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3-28 4pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' longterm future

Mar 28, 2017|

In the wake of the Chargers and Raiders chainging zip codes, Bobby & Deke discuss the future of the Saints longterm in the city of New Orleans.

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And good evening and welcome to sports talk at 6 o'clock tonight wood on the LSU sports network is throwback night tonight and it. Alex box stadium and Andrew dealers U tiger and attain a two lane and Karine Wadey. Also on today's program are operating jaguar Pena Paulus for you at WWL. Dot com with three NF OT thriller coat reload relocating in just two years actually. That's in two years. The Rams Chargers and Raiders are you worried about the future of the Saints in New Orleans cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com Mary holed a saint columnist from the dot com attack that you. He will be with us and also former LSU pitcher and Louisiana sports hall of fame foundation CEO talk from LSU baseball vs ruling on the SEC network. Ryan Grant will be with us and wait and back in the fold it Kate came in about team that can out. A good Deke watch a lot of basketball watched a lot of baseball. Was really as a player and LSU until the last what 23 innings in. Pain in his Florida pitching. That you got at a point where it was like two games and have with a at one and via a hit those like they came fired right now yes so hopefully they can partly and then. You know because you can go and slows you gotta get a little slopes and we'll start maybe tonight the two lane in but this series against in AMOCO this weekend. Bobby now moving forward the Saints. I honestly are a team that in the you know at the Katrina was a lot of uncertainty. But you know. I don't know of any team now when you think about if you look at. To me I would point toward that there's so Colin you know to stadium boom and so vote. If you are eighteen that is in any situation whereas like the Jaguars the year I would think the they worry yeah. I was gonna say that. Yet they get. Look at the way to NFL is because you look at the Rams moved. For saint Louis the loss and is in sixteen like you said. And January charges relocated and now you have. The Raiders. You know going aussies. Was that like bam bam bam when you consider. I would say Buffalo going forward they still need a new stadium was gonna happen would that. I think in the real world now you wanna take care of football city like Buffalo but the New York City and Canada is Toronto. And that was on the Toronto bills. But and you look at Jacksonville due to legal and international vote against it playing in London. That that would Meeks and that's important is saying the faith right now to me are not a neck conversation. Because that'd yielding. You know he told 20/20 five what was that eight years yeah and you can address that obviously. Before that. But if you look at missed the bid is that it turned ninety this summer. So when you look at any views dealing with the Saints going forward you probably going to be given interviews that in his lobster are me Q Lewis. Now. Oh with interest and and and you know get more New Orleans and in a sloshing when he went to jesuit. Right I mean home grown that he knows with the Saints mean that if city. But you know at that and bring that out and call in that naive that we don't have that much. Short term. Memory. When he said. Basically that. When you look at the concerns are unfounded when he comes in your on this for the Saints leading when he said. That's fall and it on the hailed as somebody from an idea again seed it would nick on the hail Orton it on the hill read his article did. And Davis Love with a morning advocate. In this blog you said it's called the. The ball lead thinking. To be honest with you I think it's insulting in some ways. He said why would that be insulting. The fans remember right after Katrina. That this Saints were mister Benson were going to be in San Antonio right and it doesn't you can issue a code that you can't change history now. The commitment of what they've accomplished since 2006. Yes speaks for itself. And it turned a corner and missed the bits and won it could be in New Orleans long term so again a marine that. When he said it's faulty thinking to be honest with ya think it's insulting in some ways was not insulting. His fans remember. What occurred Owens thinks of playing and relishing and all that before. Now and then now this logic says before you make dead date a statement statements like that. You have to look at the owner are looking at all with the best in the state Louisiana obviously was to keep the Saints here and look who have been able to that is the key. Look who we've been able to accomplish since 20069. That is correct. So as not Baghdad but you also have to look at history so you don't repeating history. We word about that. Will weather fascism or whatever you talking about what happened in 1920s and thirties. We government come on now you can repeat your tribute on the history. That's why that's not a ridiculous. Statement or insulting. Because you got to look at all franchise as they look out within their best interest and I think this loss and oldest in the same distance and his community. Is to keep this team here with the big get a thing. Serve your make those statements. Now this did this logic says if you make those statements you certainly don't understand what's going on. And we've committed a lot to the market and we all know that the state has committed a lot to the team we have a very good relationship. And we're locked in until 20/20 five I've said that this Saints are not going anywhere. The super L. I think we gonna have won more Super Bowl. Before 20/20 5 morning at least you can you tell me did build a new stadium in Las Vegas inaugural award gamblers who global. They got there is a hole facilities 18232024. I think we gonna have that Super Bowl. Come back to be easy but we gonna have to upgrade to dole and adding everyone's willing to do that as stingy. You know and and the saint. You know how can you I don't think you read real realistically could do retractable roof. You know like futuristic stadiums but you can have more natural light all of that's gonna come out of play but. Now look in this the Benson. We acknowledge what did it and did a Slava said his 25 million a great theater video boards now in his Seubert on that with the kings then we know all that. But we still though that when you have catastrophes that was going on. And Ed and things came very close to being the San Antonio saint. But. Thank god and it fell that time Paul Tagliabue. Ginn everyone together on the same team and how important to saint soared to New Orleans and we know now it's all water and an average. But you can't forget history and hopefully going forward. That being the NFL they love new all but you realize the market where small market. But we also stepped up big time if that makes that deal we're abetted another small market because of a backing that we have. So we not even though when you all this like a wanna say Garrett Celek and point. Well almost one point three million analyses somewhere metropolitan area and and of that but when I look at. Well the Saints an organization is that we need him here long term but to say they just gonna stay here forever. No I and I think it does help. Haven't a local guy like Guinness while sure the yard connection that Ted be running that team Bryant missed a bit designing December. So you wanna have that confidence. That would've been a slouch either Mickey Blum was whoever's in charge Gayle Benson. Whatever that team's going to be here for you grandkids skill wise to Saints big now now you and I. Because I think it almost to a point. Where. Okay we could still reflect on. Could you think like eight years now how old you going to be indices nine of the deal is going to be a continuous process is the way to NFL is right but you wanted to be here. Long term would you have some kind of history. Like you'd never pictured the Steelers. Leaving Pittsburgh you'd never picture even though it home. Big is not individual the Packers leaving green beat you wanna be in that. Kind of conversation where the Saints are here. Like forever right as long as there's the United States that can have the Saints and you'll. Are right givers should take. Three franchise on the move in the low over a year you were about the future of the Saints did that all NFL markets with the exception of maybe a few. Be worried Rufo. And basically is is an NFL city just a city. It's like OK year my tradition so forth but. It ended today wasting years and Alex that the Georgia Dome is gone already is go home. We saw we saw the superdome outlast that don't that don't with VO resurrected in blown up 125 B yes Torre values superdome as do a standing and in Atlanta don't get a new stadium. I don't know. Who knows about me in that one if there was some agreement for the McGinest stadium with some long term book even boosting an 88. It's gotten away now and if those cities you gotta you gotta be up to the jones'. It's always a new stadium and it innovative indeed he got old stadium upgraded because. If not. Another city would get the truth well big and that's why I'm saying how it follows a jaguar fan I'd be worried media and Jacksonville looked. Dave covering our predict putting like science. Kamal and right as and it felt sitting. All right he cicada NM Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia LSU baseball it's a clock tonight 631 63 and avarice it's against him going on WW. All right out of the phones ago Baton Rouge that David David good evening thank you for calling WW oil. Evening gentlemen great show I'm personally got to take the Packers out of consideration. Because. If they're the only team they'll never move. Well guys aren't all. Yet although I'm looking and that is those something that's a part of NFL history. That you never in envision. The Packers are Steelers are I mean did you probably light like Dallas eating the cowgirls ever gonna lead Dallas and Indy and not because the resources. But that's where we get New Orleans David so your grandkids. Can the all of a sudden I'm as I was leaving care. If they changed the name. Does it used to be to Boston pages now the New England it is not going care they called it the gulf south saint Gulf Coast saint as long as they stay in New York. You're right about that but it would come around to his volleys follow the money in whoever the billions dollars has probably not yet. The other being the politicians and people we. Walk. But of Louisiana at some point and be prepared to replace the superdome. Well and I think. You know I don't want to say wind is that tool. And when you look at it let the superdome all but in 1975. Now if you look at all of a sudden. The same year redo ended dole whatever and keep it exactly where it's at. That instead of I don't know because it's gonna come that a case in point is going to be a billion I have two billion dollars stimulus that you can't get. Now everything always runs over you know that is even the raucous like is seeking 800000. To a billion not talking about. I'm not about like 2030 are sounding art 1520 years on the road you might say we have to do that. You know a good bet there was a plan David. Not not and we don't have the resources in this state here. That I seen this new stadium at futuristic. On them as severe river it was like all of that land back on top a tool as a warehouse. Birdie came on the river that was on believable. And how would say there's nobody that would be against this even a budget jewel of the superdome but is like how the hell you gonna pay for that. Right. But I mean if you it seemed as this model that has seen those walls. That is about as good as it gets I don't care what he did in Minneapolis. Woody did in Dallas any knew it would be doing new Mercedes stadium in Atlanta you did it it was on that level. It be like about Heidi over me like on the Underwood and names have as chalks called in Oakland as well but it redeemed Obama say okay that's all agree that Kubel right now yeah how you didn't even know you're right. Now winning neither. All right. Coming up next it negates your bottom of the hour news particularly Larry holder of the without comment times Picayune on the saints' next hour and he ought to LSU baseball by first up. A UC BS update. And you could Texas and 878 Sam knew it cajun cannon has once again god. Discipline is from. It open and that is so different times 6019 okay wait I just earned their Radio One with us about the Saints are in danger of moving. Are we just talking theoretically no theoretically. But you got to stay one step ahead. Know if I was in a radio show in Jacksonville. Would be deeply concerned about the Jaguars. They're all nervous the common. He's Pakistan me he's our policies from Chicago. So what loyalties as he had the Jacksonville he wanted to home. Now someone might in line recently has been just as there but he is truly international. Look at it against the Jaguars lamen. On that thing is having nick cutie aircraft. But you have to look at the future when it's gonna come about but as far as the Saints now in his seat him in negotiation. But the contract they have is so sweet. That you truly have eight years that security. And now beyond that the Pittman wood's going to be negotiate the week is trying to keep this thing here. A long term it would it would taken. And having a local guy like Guinness while should definitely helps yeah casinos the pulse of the heartbeat of New Orleans. Beauty Jasmine Guy and as the bids is gonna be nine in this summer. Would you with him is Gail. I think she truly trust. Initial option Mickey Loomis. So you look who's in charge of who's calling the shots. That it's Saints fans are considerably at and what I'm concerned where it is I might you know probably be long gone. And then all of a sudden my Saints. Mow my Greg give the shoes today. Could experience. The Saints old German you know like this before it's truly a ridge you realize team beat you want it. To keep up with the jones' part of Poland but to make. The witty you know because. Even as the crab look much. Minorities. At New Hampshire. And Vermont and all hobby all all the main hobby all embraced the Boston Patriots via New England Patriots golf collect votes out thing. If it came down if it came down to like he'd been here that was the difference in the keep him here I was sale yeah I agree with the name. But if if there's going to be in New Orleans has got to be named warned that evidently dig below what if they'd be like now I thought I essay if it's a note you can only to him yet I got you I mean and people like New Orleans is cool I mean it was likely that there are mean argument I mean we the Saints associated but you know nuances in the system right. International IND and they want to an international flavor of an advantage here New Orleans Saints around the world go unnoticed city of New Orleans vs a golds out well this on a body of water connect the United States that yeah big big key is Los Vegas. And this is stunning that. Because economic times and the public obviously been a frowned upon this when you're dealing with a public dollars and and taxes. Look that have been in San Diego right now and and Oakland California. Is it always been adamant I'd paying all of these rich owners would you look what happened in Las Vegas. The public basically. Stepped up with 750. Million dollars of public money but a lot of that is all the people the tourists. There at the public big post allows me right so wasn't as much a burden. On the local. People who live there yeah row. You sort of bottom line did all of a sudden Bank of America's days as that sub Egan as the Davis. That they give as the Davis 650 million alum all. And then a Deke if you look at I thought was intriguing. Just think if you hold NFL team that the best thing with the best that ever did in his life for any businessman. Told NFL team right now you look at their relocation fees and how these spread the wealth among 32 teams. The arena relocation fee was only I think only compared to Rams in charges. 350 million dollars. That's a debt to pay to relocate philosophy. Where the Rams. Ended charges had to pay 650. Million dollars to release it lose base and San Diego basically every team. Got about sixty million dollars in them as your hand because of the charges the Rams and Raiders that that's why couldn't I mean Deke. The vote was almost a slam dunk and a dollar and owner all voted to all the all I heard only reason why he voted against it. Because Florida. It did a public was against. You know public funding but I knew I needed and obviously in the hotel an undefeated season million dollars no because he'd get a lot don't know exactly the heat to come and on the back eagle being used it got to put a lot of is all money in the new stadium. You know did all the good because the public had taken for the Marlins in that stadium. And and I'll efficient atlas but when I look at this. When you can imagine. When did you think the thing to play in the Raiders would you'd be enticed Crosby youth support the food and each. The travel all the that the team the visiting teams wondered travel just experience the one point seven billion dollars stadium in law's biggest. I don't know you wouldn't want I want blood dale on those can be more like me disease and by then Nolan pummel. I. But he couldn't understand the fan base that they gonna support and realized you. Know it now what did. What they do and care vs Oakland. They gonna build this great facility in the is selling at sharing what you and I'll be below the university right. So I think in the way whoever goes out there like Raiders you think that the rate of fans. The majority who goes to gain a can be raider fans who who maybe some in Vegas. Or and I was I have to our LA and the job that the ankle was not their farm in Los and it's not because if you go to try and as you're in Vegas and I just it makes a law are on the somebody. Well yes so you just you'd use you just it said this sentence him to crack team with the with the new Equus reiterate his game the most. I always casino of the on the commonality on all the sweets but I'm going to Vegas in 01 great as a home as we let's go see the camp. Concede that but hockey CP group made the trip to their fan bases. Going to Vegas to a football game eagle go to Vegas. Just go to La dig but I think things with the club the club you know they always play in one way trip right called Garnett no because we've played the Raiders would we don't know I'd want honesty wins whatever you you put those private and B yeah for those who go to Vegas yet yeah I don't night. Now there was only people on but Britney but I could see. Them. This is like that commercial with him in Vegas they. That you now a year ago that they got to understand now why. No matter what Oakland was reduced to mere. Now the last minute plan that we got a one point three billion dollar in point seven Butler point three billion. But at Ottawa if he objected to an odd is that quote from Roger Goodell. It up this year with Oakland eight. Now dale Reid and low and on the wiwa. The university gotta weigh it the years yeah it is they deem me okay this is staples they don't want to be he said the president does as Roger Goodell the president of the Oakland a's in this sports complex. Was particularly troubling that NFL. So and elbows owners get together at the eagle Oakland come that would definitely be making an effort. But it won a villain you stated in Charlotte this same thing when they broke up a long time ago when the Steelers in the charities to see at Three Rivers. The Rams at the St. Louis Rams and and the Saint Louis alma since Braves heyday they broke all that up and meet. The NC talk kinds Theo for some reason they don't want that happening to other leagues would take it with it was so we cheers they. But and it found out their own and you exactly you you can have a concert man you can have this today. But we don't want another team another pro team leaving guys in their best interest. UNLV here right they played their game and they don't want any of the pan out they'll. Think it's amazing and I agree with as the average number of opinions. Why is that mr. Davis Mardy. Davis' then why's he keeping the team in Oakland. The two years now got to be a money. Because I'm saying okay you look where you and LB play Ellis is 47000. It's about 101000 more. There where the charges are playing Carson City which is soccer stadium so wiley is cut bait and leave. Can you imagine this could realistically happen. Allstate is it a lottery I can entertain that is relevant the Raiders are going to be wanted to AFC. Popular the Super Bowl odds for you right now out in the top in Deke that I'm not think of this house sports have changed pro sports. The Raiders the thing about this in that area again and and within the next two years they would win a Super Bowl in Oakland are our goal and then they leave. No I don't think he could very well happen when you tell him about it and got a problem but the odds came out as it in them as we became out because it was the and what they do is they'd be resent him after like a so so far as. Here it is the if Derrick cars throughout the year with what did they resent him after the the the free agency where they Collins I you know post I saw the free agent but I wanna put them up obviously reasonable one who's here that pay Adrian want Patriots of one. The Falcons were right at there's a sense in actually pack as a days it's the wind out England but I got a amenable to promote exactly bigger and it is and it is deceit. That it might be. The Patriots in. The Raiders are right up there with the Steelers or whoever Broncos take is whoever you always think AFC especially wade dominated Stevens. Right I would G yeah I mean I don't know you look and see way so. I would take would take a timeout welcome back I would look at those odd because at Bobby says you know the most Las Vegas is going to be getting a team that who knows how. Could become an awful book a parent and a Super Bowl Mavis who Volvo victory their at all when you supporting a letter from the gig or two where we're at it as an ad budget normal are relocation teams now like the Rams. Becoming a starter ran through early in Saint Louis going back lots and right that dancing like that beat a scenario I this is sports opulence in WW. The newest I'd suing to both 52 this is considered post creates the odds. New England still overwhelming favorite 413. Teams that tend to want all from the NFC Dallas Green Bay and Seattle in Atlanta comes in it twelve to one. Pittsburgh has the next best odds 141 that would put them and six. Overall but second AFC. In Denver Houston and open all tied at sixteen want to base about Oakland Wagner might be considered one of the top three teams in the AFC. Yes and Andy god you could you could see. I'm not agree all agree they had a quarterback yet as an Olympic Leo had a significant drop off when Cora got her. Funding Jack Del Rio all ruled dog going to be look in. They go to different directions of ever that happens again. And that's it you know goodness of the but he. You know that you are not my memory just just a thing about them now and I'm and I hate about it but I just got the bacon over the weekend so we're Branyan hairs. Is transparent. On knock him I'm going to knock it on because he's gonna graduate in May in. I think that's excellent that the committee held a press conferences them Nellie did speak tweets have now. And I got to think in two things are gonna happen we're gonna know for sure it will reveal themselves when Benitez is knocking on. If Brandon Harris go to knock him and you just talk kicks that knock you just talk to look at the Cam Cameron less amount of the worst. Brick and quarterback coaches in the history of coaching. He costs. Do we supposed to realize and Adam and think in our minds. Beck the back of quarterback and knock on on the right now and I wouldn't on the he walked in the studio with spit in my face. Is not better than Brendan Harris because the quarterback who's thought that not count on this year is rated as the best available quarterback in this year's NFL draft. So we're gonna find out two things either Brendan Harris was truly truly under coach to which the jury's still out on that one are. May Bobby he's just not that good of a quarterback. Because if he goes over me just starts. I've got to thank the back up quarterback to the kid it's going to be the number one quarterback projected to be in the more quarterback taken in the in FAO. Is not. That may well there's no way did promise Harris I say no way got a chance he had a chance to compete enough to okay you come here you're the starter rightly got to come here win that job. I mean I've threatening Larry for door we dues and it is something has got to make there for door stock rising well I it that ring is going into definitely not chicken salad out of chicken you know let him like boy that would only that we know we're dead and over showed keeping you know what was in a variety Brandon Myers. All right sports talk continues on WW.