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3-27 5pm Deuce & Deke: on the Vegas Raiders and the Pelicans

Mar 27, 2017|

Deuce and Deke delve into the Raiders' approved move to Las Vegas with former Raiders Coach Tom Flores, then talk Pelicans with ESPN.com's Justin Verrier.

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He is a great Deuce McAllister I'm big Bellamy in 260 point 78. Long time great. Still color analyst for the Oakland Raiders radio network in two time Super Bowl winning coach including right down in the street and the big yellow rib with that across the dome. Yes Tom Flores of the Oakland Raiders will be with a secure with that take on the Raiders getting approved to move to. Open operating assuming from open to him a Las Vegas operating jaguar opinion polls at WW dot com. Where are asking you if one of these two were going to be the backup for your team the Saints. Which one would you rather head down immense though appalling cap and vote online at WW Kodak con. On a two out a final segment we were talking about how sometimes it's great. Season to see in sports. Maybe your comments. Are in his state. And for the state of South Carolina. I don't know there's been a better time for athletics. Across the board. College or pro I'm sure if we dug up without some high school. Give you an example. There's currently right now South Carolina. Plays Florida State tonight. With a shot in the final for the when women will win it all on the line because Mississippi State. Crashed cracked out Bela last night and the Lady Bulldogs already in the tournament so we have two teams already in Stanford needs to be state. In more than likely one of all will be Connecticut in this economic and sort of state. Now most recently. After that was South Carolina punching their ticket to the final four after losing. Five of their final seven games of the regular season and ACC tournament they went on a roll and not lost since and there are in the final four for the first time in school history. Gone back even further. The Clemson Tigers in the state a second that won a national charity and they've been in national Jamie chip in back to back seasons. Pulling off the big when this year which to shout Watson multiple phone. Right now in the baseball top 25 rankings Clemson is at number five soccer Manning is at number seven. Two teams I was in the same state. Did you day even a little further dues to go to the Carolina coastal Carolina won the next championship. And baseball. And the number one golfer in the world right now news is Dustin Johnson is with school went to yes induced he is a native of the state the palmetto state that being. South Carolina so I'd be worried a bit deuce. Bases probably a record setting year for that state. Yeah you know what image of him is as far as high school you know way today right in and did they have any teams in the USA today or you know even a basketball was. Worded they Rankin did you have any teams in the USA today poll as far as the final. You know I knew I'd do it exactly and they and they they normally do so if you're talking about a regional or state. That has been on fire I would have to agree it has been South Carolina. 26 so point 870 you can take to city 7870. Deuce a New Orleans pelicans and you are in action at tonight taking on eighteen that is obviously. A one of the best in the league in the Western Conference Utah would dance. That's a big one and now what they can get this and and I do see Doug about back to back wins over two teams that are tough at home gambler. And of course Utah all but done this three game straits came at a pivotal time without question at Houston at Denver and at Utah very very tough stretch for the pelicans. Well I mean we vote rescinded you know. Is it if we can go back to November or even December and look at just some of the games that way. Own column easy game because and no game is easy but games that you just let it slip out of your grass and you know and that puts herself so far out of that race because what that was three and a half games of four games you knew it would be a. A lot you know when you get talking about eleven or thirteen games left in the season and this team is playing well this team is playing at least better. You know guys are finally got called for whether it's a driving the ball whether it's hitting up open shots and defensively you know they've they've been pretty good it was always a space against somebody else stepping up. Outside of ADN. You know cousins and play he's questionable for or game time decision tonight. But I even heat you know will give them so much more so I think the that the future's bright we cannot know what they need as far as. You know just continue to add talent around him. But. If if if they can finish off. These snakes raider hater so games and you know take care of the business and I even if they don't make the playoffs. I think that they have to be proud you know of the of the arrow pointing up. As far as trending well for this threat to us. He's Deuce McAllister at the McAllister 26 and he Miller beer. I'm at skate to the phones in our show Ferrari Man Ray man thank you for calling WW. About good. All right don't look pretty good you do. It by about the economy does suck but a lot and it's it has been ten. I want them to assistant at night. At that Butler pot spot talent body yeah. Differences and so and to to pop out to. In a lot. My ball particularly credit which is your quarterback but that it is and what's happening and do it. I yeah I mean the way that they played in you know I. I have to give a shout out to be in PGA's. Broader. Colon in in my a wanna miss a name a book about ms. brown down low should only miss 12 sacks were only doing complete game 67 sophomore. For Baylor but I mean Morton Williams was outstanding. You know she talked about this past Saturday it was three years. On the pants and black so. You know to be able to go out like she did you don't have all 4141. Point to note turnover I'd take that I take that all day to dance team. And to do to. Keep my bout. Look about it but Beagle and this and that I'll. About stepped on the food that you go on and can't. What happened in that it would. Take. Report it to them about it on the world. Yeah I run a renegade Indians in. And again. And mountaineering man it is really you know other in the questioning game palisades is is no comparison I can understand people stand about a value that would won't anybody did you know. Disrespect of frank hey look back and understand it but just from a standpoint take it out of the equation and you're looking for the best. Lady gives you a chance to win and has been proven out of these two it's a no brainer I mean is the is not even close diamond that was horrible. He was terrible I knew it was a laughingstock comic ever and it was inches away. Feet away from winning the Super Bowl he with the three straight NFC championship game one as a Beckham to the start so. Act and act and understand people is you know I don't want to be involved with that right but just purely from a football standpoint is an O'Brien good news is ninety local. Brook avenue can in diamonds there. Well I mean you know. One would be all potential are acting that you have to look at. Them on the field. At some point and and off the field. I mean an end in question. You know whether practically for this team I say neither. You know as you you you'd have to be in a situation where mom. You have a proven team. This team is too he'll they have too many young pieces to have that added stuff that comes were both players and so you know. Just when you look at it from playing the game. Both in this system. Wouldn't work just because this this this team has made this office is based off accuracy and neither are anchored enough. You know neither has gotten to the point where they're going to be accurate and have this offense like it's mean now it's on changes offense. And it's different I mean but from what we've seen from the last. Or 1112. Years would droop. Neither man honestly you know with the system that they run currently. We'll come back and visit with Oakland Raiders great. Tom florist on the Raiders and moving to Los state is the sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk operated jaguar opinion poll is a bit WWO dot com given the choice as backup quarterback for the Saints who would you choose the following. Johnny means they'll all common Kapanen right now six Memphis and you are saying telling captain nick and 31% you think. Johnny men's there you can cares to vote online at W did you go. Back one of the all time greats in NFL history and always a pleasure of welcoming in here to saint radio WWL. Coach Tom Flores joins us now court stories thank you so much for the time and I don't know what kind of where would describe. Two days. What went down today in a jam and it meant so much to the franchise that leak into the silver and black the raider nation. But I'll just make you jump being coach a coach or as to what what was today's finding out about. A approved move from open to Las Vegas like for you. Oh. Very sorry you know we'll be. And they will see what we get back over coach stories here in just a moment. And here's a couple of takes to our guys are drawing lines some point I'll 94 players who wears. Anti police Sox and his anti USA things clear I'm not how many NFL. Snaps the Manzi opiate. Well he is the first he had a few wins in the National Football League. At a point the kind of three month and see what he would do. But as far as NAFTA had to go back calculates he was. It was a very few times deuce there was snaps the gentlemen have got one there wasn't some type a distraction that he was basic calls and themselves. Yeah I mean you know I I understand question as far as just Peters snaps a main it would like Jenny was not there. And and you know actually get in the game was a problem because he that he was missing mean lord. He was missing rehab he was always causing something to happen you know as far as. You know it is edited to be able to go out and performance so you know the big part of it is. Are you available to play because you LT and B do you understand what we're trying to do. And if you're the quarterback. And you don't understand. What we're trying to do game plan last thing you don't give me the best opportunity to win and so you know teams are gonna go a different direction when they feel like. You don't understand what we're trying to do offensively. 504 to six so warning Sammy you can Texas at 87870. Course first installment of the pulmonary show comes up tonight. And I Hugh second and there SEC series they are now four. In two on the season driving to defraud a sweeping Georgia at a difficult one to the gators point yesterday and coming up tomorrow evening here. The two teams have root renewed their robberies in those two teams being the turning green wave and the LSU Tigers and Alex box stadium. Tomorrow evening we would do on the network the LSU sports network. At 6 o'clock for a 631 PHL issue and to remain in deuce that was a a hawk fallen off Friday night in Florida got the best of sailors you pretty good on Saturday. And those who are able to come up with a big one points Sunday. Well you know you knew going into the series Flores played extremely well at home you know it's been on a roll when they had played well also it was going to be a you know inching matchup of Friday -- pitchers both those guys you plan you know in major leagues but after that you know even sanity if elected Ellis you have a shot and just didn't didn't didn't get to hit. You know and so on that's the type of match of their two gonna see. Very frequently you know when you talk about the SEC. In their fourteen teams it matters who you play enemy because if you plan against. Georgia at home you noted Dave right now don't have the talent of a Florida you know or all or South Carolina or Vanderbilt for them for that matter so. If it's a process you know and you get continue to get better it's all about timing. He's getting hits while people basing you know. Being able to win some of those 1212. Count and being able to get hits when you have. Two outs mean that's what it's that's what it is in the College Baseball. All right come back or take a look at the baseball rankings and also get set to visit with coach Tom towards. But first up before look at the bottom of the hour news we are going to have eight CBS of the eight. And then we will have. The local news and block Carla better glimpse on Saturday a Kentucky was an action against Ole miss and that sixth seventh. It's a Justin Lewis today can't even keel and keep being naming his ears up his name goes. 67 come off them down by when he released at baseball from his hand it was like dornin right a few feet from the minute he was a work in his magic early on in that context. All right a CBS update. The great Tom Flores 2000 winning head coach of the Oakland raising 31 down the street in misstatements of renowned coach florist. Today's he was saying a few moments ago kind of exciting but also kind of disappointing as the rays get their move approved to make its. Yeah that's the Serb believe is that it in the Bay Area. And they typically you oh would bail several on Q back. And over there certainly. For the year. Maturity that. Unfortunately O workers all the old memories are still there have been takeaways. Everything that we had there. But. It is very conservative dispute. This is just bad memory but on the other hand X you know. Year ago that doesn't have a page of eternal. In the lawyer for the Oakland Raiders or the Raiders coaches in the going to be hard to LA Raiders. And LA Raiders lost biggest. Go collect toys away at what what is the mood right now I'd in the open. Well I don't in I think it's probably brought shame to would be right here. The appeal process people blow a lot of of the desire art. Greater but they're all over the place but. Still. You know they have Porter or it's especially this year this past year when operators are doing much better reward remembers opener. In the good in the bed and it's just unfortunate that. That the Gabe has become so but it bit. It is shall cost needed to do business. Coach in this is deuce just got a question you know how close because I know Oakland tried to come back to the table. To quote unquote now who renegotiated or negotiated. With the Raiders how close was something like that happening or this deal was pretty much done in. Market made his mind up to it. To leave Oakland. Well I don't I don't really go out and it was because I'm not there on a daily basis. But I do feel that there was too late and way too late. For a sub elective because a deal that sent to bed and listen it's it's up to the work and work where. Or you review of the surface of it but. It's a little late agreement there weren't they've been for the last five years in business about mystery. Middle of the room and look at them totally. So we're they've been throwers to our government. Developing and could serve the way they're about. Yeah it's very it's always been a little ugly it would what you believe most. As the blue sort of moved over as a bit better. With coach Tom floors a Raiders getting their move approved to Los Vegas and coach. You know to be two years in what they're saying before the team moved. Two on Las Vegas and now this is a big town from Vegas is that we've pointed out someone point out to us are there. That there on the coast of becoming a pretty big sports city we think about it they're gaining a hockey franchise and also an NFL franchise so it's. Vegas so quickly become the sports town and a small window of attack. You have a picture your right and the cumulative the yeah. The attitude towards Vegas. And the gambling everything has changed dramatically. Pick through the news of the overall look at bill Rolla. Money involved. The excitement. What it brings to the studio change. And I realize that Gammons or were you can't get away Gammons goes for a you know Vegas no longer just go to preparedness. In the it's it is good bridge into the theater. That shows great restaurants and and I guess a pretty good players that could also. Actual guys who broke for the players elected position. Litter no state tax. OJ concerned about about the gambling and panel and moving forward not just what you think any in April the mean hockey it would have the same concern early eighties in a professional French. Yeah I don't know you. There you are the you know better than and I don't know what I played. There are places that we couldn't go and due to frequent. And in certain cities. I don't know bill I'm sure there's still have someplace like but. But you can't keep employers do you know good players with good darned good they're capable of you know that's. You've got to use your discretion. Get in there where we've played in London London you can make a bet every corner of this. Don't know counter example the better and so. It's about there's. Purple anymore that's what they've they publicizing. Two Bowa so. Am. And I just think no is it becomes sort of boat borrowed. The attitude of the players registered a lot as soon as the but it would've. Coach Troy as we when you look back on those views with with the Raiders and obviously you're in the unique perspective of it because a you know you finish one year when you come on you second in the west of course that was to a dominant when it seemed like a team that did Oakland Raiders. And of course San Diego Chargers have gone back and forth back before meeting in the post season as well. And gaining 83 to victory over the washed him risky in what what was it about those two runs coach. Debt when may be similar and different but you both come up with the same result winning the championship. Well you're right they were similar and different scenarios similar notional Raiders. And then at the raider way in different players' area and actually do you as opposed to. Fifteen was the end of Romero for certain players like Upshaw and show. But. And have donated three it was a the interest so ago like bark or so and blustery news and we had pretty good players players. And excitement was always a shame. There's. But what they've meant that don't seem it com it was clear that character. So time maybe a little too much character as well and lot of character question would be at or was it like they have a lot of part of the world's. The would have elements. It coach when you look at that in its second Super Bowl and the victory over our. And at the Redskins it was interesting that the right before to have the pick on the screen that would lead backed up and that you guys thought. And then they into the third quarter Marcus is drawn that just really put a cap owning. And that team needs if you cannot I know you go back and look in recent years caused some of the teams like the Giants got hot late the Steelers. And other team but. Then Raiders team we did it as you win a suitable 38 to nine in that point you dominate the game it's almost like. As good as Oakland are ending looked. They steal could've like it's almost like me and I'd like to see his team play and of the game on happening the way they're playing right now I don't think if anybody can touch him. All all of James urban web and should roll or. Otherwise. It is that bad tee it was probably the best and there was that we knew we road rule we got the we have this season. We were over a real role we've role in the Boyle also would you you know it barely and opening minutes are important to all three games. You're right it was a it was markers they've proficient Dutch. Jim book it was still this part Beckett. Big plays a big game and in a cathartic group presidential run and catch a ball in short it was a pretty unity. No doubt about it of course as a coach florists say they have throughout the Steelers thirty to tee and did get the same thing to Seattle and they went on only gave up eight total. Of 33 points the entire postseason and with victories on their way to victory over the wall estimates can't Tom fourth coach Floyd's always a pleasure. And now good luck to you in the future and I will keep in touch which is a historic day today is the move is approved from oh Toronto Los they. You back together. Bridges were much. All right coach Tom Flores or. And we think about it deuce a guy who's got EU is very few franchises but some of the most historic franchises do CAA especially the ones that have. The majority of super Rose has some padded New Orleans I mean dead six time champion Pittsburgh Steelers. The five time champion Dallas Cowboys the fact have champion San Francisco 49ers. The Denver Bronco will lose the list goes on and on Baltimore Ravens. You know eat is just some lot of history. Vick comes through New Orleans and they wind is actually were on a dog in their first to go in New Orleans. The first from the coach floor as a one and the Eagles would have favorite two minutes to go and making me and they dominated a game. Those floors made instinct point two you know if you're a player. You go from one of the highest tax brackets being California. Food you know being in a. Basically tax free you know the state of Nevada they don't they don't have. To act is now the players who play a higher. Property tech and and and hit in Las Vegas but there's no income tax. And and it and it in the bottom so I mean that's and Miami Hugo you. In California you know was the when you're in Oakland you know just a cost of living and how much more your doll restricts. In and and Nevada salami from a player standpoint. They have to feel pretty good from just that alone. He's Deuce McAllister at. Ed B McAllister 26 on two and Randy Miller is sports talk for another Al in fifteen minutes and LSU's pulmonary showed tonight on WW. And New Orleans pelicans on the road tonight and do you tell to take on it do you tell a day as the team it is that time a lock and the fourth seed in the Western Conference just to Mary who joins us and ESP and he is in net com car and the pelicans. Justin thank you so much for being with us pelicans. You know playoffs obviously 888 long long shot to say the least at this point time. But they are playing better your take on this team right now or what what is it they need to do down the straights for I guess some solidarity. Moving forward from the coach's standpoint and a roster standpoint facing a Utah team that they want to make some noise in this playoff and they've got some pretty good front core of people. Yet the weather is kind of boring and at times that's probably the biggest optical they're playing perhaps their basketball and Alvin Gentry in here. When he in the year as summer 2015 even that don't go after. I'm win over the Memphis Grizzlies couple days ago to market content went off for 41 point because there has been up and down a little bit. You can coat and struggle with content in there they have kind of been a little bit scattered at times were in like content playing maybe. To insurance Metallica and does well hole playing more like they had been before the trade but. Oddly I think in they've been done a good job incorporating one in there obviously last night a lot in. Without the market cousins he had a right ankle sprain and bring them to Korean oh. Without content since the trades go I think nationally people are going to look at and see that the sign that perhaps the experiment is working but. I think it's been working passes and has been anything that's what you are looking for for the team simply because of the playoffs as you said. Are long shot wins or in back fumbled the productive in the Portland trailblazers nine game applies. Yeah 00 okay distance and she say the playoffs and obviously you know you if it's not only Denver but it's Portland gets in Portland and I think it's dallas' well. But. Is that is the seats still hot for Alvin or have they shown enough improvement or these nine games will. Matter for him as well just depending on how they play. I think everything's going to be under the microscope. And they look at that at in the future and I couldn't really depend on how things gentleman. You know obviously the vote in Portland went out there and it's going for the fences with this trade. I think from a values import and turned it down there you can give up much. Both now and in the future to the point where it mark on the you can shoot the lead you in the summer 2018. Early building in the you know about much. But as a result I think you do wanna start seeing some signs that this can work in a lot of that in the fall on them and injury for better or worse I think gentry had a really tough go of it. These past two years simply because it seemed anybody in the post never immaterial you never become a quit on that they're out for the season. I'm looking Goebel ways I would be surprised at this point that wanna put another coach next that the market content considering that gentry and doesn't seventh coach in the league in. That's an issue with him in the past but I think anything can happen I think I think abuse last keeping mattered you know that the playoffs are really pop. Does all of they get the Max deal or do they let him explore and you know try to match his. Do you another team what what to toss there. Yeah that's going to be a big decision over the thought he's one that the essentially sheet this entire franchise more than perhaps the market content simply because. That's why they doing in the Yale on going board because they're going to be tapped out it would have. Content Indian Canadians on their books I'd going to be an open question because. Really. Quick cat nap who works out that where polity in conditions really have. Leverage here going forward they can ask for as much as possible could simply because it doesn't have many options that they wanted to keep a guy. Opted caliber and you look at it from the other side Easter holiday perpich. For the new look rough there. Struggling off the ball a bit not that much of a shooter. As you'd like that we wanted to convert those curses out where I think you'll look at his suitors in the offseason it was at the point cart market. I don't know what those top tier guys are gonna go anywhere and you're in it in the perhaps the best guys. Available and it really it comes down to go on each year be a part of this. Potentially take more money or in Monaco and you don't. After the first permanent career double inconvenient question. Justin Beriault ESP any years standout conquering the NBA in the New Orleans pelicans just not going to be the key but with you on social media. Yep just my name on Twitter at Jupiter Justin thank you so much at a time. I'm Omar our ability and landings all the dealers U sports network for the pulmonary shale on WW.