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Gary Williams talks about psychics, mediums and more

May 19, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with writer & paranormal investigator Gary Williams about psychics and mediums that he has tested and included in his new book that lists those he feels are reputable. He also talks about how to spot a fake. 5/18/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Yes it's national she'd stay in this deployed to Adam referring to Shays slick on the windows and no they're actually referring to the cut anywhere in your face boxes. But the idea here is worth remembering that he'll get us where ya been to an adult diaper and it's changed your life. If you Wear shades in support of your favorite charity so. You know what are your favorite charity has to be. Or happens to be you Wear shades to offer recognition for the fact that you support that charity now. So I decided you're looking for anything so it's just your look in that for anything to sell this idea. I de do de do my best OK and so I'm wearing my knee she needs. Four the American Cancer Society to so everybody knows that excites you you trying to make me you know I'm not I you go you know I don't have him down to Brigham. We need to grab the breaker something. In addition to being national shades day it's also national dirty dishes today day and national ride your bike to work day I tried to run all those are shades at least there's less than the last us a girl man class. At the at a reflective too. I tried to ride my bike to the studio but since mr. Hughes in the basement and I took the first few steps with a bike and did not turn out well so I walk the rest you nexus. Yeah I do happen in the other room actually Katrina now I should of the prejudices it is you know go anywhere he can pretend yeah that would work. Yeah I mean. But it works whatever okay well look at this shift but they. You haven't yet done head over to FaceBook dot com slash B unreality reveal that the FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com where you can find all the stations across the country and it's constantly being updated news stations being at an all time. Can also download the free iPhone and android app that colossal lose of life touchpad shows showing him in check more. Or just go at the website click the in the marine corner click the pop up button. And that'll allow you to listen right there from the lips say one thing and on the chat room with a great. Unity of people yet and tonight he'd be able to chat about our topic which is going to be all things psychics mediums clairvoyance healers people that offer those services to other people. I'm our guests Gary Williams is a writer and a psychic investigator. And he's actually written a book that he calls the yellow pages of that category it's called miracle workers the world's psychic consultant Rick talked about. First of his experiences and researching these people and those particular categories. We're also going to talk about how to spot fakes. And he's gonna I think talk about some of the ones that he was he's been very very impressed when and I know I wanna make sure we don't get into disparaging anybody because I don't think that's what we wanna do but certainly if he's got some people that he thinks sir real the real deal when he's impressed by them which talk about that too. So I can use this list of people that idea you can show me that at least half of that in an aunt who has now so it should be a great show and it's it's it's always interesting to it altogether somebody's point of view honest this is not saying that. Gary is on the leading authority on display it's it's good did talk with somebody who's who spent a lot of time researching and looking into these things and get their take out. Yes and I'm really anxious see what type of research she did I know he's done a lot of testing of people who claim to have psychic abilities are claiming we judge get a long long time ago as well yeah and that's always interesting to see how those results turn out. So we'll get all of that was Gary will take your phone calls in the second half for the program at 844687. 7669. We should mention that tomorrow night is investor program that is correct and then Monday night is like Dick. He has see how I knew that just showing its enemies I passed the first test. Monday night rob got Rowe will be with a seasoned author and a paramour investigator we're going to be talking about his new book called ghosts of England a mediums peak and a mediums vacation. What happens when a medium goes on vacation Khamese simply switch off their ability it will well those we've talked to say. Some of them can summon connection turn off when they don't want to be bothered others say they can't targets depends on the person. And then Tuesday should be rhetoric extinguish debt Judy Carroll coming on extraterrestrial. Ambassador. It's so extra shall contact on earth ET's perspectives. In the disinformation campaign to cause fear a candidate under some also hear from moment to do we have Judy young before. That and that is that soft sounds familiar but then again at illegals across street Armenian Judy Carroll's captivity and really give you really bias honestly. I just seems like we've talked about the before one excited about it anyway in Kelly Sullivan Walden who is he dream expert will be joining us in this time we're actually going to be talking about when dreams mean about specifically your love life this is something. Announcer sure I wanna hear about but yeah I mean. It's I don't sleep enough to really. Dream or to remember any in my dreams I very rarely will. Well liked it and you you entering all time low volcano a surprise it didn't come up last night Lou we're talking of which are held I advised by my inner side in chief if anybody do we have is that pro I don't think that particular program of beyond reality radios available anywhere because as one of the first ones we did at the very beginning rumor online right we were just streaming online. Which you know which episode glee episode where the dream my dream of volcanoes was discussed can disrupting how ridiculous I think it was it was still on the radio. Wasn't I don't it seems to me that Lewis when I was talking about your sexual frustration as you do need to bring that out solo artist and justice Carlos and we just you stations are there that we had an agreement a day well we signed an agreement with me it's not a premium product to make a. Anyway so but aren't so we're gonna take operate and we're going to bring in our guest Gary Williams and start getting into this whole psychic stuff. Eight the phone number isn't sure amongst you might have questions and him will be opening a phone lines a little later is 8446877669. Until free at 844687. 7669. You listen Jason did. Beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick conned. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scare come in mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BRR. Spirit con dot com. Senator Jason GT hole to open received 446 seats at. And 7669. Mullah we will open up the phone lines for your questions and comments a little bit later in the program. But tonight what are we talking about. Psychics. Mediums third poignancy healers. People that offer services to other people based on you know those emotional on those psychic energies and there's a lot of them out there we've had many many of them on this program. And our guest tonight has written a book called the miracle workers the world's psychic consultants in which he has compiled a list of these folks. I'm kind of calls at the yellow pages of this category which there may have been a worker to like this in the past but this is certainly one it's new and up to date and has been introduced to the lot of different people. For all you millennium so I'm millennial so yellow pages are things that used to actually have fallen members and for companies and businesses. Yet which I knew got a phone book mailed QB so I don't like a few months of the much that they still mailing more exhausted I'll find them like next in my mailbox to just put in the classic baggage drop in crime I usually is it to start fire creek fire it's pretty amazing is pretty music or let's bring let's bring her guest into the discussion Gary Williams is a writer. He's his psychic investigator his website is Gary Williams paranormal. Dot com Gary welcome to be on reality real great to have you on tonight. Well good morning from sunny Spain where it's 6 o'clock in the morning at twenty minutes after 6 in the morning. And you've got the title right actually boost troop looks. So letter how much time we have but your right to miracle workers is basically. What it came metal march 3 yesterday in my other book a walk on the wild side. One man's experiences was psychic phenomena came out in London and New York. Again bookstores all over the world. A published by John fund in London and vessel about by ghost hunting experiences. So we have to get that we have some special on your. He lives two subjects. I used to watch a show effect I've been living in Europe so long I didn't realize show wasn't on anymore. Well actually yeah it's it's great to have young Gary in this Jason and well thanks I appreciate that a yet we pulled it from a from scifi about well oh jeez almost two years ago were in. Show recite by which was going through because Kroger which produced unsolved mysteries. And it was lives talked paranormal talk. Television obviously. They just have would be too expensive with a four camera shoot a live studio audience. I wanted to be elected tonight show of course you know it was again dollar's weakness and that's a little over budget. So we actually get the pilot repression have got the pilot was done by gun Colorado Springs sort of cold Richard Edgar. So very ago so why would you wanna start with the big yellow pages spoke pavement. About who harms holes that are remember policyholder. Bruce Carter that was just one of his sixty books. Hans holes there was a self appointed Paris psychologist. Who died about. Ole Peter nine years ago and he wrote a book called the psychic yellow pages in which he. Well went around in person. In an interview all these mediums at all these psychics and he cable we have. Of the best of the bunch well I interviewed a 140 people. And I came up with about sixty. And I have to tell you that out of that succeed. Obviously the other people weren't worth writing about. Does a lot of people have a psychic labeling them that relief psychic at all I came up what one lady in New Jersey who was a toppled aggrieved. Gary don't they don't give any names and not yeah so activity not or not but yeah yeah my lives she was probably the best. Well I hear yeah yeah I'm him who we've gotten our we've gotten Allan change if you and its meaning you know thanks for getting up early with us I mean it could be into. Six where you are you last night our guests was actually in Germany about the final round about the same time. Same time's up I'm yet to get to some names later and result you can name them I just wanted to name them yet Tony keep people. My secret although I don't think she's probably recording should go real tape recorders so it's okay. Let's we've got to we've got about four four minutes here before we have to jump in to break in let's back this conversation up and let's learn more about you how did you get your start. Into all things paranormal. Oh my paranormal education started at age of 816. Bit. Oh what I was taken to mature realization sales by my high school biology teacher. And we had no idea that we never been to his church was church of our life. They keep messages events are going out of northern sit next week there will be immature realizations they Ozzie and strong red light and the materialize figures. Out you're low. Lunch will be what we thought it was safe well and it was one of the real ones I've been all died out the late sixties he kept don't have that many more. This guy comes cities is it a little corner Al cope with a curtain. And I was terrified of sixteen years old the light was so bright that you could see everybody's face in the room even though was a red light. And smokey substance comes out of this sort of person. And lo and behold. An Indian guy walks around this all happened and by the way there are trapped doors and places we must and trap door c'mon. I was sitting in front of the only door and nobody went in are out. Anyway my education actually began I think this was about three hours I challenged halfway through an old man materialize. It is indeed came up today I just want to get out of the room I was terrified. He said my name is Carl you'll. And if you've ever heard of Freud in your. My big old. Perhaps that's right have New York. He's. I'm one of your rights. IE was despair was to Eddie said when you grow well if you ever do I don't think ever to. It grew up these city if you ever do grow up I want you to know what you're going to be doing a lot of work like this you'll be investigating audit houses. Loosen and do it all those things that paranormal investigators to of course I thought it was a process. I didn't go to bed clothes I went to school the next day looked up his picture in the library and it was that bad. That's how it started so it was pretty shocking to be because you can't get that kind of seance anymore. There are famous people who were able to do with The Herald that I was well comedians may it was election I was first given what he's debts as a matter. But anyway all I'm saying is that's how it began. And from barrel. On the I was launched into an interest in the what happens when we Dalai. All things paranormal I was born in Virginia Beach where picker Casey did his thing Casey wasn't born. Should be transported Hopkins to look at okay. But at the end of the day what is it really pulled out due is that I spent my entire you'd. In the Edgar Casey library. Researching and all these thousands of books. And look again to Petraeus. Readings of Casey's reincarnation. And that's how it all got started that I went to Boston by first big job was at WGBH. Boston. I worked on the French jets what Julia Child worked on masterpiece theater with a Alastair cook. I studied astrology the whole time I was living there with a very famous teacher who aren't allowed to end. She's fit to Kennedy grave and so that's and I began to develop my own. Psychic and astrological. Abilities. And so now like to reading the slope. Astrology and I predict timing. Psychics also say. I can't tell you the exact time there's no time in the spirit world. And I say back well I don't. Look at this girl world that the market is Spain. So you know I'm not interested in that says that target. What I have registered and there's somebody's gonna pay me a couple of hundred books were reading I've got to tell what's gonna happen. And I'm able to do so as a way to get pictures you are not able to talk about. Yet Cathy again yet that there are cured yet so we will get to names in and and talk about the some a lot more DTL in just a little bit we're gonna take a break right now. Remember the phone number it's 8446877669. We invite your comments your questions later in the program. When we open up the phone lines on and be sure to join the chat and go to the website beyond reality radio dot com jump into the chat rooms some great conversation going on there. Yet tonight our guest is Gary Williams writer and psychic investigator and so also at some point if you hadn't experienced go to bed with a psychic. I give us a shot especially bad because I and we wanna know about that as well but the phone number. When we open up lines is 8446877669. Or were to take a quick break more to come. Nielsen Jason JP yeah. Juice can actually hear their senators Gary Williams who's right under any psychic investigator and actually a lot more than that as well his website is Gary Williams paranormal dot com. He's many books to his credit and we're going to be talking about the miracle workers has newest book it's the world's psychic consultants. And also he's got a new book I think this is the most recent one actually walk on the wild side one man's experiences with psychic phenomenon. He's also been a book called life life beyond death and we're going to be talking about all of those things again Gary thanks for being here I wanted to. And get a sense of at what point along the way did you decide if someone had to sit down and compile a name. Or a list of names of psychics mediums etc. that turned into this book called miracle workers. Well I have to be honest with you most of them most of them came from office holder. Who is a dead heads I actually got his old book which came out in 1990 not a in the and then of course you go on the Internet and you can just type in psychics in various cities. And it didn't take me very long to see. Which ones might be real and oh psychic medium you of people contact the other side. Look at gonna mention mr. Flanders that I. Beauty of chemistry. Popular last week flinched. Was a famous independent voice medium. And those old chapter in the miracle workers about less obvious where you think of mediums today by the way we speak about the media I've got to get to see him because I'm gonna forget Peter came to Spain as we go along Peter James was on the field site it show. And when they go on a ghost investigation men always get Peter K news but some of these ghost investigators only use electronic instruments that I think you know there are few media like Peter came to just you bring them to locations say he start getting names places states have me he was actually tough luck. And we mr. Flint at the independent voice with a voice. Also person who was dead would come through the air it and it's based. Which went wide awake and not in the trash and thousands of these on YouTube you can type of me and that type in his name. He was a man SE LE SL I. And that's what got me going into this whole thing is as I wanted to find more people like Wesley went to compile this book. And by the way I have to tell you that one of the big. Names in the ghost hunting World Cup. That tape solve their that you you can listen to it. Was Carey Price and Orly rectory and he explains. What he thinks most goes are we make. Wanna get to that later but. Maybe he got this ball was hard work I have to tell you and I talked to some people who basically work psychic at all so what it was a you know those sort through treetops lady's New Jersey and we won't pay. And she was at the top but yet it's very typical I'll have to tell you that it could to make you don't pay just spoke like this in today's world. Where most people adjust. The close those psychics mediums and they're really just cold readers. They're just telling you back what you've told them five minutes ago of course I picked up off that right away. So a little panda there's I had filed show what took BP C were streaming all over the world have you know getting calls New York to Cuba standard treatment was on the country you know standard. All that jazz. So you know ways so yeah it was a labor of love. And I did it because I really feel that people need to be able to get out there and find people who can't really do it. And there are a lot of people who are out there that they can't really do it and you'll find that out when you read a book. It's available in bookstores very applaud Amazon. Of course obviously at the end of the book I say what not to do when trying to find a psychic or media and of course what not to do. It is you know call these hotlines and let you know that sort of saying we won't mention obliged OK so that's how it got goalie. Well one that one thing I like to use saying you know about Peter Janice I knew Peter when Peter Lawrie you know computer was alive was phenomenal and and we really and we clicked a couple different times because express and he had grown up at Rochester New York. And then was out in. I'm working on the queen Mary and and I grew up in upstate New York as well and he was just. Such a down to earth individual when he was life and I'll be he was one of the I've known a lot of people claim to beast they claim to be site taken a lot of your really got a question. And their abilities let alone sometimes. Also look you have to question or less real. Than that. Question what I end to end well let alone their ethics and and a lot of other things but Peter James. I mean he was dead on with it with almost all the stuff sheets say and I remember talking from a couple different times and he just randomly in us before social media work. A lot of so called psychics who get their information from these days. But in Peter which is randomly say something. That would have happened these you know just a couple days prior and bring it up to me and it was just so out of the blue. But he was just a phenomenal phenomenal individual. Where you mention the queen Mary there's not no better time to bring up an I lived in Long Beach in have where haven't lived area lesson published. They don't show a lot of that. It you know all those. So all those appearances are real but again we go back to back when Eric Pryor said. You know what. Peter Buck who worked a little Peter Underwood by the way it was a British man who actually the start of the coast club. And what restarted and the yet it's about a 260 years basically I think is that pat. Atmospheric photographs theory well what is atmospheric photographs series at most of these ghost most of these mornings. It's just paid replays that Eric replay. Of what. Took place years ago another words is no actual conscious entity. All of that queen Mary. You know looking if you look there audit swimming pool what should people ought. Don't know it's like oh. Yeah it's it's a residual type and we I refer to it residual and what it is it's like a tape player re whining and playing itself over and over again there's not really spirit there. It's just the energy from from some situation traumatic event or something that's embedded within a structure that meant is that it is. Lives in that area and it just plays itself over and over. Exactly it just like orally and it's the thing is poorly rectory case which of course Eric price investigated the most ordered thousands and let of course price execution of you know. Tropic developing world it really was which you may very well have taught I don't know but I think truly did awarded poorly prototypes. It was more it was more poltergeist donor can give no weed out talk about the older guy Republicans give you great source told. I wanna bring that up I've got in my list of things with you but I don't know. I don't want I don't wanna I wanna get off track from what we're talking about. How you were rallied to write the book and answer questions about the methodology. When you were looking for psychics are you said in some cases are in many cases they were looking for you. What was the process she went through to get the names situated up. Either including or not including in the book. Well I kids start out with our shareholders vote which of course does you know which is actually called the yellow pages I think it's still went round and who's bookstores and things like that there's another. Great source. For people who of course obviously apple web site out there which people know tonight I do's. I write books micro spoke like beyond that which came out 99. Which fell off my head audit how else this story. It's you know there's there is a site I've not been named the site because I don't really think that's a good thing to do Kazaa and I'm not really happy with the site. But as the man who claims. In the in the United States who claims that he was a normal so detectors like the ordinary detective and it became a psychic detective. And it took directory of all these people. And they pay him a certain amount of money you won't say how much to be on the ball on his site well I contacted. Hundreds of those people. And I would say that only a handful. Of people were really worth writing a bottle in a book. Some of the people who were just I don't know just so Walt Walt. But again you know this is this is the Internet as a social media this is where it goes today so I can't narrow it down you know oh by the way I must say that I had a reading for every one of these people. So if I had reading from these people that I would know whether or not they were on the audio or not. The weather was just a lot of concerts which is 90% protective check up and percent of the it was you know. The media thing which they've now called psychic medium. Which is to just relieved mediums. Behaviors like victory media all mediums of psychics but battles psychics and mediums I used to say you know what I have my show. I always say. That. It's just so watered down it's just so watered down. I've had great mediums of the past like Peter James and people like that did not around anymore. Why is that Gerri Willis because you have to sit there circle for donkeys years to get tickets to start with you have to have to get to you have to develop a gift. Nobody's willing to bet. They wanna go out there like a certain person we won't mention who wrote a lot of books and I won't mention his name ever. Oh dear. It was basically making a lot of money it has a lot of it at all. So they ago that's how little gut going. How many did you say you ended up concluding in the book how many. I ended up about sixty. That I interviewed about a 180 something like at a 182 piece it took me two years. To do it and all I must pay tribute to suggest because just was a friend to. We have to go to Malibu California for that one just are it was a very famous turtle. Normal writer who wrote the miracle workers. And he wrote it in 1962. But it was all out. American psychics who lived in California. Most of whom he'd do personally who lived in Los Angeles. And I took to name a miracle workers it was called a miracle workers. America's psychic consultants and I've made it the world's psychic consultants. And Jess was a really hard boiled newspaper reporter he wrote for time magazine. And boy it took a lot to convince him. And so all those people who can no longer living of course but they were absolutely amazing people. So and by the way he's the one who wrote picker Casey obviously confront profit I've got just in Virginia Beach and that we connected when I lived in Malibu. So that's kind of how it got going. Maybe he was helping me promise her world just as a longer Olympics maybe he was helping me from this girl world to write to. The book again I don't know I've stated this house many times that's where I bet Susan Strasburg. Who told me who killed Marilyn Monroe and she was very good friends were Arnold wrote by the way Susan Strasburg recently Strasburg the order. Who founded the method acting school in New York City there's just look a little bit how it got. Gary we're gonna take a break here in just a minute but today as you were interviewing people for the book and you were having readings done by them. You were they aware of what you were doing or was it more. Oh yes I've. Been doing a book perhaps be reading. There's no charge I don't charge you'd be in the book it's not a hotel guide here. And you know they would two oh you know everybody who performed in other African it would have been it would triple there was no hope of funny he technical. I almost think you may have been better in some cases that they didn't know on mid may be you'd get something a little more objective from them but I don't know many either way either his biggest value to either method. And what was the criteria that you decided when you. Were either kind of thumbs up thumbs down on them was a what they did for your reading there was or something else you used to kind of judge whether or not. And beat by reading decreases. It doesn't matter what potholes so at twenty years ago. This person was so fantastic that you know and he or she told me ex wives that all the rest of it but that doesn't mean anything if they can't daily thing about me what we get to the point where you might have some callers I'll tell you who this lady is and chief there's a story about naming names so where there's a story about a woman I've supposed to beat of the future who lives here in Spain. And this story has gone on longer than go low laundry list of American presidents suck it just goes on auto auto on. So yeah out so if they didn't even mention that or didn't give me any information I could validate I can now validate who this woman is. It's. I'm actually beating are two waiter at a restaurant that's just that's. Q could you know instantly viewed as a gut instinct come want to go. If you have a media on your show when he says. Does anybody out there have done. They equipment change you go OK you roll your arises that I got to go to break. Yeah. Smith gets through that's true I was taking a break we do have to go to a breaks or we're gonna do that when we come back we're in continue our conversation was Gary Williams writers psychic investigator. Will be opening up phone lines just a little while also take on the number 8446877669. Elicited Jason TV be on reality radio and a. Album. Too so we're here this had. And I church -- analysts this have a great album I don't think they ever match that first album though I mean it's a great group I know Andy vendors agreed vocalist but men that that for stumbled just amazing. It was it was kind of sicker I welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy tonight or guest is Gary Williams easy writer and a psychic investigator his. The book we're talking about tonight is the miracle workers the world's psychic consultants but we're going to be talking about some other books as well as most recent which is called a walk on the wild side one man's experiences with psychic phenomenon. And that life beyond death and some other works of Gary's in Gary we don't have much time. Here this is a quick segment on the you were talking about tell you are testing the psychics wit before he puts him in the book he had been give you readings did you also have like standard. Questions or something that you that you you do you did with every one of these psychics that you tested like maybe you know name a shape kind of you know hold the cards in one of those kind of tests. And so so it wasn't JP grind to Duke University just all the carpet just like you do your show. I would say tell me something. Well. There's gonna happen in my future is something is going on in my life. As some people would start out by saying things which are actually ridiculous. As some people would say he things that I couldn't buy. So no there was no standard questions at all whatsoever. The worst thing you can ever do. It start. Asking questions to a psychic. It's telling them or can you answer this question can you tell me when my girlfriend's going to come back that's one of the most boring questions I've don't forget I do this. As a strong psychic. So. Polished or. So delegate there's no there's absolutely no way that you could say. Oh no they may Mike's favorite color what's Mike talks today. My dog's name is pinky by the way but it doesn't make any difference because that would be that doesn't prove anything it's like the mystery woman in New Jersey who predicts things and actually come true I found her through policyholder consoles it was extremely famous you must go. One mistake what if you don't hold your word you bet it. But the last thirty. Yeah. Yeah pounds was phenomenal but and day yeah I'd I ended up doing a thing for a couple years back at a university many years ago where. Tom honestly yeah we used to test amusing new use attest self proclaimed psychics and sensitive us. You abandoned we had we had a series of things we had following chart it following you whether it's cards with that with images are cards with. Certain certain designs things of that nature and tried student test and see their percentages. And and we ought to go to break but I'm I mean that the percentage rate is it was with 23%. Of the people Alter actually tested above normal. So such a rarity but we'll get into a lot more that we come back the phone numbers 8446877669. And eight were 46877669. Revealed adding a form lines next hour so if you have a question or. Thought it was shell he'll listen Jason dvd on our own. It scares them away. Review with myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome GD Jones so. Early we've all seen those ads on TV or refer him on the radio you know the 1900. Psychic hotline or whatever the heck they are and and we often talk about you know these aren't. Legitimate stay away from that that's just a way to spend a lot of money was so moon sister Khloe or whatever analysts you know we're just normal and on that but tonight we're talking about psychics in general also mediums some clairvoyance in a lot of different names and elk and use the same energy's. And there's good wins and it's bad ones and there's a list now. By our guest tonight Gary Williams he's a writer and he psychic investigator it's called the miracle workers the world psyche consultants and it's it's it. Basically a yellow pages it's a compendium of folks who performed these services. Gary interviewed and work with a lot of them selected some of them and put them into this book and we will bring him back in just a moment. But before we do that is when remind everybody we've got a best our program coming up tomorrow night in next week. Rob got bro will join a seasoned author or medium and apparel more investigator to be with us Monday night talk about his new book it's his fifth book it's called ghosts of England. On a mediums vacation and basically he wants to talk about any does in this book what happens when a medium goes on vacation can you simply switch off. That ability or does it kind of not to use a bad upon onto all the time. Want. An analyst and I and then Tuesday we get Judy Carol extraterrestrial. Ambassador. Yes prepare correctly so it will be discussing that next year's pace summation you state tournament it's a great stuff coming up next week on the back to our discussion tonight. A Gary Williams again is our guest check out his website Gary Williams paranormal dot com Gary are all your books listed on the web site. Unfortunately they're not businesses because via web master. Gut type one type Peterson is working oddity or need to replace him with a new web master so actually the miracle workers book isn't even on there at the pulpit came out yesterday. Bookstores worldwide walked on rod bundle balked. Is a walk on the wild side book is published by Essex looks upon them. That the Washington DCU's I don't know everywhere else so doubt so. And I have to say that the very first one which prompted to poltergeist investigation that's launched out of print it came about hardcover maybe not. So I have to try to win best of them put them all along there. I'd say you know while I didn't know you wrote that book ability to inaugural the miracle workers book which is not on that pretty silly but that's where it is. So talking about the miracle workers when you went into this project eat you sound like your pragmatist if not necessarily a skeptic are you skeptic. Of most of the people who claim to perform the service. I have absolutely what I found this web site which I will not name. But this man who's such as they go out with these people that pay them X number of dollars from ought to be audit. I realize strike at them as it is impossible. For most of these people to be psychic. I mean there's people there at all unfortunately all these wonderful people that I have perhaps written about. Most of them are no longer living. But Dutch I'm sure you've heard of the kind of fell off the latter he's been tit for talking cheers Pieter Dirk goes to develop a latter it is headed became world famous. Charge for volatile prices. There was another Dutch is he's too liberal Dutch so Dutch guy called like short and he article called my passport says clairvoyant. And this guy I was absolutely phenomenally had yet. No Greek people right out affidavits. That to stuff came true. And it came true to the letter. Years later and it was toward the Allison open Nutley. As she used to tell the police looked don't worry the boy's body should ever charging money by the way the boy's body will be found on the 22 of February 1:22 PM somebody stumbled in the park found the remains of the boy's body. I think these people put hospitals so not a skeptic you have to prove to me that you know it's not uncle Ted coming through you have to prove to be there have been great stadiums subset of wonderful medium. Most of them are in England. But the mental medium ship doesn't impress me too much anymore but if you could tell me something's gonna happen in the future if it happens you're psychic. President. And it's a pretty pretty good criterion be used and when can you offer to us I mean there are a lot of people that listen to the program and when we have psychics on the program that take listener calls into readings on air we get a lot of calls to very very popular topic. But a lot of folks who listen to the show. You know look go visit their local psychic or what ever and I always say hey if you walk out of their feeling good about what you did and every dollar you spend was worth it is on if you feel good about it. But what things can people look for debt may. Tick them off to as to whether or not they're spending their dollars wisely would that particular psychic. Well obviously if you kill the psychic anything. At all that you start out by asking a question. What you want to know then that person can take that information and turn it around six waste a Sunday and give you while it. Don't forget it puts a particular type of Reading and there's no way that it could be validated until you wait some period of time sometimes years. To find out what specific even put output and not to some media reading that's different if the person starts out saying things like TOD. The bullets. You seem to show you put the 800 people at auditorium the guys they have clearly put. I have a job here can anybody take that I wanted possibly get it back earlier can duplicate the Phillies one Mets before he died can you take that a couple of give me a break. It is is that nonsense it's going around wood metal media ship I do not have a high regard I love tramps. And I loved. Materials nation direct orders that I around that much anymore for some people think the Americans still do it's. And they pretty much keep it under wraps because somebody touches you when you're in deep trance. It can shock you it cause you some severe problems. So long ago by I would have to say that you have to be really careful if you go it was psychic and tell them I think the answer that question is saying nothing sought. Nixon during the same nothing save up. When. You talk about psychics in their way. Into the Randy challenge comes to mind you. Sincere sister. Quote clear and more than one away so. But you have you know you actually have met some that you believe in their abilities yet still have no way no one has been able to claim that million dollar prize which by today's standards probably isn't as much of a than in. Don't know why is reason. Why nobody is able to contest and the same thing with. Give to contact people the past over the other side. It's because he controls the criteria it doesn't make any difference. If forty universities including Southampton universities they would have done your best studies improvement consciousness is not in the human brain. But the physical body rots and dies and has nothing to do was a really view he's gonna say. That's nonsense it's a dying brain as hallucinations. He will say that you researched that is what there's no way he's gonna give you million dollars even if you're the real tale that's that's an answer to your question that I think is a darn good went. Yeah and it's a get steadily catch 22 with a whole thing setup even if you were. 100% genuine. And able to hit everything I mean he's still he's in control the whole situation how do you win how do you win when everything's against. Well you're never win because nobody even knows it even has a million dollars in the first place could be a lot of the looks. The other out element at play is that he's completely in control. Open test procedures. You know we had time I can tell you about the guy in. Podium. Arizona like Gary Schwartz who. But it additional real test was a real mediums where they were told nothing. And they scored very highly. And those people and also premises they don't want to editors anymore because they've written their own books want bogged Gary Williams I'm world famous you know over sort of absorbs. This happens to a lot of people would make it to be changed. We're talking with Gary Williams again in the book is the miracle workers the world psychic consultant summer changes topic to Europe and the book just came out walk on the wild side for just a moment. We'll get back to the americorps is in the second. But I'm you talk about that book. And you did he give a pretty interesting description saying that the book was for those whose imagination has not been stifled by the standard education system what do you mean by that. The standard education system misses apparel bulldoze and exist when in reality the paranormal is normal. And the element tote let's just take protections ferociously idea that Tai mix this. We could spend a whole show long I mean the past present and future. If anyone can tell me. I'm going to. Moved to Spain. Nine years before it happens what I have no interest in ever going to Europe to creep in for vacation. And it all comes true what they describe the house some good lipid and of what the furniture is going to be like. Then obviously there's a time element here substandard educational process. Tells us of sciences are metric point to admit this because we don't want to lose their jobs. You know go back to well earlier it can't possibly be round everywhere and those it's flat you know so instead educational process tells you the the decent cannot simply be true. If you read the book you'll realize that a lot of things that you fought we're true simply. Are not true. And I don't care how many teams Randy you canceled ahead of the pit you cannot possibly get around that I mean there's these are. And it's all it's all tied it in I was flying saucers and there is standard treatments and there. Everybody's in there I don't think I let anybody out of the war 00 walk on the wild side the result of my life. It's my memoir starting out with Karl gilligan's sixty true. 63 I think he died in the late fifties I'm not sure. He's never come back after that just came at one time to say hello has released kind of spooky. What Oakmont Coleman told my parents and it took it to a doctor. And that's that's the problem was the hardest. And that's the problem. We're gonna gonna break you're just a second when we come back I wanna get into this poltergeist store because we we were gonna do we're gonna mention it earlier but not the severe yeah you'll. Heard a lot more to come you'll. Jason GBM beyond reality radio. The shows beyond. Harassed her happens to. Have the program so many radio stations around the country is the list of affiliates in the beyond reality radio family continues to grow we're looking forward to it. Announce a new stations soon. Yes yes and all of the camera bag but I think nobody can check out that list that beyond reality radio dot com on the list of all the stations where Iran and great there and again that list is constantly being updated news stations being added ten geez all the time so make sure you check it often. And yet we're not on the station in your area. Well he can tune in through the app but if you can grab for a Smartphones right at beyond reality radio dot com for an iPhone or the android. And put a phenomenon ceasing your area feel free to contact them local talk station in your area and her request beyond reality radio. In our guest tonight is Gary Williams and Gary we teased the poltergeist story before the break we've got. About three minutes here and they may give you enough time to started if we have do it carried over in the other side of the bottom DO Britain will also start telling us a poltergeist story. It basically. In early 1989. And a book out called like beyond just. Actually this book was. Ford Reuter it was Brian Hearst who retired medium and Hollywood. I was living at the time is Santa Barbara he called B Eddie said I just heard Art Bell. Coast to coast I just heard just couples say they have a poltergeist in our house. They're appealing appealing to to art to put it out do we really need. Some help and things are flying around the house. It is strange symbols and appear all the walls. There's writing and so all of the bathroom mirror. And OK give the name of these people it which he did in the would you like to go ahead and check it out I said sure. Actually I really didn't know I mean I can die here you are Belcher by the way our build a died about three weeks ago I'd like to. Salem tribute to him. And now he's started paranormal radio anyway Carl Long story short I went to this house. It was very much like the famous novel. The haunting of hill house by Shirley Jackson which I used in the book the uses and in the book welcome the wild side so I go there and they say look this stuff just happens every day. What they're just moving it. And live here. And you'll just be one of us and see it and that's what happens I lived in the house for eight months. They had at the Lorraine Warren in which was the biggest mistake in the world. The self appointed demon colleges has no longer living of course right chill around. Sadly enough we didn't see I don't IA on any of his demons stop. Long story all things that happened up to Africa to let me tell you it was just actually it's amazing. In front of your lives. Just stuff happening cash I don't know it was it was beyond reality. Gotten. In there so I'm we've had we've got to we've got to tell you yeah our show. We've got about a minute here need to ask you though hear your comment about in the rain Warren we've had is several people on the program that have. And they have I don't know I don't I don't want to disparage them I do think they did some good work but they either people would have prop problems with the work what was your the problem what's what was your problem with their work. They are real. I've made for a bolt a Catholic Church cannot exercise any sort of ghost or demon. If you lose and Eric price tape price is right out there. Clergymen have no power over this she wanted to get a Catholic priest economy and she's at amity building investigated haven't Louisville was most on the case. Alex and us work with the American society of cycle research my best friend the most famous psychic whoever lived. Where it amity village so nothing happened doctor roses nothing happened. And so she comes. She starts telling me about amity village solicit. This is first of all you don't charge somebody 4000 dollars to come from Connecticut to do this which is what she charged with family. And I have to be honest with you does not one single thing that make it didn't get any help at all to rip just take it away by itself. Alone it is owned sweet. Poltergeist part of grocers such a good thing as time time as a solution. A lot to give you more updates after the news or what. And and I will say that there's a lot of cases have been charging people money on on many different from snow on. But we won't get into Aaron now writes we're gonna take a quick break the phone lines are now open. 8446877669. Dental freed 844687. 7669. You listen Jason TV beyond brilliant deal. It's every Friday night when games get rob good roads. Currencies and author medium and it paranormal investigator will be talking about his new book called ghosts of England on a mediums vacation he'll be. Explaining what are medium does when they go on vacation pick someone like someplace like England's Jamie knew you bending when you've been ghost hunting in England you know. You know the the bill locations the history of spiritual. And G that exists. All don't have a haunting and in England you're kind of weird yet he's the one million dollar ball not exactly which is total opposite of over here. But then to still going to be targeted Judy Carol extraterrestrial ambassador. And I extraterrestrial contact on earth from the ETE's perspective and the disinformation campaign to cause fear so a Chilean benched in week yet. Great shows coming up our guest tonight is Gary Williams stuck by his website Gary Williams paranormal dot com check out his books including the miracle workers the world's psychic consultant and a walk on the wild side one man's experience is with psychic phenomenon. And Gary jump to the far much we've had some people waiting on hold and then we'll get back to the poltergeist story. This is Debbie calling in from Pennsylvania with a question he Devi welcomed the show. I. Thank welcome to show them. I have a question and wanted to know if he could answer that probably mom and my brother they have ground. Years ago we never knew my fiction I never knew. How they drowned or heard the real story of how big brown. Who like. That was all of them. Now. Sorry are you asking me if I know how they drowned I'm not a media but to maybe it would help you win the question but I. But I don't object contact there I'd do as someone who does present an okay. So is that the question. Just didn't do I personally know how they can't answer that question would be no I do not know while they drum. Yeah yeah I think you're looking more for like somebody who can try to contact them on the other side. Well I can tell you the person but he taught me to keep I'm not sure about mr. Not yet I don't don't argue that it's artsy good dude I. You're a mission right we don't want it simply doesn't tape. More. Jeanne Doherty DOT HE RT why. Isn't New Jersey. Is and her web site is very strange famous quote gene Doherty dot com that's a joke by the way. As she does this kind of thing and she is legitimate and how did you find her Gary well let's talk into harm's older. So she was one of the top rated arms older people. So and I found her I wrote about her and we substance that's become friends and chi I can't rate myself so you districts but I will tell you something. But Debian because right yet. It's not the normal. Gift it's a rare gift you can contact a hundred mediums on the Internet. And you would just get to oatmeal. So. So what ya Ed and I understand that you want to know the answer to that but I think if you call where you'll get the edge of that and I can tell you really. And that's a pretty straight for its gene Doherty dot com am actually looking at a website. TO HE RTY. Yet so just does not pick seasonal or should I get a call in sick thanks to. Track this. I wrote the book I want to know how. Odds holes there ought to know and by the way most of the people and houses bunker dead she's still going after all those years what does that tell you. So there you go I don't know. Yet thank you for the call Debbie let's go to Cheryl from Kansas City Cheryl welcome to the show. Thank you how would everyone. And welcome to show. I'm not crushed into short monitor. When you have trying to keep ability. You have that morning in the hot weather or cold weather that I have written you look at. Before it before Gary answers that question I'm curious why you're asking it to study curiosity. Cheryl are. Yeah I get I get I have tried to go to Cuba I have it. I don't want to get stronger you know joining call when there are. Hot weather interest. The answer to the question is whether has absolutely nothing to do that at all. And if you feel it underline that world feel twenty support field Tony times. But you have psychic ability should be sitting in his development circle looked like minded people. Do they help you developed against Peter not just go to a psychic school. And next weekend you're doing readings on the Internet so if you feel you have this gift I encourage you to put an ad at your local paper. Get a group of friends together on a Friday night. And and sit in a development circle. And learn how to develop psychic abilities. That's how I did it. I assure that challenging did it and that's how anybody worked their assault and those that you don't just say hello I'm psychic. And I I have to do without that doesn't work that way. Well I and I will say though I have heard in the past and talking with other people who are self proclaimed science is on. Just in lurking in the working in the cold sometimes is slightly in especially if they're cold that they can't focus. On what they're trying to do because small they're freezing their bodies trying to stay warm and everything else I have no idea if that's sure accurate count and just on to what's so does that help you did that help you Cheryl did answer the question for. I'm what. They think Q yeah thank you so much this is gene in Maryland he gene welcome to the show. Carl what are you and welcome to show. Thank you. I have never had an accurate reading my entire life. All I'd like to know. They're not the only one I sit you're not the only one. Yeah I don't hear you believe there are a lot of charlatans out there. Yeah they're they're definitely aren't as so what's your question on that and. What my question would be is. Close your guests tell me everything about myself. Well he's he's actually not a psychic or sensitive it's he's just written a book on. On them. Correct or. I have written a book I do astrology readings which are predictive in nature which take about one and a half to two dollars and I don't charge from my. Action on. So if you have particular issues which you do you email me all the web site. And you say these are my issues and I spike go through it tonight I have to have your exact date of birth so. There is some psychic ability I'm not so it is for twelve years you know he didn't just jump into it saying like that Communist or how did Edgar Casey got what. But it doesn't work that way nothing more than glad to help you or you can contact Jay. I don't really think that answering questions all the confidence 32 reading it. Does anybody any good because there's just not possible. Look I used to do as much. I just feel that it may take place take calls from people and he's just say. Well that was pretty good and then they end up. TJ. Before I let you go how how were you selecting your psychics for your readings was just whoever was. Available walked by a storefront and see assign a walk in is that how you dated or did you little researcher at it tomorrow. I don't the psychic church in Florida. That a plan in my mother's that would the miniature hand. And I knew they had gone to several different people in that church and nobody gave inaccurate reading. Know that so you're talking more like a spiritual Esther. Okay well aren't contact Gary through the website as he suggested maybe boy in the right direction as Gary Williams paranormal dot com site. But you can't get accurate greetings forget to put some work into it it doesn't happen would snap of the fingers. Thanks for the called Jeanne thank you very much. And so let's pick up where you left off on the poltergeist stories of the poltergeist left on its own way who was an exercised it wasn't anything Warren's did it just eventually. Left. Two and had tears well up to you some of the UC elicited sighs I came to live there. As I said Bryant and heard on art show that this was real. Fold them basic common state. The first night I was sitting in the living room I had locked everything. Pick up value we didn't do it in the trunk of my car is driving journal proceedings of the 1950s very secure locks and everything. And including sold so in my pocket just come outside some copies of my book. I've sitting there and they'll walk falls. Out of thin air. Kiss me on the head and falls. Before I guess it is impossible. Because so bookish look latency is at the top of my car I went to the. To the truck what Kabul was a bad. Cop that was the first what you want is more. Okay so we're having dinner one night and you know we're all talking about two at the rain coming in though you know which. It's gonna be so exciting you know we tried bad Catholic priest and everything I've sitting mayor. In the hair is being cut off my hit it by and miserables is as you can actually see stay here being cut off and falling on the floor. Well. No not when was this happened my god and so when is this happening Gary went once this. 889. Dwight. Beyond that came out in 89 in London. And you know I hit. And it basically was very interested in promoting that but when I got hold of this case. I'd never let it go and I kept on where that I wake up every morning and it would be something written and soap on the bathroom mirror icicle they did it. Until one day I had a bathroom in my own bedroom and that there's no way they could get in what book. Door locked it set I was gonna die that day. I would wake up with knives. Teleport it under my pillow. It worked there when I went to day and there's nobody in the room I mean you know I just got actually woke up 1 morning it was a loaded revolver under my pillow. And not make you this but it's always there. And it spooky because these people were terrified. They had. Not sightings what's the other one they had unsolved mysteries in when Robert stack was doing it I knew Robert stack up very well Lola. They had unsolved mysteries and add sightings in. They had everybody yet. And and they have the Lawrence. Oh boy do they could do a show about that they did my guts she told me I was going to hell. And I said well I guess will be seeing each other than. Thought commitments. We've got about five minutes left here and wanna make sure we cover everything don't ask you about healers. You talk about viewers in the book or not. By to talk about healers I must admit that I have never had an absentee healing I did get some healing when I lived in London. From a spiritual church but there was just some sort of healing it makes you feel better I was never really anything wrong with me now I have a benign prostate problem and I've tried five healers and although I have ever done anything for me at all. I contacted one yesterday. And I told her about the prostate problem and she said how much is surgery cause such as 6000 euros. And she said well it would probably cost about the same much for me because she's city's 350 dollars four of 445 minute phone consultation. And I said well Alex had a spooky model T eight and OUSC died in 1990 was my best friends. Detailing all over the world. He's never charged any money Ford and either do this surge was so he where listeners beware of anyone who charges revealing. If they charge revealing it isn't real. Discredit vice yet so it was or anybody else who wanted to recognize. We held off naming names until just a few minutes ago what are. Tortillas we ordered that chain that she actually predicted this woman coming in in my life which is now coming years later. Our church of course is no longer living she told me he would not in 2005. That this was gonna happen this brings out important point to tie. In these readings really is meaningless because you're going to be sick or something that you think is gonna happen next weekend. It might have been years and years and years and years and years later. I don't wanna name many other names because I have not had personal experiences which will validate their work. Little readings that I got in the hidden in interviewing them for the bulk of okay. Him there there Rizzo a lady in Texas who is quite good but you know get the Balkans find out. I was sick Jane. It's worth of investigating or have not investigating but having a reading which simply because she's done this for so long she's still going to use an artist book. I'd been doing it since the 1970s. And I had pinpointed future events right down to the day. I was doing as seven are here about two in January this guy came up much of what happened on the 21 of November last year. Exactly on that day he said that was a day of my girlfriend let me. And that lets you know what you're doing. Well and now who did you interview any or. And -- any the whole celebrity. Psychics in her eyes. At one and I will name her and she's probably gutless because she doesn't even have radio. She's 86 years old now live. Palmer was for she's astrologers. Astrology or live Palmer astrologer to stars. Was France was Frank Sinatra Mia Farrow and she told me a Tera whatever you do don't let don't merit frank he's a drunken excellent issues are friends with tracked by the way. Situation slipping and I in Las Vegas. And she's actually quite interesting person to talk to I don't know how it. Accurately astrology is she told me how she's studied it when she was in thirteen or something if she's now like it or eighties. But you know she's done readings through a lot of extremely famous people. I think sometimes it is booking interviews with the people's person out. That I interviewed this issue alive obviously less leaflet. Who I told you brought true Harry price and I think accept. Eddie the tape. It's not a tape that you have to realize that started out of the sixties so I still say tape. And sent him that the connection to that and your listeners can go listen to what you wanna hear Carey Price talk about what goes our. Yet he had the military will it will give the link Dowd we just we didn't have time to play tonight. A we've got about so yeah we've got about a minute and a half here knowing no you you mentioned that get up. So is actually if you want you just have to just announces name of the book because is not a one you don't Amazon is in paper back. The local workers the world psychic consultants. And then the other one is published by John hunt you just type in the name of the book it is on the web site I don't think there's a link on it. The other books throughout apprentice if you wanna know about life after death there's a lot about that you know a walk on the wild side he'd like beyond that is out of print you can get it on any out of both print. Web site I would imagine and I have just got another one I just turned in to the publishers. About a month ago. Called the foreseeable future. The mystery of free competition. And that is really all about dreams and things that came true years later. At that prefer and disaster at all that and that focus in but that won't be out for quite awhile because it's all. By subtitle traditionally published. I don't believe in self publishing I think it's ridiculous. Out sorry did I say that. I hate mail oh this is worth the national worsens Lori but I say story. Wanna I wanna follow up and we don't have much I don't know but I do wanna ask one more question there has been several. Television shows. Recently and within you know ten years or so but some very recently. That feature psychics or mediums and sure you're aware of the shows you may or may not have seen any of them I just curious we don't needed disparage anybody but. Do I have any of those stood out he was being impressive. The only show that never stood out to me that was impressive move wanted opted. Before he died. That was the unsolved mystery show. And now they have somebody else understand it did it to its Costco mirror. And that sightings of course. With Bill White. Nothing now I don't live in that country anymore I don't American television I I don't know the answer that question is on the two shows I just mentioned which were entirely credible. The early research. Had re creations. I don't really know when Bob by the way didn't believe it anyway. This is definitely today thought it was ridiculous yeah I. Gary thank you so much for being on the program has been fascinating discussion we appreciate your time especially the jedi do have sorely it was a pleasure Gary and I look forward to talk to you again at some point. We will get together when something new comes out. Okay he's slowly. How much bye good night tonight. Picked all right so we're gonna take a break and come back to wrap things up you loosened Jason dvd on really revealed that kept the radio it's going to be good ones who wanna tune for that. And Aaron so make you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond really radial it to FaceBook page then had to be under really radio dot com grabbed the free apps. Final stations we are on and so much more also lifted down with a show of my iTunes or anywhere else just rated for us helps push it forward makes it easier for people find. And that's what it's all about but that's gonna do for us it's Jason NGV beyond reality radio radio will catch Olson and. And I don't know ingredients used to doing Jason thanks GB Johnson into this one I'll simply tell students who didn't. It's something we don't really read news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jayson host hello and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.