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Sandra Mendelson talks about animal communication

May 17, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Animal Channel Communicator Sandra Mendelson about our fellow animals and how important it is that we try to understand their messages. 5/16/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Excuse they go West Coast Lindsay. Skills they're stuck somewhere in between Longoria on really redo myself Jason honest it was awesome Jimmie Johnson so once again somebody up there is angry with you apparently in the storms that came through here were brutal you know I mean their brutalize who we untouched trees down and in around here there's some house got hit by a tornado now in. Rhode Island can and it can be serious. Yeah I know it's not I think IDC was hit pretty hard by this line of storms attendees with rule we had tornado that that's usually just trying to walks filth well it takes up more than a storm to do that. A we had a tornado watch in Cooperstown earlier today were nothing really happened so we missed the worst of it meant that just that was of them as the storm that caused Syrian vengeance there and and it's it's a big 110 of 10 yeah welcome to show everybody it's great to have you here tonight we're going to be talking about animals. We've got central mental send who's an animal channel community here she's also an author and speaker joining us. She wants to talk about her book we walked beside. You. And kind of approach the question have you ever looked at your pet dog cats fish whatever and wondered what they're thinking about. Well Oracle's official different. You know the answer but it you know vigilant to maternity exert the lead dog and cat yeah I mean cats are very anti animal cats always seem to give the impression like I don't care anything about Islam is our foods there on litter box claim the dogs. The and they look at you and you can just you could see a lot of their eyes but. And then and questioning everything you're doing yeah you know yeah. They do that for sure we're gonna open the door to the breathtaking world of animal consciousness wisdom. And what they understand about life and what they understand about us with us and tonight. Arie and tomorrow night we're going to be talking with doctor Claire Johnson a lucid dreaming expert will be taught him a mindful and lucid dreaming. Why dreams are important and how to have some treatments Sarah speaker you know lucid dreaming is quite an interesting topic from me you know this whole concept that you can know he can. Actually live a life through your dreams and actually experienced these things in another dimension basically through these dreams is concepts it's getting more and more discussion and more more thought come by a lot of very very serious people. A lucid dreaming is that it's really highly mixing topic and but there's also so much that people so clean you can do. In your way Aaron while you're dreaming as well if you're able to actually learn to control things in them. And it's just well it's become such an amazing experience. And so we'll talk about that with a tax clear Johnson went tonight Thursday Gary Williams who's a writer any psychic investigator be talking about his book called the miracle workers. The world's psychic consultants. Which he claims is sort of yellow pages to mediums clairvoyant psych psychics healers neurologists and people. Who engage in that type of type of my body mind and spirit. Investigation. He talks about traveling and meeting with a lot of these people. He also has some that he recommends and some that he feels like well penicillin some but he talks about how to avoid the fake sky is there are some people who were up less than above board when it comes to the step to Starwood psychics neat deal page but that didn't they should not after an emphasis are loaded the look I love I love the I love the idea of somebody said that you know that the foam but caimans and why did somebody print now part of the Internet and send it to me. And it's it's gonna go to seek dumber it. Just you having Amaechi had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality Rory O. Like FaceBook page forests than had to be under reality radio dot com. We can find all the stations we aren't across the country can download the free iPhone and entering separate parallel shall listen live catch session mr. William engine more. Com you can also click to listen live tab in the upper hand corner which National Guard Jeremy can hang out and and great community of people annual some assurance there so make she'd check in Austin and the list is constantly being updated so you know make she'd check in Austin. Now there's another reason we have not Sandra Mendelsohn joining us tonight again animal communicators. It we've been talking about you know what the holiday of the day is if you wanna call and holiday are the observance or whatever happens to be today happens to be too. That relate directly to center one is it SeaMonkey to. Seem. These these things I don't know how and where you come up listless on your calendar. It's not my calendar it's a calendar that I found on the Internet has happened I mean I've never far and never seeing how different it was did you ever have sea monkeys. It's if you could check you're so there you go so you're probably sought silently and quietly celebrating this day. Mellow one we're not paying attention the other thing it is it's it's horse rescue did today and that's a little bit more seriousness. Yet. You know says somebody who's owned a bunch of courses in in my life these are pretty amazing animals and their a lot of them and mistreated but also a lot of wild horses that. Won't survive if they don't. Get some help or some care. From somebody so. Horse rescue days pretty important so it's kind of it's kind of appropriate that we've got to Sandra tonight. Especially with it will horses I mean they're just first off they are credible animals. Or TARP fund animal. You can just feel you feel emotion from. It's so crazy. Well I've always said if a horse ever figure is Smart enough figure how strongly actually are wrong in trouble because they are powerful. Ultimatum and you need to put a rolled up you can put a rope up and it won't it won't challenge yet but if you can figure out that he can just lean into it not been over it's done. Yes and it it's so anyway so enough about horse talk tonight. Which we're getting ready to bring Sandra and we're gonna talk about all this stuff and much more again her book is called. We walked beside you and if you remember I think it I think they may have been showing it on the on the video stream on pointers in the debit. There's a continued into these this book itself it's a deck of cards it's called animal. Message cards or rent talk about that too I'm not sure what the source of these messages are I suspect that some of them actually came from some of the animals that she is spoken with so it'll be interesting to get to get that information. And so I'm sure you're all gonna have questions for our guests tonight some phone numbers eat for four. 6877669. And tall freed 844. 687. 7669. You listen to Jason GBM yeah on or alienate. OK beyond reality radio France champion and telling you need to go check out scare con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scary Connie mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BRR. Spirit con dot com. Sure I don't. Chases and a chance hey thanks for joining us tonight by the way we appreciate you listening room whether you're listening on radio station around mine or anywhere we are thankfully you're along with us and we also thankful that the radio stations war. Members of the beyond reality radio network of stations our there and have decided to join us the list continues to grow works and to have more long. Yes and won't be updating that list more and more we're going to be getting a much more stations to litany upcoming weeks own check it off and again it's at beyond reality radio dot com. So one of the topics that gets a lot of attention here on this program is. Animal communication and tonight or gas to Sandra Mendelsohn she's an animal channel. Chandler and channel of she channels animal consciousness and communicators and her website is S Mendelson as for Sandra Mandelson dot com. And the book that she has written is called we walked beside you we're gonna talk about all of that but first let's welcome Sandra into the program Sandra welcome to be on reality radio agreed to have year. Well thank you Rick good to be here. Does have enough energy to keep everybody awake all night long. Well we will try. When you hit wheelchair at first I ask you as a sound like we narrowly avoided a disaster here you having some. Issues where you're storm or something is that what was it monitored. In particular construction. In big rear its reconstruction project going on in my development. My landline. They don't need some time today they'll and I went factory are meant to match and I like oh. I am very glad I haven't felt aunt and that you use bit. Well and we're glad to so let's start by a kind of figuring this whole thing out you say that your path. Took several decades to present itself tells the story of how he became aware of what we would call disability. Oh I'm and it happened very elaborately and that district I really want everybody you know can we try to think if we don't know. That we got from order. Extra credibility you know what accents reached guilt that at child is that it will met a man asked wrong I'm not sure. It didn't happen I need a light years ago which was that the ticket YouTube. In I was working on our forces in your truck with a light therapy at the emblem in the barn. And I'm down on the ground and accurately boo loudly in my head. Dictate is. And on the ground and you know deal there. MI and looked at but the court saying that the when he came away wicket that was trying to get under each ballot about five minutes later one of the course mom. Into the barn and announce that there's mulled all over the it started there it simply and in the country and spiritual weight like that. I'm about two weeks later a court down the road completely dismantled my entire concept. Of animal life. Understanding. And perception. And what I heard in my we knew I was not able to whom. Boy you can't lose and you will listen as we. And and it pays well let them. It started out with when that are included that for a lot we can drop the ought to be true selves. We hear the birds eat the land speed. That conversation went on a back up there with my hands and my hands up and I was working with equipment. I don't want reiki class I think adept at railway equipment to my hands up I don't know like it to ten but in the course. Mean the kind and around claim that it against my hand. And when your body around and put what what shall go up against my hand and I hear why you wasting your time at these machines what are you run energy. The courses are awaiting tree. And whatnot. And I sat down my outfit intensely it complexion changed and in my hand he said. You feel that I said that here this is what we do we deal with our bodies. And talk with our current. I thought I was making it out I about to go back to the barn with my proverbial that would in my ranks. I had I had it all he summarily buddy meet all the way out in and I heard you bought into the illusion again we need it. I cannot sit down right. Created story. I'm just not in my skill set. So. It took me. And the other via the thinking it is. A lot more than a one of the thinking that or is there a way sending an agent humans. I thought we did it get him to keep coming he said we leave our bodies to connect with all that it can talk frequently dropped when the where people have problems with the importance. And bring in every excellent command check we check the apple didn't go to all the standard upgrading computers couldn't get younger and I would hear on the court. What the problem. And Italian on the cement I'm typical. Let me read years of those on the situation is believed that the apartment and from the horse who put but it does mention. It would really come in there and I want to make up. Sandra let's let's back up a little bit you said this started for you would you say five years ago I think is resent. She almost six years ago so you were well into your life and never had an inkling or any type of communication only something anything that you recognize up until that point. Now why and I that very bad I was a wannabe you know for the I was a kid with an animal lover I never would allow apple court. They never had any great you know London dairy standard life. And I used to look at people that hasn't yet what doesn't and NASCAR you know you have a very. That looked at me so long trip really great but I definitely help myself. From them and out. I'm glad that everyone has the ability and the animal when Aaron the Arab world remembered them quite a bit across the globe. Tapping into their skill that any one of them will tell you all humans can't be that would be. To kidnap an animal in their own way it'd be eight in a way you know Schilling and we're on our population. You know but instead telling. Seeing choir boy. They can't seem to declare audience hearing what your ear like I do. And somewhat. It should there not cultivated my quality certainly in the native populations. Have been busy in the certainly didn't populations than they thought they'd never bought it. And we can reclaim his ability. I think that the animal to show up now sharing group it just can continue to come there. Sharing so much is we've now because global awakening animal I'm. Animal. Session you know what I mean there that they are sentient beings that we are shifting. Across the planet and that's where they come through so much. So you think at some point we'll all be able to communicate and animals. I'd I think that we all have the ability to do it right now they've got a question of how much it away and do it legally it out is the number one they met world then says I don't that you are dragged the word bitch. President and so people really that as a crime and compensate. Act their ability to people writing letters won't call the world. That the bulk of validated. And that they are they were getting that would squash is what they need to they heard that the city is minimal damage themselves. I knocked loose the little purpose here. Now that we all conflict. Of. We're talking with Sacramento Mandelson again the website is S Mandelson dot com the book as we walk decide you were gonna go into that a lot more detail we've got a lot more questions. Our phone numbers 844687766. And we'll take your phone calls for questions were not doing readings tonight but we will do questions. In the next hour. And I'm sure a much you will have questions like when it comes out of pats everybody's questions sewed on the number 844687. 7669844687. 76690. Listening Jason GPL and beyond really radio. OK okay. Here decimated sent her Mendelsohn check out the website S Mendelsohn dot com the book is called we walk beside you when we're taking a look at. Our pets and other animals and what their trying to tell us there are some people. Who can communicate with animals and they do it on a regular basis hander is one of them and sender says that we actually quite have all have this ability in essence question of awakening weakening it and Sander you said that you just out of nowhere her voice. And it was a horse that was speaking to you I don't know where but something must of happened that changed that moment. That allowed Judy here this communication whereas you didn't hear them for the better part of your life up until that point what do you think happened. That's actually really intuitive awareness that it's your kids and vocalize because. When you work on important especially troubling you that didn't have a court. It will grow up with forces of other a couple of riding lessons camp the number one rule you that you must be 100%. President. Totally in the moment. Totally watching every single low emotion of that course and eyes ears look at the hail. I would want in my head. I didn't receiving mode. And the biggest problem Christian men do that we you're only strong thing to make something happen and when you struggle and you can democracy. Which connect with the animal income in the big that you didn't we hoped what. These they don't let them space so I'd say that was a the single most important. I also looked at them. On the condition of love and respect and equality. David I I couldn't tell you you know it's a step ally yet though it looked like animals but I I never looked down at them. And certainly for them choose and I of course on the acute treatment like I treated expenditure will show you only four. And unfortunately many human blood down an animal need to be direct you were written over look good on him it's I'm more but I have put on the mound. And that's really critical that you want you cannot put them on an added he got up on one minute show including car. It happened TARP that eventually quality and. I'm curious about that you said that a lot of people feel like they have to be saviors of the animals are saved them or what is is that not what they want to you know a lot of people feel like that's a compassion that they. They that the animals themselves deserve but he's saying now. Well I have to get to be careful in how well he and I ask answer those questions and because did he. Deep all the effort going on globally to save animal book or critically important. What the animals are outs across many species are part of didn't quite vocal about it is you know and they say that. I know can overlap with any. I'm Pat Choate that your aren't on an equal footing and that you can purchase so the other's position and but in that city is truly toxic and extra weight their power. Pick random on our part and species it's so you know while while we rescued them. You know what the animals are asking for is. Try to see things or are. Now that we have families that we. You know by the same kind of emotion that you do you say is that even if we don't show and I'm saying you know they're asking. Or it deeper awareness from a stand just OK I'd say yeah. That makes me this hero. So only a motivation is part of it. What the motivation of the of the savior is but. I would take this a step back because don't learn would've been more about you I know that you had lived a life in corporate America. I'm at one point you decided to leave that. And the stress of it behind. And it wasn't for this this particular clause could you hadn't discovered that idea what was going on your mind at that point you. Why you know you need unit currently that would teach that you take is going to be just a stepping down or landing back at it 26 years incorporate that. That development and media that type of things. I realized I cared more about the people around me other ailing and I didn't catch it didn't transaction. And pattern over the course and I did that became helped coach Kapono expecting nutritional and I don't give rights. And I got involved with all the fingers and light therapy an extra ticket which tailoring my practice for people in pain. And those that light therapy led need to be able to help document on non in the we can. Get drug used in how ill effects enable the body to shield itself. And so you know about how to how the app at me. Judy gamble. And this may be a bit of benign eve questioned but. Some of the things you've done I just need a little bit help understanding with the air what is a poly chromatic LBD light therapist. It's hard enough earn our equipment that was. Only in the hands of the scientific community like that. Deck of several decades ago has worked its way on scene. Our camps and we. The equipment I worked with imagine the green patents are Arab light bright aren't old enough yeah. Course I do in fact I remember the song from the commercials are very well. Well I don't want to say it might you know you don't wanna sing a light bright making things with light night that's us frozen until Sunday at a yet but we do have a light bright yes. I'm in good company that Erica and so you imagine the green then you're out there are certain weight by a light. That typically visible read it in visible infrared. And visible blue light I don't really therapeutic for the body they go to get could get. In the mark old ball and that's a and increase circulation. And edit function of that all kinds of wonderful things happen in the body you know more oxygen more nutrient and more garbage can get out of the cells in the ID and sort out there. Even now class two medical devices which means they are the clear tracks on use. So. OPEC on in terms like that and and a photo puncture. Is using light instead as needles. On the acupuncture points from meridian dumped the body. So witty is a little light torched for a couple hundred bucks. You know and you have chart that merely to show you you know old the torque on the chart of the point. You're doing if you will acupuncture with life. And that the animals that. One of the things that the great about them because there's much more sensitive and Maria mingled. Date your modality so quickly he should. You know whether it rape he whether it light therapy did little more. Of course can look at why the hell are you guys feel it on the on it. Settle. A lot of people that are just getting started and certainly you know technology being first on animal affords me balance human typically. A lot of people have. That govern the Daryn you bluntly told would be without her artwork and. Yet know it yet it does for short. I wanna go again to the point where you've heard that first message that first time and I think the message was something like this pay is crap personally and remember exactly but it was something to do today was a horse speaking to about the quality of the food it was eating. And now when that came to you was did you hear it through your was at three your ears or was it is was it more telepathic. In your mind how did these messages come here. Glad you said because you know as humans we try to look I'm looking at the plate I experienced that it. All in my head I literally a world tell me. You know a couple of years later it not New York. Chlorine or you're here in order to lose hearings. Well picking up on work union because Bob podcast which you picture picking up on the message to an addict I mean. A lot of trying to sound a little you know what you squishy like what does that mean. But you know what I com and learn through many many at 708090. Species could ever. Yet we got that out of communicate properly to communicate and movement. Do the mid at least certainly wouldn't be cute comedy is the majority of their communicating. Through the op during. And that is where. You know and that's how I could be and we talked with a squirrel and the Burton went I went online and well. It is universal language. In the top story. Had to communicate with each other. So so what. Yes the concept there would be their knots necessarily speaking English to you they are convey emotions and thoughts in your in your receiving your putting in the English aren't them. On through your processing them. Oh yeah and that and I don't. And you're saying is and B channel would come through the board never hit it. Don't unique I mean right into the hands that you would rather what did you ever come up in my speech. You know I didn't channel this week on a lot have been asking animal I'd grow older. And did this question why did and walking but he did England. You know that they see. Like as if we continue to grow where we human with the moniker on it as older and we see so much activity that I'm a pot. That vehicle and I'm welcoming the winner who got the part where and then think about what would move. Yeah ultimate. Goal. They have the crowd as well when did you believe what compelled different Eaton words on the web. Stealing the gold for your hot and the I mean thing in the morning expression I would absolutely never ever. I I can't really. That's that and more clearly than the only analogy it gives you is when people channel here. And they channel what one door higher being you know. Angel when he died in our. What would like which it's not like our everyday vernacular. Our it would take a break we're talking with Sandra Mendelson author of the book we walk beside you and we'll continue the conversation just a couple moments remember the phone or received 44687. 7669. We'll take your questions. We're not into reading so I do we will take your questions in the next hour. Paris gets a call your senate Jason. JPM beyond really good. Doctor cleared Jones immediately. Joining us to talk about lucid dream. Jim lucid dreaming expert we're gonna talk about why dreams are important how you can have lucid dreams how to work with strings mine fleet over self nightmarish start I use them to heal from trauma. How to help with sleep paralysis what people suffer from sleep paralysis something that also was getting more and more attention. Yeah and and Thursday were we talking we Gary Williams writer and so he can rescued will be discussing his new book the miracle workers the world's psychic consultants. Yes I NG tuna and he's gonna tell us how to avoid them getting involved in some fake ones and we've been and we don't worry about that one that's a big problems there there is this. Huge area altar of people who try to manipulate and and use it to to their advantage so. And ELL four. Our search and we're talking with Sandra Mendelsohn about her book we walked beside you and a center this is a particularly short segment. But I wanna go back to your story and the fact that you left corporate America you decided to follow different career path and win this in awakening. I happen to you when you realize that you again that switch had slipped in your that we had this ability to communicate. Was that another. Opportunity for used to to say hah ha I found my path in life or is a disarming the adage everything on your doing already. Well I was. You know what I'd get decade before it one have read a book and I never felt that had anything to say. It had been somewhere at the four but the stab at it coming in on the animal. Blew my mind so much. Now at what happened on the people look you look it would doorway that no one else looks group. A digital oh my goodness so that stopped pumped through which I have right now I wake up in the morning and look at all the world. Just like relax it's not yet. You funny that you're not and you're Smart you're not that's why it's so it was. Oh absolutely. You know. Mind blowing experience that you know picky but it will strike started according to. And then I go about putting. That followed my apartment because what the one line that's what sort of album that I wanted to be we did being in my life. Ended up making a card debt you know no one thought that time such. I realized might have had totally changed in life one bit. I'm thinking about static content they're. Well. I don't know what you want a moment I'll have a little bit. This is what animal it into the path. How energetic and focused they are or intentional. Or not they're behavior they choose their thinking that you think. Campbell for example just drags out around. And the camel that won't you miss you all what side of the image you spoke at top. Focus and there on the burden multiyear. Focused on the possibility stroke or other will be larger. And that's just one. Yeah I know I was gonna have you have you also been able to. At least listening and if if that's the right way to describe it on conversation between conversations between the animals. And this is a two part question between animals of the same species and do animals of different species communicate with each other. So I meant they understand each other to bits universal language of that you know feel that our string if you wanna get. I'd I'd I'm putting in a disclaimer here number one I don't have all the answers. Number two no one's here. Everything right there were people that are giving and I am sharing what I hear you know learn as we go to charity learned habit and he. So. Would go out. School how come I can't understand when you're literature going in into the have to angle on mine towards you saw the body movement in the vocal patient street just. You know. I can't look in the atomic conversation they're happy and you know what they wanna engage with me. Somebody else you may be. So they are pretty deliberate continue we've about a minute here can you. Communicate with them. In the same type of deliberate Nasser did they have to be willing to receive view. So here's the number one over overriding principle in the animal world. That they are all unique sold at different levels of evolution just like humans. The more involved wanted to come and certainly they are one partner with human been precluded dale were beaten wall between a and as they say that went from a player that comment. If you go to grade so not every animal book popped me. You know will reach out to meet. What I put out a question. It's amazing. You know I just kind of say OK you know what it's all about growing older. I I guess we choose to come that are up there at some continue to come true and then there are new ones. It does that make any sense to me I'd like to have an older controlling the process. But at the channel not you know into the animal story. And X you have what was really into it back and forth between species like at communicating that quote. Telepathically know what I'm ready to the world that he does not sit quiet. I puppet president coming through it with a lion at the line and I finished this conversation I hear cute that was the quote what might. He called a man he liked it never seen a lion and I don't want to enter the art in America. We'll get into a lot more at that point on that we will take a quick break elicited Jason javy. He's toast when you start somewhere. Radio myself Jason Hawes is awesome -- each so we have a couple of things going on that we should present TU one is that it said may sixteenth is at national SeaMonkey day and I know a lot of us growing up -- closed for a national or state or let it go see monkey things intrigued me because all there is little brine shrimp but man when you were a kid you thought you on the world if you got a packages sea monkeys a dump in the water watch those things externally when you always had like that one big ones here at the -- a minute and a half it was always wanted to seem to be eating your machine it was just got a big enough are going to get away those who's afraid it was good to jump out of the thing uniting coming after me but you know it when you look at the ad for those things that they had little Q kingdom down there you know like this whole microscopic kingdom with castles and royalty and as really not the way it works folks and so. But it's it's it's it's also national up horse rescue day and of course. That's a very very great cause and you know we've seen in fact two very recently where I am there was a thing in the paper where somebody has like twenty horses that were. Being so mistreated not fed didn't and left to starve basically and you look at that you say how can anybody do that it's just it's just unbelievable the other religious. One saw him out here and not Rhode Island area and then Madison a solid situation with last year and end this it's just it's. Are all it's heartbreaking to see what some people do to animals and not not really thinking that all these animals they feel they. The the feel pain and they have emotions. This distressed anchors. It just yet and we're gonna continue our conversation with Sandra Mandelson in just a little bit our phone number is 8446877669. The lines are open if you have questions we're not doing readings tonight we're just taking questions though tomorrow night doctor Claire Johnson will join us to talk about lucid dreaming that it's really great topic I'm excited. To have that conversation tomorrow night will be talking about the reason and dreams. And lucid dream telepathy spiritual lucid dreams and how to live elusive life. And Thursday Gary Williams right during psychic investigator will be discussing his new book the miracle workers the world's psychic. Consultants. As sort of a yellow page and page guide to mediums clairvoyance and healers and citrus. Yes we've got a lot of great stuff coming up but again tonight were talking with Sandra Mendelsohn. On her website is S Mendelsohn dot com her book is called we walked beside you prisoner a companion card deck we're gonna talk about that. A little bit to again Sandra thanks for being here with us I wanna Guam. Kind of move this conversation a little further. You talked frequently about the fact that the animal kingdom if you will lease the big animals you're talking about one to work. With. Humans to create a better world can you talk a little bit more about that what is their objective in this if their exit communicating these things T. Such well if you. Can imagine that we were all on very much in and quit all white actually throughout the years ago in them we. Went completely into the life of the mind that separated from the rest of the animal kingdom and call me selection. Show. Animal pictures bleeding or opt to walk through the door. We realized that we are auction next and we we had enough on its action. Moving that there is. A field. Oh and then or an energetic grid got back all my form and at least according to the Arnold told me we even stay. We try I didn't know what with our brains we try to believe that we are all all one. While animal truly happy XP and being on the errant iron and called it iPad. Blue whale tell me that forces and you know what adding that he should. Am out he had jet hit. In the world that works you Jack and always come back from which we are settled in the words of the animal. It war kinder it is probably well. Our bet that they quote we have one question would be tricky deep kinder themselves. All you know we're here respect it didn't warn you enjoy. So they do now that we can beat out it's going to tour as well I think that's what will be in more. Than. There were able world. And there are cleared this thing you know it could well. We of course is because they're meant to do lists are so spiritually. Focused on on. The power of all old tension and then you're not of course many issues that come through the the bird came through a few days ago. About you know because they hear the follow up and they know what and they are big global communications at that you will conclude no no fly zone may go everywhere. Date may happen but multiple humanity and date shall we need to know. The power that we are typical in should say in preparation about how bought violent uproar. Every time we achieved loved every time we had yet or are you on that he shouldn't are. But didn't move well or be good. And they are so why did I won't go on global. But that normally you would only Behar that you're reading anger at the final makes me. They talk about what going on and off and the intention on humanity and getting shipped in the bottom. But their agenda that unlike in Paterson but I think do what whatever we're animal stayed over so keep that maybe I'm. An app at. That was there in war. Let's jump tore phone lines here we've got Justin calling in Justin has a question freeze Andre just welcome to the program we Debbie on the show. Dusty there. I heard a voice I thought. Just do. I'm may have lost Justin doesn't call back if you're listening for some remain adjustment a bad connection I thought I heard a voice there but then. Then nothing. Sandra. This is this may seem like of a very. And maybe not leave or inappropriate question I don't mean it to be but it's a series one. On you know there's a food chain issue here. How was that reconciled and in the in the animal kingdom and not just humans reverses animals but other animals vs animals. I'm great what can act one cracked and now what. Yeah animals 700. Have been very vocal about it I don't know there were a part of everything including. The bark and cycle they're cycled the predator prey like that the meat of the body. Yeah and absorb that and they have no airing on console that's. Obviously there is the issue better herb and herb or report what our forces there and then there are. And conclude that. We need to survive on the other hand. They've sent to all part of the cycle of art and how I don't know how well I'll borrow. We didn't call you men will be people who are made in other animal community leaders got more players. I never have and issued giving their life. Our family or village when they were appreciated what a lot that they actually on the grass that they can't wait there and that with time to leave that life. And and they did so it is being conditioned that we helped create it. I did not focus on that in the past captain to a couple of you see that are living. In concentration. In a big chickens and these animals did not want to focus on the we have won't organizations and individuals that are we dealing in the hearts that the animal wanted the action. Chair with people these others. The beauty of dare aware next. You know what I mean because that big lead they believed didn't need to which will help the ticket not collecting in the military. That hasn't created. All right let's go to the strong minds again here we've got this is Matthew in Toronto hey Matthew welcomed the show. It was going on. The show questions. I have a question for Graham equipped computers well to I don't know your member couple months back you guys have someone on critics natural disasters. Yes. I wrote down my phone on May twentieth he predicted something so I don't want to keep track of that bush wanted to kind of protect it. That's that's. Yes that's what what you are all looking for or against it is not. When you talk these animals do they have different voices are they all sound chamber may be felt like you. What it is excellent and if you read the black you'll see that big big east baton very great if they need to. Well the very much easier than that they're out at their body as crack and that but oh Babbitt like what we are. It. They all they all have a different calendar big part are dead serious you know people it did. The apparent series that both in the big content thinks it looks a little bit relationships and the purpose well. And again I wish what I. We need to adapt our home I do I'm incapable of being created. You would be yet and become a crop will be different sound from some very earn. They're at the same thing but doing an animal communication impression you make up one point but found during the plague beach to cool like hey it didn't. You know kinda. And and then of course for the very rigid didn't send what they do on the blue pounding me me. Aaron and Matthew what was the a prediction that was actually made for the Tony. The prediction was that there was some certain natural disaster are think it might have to do the volcano Hawaii has access to make a level drops too little. Then edit reaches our water level but it's got a scheme often explode and it can happen any day it does so. Syria and and I've been following it's terrifying. Geez man our hearts definitely go out everybody else there yet and saying thanks for the phone call on reminding is reminding us of that Matthew we appreciate it tested one more call before we have to go to break here this is a just and trying again. He just smoking the show. He. Then when. It. Featuring. Mean. I. Mean I. Feel like. Me. On. Silent world if it's a shame. Wouldn't like what. While Barca really really good question I'm I'm surprised you're not dreaming yourself right now. You know yeah we do you know your but I was called by the war all the garbage and not every species to me. Animal course she's human like dogs to crops they do you read. Some time thinking about things that scare them. You know if they had to do without like other times you're actually right there are still running door to getting big. Change in being there outside. So I bet it actually a lot of answers the question now. Yeah that he would dog actually and the people actually being and yeah they are buried and emotions were I think you're you're on pretty much get it right there. I was assumed it was a Catherine French. Just thank you so much for the phone call Justin Justin is a great friend of the program uses frequent listener and a frequent callers and it thank you very much at let's take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation with Sandra Mendelsohn again check got a website it's S Mandelson dot com. Are you listening to. Is an NG EB on reality you're in the phone numbers 8446877669. Dan eat for four. 6877669. The show. Radio Jason GDP. Question on the telephone numbers seat for her 6877669. This is a particularly short segment again better guest as Sandra Mendelsohn. Author of the book we walked beside you. And Centre court take this opportunity just ask you about the companion cards there is a deck of 52 cars are called animal message cards tell us about this deck of cards what it means and what the source of journalists. Well. I am you know. But a lot channeling all the while I was in no little note all over my apartment because. How much of what they handled this thing was so profound in its like it don't look too much should you. Embraced as a human and start putting me in being tore lie it would benefit trauma. We think in sound bite especially. With our technology and so. I have had no other I'd put no fancy name on the our Beck and call them oracle corps during batting and instead they're here. If he cute at that card decks at T two card beaten poll one week one day you know and and people that are running in saying. I'm getting the message that. For me right out there on the oracle corps while when. Universe works and wild waves so. I I just wanted to make it easy for people. But when you read the book it's. It's easy to forget when we read all. Pursued but there's just so much in the so at least he's a good way to Baghdad. Wouldn't walk right. So do. If I understand this correctly I'm looking at the cards right now and for example there's one. It's a shot see it's a picture of a horse and the quote is declare war on perfectionism. It put you in a mental prison. Is this what you resist the message you heard from this particular animal. If you if you read the book you will you know. It's actually almost biblical time to take everything they say to pull one sentence that because we're missing so much more that the story that I got to write a book. I want. It it so hard for me to describe. All that we did that in their need for example I asked them to collect. You'd probably expect. First I started communicating with. Animals speak to candidate should there and I start right and that whatever I heard him I figured in quotations. Then I agreed. Talked to the picture you know like look at a picture my computer charts and then at the port approached me and said okay that would bring your telepathic ability to green recommitment. You know app permission mentioned it anyone from anywhere. You are. I sat down on the floor with. Odd and immediately he. Sacred cab for India and water buffalo and a blue whale in certain would just like a vote on them like they're in good old. So there's an album art can't get by very much common sense of what they say would it. And the main entrance human health are. Understand life with more eat and joy. Broad base shared their views on love. And what we perceive the depth and speed of the world and still hot either and as you know let them on the run or not. Gotcha all right a whole lot more to come we're gonna take a quick break and you'll you'll soon Jason dvd on. It's. All right doctor Kurt Johnson talking about lucid dreaming on the show that a promise to be a good one Thursday Gary Williams now. Jim we talked about this Gary wrote a book it's called the miracle workers at the world's psychic consultant kind of yellow pages guide to mediums clairvoyance and healers and I don't know. If there's ever been kind of a reference work produced. From that topic some might be an interesting perspective on that. All and it makes you wonder if if she's psychic if he's calling out. Other psychics. Were I in the -- the conversation with him but is he calling on oversight cakes are positive no harm on the also positive note I guess we find them on Thursday. Well I do I do know he does talk about how you can spot people that are less than sincere in the profession and normally imported because I think that's something that everybody out there should know because it's a Lotta Lotta people who. Taken manager urged the trip couple quick things we want to stop by the web site beyond reality radio dot com. There's a lot of great information there are affiliate list as their plush you can check out the beyond reality radio coffee mug that is there. On and there's other resources as well also check out scary conduct comma pretty cool event coming up in June Framingham Massachusetts that's just more fun non Japan now too. Yes there are usually a blast some issue check it out and that list is constantly being updated numbers generally radio dot com so emaciated check it often were constantly adding news news stations all across country. And and we oh that all teal and the listeners and if you download chip from iTunes or anywhere else like that to us a favor raided four Selz bush afford makes it easier for people find. Our guest tonight is Sandra Mendelson author of the book we walk beside you her website is SP Mendelsohn dot com. And again Santa thanks for being with us. As you go through your daily day. EC kind of can turn this on and off by Ted are you do you like yourself to be open to. Communication by animals at any point I mean. I would say there's probably a curiosity they continually lingers as you pass by. In animal wondering what that animal has dissent. I'll certain animals have made it really weird there. Like but the crowd as they just call me every. Now. I got it but I know that they're in on the action that make that you can't you. I do not. I don't think I could just shouldn't eat any animal act will because they really don't take an animal willingness to union used to the last out. Back back communication as well. You know I. I really let it be that we see here in this so what I asked a question. They kind of come true when they want to sometime then at 3 o'clock in the morning. They like to wake me up. But when the world quiet you know anything and that I'm pretty sensitive. Of the Atlantic epic couldn't hear that Stafford a you know we're we're pretty big leader and that it'll acumen preparation a lot of energy and activity. So it much easier for me this year when things are quiet. But they're able to connect but there are able to control if you hear them aren't if you don't hear them they're they're able to somehow. Control this. That controller right word article that I put it this way that they able to block Q Powell or allow you access. Well you know what it noninvasive. Noted saying leg debated it it there have wrecked the property cabinet saying they can't. You know we're trying to share that information we humanity. That. We don't just look at the animal world differently we ultimately look at ourselves differently QQ what the animals out. So. You know I'm a public question but I'm holding in my. Doctor Mike on the net and on the meego OS that I took on a that would allow there. I thought that I won't. Coming there I don't know up on the answer that question. Accurately but there's no control what they shut me out I'm not being in patients. You know you put the question out and if who wants that put forward will answer it. You know I can I shouldn't have been directed to certain species. But you know had you want to come through our rob and she really yeah girl that came through and I'm an I have opened the double weren't so. If it Democrat will ethnic. The good ball is coincidental had been what you want to now the good ball. Now does a civilian home. Yeah now does this ability only happen with. Animals are you able to look we we spoke to a lady last week who is telling us that she was able to even communicate with insect world. Out of it yet I have communicated with the insects there are people that communicate with plants. I've only heard them a couple of times there are people that can kind of go crawl. Living think they can they tell me they'd be quite a rock they they did you make it here. Here it big your humor I I personally don't how old boat skill that. On the back that number of the animal is that why we need each other because nobody get everything in out. They're the quote pick up it would fuel the longer are well. I am an animal really do understand of harmony lead that we we will don't animal fighting but it shouldn't lose the option available. For the most part the world and that does not we can talk about it and another at. Yeah it look like you're just saying oh as I can understand you know some somebody having some connection to two animals and things of that nature. Especially living beings by and where you decide somebody. Talks to a rock can now. And that's that's allowed to from the field has written us. I don't know why I wouldn't write a lot to me in. Well but. What are. The center you can also. You have the ability communicate with their pets that have passed on is that right Micah as it as a medium. If you will. Apple had been some I'd find it actually easier because of when they're no longer confined to a body and and they're still light out and let it. They compete so clearly with the wisdom and perspective about you know what big. King you know he had their human what Beijing to learn how to lead and they didn't you know. Why they've shared together you know which would you cross over probably not your year so you're not. In the personality that's a party so that needs healing it reluctant. I think that you're now she is the limit would limit or missed a troll the wide angle respect. So that the country would have been. There are clear. When you work with a client who wants to communicate with an animal whether this animal is living Norris pastor what do you require of the of them client what type of information they have to give you how does that work. I've worked on by having better email me eight picture of the animal as they happen. Typically hedge. I have them are obviously can't do that in an animal what cropped over but it live animals living. I have them though and their cat. Mission for my friend Sandra should tune in you and you know we have never gotten to know. Which will be an animal you know when you hear it down a walking away. Because they all want greater understanding indicts the little when he seemed actually won't know warring connect on the deeper level. What harm them. You don't speak English cheer your cat. And what it yet but it now looks like. I like them you know shared across that they want. Answered however. I really can get all messages I I'm not pretend that is at this point you know. Spot on about why. He he would peeing on the rug. I'm not a medical intuitive. And I'm not good acute credit quote and quote rat infestation. I we are people she animal communicated what specialized than those that. Again I think we all need each other while I'm I'm happy to do that. When you. Talk with the animals and let me ask a different question actually have you ever had the opportunity. To work with say law enforcement to communicate within animal that may have been witness to a crime or. You know if it I would imagine most people don't they suspect or expect an animal to be able to rat on them if you will these are bad analogy your bad pun. On if you read an opportunity to be involved in some indelible. Am no I don't want to. I've actually had somebody at the F I would help them figure out why. What we're being watered it in the backyard. Very wealthy. Arab. In European country. And the court is really what happened and it all the light. I mean they needed somebody that doing that but for me it still wholly wrong I don't I I. You know what I mean I got to get a big Mel would know that don't even go there. Especially in the bottom of the Nokia animal could. Sheriff. It's a Cuban ugly. L I can't say it's not done that I I had done. Getting back to the book again. When you. You've addressed a pretty interesting things here and I just wanna read a couple of the of the bullet points that describe the book we talk about the book processing and understanding life's most profound. Challenges also manage and release are difficult emotions experience more joy. Go with the flow instead of pushing against it are these all. Things that that your communication with these animals. As late June to understand better and in that way be able to pass it onto the book. Absolutely hate it when I gave them a lower you know accepted that corrected misconception that the speaker. The bulk of what they came true is sharing there in trying to that we humid that they. Better time of life you know because we can we live in the light behind them and wiley create great things that cause little or less for. All people lead and and caught the ball much pain. I mean did come through about you know definitely is. And I'll tell me you know definitely acumen can't stop. Q. In those that stick. You know we get high and in our bodies until they decide to break down that we take a rest and then we get a new electric car because I'm there. Police assures seem fearful definitely went across the road. It erratic this year seems fearful of death on the cross the road. Well yeah nobody liked not unaware that you let the headlight that Gary or anybody but. They're not as shot I think that we are intensity they read energy field. They have forethought and they're admitting they really know what are they already got moment of their death but they get a premonition. I'm just there's a lot more records to the picture that picture of me a little and the woman. So would you say that there are more in touch I guess then then we are as humans. Since there they're able to well. The premonition of their death and they're they're able to do all these things and or cute communicating back and forth. Do you do you think that there further advanced in that area against the Indians. Well I I don't like what it can't I do like it saying that they had it. More. Of water foundation what we have been living in the world of the minds are at animal probably there are when beware of missing from the start like. Convenient that. Quality among the energy field that facial movement on involvement. You know that they get so much in our relations from the start. That we humans don't pay attention to what we never have that experience that interest you know. They are not a shot as we. You know when when an animal. Am all and I did it go back to the big ball after the world energy there a lot of force starting in the world. Yeah and I came precede the day. I'm sure it didn't. It won't hurt or not totally up again I am not talking about an honorable that is out of nowhere. They're stolen by Cuban and stormed into a torture chamber I'm talking about animal. In the wild. But today on the buy our dog we are anarchy. Now. Rupert sheldrake great Eagles total farmers find its write a book in 1999. I'm there whenever you're coming out and they had hidden cameras and didn't trained on those that it didn't matter what the human changed its schedule. It's huge proportion of those don't always knew when they're shouldn't coming out. And and it gets even more anxious being at how they are they're person. You know Eddie happened here energy intensity and energy into the year. They really are energetic. And we'll open I think in a way to being. So we are. Missing out. I don't like that would advance but I they're making and we can. Use war. And I definitely agree with you that dogs and and most other animals com. Taken some vacant cents a year your emotions in and what ledger and Nelson. I've seen it with my dogs I have three dogs as well on our common house happy there. They're wonderful they're greet me at the door if I come in the house and I'm just in a bad mood they tend to us stay off do their own thing. So they can they can pick that stuff up in the do no one more coming home I mean. I've I've called the life when I'm when I'm turning down the road and everything in just national I don't know that I mama weigh in the dogs are idiots door waiting because. They now so do they do pay a double a lot that would that weren't able to. And remember they hear your thoughts. Before the words come out at your amount they have heard here at. Well you are in Jimmy's dog and my dogs are really screw them is that there are thoughts. I thought that well say we steer clear politics Buick you had any idea we need to be with thinking you wouldn't wanna talk and we got a. Sandra does. Does the book also offer people some guidance as to how they to themselves can and understand and maybe use some of these techniques with whether it's their pets or other animals. Now but I did what I have a blog post on my web site that he'd get there at metal that come and look. The block which it called animal they're talking. I'd like an initial. Bloch wrote that the the how to begin. At the start connecting with animal. I'm and I critique of the people wanted to. Cochran I I mentioned some really great resource is you know people that that look he played so. Haters that think he can that they wanna Billy and further action but you know starting with the basics. As you know getting into your head and your heart. You know I'm cope with all the way to the this primer. And Sandra what we've got to go here but where's the book available for people. And you know what I tell people you know I can't believe you could put other people say it much more important micro their respects and won't know if what you're reading is chewing out because it will resonate inside. Up yet. Well everybody. In charge of what they adored than what has been. You know in that field doesn't do it. Well thanks so much for coming and Alessandro we look forward to talking you've got some point. Are at look at thank you very much guys. You have a great night again the web site is S Mendelsohn dot com check it out the name of the book as we walk beside you. Harry were to take a quick break and come back a wrap things populace and Jason GDP on Ellen. It's beyond reality Jason TV tomorrow night doctor Kurt Johnson joining us. A lucid dreaming expert going to be talking about lucid dreams lucid dream telepathy spiritual lucid dreams and living a lucid life. Awesome and then on Thursday were gonna talk to Gary Williams writer and psychic investigator. We discussing his new book the miracle workers the world's psychic consultants. Sort of a yellow page guide to mediums clairvoyance healers and and much much more may she tune in if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. NC and keep up to deal with all in new information then had to be unreality radio dot com where you find all the stations we are across the country. Let's discuss leaning up it is a check in Austin he had also download the free iPhone and android separate Paraguay should listen live catch past shows join me online chat more. Or any night we're liven you just sit net home analyst at a computer just go to be on reality radio dot com and click the upper right hand corner where says pop up. Let's generate their from the website lying around a chat room with TV myself angry community people also and join us. Listen to pretty much do it for us tonight so make sure you tune in and well and also they had over iTunes and you know and download the show from there and raid at forest that's really important we're trying to make it. And we get it more mourn known so pushes it forward and lets people find easier. This can do for essar would have a great night's Jason GB you'll catch you'll tomorrow and. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one held since Leach toxins they. It's only you don't really read news. Yeah you know it's still going to finish the agency's slow fade getting some peacekeepers well Jason hello slow patch recent news talk to us to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.