job where you can deal with the public unprofessional America all you can do from this point forward if you do that to yourself is BA clown regardless of whether there's work for clowns are not know he's a juggler he's a performer. He does all these things but he says it's his dream come true to be a clown for the rest of his life is name is Ritchie the barber. He's actually a barber by profession I guess you could be a barber and have clown makeup on I guess I would never at first I don't have parish hit my head at a but even if I did I can never sit in this chair with somebody. And as a clone. Cutting back Coke first off how can you trust. Don't know be the first six and hit his hair cut so it kind of looks into people's minor with the clown Bozo obviously. Kinda looks like both those dyed red anyways so. This is somebody who doesn't care about this this recent. Opinion and clouds clowns are scarier it seems to be a growing opinion. And he's made himself to permanently will connect clown and good luck Richard the clown number I'm just when a shadow treatment when he probably does care but it's just he can't change combining our. Any more pub tonight we're not going to be talking about clowns over we're going to be talking about something that's equally see anymore. Equally scary an action maybe even a little bit more scary phantom messages now lease of the things that. You know we though the mysteries phone call that comes from somebody who's who's been deceased already or or these these are warning phone calls or message coming through your radio that you don't know where it came from. On things like that. With our guests William hall and Jimmy Petit need to go this is going to be a great discussion tonight. It is going to be a great show and if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like that FaceBook page mysterious and FaceBook dot com slash. Paranormal popcorn. Checked out and out as well then head to be beyond reality really find all the seasons we are on atlas is costly being updated so check it often. We can also download Smartphone apps free. Which allows you to listen to the show catch past shows and more on the go. And or just any night reliance click the listen life tablet listen live chat tab in the marine corps of the web site. And hang elegy VU myself hundred community of people there. So and hey how wanted to bring something up to you and I. And when we we like to head out the Florida and hit at the amusement parks and everything else right. I didn't I don't do who can't won't I think when we renounce and at the bar. And to win I think we need to head to Missouri 64 XY it's of their. Well they have a constant challenge going pool Eunice requiring gas to stay and stay in a coffin. For thirty hours us you know I've heard these challenges were you know and actually and when I was more involved in the radio business are you actually did one reunion people put their hands on a car in the last one standing wins the car that kind of thing and they go like 24 hours sometimes maybe eighteen. How does somebody say in a coffin for thirty hours. Well Six Flags amusement at park in eureka Missouri is holding a morbid contest for the brave. And not the claustrophobic of course theme park has announced a competition inviting guest sustain a tiny coffin for nearly thirty hours straight. The fright fest thirty hour coffin challenge we'll take place on Saturday October 13 in the reward for those who make it through. With more than just more than just bright writes the prizes include. 22019. Gold season passes. A fright fest. Prize package. To VIP haunted house passes and a ticket to deride the freight train for a freaks unleashed and the winner also. Entered into a drawing for a 300 dollars which if you win that it would work out to about ten dollars and our first thing in the country that I'm sorry I don't. I'm not punish receive the appeals. Six Weisel provide the will blow provide six deluxe two by seven. And I let the label list slightly used coffins measurement and goes on there as well as meals snacks and drinks in bed and and as well as the sixth minute that few bathroom break every hour so it's a positive thing. Coffins are also available to take home the winner and desires. Mean and the competition the competitors are allowed to bring a friend during the operating hours or support closes coffin dwellers must go at it alone. Six like is his saying that he won't really be alone because. They have their fright fest freaks going to be worse and pretty much lurking around the darkness and Tommy the coffins and buried any means it's above I don't know penalty area and was senator Arlen insurance plan. And I imagine premium product knowledge so. First off six minutes and our at the bathroom okay and they're bringing you food they're bringing you drinks and can I take my iPad. You need to play a little minute little spider solitaire earlier in there and I I think it should have better games and morbid that's indicated a month or so when I'm zombie or whatever it plans that men and plants plants vs zombies and went you know that that comes on the one but. And the thirty hours senator. Yeah. It would it would be awkward probably book. I think I can do I wouldn't want it and I don't know tire iron ADM season pass holder is six likes I don't I'm also. I tell you though that this in the makes this little room easier than maybe some of the other similar challenges is that you could why couldn't sleep case sleep in the sleeps like twelve of those hours I mean. Given that still leaves eighteen counts true but you know as oppose the car saying we got to stand up put your hand and a car firm and. But this is a really mean to sleep for five hours a night so literally had been there 26 to 2526. Hours of Zimmerman similar drive me crazy. But now so if anybody wants to do this or. Now think she can handle it check it out of Missouri Six Flags it's their costs and challenge. So your ready. Are you there I didn't know it's a remitted a quick break a lot more to come to listen Jason dvd on a candidate. Internal defense Garrett kind. Is right around the corner scare congress for the celebrities parties vendors panel discussions films brings in so much more scary time isn't perfect way to celebrate the spooky this time of year although scare kind of selfish about spooky spirit come will be held at the turning stone resort and casino. October 26 and 28 cents. Wrong when you get more information go to scarecrow can't dot com that's scary con dot com. Just keep moving along folks. Here's your here's Richard gonna shake that off can cool welcome back to be on reality radio. It's Jason in JV we've got a great show lined up although we could be changed though we originally born have William hall. In Jimmy Petit kneel on the program they are the co authors of the book called Santa messages and that's of course what we're gonna talk about. But apparently Jimmy is six so bill welcome to the program recapping on. Great thank you have what's going on would you just under the weather what's the what's happening well dikes is better really bizarre work schedule. It's beyond reality. And our per schedule and I don't really know. Exactly effort but I know that here. Yet and look for many hours so like two little our schedules. To brag yeah probably your usual schedule. Well and you're website this whole of the paranormal dot com I believe I Jimmy's is mr. haunted dot com for us folks wanna check those out the book we're talking about tonight as Santa messages. So first of all bill what what is phantom messages about. We. We didn't originate that term but I noticed that wasn't used very much and at the it was a good representation. Of sort of the subject we want to cover which was direct. Communication. That was unexpected. And I'm exponent. At least. Built the cases we concentrated on. But we got about 90% of the other kinds. So was direct and not expect that we don't wanna get. You know a lot of EBPs are mediums are things like that we wanted somebody just going about their business that. That has bizarre communication we do have some other. Chases them that a little bit about the that's really what we wanted to concentrate on was direct. Unexpected communication. And the communication can come from sources like the other side uniform deceased from from alien sources what's the range here that would talk about. We cover we covered. People you know. Whether it's warning serve. Offering you some sort of other help for just say hello you know boring day wherever. From whatever. And in addition to that on course unknown and these were really don't know. The first and let somebody that they know. And can otherwise we identified. And probably the most bizarre. Of the mall is so tight lipped. And some of those involved. For air times slips and some of those involved. They're sharing of. Events on the phone either. On the future of the past so you don't actually here for super or sacked kind of communication bigger Harrington and they're bad. So so that was really an effort that was a surprise fine and the whole thing for me any help. That we covered deck section structural. And and we try to look at the similarities and differences across. The paranormal spectrum position though you know audio Obama's pretty common and it's. Woodard and our books that are shells but. We wanted to kind of all those kinds of experiences bell and some had on themes whip and some didn't. So really grand began. What will let me ask you this okay so. Being involved in the journal for a long time like myself one case that was new that was actually has contact Lenovo. Was a situation really it can do anything about it but was told about it the only eighty and I actually. And she picked in the form and you use a little crimes look at them Amy thank goodness she picked initiated this telling me about a situation where. Phone rang she picked it up she could hear herself talking but then an argument occurring between her and her husband things being said. Earned her getting smacked in some things of that nature well. Then send you issues little freaked out. But six months later. This actually happened and it was sort of waited deja Vu moment however went when it happened she couldn't believe it. So is that sort of what you're referring to when you're talking about time slips. Yet that's that's a great example one. And sometimes it's not in their case. You know my case it was a voice. Or people course that you knew that that's still a great example. Other trying you're just carrying an event happened. We had a case where. Sort of time boyfriend gets a call and he picked up the phone any fears and sell certain trouble for breathing (%expletive) are on a respirator that kind of thing. But instinctively knows it's him. And that that's what we find with. With those kind of call is. If you pick up the phone in the air somebody on a respirator that's marketer. And shot down your spine or anything you know. What these kind calls when they do happen and they're the kind slips are. One of the rare kind we're one of the order types of these calls or contacts. But. When something like that happens you instinctively. Immediately know. Not exactly what it is like you know it's something very different very disturbing. And he knew instantly that you were here in themselves side of the ball and as the cars that is and he gave the phone to his girlfriend and she heard it through it. Without insane what it was and felt that was the same thing and two months later he died does. Suddenly and unexpectedly. Yeah I didn't have cancer or anything like that. And so you know that case which we called you know. My boyfriend heard and so die in the folder or them more extreme mormons. RO well and I look and we'll get into a lot more of those were gonna take a quick break and and the others I'm stores talking about here and we're gonna do that were actually talking with William hall well phantom messages you listen Jason GDP on. Back to show it's beyond reality rated JC GB we'll take your phone calls later in the program love to hear from you. If you know of the story related to some kind of sent a message you know one of those phone calls that comes in. And you're talking to somebody or somebody you know had this phone call and that person actually was pre deceased the phone call. Or. You know you get a warning of some kind that you can't explain. Or something comes over the radio or maybe it's a text message we're gonna get into all that withered guests tonight Bill Hall is our guest his book is called. Phantom messages in his website is holds the paranormal dot com Jimmy. Ted and you don't need it was going to be with us but he couldn't. So bill is Manning the fort your door wanna talk about this time slip idea for a second. When you say that they give me it's not always necessarily somebody talking or giving a warning of some kind. I'm and in Jason's example it was is this woman hurt herself and her husband arguing in something like six months later it actually happened. If it's not a voice telling you something's going to happen. First of all what other types of audio. Information do you get that you can actually decipher secondly. What are the forms is a common is it always a telephone call is that there is at some incomes over radio will give a slum of more background on this. DeWitt times slips in particular talking about yes this particular. Yeah yeah I. The year of the big or observe the big cases that we had warped by phone. Well some had there's some very famous wonders. Outwards in case of her visitors and carry grow many of the no. Long time Europe so researcher. He spoke about a for the first time but that's one that had over 300. Of these messages. It appeared that. Many of them. Were from. Someone. Who lived in the same cottage 400 years ago and some. From unknown. Entities. Possibly appear apparent to be in the future. As far as hearing of the events. In you know and that example even though the people were known. It was. Similar in their respective fair airing an event happen. There's one in particular that. Stands out. Were reversed you don't know people at all and that word. That happen in 2001. Cape that David Fritz what is. Is about a month before 9/11. And. He got a call itself well and it went. Right to voice smell so he church's message. Or call back number and time but he he doesn't find any. And he listens to the message. And probably listens to it he get that overwhelming feeling of of dread. They really are it's time explaining to assist said he felt sick. Instantly. End. It wasn't. Just due to the noise and see your racing be it really you can feel basically. 040 heard words. This sound. Metal planking together. If it's sounded like it was some sort of disaster scene there were some screens. In the air. And he keeps getting calls or remorse. And are all exactly three minutes. Erin. So he's got this. He keeps giving me a voicemail slowly as equal or listen to it and some call trends. End he didn't tell them. You know what the message was or what he thought about it and they would send the message and everyone. Had the same kind of feeling. One friend couldn't even listened to at all. So. He got rid of itself on the gets a new. Cell phone with a new here. And the call. Finally. Until the morning. 9/11. You got one last all. Before the powers and went right to voicemail same message that is their own. Yen then 9/11 and end. You know he. He of course doesn't pretend to know that that's what he was here but. You know would it happen of course it is just. Seem like there was not a lot of older explanations from. Yahoo! and it's it's kind of you know one of the things that makes the hair on the back your neck stand up and your story like that he lets stop the spark this discussion up just a little bit. When did you decide to do you win nine Jimmy decide to do a book on this particular topic. Well Jimmy call me up in he won the new book and so has gone through some. Ideas that I kind of abandoned. But I never got to write down and and one vote was cellular phone calls from the dead he's got broke bones. Where he bellows here that thing that's so of course. Classic book. That always intrigued me. And you know we started talking about it saying well no wonder they tax. Now do they email do you know. You know. Or is that just died out as technology changed so. As we sort of sorts in and so that we found out of course little. Things are happening by attacks by email. You name it. And then premier. You know we didn't we didn't wanna just reduce the same. Our church. Even if we're gonna updated we want it to. Had a trick border look at it across the Specter and so we got excited about it and and we teamed up to is you know I'm 50% he's 50% together and make sure you know one person so. It. We know that is in the senate of them yeah some. But how did you develop your interest in the paranormal in general. Why interest of follow well from. TV shows like insert driven that's incredible you know that two. But really somebody. Learning magic. Inevitably when you're learning managers. Then you read about Houdini in the news read about spiritualism and then do you agree to fortune telling elect senator thing. And all that stuff fascinated me even that certainly is sure. Going there with the expectation of debunking something. Not so much and you know. Audience that. That he would find out more fortune telling and say announces second thing. Well it that it definitely years lead over and I was I was very surprised that it was more common. Among magicians them I thought. I mean when one might first book came out and wondered if they were ordered a scenario. He's an idiot bureau res it's not a good but commissioners from the middle. But instead I. The same surprise as you find where everybody else when they realize it's safe to talk to your batted that. A lot of them have had experiences a lot of them. You know are very open to sell that was surprising to me but that's that you really can have the interest group from a. And you find you find that a lot it's when they finally feel comfortable. Everybody seems to have experience and it's like I like I was saying earlier as a paranormal investigator. Once they find out that you you've been involved in this and they use. That you can believe in the possibilities of this everybody seems to have a story America they're comfortable telling you because it'll feel that they're going to be judged or mocked or. Made fun. Yes definitely true and the most surprising was. A famine that. You know when you air from a few cousins and what she's here our community and tell me at no actual bill you know the your magician yeah I don't know what you think about it you know over I mean besides the fact of the manager just. What you said just person in general not something you're release. Talk about what you know it's it's kind of saying. Yet talk about it in general but as for as the real experience that. Parched dude that's something different but you know so. It's centrists and when that happens. As you started researching for the book could how did you seek out the stories. We. We are we we contact that a lot of people that we knew we need to we did a lot of Greeks are. And a lot of it was. Just ever ties and now they're four. Different stories and then trying to get to the bottom of it and a lot of them. You know we had to throw out because it's an error but he had a static cheek or older. Or somebody that has zeros there's a number of Beck and that's thanks so we have that we call all of those cell and I was surprised at how many. Case is there were out there. Even the ones that. You know once and had no other on gene associated with their work Russia's economic isolated I was really surprised that. Bill volume and diversity of of cases that we're out there. And and the amount that has witnesses say I think there's about 72% of you know the cases that we include. Had witnesses are there other people or was a lot of you know fortunate. And built a course where we're were the best because they're accurately here. Others you know the voicemails or preserved or the answer machine message wasn't. Preserve its usual went from cassette to digital. You know ten years later that NFL. And naturally have others different levels of confidence and you know there's some were always the person was what sparked. But through turbulent it was. I don't think anybody purposely threw it softer we try to get rid of as much loose interpretation. As we possibly could because there was a lot of that some of the older analog speakers will pick up so now back and the thing. So world. A lot a lot of that was just reaching out and putting the word out and they're seeing more cases came men and others were Asus collected. Along the way that then put up the money. Vial of you know folks that maybe one Delray triple. We're talking with the William Paul he's the author of our co author actually book called. Phantom messages check out his website at all. Of the paranormal dot com. I Jimmy pen and veto it was the other co author he was scheduled to be with a stumper he couldn't RB should check out his website is welts mr. haunted. Dot com a lot more to come use Jason. GPB honor really really. Welcome back to the programs beyond reality radios Jason and she's she's on a receipts. 446877669. We'll open up the phone lines in the second. Power of our discussion with Bill Hall we're talking about his book called phantom messages. It's pretty creepy stuff at times but it's also. Very very intriguing built this is a short segment. But I wondered if ask you when you research this how far back. Do these accounts ago I mean is it is it relatively recent phenomenon isn't it did it start with the invention electronic. Devices like telephones and radios word did you ever see anything that today indicated this stuff was happening prior to that. Oh cool it appears it was happening. By letters. From what I read. Morse code but it you know of course when you go back that forest posture released. Get any sensor. Validity to through those things but it appears. That before electronics there's those kinds of messages. Appeared. In net letters. More commonly. Electronics definitely is where really took off. Norton and how do you think that that that's possible how do you think that somehow they're able to cross that threshold and in. Actually manipulate electronics. Well I think it goes back to. You know frequency in and help. Between that and electronics there we know. Summer there could be. Intentional. You know depending on the case and other times I think you may be. We weren't sure what I would call you know more autumn has six multiple universe kind of at least so here's where. He don't really saying. Although. You know who knows but I don't really think picking up the phone and arrogant so Ari is saying. Direct. And purposeful. You know hurtful saying that some entity is falling nine view I think. It's more likely at capturing something. So. You know it Munich if if the bulk reverse this correct with what. You know physicists say the many World Series most popular Terry. Then you know they would say it would would be a parallel worlds intersect and net energy comes through and you know gets up on the phone mine nectar the bank. Other other times courses very purposeful but it appears that that energy here frequency is is also way. You know similar motor travelers we actually had been. Ordeal not only audio audio anomalous in general but. What just in the way people think you know what can poltergeist case so no particular frequency you know attracting black. Death to America so did you did you say that the earlier accounts pre electronic media type accounts pre telephone. That there is the room. The stories relate to letters like hand written letters. Yes. A lot of them. And they and they weren't extremely firm and put. I have a modern one in the case they did that actually mirrored the Senate's. You would receive a note from someone. You know sand that they stop Ayers saying. Yeah same or stop by your work home or I'm going to stop. End. Those people never roll or censored deliver. You know those messages. And it is similar to. And then some cases them later they would visit. By that we are never rockaway. Similar Galactica. John kill receiving all those weird messages so Albert just minutes before he decided to. To go to you know on the mall and prophecies. And so the letters and to be like that workers their youthful. Say they've never rope or intended to write didn't. Right and we find that that also happens phone calls. Or or like calls for living in you know on in the living in the. And we get a lot more were going to be getting into though with the gasoline all you listen to Jason GDP on reality radio. Last Tuesday at least some stuff somewhere between welcome Dioner review means Jason it was in June each solve mr. soderling. Next week mr. Charles Beaumont and mr. William vitals deliver his story on your doorstep of the title long distance call. It's uniquely inflation fantasy tale involving a small boy didn't. At Torrey telephone an incredible fate of the child. I hope Euronext we get the usual time which depending on where you are very nice and in the usual place the one that never varies the uncharted regions of the Twilight Zone. Of course that's rod sterling and I its search to for quite some time before the show define eclipse. From that episode of the twilight zones known as the long distance caller long distance call. And anyone who's Twilight Zone fan knows that that story is about a little boy and his grandmother and his grandmother. Passes away during the course of the episode and then he starts to pick up this little red toy phone. And have conversations. And at first his parents don't think much of it in and they search realized. That the conversations a little too personal one too in depth. And he'd dead the boy you I think his name's Billy. Talks about the fact that is that grandma as calling him and not only is Graham mock hauling him on this point phone. But grandma is trying to get him to kill himself. So that he joins her on the other side our guests tonight on the program is Bill Hall. He's the author of the book that would this that particular story if it wasn't a Twilight Zone episode would fit. Very nicely and it's called spam messages bill I'm sure you're ever heard of that idea it's one of the best bill lunch. You're aware of those zone episode yet that's so it. Jimmie and I is probably her favorite show for itself and so. Yet there's that one there's also another one where the well Huntsman calls. And and the lady keeps saying leave me alone leave me well it sure as well or restrict what you told me through any stops calling. It a. I still guided shivers and I nominate you think of that stuff. But so so bill your book is is called Santa messages in that particular story with the Twilight Zone Billy again I'm not sure if that's his name and that's the actor's name played him. Bill Billy is getting these phone calls I make toy phone to any of your stories involve like an inanimate term a non electrical device like that work. These messages were coming through. There was a poltergeist case for the bank that it too little or. And then. In others. There is swollen Dublin and there was sure he's writing on the wall for sector and I think that's an evening. Letters of course we now electronic components that sort well. Or. Mean the story yeah I mean they these messages from are all different way. I wanna stick with the Twilight Zone connection here too because I know that one of the stories you've got in the book. Relates to idle Pino who on was in an episode of it was an icy shell also directed and at the same episode or another episode mature. But she tells a story. Right that is very very similar to what that particular Twilight Zone episode was that we talked about little boy Billy. Yeah. You know I often wonder. Some of over there real. Kind of first report of these span of messages. Was of course. And operation or some of these. Pleasure is story is not atypical for some of the things that we've seen. Her parents were away issues with her grandmother. Should sit trial crush what happened and the phone rang and she answered it. And it was or polish friend there. And he says in if she described it as an emotional you don't know motion. And and there is must secrets Stanley it's very important that's of the hour. And it's sort of blows through. Of calling India should call them and said you know parents are performing. Which which from the course that an acting family. Any civil law need to speak this spam. And so I don't hold serve her grandmother. Who rules and severe recession takes its own end. And actually pierce handers against it Stanley ancient social will urge you will. Should get these sourdough. And he didn't answer the line went dead. And there is a part of England. He. The Kremlin calls the operator find out you know what number was called the operator had no calls. Worker. For more than an hour. And so world. And that night if I'd it was staying away intention to achieve some built state. She is still stay up late. It's your parents when they got home and so they came home in the gravel there all the malvo he never called from Andrew. Sounded like an emergency. He really wanted to speak to you she's just tell them. In the end. You know the voter file or look at the look at her late. Wrecked they're gonna pass out or so. Father actually turn fail and so it ever could not call grammar source. She you know she insists that shoot so low should call it call them. You know I didn't serve I sort storm. And he didn't settle. And of course of the fathers whose you know mum of interest he. He hung himself three days ago. What is it about these stories they are really spine tingling immunized against goosebumps when I hear you tell those and when I've read some of the other ones in the book. What makes this so particularly. Chilling. I I find it. And it really. One thing I find that truly chilling is. And you realize that they're not living like if you don't go to sign that the call. Is it and and it also works the other way so in other words some claim you know the person's dead. What they're talking trio on the phone is that they don't overdo you know. Just like as usual. And to me that's a creaky this thing. It and then some some of these cases is not a lot probably go out and percent I say. One a loved one coal. And and their decision. Of they eat sometimes mentioned that they need to correction the call. Bidding gets mentioned. And live in releasing care. So I. I don't know salient bit there with aliens or go wherever they are. Well so expressed say you know we really sure that permission to call. Sitting get permission relishing worried about it at all. And other times. Like you said when either you realize there. Cantor when they realized. They're dead or maybe they're not dead of course obviously the church you know common term. That's when the contacts and. RO. Bill as technology's changed and obviously cell phones have been a major change in the way we live our lives over the last fifteen or so years. Did you notice any patterns and changes these communications and more frequent now that cellphones exists less frequent because people don't have slam anymore as they've been any change he recognized. Yeah I would I would say frequency is. Probably more all week because. We were well. You know what we have more faults. But I would say you know you're comparing apples apple sort of in the air like it's just been going on. Ol' long may be and then. Recorder or sheer you know between social media technology. And you know all of that. I think the common polite a lot more. Or. There are areas like it's always been with us whether restroom letter folder you know whatever whatever available media mores of the time. One big difference. Is there appears to be more predictions. Are more insight give him win. There's so email communication. And quite taxed you know we have a case for a photo appeared. So that there are. Same computers. Directing the computer a particular page. So yeah it appears like he. Big to use the technology is more enabling even for these kind of fanned the messages. Well especially like your saying now that everybody has cellphone in their pocket and so for their more. And and it's the possibility of getting contacted is is there more often. But the fact has so when these of these calls do coming in are they coming in as private numbers blocked numbers. No I. There is there's a variety also it's time. That number isn't. Recognized the sometimes habits. And other times it's been known number. That's no longer exists so. One. In one case. The guy gets a call from. His says bad sole work number. At General Electric and others. The phone service in that. It in that area in his Oval Office that are wasn't even turned around and reiterate those are researchers and numbers. Numbers. And other times it is a no number. As in some of the calls from your future so which reminds me of you know your your time what story of Harry and an event but. You know where you get a call and you do recognize number it's that your whole number of Anheuser calling them here. So a lot of you know sometimes the numbers recognizable sometimes it's not. We didn't get a lot of cases with with all zeros or. A lot of people confuse the on the sign number four. They use some different terms that sound like random messages but sometimes you just. It's it doesn't mean we just thank you mean so what we Trace those back. Bills alone were not as strong enough you know we'd look for multiple Olympic indicators besides just. You know so weird number Victor receiving that you're thank you as a possible. We're talking with Bill Hall about his book Santa messages we've got a lot more to discuss. The phones are lines are open and 844687766. NB period and pretty and assumed Rihanna fan call now. You will be interesting yeah that would be definitely strange. Our were to take quick break a lot more to come elicited Jason TV be on Ireland and. It's beyond reality Radio Disney GPS guests tonight Bill Hall whose book is called phantom messages check out his website hall of the paranormal dot com. And Delis jumped to the fall months here to squeeze in a quick listener called before we go to our bottom of the hour break this is Barry from North Carolina very welcome to the program good to have Rihanna has always. That day then you won't go to our and it gave me I guess here in Toronto is a mile ride. No I'm in Cooperstown New York but you're right about Jason here. I could remember it you'll Toronto or idea or a record annual MO bella very did you do in Hilliard. And I just in LA and in the compensation and Amal militia little boy is saying that as a hold several. They'll plot lines on the language ability Monique. That's what got ride on land at not you can correct me it would just sort of ties it was him another relationship going keep it warm. Thanks so much burial is great to hear from him it is always great. Billy can it was a some it was an end them Moodie doesn't sound right to me blush was slick look it up on what we'll talk about it but thanks for Chiming in on a Perry. Great episode and you're right he was also the boy play he'd. The evil boy again and remember the name of the episode but you don't and would somebody did some things to into the cornea wished into the sweet all right man and they did a remake. Karl I was. Create the that was. In them that it was on the movie did a remake and that's it and it was terrifying as well that's right. A bill we've got just a couple minutes in this particular segment I wanna go back to the celebrity's stories because you've got a whole chapter about the select a celebrity stories related to these send a messages and you've got one in there. But about Paul McCartney and I haven't be huge beatle Mon I know we've got to the listeners that are that as well tell us the Paul McCartney story. Well this is when. In this is when the three of them. Back while 95. Was it to finish the free as a bird. Sought. Form. So they were. They a lot of electrical trouble. With that record and of course you know they don't record and a type a places might be in district court and where your from all the side. Fill out a little while a lot of problems. Again. They were McCartney McCartney said he believes that it germ was sure when they did the the beside the single. Beirut of of course. One of those so spoof that we're recording the end of the single for a lab. When. They said it was George sure formally saw him there listening to the finish single in the Studio One night. Warm it gets to the end and goes so and ending you know banks and lawyers but citizens Serb. John Lennon. Or infirm. And Serbs sir after we heard that. We relate Eddie you know Johnny likes. I think it's it's got to be particularly haunting and to be recording a song. Where John Lennon's voice is there but John Lennon has been dead for his teen years and on talking about the actual song we recorded 'cause they used. John's old demo tapes to create these songs. And then to have that added to its got the whole thing must then probably a bit satisfying but at the same time a little bit eerie as well and it's excellent and. Z 446877669. Dental freed 8446877669. Give us a call if you got your own experience or question about Santa messages. Nielsen Jason TV Dioner Elena. It's. Hard to Johnson thanks so much for being with us tonight our guest is Bill Hall. His website is halls of paranormal dot com we're talking about his book Santa messages in which he co wrote with Jimmy. And in need you who couldn't be with us tonight and we're continue with a couple listener calls here we've had some people waiting on hold this is Victoria calling in from Wisconsin. He Victoria welcome to the program. There is. It's been a human events right here on your show. Me and one Q I'm they'd gain per. The most tendency theater and have my share in the united. CJ did at me more often than it currently at my tendon. Remind me to listen to your show. They don't live you know an income. I wanted to talk to I'm sorry credit rule number gentlemen bill that could tell. About how I. And in a method and I have so much about it but I did have a short time. So I just wanted to. Where I didn't start. Remaining Ireland say is I do I definitely do see at a much just to roll through that music radio. Usually it's music. Radio coming and sometimes. I've never Victoria of Victoria I'm Victoria have been on a rancher I have had lost their loved ones Turiaf or nothing on it and seek your direction in. I just wanna clarification as some think when you say yeah you're getting these message and inserted rubber when you're getting these may just through music do you mean you're hearing. Some kind of disorder. Do hope my second immediate hearing some other voice in the music or is amuse ourselves like a certain song with a certain title has a meaning to you that you're pretty sure came from somebody else. I'd done it yet thank you for letting little. Think Emma Claire. First of all the radio at my alarm clock radio has come on and there it's just a simple very young I expect that aren't black. I'm not I'm not. Don't even Heather you are marriage it's been beating giants and the outcome Donna turn looking at why that would do that in the department. The only thing I think that would be an experience making the I'm not by other people. Heaven in electronics. But I have had. My mum has at least you know is this cease and I had to sing a song to her literally unheard of that and I told her mind yet her what does that song taking care of my baby. And a I proponents several occasions have and when I was thinking laborer or equal rate that in the car and home. So I really do think people are trying to send your hand some sort of economic says. But not just even that and then I heard it's true music especially. But I had dreams of my I have loved him and telling me they're coming to visit me in the specific days. Victory ought to get bills take on what you said normally continue bill is that a type of Santa message that you looked into where it's not necessarily a message being delivered by another voice assuming but it's just the the fact that a song comes on certain songs. At a certain time. Which show peoples. Connects to somebody who's passed on is that something that you looked into and is a common. That is common sight I would think it would be more of and as. Synchronicity feeling vs anything else but. Moat of most of those things. Like I know after 9/11 happened people sit on extreme icing 9/11 everywhere. And it and I think oh it's or if you if you get a new card and suddenly you see all the same cars on the road because you never noticed them before so. Could be retrofitting. You know and an experience or are. Or could be something more and that's of course hard to determine because when you're not the person experience in this kind of hard. Economic contacts. Let you know with those who it's who you know would be alarm I would say that's probably you know electronic. But we really tried to look for multiple indicators meaning. If song came on the radio. It was surreal unplugged it and was at a particular stronger you know Beck Anna thank. It's always talks wonders. When there's one piece. What you don't have other pieces and then you're you're kind of left hanging in not really knowing. So we'd look for. Multiple and. It caters. You know the cases that true we've looked at to make sure that we. Ruled out things like retrofitting experiences are signing meaning where. Perhaps there wasn't any you know correlation without causation wreck and thanked me. Victoria did you say you also had dreams. Yeah I did have Accenture and actually had trouble hearing that they never ran ahead and had happened and that term I'm. And I can journal not that my grandmother troubleshoot the damion it's a game they'll meet. And every angry certainty that week I do have Lake Erie com. Enlighten bringing in there very real and during his yes I I totally agree would Wade Phillips saying though because I do. Think that sometimes you know mind over matter your your thinking big thinking Aaron is 1111 or villain in pink color. Including about it so much Yasser gonna keep repeating old thing I I get that that was said by the subject is still open. By air iPad I have had dreamed about. Specific things like that allows use that stage it'll it'll Ukraine regularly it just kind of one of those things read a chance to kind of feel it out. And and we'll just cannot. You can't get the best you can and then it is you know he had in the open minded that team claimed these scientific about it in my opinion. Yeah I think that's it oh yeah I think that's that's a pretty solid place to be. You know we talk about don't we talk about synchronicity is by the way thank you victory for sharing that an infant girl here. You know we talk about the synchronicity username and in the point is very well taken. I've often wanted to do an experiment. I see 1111 all time but is it because I'm just aware of 1111 so when I see it and make no but if IC 1015. No make note is not watching for. Com I've often wanted to pick like three different times. And keep a tally of winning when I notice those threes if it's any different for something like 1111 vs some other numbers mean that's attackers synchronicity thing we you're talking about right. Yeah yeah and at a court since it's so we are because you know it's science is. Say you can't just keep that meaningful date you passed through. Key employees to. You know should return you can throw brought the date of that noise and just keep the cool stuff you know he tapped to yet so it at all. Like you know like it's over Soria you know if you're not the one experience that it is experiencing at the courts it's even harder to really. You know make they make any kind of judgment on it is those are one cents. You know you you'd have to worry yourself that's the one thing I there's two things I could say that though is. You know we do know that dreams. Play a much more. Interesting. Our and most of that oil just about. I don't say all be here's never you know if you know like to use terms like always and never put. Any of the cases of the living on in the living whether it's through and the messages or otherwise. Usually involves the per. Send bettors. Unbeknownst so them do in the court and call auditing issues issues having to drain. Of a very real experience like. It's a woman coming down the spears. She's screaming she is coming down steers in the Stanley grains every time strong sense here are your you know makes a big deal where. And and that as it's a disturbing dream for her when meanwhile. These other people are being audited by this quote unquote. Post. What we always says we're all spear of the dead which is clearly not. And they usually never meet but of course in rare cases. There have been cases were the two have met. In other relatively close fire living in the same city and that's courts are real freaky moment. Who was the person who don't wanting them on that they. Or in cases offense the messages were. You know I. I meant to call and leave your message about XYZ. I did not call it's I just include me I'm not committee that wasn't drunk there was an you know I just didn't call. So those are kind of I called living on in the living so I mean those strange I think are very. Are are much more important than just. You know make believe I do think there's paranormal crossover there you know haven't got it figured out that those kinds of cases. Make me believe that. And the other thing is. If if we look at what incidences. Work. Or or you know as a called synchronicity is. I mean statistically speaking. Really bizarre stuff will happen. There's cases. Guy or girl your best friends for many years. And his grandmother happened. Go through candid the same time that. She was in Canada vacation with her family. And their worsened pictures taken that a popular tourist spot it actually happened to be the picture with her grandmother. And you know that's like real that's really cold really. It is not beyond. Great great. Regular that's right brain all of these we're so so get streaky yeah of course yeah let's jump back to the song minds this is Terry in Missouri he Terry welcome to the show. Out and try to get happy. I have been App Store in nine years ago. And apparently were extremely contract and is there currently are extremely close. And not registered nurse. He had a special room and hang out nobody ever written here in Egypt mean Hamlin and living in the count. Because he collected stamps and he kept answering machine and there. I never taxed at never cared about nothing. And he passed away at 7:30 in the morning. And down. I did CPR on payment every bank that they get from announcing dead at seven there. I election you are on the ground at that general home. There is a phone call came in. And nobody answered that because they're and here they had found you know we're in the world. Anyway. The when I got back from me when I got back from not. Funeral. Basically. The thumbs or up but first memory but you know let me I'm not attack. And I thought that strange though. We were hot corner on the couch and I went into it stamp crewman. For salary next on top hat and that I can't be seen. That Iran had call. And my pilot and (%expletive) when I'm at an accurate it was my hat. You don't. It was definitely that boy and it showed that time that it looked like 11 o'clock. And that was way path after she passed away. Everybody like I heard. They saw it. Several years have gone by I never got rid of it ever. I checked the answering machine Q and play at that skeptics aren't excel. And I hit it there anyway you can assure. Guarantee. This happened on this day each. At that time. And they kept it for a long time and they couldn't they couldn't be that. I don't the FBI or somebody that. Anyway I don't have seen capturing mentioning nonstop it went on during. Good for you that's an amazing hasn't. Yeah. What did he say. Well not yeah. When I was doing CPR on him I would train in my calf. Wake up basically like a wake up like and Iraq even stealing. When he how many other parts unit mimicking me. Lights don't buy an order that it looked pipe and knew that dynamic economy going wake up wake up wake up wake up. And Obama. I'm not opal well that will let. Your credit report. While they one. Terry thank you son so much for sharing that. We have to go because we rented one more call here before we run out of time but thank you very much for sharing this is TJ. In Rhode Island he TJ we're gonna make this and quick. OK I know that everything here is dealing with the spontaneous and unexpected connections from people. What about bill if I could ask do you have any experience with direct voice comedians who can improve due on request. The experience in the room of a disembodied voice or utilize non energized. Not electronic instrument flight. That would be musical spirit trumpets. He's great question. And so are your question is about utilizing the media is that. Yeah it I know you get it would not medium in this split just in general in Europe after yeah I think I mean in general I. I shy away from medium as being an administration. If they're say it becomes very terrorist thing. There are people that I know that you know definite. You know insights intuitive things like that site it has a lot of baggage break you know you get it site I mean I know it's there but I generally. Don't use it hurt her or don't use them first series since one was that but the other reason is. I'm an actor Vince would we can never tell. Exactly who these things you know they're not always true they say that these sort of speak. You know like the Gramm on the Twilight Zone. Probably most Ingraham. You know it was a real on you know. We're real you know paranormal thanks so I tend not to I mean disperse the spirit trumpets and and that I mean. I mean that stuff. You know you've seen need to belong in his state. He was he went hard after spiritualism and Davenport brokers and all that but I mean it was very yeah. Going by at a three WR EE DT who was entertained by the downward Gupta from war back about a hundred years ago. Oh yeah I'd I don't know about those of course then and I certainly wish LaDainian at a poltergeist case or two. But well but it was of course what was going on our minds but. But all know why it happens are I don't have that but I do have some experience with. You know if people that have those kinds of things but not as far as. Four X goes. I TJ thank you so much for the calls a great question now we're just simply on a time. Built working people get ahold of the book. Well it's been Amazon Barnes & Noble and independents or. Stores. So it's everywhere and also at so all of the current normal. Dot com we have launched actors or we include other special surprises. And and if you mean this radio show or one of these fine so we're gonna throwing extra push it and and that recourse so surprised that lasts for generations proper care. And I and all of us we look forward to talking together some point in the near future. Thank here yeah I love you agree night are so we're gonna take a quick break come back to wrap things up you listen to Jason GPM on. Really really bad. A snowball. Walden. IPhone and have a lot of time basketball coach questions I had a whole bunch of things someone to bring up with bill we just didn't have time to with a flurry of phone call. People sharing their experiences there is pretty cool when it's such an inch taxing topic because it's only weird experiences that people can throw. Well even just throughout the amount of time that I met embassy and the paranormal I've heard all these things let alone messages being left on on home. Home recording systems and it's just it's a wild thing. I had dinner and experience and also was murder quickly that. And a friend of mine got breast cancer and she passed away interest in her early thirties. And shortly after she passed away. I was going through my email and an email as I was going through my email what the week after as an email comes in with her name on me. And I think if if freaked me out. But that was before I realized the sentinel could go that it's scammer and hackers can get into people's accounts. And send things using the names of your friends which is what happened but for the moment I thought that thing come in and it freaked me out. Well makes you tune in tomorrow meet talking with Daniel dusty which and author we're going to be discussing witchcraft in her new books so elicited Jason javy beyond reality radio can till tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell students it's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason hello slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.