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The Military Medium - Dean McMurray discusses mediumship and being psychic

May 1, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk wo Dean McMurray - The Military Medium - about his work and his experiences. As a combat veteran and now a practicing psychic/medium, Dean has seen and experienced many things that have altered the course of his life. 5/1/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Are swung analyst. On Tuesday in the East Coast many start somewhere between welcomed me unreal ridiculous myself Jason cause it was our energy future arms almost have for tomorrow. I'm all set for tomorrow or actually in upstate new you're going to see sunshine and I'm practicing. Right now are wearing a class I Wear my sunglasses and I live here and Norris are Corey are Korea aren't aren't there. Yet Noah and we were actually gonna seasons and in the in upstate New York tomorrow and it doesn't happen very often seen getting in amniotic keep in practice for. Tomorrow schools in the seventies here the next days in the eighties and I'm pretty much next week we straight or seventies and eighties. Oh thank goodness I saw the news today someplace in Albany Alec fortunes started in Cooperstown New York diet several inches of snow this morning GS keeper that's what I'm talking about a tenth that's exactly and talked about. Hey everybody will gonna be on reality radio if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio finally to FaceBook page for us and then head to be under really radio dot com reached finals the stations we Aaron across country in that list is constantly being updated so check it Austin. He also download the free eye for an injury up which allows you to listen lines catch past shows join online chat more. Or just tune in online by clicking the listen live button right there on the operating corner of the website latent you listen right from the website. We have a great show lined up for you tonight by the way we've got to guess we're gonna have a quick segment with. Erica more grit he's a film festival festival director for the trip to con event in Seattle coming up. I love these horror film festivals and love hearing with the new films of the book from the independent filmmaking community are. He's gonna talk for just a probably just a quick segment about that event that's coming up and then we could dean McMurray joining us he's known as the military medium he's obviously a psychic medium. He's going to be discussing. How he became aware of the sensitivities how he uses them. And today we're gonna find out what's the most interesting thing that has ever happened to him. In a spiritual sense. On sure that has to be vastly tough fertile for stopping him being a medium but also being in the military. And I've seen some of his videos you sent overseas and SP it's tough situation I mean all the impressions you're getting an. However I am just not something I've wanted to. Yes I say I can't imagine and he's going to explain all of that to us when we have a Mon and then later in the program and then tomorrow night's the big night that. A lot of folks have been in chat have been waiting for spectacle Tuesday from a certain difficulties they with the naked which. Fiona Horne will join us we've been waiting we've had a schedule awhile ago. And she had she's a pilot and couldn't and I had a flight or cement could get out of it's been canceled and rescheduled so. Tomorrow night is the night to make it which will be joining us will be talking. About how. Modern witches have changed. What does a modern which believe what are some of the daily rituals of modern which does do which is cast spells how to dispels work. A lot more with the naked which tomorrow night. And Wednesday Isabel price off there'll be discussing her book goddess power weakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in life. So it would be great shows well yeah we we will do that. What we're gonna wake of the divine feminine in your life. Her disappointment my asthma pretty much wiped out. In theaters today Laurie MacDonald will be would this have talked about ET contact an abduction. I'm also abduction regression therapy and consciousness UFO's. When two periods to buy you a host of it and every Friday as the best so makes you tune in and I if you download the show from iTunes to the Safir and saturated arsenal's push it forward makes it easier for people find in this it's all about. They elm have you heard about these unusual eruptions are happening at the world's largest active geyser and yell and yell some. No no. You have the world's largest artist one that's erupted three times in the past six weeks Yellowstone National Park including once this week and a parrot is a usual. And honestly scared the heck out of me if I'm still there but I steamboat geyser which can chew water's highest 300 feet. Into the erupted on March 15 April 19 in the Friday the last time and are up to three times of the year was in 2003. The US Geological Survey. Surveys Yellowstone volcano observatory said and who has the last time it erupted and erupted prior to march was more than three years in September 2014. I mean. For a two changed plate that. They're stating that there's going to be some strange reasons that make you change like that and so I'm not saying that's going to you know go off and we're all gonna be dead crest well we we do need to keep our eyes on this there's been a lot of talk. About this seismic and other activity in Yellowstone and this is one of those things have been keeping an alana because the patterns of started to shift a little bit. Things are changing they're not acting within the normal. Time frames and restraints that they're used to. And they're suspecting there might be some type of volcanic eruption or something very very significant. Getting ready to happen under the ground there and they're keeping a really really close on. Well and geologists. Haven't pinpointed reason for Lee is series eruptions receipt could and a indicate thermal disturbance in the base. Last time you'll own Yellowstone has an animal tale of volcanic eruption for 70000 years and it's it's pretty do. It might be Julia and when we don't think we don't think karlson and geological terms Specter you know. These things they do happen on a regular cycle and and mankind might not even be aware of yet. And we look at 70000 years a long period of time list just just a blink of time comes around Clinton geological time in absolutely scary so I. I mean just let's everybody keep and I am. Mostly in the East Coast yet we are really don't know again everything happens you know what's funny is we talk about that you know California's gonna worry about. Earthquakes and mudslides in the northwest has volcanic activity and the middle part of the country is often tornadoes and on the U you know you get an on the coast you get her keynote to kind of come in through their not every person generally not full force. But we're trying to we're kind of shall we do get snow we do did we do is get a lot of winter and in the northeast but tennis and then this kind of a never ending on sheltered from any room major catastrophes we did have some flooding couple years ago but nothing like other parts of the countries that they have said the big the big earthquake is is pretty much just waiting says the nearest you just yet he's an on him Unionists Helen that that's scary to think about him because we're not built anything like as California has had a long time to. To adapt and maybe they've been working the buildings I'm betting California during some of them where it's weirdos on the fourteenth for a hotel San Francisco. And it was the building was weaving back and it was a word a single world they creeped me out telephone toys. Anything happens Erica in Rhode Island ami. We're scrutiny. You know none of our buildings say lacks an enhanced it's just we're done now built Sid are all sick a break and we'll bring our first guest in will be talking about the Seattle cryptic con film festival that's coming up it's Eric more grit and bring him after the break are you listen and Jason GBM beyond really. And I don't bring your friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check out scary con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties. And a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great senders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick conned. Dot com check it out. Shirts aren't greater chance and Cheney paying an as everybody knows Jason and I both get out and around the country like to go visit some conventions now and then. Film festivals now and then and there's one coming off. Very soon. It's the Seattle cryptic con and is there's a film festival and a convention celebrities all that stuff and we've got the film festival director where this Eric. Margaret and we're talk we're about to that show what they have coming up Eric welcome to be on reality radio script heavy on the night. Hello great epic. I actually her but I'm glad you agree to be here. So so let's frazzled just tells Lou about the event I know it's coming over this weekend right. Coming up dirt on Friday evening runs through Sunday at about it. And I got we've been running for eleven years now. And yet but I'll step under the convention and got the guests of course. You know like Mick Foley's. Awesome you know the the wonderful connection between roughly or continues. And Jimmy Roberts in twin peaks and just Daniel Phillips from Rob Zombie 31 stuff like that and throughout the weekend we got offense on on all the time including. Like make up contests and how to do special effects makeup I don't fictional daughter right book. Prefer heat for party which is full of varieties of parties including. Karaoke. They bio hazard party which is a lot of fond. And thank you Gartner 68. Plus hours animals. Be costly contest writing contents. Andy and an amazing vendor real. You know wonderful artists like nick Patton. Our come bizarre from Portland and creators Lester press lot of good stuff there of course you know the one I worked almost nonchalant flexible. Which we start shone through on that. Six. Did on Friday run them until. Late at night basically run the ball we can accept Belcher 4 o'clock in the morning. And and that Rihanna from gone all I can. So there's a ton of stuff going on. Before I get before get too far and it's this discussion. Where is it exactly where is the event held. And Seattle at the DoubleTree and just. Quite literally street from sea tac air. So what should fly and you can almost well you could. Pick it walked to the hotel from the airport. Armed so it's Mary could yet to. Jason I've been done a lot of conventions bend to his guests Ben as attendees just hung out whatever. And you kind of have their own personality. How how would you describe the personality of the Seattle Croker con. Where you'd like to do to treat guy. Parents Seattle got a camera to become content which is like third or fourth largest convention in the country on. Chip which is. They bought attendant felt console in North America and some huge giant transcripts. Not we'll actually cryptic con war out. More friendly more on the Internet you might say our panel room are. Little I would say smallish smaller than you'll find in double figures like that you can actually communicate with panelists are armed. The guest or not. At the end of the giant comic feeder line Regis. Go up to my autograph move on. We've had. Guess it's spend several minutes being able to talk to. Able to come up Trotter crafts. Got a lot of filmmakers edit term special I'm pretty sure a lot of potential this year it is bloody interaction ability to equip people. In the industry whatever you're working and your portrayal and are writing her. Beijing teacher. Partnerships a lot of chance to interact with other people as opposed to 70000 people. Wander around in comments stakes. Right tell us more about the films from what type of films do you attract and given the eleven years that the event has been going on and all the films and if kind of filtered through the event. Any big surprises. That you've seen that while this thing just took off its one of these Indy films that we just had that you know the right formula and impugn mega hit. Making it no there's been some good. Underground hip. Like he's on the path one we had this again and all the terms that I'm that you Goer shall come true here. He argument I'm out there are starting to out early get traction they got something coming up I believe it Warner Bros. Which is looking pretty good group try to. Do. Also some. Film and that's featured. Well known. People and number and that can up some bar award winners what are my favorites one that. I would certainly say it will real well but it can example about. Truly independent film culture guy quake. And it has basically done by the so maker and his wife. About power our story about it. Family and that problems they ran into. Or like Julia do quite well direct my match you ground and a which is pretty. Represents story I'll hold little bit more from them. Woman's point of view than just from the destruction Gordon Deal. When my personal favorite I think you know the director that's one and one shouted 2014 that jump bought. I return a jump buck that people are well yeah. And idea of which about now trump trauma. And I think it's one of those wonderful rare examples of any. Or comedy that. Actually funny song. Because. You're playing pretty hotly. And he translate manages to translate that back in two channel which Margaret but he Q yeah. We have a lot of a lot of good luck and may. Literally hundreds or child anarchist. Al. Well sounds like there's plenty of things to do for everyone again gives a location gives the dates give the website to and anything else that you think people need to know to be armed to charity or glance. Leo and made torture the sects of the DoubleTree hotel on our international boulevard Seattle elections. Is that right across street he attacks you why and it's pretty yet to. Like. Chart like a couple of films echo this year that are pretty excited about it got the world premiere. Pretty sequel to land him. A lot of them ran out returns one includes. Jackie and Magellan too old little girl. And her father reprise his role. While. And found that it's kind of it's a neat story here too with the trauma occurred when the lawmakers the producer choke Sherlock has been attending cricket country and currency. You're one or two. Paula structure home and I let Tonya atomic to direct this one starts. Lot of people were met occur economy came together here. Jackie in the Jones came a few years ago for documentary about her body. Let Joseph and they came together and did the kick starter when you're now the world primary battle on Friday night here. You've got. North west American premiere of the I extreme horror writer Matt Shaw burst well so called monster. Which at this point and the emotional and the under and not rely on the show in the US and that's what we're the only showing in the US for. That's great Eric rod or out of time here we're gonna have to hour ago but again the web site just cryptic kindness Seattle dot com all the information is there all the details are there. And everybody's welcome right. And they're all FaceBook and Twitter and all those are basically opera country at a. That's great thanks loner you have a great night not an acute. All right so we're gonna take a quick brick and mortar comes listened Jason GV on the honor really revealed that kept us. Conversation later when we open our minds before. 6877669. You'd love to have you participate in our conversation. Our guest tonight. Dean McMurray is the military immediately he is obviously a psychic medium going to be talking him into Simone I wanna mention do it that. Stone that. Eric was just talking about it deer creek crypt to con Seattle film festival. The sequel to man knows Kansas State. The original man knows Kansas State is considered a second top five worst films of all alignment when it's one of the worst film yet one of those it's so bad that year you have to watch because it's just funny to watch and it's one that was. It's I think it's the highest rated a mystery science theater not show ever when when when they made fun of it. On so it's one of those homes that is so bad that you know people wanna see another one I guess I don't know but I've kind of anxious. It turns out it's just so weird with something's the worst film books people want to see once in a I don't know I don't know how that works and it's kinda true cartoon -- -- -- it's kind of like its kind of like you know driving by and bad accident you don't really wanna look which you have to look as it is these can't not just think there's nothing in common the cut taxes and it is so bad and can't help lied to t.s well I don't all right so let's let's go to our guests lined let's bring in dean McMurray dean is the military medium he. Page thing guys. Pleasure being partner. Are they should come around and looked forward to this. So air yet let's start let's server learning a little bit more about you tell us what you self. Chair. The only real little town in northern Minnesota. Called international all. Tight spot in the nation. And like most kids up there you know rate I hate school or toward the military and I went on the server fourteen and a half years. In the active duty army. Dan great after getting error rate after my last tour in Afghanistan. I got out. And bell went into the army National Guard all five men. Subsequently yacht served another. Ten years at the duty with the album in the state of North Dakota. The wooded terrain that that and years they've got that lap and years. That I had that I cast stepped in and might I hate to wait you mean no one of the interest in bank whose. You know all the way up and tell me ball. I would say it was about three years prior MIA. Retirement from the military. Is I was never aware of or open to. Sidekick in medium and you know everything that we had to make it joke saying native. It craziest thing I would view it may be bothered essential oil without but you know. And I did but I would never open to two different things such as that but. You know just. There's a small town yeah it went on like a lot of people knew went out. Well not the serve their country and song and I. So like you're shared his I've been retired opera ball five years. From the military and have been doing that. Work into the psychic medium full time member sent. Well no you showing signs of time being insensitive. Prior to that or is it something it would seem to really show I want to. Later on. They're great question as you know van you know was not aware or even if I want and Wear it what do you know work and showing up and you know I really act to your great question that really gotten 88. It deeper look at you know stand hollow if you're not aware of that are you know things were showing up. And what actually had to deal with go back he journals and I'm not. And added churn Ling guy you know way when. When Easter a lot of people start of the spiritual journey that they needed journal and how we conjured up images there about. I don't draw holly hobby no well it sure Muller pumping Whitney anyways but. On I would never sure alert but wanna be incorrect in saying the fact finding trip in his. When I went to Afghanistan. That was one of the few deployments that I ever felt guided it journal. Word journal almost every day and going back in two goals. Journal entries. Brown might you know in and reflections status they have. All my guy that was all leave. Listening to my intuition. Comments are. You know if there's. Convoy route that what what paper. Thinking about it read a lot of mountain observation post. And beauty way up and that the middle of the mountains or we can edit them and a lot and I've yet. You know you get about fiber something like that. I forget the exact verbiage used at the time but. Com. You know so there was. What I more sensitive yet that would probably that was very. Very sensitive as the kid my mom would say all that only made them. And now of going back and looking at. Journal entries and everything outlook since. You know it really took the a lot of reflection in the golf out there let you know all. Otherwise bridged the path won Iowa and aware of that and panic coming forward but you know went IE. Went all the at a bar stopped. I would I would make our and we get our lap. Deployment lovely country or colts ball. And and you know we we did our rotation and we came back called pan down. A lot of what I call paranormal activity started happening in the hole and what I mean by paranormal activity of the Armenian. Clock in picture physically being hold off the troll now well wall. Not a corporate guy you know. Activity but it was you know very subnet really trying to get my attention. And my wife had shared with me when I was overseas. That she. Have been seen a local psychic pain big on the lap of that than having that. Lady you're the psychic Malvern. You know energetically smudge that Powell and all the great stop them. Not like you don't think of whatever keeps the white Spain right well when I and I. Jokingly referred to her as the voodoo chick. And if that would very much in the state that I would then and the first thing that I. Bad when I solved it. Not go on in the house yeah of Unita called boot check there at some weird you know what going on in the top home. And and as though she came Volcker and the courts. Cheaper seats that tell me that my Grail partners there. And I would very much not in the state so blip means to. The listening to messages I would not because those still very much the skeptic mode I was not even open. And I am looking out my wife ignorant but sideways I go on how much we and the ladies. And paint and boy your smoke and some good herbs. Add and I would just not in the victories beat bit and and or a couple weeks. After that event and things were not sliding down and are all. You know the whole time this is going knob. You know. I am really under eighty are underscored that. The activity that was really happening that my whole family the is buried. Very sensitive to energy your spirit you know presence and so it really disruptive to everybody but one thing. Is that was washing bottles. Mike W newborn at the time. And I kept on getting the creek don't healing behind news probably midnight. And I kept on turning around them a court fight it physically not the end bank and bank of what happened to make an adopt them. All of a sudden and knowing why or Bermuda that was my grandmother well my grandmother out in the eighties. How do I know it's grandma. Have not happy that Albert say what my belt then. You know I don't know how you know how I know about that I started and it is is that how people are really going great he. And and happiness argument Turk conversation in my own ad. And so I started talking to Wear one way and and you don't login as he Graham on all that great stop. And I went to bed that evening. I think it was around early November. I don't like that MIY. Who loves. To have better more our tech guy had a sheet down to Obama might waste. And on. Purple and there are held by night all but out stole away and might. I folic my my other friend who what would straight talk. Well now understands my ego. A little boy popped up and suddenly had stand being near the neck and all that stuff. If if she's really here at ground literally hear quite lucky to ever prove that. And as soon as I opt out Potts. She immediately turn the room I coal. And where it felt like I walked into law a walk in freezer. And I was like holy crap what. You know what he'll pick hell that I pray each and and immediately another pop pop up spam Wallace she's really tear you probably make in your really. You know. In your state. What did you discover touchy. And we can best put the ball well you don't get all over where monarchies ever touch you. And so as soon as I thought that as well and she touched me and it was like eight you know point the way to describe. Is that they even yet gentle wait permit it on my at the bottom might be. And it wasn't like somebody choked India wasn't any sane evil wasn't anything like that. But it gentle. Yet firm pressure. That. Continues police started pushing me into the mattress and it was something in. You know about that I needed depth that and in retrospect. Two. Understand. Hey wait a pal lot and at and you know stepped into your guess because that I needed copying because. So that the coal. Belt when I would go back and stand acting that avid yes. And some pendant that they had would go back that evening and say can you explain that so. And one that would come back and say you know what I cannot. And Sam while maybe should try to bail all of them and a bat the approach I cannot ever stand. That evening. And I really opened my ally. In my mind to other possibilities. I want to learn why I asked if you were if you were aware of your psychic when you're overseas and Afghanistan and so for this. Because I would think especially if that's where you start to open up that would have to be. Really intends to all too to first off find delta years years sensitivity of psychic lawyers bear. And also and I and a place that there's so much turmoil going on at that time. In god only knows this sort of impressions and feelings and and things you'd be taking umpire. Right. Well and that's a great question is. I ate you know in going back to that again I want to know where at that time. When I was in Afghanistan. Or when I was then a noticeable. That I was that I was psychic. You know somebody order and not the idea that that being your psychic. What it told them their all of you know why and and there are made you need to go get that your analysis because your spoken some good stuff. Now I'm. You know but. It in retrospect. Obviously and you know hindsight though point one they they had and going back and while that coldly made. A tremendous amount cents. You know I was and embolden anti saying you know one. Now what you could share that it was them all and some you know. But I wasn't involved in any programs or any thing. During the time that actually. Served in the military would you know any saying you know. Project start Gator and tech remote viewing her or anything like that so that. Infantry men serve the ball approximately six years and chump status. A lot of white. Light infantry unit Q airborne infantry unit. You know kind of up a run of the mill mill. Terry service but the thing that it would share it after the back in where Canada tied bat is where. You know cannot go back in and look at some of the government. And Tutsis sore going back for clients or friends and and or even per ourselves and seeing what's going on. You know whether it's true for vaccines or whatever the case says but. You know so there was that a lot of different development on the other hand and that retired. But for the last three years. When I was thirteen. It was a well it felt to me like a very tight the game because I wasn't sure duke. Com a lot of their corner and all metaphysical plot that might recruiters. That would be no black list than. Basically but it like got Walter to retired and I kind of got now what I call old and cranky and I'll like what are they gonna do that might not take and make me retire. We'll hold up hold their their defense I am because I we got to take a break but I wanna be able to get into that some sure that you had to worry about being scrutinized and so forth. But are so we're gonna take a quick break the phone numbers a 446877669. Get told freed 844687. 7669. You listen to Jason TV on Dioner Ellen radio. The show we're going to open up performance at her. The next hour 8446877669. Is the telephone number you can join our conversation. We're talking with dean McMurray whose known as the military medium Indian NSA wouldn't get a really good chance to do this when you first introduced yourself and told us about your military service but. Thank you very much for serving your service. Obviously did a lot of a lot of times it goes unsung but we wanna make sure you know that here on this program we appreciate everything you've done. As as a man and walked in uniform so. Well. So we've got only we've only got a a minute and a half here it's a very short segment but I want to take that time on to go back to them. Point you were talking about. Paranormal stuff started happening in her home. Things are falling off the walls I need to do it was this the first time in your life you did experienced anything like that. Oh yeah opt for sure you know it and you had fallen off the wall no not falling off the wall bead. Taken off the law light you know there was. Somebody Deron spear physically. I was watching it being taken off the wall or being thrown across the room. So that was quite literally Rican day you know why Odyssey. And from apple and out of liked. Alomar why you need to get a hold of you know local psychic because the only person that I knew that that I'm. By yacht was certainly it wasn't. I I want him brought into that very gently. But kid yeah there were. Sounds like Lewis scored a startling way to answer this but what are we don't have time to get into it now we come back I want to talk a little more about that experience and and as you said the voodoo lady are over brown or whatever road name you gave for and how that whole interaction worked in and eventually led do you being able to. Kind of feel and sense and get the messages yourself. Stick on the number will be opening phone lines from the next tolerated it's 8446877669. Dan eat for 46877669. If you got a question for myself Jimmie your guest dean. If so shall you loosened Jason dvd on reality really don't want to. It's one they West Coast Tuesday. It's just nice person. So Jason Raza is a century each ons so you know those tent caterpillars. That build those nests in trees in the eighties and on the big blow Gypsy moths. Yet they've they've they circus tent caterpillars in the build these big nests that are just packed full these caterpillars and they'll like spider webs kind of but they're much more dense and yet and there they camera and Arnold the cycle is advocates it's like 1520 years they have these you know peaks of these things in the Lincoln subside for while my comeback we combat last year was lesser matter. Is that it could be worse I guess is my point here there are nuisance and they're all over the place when they peak but they aren't. Necessarily dangerous like these caterpillars that have been invading London bar. They knew they are in and an invasive species are bats lifetime I think that it's true it does impact Saturday sorry if it could be good TV but these things are they looked very much like those those tent caterpillars. And a but the difference is they have a lot they have longer white hair is come off with them. On the mask kind of like the tent caterpillars do but the problem is. There's a protein on these long white hairs come off these caterpillars and if you touch them you'll get skin rashes. You could. You eat you could vomit. You could get the ice can get infected from them mean they're almost like walking poison ivy in a way it you've brought this protein that's on the hair of these these caterpillars and because there and invasive species in England. They came over from the content continent in some food shipment. Like 56 years ago. They are just exploding and they're they're showing up everywhere. That is and that's can be a problem yet the warning people not to touch and don't pick a month I don't care they're cute but you don't kid JPG Pickett had a collision do it every now and and these things to state they they can cause real irritation. On this a lot of whistle what lake when I was filming on tombstone. I mean and we ended up having green mountain in the middle of the death certain torrential assault and Martin when I didn't know attorney Angeles old they actually start rubbing their their back with a lag student and indeed. Let off his little fine hairs that I guessed it your eyes and justly be irritate you. Cereal without today may tell him not to not to go pick up the wild ones because baton. I don't know all that parents. He's away from regardless of the Helena Gypsy moths are bad enough to kill the trees and Aaron Elster and crazy gonna police acknowledge how once they can pretty much. She's a modifying themselves take arguments and. The worst the worst does symptoms that have been reported from touching these particular caterpillars and again they're in England so we don't worry about the here so much. Is they they can cause severe asthma attacks as well so stay away from asserts that will bless and how about how do you foreign minister I know you're gonna. And tonight we we've got a great show but I just looking ahead a little bit as a bunch of stuff coming up on the program you're gonna wanna pay attention to tomorrow night funeral Warren. Who is better known as the naked which will be joining us gonna talk about how modern witches have changed. What is a modern which believe what are some of the daily rituals a modern which. May participate in. Do witches cast spells to the do that still out of those spills work in much much more. And notional Pete naked losses on oil on the Israeli emirate are embryos and it's new and what and then Wednesday we get Isabel price. Author will be discussing her book goddess power awakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life. Turn and then there's and it Laurie MacDonald who will be talking about ET contact an abduction abduction regression hip know syrupy in consciousness UFO's. Do UFO program there's an it was Rory MacDonald somebody we talk about with them on your direction issue. Yeah the ones on the Q what bring him yeah mimic the paragraph. So and US what what's a system Bernard aspect and we're been talking with the military medium dean make Murray and thanks ran out of steam. Hey they Bradley guys. So let's not let's revisit this this whole a weakening. That occurred particularly how it started in your home. Where you were having things basically thrown around the house you hear why are you get asked him forgive me senator of the details are pretty secure wife. Contacted a psychic in you you colder the voodoo lady. That is a joke inside outfit that that was my it was back it would cheaper albeit that she was. Going to come collapses and an app that lady come bell the culture much house won out over speed. I called I started calling her at eight K email her back bad. Whenever you can you know happier voodoo brand or your best move to check up Mulder and it was my joking in terms for her. And that's what it started calling her a. Now when she came from you said that she identified a spirit is being that of your grandfather did you confirm that and anyway I mean you said at one point you it is. If it had the sensitivity were able to feel the presence is well. But was her confirmation that it was in fact your grandfather. You know they came back to it because they believe my wife ordered word. Agnes and an update to write down. You know he tailed that here you know. Evidence that that she brought forward is. You know looking back on that it is I you know I could validate. You know true to be told that she brought forward. Don't do in the medium chippy they get that. I was able to confirm that now on my old was I aware that. You know all mighty bomb. Would would bear. I did I wasn't aware that. I didn't know who was there. Aren't 98 was on my help the U Zuma. Yeah I'm that behavior is going to him alarm you. The so. Was there any. Closure to this episode or did you did it persists he still on the same home. No. No we well we we get that move but going back a little bit out here. Accord after my grandfather. Candidates or whatever started. Region aspect on the outbound ball. And my grandmother in the touched me and all that stuff. One. Eight stepped in to do my abilities as an accepted. My role at the media. It it at all it was like Sunday what a light switch it it would bop. Now light or that I make doubly bad debate now did fatally all of a sudden. Chip I respect ensure that at my life now I step into all the night. They say that I'm gonna do that than have bail would get up Utley and Mike all right great. And but it was really get the activity. At that level. Off. And because they didn't need to do it any longer to get my attention. It severity out I would argue that being in two. My role. You know of course that would do the whip. Without dipping at that time. But you. But one thing I wanted to share though you know understand that I was. You know still very much are all on soldier. Of course working pretty the National Guard but. You know Monday or Friday. One dale or one weekend a month in two weeks out of the year. You know I was very much trying on the uniform and going to work him. Working with other soldiers and so I was out about a dollar you know. That it ended in the colder by day and then in the medium but I read the old. Quite honest. Coach what's in March you started to recognize these sensitivities existed and you were able to. I guess we use them would be the word. Did you at that point decide you were going to put them to use for others sir I mean how did you ease into that that's that's on the new you make a quick decision on I can imagine. Well right about you know about what that was huge job. That was a huge question that that I came up Whitman. And that dude I got that they've got a backtrack the level that I wanted to share that that I liked player by that. The sidekick that I called mood check out sheet by no means practices voodoo and she. Went on to be a teacher of mine and is a great friend of mine now. I'm what is it you know interesting but. You know actually I reached out to her in early on in my development Knight said. The guys that I need to figure out what's going Nam what this than inept find that medium that. Then I need to you know figure out what what I need to do that and by better appointment Whitner. And she said I tell you what I want to read a book. And John Edwards. Broader great book Colby in an inquest. And you know and talking about relationships than in boundary with spirit of why you really wanted to be a medium that. And so I bought the book air rather than not. And that what are you said the injury the book and I had pictured did and she said well and I that I am more confused now but I want one that are that. And and she would like why and I said. I don't know why I wanted to be immediate but never out of the bing bang in the first place. And and she was black wallet what and figure out why it. And it came out to it boiled down to. I wanted to be old he used it yet that didn't know what it would look like. Thirteen. But you know what those being a medium look like for me but. I knew that I wanted to use it yet. To assist others because bat. What I have been doing my whole adult life up until that point you know. Serbian saw in that was greater than me you know helped trying to help others and electric bank. And Dan. You know if you know if you woke up tomorrow and and I'll belt that you added ability you know whether it. It think the ability to wire or whatever or communicate with spear ban. You know it's your choice what do you depth or ban and I was really compute like I don't know what they held up your group or. But what it boiled down to what band or use it to help other people because that what I'm here to deal. Well I think I think that's important and it today I think it's important to say and it's good to hear you say because there's too many out there self proclaimed psychics insensitive. Who their main their main goal is and Kelly deuces to assist other people it's to assist themselves financially and and they and they use it to him and to manipulate and so forth but to hear somebody who will truly wants to help people out. I think that that's really important. Update and you know it. It could be really honest when you. I think it'll start well I mean from your ethics or values Specter raised wit. And then you know going there but one of the things is that really what challenged when I hate that it was odd numbered years after I hate. It really. Actually practice he might crack if you will and and I we're starting to look at. He she might burst medium ship clapped and I wanted to. And I thought it was really important for somebody learning medium ship or any type energy sect were. You know what people using umbrella terms. Energy worker light worker and stand. There should be a code epics. So at least you know living breathing document that out of you know get them generalizations. Only people you can only say that you are the vault them. And cannot get everybody on the stick and you know all there is very few who spoke out there that liked it really find any thing. And it was really kind of eye opening in concerning. And the same. Sense and now like LaSalle and you know as you get a it's like everything else you know argues big now all a book lover. And any. Occupation. You know it doesn't matter what you do you're gonna have people that. Unfortunately try to take advantage of other folks but it's especially in the sense metaphysical stop. You know like it's a medium dubbed. Unfortunately there's a lot of folks that tried to. On other folks. You know the charlatans and everything and sand. It is all about the money and stand. I don't know where their work and but I heard we can do their job to spurt got into the two to become rich. And the other thing that I share with focuses. You know what I do gallery that Aqua man. I never planned to be up from from the group's Mike Lamb blows. Is right now that I had the ten year plan. Map now rate after retired I was kinda. Retire 124 years what they did from the military. And that I was gonna serve X number years for the NBA. Have that I add it all figured out what it retire I'll still be impact that he's been you know and that stat the other thing and and I think somebody up and you know somebody was laughing now. There are plans already had other plans for its dean we're gonna take a break here it's dean McMurray were talking to ease the military medium he's a psychic medium he's also gonna take phone calls. And dean even if you're reading your true. Sure why now let's do it. OK so if you're interested in doing that to outline of the phone calls and 8446877669. Are you listen to Jason TV. Beyond really reveal that kept the. Beyond you know maybe Jason GPS guess tonight's team it burger right tour. Home minds by the way if you wanna reading 84468776. X nine and and our next segment. We will do that for you this is Kenny calling from Kansas he Kenny welcome to the show we got a couple about a minute and a half here. Com hi a little turn make this quick because. I'm an eleven year army vet. I'm warm bodies that we were deployed during the search order together for fifteen months we get stationing candles together. He killed himself after we got out. Some Nazis I went out to the place where killed himself. And as culture has exploited what happens and while I was in the room right underneath where it on himself which. Justin make this clear he would hold himself in the position where he couldn't stable and stopped it if he ordered to. Call me. I felt. They roll. Around my neck and I ended up happening to run out of the apartment because I got to a point where I couldn't breathe like someone was strangling me. I've performed as memorial service came home I made a slight case for his father. Who passed away the a year to grow and it is step mom ended up sending the flag case to me. Is we're really close like my kids called a miracle. Ever since the flight Kasich showed up. I've been waking up in the middle of the night feeling like someone is strangling me. Another here at pebble about a week ago. Swear to god I don't think it was my daughters to wicked witch or a tornado. But one that Keats favorite things was indestructible we came out or rubber go to Wal-Mart with a minute of normal play he would do the whole it's so fluffy are gonna die every time slot stop your record. My daughter's dad and unicorn pillow pet that ended up staring at me on my Dresser at the end of my better. Well what I wanna hold okay hold it right there we're in a secure and hold you through the bridge if you don't mind hanging on that way and we can we get a response I think to just. You listen to Jason G beyond beyond reality. Her parents aren't are not military medium the number is eat for 46877669. And if you've been waiting and hold we will get to your calls. Other before the break that we were talking with Kenny from Kansas and Kenny had a very very interesting story we knew we didn't wanna cut him short. Kenny you're talking about. Having the same experience start in your home where you felt like you were being choked. After your friend in your your. Fellow armed soldier. Committed suicide by hanging himself. And he said that a flag case that you had made. Tom came back to the house and once that flag case came to your house. Easter did you experience that a phenomenon again so. It is is still continuing today for you. Yes. And and the weird thing about it is and I don't know it's because there are some of the items that are implications. The dog tags and he wore what we are deployed in the dog leg and down on him when he comes in so far wrapped around the flag. They're easy. Challenge coins. You know shop eat at commanders give us sort of a good job basically. I can get your rage sinners according that you can put pocket that were absolutely nothing to get a good job. I mean I've found that as some portable and has caller. Wouldn't we want to go lecture is corporate some of the starts and then. There's a right to correct it here we Wear uniforms the actual regret that was part of that class days. When he passed away or in case I don't know if that's. Part of good like I don't know. Well let's get to a dean's take on all of this dean you heard the story what are your thoughts. Well first and foremost anything reservist and I'm absolutely sorry to hear about your body. Perhaps being. And and we understand that. First and foremost we can pop out to understand that. You know one win some folks out or when they crossed over. Some of their energy can resides within physical. Items we've all heard of the L Crockett collectors themselves or and end these items you act called that an energy. Now is our is that it choking down. And some of them Maurer. I don't know I wanna call it the more I don't I don't know then it would be the pick for the right word because. That do you feel that it trying to hurt Q&A sense or is that I have a. Here's a tip like the first time I experienced an honest to god the first time experience that I almost felt like he wanted to meet at no he went through. OPEC. Like that's how I felt because it is key was never an evil person I mean my cute. Called him their own cool like he was all these are really down there are so weak person. My younger daughter from the picture was born when we got home just so he could be the first on the old girl. Right are just I don't know I don't feel like you're evil good. Well there's the read the data out there at the because there's a different. And so there are a couple different things obviously. You know. You know court the upper bowl of that a rebel leader with the military the army. Obviously there's a lot of time like you know sometimes a lot of bodies. Mapped around and they try to. You know grab or they try to not. Intentionally hurting each other but they'll choke each other a little better or Rockwell or whatever some time that commonplace. You know in another wasted than is that. Is it had you'd share it is trying to. Share with you what she went true why would you share that. And that are Yule. Appeal more to meet. Light because a bit. Instance or that there was something sold at role review rule. That shook your world than a sense that where it started opening up. A lot of these sensitivity that were just lying in the air if you will or Burke had a week in and that's what it feels like more to me. And saying what you want outlook but do I do it he'll be now why am I. You know a lot of people say why don't I don't want to be all the rope around my back right don't want to heal that choking sensation and it you know any issue out ever tell him. The ban an eight you know on knocked your crap off or is at you know at Canada. I've got out of the tried. I tried dark and Durham. I mean I am. Europe and the Turks and I believe this. You know he goes somewhere deep just might not sure I understand it and children's miracle even the spiritual world do. A brand goes currently in ethnically Georgian. Didn't senators it's creepy on cue cards you can do that MTV on them without. Like the biggest thing for me is an opening. That relate to this thing tech troubled that you tried talking to him before he killed himself. Saying do you just trying to seek help with the BA but he wouldn't open up to me. And I tried talking to him since it's happened that I experience lease saying we can like OK dude I got that point. Let's move on Passat it's W like. Now we are out and help me understand it but like I don't get anything other than. There's there's so inflation I don't get. I don't know. Well I think first and foremost they're really you know Alford you can't he has the know that and I know it can be kept using both. First and foremost I don't get that you know on some people would be concerned band. Oh my god as Europe bound that he actually crossed over and I guess Betty clearly crossed over or not but. But first and foremost thing is that you've done a good place. So I understand that you've got the hell. And I think that the map that it hurts. Or mole that he was trying to get a crop the year span. Hey I finally got. The help that I needed and I didn't need to do ya and you waiting list. If that makes sense be you know and so we all well and I have been much are you going through that would my extra weight around integrated health. Right so. And you know inside the ball is it really allowing air LP year rule. All went off at a deeper level. A neck and neck whip him at a deeper level. Now we interest in Powell. These things unfold for each individual. What looks like because what I found is that unique to the individual. And that span. You know how how what I guess blossoms are developed. But. The biggest thing that I guess what that is is that truly letting you know he's done a good place. You know I clearly don't. Don't feel any thing more left planter. Or anything to be concerned about even though disconcerting about on the Penn Station. So under Al wanted to paint that it would share that out yet it has picked sensation that. You do not light and something and that is bothering you know. Is where you know you to say clear guidelines where. Militant spirit not only your body but everybody else and are right let enough and here's the deal and then. You just column you know. All audio and saying here's the deal. You know it you're visiting hours here in. And spend even though you don't you you want to be out what and you want a neck whip them. We we have to set. Boundaries what sort of spirit on the comports well. Kenny Kenny thanks so yeah yeah yeah yeah Kenny thank you so much for the phone call and thank you for sharing your story that sounds like it's a painful one for you and you know connect with the show let us know in fine if you confine any resolution there and I think that I think the dean's given you some really good advice. Let's go to Sherri calling in from New York hey Sherri welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on. I think she can one call. And I don't have to complete it before. You're nervous. Thank you don't have to be nervous lest somebody Cheri do you wanna reading is that was a we are calling have have yeah reading for you okay are. Well Kerry idiot in pictures coming on legal won the first Bancshares is that I get an email that the lord on the Mulder about the Bentley. Understand that you the path heels meal like she was in her mid to late 78. But here they're happier that dark haired woman. Very small town that very. Sweet gentle. Energy whip her and just a and one in the interest in things quicker is that they keep on giving her centered around the kitchen Siad it. And you think it girl constantly. Cook team or. Our Serbian elders and one of the things that I dish being shown that I was to show up. In her on not really in all it was all things where I'm gonna sit down stand. Is starting at cable thing got what they can be 2 in the morning guess what worries but well here that accent in the American mentality that is. Yeah at my record and I'll figure could be a candidate I commend you to. Well they're right guys see she loved that beat people that and you know that one bird while languages valley what does that spell that serve. Well one thing for you is that really does understand that first and foremost. I turned under the monologue not only problem per. But that day the energy it sound pointing above earth and understand that you're not only have your career and answered or being answered butcher angels are all around you so that being that he helped me. Is that your Angel you that determined that it would use. But do you connect the angels. And a sense that a secret level. Yeah. You yeah can't account. Well I'm glad both make people leave a little bit more than most people and Ed hardware that means you know a lot of people my out Angel wings and their home their money out and dozens. You know really reaching not Angel asked her both their protection that they Golan. Yeah so now they'll and that the executed really want you to know and understand that. Day out heard Alan. Working to. Bring adults prayers to fruition per yield and there's an appeal to really like. That summer he thought about the next couple of months. Is really not in about new opportunity summit or one of the things that they're showing me. Execution on the plane so Sherry wood out you wouldn't bet. If you happen already have the opportunity pump all work for you. Really be open to trip opportunities that are coming out. That evening. And architecture. Are. Well there you go beat the validate playing Korea stop and that really make sure you rechargeable batteries used and that you really bend. I almost feel like working your fingers to the Boehner in the pan then and you know working on reserve so. Make sure your really take time 22. Thought your own cup. Gerri thank you so much for your call yeah we appreciate that. Dig rescue workers the information come from who who are you communicating with is it spirit guides is it's some other type of connection that gets the information from. The people that you're Europe. Receiving it from to the people who are reading for how does that work. Sure I'd like I might despair. The two headed alien named Neil but I've but I've never really not sure. Be really honest I know that at the divine order. You know some people call it. Or some people and what I believe is bet is that I doubt be tremendous amount. Guy that spirit guide and touched. Well when I can act that somebody. Like cherry for example. If I can act occur and then that spirit that I ate he or spirit. That I see that being in around her and it's like at 88 snapshot at Q well. And then Matt when the flash bulb goes up it's that what I tick up at that point they'll. You know the weather does your cat sometimes irked some folks. It there are spirit guide sometimes better angels some time regardless of the religion. You know iPad eat all of the Muslim faith come Koreans and that had archangel come in and in. Bring information who want to put them behind in nature. You know it all welcome all the information. You know I don't. We don't discriminate. On that. Divine source let's let's show you we can't get it right now we've got about two minutes here actually by men and a half and I wanna we have one more call and wanna get to this is David from South Carolina we got to do this from quickly David the welcome to the shop. Diplomat at camp. About five years ago might be monitored at all. While Reid and house I knew she was in there as a club that everything else. But they're bad where not a broke a long par and nobody knew where a lot of under our note if you come down here did that are. While while while that's that's heavy on. We only have about a minute to dean is that something that you can do that quickly misses this is pretty serious stuff. So so I'm understanding the big question is bad. Is she came to you and and told you. Or recreate that question again start. Well our bet now a rope that was column that under that would under about how nobody knew what would their. And are you seeing the suspect there may Benson's follow plan. Is art and your you know if you did there yet but it in laying in her ebitda. You know okay I'll bet we've got about we've gone a minute. Look at bill what is that. There are a lot more factors. But what is that thing that feel like a lot actually anger guilt around now. And not get anything where others are there. Yes he did her no he didn't. But it feels like he was involved in hiding. That what I would call the evidence. And now and whether he was actually involved and act. Kind of feel like you're gray area actually I'm understanding correctly. There's some other each yelled the narrative you'll like a lot of other pieces that went together. And. And they're unhappy that this well that goes along with that so whether there was some acute than some other things going on on. David and I had more he had David it was trim more time to address this for you sadly we don't. Dean thank you so much for being with us tonight the web site is the military medium dot com right. Guerrero will look forward Evan yelling at some point makes coming and I am not paying an Alice. Are you guys baker avenue appreciate it. Allard. Feyerick takes the animal wrap things up hills and Jason JVB honor Ellen revealed back after this. Does Dino frequent there because the phone calls when longer than we thought they were good dean's website is the military median duck constantly checking out. And make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page for us. There had to be on morality radio dot com final solutions we air and across the country nutria. IPhone and enter that lies listen live catch bash shows only go. And more or just join us live many nights go to the website beyond reality really is a com click the listen live button. And listen right there from the website at this in a duel for us makes you tune in tomorrow yes Fiona Horne the naked which you listen and Jason GP beyond really revealed cajole tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced by Al Simpson told students that didn't. So it can only the only angry news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello fading centrist because well for Jason is slow and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Canadian that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.