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3-27 6pm Deuce & Deke: on the Final Four and NASCAR

Mar 27, 2017|

Deuce and Deke break down the Final Four with UNO Coach Mark Slessinger, then get a NASCAR recap from Tim Zimmer.

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It is great when Deuce McAllister and you know coach remarks messenger who we have. Graciously. It's gotten to join us to talk about breaking down the sweet sixteen as he did the other night and now he's it would just to talk about the final four. We've got three basically baby faces and one bowl Ross probably that's been around for long damage in the twentieth appearance in the final four. North Carolina making their second appears differs in nearly eighty years the first time they made it they won in 1939 on and dogs and two newcomers. Contact. And South Carolina. He would have with ragged out is you know coach mocks mr. alone does in the constantly going to be a so less so much interesting game to sweet sixteen wise round matchup. Man that buzzer beater at Wisconsin in Florida that was on the leaderboard there. In a course you know we sell what took place yesterday with Kentucky and North Carolina. Interesting matchups but in this when I go back to what you see it on that based on Thursday night we had your own. About how successful. How great a job a guy like Frank Martin has done and man that is it was so errant South Carolina with the league's best player. Negating into a player of the year readily ACC argument if he's the best player. But doc makes archive thrower right now and a team that did it was two in five of their last seven going to determine. You know it's it's amazing when you look at the job they did and in the note he talked about how. The committee goes about the talk about how important last in our last day. Sometimes guys is give they get role at the right time coach it's a right Mo Jo go and you know in in it's adjusting to you know that that there was some great great games in my heart goes out to mark took to Mike White I mean what a job he did. He it to me he'd deserve to be in contention for national coaching you for the job he did it turn. Florida around. He and his staff did a phenomenal job. You talk about four very very interest in coaches. In this final four and you look at and Altman frank Martin's view and in Roy Williams. And you know some very interest in personalities of different ways of approach and the game. But you know you talk about Marten and is guys play tough I think one of the things I talked to that talk about my team all the times stuffed his team wins. And you know that that can come out of a lot of different ways but his team seems to be the toughest team in the storm and so for meddling in fiscally. And what coach is talking about to do so taking the paint Kentucky's South Carolina. Both used blocking dummies in trios of basketball practice for the visit cavity. He said don't honestly have to to go into the ACC in trios they get people beaten those guy as well when they come in now and going out. To get their physical play and I don't think not only taken it but also given. But not only that the community is dumb hippy definitive I mean because you. UK he can afford him is bunnies and underneath it and I mean if if the refs are gonna allow you to be physical down low and you have to adjust your game go to guess I just want us because you you know it's been awhile since we had the West Coast. Teams of organ and Gonzaga you know just some true West Coast teams in the final four and those two teams really haven't gotten it created. Organ and Gonzaga you know last couple years and just expound on that a little bit from well of what to expect you know I think from a national media. But just in your circle I think you've known that they don't those are pretty good programs. That they're two of the the best coached teams in the country in you know there up in the northwest so. You know for us down here they slip by a lot. But when you look at Mark Few. Against Agha this year the 36 in one he's 502 and 112. In his career. I mean you know I drink 200 a 112 pops in the last year. Measles or twelve games in his career and you know he's a third fastest coach in it see history get to 500 wins. But with the way they do it they keep guys in their program. They redshirt guys summing. They got eight upperclassmen. On the roster right now on a team that's 36 and one they got three Richard sophomores. They just got guys in the know the system they know the roles they buy into what their deal went. They've got a very specific nets that they recruit in in an unbelievable place in Spokane. That's a sports fanatic towns in the Dana Altman can coach mean that dude can absolutely coach doesn't matter Weathers my overly junior college. You know when he was K state Creighton now organ dude can coach Ginn and you. Hit all what I was going to mix. Just recruit there a certain style of line athlete as well as far as. I got its wall that wants to be here for four or five years and he he may have have aspirations of going to the NBA. But is asked he developed you know in some of the programs they they recruit guys that. Only wanna be there the required amount of time it's one year and I think that's where Gonzaga has kind of separated themselves and just expound on that a little bit more. You know it's a it's a case it's loses cash story to because you've got an opportunity coach. Some of the players psyche take coach cal what he does Kentucky and he does that better than anybody in the nation. And he's the best at it he gets those guys to play together eggs in the play or. But how good those guys would be if they were in year two of your victory. You never know could you never gonna get that out of them Booker put up seventy and how good we be this year and he was six man yes and he uses six may and so. You know all that is great but. In the end it comes down to be able to make one more winning play. In one more fundamental play in sometimes experienced this is their experiences and is is that one heck with of the scale. Dad is coaching messenger of the UNL Kravitz is with the tournament will get his take break it down the final four all the national semi finals and championship can be heard. A week from tonight Saturday evening at five T and every so it's at 2 o'clock. Tennessee's South Carolina in one scene could stagger. And the nightcap. Third seed argun against top seed North Carolina breaking down the final full of the gym and knows a lot about basketball college basketball. You know privately men's basketball coach mocks and as you hit that was break down the final four where you can year. All of final for the men's national championship right here on WW. And welcome Matt break it down the final full with you know private demons as a coach mocks master coach Leslie Kennedy team this year. Three new faces that get in North Carolina a team to them I'm writing a right now is you know measured. In sales because there's so I mean there's so many times when he. They're midget and not Alan how many times they get to the final four but more so how many times they win the final four that being Roy Williams and not count or. You know make that they got amazing race tell. That just comes in and out there and you look at how they've been able to win some games they've been able to just out tough some people so well and come up with some wins. You know Luke may has come on fire. Hit two game one of the other night. He's a guy that that Roy Williams said in in the post game that he was again that they that they thought about asking a kimono as a walk on and ended up scholarship and him and he's been. You know arguably in the last two games he's been. You know one of the most important players. But I you know but Joseph Barry is incredibly talented. In I think is is really one of the keys for them. You just places in so many different ways along with Kennedy Meeks. Who's just been an anchor inside for them. The entire time but really really talented group. And they've been fun to watch you know I think that they played. With a with a lot of spirit I think you know Coach Williams has probably been a little bit more loose than he has in the past you know he seems. A little bit more engaged play and a little bit more freewheeling than he has in the past. So let's when he did we can be just seem like obvious that it. Hugo lean toward experience is no question knock and I got to slam dunk right. With that you would think that but you know Dana Altman. It you know he's got some guys that just play. Absolutely fearless and mean Dillon Brooks is a gunslinger. And is a bad dude and and shooting kids shooting and can shoot from everywhere. In his fearless she you know as a coach you wanna have one guy like that at least. That you know a Obama gave the ball he's scared of it going he's gonna he's gonna let it go in and anytime and anyplace. In he believes he can make that shot bill Brooks thinks he's gonna make every shot he takes that mean they're gonna go in but he thinks he's gonna make it when it goes out of saint ways got that mentality of. Players that he can take over any game and you know if he gets hot he definitely came in but you know when it's late in the shot clock is less than team in. He can create his own shot which is important but Vinny can take any side as well and you don't I mean it's deceit a matchup. With the leak of North Carolina right up there right at right where they bother us so many teams resist the linked in the depth I mean obviously they have. Parade all Americans and McDonald all Americans up and down the roster. But guys that actually affect you and how they play with their length and can you all have have versatility what do can affect you offensively as well. But I'm I'm anxious to see how bad of stakes organ you know and or like to get up and down court or almost a run. So for bail on this game has to be has seventies high eighties or you know how seventies mid eighties for them to have a shot. I I agree and it be into the NC I think. You know Carolina has been a team has played. At multiple tempos. This year throughout the year. And it's a team that I think they'll give up and go I think coach you don't wanna push push tempo. And I think it'll be one of the more entertain us and lets you know sometimes guys teams get these domes in you know you get the big building to insist. The sidelines are different sometimes his heart you and a man and that happens and I don't know if there's any. Scientific proof one way or the other of challenges sometimes the moment the building their different. No matter how many times issued their how many times do stuff. It's just different and but I think it will be very very entertaining offensive battle I'd just like I think the other one. Will be very very it Justine do Vincent defense of Yankee you know I think of it should be you very entertaining final four. Canada that when we made Duke do to give both teams were day days when you add it to school together it equals seventy. You know with the soccer lanigan that again. Coach now when you look at at South Carolina. Riding high a Frank Martin this was this was what a lot of people say you know. A B Frank Martin is going get into the tournament we know that that's me and he left at Kansas State team there was training though none of them out of the heat and leave. They were in him out a case I even believe they forced him out right now and now they haven't been the same have been the same sense and and they had people come and back in the day they were trending up. But you know I don't know. Obviously this is his goal this but he still has his you know South Carolina alumni and the fan base and so forth but. Man for then they get there now and for the SEC take part predominately quote unquote dominant football conference and baseball conference. They have three of the final eight. I mean that was unbelievable. And his team is hot right now and in a you gonna get a surprise seem like issued state got Zack and that's a much of a surprise but it's somewhat of a surprise because boy decade they've been trying to get to this point and finally begin the final full. It's meant you know praying Martin's team loses his interest and you think that there one trick pony and that they're just gonna go on in regards to get tough. But they got four guys scored double figures so so they keep his soup from them a multitude of ways in support that interest and if you watched him over the last three games his. Is they've got guys that are able to go on many runs about themselves guys you know whether it's all well can go get. Six in a row whether it's dozer can go get six in a row they got guys that can take over at the game for for sports at a time. In and they're just out tough neither of their just out muscled yet get boards and be insolvent player and very very good fundamental basketball. In on the flip you're gonna see against that get that is as as skilled offensively. As any team that plays and shares the ball. Very very willingly. That can go with schoolwork but then they door in they guard well in you know whether it's a big giant of a man inside out now know that dude looks like you ought to be a pro wrestler and I go out there it he should be a right tackle somewhere philosophers for somebody to put him on wood on the Deke Bellavia Friday wrestling show as a fan I can two years or beat undertaker did yeah harassed. Coach and Iran to kind of see Emeka college. Is. A motion offense tours that more of a flex offense is about coach few row I mean I know it's a variation of of different things but. You know I know it's not all Princeton. Though it EO at rademan his ball movement in in a passing game it mixes in a bunch of stuff. That a lot of it is called quick hitters and different things. It's not easy it's not an easy scalp but they got guys that have been there for a long long time. And got wasted that can play a ton of different options off of it. You know. Private Tim men's basketball coach marks Reggie Hayward has to break it down but in the take a look and give us the keys to Sao economic and that's a bargaining UNC and he make his exterior. And of a big center of a coach elects to 60187. Into a close our own ten examining a recap eight exciting Fontana. Yes today as a missed a loss to cal loss and captures so the race out in Fontana. Rev it up sports talk to the pulmonary show by coming up now a CBS that date Indian local news that Chris Miller on WW. All right Tony six int in South Carolina and a number one seed 36 a month and sag a number three Oregon 33 and five and 31 in seven North Carolina match upstart. Saturday evening's battle nine is a first game since that time the seventh ordinance and took. Is the in late game and the course Monday evening we were joined at rounds at the clock next Monday when we tonight for the national. Championship pregame show and the national team to proceed at 8 PM central time here on. WW Leo and Westwood one's coverage of the men's final four from Phoenix you know coach remarks lesson to him making it now I see this thing at the match ups. That's going reversal of the league game on again and knock him on our Dario team they had things tied late last year only see Villanova can't at the. That that's a group that. Who. There's going to be some fire. Power going in you when you look at what. Organ brings to it again would go Brooks. You know I think that he is a special player and I think he is he as he comes and goes. Organ come ago. You know in North Carolina is just. Got the experience we talked about and I'll fare they just never they just never wilted in any of the moments against. Against anybody in the whole term at that kept their poise they played with incredible excuse shut down the stretch. In just found ways to make place. Now coach you talking about South Carolina and Gonzaga South Carolina basically. This is almost the situation whereas. It doesn't faze them and what I mean by it didn't think they used to hearing okay you'll call you know I'm gonna do well in the ACC didn't they didn't. Yeah I'm doing the NCAA tournament they went from 150 to one longshot going to ACC tournament to where they continue to lose. And they dropped to return to want to make it to the final four all they did it was win four straight. They give here and they are rolling and knocking out teams like Duke and Florida they beat some bare experience to meet people thought they Duke Team with the best in this tournament. This team is in the white north than affect him but Howell and Zack effect. You don't part of it I think he you know it is I grew Jennifer said they've been they've been immune to it the whole way in. It's horde it's hard in these moments get bigger and bigger and the guys time. Gets taken out can Zach has been in the front of that spot right all year be an undefeated. They've been in the spotlight on the West Coast it's been hot hot autumn all year long they've been used to the criticism. They've been accepted that that the key will be. How coach Dennis and his staff of South Carolina can keep that team. Focused in can take away all the distractions whether it's text messages phones. Internet interviews how they can handle in moderate baton and keep it in moderation and not go over the top to eat up all the guys time. To give them time to get ready prepared and rest. I really believe rest is the biggest key in these moments for these groups have been able to keep the level keel. And then you know for the flip side again I think it's that he's been in that spotlight. Since December and they haven't come out of it and I think that their very very comfortable and and I think that'll be the key for for South Carolina move and into the Sturm. Coach a week when you look at this. You are around to a point to raise your game was kind of built up to this and the first for Ian to talk about it. The first four to play in the buildup to it. And take what it was like the shoot around people watching over practices. And verses what you you've been around you've got to be up that you Phoenix this weekend to take this out. How big it is enemy even a team like soccer and knock him around has been there twenty pounds the second straight year for his group. I would imagine something like that eat eat you can go all the time it steal something that you really don't he used to because it's the biggest of stages. It's Hornets are you so you know in our for instance and our shootaround our practice there were 34000 people there. What star guys it was amazing they've they've loved and got a chance to meet the you know it in Madison Square Garden was South Carolina was the other day which is obviously the Mecca Mecca of basketball much as Cal's best by everybody's basketball. I had to play in that stage is huge but now you're gonna go play. In the Phoenix Cardinals football's football field the domed stadium. In front of you know wanting 25000 people. You know and there may be 101000 people at the open practice and you know you're gonna go out there and play and it's a big moment of sort of process and to wrap your head around it. Just as a coach to a bonuses student athlete. Who's eighteen to twenty years old and that moment. And it's still as a coach you wanna make sure they enjoy the moment they have fun they enjoy it. Because it it may be a once in a lifetime opting not just for you but for our money. It's still ballots being focused and ready to play. And try to win when the team which. Coach any any age here toward its north where you would mean to whereas I know you can't make any picks but. Is he anything out dated stands out as far as Steen opened Zagreb haven't. Being deeper in the tournament in this is that there's the moment they've been waiting on although it's two teams it's faced each other for the first time in the final four North Carolina seemingly with the most experience is as any tainted. It stands out and and what what what should fans look forward to it you know how. Exciting of a final four is that. I think it's extremely exciting final four and eight you know you get four really really unique personalities and Noah says that earlier. Were you got four unique coaching personalities are guys that that have. You know really different systems in a lot of ways offensively defensively and their strikes. But you know the other piece of it I think gives Agha have a bit in the spotlight all year. Is is got an edge and be prepared for the moment. That this is something that they've been that they've been in the whole time. You know you know my my my friend doctor mr. surge talks all the time about. In these moments that you've got to keep the level you can't get too high too low and I think it zag as a team that will be. You know that'll be level and in that moment the entire time and you know same when North Carolina they've been they haven't got flustered the entire year. Throughout this tournament and I I I'd be amazed if I saw something different on them. Yeah coach I think just having that veteran group even though this is their first final four being on Gonzaga. I think they know what it took to get to this point and you know and how much state sacrificed just because. They somewhat been disrespect you know as far as by the national media and Aram even up to determine people question whether they were even though a legitimate one seed. You know and here they are they've only lost one game the whole year. And people question whether they were legitimate one seed. I guess. Preparation wise how do you try to prepare him. And and have that file line is it just knowing your team knowing that you come in tomorrow night or Wednesday you know a nude here for three or four days. Before you actually play. How what's the final line was it just knowing your team you. Lot of that I think note goes known team I think you that was evident the Super Bowl you know Belichick knew that he had to keep noted golf. They were grind and they were keeping Nolan and Diana took the polar opposite they were they were and shorts and tee shorts shirts and in shorts and they never. He hit they never did anything else and I think there's no right route right or wrong answer. I think it's what the coach knows about esteem and his group what keeps him focused. In that the whole key is again how fresh can have a plan in how sharp can he have a point. And it that's I don't know there's around wrong it's I think that's what the coach make money doing. Coach Lansing Guillen record setting year are a remarkable year pretty you know private T is so lost a program currently doing now what's next for this program patty gave Ben when he seemingly it's a long time until you get greatest dog who we're in the gym this morning we're in the gym this afternoon we would practice this morning they were in the weight room. Moves from waits around this afternoon getting better getting stronger. We got a really good recruiting class Caroline and and I feel good about the group we lost four. Very very talent it's seniors. The coverage where the year in their Thomas. Three vote it two in state guys and in this endeavor brawls from down on the Gulf Coast. But we've got a great group of recruits in a big turn its first got to place on its from here and Jeff came back from Lafayette to come home. And a player from his home sitting if so we've got a lot of things move in the right direction for us we've got a great nonconference schedule shaping up. That will look for to release that since season tickets are on sale we've already got our commitments for an out from under 5200 more season tickets and journal mission. Our courtside seats almost sold out already for next season we have many releases schedules so I can't thank everybody enough for their support everything we're doing a movement for. You know men's basketball coach you know privateers a dash com take him out he's the in ABC district torrid streak Kota via the Southland Conference champions are made it to the tournament. The you know private his coach less thank you so much coach less we'll John as he will be out in Phoenix at the end of the week it would be a taste. A what it's like. To be at the final four Kos does have a safe it would totally in the we appreciate you felt all right up next we'll close things out on NASCAR saying that with him and Zuma here on WW. He is our NASCAR expert he was all excited over the week in Kozlowski and Lawson coming down the stretch and nick how lost income that because last. Well you gotta wonder down the straits a course also it's it's good it's a points system and not that you know you don't getting thing for not winning because. Mean he could handle himself a hugely bad now. Tim. Yeah Kozlowski as you'd as you were saying he won the race in Atlanta earlier this year he was -- without his crew chief can get find earlier in the off from last race but is all about Kyle arsonist raises the guy. Who finished second place the last three races he even had the lead with less than five last in the Daytona 500 ran out of gas. And Moss that's occurred blessed he finally comes through he gets the win first place in this race. He let a 110 laps and historically the leader who leads the most laps in this race is usually does a winning usually comes down to the restarts. This guy held off three restarts with lap in the last ten laps and still won the race he became the fifth different driver to win this year and became the third pole winner to win. This race in Fontana any also won Nixon you race on Saturday so he sucked the whole weekend in Fontana. What had gone into attending at the refresh my memory. What did you think would do good on this track was a Kozlowski he thought he was -- youth I was gonna do good owners tracking all he has done good in May do what they do. Two guys that actually that's all we're gonna do really well this week or we're Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick and oddly enough they've both got in trouble with up 'cause last year early in the race. Early in the race Kevin Harvick bronze in the Ryan Newman. And out because Kozlowski spun out are indeed it was spent on he got in trouble early on and Harvick gets front end damage. He goes down two laps the entire race pretty much somehow ends up finishing thirteenth which is one of the things that won't be really talked about this weekend. And then Jimmie Johnson actually gets Kozlowski earlier in what about in the first ten laps or so. And Jimmie Johnson has about Krejci finished just when he first somehow his lousy gets all that trouble whistle there's the second. Now Tim moved forward you know we are witness that was a force the slippery as the fifth race so into week six. And of course made twelve is that we can may twelfth his mother's days and escorted into anything on monthly we can't. But where as far as the point in time is someone that's like. Let's go back five weeks who was expected who'd do this so called NASCAR analyst experts predicted the right at their two top in May be who's off to a slow start who can do on good who surprise and right now five races and. I think Jimmie Johnson be one of those guys that you thought you'd get a win by now but he hasn't got a when he's on his he struggled in Daytona. He struggled yesterday one guy who's been struggling really a lot a lot this year's Dale Junior has about the best finish this season. Has been fourteenth place he finished sixteenth yesterday that's one guy that you could see you know maybe tennis in the top 51 of these races Dale Junior hasn't been really while that your. That hasn't done well at all this season. And then Kurt Busch ever since winning the Daytona 500 this guy he said battery troubles the last two races any his car was loose the entire race yesterday in Fontana. And he didn't do well at all so I guess there's three of that you know those of the three that. Haven't done really well other thinker was winning the Daytona 500. And of course this week going to be enough Martin's video take us through with him on the o's be way. On the track and and I'm erases our Montague Percy. Of this season this will be the first race that they'll race on that's gonna actually be in the playoffs it's the fourth the last race so they're gonna be there at a later in the year when playoffs are underway. It's the paper clip it's the shortest track in NASCAR it's a half mile. And I'll last last year's winners were Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson seriously a lot of close a little around a track is on me and a half mile five point 21 point five mile leave. Maine and my game is it going on that thing you can see a lot of close sacks and maybe a lot of people going laps down and a couple of wrecks. Now Tim it's far as I'm the gonna hear some detracts tracks facts they talk about it paid the United States have them out of four turns. Four turns and a half a mile mean. That didn't seem like it it's just a short short distance. Which driver is or or better owner short track is almost like horse racing cost better and sharp rays vs a long race a mile quarter mile mile and so forth. Are there drivers and a better suited for a short track the longer trip. Yeah definitely all get back to that in a second to distract is the beyond dirt track they actually paved it. So we can be a sort tracked for for NASCAR is one of the oldest son NASCAR tracks I guess you could say. For the cup series some drivers like Kyle Larson on AZ alma near these are guys that there's a top three last year. That I Mikhail arson obviously been the best driver this year but a guy like AZ alma Nader he probably don't see in the top five much this season other than road courses. You get sick guy like him getting there a guy like Joey Madonna was really get it short tracks he'll be a guy you could see possibly winning this race on Sunday. Anti American it is how laws and you know he's up there in bank has nasty is it 40179. Lawson is it made in the standings at 25 races in at 243 case Emmitt Amaro junior Truex and 205 and Brad Kozlowski. But Kozlowski is is is got to be impressed where he is but you know. Down the stretch going to be one of may it. They close call at Daytona distant Fontana where they come back and haunt him I'm looking here he's got basically and you know no stage wins he won one race but he's got five playoff points. Which is pretty much when you look down that chart other than eighteen Truex junior has and how loss and that's that's the best. Davey takeaways are Kyle Larson's performance this year I would say Brad his last he's been the best drivers so far this year and he finished second without a spreadsheet yesterday so it just shows you. How good his car how good of a driver he has. Bomb going back to Kolb arson they've been saying that this guy is could be potentially the next Jeff Gordon that's what they're comparing him to do with the way he's driven this season. So I liked him a lot chase LA he's one of the younger drivers in NASCAR he's 21 years old right now. It collars and 25 C a two young drivers that are leading NASCAR in early stages of it. Tim you know you know champion on this oh. If it ain't found it in to under the Talladega. Talladega a game apiece. Is some good information I'm I'm I'm at least landed a good day. But Duke Duke would dated used to sit there and practicing do it's easy you know texts and casino deuces that win hats and we're gonna own bed made a commitment to him owner. Eventually he has but I can see Duke for the rays have been looks and known and look at his face and he knows when he sees somebody you know they talk about. And I know Tim Tim knows we talk on no doubt about it or Lee either as rehearsed on what he. Knows it talks about is if anybody comes on the freedom thing that's impressive I think in this dome. I taste of him I can promise Jeanette. He does a good job with the but I can't give no added advice about that can happen. Yeah I mean this is what I do on Sunday just watch NASCAR and now other than that I mean fantasy baseball to start an upside to that is all. As good DOT OTM how can about a body on social media Sims and sixteen their team. All right thanks the most tomorrow Menard and Chris Miller on the exits the LSU pulmonary show first edition deuce. I'm Noah congratulating him or it to you are doing a very fair finance school here and I area same on episcopal. That is a on that and a prodigious looking forward to be a part. Should be a lot of fun you know you can steel kitchen on the radio working with you and Bobby and Christian in jams on the young with chains and exchanges then no none of them would change in that aspect but you know just. Huge opportunity I just couldn't pass no doubt about it all right Steve McAllister 26 pitch him on Twitter. The Tim's an MR Menard and Chris Miller I'm Deke Bellavia deuce tickets to the house. Appreciate everybody listen to us have a great day and listless in the post on the Nancy so comes all. We out.